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by Dr. Henry C. Kinley


Los Angeles, California


audio cassette recording received from Lamar Greer (# 42A)

1 90 minute audio cassette


Catalog #: 74.0516


transcribed by:  Richard and Susan Graham

first proofreading:  Michael Rothstein

second proofreading:  Gerry Rothstein


third proofreading:  International Public Relations Committee

approved by the International Public Relations Committee:  1997



1. … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only it more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking

directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, see, you see, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right.)

4. ____ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber


Dr. Kinley:  ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ and there’s no need for you to just keep playing around with the thing, you just might as well get on down to it.  Sometimes it’s hard, and I know there have been many people at one time or the other, come and listen.., and I mean he really got mad at me.  Sure enough mad.  Angry.  Angry enough to do what they did to me; they beat me up.

But I’ll tell you something.  It’s hard, but it is incumbent upon you people that belong to this school to tell the world what it is all about.  Now I’m sure that if you have any appreciation at all for the truth, you respect that, you enjoyed what Doctor Dennis Droulard had to say…  Anyway you can get around to it.  And as we told you that it is urgent that you come down here and learn for yourself.  Someone will say, ‘Well, I’m sorry I can’t come down on a Wednesday night or whenever you have services down here.’  Oh, how come?  Said, ‘well, we’re having a meeting over to our church.’  Well, you haven’t learned anything yet over there.  Now don’t start no arguments with me, just don’t do that, because I wanna tell you this:  we have hand ____ by the intellectuals.  The smartest men there is in this world, all kinds of academic subjects and we have ’em setting in this audience, and else where around the globe.

And this school is spreading like wildfire.  Today, my son, Glenn, and Persilla went to Honolulu to establish a school there.  There are others that are planning on leaving soon.  The man that read the scriptures going to Louisiana, and he’s starting up a school out there, I didn’t say a church.  Pretty soon another one goes to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, not ____ but Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  And hardly before they get away to it, there will be a couple going to Seattle, Washington and they’re just leaving.  People that never even had no idea that they would ever be going.  Never even give it a thought ____.  They come down here and got tangled up with this teaching, and they haven’t found no way out of it.  Now, I, I think it’s incumbent upon me as the founder of this school to just come right straight out and right plain and just tell you in plain words, words that you can understand.  It’s hard to say, but it is true.

Now we have been talking the 18th chapter of Revelation.  Babylon is fallen, is fallen.  The angels flying through the midst of heaven crying with a loud voice, Come out of her my people.  Why?  Just come out of her, that you be not partaker of her sins and receive of her plagues.

Now, Babylon, it has its derivative from Babel, within Babylon.  Babylon was the first universal dynasty to rule the world.  It’s back there on those charts.  Now it’s a matter of impossibility for us to explain these charts to you every time we come down to this place.  Babylon was a great big city that was overthrown by the Medes and the Persians.  And they ruled the world.  Now when you said Medes and Persians.  And is a conjunction that joins together two complete thoughts.  Well then somebody says, ‘well that don’t mean nothing.  So what about it?  What are you talking about?’  This arm is joined to this and this is a hand here that joins with this one over here.  That’s a conjunction. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS)

Now Babylon was the head, was overthrown.  Now, I’m talking about the pattern and how the pattern works.  That’s what you have to have.  And that image that was set up in the plains of Dura by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon.  He inherited it from his father, ____ ____.  Now, that kingdom was overthrown and it ruled the world. it was not an ecclesiastical thing, it was a political thing.  The land was ruled by the Medes and Persians.  The Medes and the Persians was overthrown by the Grecians.  Now these is universal dynasties I’m talking about that ruled the world.  And then it comes on down.  Now what.., now here’s what we’re talking about now, we’re talking about, and I told you about that man back there, that image set up in the form of a man.  Now that’s what we’re, what we’re talking about that Yahweh told Nebuchadnezzar ____ about Daniel, that he, Nebuchadnezzar, was that head of gold.  Then it come on down into, as you see these colors down there, that’s the reason why we put the thing in colors.  One nation overthrowing the other.  And then it was.., after Babylon, come Media and Persia, then after Media and Persia comes Grecia.  Then Grecia, she’s overthrown and then who comes into existence?

Student Body:  Rome.

Dr. Kinley:  Now why is that?  Now he said Medes…


Now you’ve got Solomon…  And it starts here.  They’re coming down through the age, see how they’re joining on here, just like your arm.  We’re coming down through that man.  And then it went on down to, where?  What is the next one?

Student Body:  Rome.

Dr. Kinley:  Pagan and Papal Rome or Roman.  More properly spoken it should be Italy, but it is called pagan and papal Rome.  Now those are kingdoms that ruled the world.

