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2) FEBRUARY 14, 1965: FAITH

by Dr. Henry C. Kinley

recorded by Burbank D. Mitchell on reel to reel recorder

Transferred to audio cassette by Geraldine Rothstein

1 90 minute audio cassette

CATALOG #: 65.0214

Transcribed by Fran Como

Proofread by Michael and Geraldine Rothstein

Proofread and Approved by the International Public Relations Committee: 1996


1.  … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, see, you see, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right.)

4. ___ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber


Moderator:at this time, the founder and dean of the school, Dr. Henry C. Kinley.

Dr. Kinley: Thank you ever so much. Well, I am indeed happy and glad to be back again and to talk with you about God and His purpose so that you might be strengthened. Now I asked the, Dr. Yates to read Jude to you. To read it. Now, the reason why I asked him to read it is because that’s just exactly what’s going on. And I wanna mention right here too, before I go any further and the reason why I wanna mention it is because I want you to notice it, so we can take some of the blame and responsibility off of me. Now we have a ministry here, now I am not complaining. I don’t want you to get it that way. We have a ministry here and what we have tried to do is to strengthen all of the ministering brethren. We want ‘em all to be capable, and able and qualified to get up and speak in the defense of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want ‘em to be here on time. Now I set there in that chair and rubber necked around and asked different ones, ‘Has so and so come in yet?’ And they hadn’t turned up yet. So then here I have to get up. Then I don’t want to hear no belly-aching about it next week. Get the point now?

Saying, ‘Somebody is not giving you an opportunity to speak.’ You see what I’m fighting, I’m wrestling against them things all the time. Now when we do get up here and speak it doesn’t make any difference whether it’s somebody out there in the audience, just some of the laymen, whenever you do speak, or whenever you do have anything to say, and your actions all through the week. I have tried my very best to teach you that this is a, you are led by the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is not absent sometimes and present others. I’m trying to show you where that in this dispensation we live under the influence of the Holy Spirit all the time, when we’re present here and when we’re absent, at home and everywhere else. Now that’s the kind of a doctrine, now that’s the kind of Christ, alive evermore alive Christ, that I’m trying my best to tell you about; in other words let me put it this way, I’m trying to tell you about an effective Christ. This is not just a story that’s just.., you’re suppose to get up and relate and talk about and then stagger around. Now that’s no good. Paul said, I am not ashamed of the gospel, and the reason why I am not ashamed of it because it is the power of God, the same God that brought everything in existence, the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes, to the Jew first, then to the Greek. The power of God unto salvation. Now salvation means to be delivered, it means to be rescued. Rescued from what, and delivered from what? The bondage of death. Now it’s the power of God to everyone that believes, not everyone that talks about it, not everyone that recites around about it. I’m not talking about that. As God said, now speaking of Israel, said, “You do honor Me with your lips, but your heart’s far from Me.’ Now, why did I say that? All right, now here is somebody in these days now in the churches, and could be in this congregation too, so they’re talking about Christ being the power of God, they’re talking about His resurrection, they’re talking about He’s the Savior of the world, and then he’s got… Now listen I got to tell you about it, I have to do that, that’s my job, that’s what I come for. Then he’s got some old habit, you just chose any habit you want to. Just chose anything you think in your conscience is wrong regardless of what it is, just chose it. And then here you claim that you’re under bondage to that and you can’t overcome it. Now you’re not preaching Christ is the power of God. You’re not preaching the gospel, you’re preaching bondage. See the point? I wanna be delivered from it, that’s the thing we’re trying to get over to you. Get the point? Now don’t go off and say I didn’t preach it to you. Your conduct, your disposition, your behavior, your attitude. If you know within yourself that it’s not pleasing to you, you have a condemned conscience. Don’t go out there and tell somebody, ‘Well, this is the way Dr. Kinley is living it and preaching it, and it’s his fault that I’m like I am, ’cause I’m not preaching that. I’m preaching Christ as the power of God unto salvation to some of ‘em that believe.

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: but to everyone, every man, woman, boy, and girl that believes that Christ as the power of God to deliver you from the power of darkness. Give you, not just physical life, but eternal life. Now that’s what I’m preaching. And I, so far as I’m concerned, I don’t expect to die. Now the reason why I don’t expect to die is because I been raised from the dead, I been resurrected, I been delivered. No, I’m not talking about this thing here, it’s already dead. I can be carried off to the cemetery anytime, the sooner the better the way I feel about it. Now I don’t have no fear of that, not whatsoever. But I’m living now, I am with Christ a resurrected Christ, I mean in the spirit. And it delivers me from everything that is wrong in my conscience, yes, wipe it out. And I’m not gonna go out there and do something. Let me, listen, let me show you what I’m talking about. I’m not gonna go out there and use some, well maybe I better say this, maybe I better say it around this way, hoping that we don’t have none. Somebody that’s dealing in the traffic of dope, a dope addict. Now I didn’t wanna use whiskey, I just.., because.., I wanna use dope. It makes people act all funny and everything, and out of harmony with common sense, under delusions, imagining he’s somewhere, where he isn’t, (you get the point?) have hallucinations and imaginations, thinks he’s rich when he’s just as poor.., he ain’t got a dime. I’m not talking about that kind of a thing. They want to blame it on what we’re teaching over here. Says it’s wrong but he just can’t help it, ever learning never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Always wrestling, never able to overcome. Now I’m not preaching nothing like that. Anything you do, anything you eat, I’m talking about physically so, anything you drink, I’m talking about physically so, naturally so, not spiritual, it’s naturally so this trip, don’t condemn yourself with it. Control it. I don’t think you oughta drink too much water, I don’t think you should. I think you oughta have sense enough to know when you got enough water. I think you oughta have sense enough to know when you got enough vegetables, or I don’t care what it is, I think you oughta have sense enough to know. You get what I’m talking about? You oughta know when you’re filled full of food. Don’t be like Israel, God gave them manna and bread from heaven that the Children of Israel, and quail, and the Children of Israel, they sat down, Jesus fulfilled it too, they sat down to eat and rose up to play. Just don’t do it like that. Just get that stopped, then we won’t have nearly I as much trouble down here. Won’t be nearly as much to make you think that we’re complaining about something. Then somebody says, ‘Well he must be talking about me.’ Sure I’m talking about you. Sure I am. You get the point? Talking about you and talking to you, and that goes for everybody. You get it? All these murmurings and complaining, that’s what Israel did down there in the wilderness, 10th chapter of I Corinthians said, they murmured and they griped and they growled and they complained. And God gave them something to eat, keeping their clothes from wearing out, causing water to spring up in the desert where there wasn’t no water and they’re still griping. They done escaped from death down there in Egypt being beat to death and all them different kind of things out there in the wilderness, done escaped that. And God is a good God. Don’t have no manufacturing plants out here, don’t have no brick yards out here. And yet and still he’s eating, sleeping, clothes don’t wear out, water, quail, manna, everything. God said he was a good God. What was all the griping around about. Now I’m giving you, try to give you the true word of the Lord, and I expect you to stop complaining and griping, and finding fault with this, and finding fault with that, staggering around and fooling around. Talking about, ‘I’m sorry but I, I, I hope to overcome some day,’ and all that kinda thing. Now you understand? Then when I get up and say something about that, I’m mean.., I don’t have my words seasoned with grace, I’m not humble, and I oughta be more humble. Well, say listen, did you know that God was angry with the wicked every day? There is no way to reconcile God with disobedience.

