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The Life and Work of Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

Source: International Headquarters

Dr. Henry C. Kinley Founder & Dean
Dr. Henry C. Kinley Founder & Dean

June 6, 9:00 am – This biographical sketch of Dr. Henry C. Kinley who had one of the most panoramic, Divine Visions and Revelations in the year 1931 that was ever given to a man is absolutely necessary for two reasons: (1) to record and relate the typical manner by which Yahweh deals with a man in bringing him into knowledge and understanding of His Divine Presence, Purpose, Plan and Pattern and (2) to show the parallelism of the events of Dr. Kinley’s life with those who also received the same vision in other ages. We do not intend to extol and praise the man, Dr. Kinley, for we do not honestly feel that he is any better or worse than any other man who has lived upon the face of this globe; but we intend to praise and glorify our Father and Creator, Yahweh-Elohim, who so mercifully has sent us the glad tidings of our salvation through Yahshua the Messiah our Redeemer.

As we relate the events of this man’s life, let those who are familiar with the Divine Pattern of the Universe and the subsequent Migratory Pattern try to correlate them to the events and happenings of other divinely called men, places, and times; for there must of necessity be this correlationship or parallelism as everything is governed by the Divine Pattern of the Universe which is Yahweh-Elohim.

We shall deal with this biography in a three-fold manner: (1) The period of Dr. Kinley’s life from birth to the time of his Divine Vision and Revelation. (We will use the title, “God, ” during this period of time.)  (2) The Vision itself, and the period following the Vision up until his migration to California. (Here we will use the True Name of our Father and His Son and the correct title.)  (3) The period following the relocation from Ohio to Los Angeles, including the writing of the first and second editions of the book, entitled, ELOHIM, THE ARCHETYPE (ORIGINAL) PATTERN OF THE UNIVERSE.


The Apostle Paul, a very learned man, wrote, “For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called;” thus, Henry Clifford Kinley was born the ninth (9th) month, the thirtieth (30th) day, in the year 1895 in Greenville, Kentucky of very humble parents: George and Ada Kinley. His was the second birth among seven that this man and woman brought forth. George Kinley was an uneducated man, a common laborer; whereas, Ada Kinley was educated as a schoolteacher. These two parents got along fine as husband and wife — except that Ada had a much too tender spirit which caused her to befriend everyone that she met to the point that she would give away house and home to help them. This benevolence on Ada’s part caused George, who worked hard for whatever he got, to take to imbibing a little too much liquid spirits to drown his disgust at Ada’s charity at his expense.

This chain of circumstances lasted until Henry Clifford Kinley became old enough to realize that there was something worrying his father for he had noticed his stuporous and sometimes belligerent episodes and his reluctance to attend Sunday church services. It was on one such occasion of George Kinley’s debauches that his son Henry took him aside, and with the unbelievable tact of a child, he chastised his father to the point that he swore off of his liquid diet and began to attend church much to the amazement of all local citizenry.

Henry went to school as other youngsters but had to quit to go to work and help support his family He never returned to formal schooling again. He went to work and engaged in horseback riding and boxing as diversions, and he became very proficient in both: being able to ride a horse at full speed standing on its bare back and also capable of handling boys twice his size with his fists.

In the year 1916 (March 27th) he married Katie Glenn and in the course of time fathered eight children. There were five boys and three girls and the order of their births were as follows: Clifford, Katie, Richard, R.P., Arlena, Rachel, Glenn and Jack. Henry Clifford Kinley, like his father, found things a little turbulent during his married life; and he, too, took a change for the better and joined the church — the Church of God, at the age of about 21. His religious and spiritual capabilities were soon realized; and before long, he had become a most talented preacher and Bible scholar, commanding the attention of clergymen and laity alike. He read the Bible avidly and could quote verbatim passage after passage and could also tell one the chapter and verse that one might read at random from the Bible.

