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by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

Los Angeles, California

audio recording received from Lamar Greer (#26B)

transferred to 2 90 minute audio cassettes by Michael Rothstein


Catalog #:  73.0415


Transcribed by Laurie Steinberg and Kim Burrell

first proofreading:  Debbie Maneely

second proofreading:  Michael Rothstein

third proofreading:  Gerry Rothstein


fourth proofreading:  International Public Relations Committee

approved by the International Public Relations Committee:  1997



1. … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, see, you see, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right.)

4. ____ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber



Dr. Kinley:  Good evening.  I hope and trust that all of you paid strict attention to scripture lesson that we had read by Dr. Farley.  It is important that you pay strict attention to what is read out of this Bible.  We select these readings at various intervals and times, because we feel that we want you to pay strict attention to what is said.  They’re waving their hands back there saying I’m not speaking loud enough.  It might be necessary for some of you…  I have preached my heart and soul out to you people

Student Body:  Right.  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  from one time to the other.  And I have told you the truth, the truth just like it is.  And there won’t be no digression or deviation from it.  Dr. Harris and the rest of these are aware, fully aware, and understand what the purpose of Yahweh really is, have told you the truth.  It’s important and it is necessary that you pay strict attention because what you.., what we have read to you, there are those that are going around denying just exactly what we read to you.  For example, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it.  Jehovah’s Witnesses say, quoting from Solomon, they say that Solomon said that one generation goes and another cometh but the earth abideth forever, which means so they are teaching, eternally.  Now that’s a direct disputation of what you just.., with what you just had read.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:   And if you noticed what we had read and I’m gonna ask you to read it over again, and look, I want you to pay strict attention to what the apostle said here and because he has made reference back to the other prophets and what they had to say about it too.  Not withstanding now, pay attention, that the Creator Himself have come here, walked around in the flesh and you definitely and positively will find in the 24th chapter of Matthew, and I want somebody to find that and read it too, that heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.  Suppose you read it, again.

Reader:  This second epistle, beloved

Dr. Kinley:  Now, he’s already written one epistle and.., now look here, if these epistles that these apostles are writing, they’re sending out to somebody that knows something about what they’re talking about, I mean to Jerusalem.  Now he’s telling them, now this second epistle, and I want you to know this too, both of ‘em are written from Babylon.  And a lot of you don’t know this too, that there is three Babylons, not two, not one.  Babylon in Assyria and Babylon in Egypt, now known as Cairo in Egypt.  And Mystery Babylon the Great in this dispensation, which it is apparent that the majority of people know nothing about the Mystery Babylon the Great and yet and still almost everybody is involved in it.  That has it’s derivative and source from all these erroneous doctrines and idolatry.  It’s a mystery in how that a person can get up and say one thing one time and then let the Savior or anybody else, Yahweh or anybody else come along and say something contrary and they would rather hold to something, and let them lead many people astray on it.

Now I wanna tell you something else about that before we read.  Many things are said in this class like Solomon had said there, one generation goes and another comes but the earth shall abide forever.  Now, as long as one generation goes and another comes, why then the earth will abide.  Now that’s the real meaning of it.  It does not mean that the earth will abide eternally.  Now listen, let me show you why that’s true that way.  The earth to begin with it was not an eternal thing.  It had to be created, the heavens and the earth.  So, now if it had to be created, then it’s got to go.  For what reason?  In fulfillment.  Now words are used in this Bible and often times the translators, they say things that if you knew the true translation of it, it wouldn’t read like that.

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now, here’s Yahshua the Messiah coming along and telling you.  Now, He is the Creator, and here you’re stupid enough to come along and try to tell somebody that He’s wrong about what He’s teaching and yet and still you swear by all that’s holy that you’re right.  Now that’s stupidity and colossal ignorance.  Solomon did not mean it that way.  Now, to me these things are important.  And I’m gonna ask you to read now.  And I want you to see, now get this in mind, prophecy must be fulfilled.  Now, I’m talking about these prophets that prophesied before the birth of Yahshua the Messiah through the loins of the Virgin Mary.  Now, is that clear?

Student Body:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  What we are really doing down here at this school is trying to make everything as clear and plain as possible using every means that we possibly can use to make you understand the purpose in it’s fullness.  Now we’re doing that.  I noticed Dr. Harris labored so hard this morning for the few minutes he was on the floor to make you understand what he was talking about.  And he proved it too, and didn’t try to talk over your head either; tried to explain it in utter simplicity, so that a child could understand.  Now I used to use a whole lot of long syllable words, and when I got through with it nobody knew much about what I was talking about.  And then they said I was an educated fool.  And for your information I only went to the sixth grade of elementary school.  But that’s what they said.  Now then, I got down to the place where I talk real simple, so everybody could understand; and even went to using ____ down south brogue like this; ____ ain’t, (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) must was be, (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) must is, just any kinda way, then they said I was stupid. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) So any way you go, there’s always gonna be somebody to have something to say about it.  But now what we’re laboring here to show is what Peter said about the other prophets before he came on the scene and before Yahshua the Messiah came on the scene.  Then we want you to find over there in Isaiah where he said that He would roll it up, the heavens and the earth, as a scroll.

Reader:  Isaiah 34:4

Dr. Kinley:  First read Peter.

Reader:  This second epistle beloved, I now write unto you

Dr. Kinley:  This second epistle beloved, I now write unto you

Reader:  in both which I stir up your pure minds

Dr. Kinley:  Now he’s stirring up, they knew this before, so he’s stirring up their pure minds

Reader:  by way of remembrance

Dr. Kinley:  by calling their attention to it, so that they would remember that it was there.  You follow?  Alright, read.

Reader:  That ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets

Dr. Kinley:  Now that you might be mindful of the words that were spoken before by the holy prophets.  Now, read Isaiah and then you can see who’s he’s talking about.

Mary Gross:  And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved

Dr. Kinley:  Now, now you see where he’s getting it at?  Now for somebody to come up here and say to you something different than that, it’s a lotta foolishness.  And I’ll tell you pretty soon why I’m up here.  Read on.

Mary Gross:  And the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll

Dr. Kinley:  Now the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll.  Read.

Mary Gross:  and all their host shall fall down, as the leaf falleth off from the vine, and as a falling fig from the fig tree.

Dr. Kinley:  Now, do you see where he got that from?  Now read Proverbs 8:22.  Now, this is the same man that said what you say he said about one generation goes and the earth abideth forever?

Reader:  Yahweh possessed me.

Dr. Kinley:  Now, that’s, that’s divine wisdom and intelligence or the attributes, Yahweh possessed me or it was Him right here, which is all of the attributes.  Yahweh possessed me in the beginning of His way.

Reader:  before his works of old.