Now I guess I can get down to say what I wanna say and get down from up here. Now I got up first and I don’t want you to deceived about that. I got up first and the reason why I got up first is because those I wanted to call on to get up first, they wasn’t here. Now that’s why I am up here. I’m up here, taking up, talking abut it so you won’t let that happen next time. Next time you’ll be here on time. Now listen let me say this to you: now it would be kinda poor, be awful poor. You be the judge. It would be awful poor for me to get up here squabbling with the ministry about not being here on time and I’m not here on time myself. How’s that? Is that all right? Remember that woman that was taken in adultery? Now that high priest he’s running around out there with some witnesses all night long trying to catch Mary Magdalene in the act of committing adultery. Done left Mrs. Caiaphas at home, that’s his wife. Get the point? And he’s running around out there, just so he can get if off on somebody else. Then when he come across he said to the woman, brought her to Christ, where he should have been was down there at the altar in the sanctuary. And he’s late getting down there to offer up the daily sacrifice. He’s out there tricking around with this woman. And Jesus said, he that… Hadn’t offered up the daily sacrifice, and the Day of Atonement hadn’t yet come. He’s out there holding up sacrifices for sin. He should have been right here. No, he’s out yonder trying to get something on somebody else, complaining about somebody else. Get the point? Here he comes, brings the woman. Now there’s been no sacrifice offered today. Said, ‘now look Jesus.’ Said, ‘Now Moses in the law, he wrote, he wrote that whosoever committeth adultery should be stoned to death. Now what do you say about it?’ Tempting Him, trying to tempt Him in other words. Said, ‘What do you say about it?’ He’s down there writing, writing what it said in the tables of stone. He’s writing it right down, down there in the sand. And it’s the finger of God writing right down there in the sand, down in the wilderness which said thou shall not commit adultery. He’s down there writing, and they won’t even let Him get down to the place where he can write that down. Now…


Dr. Kinley: … Alright. Read on.

Reader: reserved in heaven for you

Dr. Kinley: Now, there’s some reservations made there for you. How’s that? Some reservations. Now do you want to occupy ‘em? Reservations all ready made (get the point?) in heaven for you. Peter talking to the Israelites, not talking to the gentiles, he’s talking to the Israelites about it. They hadn’t been begotten the first time, but the Jews they been begotten again. I’m just trying to show it to you. All right read.

Reader: who are kept by the power

Dr. Kinley: Now, who are kept, kept from Monday morning til Sunday night. Kept every day, just kept all the time. Kept by the power of God. All right read.

Reader: through faith

Dr. Kinley: through faith

Reader: unto salvation

Dr. Kinley: Now wait a minute. You can’t come up here and eat some of this stuff here, you passing around on no platter. And that stuff, when you eat that, you know as well as I do, it’s not gonna embrace and it’s not gonna sustain you. I’m talking about that, them crackers and grape juice. That won’t hold you up till you get home. Get the point? You are kept by the power of God through faith. Now we told you what faith was. Faith is the substance. Faith and spirit is one in the same. Substance, the real essence. You don’t see it? You’re in the room here now, aren’t you? To make a parable out of it. If you turn off the electric lights in here, it will still be light in here. Why? Because you don’t see the sun out there, when you setting there, but it’s shining, that’s what’s causing the light to be in here cause the sun is shining out there. Now when the sun is shining in you, it’s just like that, there’s some illumination of your understanding. Understand what? Understand that none of the natural things ain’t gonna do it that you look at, but it’s gonna be through faith, which is the substance of… You can’t have no substance where there isn’t something back yonder to back it up. Get the point? Alright, read on.

Reader: unto salvation

Dr. Kinley: unto salvation. Now it’s unto salvation, deliverance, sure enough. All right read.

Reader: ready to be revealed

Dr. Kinley: Oh no, getting ready. Hoping to overcome, trying to get ready, getting fixed. You live prepared and ready at all times. Ready for what? Ready to be revealed in the last times. Don’t make no difference whether it’s Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, that’s the life you live, you live under the influence and that faith or that substance that’s what keeps you, or the Holy Ghost, which is the same, that keeps you living. And listen, it don’t allow you to do like the devil say. Go out there and do something to somebody and run back and confess it to a priest. It don’t allow you to do the thing in the first place. Get the point? Because you’re kept by the power of God through faith ready to be revealed in the last time. You’re not a sometime kinda a character or implaceable or nothing like that. God, who is spirit, He’s the same, same identical God now that He was before the creation, same God all down through the ages, and will forever be the same God. He’s not changing any. You get the point? All right, read on Doc.

Reader: wherein ye greatly rejoice.

Dr. Kinley: Wherein. You’re kept by the faith, of God, kept by the faith unto salvation. Listen. And kept ready. Israel’s ready to be revealed in the last time. Get the point? Now what else Doc?

Reader: wherein ye greatly rejoice

Dr. Kinley: Now. Wherein you… You can’t rejoice. You go around with a long mouth and the longest face, face all punched out, you ain’t got no faith, ain’t got nothing to rejoice about, keep complaining, you ain’t got no faith. ‘Yeah, I belong to the thing, but I got.., some, some of you ain’t doing right.’ Now what’s that got to do with you. You get the point? Somebody says, ‘Now I know if I got to go to Hades.’ I’m gonna try to be nicer about them words, somebody will stumble over them too. I’m gonna say destroyed instead of M A D, turn it around. Try that, cause it just means the same. It don’t make the point of it any easier cause I used destroyed, it’s all the same. And I’ve had them come to me say, ‘Well look here Doc, does destruction or destroyed mean to be destroyed or is there degrees of punishment and so on and so forth?’ Get the point? Come and ask me questions like that. That’s the same thing that John said to them come out there in the wilderness, ‘What did you come out here for? See the weeds blowing around with the wind? What did you come for?’ The scribes and the pharisees, ‘Well, no, who are you? Art thou that prophet.’ Said, ‘No.’ He was a prophet but he was not That Prophet, but he was That Prophet. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Said,’I have come to prepare the way of that prophet which is Christ.’ He just said so they could understand, ‘he’s the voice of one crying in the wilderness.’ Get the point? Come to prepare the way of the Lord. Now it might look like the people believe that. They’re reading. I’ve sat down and did a lot of thinking about how to get the truth over to you. Now here, now let me show you that they don’t believe that, anymore so than them pharisees and sadducees that went out there in the wilderness, they don’t believe it. They’re still looking for Messiah to come, just like that Ethiopian eunuch, he’s reading the book, just like Apollos, he ought, he went up to John. He didn’t realize that He had come. And the folks around here now, all through Christendoom, they don’t realize that Christ in you is the hope of glory, they still looking for Him. But John come to prepare the way, ‘Well, He come.’ And John said, ‘There is one that standeth right there among you. There He is, just look at him: behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.’ And they’re still looking. Now here He come, He walked around among them, died and raised from the dead, and showed Himself, after His re… And then the Law that they had, He fulfilled every bit of it, jot and tittle and moved it out of the way. Now, I said that so I can show you what I’m talking about. You be the judge. Now you go right on and be the judge. Now. And Dr. Gross is trying to get up in your pamphlets so you can get it out to the folks. Now here they got Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and just as particular, real particular, wanna make sure that they read it like it is in the book, but he wouldn’t take that. I’m talking about Christendoom out here. It said Jesus… Suppose you get it, one of these things so I can show you. I haven’t forgot about Jude. Get Matthew 26:26, get I Corinthians 11:20. Now let’s get it. Whoever gets it first, read.

