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by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

Los Angeles, California before he leaves for Springfield, Ohio

Recorded by Dr. Carl F Gross on reel to reel recorder

Transferred to audio cassette by Greg Prestis

3 90 minute audio cassette tapes

CATALOG #:  66.0509

Transcribed by Susan Whitney and Sandra Giragosian

Proofread by Susan Ameigh, Michael Rothstein, and Geraldine Rothstein

Proofread and approved by the International Public Relations Committee: 1996


1.  … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, uh, see, you see, you see what I mean, isn’t that right, understand, you understand, do you understand).

4. ___ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber.


Moderator: I would like to present at this time the Founder and Dean of the school, Dr. Henry C. Kinley. Dr. Kinley.

Dr. Kinley: Greetings in the bonds of peace. I’m indeed happy and glad to be with you, and to talk with you about the great God of this stellar and ecclesiastical universe. God is real. I certainly did enjoy the message of both of the previous speakers. And if you noticed, they tried to get right at the core. And I don’t think that either one had any mind, when they come come up here to have something to say and testify on behalf of the things of God, I don’t think that either one of them thought that they were so cute, that they was interested in somebody seeing them. And I certainly hadn’t thought that. But I do want you to be conscious. I want you to fully realize not only just this morning, but for the duration that God is life. He has never been dead. He has been real.

And I realize too, that out in the world, all over the world, people are questioning about God, and the philosophies and doctrines that they have been taught. And I, if my memory serves me right, I told you Friday night that the statistics and records show that there is 66 million people out of the 195 million people that inhabits the United State of America, that includes both Protestants and Catholics. But there are 66 million that don’t belong to no church whatsoever. That is not because they do not believe in God, but it is because they don’t believe in the foolishness that this present latter day ministry is teaching.

Now then, to speak of those that do belong to some church. The statistics and records show this. That for this reason, alone and only, for sociological reasons, for character references, and for business reasons, many of ‘em belong to church. And, from the pulpit to the door, or the preacher himself, to say nothing about the congregation, he, himself, don’t believe.

Now, it is a sad situation, it’s a sad condition, universally so and collectively so. The world was in the greatest chaos now so far as the confirmed knowledge of God is concerned, than it has ever been in the history of the world. And I want to say from Pentecost on down, when we were made partakers of the Holy Ghost, God has sought such to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Men knew not the truth. Therefore, they’ve resorted to ritualistic performances and so on. That is where the world stands today, steeped in tradition, steeped in idolatry and ignorance. I said superstition, customs, ideologies, and opinions, depending upon those who have went to some school and tried to obtain a sufficient amount of knowledge of how it is done to operate what we might describe now as a church, or an organized religious following. And they’re tutored there in the ritualistic performance. Now, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m, I’m, I mean it this way: how to get up and have a prayer and dedicate the service, have somebody to read the book, sing a few songs, take the text, preach a few minutes from that, or talk a few minutes from that, pass the collection box around, and how to get the money out of the people. Now, that’s the ritualistic performances that I’m talking about.

Now, they’re, they’re tutored in that, to such an extent, that they expect to be a success. Talk about God and, as one speaker said before me, don’t have much to say about the Devil. Course there’s reasons for that. And now, they’ve got around to the place where they question even that that they have taught. And there’s articles in the papers, and discussions in the columns, at the highest phases of academic philosophical training. Question: Is God dead? Now, if you even thought a thing like that, it would be, this is, this is where, this is where it would come from. That you knew nothing whatsoever about God in the first place for a question like that to come up in your mind.

Now, we have told you from time to time that this is a school, not a church. And yet, when you take the meaning of the word church, define it, it means congregation and assembly, it’s a collective body of people. I didn’t say building either, so don’t misunderstand. Now, that is the correct meaning of it. This is a congregation of people, but we don’t operate on scale where you come up and join this thing, get your name on the book, and then you’ll live by the rules and regulations of this particular sect, cult, creed, or denomination. Now we don’t operate like that. And that’s what we mean when we say that this is a school. Now, we don’t tolerate or advocate segregation, discrimination. We don’t tolerate it, we don’t advocate it. Now, we don’t care nothing whatsoever about where you come from, your family tree and your background, your nationality. We are not concerned about civil rights. What we are concerned about is the Devil depriving you of your divine rights.

Student Body: All right! Okay.

Dr. Kinley: Now, it’s prohibited; in other words, it is censored for us to expose the Devil. They don’t want you to do that, because, if you do, then what you’re more than likely to do is to tell on yourself. Nobody wants to be told on. And we think, being carnal, ignorant, superstitious, full of customs and traditions which we have been taught, that we can get away with something, we can hide behind something. We don’t want to be covered up, I mean we don’t want to be uncovered. Now, that just means this: that you are unconscious of God, nothing is hid from His sight.

The real truth about it is, few people even know themselves. Now, when I say know themselves: I remember that President Theo… Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, wrote a book, that when a man comes to himself, when you come to know yourself… Now, I’m after an analysis, now.

You will find out that this physical body that you have here, we’ll call that matter, for the sake of trying to convey something definite and something positive to you. This physical body, or this material body, which you have, (are you listening?) it come from spirit. Now, that’s where this physical body come from originally. Now, if this body come from spirit (listen) and God is spirit. Now, for you to know yourself and to realize yourself, the source from whence this physical body which you have, actually have, was rather, the source of its derivative, then you can kinda come down to look and understand something about what matter is. Now, that’s just one part of it.

Now, there’s two other parts. Your intellectual capacities, your knowledge, and your wisdom, your understanding, your disposition, your attributes, your conduct, your behavior, your attitude, your disposition forms your soul. I’ll try to help you to understand it. Now, as Dr. Billy said a while ago, Yahweh or God, is spirit. Spirit is invisible. It is the source. It is the substance. It is the limits. It is the bounds.

Now, let me hang on to something here for a minute. Now, if spirit is the substance, then it’s got to be something. Now, Yahweh is spirit, that means this. If He is the source… I might put it in more simplified terms, as some of ‘em have asked me, tried to tie me up because they thought I was dean of the school. Said, ‘let me ask you, where did God come from?’ Now, what they expected me to say, as one of the prophets, they call ‘em minor prophets, said God came forth from Tiran. Now, Tiran is a city. Now, he’s expecting me to give him a Bible answer, and say that God came from Tiran, but he didn’t understand what the prophet was talking about. Now, you can’t get God in Tiran. Tiran is not big enough to hold Him. He is universal in scope. There is no place where He is not. And, if you understood my words, I said He was the Source from whence everything else emanated and come from. And in trying to employ plain words so that you can see, now we say that man is the offspring. That’s 17th chapter of Acts of the Apostles. Paul is preaching to the Greeks. He said, even as one of your own poets also said, that we are the offspring from God:1 that means that we come from God.

I’d like to help that out some too, to be better understood. Now, what he was talking about there is, that this physical body which you have, the source from whence it came from was pure spirit. Pure spirit in inconceivable. It’s just like you can’t see the wind or nothing like that. Get the point? Now, that’s pure spirit, incomprehensible, anything you can’t see. You don’t know that it is there. Anything that you can’t taste, touch, feel, or smell. That’s the inadequacy of your five senses. You don’t know that it is there. That does not spell that God is absent. Now, I said you come from that, that is this body come from that.

Now, I said all that I have already said in order to say this: We come from and abide within, for it is in Him that we live, we move, we have our being. Now, if matter come from spirit, as Dr. Billy said, if matter come from spirit, that was the source from whence it came, that is, then that is the final destiny of which it shall return.

Now, I haven’t got to my text, but I, I’m getting down to it. That’s the preliminary. That’s a preliminary.

Now, I want you to understand, I want you to know that there is no, no, no possibility of hiding, which some of us have thought. And as Solomon said, (are you listening?) said, the wicked fleeth when no man pursueth.2 Just running hisself to death, just darting in between buildings and around trees and things, just, just running. Said, ‘What are you running for? What happened?’ Said, ‘I’m just frightened.’ ‘Frightened about what?’ ‘Well, that fella there.’ ‘There ain’t nobody after you.’ That’s your old carnal conscience that you’re trying to get away from. You can’t outrun it. It is where you are now, and where you shall proceed from here to there, it will be there with you when you arrive. Talking about philosophy. Now, that is it.


1 Acts 17:28

2 Proverbs 28:1

Now where the trouble is is up here. You remember, God told Adam when He put him in the Garden, said, ‘Now, you can eat of all the fruit of the trees in the Garden of Eden, except the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.’ God told him that. To cut a long story up and make it real short, the Devil deceived his wife Eve, and she partaken of the fruit and gave it to her husband. And no sooner than he ate, he cut out to the bushes to hide. Said he heard His voice walking in the Garden, and he cut out to the bushes, the fig tree, begin to build leaves and what not, and he said, ‘I hid myself.’ Well, he wasn’t hid. Say, ‘what are you filling the fig leaves for?’ Said, ‘Because I’m naked.’ ‘Why, who told you you was naked?’ Wasn’t anybody around there to tell him anything like that but Eve, and she never said nothing about it. You get the point?

Student Body: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Now, I’m trying to tell you this: that all of that trouble you’re having is right up here. And you’re escaping to someplace where you think it’s better or you might get along better, and all like that. You might get by better. You have, you have to start up in here. And you quit running yourself to death, trying to hide, become conscious that you’re not hid, and all things are naked before Him.3 That’s the reason why John said, on the Isle of Patmos. ‘Watch, lest you walk naked, and they see your shame.’ They who? Every man that has the Holy Spirit, he sees your shame and you’re just naked before God.

Now, people are squabbling and quarreling every which way. Don’t want this church to take their members. They call that proselyting. They want to keep you in their church. Now, I haven’t been to any body’s church proselyting. And if there’s somewhere where you wanna go, go right ahead. Join anything you want to, you’re free. I don’t have no church. I am not trying to build no church. Folks don’t believe me about that.


To bring you to the consciousness, and to the realization of what it is really all about. Now, these brethren, there’s somewhere about 14 or 15 or more. And we hope to have some more, and women too. We hope to have more ministers to preach and to teach the true word of God. Now, listen. We have tried to drive them out there in your church. We’ve asked them to please go to some church. And we had school many years at 1:30. And the reason why we had school at 1:30, at the 11:00 o’clock service we wanted you to go to some church. We didn’t care where it was. Roman Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterians, Camelite (Carmelite?), Dunkard, or your church. We got it covered? We gave ‘em an opportunity to go.

Now, if you can get ‘em in your church… I wouldn’t go with them. Now, if you can get ‘em in your church, it’s all right with me. And the reason why I didn’t go along with them, was because I wanted them out there to know that I didn’t have to go along with them and keep them chained to me, or to watch over them or see that they didn’t get into nothing. I’ve, I’ve never had to worry with that. Now, they say they want association. They say they want cooperation. They say they want affiliation. They say that they are striving for unity. They say that they’re striving to build up the righteous people of the earth. Now, they have begin to unite every which way. The Devil has got shamed now, or so many little factions every which a way. So now, all of these different types of Methodists, now they’re trying to narrow that down. All these different types of Baptists, they’re trying to get that into one Baptist, so it won’t look so bad. Now, they say the Roman Catholic Church, that is a unit (unity?). Everybody belongs to the Roman Catholic Church. And I’ll have you to know, even though they’re setting right out there together, they’re split right down the middle. Now, I’m, I’m just about up to my text now, just about up to my text now.


3 Hebrews 4:13

Well now, the reason why that you can’t do nothing with these people that come to this school. Now here’s the reason why, is because these people are taught something. They’re taught the reality of God. And these preachers, we’ve had a lot of them up here. We don’t take them in. We let any preacher from the Roman Catholic, they don’t need to say that, ‘Well, we can’t go down there because we’re Roman…’ Come right down here, any preacher, even the skeptics, the atheists, the agnostics, and the infidels. Say listen, this is the place for ‘em. We let ‘em come down here. We went over there, and we let them come down here.