Dr. Kinley:  Now, that’s before His works of old.  Now you think about that.  And then when you get down to business to thinking about it, intelligent and soberly like you should then this is what you ought to see.  You ought to see that Yahweh, the Father, possessed Him in the beginning of His way before His works of old.  Now, all the time they get up here and they show you by this cloud, all the way around the chart, they tell you every time.  And now listen here, Yahshua the Messiah said, listen, believe Me, now if you want that read, I’ll have it read, that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me, just believe on Me for My very works sake.  Now, when you show this cloud and Him in the cloud, the cloud symbolizing the Father.  Can’t you see that He is in the Father?  And that He possessed Him in the beginning of His way before His works of old or before there was any creation at all.  Now, you ought not to have to be told these things repeatedly over and over.  You ought to start to learning somewhere.  Alright, read on.

Reader:  That he may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy

Dr. Kinley:  No.  Back to Proverbs now.

Reader:  I was set up from everlasting,

Dr. Kinley:  I was set up from everlasting,

Reader:  from the beginning

Dr. Kinley:  from the beginning

Reader:  or ever the earth was

Dr. Kinley:  or ever the earth was.  Now hold that right there.  You heard what the man said.  Now look at Colossians 1:15 and 16.

Mary Gross:  Who is the image of the invisible El

Dr. Kinley:  Suppose you go on back up there and get the subject.  I want His name called.

Mary Gross:  Who has delivered us from the power of darkness and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear son.

Dr. Kinley:  Now you see who he’s talking about?  And I want you to notice right while you’re on that too, I want you to notice something else.  Would you mind repeating what you just said?

Mary Gross:  Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness

Dr. Kinley:  Now, He has delivered us from the power of darkness or satanic ignorance.  Now wait a minute, I want you to see this.  Now, He’s not going to deliver us, He’s already done it.  Then what else?

Mary Gross:  and translated us

Dr. Kinley:  Now, wait a minute.  Now don’t you come telling me about Jesus coming back setting up no kingdom.  Don’t come to me with that stuff.  That’s not so.  He’s not gonna set up no kingdom.  He ain’t coming back to set up no kingdom.  Then when was the kingdom set up?  Lot of ‘em, they don’t know.  I want that read too.

Dr. Harris:  Matthew 25:34.

Dr. Kinley:  Now Matthew 25:34 in everybody’s Book.  Read.

Dr. Harris:  Then shall the king say unto them

Dr. Kinley:  Then shall, now He’s dividing the sheep from the goats.  Then shall the king say unto them

Dr. Harris:  on his right hand

Dr. Kinley:  on his right hand.  Them’s the righteous folks.

Dr. Harris:  Come ye, blessed of my Father

Dr. Kinley:  Come ye, blessed of my Father

Dr. Harris:  Inherit the kingdom

Dr. Kinley:  and inherit the kingdom

Dr. Harris:  prepared for you from the foundation of the world.

Dr. Kinley:  Prepared.  Now do you see that?  Do you see that?  It was prepared for you before the foundation of the world.  Now somebody thinks He has to jump aboard a cloud and go off to prepare a place for us.  And that is stated in the Bible.  And then if He go, He’ll come again and receive us unto Himself that where He is, there you will be also.  Now that’s in the Book, now if you want that read, I’ll read that.  But you don’t understand this heavenly language.  And these carnal minded intellectuals, hypocritical giants, calling themselves masters of language, lead astray these people with their extemporaneous oratory, with their great swelling words, and here you go.  Now this is supposed to be in these last days too.

But now the kingdom was prepared formerly, before the foundation of the world.  Now when Yahshua said, I go to prepare a place for you, that’s the place we wanna talk to you about getting in.., for you getting in tonight.  And we want you to see that He has already done set the kingdom up before ever the foundation of the world.  And now, since He’s died on the cross, He’s translated you into the kingdom and these lying bastards and hypocrites all over the world is telling you Jesus is gonna come back and clean up ecological conditions or the environment, and set up His kingdom on earth and rule and reign for a thousand years.  And Dr. Harris read this morning, had you to read that Yahshua the Messiah in you was the hope of glory.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now you got Him way off up yonder in the sky someplace, so He could jump down through the sky and set up a kingdom, in it.  And yet and still you’re saying that He in you is the only hope of glory.  Do you understand what I’m talking about?  They don’t understand spiritual things.  They don’t have no knowledge of it whatsoever.  And of course, now I’m just gonna be plain with mine, and I’m just gonna come right out and say it.  Now I’m talking about the Roman Catholics and the Protestants, the Buddhists, and them that believe in Allah, the Muhammedans.  Now, I have come in this world, Yahweh sent me in this world to preach to you the gospel, and I feel as Paul said when he was up in Corinth, he said, no man in the regions of Achaia shall stop me from preaching the gospel.15  Tell it like it is.  Somebody gets mad, said, ‘I’m not going back down there,’ and storm out of here.  ‘I’m not I’m not going back.’  But we’re gonna preach the gospel whether you come or stay home.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now if you don’t wanna hear the gospel, don’t come down here.  That’s my attitude.  But if you wanna hear the gospel and wanna know something about the truth and then abide by the consequences, you come down here.

And I wanna say this too while I’m on the floor:  Yahshua the Messiah was the only one begotten of the Father, I’m not talking about Moses now, was the only one that was begotten by the Father, full of grace and truth, that come.., that the Father really came into the world to preach the gospel in, in the close of the intermediate dispensation.


15 2nd Corinthians 11:10

Now somebody don’t know what I mean by that. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) You follow now?  They don’t know a thing about it.  Billy Graham and these fellows out here on TV and radio and all, they don’t know one earthly thing about what they’re talking about. They don’t even know the name of the Father.  The thing is serious.  I wouldn’t even be up here if it weren’t for that.  And if I hadn’t had a vision and a revelation, I wouldn’t be up here and worrying around with a bunch of people.  No point in going on 42 years.  I can find something else to do.  I’ve been beat up, I told you that.  I mean, I mean beat up bodily so, real good.  And a long time I couldn’t walk straight.  I was all over like this.  The Black Muslims beat me up.  Now if there’s any Black Muslims here, I hope you hear that and take some heed to what I’m trying to tell you.  And ain’t no Black Muslims going to no heaven.  Ain’t no white folks going.  Ain’t no Indians, no red folks going.  Ain’t no Chinese, them the yellow folks, ain’t none of them going.  How about that?

Student Body:  Alright.

Dr. Kinley:  Now here, you don’t believe that.  Well I’m gonna read it to you out of the Book.  15th chapter of first Corinthians the apostle sayeth…  These things you must know and cut out this stupidity and ignorance.  Alright.

Dr. Harris:  I Corinthians 15:50

Dr. Kinley:  I Corinthians 15:50.  I want it said and repeated loud enough so everybody can hear it.  And if you didn’t, you didn’t read it, when you go home, set down and read it, or put it down on a piece of paper and stick it in your pocket someplace and just as soon as you get time, I know you’re awful busy. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Then you read it and find out that none of these black folks, nor white folks, nor yellow folks, nor red folks is going anywhere but to the cemetery.