Now we’re not gonna have any more kingdoms rule the world.  That stone that was cut loose in the mountain rolled on down through Babylon and down through the ages, and it struck it on the foot, and broke it down.  And now that the kingdom is broken in pieces, all of it.  And the ruler of that new world is not the pope, it’s Yahshua the Messiah, the Son of Yahweh.  I got some news for you about that too.  First Corinthians 15:28.  Yes, indeed, I have some news for you folks.  Now we’re gonna give you an opportunity in a very few minutes to ask us some questions.  And we wanna give you the answers.  Now, read.

Reader:  And when all things shall be subdued unto Him

Dr. Kinley:  Now when all things shall be subdued or brought into submission unto Him, Yahshua the Messiah,

Reader:  then shall the Son also Himself

Dr. Kinley:  then shall the Son, Yahshua the Messiah, also Himself

Reader:  be subject unto him that

Dr. Kinley:  be subject unto Him

Reader:  that put all things

Dr. Kinley:  that put all things under Him.  That was Yahweh that put all things.., or His Father that put all things under Him.  Is that clear?  Is there any question about that?  Alright read.

Reader:  that Yahweh may be all in all.

Dr. Kinley:  Now that.., this is really important:  that Yahweh might be all in all.  Now Doctor Dennis told you that you don’t have no long time.  If you know anything about prophetic time, you only have a few prophetic seconds, not days, to get straightened out.  Now, if they have been all the way down to what is known as the Christian era and they haven’t gotten straightened out yet, now how do you expect to get straightened out in a few days or a few prophetic seconds?  How do you expect to do that?  Then what Yahweh told the people of this earth plane through the prophets that He had sent unto them before the birth of Yahshua the Messiah through the loins of Mary, now listen at what I’m saying, they never obeyed it what Yahweh Himself, Elohim Himself, said from this mountain.  Doctor Dennis told you they didn’t keep it 40 days.  Everything that the prophets have said, they never learned.

Now I got some news for you.  I want you to think about this, then we’ll get on with the subject.  ____ ____ ____.  Now Doctor Harris.., now I, I want you folks that are authorities in this school to help me out, to help me to convince these people that what we’re telling ’em down here is right.  Now here is a piece of paper.  Doctor Harris would you be so kind as to turn your chair around and set up here where these folks.., or bring this one up here, bring it right on up here in the front somewhere.  I.., I need help.  Now you might as well try to look for the whole business.  Now this is your show.  This is your break to find out some of them things you didn’t know nothing about.  If you have any question in your mind about the future or the past or the present, now is your opportunity.  Now I’m supposed to know.  ‘Now you little smart headed, smart ass preacher with black, nappy-headed, round shoulders ignoramus.’  Don’t forget now, I’m talking in the name.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now they said that same thing about me before.  ____ I remembered ____ he just smiled and he said, ’15 minutes?’  And he just laughed, ‘Oh, it was…’  He’s talking the greatest thing, until Doctor Harris got down to where he lived at ____, down on this trip.  And he went on his doorbell ahead of ’em.  And here he come, said, ‘Well, I’ve got to go now.’  Before that you had all the time, you didn’t have to go nowhere.  ____ ____ ____.  Just as soon as you step on the devil’s feet, now these hypocrite preachers, so he’s got some business elsewhere else.  You, you, don’t get me that, I just been called on by Jehovah’s Witnesses.  You know whenever you get right straight in behind them ____ ____ ____ down here.

Student Body:  Right.  Right.  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  I think there’s something in the book about that, too.  I’ll tell you what’s in the Book about that.  Says, resist the devil and he’ll flee from you.  Get the point?  Now this is what Doctor Harris got in trouble in England about and I’ve never seen that happen before.  Doctor Gross has been with me now.., this year.  Stand up, Doctor Gross.  This is the president.  He might bring it up there too.  This is the vice-­president.  Now I wanna tell you why I had him to stand.  Now this will answer some of the questions for you.  Did anybody that, that can see, you’re not blind, I mean physical eyesight.  You see that’s a white man, that’s a German Jew, this man right here.  He’s white.  Any questions about it?  That’s the president of the school.  This man is a black man.  Now anybody can see he’s black.

Dr. Harris:  Right. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS)

Dr. Kinley:  Now, I’m, now listen.  That’s the reason why he’s the president, because he’s a white man.  That’s the reason why he’s vice-president, because he’s a black man.  Now you ought not to have any problem coming in that door and asking about racial discrimination.  That oughta shut your mouth and show that this is a mixed audience.

Student Body:  Right, right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now that’ll save you that question.  Thank you gentlemen or brethren.

