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by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

recorded by Edna Law

1 90 minute audio cassette


transcribed by Sandy McCann

proofread by Susan Ameigh, Michael Rothstein, and Geraldine Rothstein

proofread and approved by the International Public Relations Committee: 1996


1.  …indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, see, you see, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right.)

4. ___ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber

Dr. Kinley: … these various religions like Roman Catholicism, Judaism and also Jehovah’s witnesses and so forth and so on and what have you, just to be down right honest with you, the Pope of Rome himself, he don’t know nothing about his religion to say nothing about the Cardinals and what not. Now if he knew he wouldn’t be one, he wouldn’t be that.

And there’s another thing, I’ve, I’ve brought the books down here and opened ‘em and read out of the books. That’s what you have to do sometimes when you have a school. And 2,400 and some laws or rules and regulations. And anything that is set up by one Pope the next Pope come along after him, he don’t have, according to their rules now, any right to tear it down.

Now here Pope John the 23rd reached clear on back into the 1st century and pulled out Anacletus or Clement and said they was one and the same. And, their own doctrine teaches that that’s wrong; he shouldn’t do that. Now they had a whole bunch, Philomena was another that Pope John pulled out of there. Millions of people had been baptized in that name, Philomena. Pope John said it was erroneous, there’s no such thing, no such thing as Philomena. He throwed them out. Pope Pius come along and threw out about 40 of ‘em. Now look, that’s in the books, that’s in the records. And look at all them millions of people been baptized and all that kinda stuff.

So now the time of it, ____ time for us to wake up, start to looking around. Find out  what it’s all about. Now Jackie Gleason (I was talking to Dr. Jackson), and Jackie Gleason said, I believe it was yesterday sometime; Jackie Gleason is a celebrity, a movie celebrity, and incidentally, a multimillionaire. And they was asking him about his religious faith and conviction, and he said he didn’t belong to any church. Is that right Dr. Jackson?

Roger Jackson: Said he believed in God but…

Dr. Kinley: That’s right that’s the same thing he believed in. Now look here folks, I brought the records down here and read ‘em out of the books. Reader’s Digest, said there were 66 millions of people in the United States of America that believed in God but they didn’t believe in joining up with no religious church. Out of 200 million, now that’s 66 million that didn’t belong to no church at all. For one reason or another. Now it’s time to do some waking up. Now for example, suppose we just say this. Freddie, get the staff, cause that’s what we going to have to do, we gonna have to get into some things here.

Now you hear a lot about baptism, water baptism or in the Baptist church, Church of Christ baptize people in physical water, and Rome, they practice baptizing infants so they call it. Right?

Student Body: Right.

Dr. Kinley: That’s wrong. Don’t know what it’s all about. This is a mystery. Yahweh is a mystery to begin with. That’s what Jackie Gleason said. He was right about it. And we’ve tried to tell you this, we’ve tried to tell you that there was two basic and fundamental mysteries. Now there are more than two, but, I’m just trying to show you the basics and fundamental, the mystery of Iniquity and the mystery of Yahweh.

Now you have to get in here and try to find out something about it. Now, I don’t know for the most part Billy, emcee, he gets up here and he tells you, he recites all the aims and objectives of this school. And what did he say the names was?

Student Body: Yahweh, Elohim and Yahshua

Dr. Kinley: and Yahshua. Yahweh, Elohim, and Yahshua., Now Elohim is not a name, it’s a title. Now what the majority of us have believed all of our lives, and been taught that Lord and God and Jesus Christ. Now that what’s in your King James version of the Bible. Now if you had a good teacher’s Bible, a Scofield Bible and look in the footnotes as we try to tell you to do and try to teach you to do, and go into the encyclopedias and what not, you would find out that they admit that the name is Yahweh and the title is Elohim and Yahshua.

Here’s a man setting right there, Dr. Williams, baptizing in the names. Now somebody wants to come rushing in here, and they wanna dogmatically and insist and contend that that school down there is wrong. They don’t stop to think that it could be them. And to put it this way. Lord is a title not a name. God is a title not a name. Is that clean? It’s inaccurate. Now let me show you what I mean. Stand up Freddie. Isn’t you name Allen?