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  And cut that stuff out. Read.

Dr. Harris:  Now, this I said, brethren

Dr. Kinley:  Now Paul said, now this I say.  Now if you wanna argue and dispute with

him, that’s up to you.  But now this I say,

Dr. Harris:  that flesh and blood cannot

Dr. Kinley:  Now wait a minute, flesh and blood.  Now that gets everybody, all the folks, all the nations and all the nationalities.  Don’t it almost, don’t it almost do that Bishop?  Now this I say, that flesh and blood cannot inherit

Dr. Harris  the kingdom of Yahweh.

Dr. Kinley:  the kingdom of Yahweh.  Just can’t do it.  Now that oughta shut your mouth.  And every time you talk like that, your conscience telling you you’re a liar.  You oughta pay some attention to it and cut out some of your hypocrisy.  Now go back, where he was in Proverbs.

Reader:  I was set up from everlasting

Dr. Kinley:  I was set up from everlasting

Reader:  from the beginning

Dr. Kinley:  Now, wait a minute. That makes me read something else.  John 1:1.

Dr. Harris:  In the beginning was the word

Dr. Kinley:  In the beginning was the word

Dr. Harris:  And the word was with Yahweh

Dr. Kinley:  And the word was with Yahweh

Dr. Harris:  And the word was Yahweh.

Dr. Kinley:  And the word was Yahweh.  And I think He’s almost in the beginning.  You follow? What I’m doing I’m trying to lay this thing down plain so you don’t have no excuse from tonight forward.  You didn’t have any in the first place, but we’re trying to let you find out about it now.  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Yahweh, and the Word was.  Read.

Reader:  the same was in the beginning with Yahweh

Dr. Kinley:  Now, the same was in the beginning with Yahweh

Reader:  All things

Dr. Kinley:  All things

Dr. Harris:  were made by him

Dr. Kinley:  Now wait just a minute.  Now I wanna show you something right there.  Where you just.., you don’t miss the boat, and never pay no attention to it.  And go right on and sleep a whole couple of lifetimes until Yahweh come along and tell you something.  Maybe you’d better read a little further, doc, before I let ‘em in on this one.

Dr. Harris:  All things were made by him

Dr. Kinley:  All things were made by him

Dr. Harris:  and without him

Dr. Kinley:  and without him

Dr. Harris:  was not anything made

Dr. Kinley:  was not anything made

Dr. Harris:  that was made

Dr. Kinley:  that was made.  Whenever you commence to talking about BC, you don’t realize you’re talking about a lotta stupidity.  There is no such thing as before Christ or before Yahshua the Messiah.  There is no such thing, ain’t nothing like that.  Possibilities are you never heard that until you come down here.  See how important it is for you to come to school?  Now, hold that.  15th chapter of, of.., Colossians 1:15 and 16.

Reader:  Who is the image of the invisible El

Dr. Kinley:  Now look, Yahweh is invisible and when He’s taking on shape and form, then He is the image of the invisible.  How about that?  Seen only in visions and revelations.  Now, I done stood up here long enough and told you that I had a vision.  And I have proved it to you.

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  There ain’t no need of you trying to gainsay what I tell you.  It ain’t gonna help you a bit.  And you can’t make no fool out of me.  I’m as smart and as wise as you make ‘em.  Someone think, ‘now this man is boasting.’  All you can hope to do is make a fool and as ass out of your own self.  Then go away all bloated and said, ‘I certainly did tell him something, didn’t I?’  You ain’t said nothing.  What I tell you I didn’t get from old Henry C.  Henry C. is as dumb as another jackass, just like you.  Now, that’s plain talk so that you can understand.  I don’t want you to go away thinking that I think I’m smart.  Somebody said, ‘well, that man said.’  I’ve been through all of this for 40, for around 42 years folks and I’ve met the smartest and wisest men there is in this world.  And what I tell you, I didn’t learn it from no man.  I got it direct from Yahweh.  And things I thought, and I was pastor in the church too, assistant pastor in the church for 15 years and I was called and classified a Bibliomaniac.  Open your Bible anywhere, start to read and I’d tell you the chapter and verse where you was reading at.  And then I thought I was smart.  And that’s what the people do.  Reading chapters and verses.  That don’t mean nothing.  I was called a Bibliomaniac or a walking Bible.  And then here one day I was rocking in my rocking chair and Yahweh caught me up into the third heaven.  Something else I oughta talk to you about.  I know another fella who was caught up in the third heaven.  The Apostle Paul.  Now here’s a carnal mind, they think Jesus is gone on into the third heaven too.  Gone there to prepare a place for us.  Now here’s Paul, he’s caught up into the third heaven, and there he is laying right down there flat on the ground.  And all them that was going on the way to Damascus looking at the man right there on the ground.  Now, how could a man get up and tell a big lie like that if he was in the third heaven and everybody’s looking at him.  Do you see what I’m talking about?  This ain’t like, this ain’t like folks might think that it is, it’s not that way at all.  Alright, finish reading where you was reading.

Mary Gross:  Who is the image of the invisible El

Dr. Kinley:  Now He is.., wait a minute, let’s get this straight too.  Now, you could just go on and read over that word image.  And then when you got through with that you’d be just as stupid and dumb as you was in the first place.  Now image means something that has a shape and form.  It has to have some kind of descriptive shape and form to be an image.  And Dr. Harris told you this morning that Adam here that Yahweh took out of the dust of the earth, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and he became a living soul and he was made in the likeness and image of Yahweh Elohim.  Do you follow that now?

Now, you running around all the time looking out here trying to see something.  Hunting, trying to find God or Yahweh, never even thought about what He looks like.  And Dr. Harris also told you this morning about the internal parts or your internal organs.  And he compared them about the things in the sanctuary, these vessels in the tabernacle.  They’re comparative.

Now folks, listen at what I’m gonna say now.  There is nowhere on this earth that you can go outside of this school and learn about your eternal Creator, what you should know.  Now I know that may sound just like a lie cause every time you say something like that somebody says, ‘well that’s what our pastor says.’  Your pastor don’t know nothing about the thing at all.  And if he do and I want, please include this TV preachers, Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Rex Humbard.  Now, I’m just down to a place now where I have to talk plain.  Take out, take out all this.., all the foolishness and just the plain insinuations.  Pope Paul, none of the popes, they don’t, they don’t know nothing about what they’re talking about, don’t have no idea.  If they did they wouldn’t be talking like they talk.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  And listen here folks, if any one of ‘em knew what, what it was all about, by the weight of that one, the rest of ‘em would fall.  Everybody comes along wants to curse me out though.  I wrote a book, I don’t like that personal, that personal pronoun I, I don’t like too much of that, in 1961.  And I told you then that the Roman Catholics and others would be using the name Yahweh, Elohim, and Yahshua.  Did I tell you that?  Answer me.

Student Body:  Yes you did.

