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16) 1967 CONVENTION: JULY 18,1967; 7:30-10 PM



by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley


Salvation Army Hall

Springfield, Ohio

recorded by Burbank Mitchell on reel to reel recorder

transferred to 1 90 minute audio cassette by Gerry Rothstein


Catalog #: 67.0718 P


transcribed by Geraldine Rothstein

first proofreading:  Mary Colucci

second proofreading:  Gerry Rothstein

third proofreading:  Michael Rothstein


fourth proofreading:  International Public Relations Committee

approved by the International Public Relations Committee:  1997



1. … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, see, you see, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right.)

4. ____ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber

First Speaker:  Leonard Wells Snellbaker

Second Speaker:  Dr. Henry C. Kinley

Dr. Kinley:  Of the Roman Catholic church to pray for him that he might be granted his request, he was sick.  Now I wrote the book, copyrighted it in 1961.  And you remember he died in June, listen I mean June the third, not June the sixth.  Now June the sixth is Pentecost.  You read about it in Acts of Apostles, second chapter.  And he wanted to live to see Pentecost or the sixth day of June, 1963.  Now I don’t have no way of rubbing something out that I wrote in ’61, I don’t have no way of rubbing it out and correcting it in ’63.  And now may I humbly ask you with these popes that’s putting them in heaven, taking them out, that has got the ____, so they say.

Now listen closely to hear what I’m gonna say, I’m gonna try for a while to keep from blowing up, like you done.  Now he’s real warm about that.  Now there they are with the keys to bind on the earth and lose on the earth and bind in heaven and lose in heaven.  Now here they are, people are paying them money now.  40 dollars cheap, take it out of your social security, old age pensions.  Do it some kinda way.  Get it on credit, pay it in installments, but anyhow you better get it paid.  Is that right?

Student Body:  Yes sir.  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  To get you out.  Now here is 550 million, the population of the so called Roman Catholic church in 1961, according to the figures, the World Telegraph Almanac, according to the compiled statistics of their own making.  550 million people that’s been putting people in and getting ‘em out and depending on him, praying for him that he might live to see June the sixth, 1963.  And me by myself, all by myself, I said he must die before June the 6th.  And I wrote it in this book in 1961, and I don’t have no way of rubbing it out and it’s still in there.  That man died June the third, 1963.  Now you can shoot your mouth out with me or anybody all you want to.  You can say I don’t know what I’m talking about, just cut up and carry on all you please, but you can’t argue with the truth.  You cannot argue with the truth.  That’s a fact.

Now you know that one of my sons preached this afternoon, Clifford Eugene Kinley.  Would you mind coming up here?  Now that’s him, in case you don’t know him.  Now this man, in the City of Springfield, what used to be called the Springfield City Hospital, was burned all down his body here.  It took 63 grafts on his body.  He laid out there in Springfield City Hospital and every doctor out there said that he had to die.  That was in 1944.

Clifford Kinley:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  At the time I was in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Now here’s this idiot again.  Remember I talked about Pope John the 23rd die.  Told you when he was going to pass out.  Now then everybody that’s in medicology said he had to die in Springfield.  That’s a matter of records.  And they did put a screen around his bed, and you could walk in that room and just smell flesh, how it had been burned from here on down.  A hot ladle of metal tilted and dumped that right down his.., and burned him.  Now every doctor in town, some of ‘em were in the Second World War.  And they said that during that time when they flew those planes, they never seen anybody burned like that and live; and he must die, just can’t live like that.  Am I standing up here telling a lie?

Clifford Kinley:  No, that’s about right.

Dr. Kinley:  And I said, ‘no he won’t die.’  That’s 1944.  And he’s not quite dead yet. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Go set down.  Now you’re always running around, saying, ‘well if you were so whatever it is you wanna call it, show us a sign, if you’re so great.’  Well I told you there wasn’t nothing to me.  Believe me, I did.  And if there isn’t anything to me and I got sense enough to know that, now don’t you know, I know there ain’t nothing to you. (STUDENT BODY AND DR. KINLEY LAUGH) Just come on clean with it.

Alright, now you have others setting right in this audience, right under the sound of my voice.  The wife, the son, and the doctor, medical doctor, setting right in this audience.  They will verify and confirm what I am fixing to say to you.  I’m talking about Farley, William Farley.  He was put in the hospital in Cincinnati, was operated on more than once, and then he was sent home to die.  And his doctor, along with those doctors down there, said that he had to die.  And told his wife.  Would you mind standing up?  Whoever William Farley’s wife is, if she’s here, would you mind standing up?  Now if the son is here would you mind standing up?  Or if there’s any other of the folks, relatives of him, would you mind standing up?  Now would the doctor please stand up? (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) He said he had to die.  Now I can’t come in front of an audience like this and tell these kinda lies.  Sit down please, and thank you.  Now I wanna ask you doc, did he die?