Freddie: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Ain’t no sense in me asking what your father’s name is. Set down. Well now look here, the Lord, God, and Jesus Christ, that can’t be, that’s impossible. Now, you’ll find that in John, that He said that He come in his Father’s name. Is that right? Now if he gonna come in His Father’s name. Then if you got Lord God, then it oughta been Lord. And almost everything that you hear all the time, do you believe in God? Very few people say anything much about the Lord. Roman Catholics say, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, now you see that’s all messed up.

Well it’s our indispensable duty to bring these things to your attention. Now that’s what I came in the world for. I know folks don’t like it. Now to get after this. I had him to go get that staff. And they tell you all the time, they’re talking about this ‘J’ in Joshua and Jesus. There is no such letter in the Hebrew alphabet. And I’m trying to tell you there wasn’t any in the English nor no other alphabet until around the 16th or 17th century. So if they ain’t be, ain’t no way in the world for it to be Jesus.Ain’t no way in the world for it to be Jehovah.

Now Jehovah Witnesses is running around telling the people saying this, that Jehovah is the English translation of Yahweh. Why don’t you get a book or something and then look at it. That’s not so. And for the most part most people don’t, they don’t even know where the  ‘J’ comes from to start out with. They don’t know the origin of it, they don’t know where it come from. That’s what we wanna talk about tonight. We wanna talk about the mystery of Iniquity and the mystery of Yahweh. And we’re gonna have to do this. We’re gonna have to go into numbers.

Now don’t you have in your book, in your Bible, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers? Do you have it in your book? Now in numbers you would say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Is that almost right? Now those are numbers not alphabet.

Now this is a shepherd’s…

Man: Staff.

Dr. Kinley: What?

Student Body: Staff. A rod.

Dr. Kinley: Now somebody said a rod and I heard another one say a staff.

Student Body: Staff, staff, (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) staff.

Dr. Kinley: Now what is it?

Student Body: Staff. Rod

Dr. Kinley: It’s a rod and a staff. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now I wanna show you what we’re getting at here. It’s important. To use this thing to hold it this way , you would retrieve a sheep. You say that’s right? And it being up this way, what’s that?

Student Body: A nine

Dr. Kinley: That’s a 9. It has the crook on it, we’ve got it over here. That’s a nine. Is that right?

Student Body: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: Don’t you have 9 in numbers? Now watch now. You keep your eye on me. Now I’m gonna turn it up this way. Now what’s that?

Student Body: Six

Dr. Kinley: Turn it around this way

Student Body: ‘J’

Dr. Kinley: Now you got a ‘J’. (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) Now I want you to look at two verses in the Book and you will find that with Moses out there at the burning bush, Yahweh asked him what was that thing that he had in his hand. And you know Moses was a shepherd. Is that almost right?

Student Body: Right

Dr. Kinley: Took care of his father-in-law’s… Reuel, not Jethro’s flock of sheep. Now if you get that, Rule – el.

Student Body: Yeh, Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Oh, my. Now are you listening now? You’re sure you’re listening?

Student Body: Yes

Dr. Kinley: Are you really sure you’re listening?

Student Body: Yes

Dr. Kinley: I may tell you something possibly you never heard before. Now in the Garden of Eden, there was a tree of knowledge of good and evil. And Adam was told and Eve, not to touch it. Not to eat the fruit or to touch it. Now you may eat of all the trees of the garden but the tree which is in the midst of the garden you shall not eat of it and neither shall you touch it. And I want you to know this, if He’s telling them there that ____ Adam wasn’t created in the garden. He was created outside the garden and Yahweh planted the garden and put him in it. And the woman was taken out of him in the garden. And in that garden there was some trees. Trees he could eat of and trees he couldn’t. Tree of knowledge of good and evil. Now here’s what I’m pointing now. Now those trees were in fruition, they bore fruit. Is that right?

Student Body: Right.

Dr. Kinley: And, when those trees were bearing fruit with it’s limbs full of fruit, it had a bough in it. You follow?

Student Body: Yes sir.

