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Ecclesiastical Peace Missions

First Ecclesiastical Peace Mission

In July 1971, at our International Convention held at the Beverly-Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, the matter of an Ecclesiastical Peace Mission to England, the Vatican in Rome, Catholic stronghold; to Jerusalem, Israel, Jewish stronghold; and to Egypt and Jordan, Mohammedan strongholds was raised. Our efforts to raise funds to finance this mission from charitable organizations and individuals were unsuccessful. So we turned to our own people to obtain these funds to finance such an Ecclesiastical Peace Mission to the above-named places in October 1971.

Some twelve delegates, including Dr. Kinley, made the twenty-day trip. It was a huge success. When our Peace Mission delegates met with leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in Vatican City on October 16, 1971, as one of our charts was being rolled down, Pontiff Joseph Cardinal Gremillion, Chairman of the Pontifical Commission for Justice and Peace said, “I see that you use the true name of the Heavenly Father, Yahweh.”

In Egypt, when we were asked if Egypt would win if war broke out between Israel and Egypt, Dr. Kinley answered by saying that this is not a physical war but a spiritual one, and nobody would win. This was later proven to be right when Egypt sprang a surprise attack on Israel in October 1973, but was almost wiped off the map when the Israeli forces stopped some forty miles short of Cairo!

Second Ecclesiastical Peace Mission

Little did any of us realize at this time that shortly following the Washington, DC convention, that another delegation of ten individuals, without Dr. Kinley, would be leaving on a Second Ecclesiastical Peace Mission as of October 9, 1975.

This Second Ecclesiastical Peace Mission was also a great success: for the delegation met with religious leaders of the Buddhist and Taoist sects in Japan and China and political and religious leaders in India, Israel and Russia, and were eye-witnesses of some of the religious practices and shrines in these countries.

Our joy at having completed this Second Ecclesiastical Peace Mission was short-lived, for no sooner had we met with Dr. Kinley to report on our Mission, he began to tell us that another and Third Ecclesiastical Peace Mission was necessary. He backed up this assertion with Matthew 24:14 which states, “And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” He made it clear to us that there could not be an end to this physical age until we, who had this True Gospel, had preached it in all the world.

Third Ecclesiastical Peace Mission

We, therefore, buckled down to the task at hand of raising the necessary funds and of making a list of places to be visited along with obtaining visas and appointments to see the various religious and political dignitaries. The fund-raising efforts were launched by Co-chairmen, Dr. Wilbur Traynham and Dr. Clasten Vaughn, and their efficient committee on or about November 30, 1975.

On February 9, 1976, the 5th anniversary of the ’71 earthquake, Dr. Traynham announced to Dr. Kinley that we had reached our financial goal, over $100,000 having been raised and some fifteen different places scheduled on our itinerary. Later on that evening, about 8:30 p.m., Dr. Kinley fell asleep! He was apparently content in the knowledge that this particular Ecclesiastical Peace Mission would go off as scheduled.

He had toiled forty-five years, eight months, and three days since receiving this Divine Vision and Revelation in trying to get others to understand what he had been shown and told. He had succeeded and completed his mission in the flesh. Those of us who understand, were happy to see him quit the flesh, knowing that it would not be long before we would join him in that heavenly state.

On March 22, 1976, the twelve delegates departed Los Angeles International Airport. Although we had only eight established appointments when we began this Ecclesiastical Peace Mission, we were able to meet with important religious and political heads wherever we went; and in addition, had many impromptu meetings with ordinary people which we cherished. The delegation arrived back in the USA at Los Angeles on May 15, 1976, having spent some 54 days on this mission and having fulfilled the intent of Matthew 24:14.