Dr. Kinley:  When you stand up and tell somebody these things, then they think, ‘well, I don’t know about that.’  But I tell you these things before they come to pass.  And I’ll tell you something else you don’t know.  Would you mind standing up Dr. Gross?  This man, your President, has been, he and I have been together close on to 41 years.  We’ve lived together and right in direct communication with one another 41 years.  And I told you the history of the world many times and then told you that if what I tell you don’t come to pass like I tell you, don’t come back to school cause there won’t be no school.  Now, I say to you you don’t know nobody in history that you can read after that’s been any more accurate about these things than I have.  And I don’t really mean me, I mean that which is within me. (AMBULANCE AND FIRE ENGINE SIRENS START BLOWING OUTSIDE) Dr. Hobbs told you this morning, that I told him a couple of weeks ago before he was to go to Des Moine, Denver rather and there was a whole lot of snow and rain and it was bad and cold up there and floods all up there.  Is that right?  I said don’t worry about it.  We’ll take care of it.  Now, almost anybody would go right on past it, Hasn’t thought anything about it.  But was it that way?  Was was the weather pretty nice up there? (SIRENS STOP)

Elba Hobbs:  Perfect.  Perfect.

Dr. Kinley:  Gary?

Man:  Seventy five degrees.

Dr. Kinley:  Were you with him?

Man:  Yes I was.

Dr. Kinley:  Is he lying?

Man:  No sir.  Seventy five degrees.

Dr. Kinley:   Thank you.  You don’t pay no attention to these things.  You just take ‘em with a grain of salt and pass right on.  Now, you know I’ve had a heart attack.  Now, I’ll tell you this.  I will not be with you much longer.  I didn’t say when.  Walking around here in a physical body, I will not be with you much longer.  Now, I told you this, I’ve already told you the truth.  I told it to you like it is.  You’ve had the opportunity to test it, in order to prove the divine authenticity, the unerring accuracy and the infallibility of it.  Conclude.

Mary Gross:  Who is the image of the invisible El.

Dr. Kinley:  Who is the image of the invisible El.

Mary Gross: The first cause of all creation.

Dr. Kinley:  Now wait just a minute.  Now, He’s the first cause of all creation.  Now, if you had your King James version of the Bible, it’ll tell you there it’s talking about Jesus Christ, but in the Holy Name version, that’s not who he’s talking about.  Talking about Yahshua.  Now He’s the first cause, repeat it.

Mary Gross:  The first cause of all creation

Dr. Kinley:  for He’s the first cause of all creation

Mary Gross:  For by him were all things made

Dr. Kinley:  For by him were all things made

Mary Gross:  that are in heaven

Dr. Kinley:  that are in heaven, made the angels, Michael and Gabriel and all the rest of ‘em.  Alright, read on.

Mary Gross:  that are in earth

Dr. Kinley:  that are in earth

Mary Gross:  visible and invisible

Dr. Kinley:  visible and invisible

Mary Gross:  whether they be thrones

Dr. Kinley:  whether they be thrones

Mary Gross:  or dominions

Dr. Kinley:  or dominions

Mary Gross:  or principalities

Dr. Kinley:  or principalities

Mary Gross:  or powers.

Dr. Kinley:  or powers.

Mary Gross:  All things were created by Him

Dr. Kinley:  All things were created by Him

Mary Gross:  and for Him

Dr. Kinley:  and for Him

Mary Gross:  and He is before all things.

Dr. Kinley:  Now you talk about BC.  Now that’s the way people read the Bible, and all conglomerated up and yet and still they profess that they know Him, Now all things, now I want you to see my point now.  All things were created or made by Him and for Him.  Now I’m back on the text in third chapter of Peter.

Reader:  This second epistle, beloved, I now write unto you in both which I stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance, that ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets

Dr. Kinley:  That’s right.

Reader:  and of the commandment of us the apostles of the redeemer and savior.

Dr. Kinley:  That’s right.

Reader:  Knowing this first

Dr. Kinley:  Now get this straight first.

Reader:  that there shall come in the last days

Dr. Kinley:   That there shall come in the last days, Billy Graham

Reader:  scoffers

Dr. Kinley:  scoffers

Reader:  walking after their own lusts

Dr. Kinley:  The Pope.  Rex Humbard.  Scoffers.  Walking after their own lusts.  Building up congregations, swaying great masses of people, and they are just as ignorant as they can be and don’t know what they’re talking about.  Scoffers.  What else?

Reader:  and saying

Dr. Kinley:  and saying

Reader:  where is the promise of His coming?

Dr. Kinley:  where is the promise of His coming?

Reader:  For since the fathers

Dr. Kinley:  Now, oop, oop.  Hold it.  Saying where is the promise of His coming?  For since the fathers

Reader:  fell asleep

Dr. Kinley:  The apostles and the prophets back in there fell asleep.

Reader:  All things continued as they were

Dr. Kinley:  Everything continues as they were, everybody’s looking for the thing to continue on as it was until Jesus comes, as it was from the beginning.  Now this they’re willingly ignorant of, that the world has ended twice before. (A HELICOPTER IS FLYING OVER THE BUILDING AND CONTINUES FLYING IN AND OUT THROUGH PAGE 16) Now, the end of the world or the end of an age.  Now, when you’re reading here about the flood, you’re reading about the end of the world or the end of an age.  Now back there we were willingly ignorant of it, when you’re reading about the crucifixion of Yahshua the Messiah, now listen at me now, and to do away with all of these natural and physical things, including the flesh, and then everything’s continue as they were from the very beginning and they’re willingly ignorant of it, don’t want nobody to tell ‘em.  You are living in another world and another age.  Dr. Harris stressed it this morning.  And Pope Paul, Billy Graham and all, I keep these things before you.  I want to ____ here before this class.  And I’ll tell you something else I’m thinking about, I’m thinking about sending Dennis, Dr. Dennis Droulard, and anybody else that’s free to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to see Oral Roberts.  And Dr. Mathess has already wrote that other hypocrite, Billy Graham and Rex Humbard and them.  We’re serious about it.  We’re concerned about it.  Now, we would like to see them saved, instead of being lost.  It’s my responsibility to warn them and to tell them.  They don’t know and then have the nerve to stand up and say they don’t know and them people still follow ‘em right on just the same.  Sit there and told them they didn’t know.  Now Dr. Dennis, he didn’t know I was thinking about anything like that, (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) and nobody else. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) It’s necessary.  We can’t get them to come to the convention.  If you can’t tell him something while he’s there.  And Dr. Mathess tried to make an appointment for Oral Roberts and his secretary down in Georgia somewhere wrote a letter back.

Student:  Billy Graham.

TAPE 1, SIDE 2: 

Dr. Kinley:  I mean wrote Billy Graham.  And Billy Graham’s secretary said Billy Graham knew about my revelation.  Billy Graham don’t know no more about my revelation that hog does about gold teeth. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) If he did, he wouldn’t be carrying on like he’s doing.  What does he know about it?  Nothing.