Reader: as they were eating

Dr. Kinley: as they were eating

Reader: Jesus took bread and blessed it

Dr. Kinley: Jesus took bread and blessed it

Reader: and break it

Dr. Kinley: and break it

Reader: and gave it to the disciples

Dr. Kinley: and gave it to the disciples

Reader: and said

Dr. Kinley: and said

Reader: take eat

Dr. Kinley: take eat

Reader: this is my body

Dr. Kinley: this is my body

Reader: and he took the cup

Dr. Kinley: and he took the cup

Reader: and gave thanks

Dr. Kinley: and gave thanks

Reader: and gave it to them

Dr. Kinley: and gave it to them

Reader: drink ye all of it

Dr. Kinley: drink ye all of it

Reader: for this is my blood of the new testament

Dr. Kinley: for this is my blood of the new testament

Reader: which is shed for many

Dr. Kinley: which is shed for many

Reader: for the remission of sin

Dr. Kinley: for the remission of sin. Let me ask you a question. What do you see wrong with that? Now listen, I dogmatically and earnestly contend with all that there is, in me is, that that is right. And I’m trying my best to persuade you to believe that that is right. And that He did actually take physical unleaven bread and that He did actually take the cup. Now I’m contending with you about that. Now here’s what, now here’s what I don’t agree with. Now look, He said that He come. Now He said it, sacrifices and burnt offerings thou wouldst not, but a body has Thou prepared Me, then said I, lo I come in the volume of the book as it is written of Me to do Thy will, oh God He taketh away the first and establishes the second. The first has got to be removed before the second can be established. And I’m earnestly and dogmatically contending with you with all that’s in me is, that He did do that and He gave it to them, but I’m telling you that is under the dispensation of the law. And not only just that, but every precept and everything that the Law said, and it says there while they were eating, while they were eating lamb, and that lamb, He’s fulfilling what’s written in the law and in the prophecy what is written. I want you

to look at what I’m talking to you about. I want you to understand me that He Himself, He’s fulfilling that. He has to do it under the dispensation. It couldn’t pass until He did it. Get the point? That is a true record of it. I’m not complaining about it. I’m contending, I’m the one that’s contending that He done it. And the reason why He done it, He had to do it before it could pass as a carnal ordinance. You see my point? Not only that one, but every other

one. Offered up the bullocks and turtle doves and heifers, eating crackers and drinking grape juice and. Everything had to be fulfilled to the jot and to the tittle which means that He’s got to repeat it. Now you’re reading a record of Him repeating it. He’s born under the law, He lives under the law. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John is recording or writing down what He done while He was under the Law (get the point?) in the fulfillment. Am I making any sense?

Student Body: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: So go over there and show you that it is a passover. It was instituted, some way. Look at Exodus, 1490 years before He was born. He didn’t come instituting, He come fulfilling what was already instituted, and that’s why He had to keep it. Just let me tell you this. For your information, let me tell you this: from the very time He was born in the world on up until this night, even when He was a little baby Mary and Joseph took Him up there. Remember how He got lost in the crowd after the passover. Then when He went in His ministry… That was the third passover that He ate and that’s the last one. The year before that, at the same time, He kept that passover. That’s in 32. And in 31 before that He kept that one too. But, this is the last one. How’m I doing? You see that now? I don’t have no squabbling to do about it. I’m just insisting that that’s the way it is. Sabbath day? Yes. Up there in the temple teaching, preaching, it’s a daily ministration, ain’t it? Get the point? Yes it is wonderful. Now, carnal ordinances, they was given to the Children of Israel back here. That’s the first covenant with them. Now I tried to even tell you this: before then there was a covenant with, with, with Abraham, before that there was a covenant with Noah, before that Adam. But this is the second covenant with them people, the Jews. Now that, just as it was given to them, it has to be kept just like that, just like it was given to them it has to be kept. And for your information, I’d like for you to know this, I didn’t say it either so don’t go down no block somewhere and tell somebody that that man said cause I did not say it, God said it. I want you to read it and see who said it. Jeremiah 31:31. Now I’m talking about that Old Covenant that He gave to ‘em back there. Now, now the reason for mentioning it, is this: when God did give it to ‘em to eat in the literal and in the physical sense, and all those other auxiliary ordinances, they didn’t do it. I didn’t say so. Get the point? Well if they didn’t do it and God said so, what are you doing up here griping around about doing it now for? See the point? They didn’t do it then. Then there’s one in heaven, just only one there. Mike and Gabriel, neither one of ‘em wasn’t worthy to open the book and to loose the seals; none of the angelic host, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, none of ‘em. I want you to look at what you’re talking about. I want you to see God as God. None of ‘em could break the seal. And did keep it. And God said. Read it Doc.

Reader: behold the days come saith the Lord

Dr. Kinley: behold the days come saith the Lord. Now you see I didn’t say it. So don’t go out and tell somebody I said it, ‘That man said.’ All right, read on.

Reader: that I will make a new covenant.

Dr. Kinley: that I will make a new covenant.

Reader: with the house of Israel.

Dr. Kinley: with the house of Israel. A new one now. Now, this is the old one back there and He’s gonna make a new one with them. All right, read.

Reader: and with the house of Judah.

Dr. Kinley: with the house of Judah.

Reader: not according to the covenant.

Dr. Kinley: Now listen folks. Listen folks. Listen. Repeat.

Reader: not according to

Dr. Kinley: not according to the covenant. All right, read on

Reader: that I made with their fathers

Dr. Kinley: that I made with their fathers

Reader: in the day that I took them by the hand

Dr. Kinley: in the day that I took them by the hand

Reader: to bring them out of the land of Egypt

Dr. Kinley: to bring them out of the land of Egypt. Now you do well to pay attention to what I’m saying because they’re not telling you about this out there in Christendoom. Now God said He wasn’t gonna make none like that, that He made with Israel the day that He brought ‘em out there and took ‘em by the hand. Didn’t say Moses led ‘em either. It said the day He took them by the hand. He was the one that made the covenant. Said, ‘now I’m not gonna make no more like that.’ Well what are you doing trying to stand up here and argue around with me about it or being or, keeping that. And God said he wasn’t gonna make no more like that and that one had to be removed. How’s that? How am I doing? Am I doing all right? You get it? You stand up here all particular, a big cross on your back, up here in front of a, ____ talking about Jesus took the cup and He did this and He did that and He gathered the wafer and He sanctified and all that kinda thing in this dispensation. And God said I’m not gonna make nothing like that no more. When they were eating wafers and everything, said they didn’t keep it. He gave ‘em the real thing, the true bread, which that was type of. All right, read on.