Thus, as a young man, Henry C. Kinley was ordaining other ministers into the pastoral fold, and was respected among his peers as a most capable minister. He also lived a clean and honest life as required by the Church of God sect, and religiously discharged his duties to his congregation; but he had some misgiving about the doctrine of this group. And he pondered many things in his mind. He, for instance, could never accept the Church of God’s doctrine regarding two works of grace: that is, one must get Jesus first, then go on to get the Holy Ghost. Nevertheless, he continued on in this faith for 15 years; and during the course of his ministry, he conducted healing services and demonstrated that Yahweh was working with him, for many were healed instantaneously of disease and physical infirmities. There was the case of the woman in Nashville, Tennessee, who had been a hopeless cripple for many years who came to one of Dr. Kinley’s healing services in a church on Jefferson Boulevard. He just reached and grabbed her crutches from beneath her arms and hung them over a nail protruding out of the wall, and the woman was healed instantaneously and went leaping and screaming all over the church. Then there was also the case in Springfield, Ohio, when Dr. Kinley’s own pastor became very ill with pneumonia; and when Dr. Kinley walked into his bedroom, he immediately knew that the man was suffering from pneumonia, and he was healed on the spot and was told not to tell anyone; but the very next time he returned to his pulpit, he blabbed the news to everyone. Henry Clifford oftentimes saw apparitions, and he became quite used to the existence of spiritual beings.

Dr. Kinley worked as a molder in a steel foundry during these times, and just as he excelled in horseback riding and boxing, he also was heads and shoulders above his peers in the molding business and could tell one at a glance whether a mixture of iron in a cupola or steel in the furnace was right or not. His prowess at doing this left his associates in utter amazement at times. He could make a test pattern on any part that his superiors requested. His skill was eagerly sought after by rival foundry owners and manufacturers. He served for a period of time in the Ohio National Guard, having joined this organization on a dare in 1916; and when he tired of it, he just quit and went home — which is unheard of — and began to work in a foundry making war material; and on top of that, he received an honorary discharge.

In 1924, a catastrophe befell Henry C. Kinley.  His six-year-old son, Richard, became ill with a high fever.  A doctor was called in; but the little child became worse and worse.  Finally, another doctor was called in; and immediately diagnosed the child with diphtheria and exclaimed, “What a damn shame, that this kid was not given diphtheria antitoxin before this time. For I fear that it is too late to save him.”  Although an antitoxin was prescribed and given, the child was too ill for it to be effective, because his circulatory system was too weak to carry it.  Richard died shortly after receiving the injection.

The death of his son caused Dr. Kinley to reflect on his past life.  One evening as he sat on his porch, with his chair leaning against the wall, and his dead son in a coffin in the house behind him, he began to question the reason for his son’s death.  In seeking an answer from God, Dr. Kinley questioned within himself whether he really had been called to the ministry after all. As he was pondering these things, he gazed up to the heavens, picked a bright star, fixed his eyes upon it, and said, “God, if I am really called to be a minister, and you are not punishing me by taking my son, let that star fall from heaven.  The star promptly fell.  Dr. Kinley picked out another star, a little brighter, and asked the same question within himself.  That star also promptly fell.  Now he was beginning to take notice.  He then apologized within himself to God regarding his skepticism but thought that if God would give him just one more sign, he would never doubt again.  Then he looked up at the brightest star he could see and repeated the question yet a third time.  To his absolute and utter amazement, this star also fell.  When this third star fell, he fell over backward from his leaning chair.  Thenceforth, he was cured of any doubt that he was chosen by God to be a minister.

In about 1929, there arose an accusation of adultery against him in his church. Although the charge was later proven to be false, he could not refute it at the time, and, consequently, he was dismissed from the church. It was not until seven years later that the woman, who had been living in California, returned to Springfield and exonerated Dr. Kinley.