Reader:  For this they willingly are ignorant of

Dr. Kinley:  Now, they just wanna be ignorant.  Whenever you read over there what the prophets said, then you come up and see what Jesus said, then you come up and you talk about what Solomon said, misunderstand that, then willingly ignorant that Yahweh created the thing and He’s gonna take it back out.  Willful ignorance.  Don’t wanna know no better.  Don’t want nobody to tell ‘em.  And then they’re trying to end this school.  We’ve had to fight a lot of it.  Come in and we’ll always try to be hospitable, and try to show devotion and respect and love.  That’s our job too.  We don’t want to be snarling around at people, self righteous and untouchable and just as full of the devil as we can be ourselves and we expect to tell somebody else something and they don’t believe us and our carnal mind and our hateful disposition and attitude and we get all sore about it.  All turn up and ____.  You don’t know either.  Now, that’s the real facts of the case.  You don’t know either.  Somebody say, ‘well you don’t understand, I’ve been coming down here nearly five years now.’  You could been coming down here 50 years and still don’t know.  Do you understand me now?  This has got to come to you by revelation.  How many of you before you come to this school..?  Hold up your hand, I want everybody in it, Hold up your hand.  I don’t care who you are, if you’re out in the hall, or down.., if you can hear me down on the street, please run up the steps. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Anybody that knew before you come to this school that BC was a botch and you knew all about it before you come to this school, would you mind holding up your hand?  Or stand up, that’s better.  I don’t see no hands here, does anybody else see any?  Now don’t put it in your pocket, hold it up or stand up.

Woman:  They’re thinking about it.

Dr. Kinley:  Huh?

Woman:  Ain’t got no takers. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS)

Dr. Kinley:  Ain’t got no takers.

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Now, now I’m reading out of this Bible.  He created everything Himself, and He was set up from everlasting to everlasting.  He was in the Father and the Father was in Him.  You follow it now?  I’m trying to bring you face to face with reality.  Now you can go on and hold on to your denominationalism, and your colossal ignorance and stupidity.  You can do that, that’s your privilege.  My job is preaching the gospel and showing you what Yahweh revealed to me to give to you.  Now, you can reject it.  You can go to hell if you want to.  You can go to the lake if you want to.  And listen folks, in as much so as the Kingdom was prepared before the foundation of the world, so also was the Lake.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now any body that don’t believe that, I’ll read.  Stick up your hand and I’ll read.  This, this is no play thing with me.  Ain’t nobody done paid me no whole lotta money around here to tell you people a whole bunch of lies.  And if you come to give me, some said, ‘Doc Kinley,’ say, ‘here’s your salary.’  I don’t care how much it was, if it was a million dollars, I’d tell you I wouldn’t, I don’t want it.  And I’d like for you to know this too while I’m on this score.  I have been offered millions of dollars since I have been in Los Angeles, California and before I came.  Now anybody that don’t believe that, hold up your hand and I’ll prove that to you.  Don’t hide.  I’m not preaching for no money.  I don’t care nothing about your money.  It’s your soul I’m interested in.

Student Body:  Alright.

Dr. Kinley:  I don’t care nothing about admiration of personalities.  I done told you I’m smarter than any you ever seen.  And I’m dumber than a jackass, so now you know what I think about you. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) It must be a revelation.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Trying to get it over to you.  And the time of the end is at hand.  And that’s been at hand all along too.  The day of Yahweh has been at hand all along.  I’ll tell you this now.  The creation took place in the Day of Yahweh so it’s been at hand all the time.  Did you know that?  That’s eternity.  Now doc, you can go sit down.  You and your little sassy ____.

(THE HELICOPTER CAN NO LONGER BE HEARD) Now these things I try to tell you for your own benefit, and without any cost to you.  Now it’s up to you.  And I want you to know something else.  I told you before I wrote that book, that anything I said to you here I would go down in the Vatican or anywhere else on earth and say it.  And you know the Roman Catholics have killed millions upon top of millions.  And I was right down there with Dr. Harris.  And that thing that they had down there, they didn’t want no tape recorders, didn’t want no cameras, nor nothing.  And they think that I’m fool enough to think that they didn’t have some cameras in there.  Like this hidden camera, Alan Funt.  ‘Smile, you’re on Candid Camera.’ (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) They took special pains to ask Dr. Dennis what his name is, who he was.  Dr. Gross identified us one by one, as one right in the candid camera.  Pope Paul setting over there just looking at it.  And I wrote in the book that Pope John the 23rd or the popes were nothing but Satan incarnated.  Then had the nerve on page 132 and 33, I believe it is, if my memory serves me right, said that he wouldn’t be in the Vatican, wrote down how soon he would die.  And He died before the sixth of June.  Now here something about the sixth of June, what year was that?

Man:  1963.

Dr. Kinley:  1963.  Now, you go get your encyclopedias and look at it, and look in the book.  I can’t fix that.  He died June the third, 1963.  And I said he wouldn’t be there on the sixth of June.  Do you know what the sixth of June was?  The Day of Pentecost.  And this is what I said, I said he would be in hell, Purgatory (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) or in heaven, he certainly wouldn’t be in the Vatican. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now that was written in that book.  Now, I said that to say this.  Now, if you pay attention, you can tell how I can tell about what’s gonna happen, but if you won’t pay no attention, I can’t talk to you.  I’m supposed to know what’s happening, what’s going on all the time.  That is if I am who I tell you that I am.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  You follow?

Student Body:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:   You got enough of this?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  You think I should go and sit down?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Alright.  Finish reading this.

Reader:  For this they willingly are ignorant of

Dr. Kinley:  Now they’re willingly ignorant of that.

Reader:  that by the word of Yahweh

Dr. Kinley:  by the word of Yahweh

Reader:  the heavens were of old

Dr. Kinley:  Now wait a minute.  The heavens were of old.  That’s by the Word of Yahweh.  Alright, read.

Reader:  And the earth standing out of the water

Dr. Kinley:   And the earth standing out of the water

Reader:  and in the water

Dr. Kinley:  and in the water

Reader: whereby the world that then was

Dr. Kinley:  whereby the world that then was

Reader:  being overflowed

Dr. Kinley:  Wait a minute.  Wait just a minute.  That’s the reason why I’m trying my best to tell you and that’s really one reason why I’m up here.  I’m trying my best to get over to you that whatever you’re gonna do, hurry up and get it done.  Do it quick.  Because you are down at the close of this Present Age.  Now, I didn’t stand around and trust you to read up on it, I’m telling you myself that the…  Repeat what you just read.

Reader:  Whereby the world that then was

Dr. Kinley:  Whereby the age or world that then was

Reader:  being overflowed with water

Dr. Kinley:  Now, being overflowed with water

Reader:  perished.

Dr. Kinley:  perished.  Now there wasn’t but eight people in this ark.  That was the end of that age.  And look, I’ll have you to see this now, I think this is appropriate, and the proper time and place to say it.  Now, there wasn’t but one door in that ark.  Now, you either went in at that one door, or you perished.