Reader: which my covenant they break.

Dr. Kinley: which my covenant. God said they broke it. Now God said that, don’t go out and tell somebody, ‘Look that man said.’ That’s the way they did back in Ohio. ‘That man said, that man down there in that Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research,’ he said it. He said we wasn’t doing this communion right. And they got real worked up about it too. Yes they did. And they commenced to make some changes too. And you know they did. Said, ‘Well now look here.’ I’m just showing you, I could tell you the church that did it and some of the rest of ‘em that did it right in Springfield. Said, ‘Well we ain’t gonna have them passing out the bread first, then the wine, because Paul said there in I Corinthians, said, ‘One taketh before the other his own supper, and one is hungry and the other one’s drunk.’ They plain don’t have it after the agreement ____ that way no more. Say, ‘We gonna get this thing together right. We ain’t gonna let you, some eat bread before they get the wine and others they drink the wine before they get the bread.’ Said, ‘We’re not gonna do it that way.’ Now if they did try to do that at Second Baptist Church on Wittenburg Avenue in Springfield, Ohio. They said, ‘Now wait a minute, now we get this thing together.’ Said, ‘Now we put on some here, to go down this aisle, one go down that aisle; one with crackers, the other with grape juice, and over here, so that they, so just the things properly done and all of you eating the wine at the same time; in other words, that’s one, two, three, go!’ Trying to get that thing together right so that one wouldn’t be hungry and the other wouldn’t be drunk. Get it now? Well that’s the same thing the priesthood is doing out here.

Well now I’m trying to tell you about all them old slick devils, all them old delusions, all that old ignorance and all that old superstition, all that old folly that the devil has got down here doing now that was under the dispensation of the law. And I’m telling you that when it was under the dispensation they didn’t keep it then. Now why should you be fool enough to think that they’re gonna keep it now. They had plenty of time to get it together, had over 1500 years to get straightened out. And according to God they never did get straightened out. And God said, ‘I’m not gonna make another one.’ And Jesus. If you don’t believe He said it, I’ll read it right there when He’s doing this here, there in Matthew. That was the last supper, that was the last physical supper that He was eating. And while they were eating lamb, and listen, the rest of the people all around out there all over the town was eating lamb, unleavened bread, and drinking. And they were home with their families in their houses, in their own houses, and Jesus is up here in the upper chamber in Jerusalem at the man’s house that they seen bearing the pitcher. And He told the disciples, ‘Go over there and prepare the passover; He was not up in the temple, up in the congregation of the assembly. Now the devil, he’s got it down here in the congregation of the assembly passing it around, and chewing the rag and arguing around about it. And he’s eating the passover. You know how they serve the thing in courses, don’t you? And while they were eating the lamb, that was one of the courses, and immediately pursuant thereto, He wasn’t instituting anything that’s that unleavened bread that Feast of Unleavened Bread, that’s pursuant to that. And He’s got to fulfill all of it before He dies, everything He said… Now listen, listen now, listen, you listen, listen, you listen Brother____. Now He said, ‘I will not drink henceforth no more the fruit of the vine until the day I drink it with you, ‘not old like that, ‘but anew in My Father’s kingdom.’ In My Father’s kingdom is not meat and drink it is righteous, it is peace, and it is in joy in the Holy Ghost. Romans 14:17. Do you understand now? I’m not gonna drink no more crackers and drink no more, eat no more grape juice with you. Somebody said, ‘Well, I’m gonna, I’m gonna do it anyhow.’ Well I won’t be there, (get the point?) until that day I drink anew in My Father’s kingdom. Now I’m trying to show you how in this dispensation that all of them natural things, that’s all I have been preaching. All of them natural things is moved out of the way so that the promise that God made to Abraham, even before the giving of the law that you might become a recipient. Remember I started out telling you: don’t blame all of these things on Christ, your weakness. Don’t blame it on God. Don’t let something that you think is wrong, get you down and hold you down. Talk about you. You remember I started off like that. Because if you do then this is what you’re doing: you are denying the power of God. That’s what you’re doing. I don’t say you’re doing that consciously, you’re doing that unconsciously, you’re denying the power of God, but the power of God through faith unto salvation lifts you up. And let me tell you this, John said, he that is righteous, he that is righteous is righteous, (are you listening?) even as He is righteous. Said, he that is… Jesus said to Nicodemus, ‘you must be born again, that which is born after the flesh is flesh, but that which is born after the spirit is spirit.’ Now listen, must be born again. Nick, with that carnal mind, he thought about entering again in his mother’s womb and be born. Jesus said that born of the flesh is flesh, marvel not. I know you don’t understand, the natural mind don’t understand the things of the spirit, so say the apostle Paul. I don’t have time to read all of these things. The carnal mind don’t understand and that’s what all of them had back there. And that’s what these back here, and that’s the occasion of all these epistles they are writing, that’s what Jude.., that’s why I had him to read it. Them, that carnal minded crept in unaware calling themselves doing what Jesus did, call theirself following in His footsteps. ____ ____ ____. Now, you are a son of God just like He was, by virtue of the fact that the Holy Ghost is in you, and you are delivered from, from death, delivered, not clowning around like that. And John said, he that is righteous is righteous even as He is righteous. How do you know when you passed from death to life? Cause when you love the brethren. You don’t have to go around and ask somebody, ‘How am I doing now? If you’re a Christian I want to see you live the life.’ You don’t have to be bothered with that. You know within yourself. Now if I don’t like Dr. Harris, ain’t no need of me trying to tell you I’m all right. I know within me, I am no good, I don’t have to make no inquiries. How do you know that you’ve passed from life unto death, I mean death unto life? When I love the brethren. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish. Well now when that’s in me, there is nothing else I can do but love. Greater love than this has no man than to lay down his life for his friend. Well it just makes me that way. Now somebody comes around and cause they don’t like somebody else then they don’t want me to like ‘em. Well, I’m passed from death to life. Said, ‘Yeah I know, but he ain’t no brethren, he got to be one thing or the other, he got to be right or wrong.’ If he’s wrong, I’d like to be willing to lay my life down to righten him. Get the point? And if he’s right, then I expect him to help me, and we help one another. Ain’t nobody got no right to do a whole lot of blowing and boasting about their self righteousness, (you get the point?) because it is not our righteousness, it’s the righteousness of God through faith. ____ ____ we’re not down here blowing about our righteousness and how somebody can preach. Can’t none of you can preach so far as I’m concerned. Me either. And as I told you before, and I hope you understand it. I don’t wanna hear HC preach. If it’s not gonna be the Holy Ghost in there speaking, I don’t wanna hear it. As someone said back there in Springfield, Ohio and around up there, said, ‘Are you going to the…’ We held our meeting at the YMCA, a great big place, hold better than 350 people. And quite a lot of ‘em, ‘Did you go down there?’ ‘No, I ain’t going down there.’ Said, ‘Well, Dr. Kinley’s coming from Cleveland or Akron or