So now let me go on ahead with the story.  When Doctor Harris got down to where the man lived and this is what he would tell him.  Doctor Harris, I’m talking about Mr. Moore, who was assistant to Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury in England or head of the Anglican church, that operates in America and all over the world, just like Roman Catholicism.  Now here’s where Doctor Harris got in trouble and I, I, I’ll have you read this in a minute too.  Read Matthew 3:14 or 3:13 and 14.  Now I’m showing you how the man is reading out of the Bible, he got in trouble.  Read.

Reader:  Then cometh Yahshua

Dr. Kinley:  Then cometh Yahshua

Reader:  from Galilee to Jordan

Dr. Kinley:  from Galilee

Reader:  unto John

Dr. Kinley:  unto John

Reader:  to be baptized by him

Dr. Kinley:  to be baptized by him

Reader:  But John forbade Him, saying

Dr. Kinley:  But John forbade Him

Reader:  I have need to be baptized of thee

Dr. Kinley:  And said I have a need to be baptized of you

Reader:  and comest thou to me?

Dr. Kinley:  and you come to me?

Reader:  And Yahshua answering said unto

Dr. Kinley:  Now listen, right here is what we’re talking.  And Yahshua answered.  Now, Doctor Dennis Droulard has already told you that while he was on the floor.  And Yahshua answered and said what?

Reader:  Suffer it to be so now

Dr. Kinley:  Permit it or suffer it to be so now

Reader:  For thus it becometh us

Dr. Kinley:  For thus it becometh us

Reader: to fulfill all righteousness.

Dr. Kinley:  Now right there is where he got in trouble.  And all he told the man was what was in the Book.  Said, ‘Yes, but He instituted Christian water baptism.’  That’s not in the Bible.  Now that’s what He told John, suffer it be so now because it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness.  Now fulfill is what I’m talking about and that’s what he was showing Moore.  And Moore got busy, got ready to go.  Now you just read there about what Yahshua said.  Now look at the fifth chapter and take the first and second verses and then skip on down to the 17th.  Now listen folks, pay attention, cause this is what’s happened:  you’ve been deceived all your life.  You don’t know what it’s all about.  Alright, read.

Reader:  And seeing the multitudes

Dr. Kinley:  And seeing the multitudes

Reader:  he went up into a mountain

Dr. Kinley:  he went up into a mountain 

Reader:  and when He was set

Dr. Kinley:  and when He was set

Reader:  His disciples came unto Him.

Dr. Kinley:  His disciples came unto Him

Reader:  And He opened His mouth and taught them, saying,

Dr. Kinley:  17th verse

Reader:  Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets

Dr. Kinley:  Now that man is reading out of the Bible.  Now could you imagine somebody setting up, reading out of the Bible like that and then getting in trouble?   Alright, read on.

Reader:  I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

Dr. Kinley:  That’s right.  Now, now are you watching the word fulfill?

Reader:  For verily I say unto you

Dr. Kinley:  For verily I say unto you

Reader:  till heaven and earth pass

Dr. Kinley:  till heaven and earth pass

Reader:  one yad

Dr. Kinley:  one yad

Reader:  or the smallest part of a letter

Dr. Kinley:  or the smallest part of a letter

Reader:  shall in no wise pass from the law

Dr. Kinley:  shall in no wise pass from the law

Reader:  till all be fulfilled.

Dr. Kinley:  Did you get the word fulfill again?

Now, let me back track.  Let me go back to John 3:14 and show you on this chart what I mean.  See this chart right here?  Now this chart is made up blood, water, and spirit, blood, water, and spirit, blood, water, spirit, blood, water, spirit, blood and water, spirit, blood, water, spirit, blood, symbol of water, spirit, blood and water, spirit.  The pattern dictates.., this is the pattern.  Now we are going by a pattern, not by our imagination, but we’re going by a pattern.  This is the tabernacle pattern.  Now here’s the altar, that’s the blood.  Here’s the laver where the water was and they had to be washed, the priest had to wash ’em before he could officiate in the sanctuary and then he had to be, he had to be, he had to be anointed with oil.  That same thing running down here ____.  Hold it tight, tight right there.  In Matt.., Isaiah 28:9 and 10.  Now you look up here, look up here folks.  Now we’re not kidding you, we’re trying to tell you the truth about the thing and you’re gonna have to obey if you wanna be saved.  That’s talking plain.  Alright read, read that part there.  In Isaiah.

