Official Transcripts by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley, Founder and Dean

Statement of Authenticity

The Authenticity of these Official Transcripts was verified and confirmed by a rigorous triple-proofing process and
approved by the  International Public Relations Committee.

Currently, ONLY the transcripts with active links are available for viewing. All of the transcripts listed will eventually be available for viewing as they are published.  Thank you for your patience during the publication process.


  • 1958 Video
  • 1958 Ministers Meeting Before First Class in Los Angeles (December 6, 1958)
  • 1st National Convention: Business Meeting (July 15, 1967)
  • 1st National Convention: Exodus and Aaron's Rod (July 19, 1967)
  • 144000 And An Innumerable Company of Angels


  • 2300 Days and the Millennium


  • Adamic Transgression Corrected to Edenic Transgression
  • Adam and Eve in the Garden, 666
  • Admonishment and Encouragement to Come to School
  • Adultery Continued
  • Altar of Incense is Yahshua


  • Babylon is Fallen
  • Book of Jasher
  • Book that Yahweh Wrote: The Book of Life



  • Day of Atonement
  • Day of Eternity
  • Day of the Lord
  • Day of Yahweh: Spirit, Soul, Body (Tape 1: Side A)
  • Day of Yahweh: Spirit, Soul, Body (Tape 1: Side B)
  • Debate with the Church of Christ
  • Discernment: Earthly Name, Heavenly Name
  • Discussion at Mount Carmel
  • Discussion at San Luis Obispo


  • Earth Will Not Abide Forever
  • Erroneous Doctrine Preached from the Floor
  • Everpresence of Yahweh (Lust not Love)
  • Explanation of Hebrews 1:1



  • Generator, Degenerator and Regenerator
  • Genesis to Revelations
  • Gospel of the Kingdom (Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit) in You Now



  • Healings and Predictions
  • Hell: What and Where
  • Here I Am
  • Holy Spirit in You, Guiding Your Conscience and Making Intercession for You
  • Hour of Prayer
  • Ignorance and Blasphemy
  • Intercession: Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth
  • I Heard a Voice from Heaven
  • I Heard a Voice from Heaven and the Sign Will Follow
  • Jehovah and Other Erroneous Doctrine
  • Judgment and Resurrection Now
  • Last Lecture: Importance Coming to School and Being Obedient
  • Law of the Spirit Versus Science of Mind
  • Living in the Last Days
  • Living the Life: Love of Yahweh
  • Love and Lust


  • Matthew 24: 1-15, Gospel
  • Must Have a Profound Knowledge
  • Mystery of Iniquity: Man is Ignorant of Purpose (Mark of the Beast; Jealousy)
  • Mystery of Iniquity: Satanic Spirit with a Carnal Mind in the Flesh
  • Mystery of Iniquity Cries Peace and Miscalculates His Coming
  • Name Revealed to Moses, Not Before
  • Natural Man Can't Believe
  • None of the Angels in Heaven & None on Earth Knew Purpose of Yahweh
  • Old and New Covenant
  • One Spirit in a Body


  • Paul and the Eunuchs
  • Peter and Jonah
  • Preparation for a Convention (July 19, 1967)
  • Psalms 139: Sunrise, Sunset


  • Questions and Answers (February 1969)


  • Revelation of Yahshua from Heaven
  • Rock and the Temple




  • Satanic Spirits
  • Satanic Spirits in Ministers
  • Satanic Spirits to Demons
  • Satan Refuses Spiritual Resurrection
  • Spiritual Covenant by Faith
  • Spiritual Significance of the Retardation of a Child: Carnal Mind
  • Spirit in You: Christendoom Reuniting


  • Temple and Covenants
  • Truth Through Dr. Kinley's Vision
  • Two Exoduses Before the Genesis


  • Understanding the Pattern in its Real Terms
  • Unity of the Spirit 



  • Warning: Probationary Period, Then Flaming Vengeance
  • Woman at the Well
  • Write the Vision, Make it Plain on Tables, It Shall Speak (First Ohio State Convention)