Dr. Kinley: Now, Eve, if it hadn’t have been heavy in fruition, she couldn’t have touched it, that is the fruit.

Student Body: Oh, I see.

Dr. Kinley: Yahshua the Messiah says in the 15th chapter of John, I am the true vine, you are the branches. Every branch that’s gonna bring forth fruit in me… Now He said the father took it away. Are you all up with me now?

Student Body: Yes, yes.

Dr. Kinley: Thus far? Well, they touched that fruit in the, in the, in the garden. And it was in fruition. Now that bough, now what was Adam supposed to be in.., what’d He put him in there for?

Student Body: To keep it dressed.

Dr. Kinley: To keep it dressed. And he had the permission to eat of it, of all the trees, with the exception of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Now, he was put in there to dress it. Now, if it’s in fruition, you don’t dress a tree then. It didn’t have them big leaves on it, but it was in fruition. Now we’re into at something here. And, Eve with that tree being bowed down heavy with fruition. And I wanna let you know too, that was not an apple tree, that was an olive tree. Now if you just stop, you could kinda halfway see through some things. You have a liver, an olive, o live. So don’t touch the tree if you wanna live, cause the day you touch it you shall surely die, you won’t live. How about that?

Student Body: Alright

Dr. Kinley: Am I getting anywhere? Now what we’re after is this ‘J’. Now, there was an ‘I’ in that.., is that right, David?

David Rosen: ‘I’ in what?

Dr. Kinley: Hebrew alphabet. Now, he’s a, he’s a Hebrew. Well, we’ve got a lotta ‘em around here. We’ve got the alphabet right in the book. We don’t have to go into no long drawn out debate and argument about that. Now, we got that about the garden of Eden being in fruition, you understand that don’t you?

Now I want you to get here at the burning bush, and read about that. When Yahweh asked Moses what he had in his hand. In Exodus.

Reader: and Moses asked them and said

Dr. Kinley: Where are you reading Doc?

Reader: 4th chapter of Exodus

Dr. Kinley: what verse?

Reader: We’ll start at the 2nd verse.

Dr. Kinley: Alright.

Reader: Yahweh said unto him, what is that in thine hand? And he said, ‘a rod’.

Dr. Kinley: Now he didn’t say a staff, he said a rod. Now Moses was a shepherd and he had a rod in his hand. Now this part of this is a rod, and this part of it is a staff. Now you got your ‘J’. Now you watch now. Keep your eyes open. Keep your eyes open, because you can’t get this everywhere. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now after he touched the fruit of that tree he was driven out of the garden of Eden. I specifically said he was driven, I did not say that Eve or she was. She wasn’t driven out. Now let me show you why, why I’m saying this, this way, and why I’m so particular about what I say in every respect. Now Yahweh created the man outside of the garden and then put him in the garden. And the woman was incarnated in the man when he was put in the garden and he caused a deep sleep to fall on him in the garden and took the woman out of him in the garden. So, she was in the man when he, when he went in the garden. I’m, I’m trying to show you now, and so Yahweh don’t need to drive her out, all He has to do is just drive the man out and the woman went on out with him, just like she come in with him. Now how about that? They didn’t have any children up there in that garden either. And the first born son was named what?

Student Body: Cain

Dr. Kinley: (DR. KINLEY SLAMS THE ROD AND THE STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) And he was a tiller of the soil. And then what was the other one’s name?

Student body: Abel

Dr. Kinley: Abel. What was he?

Student Body: A shepherd.

Dr. Kinley: See how I come right back into that shepherd business? Now Cain slew Abel. Did you get that? Did you catch onto what I meant when I said that?

Student Body: I hope so.

Dr. Kinley: It was Cain that went over and took Abel’s rod or his staff and slew him with it. Now hold still now, hold still. Are you still now? You thinking? You got your cap on?

Now, Yahweh put a mark on him. Now here’s the mark. When he slew him with that cane, he got that mark six on him there. And Cain, he complained about it, he said everyone that could see him would wanna kill him. And he said his grief was greater than he could bear, but Yahweh put that mark on him, 6, now there’s 6 back here and he come on over in the antediluvian, 6 again, come over in the present age and he’s 6 again. Now read Revelation 13:16 and on down to the 18th verse and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

Reader: And He causeth all both small and great, rich and poor,

Dr. Kinley: Now he’s talking about the, the what?