Student Body:  Right.  Everything that didn’t go in just one door, perished.  Yahshua the Messiah said, I am the door, everything that don’t go in by Him perishes.  There ain’t but one door in the tabernacle.  That’s all folks.  Ain’t no whole lotta ways, just one way, just one door, just one Messiah.  Somebody said, ‘yeah, I know we all striving to go to the same place and when we all get up yonder.’  No. You all won’t be up there, you don’t need to worry about that.

Because, listen, Yahweh said, as I live, saith Yahweh, to me every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess Yahshua the Messiah, not Jesus Christ, to His glory and satisfaction of Yahweh.  Now listen, you’re gonna have to do that.  There will be no way of escape, any more so than there was an escape for these people here.  They perished in the flood.  Everybody that come up out of Egypt had to go through this one door through the Red Sea.  Yahshua the Messiah said, I am the door to the sheepfold, tenth chapter of Saint John.  That ain’t all He said.  Now listen folks.  I am the door.  Now get this straight now, the reason why I’m telling you about this, the Pope says, they say of the Pope that he has power to put you in heaven and take you out.  Even angels, demote them.  Now, listen, Yahshua the Messiah said, I am the door, no man, popes, nobody else, goeth unto the Father but by Me.  Now, you can go on ahead and believe that junk if you want to.  You can say, ‘well my mother and my father and all my people were in this thing years and years ago and they died and they went to heaven out of it.’  ‘I ____.  And they died and they went to heaven out of it.’  I beg your pardon.  We just got through telling you flesh and blood didn’t inherit the kingdom.  Hobbs, where’d you take them folks?  To the cemetery?

Elba Hobbs:  To the cemetery boss.

Dr. Kinley:  Do you follow?  Finish.

Reader:  But the heavens and the earth which are now,

Dr. Kinley:   Which are now

Reader:  by the same Word

Dr. Kinley:  by the same Word

Reader: are kept in store

Dr. Kinley:  Now, I don’t know whether you know this or not, Yahshua the Messiah, He is the Word.  Now, let’s get that straight too, before we move.  The first chapter of John, 14th verse.  And hold, and hold that, I’ll be back.

Dr. Harris:  In the beginning was the Word

Dr. Kinley:  Now in the beginning was the Word

Dr. Harris:  and the Word was with Yahweh.

Dr. Kinley:  and the Word was with Yahweh.

Dr. Harris:  14th verse.

Dr. Kinley:  14th verse.

Dr. Harris:  and the Word was made flesh

Dr. Kinley:  and the Word was made flesh

Dr. Harris:  and dwelt among us

Dr. Kinley:  and dwelt among us

Dr. Harris:  and we beheld His glory

Dr. Kinley:  and you looked right at His glory

Dr. Harris:  the glory of the only begotten of the Father

Dr. Kinley:  the glory of the only begotten, only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.  Is that, is that almost in there?  Now you found out, found out about that.  Didn’t you?  Now if you wanna find out about whether anybody can, the Pope can put anybody into heaven…

And this is something they got too.  I’ll have this read too.  Said he has plentitude of power.  And.., it’s in the.., I think it’s in the 20th chapter of John or the 21st chapter of John, where He said to Peter, I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom.  Now are you listening?  Are you listening?  Make sure you’re listening now.  And if you’re listening you won’t be fooled by this one.  Now, the Pope, he’s supposed to pray you out of Purgatory, the priest and them do, and put you in heaven.  And they say that the Bible says that He would give Peter the keys, and whatsoever he bound on earth would be bound in heaven, and whatsoever he loosed on earth would be loosed in heaven.  The Bible does not say that.  I want to read where it does say.  Now, wait a minute.  You got a King James version and you got a Holy Name version.  When you get home, those of you that have a Roman Catholic Bible, read that.  Have you found that?

Mary Gross:  Matthew 16:19

Dr. Kinley:  Matthew 16:19

Mary Gross:  And I will give unto thee the kingdom, the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatsoever

Dr. Kinley:  Now wait just a minute.  Do you know the difference between whosoever and whatsoever?  He didn’t say whosoever, He said whatsoever, not whosoever.  I’ll give unto thee the keys of the kingdom.  Please be advised that He said this too to the rest of ‘em, whatsoever I say unto one, whatever He said unto Peter, I say unto all.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  He has to give ‘em all the keys to the Kingdom.  Now, let me get this straight now.  Make sure you get this straight.  They don’t even know what the keys to the kingdom is.  It doesn’t ____ a long somebody that you ram up in a lock. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Some turned it over here, and some open your door or turn the key, open your door.  That’s not it.  Now, we have been telling you about the keys to the Kingdom all along.  We tell you every meeting, never miss.  Here are the keys.  Well, I want everybody to see it.  This is it.  What do you mean?  What are you talking about?  The Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit incarnate.  Them three.  You understand?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now then, you take that when it’s transfigured here or transformed into a three fold intangible tabernacle.  The keys.  I’ll give ‘em to you.  And this tabernacle, it goes all the way through.  It even analyzes the Godhead.  And I’ll give you the keys to the Kingdom, whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven.  Now, are you listening?  Every earthly thing is bound on the earth, every natural thing.  Flesh and blood, I told you, it does not go into heaven, Paul said that.  You are bound on the earth, you’re not going anywheres.  Flesh and blood.  The keys:  the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit, these three are one.  One universal.., somebody says, ‘Godhead.’  Okay, for the sake of understanding, them three.  They are.., they’re the keys.  And listen, every particle of matter, all of nature itself shows just that.  That’s the keys.  The pattern is a key.  And when you have the knowledge of it, then you have the keys to the Kingdom.  It’ll unlock.  Don’t enter, don’t unlock it, bound on earth.  How about that?  Now Dr. Harris gets up here and goes through this all the time, he goes through your physical body.  And look folks.  You can’t hardly lie 40 different times:  every last one of these plates and all, and that goes for you too, is put together the same way.  All of nature.  That’s the reason why I can tell you, at any time I choose, what’s going on.  I got the key.  Now, here comes somebody that don’t have the keys.  He’s liable to tell you anything.  Now read just a little further and while he’s reading that…  Now wait a minute.  Let’s repeat this.  Repeat what you, what you just read over there in Matthew.

Mary Gross:  And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven.  And whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven.

Dr. Kinley:  When He gave them the Holy Spirit, that was a knowledge of Him and His Father, the Holy Spirit, just to them ____ that tabernacle, Peter and all the rest of ‘em.  Now those were the keys, not key, keys to the kingdom.  Now how about that?  He gave it to them.  That’s the reason why you don’t find Peter saying one thing and Paul saying something else, Isaiah saying one thing and some of the rest of them saying something else.  They all had the same key.  And I’ll give you another one.  There’s one more key He didn’t give it to them.  Kept it.  Oh, ain’t this nice? (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) ‘What’s the..?’  Got the key to death and hell and the grave.  ____ ____ ____.  John saw Him out on the Isle of Patmos after He said that, he said He hadn’t, hadn’t given ‘em away yet.  Now how about that?  Hadn’t given ‘em away yet.  Folks, have you learned anything yet?