Youngstown, or someplace.’ There’s a lot of you that said, ‘I ain’t going down there.’ Said, ‘I don’t have to go down there to hear him preach, I’m just not going cause God can give me a revelation out there anywhere, out there on my job, any place. So I’m not going down. You all go ahead on.’ So, when I got around, when I got in, they got to talking with me about it. Say, say, ‘Look, I tried to tell these people to get away from here.’ Said, ‘I didn’t have to come down to no YMCA to hear him preach anymore cause God can give me a vision and a revelation out there, out there on my job.’ I looked at him, said, ‘Well look here, is that what you been doing? Have you been going down to the YMCA to hear me or anybody else preach down there?’ I know they had been in attendance for years too. They just thought they was way up and smart, they got it all learned and they trying to prove it by me too. I said, ‘Listen Stan.’ I said, ‘If you been coming down here to hear me preach, I’m disappointed, cause I haven’t been going down there to hear Henry C. And if you’ve been coming down here to hear Henry C. preach, you was going to the wrong thing in the first place.’ Get the point? All through the years while he was going down there now, he decided now he don’t wanna go to school. He’s gonna justify himself by saying, ‘Look, I’m not going down there, I don’t care if he is coming from Cleveland or some place. I just ain’t going down there to hear him preach, cause God can give me a revelation out there on my job.’ And I told him, I said, ‘No Stan. If you been coming to the YMCA to hear Henry C. Kinley preach the gospel as a man you’ve been coming in vain all along. Now what you should have been doing was going down there to hear God speak just like when Israel gathered around the mountain.’ They didn’t gather around the mountain to hear Moses speak they gathered around the mountain to hear God. And when God spoke, He gave ‘em to know that it wasn’t Moses. Said, ‘I am the Lord thy God that brought thee out of the land of Egypt and out of the house of bondage. Now look, don’t you have Molech or none of the rest of them gods down there in Egypt before Me. Don’t put nothing before Me. Don’t put Moses, nobody else, I am the Lord thy God that brought thee out of the land of Egypt and out of the house of bondage, thou shall not have any other gods before Me. Now that’s an introduction, that’s who’s speaking. Well even when He spoke, show ‘em who He was, the earth trembled just to show you the shape and the condition. It’d be well to get it learned too. Every once in a while let something soak, even if you did hear it before, let it soak once. But then they didn’t obey Him. As Paul said there, in the first chapter of Romans, when they knew God they glorified Him not as God. They didn’t respect Him as God when they knew Him. There they was, they went up there in the mountain, looked right at Him, called ‘em up there to see Him, Aaron and his ministers, Aaron and his sons and seventy elders went right back down and made the golden calf. Moses stayed up there in the mountain 40 days. When Moses got back down with Joshua, they done put the calf up there in the wilderness, the golden calf, God ____ ____ ____ . 40 days. Now here is people, they can’t get from one Sunday to the other, and from one Tuesday night to the other. They got some kind of a crisis, some kind of a complaint, some kind of an idle thought, ____ the devil, saying, ‘The devil makes me mistreat somebody, as Paul said when I would do good evil was present.’ He’s talking about him in his physical and his carnal state. Somebody said, ‘ Well, you can’t say I ain’t trying.’ How’s that? Said, ‘I’m, I’m certainly am trying to overcome, I’m working hard with it.’ The harder you work with it the worse off it’s gonna be. Why don’t you just stop and have some faith in God. You will never make it over yourself. What I’m telling you is, it’s Christ that died. Now God promised to bless you if you believe. You can’t overcome, it takes the overcomer in you to bring you over. The devil got you hog-tied, ain’t nothing you can do about it. Quit wrestling, just give up. Somebody say, ‘Well I’m trying.’ Stop trying. Long as you’re trying. ‘What are you doing?’ Say, ‘Well I’m trying my best to live a Christian life.’ Well you can’t make it. The only way to tell you about it Roger, I’ll tell you so you can understand it. Now God promised to make you an overcomer, or promised to bless you, if you just believe as He said to the disciples, ‘Be of good cheer, cheer up,’ I’m getting ready to overcome.

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: No, He’d already overcome, He hadn’t died either, He’d overcome in His conscience and in His mind. He’s already conscious of it. So when you have faith in, in God, believe that He will bless you, you quit trying. What the people really are doing rather than trying to.., what they think they’re doing, they’re trying to live in such a way that won’t nobody have nothing disrespectful to say about ‘em. Ain’t that right? I want everybody in the community to think I’m a good fellow. Well, I’m, I’m telling you now, you ain’t no good. If anybody in the community thinks you are, then they, the only reason why they think that you are something good is because they ain’t no good theirself. And somebody always trying to talk about me. Said ‘Yeah, I know Henry C. Kinley.’ Said, ‘I know all his folks.’ They said the same thing about Jesus. Said,’I know his daddy, that’s George.’ Said, ‘He was a half age old drunkard.’ Now George is like that. She, she ain’t no good, talking about.., trying to throw up on me. Well look, my old man and your old man, and you and all your grandfolks, all your relatives run ‘em back far enough to Adam, none of ‘em were no good. Quit talking about yourself. When you talk about me like that, you’re talking about yourself too.

They even tried to rub Jesus down with some of that psychology. Said, ‘Good master.’ Said, ‘What do you call me good for? There’s none good but My Father.’ God in Him. Now there ain’t nobody no good, if there was, He wouldn’t had to come here and die. Heaven and earth was searched, and all of us from the fall of Adam. Paul said, all concluded, or included as you would say, under sin. Why? What’s that for? So that the death of Jesus Christ would include you all the.., and now, and be ____ concluded, so everyone that believes shall have faith in Him. He’s overcome the world, and not your hypocriting around here drinking down some grape juice and running up here diving up in the creek. Now ain’t that right? Somebody got so particular about it, said, ‘No.’ Said, ‘I don’t wanna be baptized up there behind that pool, I wanna get baptized in running water.’ ‘What for?’ ‘I want my sins washed away. I wanna go down to the river, that’s where Jesus was baptized.’ See how stupid people are. Don’t tell me they’re not like that. That never, that never washed away nobody’s sin. When you get your face and your hands real nice and clean, use some deodorant and some real good soap and some of the very best recommended and expensive soap, supposed to cleanse the pores and skin. They say Dove does it, removes all that, but when you get through it, you ain’t clean, psychologically and spiritually. That soap won’t touch it, the water won’t touch it, the deodorant doesn’t touch it. That it won’t sanctified or to the purifying of the flesh. You’re cleaned physically, so as for as the physical body is concerned, but the mind or the conscience that’s.., the blood of bulls and goats and turtle doves and heifers, it sanctified to the purifying of the flesh. It is the ____. As Paul said, if the blood of bulls and goats and turtledoves and heifers sanctified to the purifying of the flesh, how much more shall the blood of Jesus Christ is come, purge your conscience (are you listening? You say you’re listening.) from dead works. Don’t you see all them things you’re doing is dead. Dead works. To serve a living God. What are you doing down there in the creek? That’s a baptism to death, you are supposed to be resurrected. You see the point? Well, we can’t get people to see them things, we can’t get ‘em to understand. ____. You all like that?