And everyone that has ever got into this book. The priest: ‘Well, that’s not sacred, that’s, that’s holy philosophy, man.’ Well, there wasn’t anything wrong with this in the first place. Where the trouble is within you. Get the point? You got the wrong idea of what the church is. Said, ‘Well, this holy consecrated spot, do you mean to tell me that you let some man that don’t believe in God get up there?’ Yeah. Let you get up here didn’t we? And you didn’t believe in God til you come here. Nobody excluded. But now, when he gets up there, he has to defend himself. Now, he either exposes that he don’t know or that he does. It’s just like getting in the ring, pugilism.4 As I said here, last Sunday I believe, there’s no need of standing out, out there in the street somewhere, ‘Hey! I’m the champion of the world! Hey! Hey, everybody, you folks. Hey, look, here’s me! I’m the champion of the world!’ No, don’t do that. Don’t stand outside of the arena. Come on into the arena, and after you get in the arena, get in the ring! Won’t take long to find out who’s champ. Won’t be many rounds before you can see for yourself who the champion is.

Well, now, that brings me down, as I said, to my text. I’ll have Dr. Gates to read, 2nd Corinthians, the 3rd chapter of 2nd Corinthians. Starts like this: the Apostle Paul says, ‘do we begin again to commend ourselves, or need we, as some others.’ Now, let, let me tell you what he’s talking about, cause oftentimes people read the Bible, and they don’t understand what they’re reading about.


4 Pugilism: the skill or practice of fighting with the fists; boxing. (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. 1970.)

Now, Corinthians are Grecians. Now, the Grecians have a historical background and record of being the greatest philosophers in the world. They spent their time searching into and delving into the mysteries and the whatnots, and they was always looking for some new concept, some new ideology, some new opinion. And, when Paul passed through Mars Hill in Athens, Greece, he seen an inscription there, just like you see all everywhere now.5

Just in case you don’t understand what I’m talking about now, I’ll fix it so you can. When you go home from here, you look at the inscriptions on these buildings. One will say the Church of God, put that down. Another down here says, now you can’t get a charter in that name, cause they got that name sewed up. Over here, another one will have Church of God in Christ. Now, that’s inscriptions, shingles hanging out, buildings. You go on down, now I said Church of God in Christ. Go on down a little further and you’ll find the Church of Christ in God. Go on down a little further and you’ll find another one: Church of God in Christ and Saint of the Latter Days. Now, what they’re trying to do, all of ‘em trying to get some kind of a physical name. Pick one that’s not taken, just like them Athenians was. Then you go on down here to another one and you see Baptist, St. John’s Baptist. Go again, and you see St. Luke’s. You’re on to something. Go on down yonder, and you’ll see St. Matthew something. Go on down a little further, and you’ll see the AME, that’s African Methodist Episcopal. Now, that’s faith. Go on down here a little further, and you’ll see CME, that’s the Central Methodist Episcopal. This African Methodist Episcopal, that’s Negro. And down at CME, those are the white people. Go on down a little further, and you’ll find the Seventh Day Adventist. Go on down a little further. Now you look, you look on your way home, because I’m trying to fix it so you can understand it. You go on down a little further, you’ll find Baptist and, for the most part, somebody done even hand you literature for Jehovah’s Witness. And, you’ll find Kingdom Hall down there. Is that right? You see what I’m talking about?

Student Body: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Go on down a little further, and you’ll find St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Go on down somewhere else, you’ll find St. Peter’s Catholic Church. Now, have I got, kinda exposed you to what I’m talking about? Then you check your paper, the Saturday’s paper, and you look in there. And you’ll find up there, headlines on it that, ‘go to the church of your choice, anyone of them you choose, tomorrow.’

They done jumped on Billy Graham now for not designating something definite. Now when he goes into a town, Billy Graham’s gonna be here. Now, he wants from everything but the Roman Catholic Church, he wants everything that’s by name outside the Roman Catholic Church. And they’ll welcome him as far as they’re concerned. And every one of the pastors of all them churches take their congregations over to Billy Graham. There won’t be no meeting at their church, gone with Billy Graham. Now, he’s preaching that you accept Christ, and then join the church of your choice. And the mood is already there. And they want, what they’re concerned about is how many out of them thousands of people do they get to go into my church and his church, and the other fella’s church, build up their congregations. That’s why they all cooperate with Billy Graham. Now, Billy Graham is very careful about stepping on Baptists feet, very careful about stepping on, he can’t step on a lot of feet there. Get the point? Because all of them are supposed to cooperating, all of ‘em. Get some momentum to build up their church, so they can rob you of some more of your money. I just tell the thing flat just like it is.


5 Acts 17:23

Now, that, them inscriptions, Paul said, ‘as I passed by,’ said, ‘I beheld your devotions.’ He saw some of Zoroaster, Epicurians, the Buddhists. Now that’s what he seen: inscriptions. He saw one Sabine. He saw one of this, and another one of that. And finally they just run out of gas. So then, they put up one out there ‘to the unknown God.’ Now, that was coming first. And he said, I beheld your superstitions as I passed by. I looked at what you done as I passed by. Now, this is the great apostle. He seen some of ‘em down there.

You let me alone, I’ll preach when I get ready.

Seen some of there setting down, ____ ____ he seen some ____ ____, and he seen those that passed by, bowing, stooping to ‘em, certain signs and marks, they had, ____, other symbols I’m not gonna show you. Now, he said, ‘now, I seen you carrying on like that.’

Now if you still don’t understand, you go out here to the Roman Catholic Church, just, just hang around, stand out there and just, just lean up against it, just stand out there. Don’t bother nobody, never mind about the sociological thing, you’re looking for something. Just stand out there on that corner. And as the cars pass by, and as the people walk by on the street: that church, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, statues setting out there. Now, I’m in, I’m in L.A., not talking about Mars Hill. I’m telling you what to do on your way home. Go on down in here, and you’ll find down in there, back over towards Washington, down there around Dewey’s house. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) There’s about eight or nine churches, right in one square down there. One of ‘em got the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost ____. Well now, if you fail to get the Holy Ghost here, don’t go on by. Now, somebody say, ‘That’s awful bad Dewey, running down in your neighborhood.’ Well, if you don’t like that, go over here on this corner. Got Holy Ghost station over there. You can’t miss. They’re holier than thou.

Now, what I’m talking about, and the reason why I’m talking to you like this, is because


we want you to have a profound knowledge of God. Cut out that ignorance, that superstition, that tradition, and those customs, and those ideologies, and those opinions, because you within your ownself, in your own condemned conscience is what I’m talking about. And, unless you have the Holy Spirit in you, and listen, the Holy Spirit don’t have no whole lot of tomfoolery like that. It doesn’t make you behave unseemly. And listen, I don’t care what kind of Holy Ghost you got, you just remember that somebody else has got some of the same kind of the same brand that you got. Get the point? Now, be that good or bad, as you fix it, you don’t have no chance to be no outstanding, so you just might as well get settled down. When it comes to the reality of the Holy Ghost, somebody else has got the Holy Ghost besides you. I’m talking about the true Holy Ghost. And somebody else is faking it just like you. So either way you go.

Somebody says to me, way back yonder years ago, said, ‘Listen, you stop meddling in my business, I wanna let you know that if I do go to mm ,____, I’ll have plenty company.’ As though that was some good justifiable reason for them to be lost. Yes, I agree with you that you’ll have plenty company. And then, if you’re going to the other way, you’ll have plenty company, if God meant what He said when He said to Abraham that in his seed He would multiply Israel as the sands of the sea, and as of the stars of heaven, gonna have plenty company there. And, if Satan’s tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven down to the earth and they were reserved to the day of judgement to be punished. If you think that you can count the third part of the stars of heaven or a multitude, then you can see that you’ll have plenty of company both ways. You won’t have that to worry about.

Now, let me see if I can get on into this. Do we begin again, do we start all over. Now, these are the Grecians. These are the great philosophers. Now, do we begin again to commend ourselves to you or is it necessary. Read.6

Reader: Do we begin again to commend ourselves, or need we

Dr. Kinley: or need we

Reader: as some others,

Dr. Kinley: as some others,

Reader: epistles of commendation to you

Dr. Kinley: epistles of commendation to you

Reader: or letters of commendation from you

Dr. Kinley: or letters of commendation from you

Reader: Ye are our epistle,

Dr. Kinley: Now, wait a minute. I wanna get the thing straight. For we got this thing all balled up. Somebody comes along with a piece of paper; they call that license. They are recommended from somebody else, church, piece of paper. Say, ‘Well, I’m from such and such and so forth and so on, my position is, is such and such a thing: D. D., that’s a Doctor of Divinity.’ Of course that stands for something else too: dumb dog, as we read about it here the other night. M. S., that’s a Master of Science. Ph. D., that’s a Doctor of Philosophy. A. B., that’s a Masters, Arts Masters, or Master of Arts. Now, we got our piece of paper. Now, that recommends me, that lets you know.


6 II Corinthians 3:1

Now, a lotta people join churches, just like I told you, that they might have some reference, some record, character reference. Now, Paul is saying, listen, an apostle with the Holy Ghost in him to do the preaching itself. Now, if the Holy Ghost is in him to do the preaching, now, do we begin again to commend or is it necessary for me to have the piece of paper and the Holy Ghost too. All right, read on.

Reader: Ye are our epistle

Dr. Kinley: Now look, I’m fixing to leave. That’s why I could tell this: ye are our epistle. You are the epistle. Wallace, you are the epistle ministered by us, the apostles. The congregation of the assembly they are the epistle ministered by us, the apostle, so you’re my recommendation. You are my epistle. I’ve got the Holy Ghost, and I’ve been preaching with the Holy Ghost sent down from Heaven. You have become a recipient of it: therefore, you are my epistle. And so are the absent in body. I’m present within you. Ye are the epistle. I don’t have to stand around here with no club over nobody’s head. You are the epistle! Read. Written in our hearts.

Reader: Written in our hearts

Dr. Kinley: Yes!

Reader: known and read of all men.

Dr. Kinley: known and read of all men! Anybody can look at you, your conduct, and your behavior, your comprehension, and your understanding. It don’t make no difference whether they got the Holy Ghost or haven’t got it. They can look at you. They’re reading you! They’re not reading the Bible, they’re reading you! Now, when you don’t become, when you don’t behave yourself as becometh people with the Holy Ghost in you, and they done read you. Read and known of all men.

Listen, that don’t mean to act curious either. Talking about them brands now. They don’t call for no curious acting. God’s people are a peculiar people, but not curious, not a curious people, all stuck up and smug.

And listen, I wanna tell you something about something I heard this week. And I heard quite a lot almost all the time. And I want to tell you that’s not, that’s not, that’s not our epistle. You would call little white lies. They’re little white lies. Them, them, them’s little lies that’s not supposed to mean much. Little passive lies. Then when they get over a great big one, they call that a big black lie. Get the point? Now listen, our epistles don’t fool with white lies. God said a liar should not tarry in His sight. I’m not gonna lie to you about nothing! Now, if I don’t want you up at my house, I’m gonna tell you, ‘listen, don’t come up there bothering me.’

You heard me, you ain’t blind! ‘I don’t want to be bothered with you.’ That’s plain talk. And I don’t have to tell the children or nobody else that I’m not at home. I don’t believe in that.

You heard me standing right in the pulpit many times and say to you, the whole congregation. Now, if you wanna get drunk, don’t come up to my house! You want to talk a lot of foolishness and ignorance, and talk about somebody, don’t come up to my house! I don’t want to be bothered with you! I’m telling you now, so I won’t, so there won’t be no white lies mixed up in it. I didn’t tell you no white lie, and I tell you I’m not at home, I’m not busy. I’m out some place. Kinda like the insurance man went to the homes, you know how people do, to collect the insurance. He walked up and knocked on the door, and the lady looked out the window and seen him coming. She said, she told the little girl, tell him I’m not at home. Open the door and tell him that I’m not at home. And they didn’t have but two rooms. In the bedroom, she just step behind the bed, saw her standing in the door talking to the insurance man. And she said, ‘Well, momma told me to tell you that she’s not at home.’ Well, he said, ‘Now, you tell your mother the next time she leaves, take her feet with her.’ (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) Get it now?