Student Body:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  Anything at all?  Now the only way, we tell you this all the time, the only way you can learn anything, as Dr. Harris said this morning, and he said it in, almost in a comical way.  Now for you to learn anything about the truth, you have to go where the truth is.  You can’t go out there somewhere where the truth is not being taught, and understand.  Now any idiot from anywhere, just any idiot, I did this, I’ve did it time and time again.  These people have set and witnessed it.  Just grab up somebody that’s hardly hadn’t ever been here before, grab him up, and take a child a little child and bring a seat, get a seat out of the aud.., out of here, and set the thing, set the child right down, right there and just forget all about the audience, and tell him, say, ‘now look, when I say blood, water, you say 40.’  Then I’d say, ‘I’m gonna ask you questions and when I ask you a question, this is what you say.’  Now let me show you what I’m talking about.  Blood, water… How long was Adam in the garden of Eden?

Student Body:  40 days.

Dr. Kinley:  Now that’s blood, water, 40.  Now how long did.., how long did it rain on earth’?  Blood, Water…

Student Body:  40 days.

Dr. Kinley:  40 days.  Now look, this one’s out here.  Alright, now we got blood here.  Where you get the blood at there?

Student Body:  Circumcision?

Dr. Kinley:  Circumcision.  Now how old was Ishmael…

Student:  40.

Dr. Kinley:  when Isaac.., when Abraham was circumcised?

Student Body:  40.

Dr. Kinley:  huh?

Student Body:  (LOUDER) 40.

Dr. Kinley:  Now you don’t have to be afraid.  It’s in the Book.  40.  Alright now, here’s blood, passover, water here.  How long was they in the wilderness?

Student Body:  40 years

Dr. Kinley:  40. 40 years.  Follow?  Alright, let’s keep right on going.  Now Moses built the tabernacle out there.  How long was the tabernacle in there?

Student Body:  40 years

Dr. Kinley:  40 years.  Now watch.  Every time we’re coming right back on the same thing.  Now, what I am telling you now, I wanna make this real good and clear to you, I wanna make it clean and clear.  Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, Rex Humbard and the rest of these tele.., TV preachers, they don’t know this.  All that they’re doing, just reading around in the Bible and saying, ‘Jesus said,’ and ‘Joshua or Yahshua said’ or ‘Moses said’ or ‘lsaiah said.’  They don’t know a thing about it.  Here we go again now.  Blood at the passover, water at the Red Sea, and how long is it in the wilderness?

Student Body:  40 years.

Dr. Kinley:  40.  You got to keep it going.  Now here’s the blood here.  Here’s the water.  How long was Yahshua the Messiah when He went straight way in the wilderness?

Student Body:  40.

Dr. Kinley:  How long was He in there?

Student Body:  40 days.

Dr. Kinley:  40 days.  How do you know that?  Because Adam was in the garden 40.  It rained 40 days and 40 nights.  They was in here 40 years.  Ishmael was 40 years old when he’s circumcised.  How long did the tabernacle?  40 years and then Joshua picked it up and carried it on across there.  How long was it when Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan and, where did He go?  Into the wilderness.  Why?  Because they’re in the wilderness.  How long were they in there? 40.  Blood and water.  Now, come right on back.  Here He’s crucified out here on the cross, buried in Joseph’s new tomb, symbolical of water, resurrected from the dead.  And how long did He tarry on earth?

Student Body:  40 days.

Dr. Kinley:  40 days before He ascended into heaven.  Now them hypocrites don’t know that.  Now let me show you something.  Faith comes by hearing.  Now when you hear me put the thing together, and show you how it is, then you know.  Now look here, how far was it from here to the Red Sea?

Student Body:  Three days.

Dr. Kinley:  Three days journey and then there’s the water.  Is that right?  Now, we’re going on back into the creation of the world.  And the scientists and all ‘em are all messed up on it.  Here’s the third day of the creation, right here.  Suppose you read what it says that on the third day.  Read it out of Genesis 1.  I’m trying to show you something folks.  I’m trying to show you, what you have to do in order for you to have any faith or any confidence otherwise you just read and you don’t know what you’re reading about.  Alright, read, I asked you to.

Reader:  And Elohim said

Dr. Kinley:  And Elohim said

Reader:  Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together in one place

Dr. Kinley:  That’s right.

Reader:  And let the dry land appear and it was so.

Dr. Kinley:  Um hum.

Reader:  And Elohim called the dry portion Earth, and the gathering of together of the water He called seas.  And Elohim saw that it was good.  And Elohim said, let the Earth bring forth tender grass, the herb yielding seed and the fruit tree yielding fruit after its kind, whose seed is in itself upon the Earth and it was so.  And the Earth brought forth tender grass and herb yielding seed after his kind and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind:  and Elohim saw that it was good.

Dr. Kinley:  Now wait just a minute before you go, go any further.  Now did you see there that the seed yielding seed after its kind.  Now can’t you see when that idiot stands up and tells you that a man come from a monkey? (STUDENT BODY REACTS) Now how about that one?  Read on Bill.

Reader:  And Elohim saw that it was good.

Dr. Kinley:  And Yahweh saw that it was good.  Seed after his kind.  Now you know good and well you don’t plant apples and get plums and peaches, and stuff like that.  Birds don’t lay eggs and hatch out flying squirrels (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) or serpents or something.  You don’t really need no sense.  Alright now here’s what we’re after now.  We’re after.., to find out about this day.  Read.

Reader:  And the evening and the morning were the third day.

Dr. Kinley:  And the evening and the morning were the third day.  Now listen, what you just read about, you read about the herbs, seed yielding seed after it’s kind.  And the herbs.  And you read about the dry land appearing.  Is that right?  You say that’s right?  And that’s the third day of the creation.  Now here’s the seed of Abraham, this posterity, the seed of Abraham, going and coming up to the Red Sea.  And Moses held that rod up over that sea, and the sea parts into a tunnel like effect.  And now listen, a high wind blew all that night and dried up the sea.  Let the dry land appear, dried up the sea, the waters.  And they went right through the divided waters of the Red Sea, the seed of Abraham, like the seed of vegetation, on the third day, went right, the third day of creation, went right straight through.  Is that right?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Did you follow?  And that’s on the third day.  Right.  Now, doc when I put that together, then I come over here and put this seed together over here, and show you how He raised from the dead, the seed of Abraham, on the third day, and He was buried in Joseph’s new tomb, dry land, stone rolled up to the door, just like the waters covered the face of the earth here and Yahweh rolled them back and let the dry land appear and the seed of vegetation come up.  Then we see the seed of Abraham coming up over here on the third day; in other words, all I am doing is puffing the thing together with unerring accuracy and infallibility, all the way through the dispensations and ages.  Can’t make no mistakes.  Why?  Cause you got the keys or the pattern.  Come up to you.  Got you covered, from your.., from a cell, the atom, a molecule.  Got you covered every kinda way you wanna go.  Time and everything.  And there’s nothing you can do with it.  How many minutes do I have?