Student Body: Satanic Spirit

Dr. Kinley: Talking about the satanic spirit or Satan being cast out, come down to 12th and on down into the 13th, and he’s talking about Satan being cast out of heaven, right on down here in the garden deceiving Eve. Are you listening? Are you listening: This thing, this thing begin up in heaven. Then Michael, which was an arch angel, and his host, fought with the dragon or the devil. Now somebody said Lucifer. Now Lucifer, the King of Tyrus, and he was told, the prophet was told to take up a lamentation on him and then the prophet did it he said it that Lucifer walked back there in the garden. Now you know the King of Tyre didn’t walk back there in the garden; in other words it’s a parabolical or allegorical expression or figurative expression of this. Now look, in this word here: Lord, let’s put it down here like this. Now then if you just take this, then draw a line in here then you’ve got the OR then you got the D.1 Do you see what I did? Take the word Lord and just draw a line between the L and the D then you’ve got Lucifer or Devil. Move on now, read Dr. Harris.

Reader: And He causeth all both small and great…

Dr. Kinley: And He causeth all both small and great…

Reader: rich and poor

Dr. Kinley: rich and poor

Reader: free and bond


1 L or D

Dr. Kinley: free and bond

Reader: to receive a mark in their right hand.

Dr. Kinley: to receive a mark in their right hand

Reader: or in their forehead

Dr. Kinley: or in their forehead. Dr. Harris in your hand and in your forehead. You see the point? Now look, in the hand or in the forehead, small and great, rich and poor, bond and free to receive a mark. What kind of a mark? I just got through telling you about Cain when he slew Abel left that mark on him. It back-fired. And we showed you rod then we showed you cane, then we showed you staff, then we showed you a bough, then we showed you a vine and the branches. Now what I’m after is how this, there’s no ‘J’ in the Hebrew language but there is a 6 in the alphabet, I mean in the numbers. How many of them come up out of Egypt Dr. Harris?

Dr. Harris: 603,550

Dr. Kinley: Now wait a minute, hold everything. How many did you say?

Dr. Harris: Six hundred and three thou…

Dr. Kinley: Six hundred…

Dr. Harris: three thousand…

Dr. Kinley: three thousand

Dr. Harris: five hundred and fifty.

Dr. Kinley: five hundred and fifty, not counting the women and children. Six hundred and three thousand, five hundred and fifty. 6 and 3 is 9. 5 is abstract or half of 10. 50. Now watch what I am gonna do now. Somebody, Freddie come on up here. Dr. Harris ____ ____, I’m trying to teach now. Now if you all don’t want me to teach like this, I’ll go sit down.

Student Body: No sir (LAUGHTER)

Dr. Kinley: Then somebody get up here and preach. Now if you rub that out and rub this out and you got ____. Now you got the 6, 3. 6, 3, 9.2 Then you got 5 that’s a half of 10. 5 is abstract and 10 is concrete, is that almost right? Come on now mathematicians, ain’t that right?

Student Body: That’s right.


2 6 + 3 = 9

Dr. Kinley: If it ain’t right you get me straight. Now Freddie write the 1 right straight on down on the board. Now what’s that you say? What’s this?

Fred Allen Jr.: That’s 10 zero

Dr. Kinley: That’s that aught. Now you got 9 here, is that right?

Fred Allen Jr.: Right

Dr. Kinley: Now is there a 6 in it?

Fred Allen Jr.: Yes

Dr. Kinley: Ain’t 6 a number?

Fred Allen Jr.: Yes


Dr. Kinley: …or the name of the idol of the beast

Reader: or the number of his name

Dr. Kinley: or the number of his name, or the number of his name. The beast. A man without a profound knowledge of Yahweh and His eternal purpose is just like a natural brute beast.

Student Body: That’s a fact.

Dr. Kinley: Now if you don’t believe that, I will read it to you over there in James and Peter up in ____. Is that right Bishop?

Bishop Short: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: He said that’s right. Read on, now you keep your eyes open.