Now, that’s the reason, now these things may sound comical but we’re right down to where that ____. Do we begin again to commend ourself. Now, this is the New Covenant. This is the New Testament. This is the God in you. Now, that’s what this is. All right, read. Do we begin again to commend ourselves, or need we as some others. Some of them need an awful lot of recommendation. That’s the long and the short of it. We try to cover up. Now, you don’t use your liberty for a cloak of maliciousness.7

Now, people look out down the street, I tell you a carnal mind and everything. I mean to tell you up front. They see somebody coming down the street smoking a cigar, and they see somebody drink a bottle of beer. They put you down. They’re reading. Says, ‘your morals are not right.’ You get it? Now, whatever they have been taught, and the Devil has got the people doing this: striving to be holier than somebody else. Therefore, he’s got now what you call the Holiness Church. Says, ‘What are you preaching?’ Says, ‘I’m, I’ll tell you the truth, that I’m, I’m preaching the holy consecrated life unto the Lord. I’m preaching holiness.’ You know, over there in Hebrews it says there. Be ye holy, for I am holy. It says that over in Exodus, too. The Lord said that. And over here in Hebrews, it says, follow peace with all men, and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord. Now, if you don’t think that’s in the Bible, I’ll read to you, both statements. But I don’t want to take up the time. So, that’s what I’m preaching, that’s what’s the text.

Now, whatever they fathom out in their mind, holiness is… Some have went to far… Remember, I told you about the cigar, the glass of beer. Now, some have went so far as to take off their rings. Some have took off their neckties. You don’t tell me. I’m 70 years old. I been all over this country. Trying to get holy: women, no paints, no powders, and for God’s sake, don’t touch your hair, don’t cut that.


7 I Peter 2:16

Says, ‘Well, now, that’s what I’m preaching. I’m preaching…’ I want to tell you that God didn’t send nobody to preach nothing like that. Didn’t Send nobody. Did you know that? Said, ‘Well, what are you talking about?’ Said, ‘Look, I’ll reading out of a Bible. Don’t it say right here, such and such a chapter and such and such a verse, to follow peace and holiness with all men, without which no man shall see the Lord!’ Yes, it says that. Said, ‘Well, that’s what I’m preaching.’ No, that ain’t where the trouble is. He don’t know what he’s reading. Now, you wannna know the straight of that? I’m asking. You wanna know the straight of it?

Student Body: Yes!

Dr. Kinley: Now that’s the Devil carrying on like that. And nothing you do, you are gonna never get straightened out. You can strip on down to your underclothes, and if they’re not the right color or something, there’s something wrong with that. And he’s ____ ____ ____. Your diet and your food and what you eat and drink. Watch that dietary regime. And I will warn you of the other side of that mystery of iniquity, too. Don’t you use your liberty that you have in Christ for a cloak of maliciousness.

Now, you are not forbidden to partake of anything. Anything! Some got it, don’t eat no pork. Some say to eat fish on Friday. All that kinda ignorance. The Devil got the people doing everything. Says, ‘Well, I’m preaching holiness,’ Says, ‘The Bible says, this is the Holiness Church of God.’ Look, I know, I was in it, just tiptoeing, trying to live right, trying with all I could to live right, straining up on it and tiptoeing, dieting, and carrying on like that, trying to, doing wrong, trying to do right! Now, listen! That, that never did save no life. And it never will.

Now, let me tell you about follow peace with all men, and holiness without which no man shall see the Lord, because it’s in harmony with what we’re talking about this morning. Now, the reason why Paul said that, you will find it in his epistle to the Hebrews. Now, Hebrews are Israelites. They are Jews! I’ll give it to you like it is! And God poured out His Holy Spirit on the Jews, Jews first! Paul said, I’m not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth. But to the Jew first, and then to the Gentiles, the first chapter of Romans. The Jew had to go to the Gentiles and preach. Them that was out there worshipping idols and what not. And since it’s God has poured out His spirit on the Jew first, and sent him to preach the Gospel, whereas prior to that time, they looked upon the Gentiles as dogs. Isolated and segregated them ____, even in the time of the Messiah. Now, when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Jew first, that’s the way God had planned it! And the Jews were to carry the Gospel to the Gentile! Therefore, the Apostle Paul tells the Jew who received the Holy Ghost, had all of the Law and the prophets, and everything was given to them, and so he’s telling them now, since it’s the purpose and plan of God to give you the Holy Ghost to carry it to the Gentiles. Therefore, you follow peace with all men, and holiness without which, if you don’t do that, then God… the Jew, give it to you first. Now, if you don’t do that, won’t none of the Gentiles out there hear. You see the point? You get it? Well, that’s the way that it is.

Somebody says, ‘Well, that ain’t the way I hear.’ I know that. So, he’s telling them, now since it was given to you, then you follow peace with all the Gentiles. Now, if you don’t do that, and since it was given to you first, to go to them in peace, won’t no man see the Lord. Now listen. When He sent them to preach, I said He didn’t send them to preach Holiness. This is what He… If He didn’t send them to preach Holiness, then what did He send them to preach? He said, go in all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Yahweh, and of the Son, in the flesh, Yahshua, the Messiah, and of the Holy Ghost, Elohim. Preach it to every creature, that’s the Jew and the Gentile. Listen! Are you, are you listening now? You’re still listening now. I wasn’t done with that. I said, listen, listen. Luke puts it this way: Now, He charged them to, that’s, go, listen, and that remission of sin should be preached in His name.8 Peter puts it this way: there’s no other name given under Heaven whereby man can be saved, saving the name of Yahshua the Messiah.9 Now, you let his dietary regime alone. You quit telling these folks, to take off the necktie. You quit telling these people what to drink and what to eat. You don’t bother with that, but if you can just get, preach him Yahshua the Messiah, and that his sins will be remitted through His name. Now, if you can get that over to him, and he can get the Holy Ghost in him, you show, you won’t have to be bothered by telling him to take off this, and put on this, and do this and do that to be holy. Why? Because the Holy Ghost in him teaches him. The Holy Ghost leads and guides him, not, the church ritual.

Somebody here, ‘Well, listen, I go to church to learn how to live.’ That’s the wrong thing. But I don’t care how you do, which way you do, that somebody’s dissatisfy with it. You can lay out here on your stomach, flat on your face, and pray for an hour or hour and a half, or two hours. And somebody said, ‘You old fool, you oughta get up from there, you oughta know better than that.’ You say, ‘Well, look, didn’t Paul say pray without ceasing. ‘Get the point? Anything you do, somebody got something, it’ll backfire. Paul said, ‘if I give all of my goods, give everything I’ve got,’ he didn’t have nothing, ____ ____ ____ ____ ‘give all my goods to feed the poor, and my body to be burned, cremated, and I didn’t have charity, it wouldn’t profit.’10 ____ ____ ____ So, you’re pulling off, putting on, and all that kind of jive and stuff. ____ ____ ____ rougue (rouge?) and somebody saying, ‘you don’t have your rougue on straight.’ They ain’t saying nothing about God or the Devil. You all like these kind of sermons?

Student Body: Yes! Yes.

Dr. Kinley: If you got to come in some place, and kneel down and pray. Before you speak, sit down, or whatever it is. That’s wrong. And, if you come on in, and set down first, then that’s wrong. I don’t care how you do, it’s wrong! Here, you don’t have but six cents, ‘I’d give all I had. Cast your bread upon the waters for he that liveth with the Lord…’ They’ll charge you to come back.11 Says, ‘The Lord blesses a cheerful giver.’12 They got the Bible on the thing. Well, I’d give all I had that’s for ____ ____. And somebody right on down yonder setting right on down in the audience, you old fool, you oughta have better sense than that. You know, the Law says give 10%. Get the point? And then, when you give 10%, they’ll still say that’s wrong. So now, if you’re gonna trigger around here and fool with the devil. And yes he’s in the other fella out there knows, he don’t want nothing.


8 Luke 24:47

9 Acts 4:12

10 I Corinthians 13:3

But, now, here is Paul with the Holy Ghost in him. God has made a promise that in his seed that He would bless all of the families of the earth. And, He said through Jeremiah… We tried to get down to that the other night. Mickey, better read Jeremiah 31:31, cause that’s what we’re talking about. We’re talking about that New Covenant.

Dr. Harris: Behold, the days come, saith the Lord,

Dr. Kinley: Behold, the days come, saith the Lord,

Dr. Harris: that I will make a new covenant

Dr. Kinley: that I will make a new covenant. Now, listen, you watch. Now, you’re supposed to be reading, remember. Now, you know what I mean by reading? You’re supposed to be reading me, whether it’s the Holy Spirit talking or whether it’s just me. Don’t forget that. Now, I’ve given you all kinds of illustrations and demonstrations, what you wear, about your ritualistic performances. I told you all about that, wasted all this time telling you about it so you can see the thing as it is.

Now look. I have to add some more to it. I have to add some more to it. Now, you find this. There is always… Now, that’s one thing that you have to give him credit for. He didn’t heal. He didn’t do like the fellows done over here not too long ago, not too many hours ago. He got up and he told us about Buddha, and about old Bishop So-and- So, and So-and-So. You were setting here looking at him, listening. Well, we don’t care nothing about that. Well now, look, you’re supposed to be reading. You’re supposed to be reading me, and I’m reading you. Ye are our epistles, read and known of all men.13

You remember I told you about how you conduct the services. Remember, I told you about the shingles hanging out there in the names of the churches and all. Remember, I told you. Now in this sermon, we’re gonna have the Lord’s Supper. Said, ‘Over in our church, we celebrate the first of every month.’ I just have to name it now. Over in Jehovah’s Witnesses, they don’t celebrate but once a year.


11 Ecclesiastes 11:1

12 II Corinthians 9:7

13 II Corinthians 3:2

Now, that’s what that is. Now the Catholic Church, they have mass every, every day, all the time. Now, you’re supposed to be reading. All right. Then now, then we have a baptismal ceremony after that. That’s part of the ritualistic performance. Baptizing in water, Lord’s Suppers… They haven’t got around to tell you when you’re gonna be circumcised. They just skipped that. And then, we get up there and we tell you about the Ten Commandments: ‘Do unto others, the Golden Rule.’ Now, the Devil is pulling all that stuff off. That’s in his performances. ____ ____ ____ He’s got the chalice setting here, he’s got the bread here. Now, I’m talking about your conscience too, I’m trying to show it to you: kneeling down on your knees and praying, get up: in the name of the Father… Am I lying, or am I telling the truth about it?

Student Body: That’s right! That’s the truth. Yes!

Dr. Kinley: Got the holy water. Got the pool down here in the Baptist Church. ‘Anybody want to come up and give me your hand and start for the kingdom tonight? We’re all prepared to go there.’ Now don’t overlook the fact that he’s standing, too. Say, ‘now, all of righteous people sit down, and the sinners stand up.’ He’s standing there too. (DR. KINLEY AND STUDENT BODY LAUGH)

Student Body: That’s right, Doc. That’s the truth! All right.

Dr. Kinley: That’s the service in the church. Now, that’s what, that’s what’s carried on out here in Babylon. That’s what’s done. Am I lying, or am I telling the truth. And I’m reading, you’re reading. We pass this round in the Protestant churches, some pass the cup before they do the bread, whichever way He done first. And then they pass the bread around. Is that right?

Student Body: Right.

Dr. Kinley: Well, it’s the orders that you take. Now, look, Roger, the Devil don’t know one cotton picking thing about God. He don’t know nothing about God. I’m fixing… I’m gonna get down here to prove it to you. That’s what I’m after. Look, I’m gonna let you read it out of the Bible!! Listen! Listen to me! God has taken special pains, hid it from the wise and the prudent, and revealed it unto babes.14 Paul said, not many wise men are called.15 Hath not God made foolishness the wisdom of the wise. And, when Paul sees what it was all about, through that vision and revelation, first thing he wanted to do, ‘Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the disputer of this world?’16 God had made a fool out of him.


14 Matthew 11:25

15 I Corinthians 1:26

16 I Corinthians 1:20

‘Now, what are you talking about, Doc?’ The bad thing he’s doing right there in his ritualistic course, or procedure is telling on him. You’re sitting there looking at him! Said, ‘Didn’t Jesus say for us to do this?’ No!!! Not in the Bible. Somebody say, ‘Well, listen, I’m gonna be a good Christian, I’m walking in the footsteps of Christ!’ Why didn’t you do that before He come and died the death of an outcast dog out there on Calvary? It wouldn’t have been necessary for Him to die. Somebody say, ‘Yes, I know. But He instituted this.’ Got their finger on it. You got a Bible in your hand, haven’t you?

Oh, children, I’m trying to show you something real about what the people in this school have learned. They want to know God and curse the Devil. They wanna know Him for sure. They want him to experience it within their hearts and within their own minds, and within their conscience, and they live every day, and every hour, every second, and every minute under the influence of the Holy Ghost. And they don’t run out here and do something, and then run back to the preacher or somebody and confess that they did wrong. Christ was manifested to make an end of sin!! Paul said, shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin live any longer therein?17 Now all that then, ____ lost?