Man:  14, about 14 minutes.

Dr. Kinley:  I wanna do something here.  Now look here, you’re told…  Somebody get up and put one, two, three, four.  Put nine figures on the board right straight down to the bottom.  Now since you can read that, now you read in your Book, Isaiah 8:20, to the law and to the testimony, come back here to the beginning, to the prophecy; if they speak not according to this word it’s because there’s no light in ‘em.  You have the nine attributes, and you assembled them here.  Nine.  Then you had the Father, that’s one; you had the Word, that’s two; and then you had Him manifested in the flesh, that’s three.  One, two, three.  Now you got the tabernacle:  the Most Holy Place, the Holy Place, the Outer Court.  That’s three.  Now, I’m trying to take the confusion and the conglomeration out of it…. Now… Oh, you got it all divided off here.  Now here’s what we’re doing.  We’re going back to the law and then we’re coming back to the testimony.  Now, this is what we’re doing, what I just did before.  I showed you the blood, the water and the spirit.  Showed it to you all the way through, and the one, two, three.  Now three times three is nine?

Now, if I go back and forward, I wanna show you now that all.., these is all the numbers there is.  I don’t care if you wanna count to a billion or sextillion.  These is all the numbers there is.  Now somebody give me a number but before you do it, put down 1098, 1089.  All you gonna work on that side, get over here.  Rub that off of that.  No not that, this.  Put down 1089.  Now add a seven to it.16  Now that’s all the days is in a week.  Now you see this temple up here?  From Egypt to the dedication of this temple.  Do you know how long that was?

Student Body:  490

Dr. Kinley:  490 years.  Now, from the dedication of the temple to the birth of Yahshua the Messiah, you know how long that was?

Student Body:  1,000

Dr. Kinley:  One thousand.  Now I’m showing you how.., no sooner you make a mistake, I got you.  Got you any way you wanna go, but you don’t realize it.  Ten, eight, nine. 490 Now how long, how long is that?  How many days in a week?

Student Body:  Seven.

Dr. Kinley:  Seven days in a week.  That’s 490 years.  Now Adam live how long’?

Student Body:  930 years.

Man:  Adam?

Dr. Kinley:  Yes, Adam.

Man:  930 years.


16 1089 +7 = 1096

Dr. Kinley:  930 years.  Now how long was it after he died to make up a thousand?

Student Body:  70 years

Dr. Kinley:  Seventy more years to make a thousand.  Now that was a principle, and Yahweh’s talking ____.  Now, I have to hurry because they said I don’t have but a few minutes and you ring the bell on me please.

Now look, we said go to the law then come to the testimony.  Now these is all the figures, folks.  Now, somebody give me a figure.  Now this is what we’re gonna come out with every time.  We don’t care what figures you give us.  We’re gonna come out with this every time.  We’re gonna first come out with 1089 then we’re gonna come out.., we’re gonna add seven to it for the seven days in a week, the seven days in the creation and the seventh day.  We’re gonna come out with that.  Now, we’ll take all of the figures, we don’t care which one you give us.  Somebody give me one.

Woman:  Three.

Dr. Kinley:  huh?

Woman:  Twenty four.

Woman:  Three

Dr. Kinley:  huh?

Man:  Three digit numbers.

Woman:  One, two, three.

Dr. Kinley:  One, two, three.  Now what are you doing?  We told you to the law and to the testimony, so now you take a high number, 321.  Now that’s back there, and then you take the low number.  Now that’s better.  Now subtract it.


Dr. Kinley:  He better not make no mistakes. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) He went to High School.  He better not make no mistakes he’s gonna have everybody mad.17  1089.  Now wait now.  I want you to show me.., I wanna show you this.  That 1089.  I wanna show you how that come in.  From the dedication of this temple to the birth of the Messiah is a thousand years.  And from that down to John on the Isle of Patmos is how long?

Student Body:  1096


17 123 reversed  is 321. 321 – 123 = 198. 198 + 891 = 1089.

Dr. Kinley:  1096.  Well now it was 1089 without adding these seven days here.  It was 1089 without adding the seven days.  1089.  Then you add the seven days as John witnesses the creation.  And then you got 1096.18  Listen folks, that means this:  from Adam that creation, the expulsion here, it was one thousand and ninety six years from that time until John was on the Isle of Patmos, witnessing the whole thing, 1096.  Now, you give him ____.  Now you got one, two, three, that takes up the ____.  Now get the rest of them.  You got four, five, and six.19  Now Yahweh is called the great geometrician.


Dr. Kinley:  Well went to High School. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS)

Man:  198.

Dr. Kinley:  Now that’s what it is, cause now when I get in here and I get to telling you about these things, that’s what I’m doing, I’m holding your feet to the fire.  Now you may not know that, but that is what I’m doing.  Is that right?  Is that right folks?

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now you add one, two, three.  Now you got four, five, six.  Now you got seven, eight, nine.20   (DR. KINLEY WAITS WHILE THE INDIVIDUAL DOES THE CALCULATION.) Now hurry up cause time’s flying on by.  And I’ll tell you about that zero, that aught. (STUDENT CALL OUT NUMBERS TO HELP THE CALCULATION) He better not make no mistake. (STUDENTS ARE CALLING OUT NUMBERS TO HELP THE INDIVIDUAL)


You can put it there if you want to but it’s gonna tell on you. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now here’s.., now you have one, two, three.  Yahweh here is one; His manifestation of this is two; and in the flesh is three.  There’s nine attributes, now listen now, embodied in the cloud.  Here’s the tabernacle with a Court Around About it. This is your altar; this is your altar.  This is Yahweh, that’s your altar.  Now take this chart here.  ____ ____ ____ take it from right here.  Do you remember that I was talking to you about the Kingdom before the foundations of the world.  Now here, here is attributes, and the ____ all the way around.  And from Yahweh, who is these attributes organized, listen now, and from Him emanates the Kingdom.  Do you know what I mean by emanates?  I mean the Kingdom come from Him, You can’t have a kingdom without having a king.  An angel ____ ____ so now we posses that same tabernacle around, and we put that Court Around About, show ‘em where the Court is there.  That’s the Court Around About.  Show ‘em over there.


18 1089 + 7 days of creation = 1096, the number of years from the dedication of the temple to John’s vision of the Isle of Patmos.

19 456 reversed is 654.  654 – 456 = 198. 198 + 891 = 1089.  1089 + 7 days of creation = 1096.

20 789 reversed is 987. 987 – 789 = 198.  891 + 198 = 1089.  1089 + 7 days of creation = 1096.


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