Dr. Harris:  No sir.  He lived about 9 or 10 years after.

Dr. Kinley:  There is his doctor.  Did he die, wife?

Mrs. Farley:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Did he die, son?

Son:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Well listen, don’t you start no stuff with me. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Neither one of ‘em, none of ‘em.  Get the point?  We don’t want no sass.

Now here we had a debate with a Church of Christ man.  Church of Christ.  And we got a Church of Christ right here in the City of Springfield.  And now this Church of Christ man, he agreed to fight it out with me and the bargain was:  the winner take all; in other words all of you people that belong to this class, if the Church of Christ could whip me and show me in the scriptures, and show us in the scriptures, you don’t have to bother with the rest of them, all you have to do is lick me, cause if you can like me, you got it made.  Wasn’t that the bargain?  Would you mind getting up?  Let them folks see you.  This is him. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) That’s him.  Thank you very much.

And now there was another Church of Christ there.  And these boys, Doctor Fred Allen and Doctor Burbank Mitchell, went down there and got something started and they took it up.  So then we took the class and went over there, told ‘em in no uncertain terms, ‘listen, I do not want to debate with you.  Now I’ll tell you why I don’t want to debate with you, because you are not honest and for that reason I don’t wanna be bothered with you.  I don’t want to waste my time proving…’  ‘Oh no, no, we’re honest, this is a church, this is the Church that Christ built.  Now we know we’re right.’  That’s what they said.  So then we fumbled around there and finally, after they kept on, I agreed to go down and make some arrangements.  And over to his place where he was top dog, they had a.., he couldn’t be there that night, and so they sent another one over.  His name was Moore.  And Moore argued and argued and argued.  And said shut up, I hadn’t said a thing, sat back there like a child.  Now you people were there and you are my witness.  Right?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  And said, ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about, you, you people are, you better go on and get straightened up here,’ and all that kinda thing and all, say, ‘your founder and dean, he’s ignorant and all you people that following him is ignorant.’  I’m setting there, right there in the audience, supposed to be there for a debate.  Now there’s people setting right here in this audience that was there with me. They saw it.  And he belligerently, after he had got done, they give me ten minutes.  And he took up all the time and when he got through, he walked out the door, he wouldn’t even sit there, walked on out the door.  Now that man did that and you people were right there with me.

And now, that was on Adams Street and when we go down on Figaro, I show you how stupid people are, when we go down on Figaro to make arrangements for the debate after they kept on after me…  And you heard me tell ‘em right on the phone, you setting there in the house when told ‘em, ‘don’t wanna debate with you.’  When we get over there to Brother Hogan’s Church.  This is Brother Williams.  When we get over to Brother Hogan’s church where we.., they kept after me to have a debate, there was this man that walked out the door.  Nope, nope, nope, nope.  Now there he was in my seat. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) These people that was there already know this.  There he was setting up there in a wheelchair, paralyzed, can’t move, can’t get up.  He ain’t gonna walk out this trip. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) He’s gonna stay seated this time. (STUDENT BODY AND DR. KINLEY LAUGH) He’s will stay seated this trip whether he wants to or not.  And then that other fellow Hogan, just to show you how stupid and ignorant people are, he had the nerve to stand up there by the wheelchair by a man that has defied God to His face.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  And here he is standing up there by that wheelchair, me setting out there in the audience, said, ‘now you got a place to do your stuff.  You’re such a great, divine healer,’ and incidentally to keep him some company, there was another woman setting there paralyzed.  ‘Now you come on up and do your number.  You’re so great.’  Could you imagine somebody just bold enough to stand up there over a man that God had put in a wheelchair for rebuking the truth, paralyzed, and spitting in God’s face like that, and then he invited Him to ‘come up and do your number, do your stuff.’  You were setting there.  And this is what he said, ‘I know one of you folks that knows better than that junk you are talking about.’  He’s talking about Williams.  That man was educated, got all kinds of encyclopedia.  ‘I know one back there that knows better than that junk that you’re talking about.’  And he come with us because he was convinced of the truth.  Is that right?

LaSalle Williams:  That’s a fact.  That’s true.

Dr. Kinley:  Now look, here’s a man in a wheelchair that has a whole big audience out there, around four hundred people or more with him.  And that man said there.  Now this man is supposed to know better.  This man accepted the truth.  And to prove to that man, Hogan, the power of God, that man setting right there in that chair…  And everybody in Los Angeles connected with the school knows that I am telling the truth.  I don’t have the nerve and the gall to tell this in front of your face and in front of the faces and tell a bare faced lie.  That man was in the hospital.  What was wrong with him Dr. Harris?

Dr.  Harris:  He had a paralytic stroke through high blood pressure, ____ ____.

Dr. Kinley:  There you are.  Doctor Harris went to see him.  Now here’s the other fellow in the chair.  Paralytic stroke.  ‘Now if you’re so smart, you come and get this one.’  Here’s this one, had to go to the hospital, he didn’t even know where he was.  Actually did not know where he was.  Did you?