Student Body: No!

Dr. Kinley: Have you lost the continuity of thought? Now, ye are our epistle, read and known of all men. I’m going back over to the New Covenant where I was. Do we begin again to commend ourselves, or need we, in this dispensation, when the Messiah was nailed to the cross out there, all of them things, this, eating these suppers, all this junk you got down here with, in this water, all of that, all this spreading holy water, listen boy, that’s the Devil incarnated in a body fooling you, deceiving you. Get it? Somebody said, got their finger on it, too look, put your finger on it in that book! Matthew 26:26. Somebody say, ‘Well, isn’t that in the New Testament?’ No!!! Your trouble is you don’t even know what the New Testament is. Get the point? Hold up your book there. Show ‘em; show everybody. Now, I don’t care what kinda Bible it is, whether it’s a Roman Catholic or Protestant Bible, it’s in all of them that way. That’s not so!! That’s not the New Testament. And then you go in Matthew. Now you got, you got what’s called the New Testament, haven’t you? Now, put your finger on it, in what they call the New Testament. Matthew 26: 26.

Dr. Harris: And as they were eating,

Dr. Kinley: And as they were eating,

Dr. Harris: Jesus took bread,

Dr. Kinley: Now, it don’t even say there what they were eating, do they?

Student Body: No. That’s right.


17 Roman 6:1

Dr. Kinley: Now, if you want to know what they’re eating, you have to go back up there in the 12th chapter of Exodus, to find out what they was eating. Get the point? And then listen Roger, are you, are you asleep? You wanna know where they was eating at, too. That’s got something to do with it too. Devil missed the thing in its conclusiveness. He missed it hook, line, and sinker.

Now, you think that’s in the New Testament. It’s not. Because that’s not what the New Testament is. We’ll get this down here in the 3rd chapter of 2nd Corinthians. And we’re gonna read it to you out of that Bible. And I want you to know that we have Roman Catholic Bibles, and we have Protestant Bibles, and we have revised versions, we have the latest one that was written, ____ ____ Bible. And I’ll have you to know that the Roman Catholics and the Protestants… You heard me! You’re not blind! I started this school. I should have brought some of that stuff down here and showed you. There’s a credit in everything that they did at the Ecumenical Council, everything they did from start to finish.


Dr. Kinley: And they use the right name in it… for the first time, and that was copyright about when, Dr. Harris?

Dr. Harris: 1963.

Dr. Kinley: 1963. Out yonder where they fall out, how to entrap all men. The man wrote a letter. Dr. Harris, Doc Gross got it in the files! Got ‘em locked up. And that preacher over there, how to entrap all men operates everywhere. Said that… that they wanted to come down here and challenge us, because said I didn’t have no vision. Well, I’ll tell you one thing he done, he went on in there and started using the names. And Littlefield alerted, from him they come over here, and you see them standing right up here.

Max I. Dumont, a Jew. You can get the books up here at any store, almost. Needer Books. Started in there and translated the name correct, Yahweh, Elohim, Yahshua the Messiah, which is correct. Well, we come right out in school down here and tell you. Now, you’re supposed to be reading in the New Testament. I told you it don’t make no difference what Bible you get. You’ll find it just like Dr. Jackson yesterday. You got a Bible. If you don’t have one, we can go home, look. Don’t, don’t pay no attention to what kind of book. Just look and see if they don’t have that in it, New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Well, no parts of that’s so.

Now, we’re down here to face facts. Now, you would be doing God, or do it God’s way or be lost. That’s all there is to that. And look, I’ll have you to know this: God ain’t setting way up in the sky somewhere on a throne, just all, (DR. KINLEY PROCEEDS IN A WEEPY, WHINEY (WHINY?) VOICE) ‘Ohh, ohh, I wish, I wish them people down there would repent. I tell you, I’m just so worried about it. I, I, I don’t see how in the world I’m gonna accomplish My purpose, if they don’t repent, I’ll tell you…’ Now, God ain’t doing nothing like that. I wish you people would get together and work up some…’ He ain’t doing that. You understand now what, what God’s attitude is about that?

He told you what was what through Moses and the Prophets, and through Messiah. Just like you learn the parables. You remember the parable that He gave, the Messiah gave. He said about Dives and Lazarus. Dives was a poor beggar. Lazarus was an extreme, Lazarus was a poor beggar. Dives was an extremely…

Student: rich man

Dr. Kinley: ____ ____ man. And it came to pass, so it seemed, and it’s gonna come to pass in our case too. And it came to pass that Lazarus died, and the rich man also died. And the rich man, he lifted up his eyes in hell and he saw even Lazarus afar off in Abraham’s bosom. And he wanted Lazarus to come and dip his finger in water and cool his parched tongue. Is that right? That’s a parable, there.18 And he was told, ‘Now Lazarus can’t come to you. Neither can you go to him.’ Why? ‘Because there’s a great gulf between you’ or set. Now, in other words, there’s a difference, there’s a great big difference between the Dispensation of the Law and the Dispensation of Grace. There’s a great big chasm and gulf between that. Abraham’s bosom. Abraham believed God. Law’s fulfilled and moved out of the way, Abraham’s bosom. And the chasm or the gulf between, that’s the difference between the Old Covenant or the Old Testament and the New Testament. And everybody was engulfed in the flames under the Old Testament. All had sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Messiah died and went to hell and preached deliverance to the captives in distress, and it is by their blood, by His blood, that they were redeemed and restored unto the Lord, and nobody else’s either. Is that right?

Student Body: Right!

Dr. Kinley: So then, now, you get, now catch the story. Said that, ‘now, Lazarus, he can’t come to you cause that of this gulf, to dip his finger in water and cool your parching tongue.’ This is a parable. ‘And you can°t go to him.’ ‘Well,’ said, ‘now, if he can’t come to men then I’ve got five brothers back there, living. Would you mind sending Lazarus to them and tell them not to come to this place.’ Where he was. ‘Send Lazarus to tell my five brothers living in the world, come and tell, and tell them not to come to this place.’ Get the point? And you know what it said? This is a parable. He said, ‘Now, your five brother, so all five of ‘em,’ said, ‘now, they either hear Moses and the prophets,’or in other words, you either hear Moses and the prophets or go to hell, where you are. ____ ____ ____ He’s just telling him, they hear Moses and the prophets, they already have. Now, you either hear them or else to hell he goes. Get the point?

Now you either hear what God said down here, cause if you don’t, you’re gonna lift up your eyes. Cause what Moses had to say, he just wrote down what God said. What the prophets put down, put down what God said, of the purpose of God. Now you either hear that or else you’re lost. Now then, that’s the Old and the New Covenant. I just wanted to say that so you could see what we’re talking about. Now, in Jeremiah. How’s that?


18 Luke 16

Dr. Harris: Jeremiah.

Dr. Kinley: Yes.

Dr. Harris: Behold, the days come, saith the LORD,19

Dr. Kinley: Now, behold the days come, saith Bishop Short.

Student Body: No!

Dr. Kinley: …says Henry C. Kinley.

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: …says Roger Jackson

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: Why, you all are on the ministerial staff around here. Aren’t you? Said Pete!

Student Body: No!

Dr. Kinley: Said Paul!

student Body: No!

Dr. Kinley: Where you reading?

Dr. Harris: Jeremiah 31:31.

Dr. Kinley: Said Jeremiah!

Student Body: No!!

Dr. Kinley: Behold, the days come, saith the LORD. Now the Lord said that. All right. Read on.

Dr. Harris: that I will make a new covenant

Dr. Kinley: Now look, I will, look! I will make a new covenant. Now, you keep your eyes open, and I may move fast pretty soon. cause I’ve got a lot of territory to cover, but I’ve got to make this thing plain to you. Now remember. Remember. Don’t forget. Don’t forget. You’re supposed to be reading. I’m not talking about the Bible. You’re supposed to be reading me, and I’m reading you. I’ve been reading you all week, and you’ve been talking to me all week, which will occur as I am gone. Now, you’re whatever I preach because you are my epistle read and known of all men.20 Now, do you need any commendation, to or from, licenses or letters of epistles or epistles of recommendation or now is it the Holy Ghost speaking? Now, you see what you’re up against.


19 Jeremiah 31:31

20 II Corinthians 3:3 

Now have I been up here performing a lot of ____ works, going through a whole lot of ceremonies, and first one thing, then another, washing feet, and baptizing, and eating Lord’s Suppers, and all like a that? Throwing away my cigars. And teaching you: don’t touch; and don’t taste. Somebody said that the Bible said that, said, ‘don’t touch; don’t taste.’ Said, ‘You’ll find that right there in the 2nd chapter of Colossians.’21 Listen, the Bible wasn’t talking about you touching and tasting cigars, and cigarettes, and liquor. Paul was telling you, don’t you touch! Don’t you taste that communion, that stuff that man’s got up there! You’d be a whole lot better off with a fifth, or a gallon, than you would just a little bitty touch of that.

Student Body: That’s right. Amen. Right.

Dr. Kinley: Yes, you would, Roger. It makes good wine. I’ve been drunk, too. I ought to know. More than once, too, whole lotta times. And every time I tell the Lord to just let me get over this and I won’t get on another one, then went right on back right on another one. Saith, the LORD. Now, I’ll hurry. Read.

Dr. Harris: that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel,

Dr. Kinley: Now, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will, I’ll do this, Bishop. That leaves me and you out. The LORD is making this New Covenant. Messiah said He was gonna build the church. There’s nothing for you to do, but to believe on the LORD. That’s what the book says.22

Somebody says, ‘What must I do to be saved?’ Said, ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus.’ That’ll take care of it. The Devil told you, ‘that’s ain’t, that’s insufficient. You just justified that. Now, you have to get in the water to get baptized, and get sanctified.’ Thus, saith the LORD, the days come saith the LORD. I didn’t say it. Everybody’s Bible reads this way: ‘saith the LORD. I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and the house of Judah.’ Now, he said, ‘the house of Israel and the house of Judah.’


21 Colossians 2:21

22 Acts 16:30,31

Now, I have explained enough to you about that. The reason why He had to say house of Israel and the house of Judah was because those kingdoms, after the, the reign of Solomon, those kingdoms was all under the twelve, all twelve of the tribes, was under David, the kingship of David, Saul, David, and Solomon. But after the decease of Solomon, then the kingdom was split up, ten tribes Samaria, and the other two tribes at Judea, with Jerusalem as the capital. So then, He’s gonna make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah.

All right, read on Doctor Harris.

Dr. Harris: Not according to the covenant

Dr. Kinley: Now look, look here. You ought, least ought to have wisdom enough and intelligence enough to see that I didn’t say that. Said, not according to the covenant, I’m gonna make a new testament, or a new covenant, not according to the covenant that I made with them in the days when I took them by the hand and bring, brought them out of the land of Egypt. Is that, is that what He said? Now, you’re supposed to be reading. I don’t mean out of the book. I mean reading what I’m trying, saying, and what’s going on out here, looking at the signs and the inscriptions, as you walk through the valley and the shadow of death.

And, as Sister Winfrey said, when she was up here, that she had learned that there was a negative and a positive, a right and a wrong, a good and a bad, a god and a devil. Now, where, where are you? Which side are you on? You’ll be able to see now in a few minutes. If you just hold what you got there on the line.

All right, saith the LORD, after those days. After what days? After the death, burial, and resurrection. No covenant, no testament, no will, even in your case. If your father was a millionaire, well, you don’t have to be worth quite that much, but whatever he has, you could not get it until he died, could you?

Student Body: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: In other words, a new covenant, or the new testament, will not come of effect until after the death of the testator, not before it.23 After those days. Read.

Dr. Harris: which my covenant they brake,

Dr. Kinley: Now, which my covenant they brake,

Dr. Harris: although I was an husband unto them

Dr. Kinley: Now look. Look here. Look folks. Look up here at me. Don’t you let the Devil make no idiot, no fool out of you. Now, that’s what they’re teaching you to do out here. Now, Israel did that back here, Bishop. Israel had these suppers, feasts of the Passovers. And I’ll have you know that the Messiah did not institute it. It was instituted before He come in the world. Now, listen. This circumcision, that was eight days after birth. Suppers, that’s the 14th. Now, Jehovah’s Witnesses… I have to keep bringing these things up so you can see that we do it according to the Bible, the 14th, the 14th of April, once a year. ‘Now, you know we’re right!’ You sitting down there, you don’t know a thing, that’s right, that’s what ____ ____ ____.