Reader:  For precept must be upon precept

Dr. Kinley:  precept must be upon precept

Reader:  precept upon precept

Dr. Kinley:  precept upon precept

Reader:  Line upon line

Dr. Kinley:  Line upon line

Reader:  line upon line

Dr. Kinley:  line upon line

Reader:  here a little

Dr. Kinley:  over to the law a little

Reader:  and there a little

Dr. Kinley:  and over to the prophecy a little and on to the fulfillment.  It’s already, the purpose of Yahweh is already been instituted.  There will be no institute, in the fulfillment now.  Isaiah 46:9 and 10 says that, says so.  ‘Now what are you saying that for?’  Let, let me show you first.  Now this, this line here is all blood.  This is the pattern, this is what I have to go by.  Now look, this has got to be in all ages.  It’s got to come from here, from the creation of the world.  Do you see how this is divided in one, two, three sections.  One, two, three.  One, two, three.  Now here’s, here’s the.., what you call the godhead:  pure spirit, and just forget all about this ____, writing and all sitting here, and this is that.  ____  This is a cloud denoting pure spirit.  Then He takes on a shape and form, the shape and form of a man.  That’s still spirit.  And He can only be seen in visions.  Then He comes on down, takes on a physical body.  Pure spirit, the physical body, incorporeal or a spiritual embodiment and then the physical body.  That’s one, two, three.  It correlates and corresponds to the pattern or the tabernacle.  The Most Holy Place, the Holy Place, and Outer Court.  And that’s.., you see this whole entire thing, everything is made up that way.  Now this is what I’m trying my best to tell you:  that the universe in its totality and everything in it, and to use the phrase the godhead and all is three-fold.  It is not three distinctive individual personalities.  Somebody say’s, ‘Well, who said that?’  Well read.  Pay attention now.  I never said nothing about where to read.

Dr. Harris:  Deuteronomy 6:4

Dr. Kinley:  See now did you hear me say anything about Deuteronomy?

Dr. Harris:  6:4.  Hear, O Israel,

Dr. Kinley:  Hear O.., He’s.., Hear, O Israel

Dr. Harris:  Yahweh our Elohim

Dr. Kinley:  Yahweh our Elohim

Dr. Harris:  is Yahweh a unity.

Dr. Kinley:  is Yahweh a union.  Yahweh is trinity.

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Look, now we can get as stupid as we wanna be, but each one of these parts and all is united together and it makes up one embodiment.  That’s a unity, not three distinctive individual personalities.  Now in Romans 1:19 it says, now listen, the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal nature or it says…

Student Body:  Eternal power,

Dr. Kinley:  Eternal power and ah

Student Body:  Supernal Nature.

Dr. Kinley:  the supernal nature or the godhead.  So that you, you just don’t have no excuse to be ignorant.  And listen Yahweh after going to all of this trouble in making everything to conform to Him, He’s not gonna buy your ignorance.  Just not gonna buy it.  Somebody said, ‘Well so and so…’ I don’t give a damn about that, so and so he don’t know what he’s talking about, cause ____ ____.  Yahshua the Messiah…

I’ll repeat to you what He said to them Jews in the 23rd chapter of Matthew.  Now we do think that.  He walked right up to ’em, He said, ‘you serpents, you generation of vipers, how shall you escape the damnation of hell?’ Told them right to their face.  When He first went the ministry He said, ‘I didn’t come to call the righteous but sinners unto repentance.’  And when they sought to stone Him for telling the truth, He passed through the midst of ’em for three and a half years.  Then He said, ‘You won’t see Me no more until ye say, blessed is He that comes in the name.’  He said He come in the name, He said, You won’t see me no more, behold your house is left unto you desolate.  Talking about the temple there.

Now everything in the ____ was purposed.  And if you don’t accept Yahshua the Messiah as being the Sa.., I’m not talking about your physical person saving.  That ain’t it.  No indeed.  No indeed.  Everybody…  That’s the reason why it don’t make no difference about how black or how white or how red or how yellow you are.  That’s just.., flesh and blood just don’t enter into it.  It don’t enter into it.

And this is something else important here I think I should say right here, and that’s this.  Now, remember now, I’m telling you Freddy, you are cursed.  Roger, you are cursed, unless you accept this Yahshua the Messiah, headed for the Lake.  Somebody said, ‘well look here, I’ve done…, I been…’  I said, no, you ain’t gonna find nothing unless you accept Yahshua the Messiah.  He is the only one, there’s nothing else in heaven or on earth.

And let me give you this verse.  I wish I had brought that book.  I brought it last Saturday I think it was.  Printed by the Black Muslims.  It said that Satan is coming.  The honorable Elijah Mohammed and ____ Mohammed saw him ____ ____ ____.  Now listen here, I want you to get something straight.  Elijah was a prophet.  Now I’m not talking about Elijah, so-called Elijah Mohammed, I’m talking about Elijah back here in the scriptures.  He prayed out there in front of them false prophets.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  This one man is talking about Fas Mohammed and this other one’s honorable Elijah Mohammed up here.  Here’s the cardinal point I want you to see now, get over here in first Corinthians, leave where you are and get over in first Corinthians.  And I wanna show you that Paul said, what Paul says about it.  Now Paul was an a…, or Saul was an apostle.  Peter was an apostle.  ____ ____ ____.  And this is what he said.