As might be expected from one so dedicated, Dr. Kinley was hurt tremendously by the charge, and became despondent and melancholy. He wondered if he was being punished by God for refusing to go back to his church, confess to an act he did not commit, and seek the church’s forgiveness, as his Mother had suggested.  He knew he could not do that, and indeed had marveled how those that were in the Church of God, and supposedly had the Holy Ghost, could falsely accuse him.  He would take his old dog and his fishing pole and go out to the creek or riverbank and sit for long hours meditating. He does not remember whether he ever caught any fish during these daily treks, for his sole purpose for going there was to be alone and by himself.  During these periods of solitude, he would meditate on and think about the manifold and wondrous creations of God, the sun, moon and stars, the rivers and streams, the mountains and fields, the birds and bees, the creeping things of the earth, the animals and the fowls, and man.  He further thought of what the Apostle Paul said in Acts 17:30-31: “And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men everywhere to repent: because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained.”  Dr. Kinley thought that if this statement was true, then God must have provided a way for every man to come to a knowledge of Him and be reconciled; otherwise, God could not be God.


One day as Henry C. Kinley was sitting in his old rocking chair in the dining room of his home at 1008 Park Avenue, Springfield, Ohio, on the Sixth Day of June, in the Year 1931, rocking back and forth, he suddenly lost consciousness of his surroundings. He experienced a blackout at first; and then, as if some one had said, “Let there be light,” he began to see a vision of Yahweh-Elohim and His whole Pattern, Purpose and Plan unfolding before him as one would open a large Japanese fan.

He saw Moses as he experienced his Vision in Mt. Sinai involving the creation of Heaven and Earth, and the happenings of all the patriarchs from Adam on down, and he heard all that Yahweh-Elohim said unto Moses, and he saw everything that Moses had seen in his Vision. He further saw John the Revelator experience his Vision on the Isle of Patmos in confirmation of what Moses had seen and heard; thus, Dr. Kinley’s Vision encompassed the Visions of both Moses and John.

When he awakened out of his deep trance, he wondered about the things that he had seen for he did not understand them. By this time his wife and children had become conscious of the fact that something had happened to him, but they thought that he had re-injured his bad back. So they took him bodily up the stairs to the bedroom. As they got to the upstairs landing with him, he blacked out again and lost all consciousness of time and place; and this time, he received the revelation of all that he had previously seen in the vision downstairs. And he understood it.

At the end of this revelation, the great, anthropomorphic Super-incorporeal Being that he saw in the vision spoke to him and said, “Man, what will you do with the vision that you have seen and heard?” He did not answer for it was revealed to him that he was being sent to tell it to the whole world. When he awakened out of his trance, he saw his wife and said to her, “Katie, I will never be the same man again.”

Having seen and understood the whole Purpose of Yahweh from start to finish, he immediately knew that man’s ideas and concepts of Yahweh and His Purpose were at odds to the Divine will of Yahweh, and he further knew that he would have a difficult time trying to make people understand what he had seen and heard. He knew that he could not get the message across without the aid of graphic illustrations of the vision that he had seen. So he set about to have some charts made of his vision. It was two years later that the so-called Elementary chart was completed, having been painted on a bed sheet which has lasted to the present time.

Moses Chart
Moses Chart

Dr. Henry C. Kinley first began to try to get those immediately surrounding him to see and understand what he had experienced, and he did succeed in getting his father and later his mother to see the Light before they expired. His mother said to him, “Son, I gave birth to you, but I must admit that I never knew you.” However, some of his children withstood him to his face at the start and said that he had not had a vision as he contended; but later, they believed. His second oldest son, R. P., believed at the start and gave him invaluable assistance in painting a forty-foot chart of his vision — and also one that is called the Moses Chart.

Yahweh did not leave Dr. Kinley without a witness that he had given him a vision, even though the vision speaks for itself, for he bestowed upon him the power to heal all kinds of physical illnesses and infirmities and also gave him power to foretell all of the events of the whole world. And none of these prophecies have failed. He has written presidents of this country and told them of things to come, but his words have fallen on deaf ears. Some of these predictions were the complete course of World War II, the death of President Roosevelt, the stealing of the atom bomb secret by Russia, the assassination of President Kennedy, the death of Pope John XXIII, the Alaskan Earthquake, the day by day account of the Israeli-Arab six (6) day war, and many others. He has healed many people of incurable diseases in the hospitals of Springfield, Dayton, and Columbus, Ohio, and has even raised one from the dead.