23 Hebrews 9:16

We’re not gonna do it like the Roman Catholics. We’re not gonna do it like the Protestants. ‘We’re right,’ and they’re always around sticking something in under your nose. I’m having you to know now, not according to the covenant that I made with them back there with Moses, in this respect. You read it, Dr. Harris? All right, read on.

Dr. Harris: But this shall be the covenant…

Dr. Kinley: Now, but my covenant they brake. Listen! When they was eating what you’re talking about there and what they’re doing, when they were doing, when the Law said do this, do that, when that was in effect, they broke it. No, I didn’t say that, I said God said so! Read it again, Dr. Harris.

Dr. Harris: which my covenant they broke, or brake,

Dr. Kinley: Said, He wasn’t gonna make another like that. Do you see it now?

Student Body: Yes!

Dr. Kinley: What that clown is standing up there telling you to do, that was already back down under the Dispensation of the Law. And when it was of a force and effect, they broke it. That’s what God said. You got it. Now, that was the Old Testament, that was the Old Covenant, that was with the house of Israel, listen at me now, house of Israel exclusively, not the Gentiles! God ain’t gonna make there another one like that.

Let me see if I can say this to you, Wallace. None of them people didn’t have the Holy Ghost, but Moses. I’m telling you, they were carnal! They were natural! They were physical! Therefore, God give them carnal ordinances, physical ordinances! And every ordinance He give was physical, was natural: water baptisms, foot washings, Lord’s Suppers, everything was just as natural as it could be. They broke it, so said God.

And look, folks, Messiah didn’t come to institute no parts of none of that. He didn’t come to institute no baptisms. He didn’t come to institute no Lord’s Suppers. Now if it’s a lie He told it. Well, if He didn’t come for that, then what did He come for? Matthew 5:17.

Dr. Harris: Think not that I am come

Dr. Kinley: Now, you see that now? Don’t think that. Don’t you think that I come to destroy the Law or the Prophets.

Dr. Harris: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.

Dr. Kinley: I am come to fulfill! No, Doc, that, that can’t be right. He don’t know what He’s talking about. He’s come to institute. Can’t you read? He come to fulfill. In other words, what you were doing, He come to get rid of it! And look, Roger, for your information, it wasn’t given to you in the first place. Now, what are you doing with it in the last place? It was given to Israel, and Israel broke it. Now, God said He wasn’t gonna make another covenant like that no more, cause they broke it. And it stood only in meats, and drinks, and diverse washings, and carnal ordinances.24

That Devil. That Devil. Now, here you go. No, I don’t ever forget nothing on what I’m talking about. No sir, I’m just as dead on my subject as I can be. Aren’t I, Bishop? He’s got a little piece of paper, he asks, ‘do we, do we need it.’ Now, you can tell whether I need a piece of paper or a recommendation from what I’m saying to you. From what I’m saying to you that they’re doing out there and I’m kicking against it, I need a piece of paper along with an institution with all these charts rolled together. And then, after I got a minute, I’m gonna settle it. Are we doing alright? Get the point? Read on.

Dr. Harris: But this shall be

Dr. Kinley: Now look, look, look, look folks, look Roger. But if God said, ‘now this is gonna be it.’ Now God said that. I think if God said it, it don’t, ought not to make much difference about what the Devil says. Now, if God said it, now, here comes, I’ll just show you the effects of it. Here comes along a fellow, God said that the day Adam eat of the fruit of that tree he shall surely die. Adam did die too. He died that day. Somebody said, ‘Well, look, yeah, I know you people read the Bible. But I don’t believe in the Bible. I’m an atheist. I’m volitary. I’m Thomas Paine. I don’t believe in the Bible.’ One day, you come along, you finally pass, and then they’re preaching your funeral. He don’t believe, he don’t believe in God, but God said, ‘you shall die.’ Well now, if he don’t believe in God, what’s he doing dying?

You see ‘em walking on out. ‘Where you going?’ ‘Lord said because you eat this, the dust, you come from dust you go back to it. Back to the earth.’ ‘Where you going?’ Somebody say to ‘Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory.’ Going to the cemetery.

‘No, you don’t understand! Look at me. I’m a millionaire!’ I’m sorry, just as sorry bout that, but you’ll have to will that to somebody else, cause the grave just six foot. Say, ‘you don’t understand, I got a half a dozen suits of clothes!’ There ain’t been one. Looking good, ain’t done no good. ‘What’s the matter? What’s the

trouble?’ ‘God said…’ That’s what’s happening. Get it? Pleases Him not! That’s it. Now, you got the full impulse of what I’m talking about? All right, read.


24 Hebrew 9:10

Dr. Harris: But this shall be the covenant

Dr. Kinley: But this… Now, this is going to be it! This shall be the covenant

Dr. Harris: that I will make with the house of Israel;

Dr. Kinley: that I will make with the house of Israel;

Dr. Harris: After those days, saith the LORD,

Dr. Kinley: After those days, saith the LORD,… You’re reading out of the Bible.

Dr. Harris: Right.

Dr. Kinley: Who said so?

Dr. Harris: Saith the LORD.

Dr. Kinley: All right. Then what else?

Dr. Harris: I will put my law in their

Dr. Kinley: No! No! Now, Doc, it don’t don’t don’t read like that! Read it like this! After those days, saith the LORD, into their hearts will Matthew write!

Student Body: No! No!

Dr. Kinley: Mark write!

Student Body: No!

Dr. Kinley: Luke write!

Student Body: No!

Dr. Kinley: John write!

Student Body: No!

Dr. Kinley: Paul write!

Student Body: No!

Dr. Kinley: Peter write!

Student Body: No!

Dr. Kinley: Well, what are you trying to make me believe some of that tomfoolery you talking’ about out there for?

Student Body: All right!

Dr. Kinley: What are you running around, sticking this thing up in my nose, and saying, ‘Look here, ain’t this the New Testament of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.’ No, man. And who wrote it? Said, ‘Well, this is the beginning of it. Matthew wrote this.’ You don’t know the difference between the New Covenant and the biography. Now, that goes for Roman Catholics and Protestants too, Mr. Smart Aleck. Said He’s gonna write the New Testament. And He’s gonna write it. Now, you watch out now, cause it’s here give you troubles. I told you God hid these things from the wise and the prudent and revealed ‘em unto babes.25 I told you that. Didn’t I tell you that? He made a regular ass out of a so-called smart men. He said He would bring to nought the wisdom of the wise, and the scribe, and that is just exactly what He did.26 And in your reading, you can look around and see that they don’t know what they’re talking about. And they’ve got the people deceived.

Now, I told you, and I have a copy of it. I’ve told you that there were 66 million people in the country that didn’t… 95 million that do not belong to no church. Do you remember I told you that? And I told you of them that did belong, Roman Catholics and Protestants, and including the cardinals, and the priests, the bishops, and the what haves, you name it, a lot of them don’t believe what they’re preaching.____ ____ You’ll get around to believing me after a while. I’m fixing to go away, and you won’t have to be bothered with me no more.

But, you’re my epistle. And what I’ve written in your heart, it don’t make no difference whether I’m present in the body or absent, it’ll hold up, it’ll last. It don’t make no difference where you go, it don’t make no difference where I go. It’ll last. Remember, I told you I tried to push them into some other church. I tried to get them into some other church. They can’t hang around here. They can’t stay here. You have to be pure in heart to stay in this school. You, you have to be.

Devil comes down here once in awhile. Looks over and says, ‘Gee, you got a big audience down there.’ Said, ‘I’ Called me up on the phone and says, ‘Look here,’ said, ‘I’d like to come down to your place and preach for you.’ Guest speaker. And they worried me to death so much with that, until I just said, ‘Well, Dr. Harris, you and Dewey McCoy, and Dr. Mixon here, I’m appointing you as a staff to take care of that.’ So, when they called me on the phone and asked me about it. They think I’m the ____ ____ ____. I ____. They think if I said it, that, that takes care of it. I said, ‘Now, you see Dr. Harris and them. Dr. Harris, and Dr. Mixon, and Dr. McCoy. Whatever they say about that, that’s the way it is.’


25 Matthew 11:25

26 I Corinthians 1:19

Well, now, here’s what, here’s what they’re doing. One stood right here on the floor no longer than this past Friday night, I usually set right here, He stood right there in the pulpit and said. Now this is what he said to me. He said, ‘my financial is kinda getting the better, the best of me, my financial means is overtaken.’ Now, he’s a guest speaker. He done looked over the congregation and said, ‘I believe I can get you some, about a congregation about this size, there’s enough idiots in here to, I ought to get me 15 or 20, or 25 to 30 dollars out of it. All I got to do is tell them something that’ll tickle their ears, of course, every once in a while I’ll go through some kind of a new, every once in a while. And I’ll get my financial needs kinda straightened out.’

Well, well we’re not that kinda idiots down here. We’re, we may be fools for Christ’s sake or Messiah’s sake but we’re not that, we’re not that kinda idiots. And he had it just exactly backwards. The people that come down here, they’re usually looking for something. And I never disappoint ‘em. They find it. If it’s some bread and meat, they find it. If it’s the Holy Spirit, they find it. Yes sir, either way. But don’t you come up here and try and fool somebody, cause these people are reading you. They see you, you just as naked as a jaybird in whistling time. Now, everybody who was here the other night, now you know who was up there. And they knowed it too, and this is what they said. See if you remember. Said, ‘Dr. Kinley’s looking at me. He’s gonna get me!’ Didn’t that man keep on saying that. He knew that I, he knew I was gonna beat his brains out!

Student Body: Right!

Dr. Kinley: Didn’t he keep on saying that?

Student Body: Yes!

Dr. Kinley: And after the service was over I said, ‘listen, brother, you come on back here! Stay here with me! I need you! You need me! I’m trying to help you.’ I’m sent to preach. It don’t make no difference about you being wrong! This is where you belong, if you’re wrong. That’s what I’m down here for, is to help you! I’m not down here to kick somebody around because they’re wrong.

And I told you, I don’t know how many times, I don’t have nothing to boast about. I just got through telling you about, a while ago, about how, I, I didn’t, I didn’t tell you half the times I been drunk. I don’t know myself. And a lotta other things. And in my young days, I carried a 38 blue steel pistol, and would shoot it, too. And didn’t even care nothing about the cops. Get the point? Just as rough as I could be. I meant what I said, and said what I meant. And I didn’t care how big you was. Ask ‘em back there. You ask them. Don’t ask me. I didn’t care how big you was, and how heavy you was, if you’s as big as brother Jones, I’d bust you in the mouth one time and… That’s right. Yes sir. Now, that was just my attitude. And I heard my mother pray, said, ‘Lord, if you don’t do something about that boy, he’s going to die with his boots on.’ And I couldn’t stand to hear my mother cry and pray like that. And I knew I was, was rough. And I said, ‘Lord, help me over, I’ll behave myself.’ I never wanted her to see ____ ____. Now, that’s what got me started, started to straighten me up. And I went on out and done just like the rest of the folks. I went on out and joined a church. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now, I’m supposed to be straighten out now.

When I tried to join the church, after, the preacher, says, I tried to get up and give my testimony that the Lord had saved me. I believed Reverend Brown, he was preaching holiness. He died here in California not long ago. That was way back in 1916. And he just died. He was real old man. He was close to 100 years old now, when he died.

Now, mamma done told me to go to church. So, I went to church. Of course, I’d been around before then, in church. I’d been in congregations all my life. So, when I got up to give my testimony, I was gonna live a clean, wholesome, consecrated, sanctified life unto the Lord. And I thanked God right in front of everybody. Conscience telling me all the time, ‘You hadn’t ought to be lying like that.’ I’m just telling you the truth. And I was hoping that I could hold up at it, hold out. And I would ask him, ‘You pray for me to help me hold out.’ And you know what the preacher said. Said, ‘You ought to sit down. You’re not dry behind the ears yet.’ Up here trying to preach. Instead of helping me, trying to encourage me.

So, I said that to say, it don’t make a difference how wrong you are. This is the place. This is the place. God sent them boys out to preach, to save the world. Now, if the world was already saved, He wouldn’t send nobody out. He didn’t send them out to kill nobody nor murder nobody. Is that right?

Student Body: Right!