Textbook Presented During Peace Missions

Our textbook, Elohim, the Archetype (Original) Pattern of the Universe, was presented during the three Ecclesiastical Peace Missions and was also used as a guide at the merging of the World Council of Churches and the International Missionary Council in New Delhi, India in November, 1961; and they stated, “We confess that we have walked in darkness rather than light, that we have hidden from men the true light of the world because our works were evil.” (Los Angeles Times, November 20, 1961)

Likewise, Pope John XXIII called for a General Council of the Roman Catholic Church: The Second Vatican Council convened in Rome on October 11, 1961. It was originally called for the purpose of “opening up the doors of the church and letting some fresh air in” and to “bring the church up to date.” When the Council concluded its work in December1965, it had rescinded and torn down nearly every tenet and doctrine upon when the Roman Catholic Church stood for two thousand years. The textbook, which was sent to the Pope, cardinals and other leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, had vigorously declared that this church was wrong in all of its concepts and traditions. The church hierarchy had no alternative but to try to patch things up. Overall, the textbook has brought to light the pervasive errors in the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church and other churches and religious denominations.

A press copy of our textbook was sent by certified mail also to Pope Paul VI, in August 1971; Pope John Paul I in September 1978; and to Pope John Paul II in November 1978.

Dr. Kinley admitted that the views expressed in this book were not his own, but those which he received by way of the Divine Vision and Revelation. In this book, he is merely telling the world what Yahweh showed to him. Accordingly, he wants everyone to recognize that it is Yahweh-Elohim who is speaking through the pages of this book as He did in times past (Hebrews 1:1); therefore, Yahweh is the author and not Henry C. Kinley.

Divine Tabernacle Pattern

This book shows that Yahweh-Elohim is the Archetype (original) Pattern of the Universe, and that by this Divine, threefold Pattern (or by Himself), He has made all things and purposed all things. Therefore, everything in the universe, including man, is patterned after Elohim, or conforms to the threefold Pattern of Elohim, which Pattern is manifest in the entire universe for all mankind to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a true and living Elohim.

Moreover, Yahweh has a definite Purpose which He is executing without hindrance, destruction, or error. The fact that Yahweh-Elohim is the Archetype Pattern and that He did give this Intangible Pattern of the Tabernacle to mankind (as explained in the textbook) is wholly and completely substantiated by the Bible. A knowledge of this Yahweh Elohim-given Pattern weighs the accuracy and infallibility of the contents of the Bible (excusing interpolation and mistranslation of the scriptures), and leads one to a complete understanding of the Bible not heretofore generally obtained.

Since Yahweh Elohim has given such a profound witness of Himself for the purpose of mankind’s understanding of Him as He really exists, it can be emphatically declared that no one, nowhere can understand Yahweh and His purpose, or know anything about Yahweh without a knowledge of this threefold, Divine Pattern. This Divine Pattern explains the origin and operation of every cosmic phase of the universe in all of its manifestations according to a definite and infallible principle of Spirit Law embodied in the Pattern. It further explains the threefold makeup of the universe and everything in it, including man; and prophetically tells of things to come by a profound knowledge of its operation. A thorough search of libraries throughout the country has not disclosed that anyone else has ever written or explained such an understanding by a Divine Vision and Revelation!

The Divine Vision and Revelation given to our Founder is no different than the vision seen in Mt. Sinai by Moses, who wrote the first five books of the Law, or the vision seen by the Apostle John on the isle of Patmos, who wrote the book of Revelation (as stipulated in the Bible). It is the misunderstanding by mankind of this Pattern that has caused all the divisions, denominations, cults, and sects in the world today.

Our Founder Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley facing Jerusalem.
Our textbook, Elohim, the Archetype (Original) Pattern of the Universe, was presented during the 3 Ecclesiastical Peace Missions to religious leaders on 6 of the 7 continents.

First Peace Mission
Year: 1971
Number of Delegates: 12
Length of Trip: 21 days
Cities Visited: 5
Vatican in Rome
Jerusalem, Israel

Second Peace Mission
Year: 1975
Number of Delegates: 10
Length of Trip: 21 days
Cities Visited: 5
Tokyo, Japan
Moscow, Russia
New Delhi, India
Jerusalem, Israel
Hong Kong, British Commonwealth of China

Third Peace Mission
Year: 1976
Number of Delegates: 12
Length of Trip: 54 days
Cities Visited: 16
Sidney, Australia
Istanbul, Turkey
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Brussels, Belgium
Manila, Philippine Islands
Cologne (Bonn), Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
Paris, France
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Dublin, Ireland
Madrid, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Damascus, Syria
Geneva, Switzerland
Lagos, Nigeria
Dakar, Senegal