His own son Clifford was critically burned with hot magnesium metal in a foundry in the year 1944, and his doctors said that he would surely die. But Dr. Kinley said that he would live, and his own daughter preferred that her brother would die rather than for her father to be right; but he, his son, did live and sixty-three (63) skin grafts had to be placed on his body to cover the burn areas.

Many of the students now in attendance in the various schools of this teaching throughout the country have been healed of some disease or another, and others are confirmed witnesses of such healings. Dr. Kinley has always maintained that he was not the one that did the healing, but he has always given the credit and honor to his Father, Yahweh, just as the Messiah has done.

After Dr. Kinley had made the charts displaying his vision and revelation, he began to instruct those who would listen in this great teaching; and he held classes in his home and in the homes of others in Springfield, Ohio. He had already learned that none of the religious establishments would allow him to teach this gospel in their churches; in fact, they offered open resistance to his teaching it anywhere. Practically all of the opposition came from those ministers and laity who had never set foot into one of the classes to find out what it was all about. Their judgment was unfair to say the least.

At one time he was challenged by five ministers from different denominations who wanted to secretly chastise him, but he wisely arranged a public debate between himself and them. And he was awarded the winner by a jury of laymen who heard the debate. He had beaten all five of those ministers by himself. Nevertheless, some of his hearers believed and stuck by him through thick and thin such as Bill Davis, Zelma Barbee, Willis Pickrum, and Carl F. Gross.

Later, when Dr. Kinley entered the insurance business and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, he started classes there also and soon incorporated a school with headquarters there called the Kinley Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research. Dr. Kinley’s insurance work necessitated him moving about from place to place; and, as he had been an expert molder, he also excelled in this work and soon became the manager over seven states. All of his policyholders, his agents and office help knew him as a most honest, highly efficient, and hard-working insurance man. He had, by this time, created sufficient interest in this teaching on the part of these cottage groups; and whenever they desired him to come to them, he would sometimes have to travel several hundred miles from his insurance territory to the place of the meeting, but he never once failed to appear. This, sometimes necessitated driving in snow, ice, rain, fog, etc., but come rain or shine, one could count on him to appear to instruct these classes.

During this period of time in the year 1935, Dr. Kinley went to New York with his charts to see Father Divine who became intrigued with this work and desired Dr. Kinley to remain in New York and work with him; but he refused and returned to Springfield. He also had personal contact with Krishna Venta in Cincinnati and he, too, desired to capitalize upon this teaching, but he was also refused, and those who listened to the two of them, said that Dr. Kinley knew what he was talking about, but Krishna did not. He also visited the colleges and seminaries and explained this vision; and everyone who heard it and understood it, admitted that it was a vision straight from God. And they even conferred doctorate degrees upon him for his outstanding knowledge.

As the years went by there was a gradual increase in converts to this understanding up until the time came for Dr. Kinley to move on. He steadfastly set his cap to go to California to try to get this teaching into the movies, especially the part dealing with Moses’ vision of the creation. By this time, there were several hundred individuals in class in Springfield at one time, and at long last the real genuine TRUTH seemed to be spreading.

It was in the year 1955 that Dr. Kinley quit his job as an insurance manager and began to teach school on a more or less regular basis; and in the year 1957, he added to his converts a medical doctor, Robert Harris, who was won over to this teaching after a miraculous cure was performed on his uncle, William Farley. Dr. Harris had said that his uncle would die, but Dr. Kinley said he would live. And he simply uttered the words, “Farley, live,” and he immediately became well and went on to live almost 10 years longer. Though this phenomenal healing of a cancerous growth in Mr. Farley took place in 1952, it was not until 1957 that Dr. Harris became conscious that the power of Yahweh working in Dr. Kinley had done this.