Dr. Harris:  1st Corinthians, first chapter, 12th verse.

Dr. Kinley:  Look and listen.  Let the thing soak in.

Dr. Harris:  Now this I have said that everyone of you said, I am of Saul; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas, and I of the Messiah.  Is the Messiah divided?

Dr. Kinley:  Is the Messiah divided?

Dr. Harris:  Was Saul crucified for you?

Dr. Kinley:  Now, now wait a minute folks.  Was Elijah Mohammed crucified for you?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Was Moses crucified for you?

Student Body:  No

Dr. Kinley:  Was He?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Was ____ crucified?  If he was not crucified for you then you just can’t be saved in his name.  Now is that clear to you?  Mohammed is not the savior of the world.  The apostles and the prophets was not the savior of the world.  Is that clear?  So you just put that stuff in the trash can.  Now then, they’re not the only one.  They’re not the only one.  We’ve got some others that’s said that too.  What’s his…  Bahaullah.  He was the lord and savior.  The prophet Bahaullah of the Bahai faith.  You got all that stuff that’s wrong.  Now Yahweh sent me to tell you people, to tell you the truth about it.  And I don’t mind telling you the truth and suffering for it too.  I have already suffered for it.  I don’t mind dying for it.  And you can’t, you can’t ____, you can’t dodge this bullet.  Alright.

Now do you see, do you see what the scriptures says.  He was not, he was not crucified for us?  Now listen, the Mohammed that they’re talking about was around 632 AD.  That’s way after the show is all over with.  That’s AD, in the sixth century.  And they’re saying that he was the one that the, the prophets were saying was to come.  Now ____ for your ____.  I think it’s the 16th or 17th chapter of Matthew, where the disciples asked, asked Yahshua the Messiah, said, why do the Messiah ____, that Messiah must first come or Elijah must first come.  Why.., either in the 16th or 17th chapter or 17th chapter.

Dr. Harris:  17th chapter and the first verse.

Dr. Kinley:  17th chapter.  I thought it was the 17th chapter.  He’s coming down from the Mount of Transfiguration.

Dr. Harris:  And His disciples asked Him saying, Why then say the scribes that Elijah must first come?

Dr. Kinley:  Now the scripture said that He had to, first, come first.  Now I could tell you this.  Why would the scriptures say that He had to come first?  He ____ from down here.  Why do the scriptures say that?  Was because Moses had to come first.  And Moses had to come first here, then John the Baptist, who was the Elijah that you’re gonna read about, had to come first.  Now read.

Dr. Harris:  And Yahshua answered and said unto them, Elijah truly shall first come and restore all things.

Dr. Kinley:  Now do you see that now?  Alright, read on.

Dr. Harris:  But I say unto you,

Dr. Kinley:  But I say unto you,

Dr. Harris:  that Elijah is come already,

Dr. Kinley:  Now do you hear that?  That Elijah is come already.  Alright, read.

Dr. Harris:  and they knew him not

Dr. Kinley:  They didn’t know Him and they still yet don’t know Him.  Didn’t know either one of ’em.  Didn’t know the Messiah, and neither did they know Elijah.  Alright, read on.

Dr. Harris:  but have done unto him

Dr. Kinley:  have done unto him

Dr. Harris:  whatsoever they listed.

Dr. Kinley:  whatsoever they listed.

Dr. Harris:  Likewise

Dr. Kinley:  Likewise.  Just like that.

Dr. Harris:  shall also the Son of Man suffer of them.

Dr. Kinley:  Now John the Baptist was put in prison.  Oh, I wish I could just show you a thing or two.  I just don’t have time to show all of it in these two hours, I wanted to give you a break to ask questions.  But now Elijah had to first come, because Moses had to come first back here.  Somebody says, ‘Well, was there somebody before Moses?’  Yes.  All the prophets prophesied in the age before Moses.  Enoch the seventh from Adam prophesied.  And he prophesied about this.  That was before Moses.  But you know what the problem is there?  He never wrote about it.  Moses is the only one that wrote.  Well somebody, ‘Well, why didn’t Enoch write?  Why didn’t he write?’  He didn’t see the creation of heaven and the earth and so forth and so on.  Now how’s he gonna write about it?