Student Body: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Now we are kept by the power of God through faith, which is the real substance. And nobody at no time.., God ain’t said, hadn’t said nothing to you about offering up no bullocks and doves, hadn’t said anything at all to you about keeping those sabbath days, hadn’t said anything. I’m talking about the gentiles. Hadn’t said anything at all to them about keeping those passovers, hadn’t said a thing about it. Hadn’t said anything at all to them about getting baptized, hadn’t said nothing. And look, if you know anything about the purpose of God, that’s the reason why I drew these charts so we could just look right at ‘em and see, and take your Bible. There never has been nobody able to refute it. Now look, here now the devil out there telling you you got to be baptized, you a gentile. Where you find that at in the Book? I mean in water. It’s not even in the almanac, to say nothing about it being in the Bible. I mean that God has said so. Yes, I know the brethren made a whole lotta mistakes, more of them than anything else. Just, just, just draw one great, just, just one great big question mark and you got that told, cause everybody was mistaken and wrong. That’s what Jesus said so. Said when the Holy Ghost is come, then He’ll teach you. Well, if you already knew what, if they already knew what it was all about, well what the.., there wouldn’t be anything for the Holy Ghost to them ‘em. And He said He’d bring to your remembrance everything I said back to you. When Peter commanded Cornelius and them to be baptized, they were gentiles, the Holy Ghost said to ‘em, ‘Now you remember.’ And Peter said, he remembered the words of the Lord how he said John truly baptized with water, you remember that, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days later. You can’t fix what’s in this Bible and people are twisting it all up. And listen Roger. Somebody said, ‘Well they’re Jews.’ No, the Jews ain’t got no business being baptized now. Even them that denied Christ and Peter preached to ‘em on the Day of Pentecost, no business at all in the water and the Holy Ghost didn’t say for ‘em to get in the water either. ____ been disputing Jesus Christ. Want me to explain what I’m talking about? You want me to go ahead and explain it now? Now many of the chief priest and pharisees went to John’s baptism. They rejected the counsel of God, they refused to be baptized. You got that? They rejected it, they wouldn’t be… Now John, when he was baptizing, before Jesus died, in the water; it’s a baptism of repentance. And he said, ‘They, they have to confess that they broke the law,’ or they’re dead just like Adam had to confess. And when Adam broke the law, a burial. The Jew, he broke the law, a burial. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____. Alright. Now when Moses brought the Children of Israel out of Egypt, there ____ ____ that the children of Israel, it didn’t say He brought any of the gentiles out. And all, not some of ‘em, no ma’am, no sir, but all of them Jews was baptized in the Red Sea and in the cloud that Moses brought out. Everyone of ‘em. Is that right? Women, men, children, everybody, all up in that Red Sea, they was all.., so says the Book. Now look, here comes along John. Now John has to come because this is so back here. And Jesus said, ‘now it behooves us to fulfil all this back here.’ Well, if John wasn’t none of, none of the Jews that’s baptized in the cloud and in the sea, then you don’t, you don’t have to ask nobody nothing. Then you know John can’t baptize nobody but the Jews. Now the gentiles, which is the Egyptians, they were pursing ‘em. They go right up in the, the Red Sea. What happened? They got drowned, that’s all. You see the point? Killed. The same thing that is salvation to one is, is, is destruction to the other. You understand now? Now look, look. Now you’ve gone all through here, John is baptizing. Now they rejected.., remember that’s what I told you they rejected the council of God and they refused to be baptized of John. But look, he was just as dead as any man was. Just as dead as them that was baptized, had to confess that a man was dead, and this body is the grave in which he was buried in, all of ‘em. Now watch, now here’s Jesus. And there’s all.., always somebody talking about what Jesus said, even if they don’t know what he’s talking about. Always somebody talking about Jesus said. Ain’t that right? Just like, we, we read to you there in Matthew 26:26. Jesus said that. Now if you wanna find out when and where and what the occasion was, that’s something different. He didn’t say nothing about nobody, gentiles was back there eating no supper and there wasn’t none of ‘em present there. Is that right?

Student Body: Right. That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: Was he?

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: John, including Moses, ____ wasn’t none of them, and neither did John baptize any of ‘em. Well, where you getting the gentiles eating the lord’s supper, where you getting the gentiles being baptized? Where are you getting this stuff at? It’s not in the Book. Now Jesus said.., I’m back on that again, 15th chapter of Saint John. Said, ‘I’m the true vine, I am the true vine.’ What’s the true vine? Don’t you remember, thought you read that a branch shall come out of David. Said, ‘I am the true vine, My Father is the husbandman.’ Now you keep your eye.., say Roger this is under the dispensation of the law when He just said that. Said, ‘I am the true vine, My Father is the husbandman.’ And where you’re reading at over there in the 31st chapter of Jeremiah, God said He was a good husband under the law. Said, ‘My father is the husbandman. Every branch, ‘listen Wallace, I didn’t say roots, I said branch. Don’t you know the difference between branches and roots. John said, John said the axe is laid at the root, not the branch, the root of every tree, listen, at every tree that My heavenly Father hath not planted shall be rooted up. He’s looking at it. And He said twice dead, dead under the dispensation of the law, dead under.., twice dead, pulled up by the roots. God pulled ‘em up by the roots. Said, ‘Now I am the true vine, My Father is the husbandman.’ Now you watch, now every branch that don’t bear fruit, said My Father takes it away. ‘Now Adam, I put you out there in the garden and all them dead branches, now you keep ‘em trimmed up.’ That’s your father after the flesh, (you get the point?) where all of us come from. But, he didn’t never get around to that, cause he, he, he, he, he, he messed up before he got there, before there was any dead branches. He got run out of the garden hisself. Said, ‘Now I am the true vine, My Father is the husbandman, every branch that beareth fruit,’ now you keep your eyes on it. Some of these things that Jesus has said, at least some of ‘em oughta be right. Said, Every branch, every branch now, not branches that brings forth fruit, He purges it that it might bring forth more fruit. And every branch that don’t, said His Father took it away. Who is, who is His Father? God is spirit. ‘What are you talking about man?’ I’m talking about these people back there that rejected John’s water baptism, and I’m saying they don’t have no business in the water. No. Peter preaching there on the Day of Pentecost, can’t put ‘em in no water because Christ is planted, He’s raised from the dead. Now, are you listening? And all of them branches was broken off that didn’t bear fruit or didn’t get the Holy Ghost, they were broken off. Is that right? You say that’s right. Peter said, they said to Peter on the Day of Pentecost back there, they were pricked in their hearts and Peter told ‘em that they had crucified the Lord of heaven. And they said, ‘What shall we do?’ He said, ‘Repent everyone of you and be baptized.’ John’s baptism of repentance, repent every one of you and be baptized in Jesus name for the remission of sin and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Is that what he told ‘em? Now remember, he’s broken off around the branches so don’t you start down here planting down around the roots. You break ‘em off out of the branches. Isn’t that.., that’s why Paul said to the Hebrews, ‘therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ let us go unto perfection not laying again the foundation for repentance from dead works, and the doctrines of baptisms,’ plural, any kind, I don’t care how you do it: throw it on ‘em over his head, stand him on edge… I don’t care what you say and how you do it. Just leave all that, all of them modes of baptisms. They’re dead works. Is that, is that he tells ‘em? And look who he’s writing to, he’s telling the Hebrews that, of the doctrines of, doctrines of baptism and laying on of hands and the resurrection. I been raised from the dead brother. We’re preaching that He’s raised from the dead not buried out there in Joseph’s new tomb. And if he didn’t raise from the dead, Paul said then our faith is vain, you’re still yet in your sins. He couldn’t make, He couldn’t fulfil them ordinances and then triumph or be victorious ov.., unless He raised from the dead. So we’re preaching a resurrected Christ, preaching He is victorious. We’re teaching that we’re crucified with Him, buried with Him. Yes indeed. Christ was nailed out there on the cross. We’re not looking for no physical body, we already got one. We’re looking for immortality. Now let me go on and explain what I’m talking about. 11th chapter of Romans, Dr. Harris, and I’ll just show you. Now Paul said that if them same Jews that was broken off up here in the branches now. Now listen Doc, don’t, don’t, don’t fumble around so, don’t, don’t, please, don’t do that. Jesus said the branches.