Dr. Kinley: He didn’t send them out for that. And He told them before they went that they was gonna be killed. Now, they got it all hindparts before it. Said they’ll murder somebody in defense of the church. Now, Bishop, do you know what happened in the defense of the church, before they got that story twisted up like that. I’ll tell you what happened in the defense of the church.

Now, I told you church meant congregation or assembly. Didn’t I tell you that? Now, this is the first church, or the first congregation or assembly, I’ll put it, I’ll get over where you can see it really big, everybody can see it. Now, the church, the word church means congregation or assembly. Now, this is the first church, and this is the first congregation and the first assembly. That was not Roman Catholic and neither was it Protestant. Now, how am I doing now?

Now, who’s speaking? No, not Pete. God was speaking to them. The introduction? I am the LORD, thy God, not Moses, that brought thee out of the land of Egypt and out of the house of bondage.27 Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Now, that’s the first church, that’s the first congregation, that’s the first assembly. That’s the pastor, that’s the big shot in there, God Himself, wasn’t Moses. Oh, it’s wonderful. Moses and God spoke back there. God spoke back there. The earth was just trembling, and Moses had brought ‘em up. He said, ‘I’m afraid, too.’ And he stood there and trembled. God speaking to the, the earth just shaking. What’d you say that for, Roger? You see that man, the other night? Didn’t you see him shaking and trembling like that?


27 Exodus 20:1-3

Student Body: Right.

Dr. Kinley: You seen him, didn’t you, Bish? Said, ‘He’s watching me.’ I’m talking about God being in you. You abiding in God, him in you. And that Devil knew that, in that man. He’s walking around, and all the time he’s up here, he’s fooling around, he’s jiving around, trying to get hold of something nice to say, and all like that. And all that I tell you, ‘Dr. Kinley’s watching me.’ Ain’t that what he said?

Student Body: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: He’s shaking. Now, he thought I was gonna jump up and get on him. I just preached the gospel. That’d take care of him. Now look, folks, you won’t have to be bothered with me after today for a while, but I do want to get it over to you, so that you can see what I’m talking about. Now, if I wanted to, I could stick my finger in my ear and talk so fast you can’t hardly understand, can’t hardly keep up with me, and speak distinctively, too. Spy that old bat. (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) Said, he ought to sit and sit down long time. That’s what the devil say. ‘You know, Doc, I’m so well acquainted with you.’ He knows that won’t fly. Get it? He knows I’ve got my dinner to get. Well, you’ve been getting dinner nearly 2000 years and all, and you haven’t learned nothing. He’ll rip and rush right out of here and right up in the, in some drive-in studio, go home and turn the TV and watch the program that’s on. TV Guide. Hang around there, and sit around there, doze off, go to sleep, wake up. You know what that is. Doctor bill came. If you pay your bills, you ain’t gonna have no money to go out you know damn well. Ain’t nothing out there, just stay home, cause they ain’t paying you that much.

Student Body: (LAUGHTER) That’s right!

Dr. Kinley: (LAUGHING) Isn’t that terrible! Ain’t I terrible? I almost know us. Almost know us.

But this shall be the covenant that I will make them after those days, put my Law in their hearts and their minds, will I write it, not Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Now, that takes care of this, what they call the New Testament.

Now, do we begin again to commend ourselves?28 Or is it necessary. As I heard Bishop Short say here a couple of Sundays ago, he wasn’t no beginner, no novice, no child. Said he knew what was out there in the world. He wasn’t no greenhorn. That’s true. We’ve all been out there. You know, too. You know that’s what they’re doing out there in the world. Doing the very thing they ought not to be doing.


28 II Corinthians 3:1

Listen, let me tell you something. Now, you listen at me real good. Now, take these things home with you. Christ was not instituting Lord’s Suppers. He was, or Passovers, or communions, or, I, I, I’m going to eventually get it so you know what I’m talking about. He was not doing that. Now, the reason why He ate that supper was because, as you just read over there, He said that, that He was fulfilling. Now, you’re trying to tell me that He don’t know what He was doing, and He’s instituting instead of fulfilling.

You’re trying to tell me God don’t know what He’s talking about, when He’s over there in Jeremiah with the new covenant. He said He wasn’t gonna make another one like that, where the, all them carnal ordinances, and all them people being sprayed and stuff. God said He wasn’t going to do that. You’re saying God don’t know what He’s talking about. God said I will write in your hearts.


Dr. Kinley: You’re trying to tell me Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and I’m disagreeing. You say I’m a bad fellow because I disagree. You say you’re trying to build a church. I say, I ain’t worrying with that, Messiah said upon this Rock He’ll build it. Get over in the 2nd chapter of Acts of the Apostles, up there on the Day of Pentecost. You read there, when the Apostles preached, and the Lord added to the church daily, such as should be saved.29 I’m against everything you’re doing out  there. That’s why I look so bad.

But you are our epistles, written in our hearts, read and known of all men.30 Here comes the 64,000 dollar… Look. Look. Look! When you take your book, your Bible I’m talking about, you got in there Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. I’m showing you how it is. Then you got Isaiah, Jeremiah. ‘No, I know Kings and Chronicles, I know the history there, I know Joshua and Deuteronomy is in the Bible, did that man hear me?’ Yes, I do. You won’t have to say that when you go home. What I’m talking about is the Law and the Prophets, the history. All right. Now then look, you got, come on over and you got what you call the major prophets. That’s wrong. Got what you call the minor prophets. That’s wrong. Mitch, you ain’t got much of a chance to get straightened out there, have you, cause everything, I say everything you do is wrong. Now, here’s where you made your mistake on that. If it was God speaking to Jeremiah, Isaiah, Micah, and them, your major, if it was God speaking to them, they couldn’t go no further than what God said. If God said a whole lot, they called Isaiah the silver-tongued prophet, because he had lots to say. He’s a major. Micah, he, he, there ain’t much to him. He’s a short horse and needs a curb. He’s a jack rabbit. Get the point? But now, I’m having you to know that God is speaking through all of these men. And, and their much saying, they couldn’t say anything other than what God said to ‘em. So, there’s no such thing as major and minor. You get it? Don’t that make horse sense? Don’t it? All right. What else?


29 Acts 2:47

30 II Corinthians 3:2

Dr. Harris: Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle

Dr. Kinley: Forasmuch then, as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ, written in our hearts, ministered unto us, read and known of all men. He’s been reading you. That’s what that clown is doing. It’s just a regular three-ring circus. Now, here’s a man who was with Christ or God. Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness.31 Paul said to the Galatians, and, and, and even after reading it out of the Bible to them they’re not convinced. Even after you read it out of the Bible. You wanna read it out of there? Look at the 3rd chapter of Galatians and see. After, after, after telling you just, just the things I been telling you. Read.

Dr. Harris: O foolish Galatians,

Dr. Kinley: Now, look, you big fools you. O foolish Galatians,

Dr. Harris: who hath bewitched you,

Dr. Kinley: Now, who fooled you? Who fooled you upon all this clowning, you carrying on around here eating Lord’s Suppers and down in these holes and into pits and things there. O foolish Galatians! Galatians are Gentiles. O foolish Galatians. Foolish Galatians! Who deceived you? Read.

Dr. Harris: that ye should not obey the truth,

Dr. Kinley: that you should not obey the truth,

Dr. Harris: before whose eyes Jesus Christ was evidently set forth

Dr. Kinley: before whose eyes Jesus Christ was condemned, set forth among them, crucified. Brothers listen! Christ died to move all them carnal things! All of them things that these preachers is doing. Now, what are you doing! Now who fooled you? O foolish Galatians. Read on.

Dr. Harris: This only would I learn of you,

Dr. Kinley: Now, this, this only… A great apostle, with the Holy Ghost in him, going every which way performing miracles, and live as a … He was raising the dead through the man. Preaching the gospel, and covered more territory than any of the rest of them, and Spoke in more tongues than the rest of them! Said now, I was disowned. I don’t want to know but one thing of you. This only would I learn of you. All right. read.

Reader: Received ye the Spirit by the works of the law,

Dr. Kinley: Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law,


31 Galatians 3:6 and James 3:23

Reader: or by the hearing of faith?

Dr. Kinley: or by the hearing of faith? Are you listening? Even the Devil stand right up there, right in his face. And you can’t read. Did you receive the spi… Look! ‘Come up here, everyone of you here. Come up here. Gimme your hand. Gimme your hand. God ____ get ready to be baptized right now.’ Yes, you can take this communion, ____ ____ on your plate. Now, is the way you got the Holy Ghost? Don’t set up there and lie like that. Or was it by the hearing of faith. Set here listening like you, God said so and so. God said after those days into their hearts I will put my Law. And you who believed. Isn’t that how you believed?

Student Body: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: Now all this performing you’re doing. What you’re doing, you’re just showing you don’t know what, you don’t know nothing about what it’s all about. Get the point? Received ye the Spirit by the works of the Law? This here… Look folks, listen. Now, I been trying every kind of conceivable way to just give it to you just word for word. Now look, here’s what you’re, here’s what you’re telling me. You don’t believe it! You couldn’t believe it to save your soul. There ain’t no need for you to lying around like that. You’re telling me that this is Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, that’s the New Testament. Then you turn right around, put your finger on it, Dr. Harris, Matthew 26:26.

Dr. Harris: And as they were eating,

Dr. Kinley: And as they were eating,

Dr. Harris: Jesus took bread,

Dr. Kinley: took bread,

Dr. Harris: and blessed it, and brake it,

Dr. Kinley: and brake it,

Dr. Harris: and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body.

Dr. Kinley: This is my body.

Dr. Harris: And He took the cup,

Dr. Kinley: And likewise, He took the cup,

Dr. Harris: and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying Drink ye all of it;

Dr. Kinley: Uh hmm. Read.

Dr. Harris: For this is my blood of the new testament,

Dr. Kinley: Now look. Listen here, Roger. You done, you done told me this is the New Testament, this over here. You done fell out with me cause I won’t, I won’t buy it. Now, you get over here and you tell me over here in Matthew that this cup is the New Testament. Then you get over there in Jeremiah 31:31 and you tell me that God said this is the New Testament. What kind of a fool do you think I am? You see the point? Something wrong somewhere. You see it? Do you see it? Now, they won’t let me carry on like I’m carrying on out there in these churches. That’s why we have to have the school. They put me out. Just tell it plain, clear. And some of ’ems asked me about Bishop Short staying here. ‘You think he’ll stay?’ Yeah, he’ll stay. There ain’t nowhere else for him to go. He can’t stay nowhere else, listen, if there ain’t nowhere else for him to stay, not if he gonna preach the truth. Now, that’s the truth. If he means something, there’s nowhere else for him to go. If you mean something, there ain’t nowhere else for you to go. There ain’t nothing you can do, but just come on down here.

Now look, remember I told you that they think that this was what they said where you read at, was in the New Testament. Then you, want me, then you’re telling me Matthew wrote it. Then you get over yonder, and you’re telling me, God said I’ll write it. Say, what kind of a idiot do you think I am? Then you think I don’t know, cause you don’t. As smart as you think you are, and as holy and as righteous as you think you are, you think that because you don’t know, and there’s no way under the sun for you to be wrong as smart as you are. Now what you’re doing, you’re judging me. You see the point?

Then you get up and walk out say, ‘I don’t want to hear no more about that Institute down there. Don’t tell me nothing about that Institute. I don’t wanna hear another thing about it.’ What’s the matter baby? Said, ‘All them people down there are wrong. They are just as dead wrong…’ If what you’re talking about out there is right, they’re just as dead wrong as they can be. We don’t go along with none of them, Roman Catholics, or Pr… Now listen, I mean no parts of it!! I mean we don’t take no parts of none of it. You stand up there telling me all that junk.

Then, then listen, you know better. And your old carnal conscience hurting you too. You’ve got a little old piece of bread there, ain’t hardly enough to feed a parakeet, and a little dropper of grape juice down in your physical body. And you’re telling, telling me that that elevates you in the spirit. I say you’re wrong, barefaced, unnecessary liar. Won’t do you no good in the spirit. Listen, Doc, it won’t hardly do you no goo… It didn’t have enough to do you no good in your physical body, to say nothing about the spirit. Now, God never has been that stingy and that tight. Even the bartender would give you more than that, a bigger shot than that.