Moses saw it in a vision.  And he told you about it in a vision.  He’s looking right at it.  He’s looking right at Elohim create the heavens and the earth, come on down, day by day in logical sequence.  That’s what you got in the first chapter of Genesis; and looked right at Yahweh create Adam.  He looked at him.  He saw it in a vision and then he put it down.  You, you, you can’t say, ‘and He created the man in His likeness and image.’  You can’t say that unless you’ve seen it.  Let me just show that, here with water on down.  And he saw it all and he saw him in operation.  Alright.

Now listen to that now.  Whoever it was that was crucified for you, just any and every body won’t do.  Now why won’t someone else do?  Well, I’ll tell you why.  Because this one was the Messiah that was prophesied to restore man’s life to Him, knowing that what He’s gonna do in the declaration of the end from the beginning, knowing what He’s gonna do, He prepared a sacrifice before He made him, the man.  Declared the end from the beginning.  Now since it said He declared the end from the…  That’s all that’s just happening, just fulfillment, just a fulfillment of that that He declared from the very beginning.  Do you understand?

Now here you are, you sit down maybe this week.  Doctor Harris has an itinerary made up, where he’s gonna go and where.., what time he’s gonna do this, that and the other, and visit the other schools.  Got it all figured out.  Is that right?

Dr. Harris:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Then each day in logical sequence.  Now this man had to do that and other people are smart enough to do that.  Why would you think that Yahweh has got a whiff of something happening and you got to pray and tell Him all about it and you worry about Him doing it.  See it.., what you have been doing, you have false lords.  I wouldn’t say nothing like that.  You can’t tell me what’s, what’s happening, and what’s going on.  Now this is what people have said.  Now listen at what I’m gonna say.  They said that God tried to set up His kingdom from Adam back here and had to postpone it, because this, that and the other happened.  Come on down and try to set it up the whole thing and had to postpone it and all you been doing is postponing, til down unto the present time.  ____ ____.  And Jehovah’s  witnesses is stupid enough to say that He’s coming, jumped down out of the sky too, now mind you, and set up His kingdom down here on earth.  Well, ____ never ____ ____.  Yes indeed He sure has gone to heaven.  Now I meant that just like I said.  ____ ____ ____.

Now I want Doctor Harris to read to you.  Now you remember now.  I want you keep the continuity of thought:  that Doctor Harris is telling the priesthood, not Roman Catholic, but the priesthood of the Anglican church, Moore, assistant to Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury.  He’s telling them that Yahshua, when He come through the loins of a woman, was fulfilling and not instituting.  He didn’t institute Christian water baptism.  He did not institute Lord’s Supper’s.  He did not institute foot washings, cross hanging and mountain climbing.  And that man got mad and wiped that smile off of his face and had a frown on it, and Doctor Gross, I never seen that before in my life, in the whole 40 some years that he’s been with me, he shook his finger in your face.  Never seen that man act like that and he got his ____ with him.  Just the same he went on out from there.  Now here Michael Ramsey’s retired and here comes up a man taking his place.  Would you mind reading, Doctor Harris.

Dr. Harris:  The caption is, “He Took His Time on the Road to Canterbury.”  Prime Minister Carl Wilson offered him a job nine days earlier, but I took four days to make up my mind.  I wanted time to stay in my prayers and speak to my wife, said the Archbishop of God, the Most Reverend and Right Honorable Frederick Donald Coggins.  He will succeed Doctor Michael Ramsey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is retiring November the 15th, as spiritual head of the 64 million member Anglican congregation throughout the world, including the United States.  Doctor Coggins, 64, who will be the 101st Archbishop of Canterbury, Canterbury, the first was Saint Augustine in 597, said he intends to wage a campaign against the appalling destitution in the cities and against permissiveness.  I believe we shall only have a happy society when we start living by some rules again.  There is a lot to be said for reinstatement of the Ten Commandments.

Dr. Kinley:  Now if you won’t mind giving me this microphone. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now listen on up.  The reinstatement of the Ten.., now anybody in this building, they are just simply not that stupid if you ever been here before, to know that the Ten Commandments were given to the Children of Israel or the Jews back here under the law.  Now what he wants to do is to carry you back to the Ten Commandments and straighten out the world.  And here Yahweh said in the 31st chapter of Jer.., of Jeremiah that the Old Covenant.., and since this commandment was given back here.  Now I’d like to explain that, too, by saying these commandments that were given back here were contained in the ordinances, carnal ordinances predicated upon that.  Do you know what I mean by that?  I mean predicated upon natural things, now listen at me, natural things to point to spirit.  That’s why Adam is made up there three-fold; that’s why ____ was made up three­-fold, that’s why this migration of the Children of Israel:  Egypt, the Red Sea dividing, the Wilderness of Sinai, the Wilderness of Sinai, the River Jordan, and then on into Canaan’s Land.  One, two, three.  The pattern is one, two, three.  This is a figure of the Godhead itself.  The Court, Out.., outside or the head, and the chest cavity, and the abdominal cavity.  One, two, three.  Now if you look around the wall, everybody, that’s all you can see, nothing else but that.  Now Yahweh fixed it up that way.  Now you pay attention to what I’m telling you.  Yahweh fixed it up that way so that you can’t do a thing with it.  Now the devil don’t know nothing about it.  And listen, the devil don’t know nothing about it and is always trying to ease up on something.  He don’t know what it’s all about and if this man here knew anything at all and understood anything at all about it, that Yahweh is