 So now don’t you start planting, you just stay in the branches. Branch means branch and roots means the roots, branch means branch, grass means grass. How’s that? You get the point? alright. Them that rejected the council of God. Read.

Reader: and if some of the branches be broken off

Dr. Kinley: and if, and if some of the branches be broken off

Reader: and thou being a wild olive tree

Dr. Kinley: Now Jesus said, every one that ____, brake it off. Now Jesus is under the dispensation of the law and Paul said if you, some of the branches be broken off… Now look, if I would bring you right down to the same thing today. Now listen, listen close, see that you get it. Now we’re down to the end right now of this age where it’s supposed to be repeating. Now if so.., what if some of the branches be broken off, only a remnant come from the dispensation of the law to the dispensation of grace, so the branches were broken off. Now here we are down to end of this one and now we’re trying to get over into immortality, And a lotta of ‘em are being broken off, many fall away. Get the point? To whom the promise was made. You get the point? That’s just a remnant of it should be saved. Nothing but a repetition. Jesus said as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be… And that’s how it was when He was crucified, that was the end of a world too, just like the flood. And now we’re going down to the end of this age. The same thing is happening. And all of this trash and stuff that you got, calling yourself preaching the gospel, but got you out there eating up all of these natural things instead of spiritual things. Nothing else but spiritual devils going forth to the kings of the earth, working miracles. It is a sorcery showing works, satanic that they’re talking about, he said, then that is a repeat or repeating the words that Jesus said, repeating ‘em in Latin: hocus pocus. Somebody back there in Ohio, it says on a tape there: abra cadabra. Now what it, what, what, now they are saying, they’re using in Latin the same words that Jesus said, when He said, ‘This is My body.’ ____ ____ in latin ____ ____. They know better. That’s sorcery. Jesus said, ‘Now ____ My flesh.’ He said, ‘The flesh profiteth nothing, the words that I speak they are spirit and life.’ If you would ____ ____ that way. Uh, uh. Without a parable He would, He would never speak, but He’s always took the natural to show you the spiritual. That’s what He told Nicodemus. Just look at the natural. Man is made in the likeness and image of God, he’s a natural man made in the likeness of an incorporeal vision. You see the point? You wanna know how God is, look at the man, cause he’s made in the likeness, attributes and all were there. Somebody said, ‘Well, say look here, wait a minute. I got arthritis in here, arm stiff and sore, got to get some liniment and stuff.’ No, no, uh, uh. There ain’t no arthritis between love and justice, and meekness. Ain’t nothing in there, no skin in there, they’re joined together perfectly, and they work. You don’t need no crutch to hop around on to do things. ____ why he’s just, just free, just ____, don’t hurt at all. No friction at all between love and meekness and justice. You’re are put together physically so like those attributes that make up the Godhead. Oh, it’s wonderful when you understand. Some say, ‘Well we know. I been trying to get straightened out, hopping along.’ ‘Say brother,’ said, ‘I, I know but I got arthritis in it.’ You can’t run, you can’t walk through it, hopping along on excuses and crutches. ‘Well I hope to overcome some day.’ Just take the crutch out, just take the crutch out and straighten up and walk. Ain’t that what Jesus did healing them people physically so, to let them know that He can heal their souls. Eternal life is far better and far greater. And as He said greater things than these shall you do because I go unto the Father. Why far greater of healing somebody’s inner man than it is of his old corruptible body. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, but he died again. And they were being raised from the dead before Jesus come. Elijah raised the widow’s son, he died all over again. But it’s a great thing to raise somebody from the dead, sure enough, inside. That’s why Jesus said that. Everybody’s got to put on an incorporeal or a spiritual body. Everybody’s got to take this mortal off. I don’t care how good you are. And listen. I don’t care how bad you are either. There’s got to be a change made to this. Yeah, there’s gonna be a change made. You don’t need to worry about it. It’ll happen anyhow. Somebody said, ‘Well I hope, I trust it will happen. It will happen. Somebody said, ‘Well when the roll is called up yonder, I’ll be there.’ Don’t worry about it. You’ll be there. Cause Paul said, Christ said, as long as I liveth saith the Lord, to me every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. And He told the Children of Israel, Moses to tell the Children of Israel, said, ‘now you gather ‘em up around the mountain, give you three days to do that, wash the clothes and get up around the mountain.’ He said, ‘Be there, no excuse, just be there.’ Somebody said, ‘Well, I ain’t got my washing done yet.’ You be there, better have it done too. Gave you three days to get this laundry thing straightened out, don’t want you coming up all dirtied up like that. Clean up. Sanctify and the purifying of the flesh. Get straightened out there. Come up here and then God, He spoke from the mountain. They was there too, no excuses, no alibis. Jesus showing there, they told ‘em to go out in the high way. And here they go out in the high way. Say, ‘Now this is what you tell them when you go out there, you tell them that the oxen is prepared everything is already. Already done, done died and resurrected from the dead, everything’s all fixed up, just come up, everything’s all right. You don’t have to do no cooking, no washing dishes, nor none of that. You don’t have to fool around standing over no hot stove, no rotisserie, baking no lamb. Everything’s already.’ Went down to the highway and beat them out of there. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ . Said the highway, said, the master said, ‘Come to feast.’ Said, ‘Don’t have to worry about nothing, everything’s all prepared.’ ‘Just glad to come, but you know I just got married today, this is my anniversary, this is my first wedding anniversary. I just married myself a wife and I would come if it wasn’t for that.’ The other fella out yonder went on down here with excuses; went out here, he said, ‘Well, I would have been there just as sure, but you know today I just bought me a yoke of oxen.’ Now the feast is at night. Now he gonna plow the oxen at night out there in the field. ‘Expect somebody to believe that jive.’ Just any kinda thing he could hatch up. Said, ‘Well why wasn’t you there? What happened?’ And then somebody said, ‘Well, I think this one’ll do.’ Listen, Paul said in the first chapter of Romans there, he said no excuses, no excuses at all. God’s not gonna accept any excuses for your absenteeism and we’re all gonna be present. God’s gonna make it His business to see to it that we are. Have I helped you any?