Reader: Here is wisdom…

Dr. Kinley: Now here, now if you’re so smart and you know so much, we’re talking about divine wisdom not earthly wisdom. Now, if you’re so smart, now here is divine wisdom. Alright, read.

Reader: Let him that hath understanding

Dr. Kinley: Now let him that does have understanding do what?

Reader: Count the number of the idol of the beast.

Dr. Kinley: Count the number of the beast, or the idol of the beast. Count the number. Well, what is his number?

Reader: For it is the number of a man.

Dr. Kinley: Now, it is a number of A man. We don’t want but one man in this thing. There ain’t but one Devil. Some people think there’s a whole lot of them. Nooooo, beg your pardon, they’re demons. The one devil. Now what we’re talking about now is this, this number of this man that Yahweh put on him. And I told you about Cain and showed you. Now here is wisdom, let him that has understanding count the number of the beast. For it is the number of A man and his number is 600, you better, maybe you better read that.

Reader: and his number is six hundred, three score and six

Dr. Kinley: Right. You follow it now? Now here is the high priest that officiated in the tabernacle. I don’t know whether ____ see here? Here’s the high Priest that officiated in the tabernacle. Now, this is David. Now, he’s an arch angel, that come in through that veil or come into this building and talking to Zechariah, and telling him about the birth of his son John, which in Hebrew is Yahcan. How about that? And John.., or Zechariah, he just couldn’t buy that and so he was smitten dumb. And he went on out of there and he had nothing to say at all until he was born. His son by Elizabeth, thereafter he says what is his name? That’s the first thing he said. That’s the first time he spoke, he said John or Yahcan. What’d you say that for? Because ‘Yah can’ means this, that John was born with the Holy Spirit in him and a specific purpose and reason for him being born that way was, he was entered in the world to identify Yahshua the Messiah, just like Moses did.

Now he got 666. Now I wanna go back for this reason. Now I wanna go right back here. Now the high priest that officiated in this tabernacle, he wore a bonnet and it had strings on it and it tied in the back, went around and tied in the back. Is that right David?

David Rosen: Right.

Dr. Kinley: Now what did the bonnet have on it?

Student Body: Holiness unto Yahweh.

Dr. Kinley: Holiness unto Yahweh. That’s what Aaron had on his bonnet, ‘Holiness unto Yahweh.’ Now, you notice this is up in the head where Cain struck him. Now, here comes the papacy and they got on a big three triple crown. What’s wrote in that Freddie?

Fred Allen Jr.: Vicarious Filii Dei

Dr. Kinley: Translate

Fred Allen Jr.: Vicar of the son of God.

Dr. Kinley: That’s right. Now if you put those…write it down Freddie. Now here it is right on the chart here. Right here. Now, what I have to do, I can’t put this on him, I’ve got to get this.., back there with Pharaoh too, cause Pharaoh’s playing the same role. Now, how you gonna get it on Pharaoh? You see the point? He was King, is that right? Now Dr. Williams one time turned to me and said, ‘before the …and you see I really ____ it tangled up, they don’t know if it’s the 17th, 18th, or 19th dynasty when the children of Israel come out of Egypt.’ I said, ‘can you count?’ He said ‘yeah.’  I said, ‘how much is 3 x 6?’ (DR. KINLEY AND STUDENT BODY LAUGH) And he ain’t been back no more after the ____. Now we would say that THAT would be Chaldean or Aramaic. Now, getting it straight, don’t go putting up your hand and don’t say nothing when I’m saying something, if that ain’t right or it’s a error.

Student Body: That’s right Doc.

Dr. Kinley: Just like we got over there now in Egypt and in Jordan and in Bolivia and Syria. They’re having problems there right now tonight. And they don’t know what it’s all about and it’s right up and down this stretch. They don’t, they don’t know a thing about it. Now if that be the case. Now Freddie said, Vicarious Filii Dei, translated that letter, translated it means what.

Fred Allen Jr.: Vicar of the Son of God.

Dr. Kinley: Now tell me what the ‘V’ stands for.

Fred Allen Jr.: 5

Dr. Kinley: Now, we are in numbers now.