Dr. Kinley:  Yahshua the Messiah and move this Old Covenant that was made with the Jews only, so that the New Covenant could be put in a man’s heart and in his mind and walk in His statutes.  Now he’s talking about going back to this old one. Do you see how stupid it is?  I wanna know whether you understand what I’m talking about.

Student Body:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  Anybody in here don’t understand, hold up your hand.

Now that brings me up to this.  That brings me up to this.  Now here’s the heart.  Revel.., 18th chapter of Revelations.  I ain’t gonna let up on it.  That angel flying through the midst of heaven.  Now we tried to bring you down through Babylon, down to Medes and Persians.  Now listen folks.  Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, all of it is confusion.  Do you see that man up there, way on back there in the ages in confusion, and he hasn’t actually taken his seat yet as the Bishop of Canterbury in England, and head of the Anglican church.  Roman Catholics are doing just these things over here.  They already ____ and their church is falling apart.  Pope Paul is the antichrist.  Now I wanna tell you about that.  Now Doctor Dennis read something out of the paper there.  Before you read that, Doctor Harris, about that.  But look at first Timothy the fourth chapter and start at verse one.  I wanna show you what’s going on.  I wanna show you it’s in the Bible.  Yahweh knew the thing was gonna happen like this.

Dr. Harris:  Now the spirit speaketh expressly

Dr. Kinley:  Now the spirit.  Now it didn’t say Paul says, it didn’t say Paul was speaking, it didn’t say none of the apostles, it didn’t say none of the prophets, say now the spirit speaketh expressly

Dr. Harris:  That in the latter times

Dr. Kinley:  that in the latter times

Dr. Harris:  shall depart from the faith

Dr. Kinley:  now some shall depart from the faith,

Dr. Harris:  giving heed to seducing spirits

Dr. Kinley:  giving heed.  Now, listen.  Now listen to what I’m telling you.  Giving heed to seducing spirits

Dr. Harris:  and doctrines of demons

Dr. Kinley:  and doctrines of demons

Dr. Harris:  speaking lies in hypocrisy

Dr. Kinley:  speaking lies in hypocrisy

Dr. Harris:  having their conscience seared with a hot iron,

Dr. Kinley:  He knows he’s lying.  His conscience is seared with a hot iron.  Alright,  read on.

Dr. Harris:  forbidding to marry

Dr. Kinley:  Forbidding to marry

Dr. Harris:  and commanding to abstain from meats,

Dr. Kinley:  and commanding to abstain from meats,

Dr. Harris:  which Yahweh

Dr. Kinley:  Hold it Doc.  Forbidding to marry and commanding to abstain from meats.  Do you know anybody that’s doing anything like that?  Who’s doing these things?

Student Body:  The Roman Catholics.

Dr. Kinley:  Then saying.., they commanding forbidding to marry.  Now here’s what the Roman Catholics say.  They say that they must.., you mustn’t marry anybody outside the Roman Catholic Church.  But just in case you do, then you must, by oath, promise to raise your children in the Roman Catholic Church; in other words, that lying bastard, talking about him, is negotiating for a soul even before it is taken in fold, making you promise that you’re gonna raise your offspring in the Roman Catholic Church.  And forbidding you to marry and commands you to abstain from meats.  They would eat fish on Fridays and Doctor Dennis just told you that they got away from that, but the damage is already done.  Read on.

Dr. Harris:  and commandeth to abstain from meats which Yahweh has created to be received with the thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.  For every creature of Yahweh is good and nothing to be refused if it be received with thanksgiving, for it is sanctified by the word of Yahweh in prayer.

Dr. Kinley:  That’s right.  Now what I’m trying to tell you is this:  everything that Yahweh created is good and should be received with thanksgiving, but they set you up a dietary regime:  eating fish on Friday and fasting.  ‘What’s the matter with you?’  Face all tore up, stomach just hurting in pain, hunger pains.  ‘What you doing?’  Says, ‘I’m fasting.’ Face all tore up.  Said, ‘Why you doing this?”  ‘Jesus said that this power comes by fasting and prayer and casting out devils,’ demoniac spirits.