In August 1958, Drs. Kinley, Gross, and Harris along with thirteen other persons journeyed to California via automobile and plane; and for two (2) weeks made contacts with people of the movie industry who said that, although this was a most notable work, they could not put it into movie form until a scenario was written. Several scenario writers were contacted, but each one threw up his hands when this vision was explained to him, and just admitted that it was too great for them to write. Furthermore, we were advised that it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to put this work into the movies. Shortly after this fruitless effort, about seventy (70) persons from the school in Ohio journeyed to California to take up permanent residence, including Dr. Harris and Dr. Gross.


In December 1958, the school was incorporated in California under the name, THE INSTITUTE OF DIVINE METAPHYSICAL RESEARCH, INCORPORATED, and classes began in Hollywood on December 9, 1958.  In December 1959, Dr. Kinley received a telephone call from Ohio one night just as he began to teach class. He was informed that his son, R.P., who had painted the charts had died suddenly. Dr. Kinley was unperturbed because he had seen his son die in a vision the previous morning, and he returned to the class to resume his teaching; and very calmly at the end of the class informed his congregation of the news of his son’s death. He returned to Ohio and preached his own son’s funeral, and all who attended the services saw the wind and rain stop suddenly at the raising of his hands. About a year following R.P.’s death, Dr. Gross lost his wife; but as Dr. Kinley, he took it calmly and continued on to preach the gospel.

Now that Dr. Kinley had become surrounded with others — such Mary Gross, his personal secretary, Dr. Gross, Dr. Harris and his wife, Marion, Fred Allen, Jr., Josephine Bailey, and Shirley Smith, who knew the truth and understood the vision that he had in 1931 — he began to write a book explaining the Vision and Revelation. In October 1961, after much hard labor, the book was published. It was sent to the Vatican with an open letter to Pope John XXIII and to all of the heads of religious, scientific and political aggregations all over the world requesting that they comment pro or con concerning the book. None of these leaders ever bothered to acknowledge receipt of the book except United States President John F. Kennedy and Premier David Ben-Gurion of Israel. Nevertheless, the book entitled, GOD, THE ARCHETYPE (ORIGINAL) PATTERN OF THE UNIVERSE, had a most profound effect upon religious denominations, political and scientific organizations.

The World Council of Churches which met in New Delhi, India in December 1961, having received this book, adopted a resolution admitting that they had been “walking in darkness” and needed to go back home and research into water baptism, Lord’s Suppers, etc. Pope John XXIII likewise called for a meeting of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy for the purpose of “opening up the doors of the church, and letting some fresh air in,” and the Second Vatican Council convened in Rome on October 11, 1962, for its first of four annual sessions. When the Council was concluded in December, 1965, it had rescinded and torn down every major tenet and doctrine upon which the Roman Catholic Church has stood for nearly two thousand years. The book, which was sent to the Pope and Cardinals, and others in the Roman Catholic Church, had vigorously declared that this Church was wrong in all of its concepts and traditions, thus they no recourse other than to try and patch things up. The over-all effect of the book, GOD, THE ARCHETYPE (ORIGINAL) PATTERN OF THE UNIVERSE, on the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches has been one of utter destruction and decline. There have been open schisms, heated debates, and wholesale evacuation of the Roman Catholic Church by priests and laymen, and even Jesuits; and Pope Paul VI is frantically pleading with his adherents to remain true to the Church; but the once proud lady is fallen as the Apostle John prophesied that she would in Revelations 17th and 18th chapters.

In the meantime, the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research has steadily gained converts in California and elsewhere. Practically every one of the religious organizations have had access to our pulpit, and we have listened to their convictions — then we would utterly rout and defeat them with the genuine TRUTH of this gospel as related by the Law and the Prophets! The Institute has gained quite a reputation for itself, and there are those who will advise others to stay from its meetings if they don’t want to take a good beating. Then, too, there was the fight that had to be waged against those who sought to capitalize financially from this teaching. Dr. Kinley had been offered millions of dollars by those who wanted to profiteer and make him another Billy Graham or Father Divine.