Fred Allen Jr.: We’re in the Roman numbers.

Dr. Kinley: Now add it up.

Fred Allen Jr.: V equals 5; I equals 1; C equals 100; A has no value; R has no value; I equals 1; U is interchangeable equals V, V equals 5; S has no value; F has no value; I equals 1; L equals 50; I, I, 1, 1; D is 500; E has no value; and one I again equals 1.

5 and 1 is 6 and 1 is 7 and 5 is 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. 6 carry the 1 and 5 is 6. And 1 and 5 is 6. Six hundred sixty six.3


  3  5          1

      1          1

  100       500

      1          1

      5       666



Dr. Kinley: Now the Pope had it in them 3 rings in his crown, Vicarious in the first. filii in the second and in the third is Dei. Is that almost right? Now, you may not know this. What was the ancient name of Rome?

Student Body: Saturnia

Dr. Kinley: Now a lot of people didn’t even know that. What is the derivative the name Saturnia?

Student Body: Saturn

Dr. Kinley: Saturn. What is Saturn?

Student Body: A planet.

Dr. Kinley: Saturn is a planet

Student Body: 6th planet from the sun

Dr. Kinley: Saturn. Now listen, it is surrounded, Saturn, the planet Saturn, I mean as of now, is surrounded with 3 rings. Now this is what we’re doing. We’re putting them things up there in the sky. Now that’s a sun, equivalent to the Son of Yahweh. Saturn and Jupiter and Mars and Venus and those stars up there that show you an innumerable company of angels that was on the veil. That’s the only planet up there now that is surrounded by them 3 rings and it is a beautiful planet. That’s the ancient name of Rome, Saturn, Saturnia.

Now can you kinda catch on to a little something about Satan and Saturnia? Take it on down in the Chaldean and then multiply it like that and see if you don’t get a 666. Now has anybody got a book here? Now we put these things in the book, so that you could see it. Now don’t forget now we got 6 here, don’t forget now. Look. The earthly man was created on the 6th day, not the 7th. He’s earthly. Now its got to be a change made in that man from an earthly to a spiritually embodiment. I mean everybody. Not only that, but the heavens and the earth have got to be changed and rolled together.

Now did you know that? Yahshua said in the 24th chapter of Matthew, said, heavens and earth shall pass away and Isaiah certainly did speak up and said it’d be rolled together as a scroll. And Peter in the 3rd chapter said that it’d be burned up, consummated. Is that what it says?

Student Body: with fervent heat.

Dr. Kinley: That’s right, with fervent heat. What’s that all about? It’s got to go back to the source from whence it came, in other words, matter come from Spirit. How about that? And it come on down in a metamorphosis or transmutation.

Have you got it? Now that’s S-A-T-U-R-N. Now it’s a ____. You got some words…you got some letters here that have no numerical letter equivalent and I think it’s S T U R, stu, those are the ones that have the numerical value equivalent. Now that’s added on back into Pharaoh in the 18th dynasty. That’s added on back into the garden, those plates right there. That puts the mark on him, and it comes on down and puts it on Cain, and it comes on down and here you got the papacy sitting up over there…

Student Body: Triple crown

Dr. Kinley: Triple crown. And you got the star or that planet Saturn. Now that’s, a lotta people, they didn’t know why they had that book up there like that. They can stand there and look at it all day long. Now see that’s the moon and this is the sun and these are the stars over here. What’s this? Now do you see what I have tried to do? I’ve tried to show you where, when Moses there had a rod, that’s what he took. Now look folks, now you listen. Pay attention now. Now, that was Aaron’s rod that budded. Are you listening Bill?

Bill: Oh Yeah.

Dr. Kinley: Bill says he’s listening. Now when he goes to listening everybody else supposed to listen. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now listen, when Moses smote the rock, ____ when he was told to speak to it. Then Joshua who was really Yahoshua, who was Yahweh


Dr. Kinley: incarnated in a physical body, told him to get on up in the mount and die. But, before he goes up and dies, he was talking about this too. For how long a period was the 5 books in, being written?

Student Body: 40 Years.

Dr. Kinley: 40 years. Now, what was his last thing before he went up there in the mountain?