Now, I’m giving it to you straight. These things might seem comical to you, but I’m just showing you why it is that the people don’t nowadays that’s walking the streets and don’t wanna belong to none of these hellholes you call church, cause all they’re doing, they’re trying to sap your money out of you, get your money. You pray, pay you to say prayers, to pay somebody to pray prayers for you. Pay somebody for the pews and seats you sit in. Pay your dues. Paul said, I beseech you by the mercies of God, that you present your body a living sacrifice, holy, and acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.32 God wants all or nothing nobody’s tenth and all. ____ ____ ____ cheap. Preacher standing around arguing about his salary. ‘Well, you know, the cost of living has gone up! Oh, you all know that! Went up 10% last month, and I ain’t getting but $150. I need a raise in my salary. You can’t keep these lights burning, and this, that, and the other.’ I thought you said your salary. Said ‘Yeah! I need a raise in my salary!’ When he’s done singing his blues and crying the blues about his salary, then he’s talking about paying off the mortgage and his debts. And you’ll be done, when he’s done bleeding you, got you hook, line, and sinker, pole and baid.


Dr. Kinley: All right, read on.

Dr. Harris: Are you so foolish?33

Dr. Kinley: Now, are you so foolish?

Dr. Harris: Having begun in the Spirit,

Dr. Kinley: Now, I, I, now I don’t appreciate you calling me a fool. Paul said, now, having begun in the spirit, now, who fooled you? Are you that big a fool? That’s the reason why I ain’t gonna get some grape juice and some crackers around here, and offer it to you like that, and tell you that’s the Lord’s transubstantiation into the body and blood of Christ. Just who do you, who do you think you are creating Christ? Got Him all stuffed down here in a little old… And you been drinking Him for nearly two thousand years, and you haven’t got all of Him drink up yet. Somebody shoving, bringing in the oven, unleavened bread. Here’s the body of Christ. ____, Now, are you… are you that big a fool? Now, where you got started… Read it again, Dr. Harris.

Dr. Harris: Are ye so foolish? having begun in the spirit

Dr. Kinley: Now, that’s where you begun. Within the spirit, now here’s where you begun at, as Gentiles. As those are of gentiles. When Peter went down to Cornelius’s house, while Peter yet spake, the Holy Ghost fell on them! That’s how they begun. Oh, yes, it did, 10th chapter of Acts of Apostles. And Peter recommended one of them things, baptize, and then Peter withdrew that, 11th chapter. Sure, he did.

Children, what I’m saying to you in so many words is this. You don’t find many. you won’t find many preachers in the world. Now, here’s why you won’t find them. Cause they can’t get up and preach to you like I have been preaching to you, telling you to just be still. Now this is my story all the time. Be still. Keep the babies quiet. Be still. Please, be still, and know that I am God speaking. I’m talking about God speaking to you.34 That’s fine. And then you perceive, you believe in me, I believe in you, it’s my Father in Me, it’s our Father in you. We all know one another from the least to the greatest. Ain’t that what you got in that Book, so called Old Testament? God said they shall all know Me, from the least to the greatest.35 Is that right, Dr. Harris?


32 Romans 12:1

33 Galatians 3:3

34 Psalm 46:10

35 Jeremiah 31:34

Dr. Harris: Right.

Dr. Kinley: They know Me. I don’t care if it’s Bishop Short up here. I don’t care if it’s Roger up here. I don’t care if it’s Sister Winfrey up here. I don’t care if it’s Dr. Gross up here. We’re all doing it. We know that it is our Father. And I don’t mean Pete, and I don’t mean the pope. And I don’t mean the archbishops. And I’m talking about cardinals, too. But, we know that it is our Father, which not gonna be in Heaven, but which art in Heaven, speaking through, as I told you, His physical body, His physical body.

Paul said, know ye not, don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, of which temple you are. Therefore, glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are His!36 You don’t have nothing. Everything belongs to God. And the prophet said, what shall I give in exchange for my soul, ten thousand rivers of oil, or lambs.37

And now, you’re half enough, or idiot enough, to come up here and try to pay somebody to say some prayers for you. Well, said, ‘What, didn’t they say pray without ceasing.38 Pray, that prayers and intercession should be made for all people. Why, can’t you read? Well then, if you can read, then read this prayer we wrote out here for you.’ I’d be almost, Jones, don’t you, don’t you fool with me like that, you hear. Don’t you come offer me no prayer somebody wrote out and hand it to me and don’t you buy nothing like that either. Now, you wanna know why? For the Spirit within you, within you… When the Messiah went out there in the Garden of Gethsemane; He said, ‘I’ll pray the Father for you.’ And He said, ‘Father, I pray for these, not for these only, but for the world.’39 Is that what He said?

Now, here’s what I want you to see. I want you to see that that same one who was out there in the Garden, is right down in you, making intercession for you, right in you, just like He was out there. Quickening spirit in you. Paul said, the 8th… Says, ‘Where you find that at?’ Said, well, you find that in the 8th chapter of Romans, verse 26. Said, for we know not how to pray as we ought, and neither does no cardinal, but the Holy Spirit maketh intercession for us with groanings that cannot be uttered. The Spirit helpeth our infirmities, not the cardinal, not the priest, not Kinley, not the pastor. It’s the Holy Spirit that makes intercession for us.


36 I Corinthians 6:19,20

37 Micah 6:7 and Matthew 16:26

38 I Thessalonians 5:17

39 John 17:20,21

One time there was a fellow standing… I’ll just show it to you. He said he was a Pharisee and one was a publican, one went down to the Temple to pray. Two of them went down there to pray, the Pharisee and the publican. The Pharisee, he said, ‘I thank God I ain’t like other folks.’ Said, ‘I pray, and I do this, and I do that, and I do the other.’ And the publican, he wasn’t so well fixed up, and so he just said, ‘Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.’40 And he went down to his house more justified than that man that all there, because he like to stand out there in his robes and regalia, pray for his much seeing. And that’s the same thing these clowns are doing around here, just clowning. I do wish…

Paul said, now, o foolish Galatians, are you so foolish, having begun in the Spirit… Now, that’s where you got started. The Gentiles… None of them carnal ordinances, no Lord’s Suppers, none of that, was ever given to you! Now that’s the way… That was fulfilled and abolished, and nailed to the cross! And seven years after that, which is down at Cornelius’s house, 10th chapter of Acts of Apostles, the Holy Ghost was poured out! That’s how you begun! Begun in the Spirit, are you now made perfect by the works of the Law? Is that what he got there? Read!

Dr. Harris: Have ye suffered so many things in vain?

Dr. Kinley: Now, have you suffered so many things? All right. Read on

Dr. Harris: If it be yet in vain.

Dr. Kinley: If it be yet in vain.

Dr. Harris: He therefore that ministereth to you

Dr. Kinley: He, therefore… Listen. Do we begin again to commend ourselves? Therefore, that ministered to you, ministered to you what? The bread and the wine?

Student Body: No!

Dr. Kinley: The wine and the bread?

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: So he that ministereth to you, ministered to you what? The Spirit. That’s all I’m talking to you about, Doc. I’m talking about God being in you. God’s not dead: in you!! He that ministers to you the Spirit. All right, read on.


40 Luke 18:10-14

Dr. Harris: and worketh miracles among you,

Dr. Kinley: And worketh miracles among you,

Dr. Harris: doeth he it by the works of the law,

Dr. Kinley: Now, does he do it by the works of the law? Read!

Dr. Harris: or by the hearing of faith?

Dr. Kinley: or by the hearing of faith? God said a thing, I believe it!! And I told you. Listen! I don’t have nothing to boast about. You don’t know nobody living on earth, cardinal, priest, pope, nobody, you don’t know nobody living on this earthplane, and breathing breath, you don’t know nobody dead. I think that almost took all of ‘em all up, that have told you any more about God, and have performed any more miracles, than I have performed. The dead have been raised from the dead at my hands!

Student Body: Right! That’s right!

Dr. Kinley: The lame have been made to walk. The blind have been, eyes that can open. You don’t know nobody that did no better than that. All kinds of diseases have been healed. People take and look at me in the face. You even fool yourselves about that little round shouldered, black, nappy headed and all that stuff you were talking about. When I speak, God bless your soul, it happens! Seen what I seen. Vatican, and New Delhi, and Washington, and everywhere else. Now, I’ve been trying to be nice about the whole thing. Now, I’ve been real nice about it.

When I spoke, five hundred and fifty million said Pope John wanted to live until June the 6th! And I said he must die before June the 6th. I stood here and told you that there would be an earthquake, and what day it would be on. Now, you don’t know nobody nowhere that’s did no better than that! I told you when Roosevelt… I told you John F. Kennedy… No need you running up to me, trying to tell me about some bigshot! I’m as big as you make ‘em!

Student Body: That’s right!

Dr. Kinley: How’m I doing, Freddie?

Dr. Allen Jr.: Just fine, Doc.

Dr. Kinley: What’s the difference? It’s my Father in me. Henry C. don’t amount to a tinker’s dam. And neither do you. But if you see my Father in me, and it’s my Father in you. It’s in Him that we live, and we move, and we have our being41 and we know that God’s purpose is written in our hearts with His Spirit. And we can read that light. And you stand around boasting, and blowing, and bragging, and all different kinda thing, about how great you are. You’re telling on yourself. And what you’re doing up here, you’re telling on yourself.


41 Acts 17:28

You are our epistles, written in our hearts, and read and known of all men. Listen! Let’s go then. Remember. I’m not gonna let you go until I tell you these things. You remember I told you when I went down here and showed you how Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers… You remember that?

Student Body: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Now, then I showed you the prophecies. Is that right?

Student Body: Right.

Dr. Kinley: But now, look. You are our epistles, the New Covenant, of the New Testament. Not Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John but you. Written not in tables of stone, as this old one was back here. This was only a type and a shadow, showing you that it would be written in your heart and in your mind. God said that’s where He was going to put it: written in your heart and in your mind. Listen! And you don’t need Pete! You don’t need nobody to let you in and out of heaven. It’s the Spirit that quickeneth.42 And all that the apostles were doing, all that any of them ever done at any time was out there preaching and it was, fact of the matter to tell you the truth, it wasn’t them preaching, it was the Holy Ghost speaking through them. They ain’t done nothing. Nobody, no place, nowhere has got no business boasting and blowing in the sight of God! Nobody!

Now, you are our epistles. This thing you talking about being the New Testament over here, you are our epistles. Now, look, Wallace, when I get these all together, then I got a book. John out there on the Isle of Patmos. He seen these epistles. He said I saw an angel come down from heaven having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.43 And he laid hold on that old serpent, the Devil, and bound him a thousand years. I can’t go into all of it, because I don’t wanna keep you here, but I know you’re getting restless. And bound him a thousand years, but the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. And somebody thought that Christ was going to jump down through the clouds, on the day of the living when He come here, then they be given eternal life, and them that spade up… They have to spade them up out there, they call that the first resurrection. I beg your pardon. That’s not it. You haven’t got nothing right so far. Then here you are, standing around, I want to tell you about this too, here you are, all your churches, all of your big shots, your smart, so called smart men, Wallace, it’s a sickening mess. You’d better start trying to find God for yourself. And let the Devil I won’t say go to hell, let him stay there. Talking about population explosion. Well look, Bishop, if what you, if what your people what you say about it is right. Look, here He comes, jump down from the sky. Three billion people living on earth now. We haven’t got enough food and stuff to feed ‘em with. And China has compulsory birth control. Contraception. Even down sterilizing the men. Keep down the population explosion. Malnutrition, the rickets, people just dying from starvation, little kids, you see their ribs. Nothing to feed them with. The population’s 3,000,000,000. I know some of you have to go, that’s okay. And here you are silly enought to think He’s gonna jump down from the sky, gonna dig up all them from Adam on down, and add them to the three billion that’s on earth already living. There wouldn’t even be standing room. You get it now? And that’s what you call the first resurrection. But the rest of the dead lived not again until after the thousand years, them’s the wicked ones. Got all the good folks here that time… the first one. Then the wicked be raised. Now, Jehovah’s Witnesses and them teaching that out there. And listen, stupid enough to say and of the whole population of the earth on down, from Adam on down until now (now listen at me) only 144,000 of them, of the earth class is gonna get to go to Heaven. A hundred and forty-four thousand. And then you’re stupid enough to believe all that junk. Now, if you took 144,000 of these billion, 3,000,000,000 that we got on earth added to all those others we got there, you still wouldn’t, you couldn’t miss 144,000. And God said He’s gonna multiply the sands, the Children of Israel as the sands of the sea and as the stars of heaven.