As ministers were raised up in the school, they desired fervently to go out and spread this gospel. They gave up their jobs, comfortable homes and friends, and associates in Los Angeles, and returned back to their previous hometowns to set up schools and preach the gospel. Thus, schools were set up in Little Rock, Arkansas; Birmingham, Alabama; Detroit, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; Syracuse, New York; and Banning and Pomona, California; and in a total of twenty-five states of the USA; and in foreign lands such as England, Belgium, Israel, Africa, and British Commonwealth of China as of this date, March, 1977. Since that time, the Institute has grown to the extent that over 160 branch schools have been established in various states throughout the United States as well as Canada, the Caribbean, Germany and Africa.   These schools have grown in attendance and are fervently preaching and teaching the True Gospel of the Kingdom of Yahshua the Messiah.

In July, 1967, the Institute held its first national convention in Springfield, Ohio, the birthplace of the vision. It was a tremendous success and new members were added to the fold. Dr. Henry C. Kinley, the good shepherd of the flock, has led this group of believers from revelation to revelation and has continuously poured out such divine wisdom and knowledge as the world never has known. He has revealed secrets that have been hidden from man down through the ages, and he has proved conclusively that he was sent from Yahweh by these revelations which no other man on earth has known. He has made it a common practice to bring into the classes, the books of world renown theologians, scientists, philosophers, etc., and would read what these astute men had to say about the creation of Heaven and Earth, the authenticity of Moses writing the Genesis, the book of Revelations, etc.; and then he would plainly show everyone their errors and mistakes by using the Scriptures of the Holy Bible.

Dr. Kinley and his staff comprised of Dr. Dennis Droulard, Dr. Carl F. Gross, Mrs. Mary Gross, Dr. Robert Harris, Mrs. Marion Harris, Dr. Bernard Durham among others, finished writing the second edition of his book entitled, ELOHIM, THE ARCHETYPE (ORIGINAL) PATTERN OF THE UNIVERSE, in July 1969; and it has created a greater stir than the first edition. It was first introduced at our second International Convention held at the Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California, July 19-27, 1969. Special invitations to this convention were sent to 500 important personalities and dignitaries in the religious, scientific and political spheres, requesting that they investigate this work and weigh and compare it to the other religious beliefs and concepts in the world. Although only a few of these VIP’s attended our 1969 convention, everyone who did attend judged it to be a high success, spiritually speaking.

On February 9, 1971, a tremendous earthquake shook Los Angeles and environs; and none of us realized that this was a harbinger of a greater earthquake to come. (We will say more about this later on.)

On April 10, 1971, Drs. Kinley and Gross, with the sanction of a party of some twenty or more school members at Big Bear Lake in California appointed Dr. Robert Harris International Dean and this was announced to the whole congregation at Los Angeles on April 14, 1971.

In July 1971, our International Convention was held at the Beverly-Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles and everyone noticed a significant increase in the attendance and the spiritual sessions were first-rate as before. At this Convention, the matter of an Ecclesiastical Peace Mission to England, the Vatican in Rome — Catholic stronghold, to Jerusalem, Israel — Jewish stronghold, and to Egypt and Jordan — Mohammedan strongholds, was raised; and our efforts to raise funds to finance this mission from charitable organizations and individuals were unsuccessful.

Some twelve delegates, including Dr. Kinley, made the twenty-day trip; and it was a huge success. Some of the highlights were our displaying our Moses Chart in the Vatican and their representative exclaiming that, “I see that you use the True Hebrew Name of the Father, Yahweh.” In Egypt when we were asked if Egypt would win if war broke out between Israel and Egypt, Dr. Kinley answered by saying that this is not a physical war but a spiritual one, and nobody would win. This was later proven to be right when Egypt sprang a surprise attack on Israel in October 1973, but was almost wiped off the map when the Israeli forces stopped some forty miles short of Cairo!