Student Body: Wrote the song of Moses

Dr. Kinley: Wrote the Song of Moses or the song of victory when Moses rose up, went through the Red Sea, Moses rose up or raised up that rod over the Red Sea. It opened up. So they went on through there. That same one he had in his hand. And the sea opened up and they went through on dry ground. Didn’t none of them get wet. And neither did these back there in the ark, that was in the ark, they never got wet, Noahic flood. Now, now I wanna tell you this, none of the Gentiles, they never got wet at John’s baptism: wasn’t baptizing anybody but Jews. Why? Because there wasn’t nobody but the Jews that went through here. And what He’s doing is fulfilling. Now reverend, when he reads over there in Matthew 3:14 and around, he says that he’s reading in the New Testament. He don’t realize he’s not reading in the New Testament. New testament’s not written with pen and ink. And they don’t even know what He’s doing.

Ambassador College says and we’ve got the book ‘Plain Truth,’ ‘Plain Truth’ and it’s wrote up there, ‘Plain Truth’ this month too, that the reason why Messiah went up into the mount was to get away from the crowd. Now, if you don’t think that’s in that book I’ll bring it down here.

But what He was doing was fulfilling. So if Moses was called up in the mountain there, then in order to fulfill it He’s got to take them up in the mountain and transfigure there just like He did here. And seeing the multitude for, was five hundred, 6 hundred thousand some and He’s got to do that. He’s fulfilling. They don’t even know what He’s doing. He said He come to fulfill. Now the things so far as they was concerned was instituted back here. In reality it was instituted in heaven: the purpose of Yahweh, He declared the end from the beginning. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Jehovah’s Witnesses say they didn’t know, the people on earth, they didn’t know that Adam was gonna sin, God didn’t know that Adam was gonna sin in the garden. Then how could you tell what He was going to do all the way down through the ages?

People just say any and everything and getting all hot with you cause you don’t wanna accept their stupidity. They want you to shut up and listen at them. Now, Baptist, he wants you to consent to water baptism. Ain’t nothing like that in your book. I mean that come from direct from Yahweh. ‘But, don’t tell me, Acts 2:38, Peter said on the day of Pentecost repent everyone of you and be baptized in the name Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Now what do you think of that, Amen.’ (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Say that as though I didn’t know that was in the Bible. Never said nothing about no water there. Matthew 28:19 says, ‘go and baptize ‘em in the name of the Father. They don’t even know the name of the Father. They didn’t know it was Yahweh. Says, ‘where’d you folks get all them old funny names?’ Say, ‘but these say baptize ‘em in the name of the Father,’ they don’t even know that.

Now, you know what they think the name of the Father is? God. And say look folks, I don’t want you to miss out on this one. I baptized a whole lotta folks. I mean down in the water when I was in the Church of God and started that service and divine healing. I baptized a lotta folks. Yes sir there wasn’t ____ ____ out baptize me. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) And we had a pool behind the pulpit. Some say, ‘I don’t wanna be baptized that way.’ Say, ‘I wanna go down to running water.’ And I took them down to a stream there called Mad River. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) That’s right. So I took ‘em on down there and I had to have somebody to help me. ‘Now listen now in obedience to the command of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I baptize this our beloved brother, Robert Harris, in the name of the Father, God, and in the name of the Son, Jesus Christ, and in the name of the Holy Ghost.’ Didn’t know what that was. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Next!

Now, don’t you tell me I don’t know what it’s all about. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Then they went down arguing about Peter down at Cornelius’s house. They didn’t know what he was doing. I said so. He wasn’t by himself either. All the rest of them up there in Judea, the apostles and them, they didn’t know either. And, when they got back up there, that’s Acts of Apostles, they went and jumped on him for going in to the uncircumcision. They didn’t jump on him about the water baptism. They jumped on him about going in to the uncircumcised. Isn’t that right?