42 John 6:63

43 Revelation 20:1

And you’re around here complaining about it, and grumbling about it, talking about we ain’t got enough food. God can’t take care of it, and all like a this. You trying to set up birth controls, and all that kinda stuff. Brother, you don’t know nothing about God.

Just like Pharaoh. The Devil in him. Right now Pharaoh, all the male children was born, he told the midwives to put them to death cause if they didn’t, the Israelites would increase above them, and they’d put them in bondage. That’s the way, that’s the way the Devil thinks. Birth control. And we’re gonna make it our business to see to it that they don’t be born. We don’t care what it costs. Ain’t enough food here to feed ‘em. Do you see how stupid we are, that is? And yet and still we call ourselves praying to God. It’s bad ____. Into their hearts will.., I be back on the text, back on the text. Received ye the spirit by the works of the law. You know good and well, ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ thing. And you know it too, you never got nothing out of that covenant. You didn’t even get enough grape juice out of it and even enough of that cracker to do your physical body any good. And then you set up there and lie, and say you feel it all down in there and all in your conscience. Now you just think about it.

They say I’m a bad fellow. I’m awful. ____ ____. He that ministers to you, He that works miracles, healing the sick and raising the dead ____ ____ ____ ____ any ____. By the hearing of faith, God said that. He ____ baptise (baptize?) ____. Now that’s not saying ____ ____ ____ ____. And I been telling you that. God said that. That He ____ ____ and ____ ____ ____ ____ God is ____ ____ ____ ____. Divine healers. Heals. There ain’t no divine healer on the earth. ‘I’m with this, and I’m with that,’ and all tightened up in your carnal mind, just so afraid that somebody won’t notice you. Who, do you think you are, anyhow? Don’t nobody care nothing about you, Jones.

Dr. Willie Jones: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: They’ve done even got around to the place now, where there are so many Negroes own Cadillacs, they ain’t got no respect for a Negro riding in a Cadillac any more. They done got around to the place where they call that a poor man’s car. Because you want to get rid of all the breakdowns and the repair bills and all that kinda thing, to save yourself some money, you have to buy three or four little ones, pickups, compacts, and all that kinda thing. By the time you get home off of one of these freeways, you got to go and get some bolts and nuts to put in it on the other end, come back down on this end, you got to do some fixing up, just because you’re buying yourself a Cadillac. It’s cheaper to run that than it is one of those kinda things. So now, they got around to the place where they call…

Now, it used to be the white people, they used to have great big penthouses, servants sitting up there caring for ‘em, society says, wearing long gloves, come up here. They got fourteen, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, and thirty, or forty rooms in a mansion, and he set back up there with a big high hat on. That’s all out of style now.

You find him out there now driving his own car, going when he gets ready, coming when he gets ready. There’s very few people, and all that big house, he don’t wanna be bothered with it, the wife don’t wanna be bothered with it, she got her own bungalow down there, out there someplace: bedroom, living room, she’s touching buttons, window curtains headed that way. Things are not like they used to be, folks.

This is not a showoff time. What we’re trying to show off is God now, not you. Don’t nobody care nothing about you. They don’t care about your money and all that kinda thing. They don’t care about your reputation; they don’t care about your family tree. They don’t care if you’re even an angel drop down from heaven. That’s not the show. And because they been trying to show off theirself so much, well, the people have got around to the place where they think God is dead.

Read on a little further, Dr. Harris. I’ll let you go in, in a minute or two. I’ll try to. In the 3rd chapter of Galatians.

Dr. Harris: Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness…

Dr. Kinley: No. I, I want ye are our epistles written in our hearts.

Dr. Harris: Forasmuch as ye are manifestly

Dr. Kinley: For as much then that, what I’m, the reason why I’m saying this to you is… Now look, when I leave here, don’t you think for one minute that you’re gonna be justified and say; ‘Well, I don’t need Yahweh, I ain’t going down there.’ That’s the way they do it back in Ohio. He’s gone. Listen, you planted this down there, when I left to go to Springfield, Ohio, and went to Cincinnati. Didn’t you, Dr. Gross?

Dr. Carl F. Gross: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: Dr. Bass and all. You know why? What’s the use? It’s kinda like what Bishop said here a Sunday or two ago. You done tried and done told people all everything you know to tell them, and all that kinda thing, tell ‘em about Christ. And you done tried and tried and tried. It won’t work at home. And the more you tried, ‘That’s all right. Yup, yup, yup.’ Can’t get along with you no kinda way. ‘Oh well, what’s the use!’ Now, that’s the way they did in Springfield, just got discouraged. And I tell you things to keep you from getting discouraged. And keep you coming to class, and bring somebody with you. The curtain is just about to come down. It’s just about to close.

Don’t get discouraged. Yes, I know the Devil is, is raising sand with everybody. Out there on the job, they won’t pay you like they should. They put more work on you. Everything is going wrong around the house. The wife and the husband and the kids, and all like that, just can’t get along. Everything’s wrong. But don’t be, get discouraged. Come on down, because… Come on down to school, because then you help somebody and somebody helps you. We’re helpers one of another. A man come to my house


Dr. Kinley: last week. His wife had been down here to school. I’m gonna tell you about this. His wife had been down here to school, and she was so much holier than anybody down here. She don’t need no man around. She’s too holy for that, sex I’m talking about, won’t be bothered with that. She’s too holy for that. You go down there and understand all things ____ ____ down to school. Won’t be bothered, ____ ____ ____ ____ ____. You go on down there to that place if you want to, that’s what she told her husband. You go to that place if you want to but.., I won’t be bothered with them people, most especially them niggers. You just might as well say that. She doesn’t want to be bothered with him. Next thing, two, three, or four years, the next thing you know… ‘What? Oh no, not you!’ Caught with another man. Why in the world didn’t you just come on out and say it in the first place. What do you want to blame it on us down here for? Why didn’t you just tell him to his face? No, have to be caught in the act. Just wasn’t honest enough to come and say, ‘Listen, I used to think something of you. I don’t want to be bothered with you.’ Why didn’t you do like I told you a while ago, just tell him right to the face, right to the nose. Come on clean. Don’t be, (SOUNDS LIKE DR. KINLEY IS BARKING AND GROWLING) ‘Grr, and grr.’ And everything you say, ‘grrr.’ So and so ‘Humph.’ I don’t care what… You just gonna say: here’s a dog constantly ‘grr.’ Have to look the second time before you’re setting up shop. Just a constant squabbling, even when you’re talking about it on the phone. And if they ain’t looking right at you, and just happen to hear you. ‘Listen, that baby had a five, had five bucks!’ ‘Boy, don’t you bother me, can’t you see I’m busy!’ Just anything. Just a Devil in them every kinda way. That’s the way it is all over the world.

Read. I have something in there I wanted to get to in conclusion.

Dr. Harris: but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart.

Dr. Kinley: Not in tables of stone. Now, that, that Ten Commandment Law is written in tables of stone, but God’s writing it in your heart and in your mind. I didn’t say Matthew. I didn’t say a cardinal either. Not writing on no ink page nor nothing, after you learn how you ____ ____ ____ ____ ____. I’m not talking about that. You get it now? Written in our hearts. Read on, Doc.

Dr. Harris: And such trust we have through Christ, the Lord.

Dr. Kinley: And such trust have we to you through Messiah. Read on.

Dr. Harris: Not that we are sufficient of ourselves

Dr. Kinley: Not that we are sufficient all by ourselves. Read on.

Dr. Harris: to think any thing as of ourselves;

Dr. Kinley: to think any thing of ourselves;

Dr. Harris: but our sufficiency…

Dr. Kinley: Now wait a minute. If I ain’t gonna think anything of myself then you know what I think about you. All right. Read on.

Dr. Harris: but our sufficiency is of God.

Dr. Kinley: Our sufficiency is of God. And it is not of some man or some men deciding or decree His way. Listen Roger, we don’t give a hoot about that. Didn’t you heard the latest? Yeah, and the earliest too. That’s why the Pope issued a decree. He granted a, he granted a dispensation, you can eat meat on Friday now. I’ll eat anything I wanna eat, any day I want to eat it, and it’s none of your business! The Hell with it. Why all of sudden? Just like Paul, when he was up there in Ephesus, eating meat sacrificed to an idol. Now, you’re not supposed to do that! But them people that he had along with him, they were supposed to be wise! They were supposed to understand that the man was eating the meat because he was hungry! And they brought a accusation against him. Said, ‘if eating meat offend my brother, I’ll eat no more meat while the world stands.44 He meant eating meat sacrificed to idols. And so far as long as the world stands, he wasn’t gonna live that long. So there’s a misunderstanding somewhere. And what he meant, he just wouldn’t do that, but he was eating meat to satisfy his appetite.


44 I Corinthians 8:13

You see why there ain’t nobody much in church, and all the little hole in the wall, and building. And just about got his family in some little shotgun place around here. And the great big churches, they’re falling off. The Roman Catholic Church is calling for priests every day. And there’s no less than one thousand of them right here in L. A., ex-priests. They are too honest. They are too clean. They are too pure to go through with that deception. And they’ll walk out of there. Go in the front door and out the back. Same thing in Protestantism. Did you, did you know that? Just by the millions.

If in these days and times, if you don’t have something real… Can you go down here in town and buy a bag of peanuts without some money? And you can’t eat peanuts without money, without the peanuts, and have some appetite… have something to satisfy your hunger. In other words, I’m telling you, you have to have the Holy Ghost, not some jive, and some junk, and some mess somebody dug up. You can’t sustain on that. Can’t you read? And the Devil knows it. And then this is what he does. He tells you, you go out there and do thus and so forth and so on, go back ____ ____. He knows you ain’t got a thing to keep you from doing it. He knows that’s what you’re gonna do. He hasn’t given you anything to keep you from it. And so he says, ‘go on out there and do it and come back and tell me about it.’ And then, when you get back in there, there ain’t nothing you can do about it. ____ ____ ____ ____. But the Holy Ghost, as Peter says, ____ ____ ____ in his first epistle, who are kept clean, you are kept clean by the power of God. Listen. ‘Through faith ready,’ not getting ready, but ‘ready to be revealed in the last times.’45

The Holy Spirit will keep you standing when I’m gone. Keep you standing while I’m here. Keep you standing when everything is going wrong at home and abroad. It’s by the power of God is able to keep you prepared and ready at all times. Now, all assistance that can be ____ you is of the Spirit. And as Paul said there, our sufficiency is not of ourselves, or no preacher, no pope, no cardinal, no bishop, no nothing. He can’t do nothing for hisself. Here sets one right here. And I’ll tell you right in your nose, there ain’t nothing you can do for nobody. There ain’t nothing I can do for nobody. There ain’t nothing that nobody can do for anybody. It’s got to be the Holy Spirit to do these things for all of us. And look Bishop, I’m not depending on you either. I can put your trust in the LORD. David said to trust in man, it’s just like a foot out of joint, you wouldn’t walk too well with a foot out of joint. Just trust in the LORD, and do good.46 You been doing all right, but just trust in man, is just… Say, ‘You ain’t got no faith in me?’ No. How am I going to have any faith in you and ain’t got none in myself? Praise ye the LORD.

I hope you’ve gotten something out of the things that I have said. Days may appear to be calm. And I’ve tried to tell you in such a way as to keep your attention, but everything I’ve said to you is truth. Wouldn’t you think so Bishop? And it’s right down in front. Everything you’ve been taught out there in the world is wrong.


45 I Peter 1:5

46 Psalms 37:3

This is the time and the season for it. And it is going on all over the world. People are weak, depending on one another, preaching and teaching the wrong thing about population explosion and the earth. Talking about Jehovah’s Witnesses already talking about He will come back and settle here for 1000 years, on top of all this population explosion out here. There wouldn’t be… You could stand them three or four deep. There wouldn’t be enough room. Farmer wouldn’t have enough land, if he sat right beside his chair, to raise something under his chair to feed his own babies, to say nothing about his family.

Say, you know God has prepared something far better for us, than what the Devil is talking about. Let us have hope and press on to the mark or the prize of the high calling, which is in Yahshua the Messiah. And God is able to prepare for far more than what you’re able to appreciate and to conceive. And it’s better than what you have been told. It’s worthwhile. It’s worthwhile.

Rise, and let’s go hence.


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