On January 31, 1973, we were all shocked when our Founder, Dr. Henry C. Kinley, suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the Midway Hospital Intensive Care Unit for treatment. A few days later, while still in the hospital, he suffered another attack. But Yahweh spared him to remain with us a little while longer, and instead took his brother, Ben Kenerly, of Springfield, Ohio, who also suffered a heart attack two weeks after Dr. Kinley’s on February 14, 1973, and died the same day! Dr. Kinley was able to return back to school on Sunday, March 11th, and though his doctor had told him to take it easy, he got right upon the floor and began to preach with all his might and jumped around not giving any heed to his heart condition; and most of our audience were spell-bound to witness his lack of concern for his own safety.

Our International Convention in July 1973, convened at the Denver Hilton Hotel in Denver, Colorado, the mile-high city. By this time quite a few new branch schools had opened up and our attendance reached a thousand or more. Dr. Kinley spoke only once at this convention which was a disappointment to many for the people loved to hear him speak personally. And they were in for a greater disappointment, for when our next convention met in Washington, DC, in July 1975 at the Hilton Hotel, he did not speak at all; that is, in person. It goes without saying that we had a greater attendance at this convention than at any previous one, and it was suggested or recommended by Dr. Kinley that two years hence we hold four regional conventions rather than one International Convention. And this was voted upon and agreed upon by the whole body.

Little did any of us realize at this time that shortly following this Washington, DC convention, that another delegation of ten individuals without Dr. Kinley would be leaving on a Second Ecclesiastical Peace Mission as of October 9, 1975, to visit Tokyo, Japan; Hong Kong, British Commonwealth of China; New Delhi, India; Jerusalem, Israel; and Moscow, Russia. This Second Ecclesiastical Peace Mission was also a great success: for the delegation met with religious leaders of the Buddhist and Taoist sects in Japan and China and political and religious leaders in India, Israel and Russia, and were eye-witnesses of some of the religious practices and shrines in these countries.

Our joy at having completed this Second Ecclesiastical Peace Mission was short-lived, for no sooner had we met with Dr. Kinley to report on our Mission, he began to tell us that another and Third Ecclesiastical Peace Mission was necessary, and he backed up this assertion with Matthew 24:14 which states, “And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” He made it clear to us that there could not be an end to this physical age until we, who had this True Gospel, had preached it in all the world.

We, therefore, buckled down to the task at hand of raising the necessary funds and of making a list of places to be visited along with obtaining visas and appointments to see the various religious and political dignitaries. The fund-raising efforts were launched by Co-chairmen, Dr. Wilbur Traynham and Dr. Clasten Vaughn, and their efficient committee on or about November 30, 1975.

On February 9, 1976, the 5th anniversary of the ’71 earthquake, Dr. Traynham announced to Dr. Kinley that we had reached our financial goal, over $100,000 having been raised and some fifteen different places scheduled on our itinerary. Later on that evening, about 8:30 p.m., Dr. Kinley fell asleep! He was apparently content in the knowledge that this particular Ecclesiastical Peace Mission would go off as scheduled.

He had toiled forty-five years, eight months and three days since receiving this Divine Vision and Revelation in trying to get others to understand what he had been shown and told; and he had succeeded and completed his mission in the flesh. All of us who understand, were happy to see him quit the flesh, knowing that it would not be long before we would join him in that heavenly state.

On March 22, 1976, the twelve delegates departed Los Angeles International Airport to journey to:

• Sydney, Australia

• Manila, Philippine Islands

• Paris, France

• Damascus, Syria

• Istanbul, Turkey

• Cologne (Bonn), Germany

• Dublin, Ireland

• Geneva, Switzerland

• Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

• Copenhagen, Denmark

• Madrid, Spain

• Lagos, Nigeria

• Brussels, Belgium

• Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

• Lisbon, Portugal

• Dakar, Senegal

Although we had only eight established appointments when we began this Ecclesiastical Peace Mission, we were able to meet with important religious and political heads wherever we went; and in addition, had many impromptu meetings with ordinary people which we cherished. The delegation arrived back in the USA at Los Angeles on May 15, 1976, having spent some 54 days on this mission and having fulfilled the intent of Matthew 24:14.

We are all now momentarily expecting the revelation of Yahshua the Messiah from Heaven universally so and are diligently striving to be among those who will rejoice at his appearing.