Now these ones there, they’re not arguing about circumcision, they’re arguing about water baptism. They oughta be arguing about circumcision first. You circumcise 8 days after a birth. That is before you got baptized. And as Dr. Harris said there Sunday, when a child is born there’s got to be some water there somewhere and there’s got to be some blood there. And now there ain’t no need of you going and getting in some water and trying to wash that clay off of him. You have to get some oil. Before the High Priest could go in here, he had to be anointed with oil and he had to be washed in the laver, the water ____.

When a woman has a child, the water is in the blood. Then you got to take something to get it off, then spank him. He takes in a deep breath: ‘W A A A‘. Everything. Yahweh made it that way so that you could see, but when you run into these mysteries you don’t recognize them you don’t realize ‘em. Now do you see how that 666 got in there?

Student Body: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Let me say this to you. Now, that’s all that, I think I should say it this way. I’ve said it so many times. It’s in everybody’s Bible. Says it’s in the 1st covenant. Now Bishop, you know, you’ve been out there in Babylon.

Bishop: Right.

Dr. Kinley: Dr. Gross, you been out in Babylon. We’re old people. He ain’t been out in Babylon so ____ ____ ____. Now here’s what they’re doing out there in the Methodist and the Baptist and the Presbyterian and the Roman Catholics, and the Jehovah Witnesses and what not. They are saying that Yahshua the Messiah don’t know what He’s talking about. And then what they are doing, now you listen closely at what I’m talking about. This first covenant was given to the Jews, keeping the Sabbath and offering up of the sacrifices and so forth and so on. I wanna know if that’s right. Not to the Gentiles. Water baptism right here. Washing of regeneration right up here. I wanna know whether that’s right or not.

Student Body: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: Now, Yahweh said, ‘I ain’t gonna make no other covenant with them like that’. I’m talking about the 2nd covenant. I’m talking about what’s in your Book, Roger. Now, He couldn’t make the New Covenant with him until He removed the old one. So, that’s why Yahshua comes along fulfilling that which was instituted and then moved it out of the way. Now, I’m not talking about Gentiles now. So don’t get me in that way. Yahweh said gonna make both covenants, the new one and the old, with that, with the Jews or with the Israelites.

Now, here’s where you come in back here, the Abrahamic promise. He promised it in Abraham’s seed He would bless all of the peoples upon the earth, all the families on the earth. Now there’s where you’re involved. And Abraham accepted that by faith, in other words, he believed Yahweh.

Yahweh told him that he would have a son. And He’s well stricken in years. Abraham went in and told Sara about it, and she laughed. Just like when we try to tell you all about something and you set up there and laugh about it. What I mean is try to tell you something that you been told all your life and you think we’re wrong then you set up and laugh about it.

But Abraham believed and Sara, she sent him off out there to Hagar. You go on out there to her. She’s passing it off. Now Hagar was a bondwoman. So, he had a child Ishmael by Hagar. Now that was his 1st Covenant. And listen, Abraham was as much his father by Hagar as he was Isaac’s father by his wife. Yahweh working them Gentiles in.

Then now he goes to Sara. Now Sara is barren from birth. And Yahweh did it and so also was Abraham’s seed. At an old age and he received favor. Sara ____ be. She had, gave birth to Isaac. Now there is 2 sons. And by the way, a little further down the road, Sara dies and Abraham marries Keturah, and Keturah has 6 sons by Abraham and the baby was named… Who?

Student Body: Shua.

Dr. Kinley: Shua. And there was 8 of ‘em altogether. now how ’bout that?

Student Body: Alright

Dr. Kinley: Now when they crossed over here and they drove out them nations. How many were left in there?

Student Body: 8

Dr. Kinley: You see that now? When Noah came in over in the ark, how many in there?

Student Body: 8

Dr. Kinley: Look folks, this thing is plain as the nose on your face. But now here’s what you have to do. If we would take this and cut this up into a jigsaw puzzle, and you’d go to try to, or any of these pictures, and you go to try to, this looks like it might fit up there and you go to try to press it in up there, then you, then you got a match. It just won’t fit. When you get the picture all put back together right, instead of agreeing as it is here as it is on the face of the box, you’ve got a misfit.

That’s the way it is with the purpose. You’re gonna have to go by the pattern or else you’re gonna have a misfit. You’re going to have to know what the purpose is. Now listen, there’s never been no body…


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