Student Body: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Now let me finish up what I.., I haven’t forgotten the continuity of thought. Now you all of these that Dr. Harris has said, the Jews that were, now listen, let me finish it up. I’m gonna try to finish it up real quick too, but I do want it explained. All right now.

Reader: and if some of the branches be broken off

Dr. Kinley: No. Jesus said, I am the true vine under the law and everyone, the spirit broke off that didn’t receive the spirit on the Day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit was poured out. They were broken off, if some of the branches be broken off. All right, read on.

Reader: and thou being a wild olive tree

Dr. Kinley: you being a wild olive tree

Reader: were grafted in among them

Dr. Kinley: Now you see what it is? A olive tree. You being a wild olive tree grafted in among them. Then what?

Reader: and with them

Dr. Kinley: Wait a minute Doc. Why, why don’t you read what you got in the book? Wild olive tree. Here’s the ____, he’s said grafted, he didn’t say planted. He didn’t say roots. Grafted. Gentiles grafted. Somebody said, ‘Well I don’t believe old Pete should get him in the water.’ God grafted ‘em in. Yeah, grafted not planted. Graft the gentiles. Now where some of ‘em been broken off and you being a wild oli.., these gentiles, they’re grafted in, gentiles. All right, now I’m talking about them that refused John’s baptism, I’m talking about the Jews there. Alright, read.

Reader: and with them partakers of the root.

Dr. Kinley: and with them partakers of the root

Reader: and fatness of the olive tree

Dr. Kinley: and fatness of the olive tree

Reader: boast not against the branches

Dr. Kinley: Now don’t boast against the natural branches. Now you were wild and now you’re grafted in among the natural. Now don’t do no boasting ‘em, the Jews, the jews by nature. Don’t do that, because they were broken off and you were grafted in, not among the roots, not planted, no, no plantings, it’s over with. We don’t need no planting, we need a digging up. We need a resurrection. Already dead and buried. What we need is a resurrection. All right, read on Doc.

Reader: but if thou boast

Dr. Kinley: but if thou boast

Reader: thou barest not

Dr. Kinley: Now gentiles, now if you boast, thou barest not the root. You don’t bare the root.

Reader: but the root thee

Dr. Kinley: but the root barest you, Christ bears you. All right, read on.

Reader: thou will say then

Dr. Kinley: Now then here you come up, then thou will say then. ‘Well they were broken off so I could be grafted in.’ Just got to throw away now. Told you not to boast against the natural branches, like the devil is doing over yonder in the Vatican. Get the point? Alright, read on.

Reader: well because of unbelief

Dr. Kinley: well because of unbelief

Reader: they were broken off

Dr. Kinley: they were broken off because of unbelief. I mean the Jews, them that wasn’t baptized out there at John’s baptism, they were broken off because of unbelief. Am I making it clear? Alright, read.

Reader: and thou standeth by faith

Dr. Kinley: And you always the Jew stood by faith from the.., even the promises made to Abraham, made by faith before the giving of the law. God promised a blessing that through his seed. You see what preaching the gospel means? You see how ____ the thing? You see how wise God is? All right, read on Doc.

Reader: be not high minded

Dr. Kinley: Don’t be high minded, don’t be.., ‘Blah, blah, blah, blah, I’m the head of the thing. I’m ____ this way. We’re the ____ ____ ____, we found that to be so, we gonna straighten this thing out, we’re gonna get together. You Protestants, you got to come on back in here. You Jews, we’re gonna set up a secretary for you so you can get in it.’ You over in that pope’s business, you see the ignorance, that’s what you got out here. You have to have it, because if you didn’t, then the scriptures couldn’t be fulfilled. Alright, read on.

Reader: but fear.

Dr. Kinley: but you fear. Listen, read.

Reader: for if God spared not the natural branches

Dr. Kinley: for if God spared not the natural… You remember we had Jimmy to read that a while ago. God spared not the angels. God don’t spare, didn’t spare the natural branches. Take heed, watch out you gentiles, lest he don’t spare you, be broken off too. Read.

Reader: behold therefore the goodness.

Dr. Kinley: Look, look at the goodness and look at the severity of God. Read, doc.

Reader: on them which fell

Dr. Kinley: on them which fell severity,

Reader: but towards thee goodness.

Dr. Kinley: but towards you goodness. Alright, read on doc.

Reader: will now continue in his goodness.

Dr. Kinley: Now, that’s if. If, if you continue in His goodness. Don’t you go on in delusions. Start to doing that stuff. It said, if you continue in His goodness. Stay in there like God put you in there. Don’t go back and dib dabble around them carnal things, you continue in His goodness. As you received the Lord Jesus walking, don’t do no back tracking. Alright, read on.

Reader: otherwise

Dr. Kinley: otherwise if you don’t do it. Then what?

Reader: thou also shall be cut off

Dr. Kinley: you also shall be cut off. You see that? The gentiles, they’ll be cut off, if they don’t. All right Doc.

Reader: and they also

Dr. Kinley: also

Reader: if they abide not still in unbelief

Dr. Kinley: Now they, and they also if they abide not still in unbelief. Now the cardinal point I want you to see is this: I’m talking about them Jews that didn’t.., rejected the baptism. I’m saying they don’t have no business in the water either. It’s a dead work, and I’m gonna make him read it. You know good and well you don’t have no business in it. This is a mystery. Read on Doc.

Reader: shall be grafted in.

Dr. Kinley: Huh?

Reader: if they still abide not in still unbelief.

Dr. Kinley: Now wait a minute, now them that rejected John’s baptism that were broken off, you were grafted in. If they abide not still in unbelief (are you listening) then they’d get baptized.

Student Body: No

Dr. Kinley: If not that, then what? Be grafted in. Don’t you see he ain’t got no business dib dabbling around down there in the water. He’s grafted back in, he was broken off among the branches. Gentiles grafted in among the branches. He was broken off among the branches and if he abide not still in unbelief then he’d be grafted back in among the branches, not the roots. Listen, I know what I’m talking about Freddy. You just don’t abide in unbelief. No, he ain’t said nothing about putting nobody in no water. All them carnal ordinances is over with. It’s a dead work. And I’m trying my best in everything I know to do to get you to see that what you’re coming down here to this school for is to learn something about God and the mystery of God and the mystery of iniquity, and how them devils and you can tell every last one of them that gets up here with carnal mind and a carnal ordinance and dib dabbling around in the natural thing, and living under the dispensation of the law. But in this dispensation we believe that Christ did everything, fulfilled everything. Died, He was the redeemer and we believe God made Him to be sin for us that we might be the righteousness of God in Christ. And He just took, God just took His Son and put them stripes in all on Him that we might be… And it’s by faith that God has promised.., if you believe that He, God done it then it’s by faith, not by the works but by faith. And then faith is really a work. Jesus said, ‘This is the works that you believe on him that sent me.’ Not the works of the law. Now do you see what the difference is? Now look out over Christendoom and see how much they understand the mystery of God and you see that they don’t. You see now? Let us have the announcements please, wasn’t that one quick.


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