Now look folks, we’re the ones that are fasting.  We’re fasting.  Now what do you mean when you say, ‘we’re fasting.’  You just got through saying you’re having hunger pains.  Well here’s how we’re fasting.  We’re fasting from eating the Lord’s Suppers, and these carnal ordinances and just eating all I can stand.  Someone told you, ‘the doctor said, don’t put on any more weight.’ Now that’s, that’s eating a belly full and fasting.  See the point?  But now we’re partakers of the spirit, but we abstain from these carnal ordinances in keeping them as the commandments.  And look folks, listen now, none of ’em wasn’t, it wasn’t no Lord’s Suppers given to no Gentiles.  There ain’t nothing like that in no Bible.  Now then, back to Revelations.

Dr. Harris:  After these things I saw another angel come down from heaven

Dr. Kinley:  Now look here, here’s something I wanna tell you about Revelation and Genesis.  A lotta folks don’t know what I’m fixing to tell you about Revelations and Genesis.  The Genesis means beginning.  And Revelation means that we’re talking the meaning of Genesis.  Right? (BELL RINGS) Oh, oh.

Now look, I heard the bell.  But now look, listen at this now.  Now John said after this I saw.  He didn’t say the next day.  And if you read Genesis, carefully, the first chapter of Genesis, and he said.., Moses tells you about each day in logical sequence.  The sun was rising and setting.  And each day as it come around, it and repeated itself.  Moses was in the realm of eternity, where there was no day and was no night with him in that realm.  And John looks back and sees this on the Isle of Patmos and he said there was no light there.  And if you listen in Genesis 1:1 he said, and the evening and morning was the first day; in other words, right where the night is, that was a day to Moses.  In logical sequence on through those seven days.

Now folks I’d like to know this.  If you’re going pay attention and you’re gonna go by what the Bible says, Doctor Harris just got through reading this Revelation where I…  ‘That’s ____, I can’t believe that.’  And he said, ‘plan on spending two or three minutes on it anyway.  Read.

Dr. Harris:  and after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was lightened with his glory.

Dr. Kinley:  That’s ____

Dr. Harris:  And he cried mightily with a loud voice

Dr. Kinley:  Now listen, listen folks.  You just might as well get this straight Roger.  There ain’t no sense in you being hard headed.  You can’t get by.  Alright, read.

Dr. Harris:  And he cried mightily with a strong voice saying,

Dr. Kinley:  That’s right.

Dr. Harris:  Babylon, the great, is fallen

Dr. Kinley:  Babylon, the great, is fallen

Dr. Harris:  is fallen

Dr. Kinley:  is fallen

Dr. Harris:  and is become the habitation of demons

Dr. Kinley:  and has become the habitation of demons

Dr. Harris:  and the hole of every foul spirit

Dr. Kinley:  and the hole of every foul spirit

Dr. Harris:  and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird

Dr. Kinley:  and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.  Now I showed you those physical things back there, they’re all throwing down and now the spiritual kingdom.  And now they have become the cage of every foul and unclean bird.  There’s a Roman Catholic bird, there’s a Baptist bird, there’s a Anglican bird, there’s a Methodist bird, there’s a Church of Christ bird, there’s a Church of God bird.  Got you all caged up.  And this angel is flying through the midst of heaven says all of them is in confusion, they don’t know what the hell is right.  And that angel flying through the midst of heaven saying, come on out of her that you receive not of her plagues, that you be partaker of her sins and receive of her plagues.  ‘What are you talking about, Doc?’  I’m telling you that lying, hypocritical bastard sitting right up there in the church telling you to partake and eat.  Telling you that water.., Jesus said He instituted Christian water baptism.  Nothing like that in no Bible.  And you’re gonna have to get up and get out of them churches, that’s what I’m telling you, cause it ain’t nothing else but confusion.  The Baptists don’t agree with the Methodists.  The Roman Catholics don’t agree with the Protestants.  Judaism, Orthodox Judaism doesn’t agree with Christianity.  And you’re gonna have to get up and get out of ’em.  Jehovah’s Witnesses and everybody else.  If you stay there, you’re lost.  And they said, ‘I don’t believe it.’  You see it.  You’ll see it if you find out for yourself.  You can’t stay down there with reverend so and so.  Yahweh’s saying to them, Come out of her.  ‘What for?’  That you be not partaker of her sins and receive of her plagues.  It’s a sin and a disgrace to stand up here and think that somebody can prayed over some crackers and grape juice and it becomes the body and blood of the Messiah.  ____ ____ ____ ____ ____, damnable lie like that.  And there gonna be a partaker of it.


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