LaSalle Williams:  No, for six days.

Dr. Kinley:  For six days.  Now his wife, she belongs over there to the Church of God, I mean to the Church of Christ, where he belonged, come out of.  They’re separated.  She’s come to see him and when she got to see him, he sent word about her to tell us that he was in the hospital.  Is that almost right?

LaSalle Williams:  That’s correct.

Dr. Kinley:  And she wouldn’t even tell us that he was in the hospital.  And I said ____ ____ you go over and look in the jail and if he’s not in jail, look in the hospital.  And they found him in the hospital.  Right?  And so.., what I’m saying to you.  Now here’s a man that was ____ and the man was in a wheelchair.  There’s a man that accepted the truth and there’s a man that rejected it.  Now whether God can heal the man or not, here he is, he’s here.  The other fellow’s still in a wheelchair, that is if he’s living.

I wanna warn you.  I wanna caution you.  I wanna tell you something.  You go back over the records and every last one of ‘em that ever raised up against me… Now I didn’t, I’m not asking you to believe it.  It don’t make no difference to me whether you do or not.  Get the point?  That ever.., now what I’m talking about, is that, that it is the real genuine thing in me that is preaching the gospel.  And listen the sign will follow.  ____.  I have ____. I have proof.  And every last one that ever refuted, they’re either in the cemetery…  And there’s been some of ‘em, right in town, Springfield, Ohio, in the cemetery.  It’s always ____ ____ the purpose.  You see what I mean?

Now in Columbus, Ohio, in the hospital over there, in the hospitals in Cincinnati, in the hospital in Dayton.  The records speak for themself.  We have people setting under the sound of my voice that in the City Hospital here in town, over in Columbus, and down in Cincinnati and down in the school.  They said that people had cancer.  That’s what they said they had.  There’s some in Springfield that said they had cancer.  May I ask you to come here that have had these things:  heart trouble and other things.  Would you mind standing up on your feet?  Thank you very much.  Now go and look at the records.  Now that’s why they’re here.  And now some other stupe and some other idiot out there say, ‘show us a sign.’  Now listen folks, let’s don’t kid ourselves.  I can’t do nothing, I can’t heal nobody.  And there’s nobody on earth that can heal anybody.  And there never has been nobody, not on this earth, that can heal anybody, including Jesus.

Student Body:  Right, alright.

Dr. Kinley  (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) ‘ ____ ____ ____.  ____ ____ ____,  don’t you tell me.’  I know all ____ sticking around ____.  But, now this is what he said.  Now I.., if it’s wrong, he said it, and I will read it to you if you want me to out of any Bible, and we just got plenty of ‘em.  We got Roman Catholic Bibles and Hebrew Bibles, Jehovah Witnesses Bibles, the Roman Catholic Bible and the Oxford Bible and then here we got right up to date 1967 King James Version, 1967.  Now all of ‘em say that.  This is what He said.  ‘I can of ownself do nothing.  My father in Me, He doeth the works.’  Now I said that to say this.  Now you know good and well that if there was any healing done to these people that have stood up, I did not do it.  And if the Father was not in me, it could not have been done through me.  Now you can argue your heads off about it.  Say anything you wanna say.  But that’s the ____, that’s the way it is.

‘Well, why are you talking like that?’  All the preachers, they say I’m wrong.  I’m not the least bit worried about it, and you know why?  The Messiah went around healing all.., of all of these kinds of diseases because it was His Father in Him that had smitten ‘em with the disease, and it was His Father in Him that healed ‘em.  And now the point I wanna get to you.., get through to you.  I’m trying to teach in simplicity, trying to teach down where any idiot can understand, where there won’t be no excuses.  Now My Father in me He doeth the works.  Now if there’s anything done, it will have to be the Father.  I told you that all the preachers said that I was wrong.  They say it everywhere, no secret about it.  Now I wonder why it is that they can’t do none of these things.  They all got their father in ‘em, they all got the Holy Ghost, so they say.  Wonder why they can’t do nothing.  Now listen folks, I have told you from 1935 right straight down the line, everybody of any importance, in and out of the world, I mean in and out of the United States, I told you what was going to happen to them, everybody of any importance.  I told you that John F. Kennedy would be nominated, elected and assassinated.  Many of you setting in here heard me tell you that.  Now am I lying?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Now that’s the President of the United States.  Now I’m saying these things so you can see that they’re all over the place, they don’t have no ____.  Now there’s John F. Kennedy, the President of the United States of America.  There’s Pope John, the religious king of the world.  And here I am, Henry Clifford Kinley, the little, black, nappy headed, round shouldered idiot that everybody says is wrong.

I wrote the book and sent it to Krushev.  And Krushev jumped down.  Every time they wanted to catch up with him, the Kremlin did, we got the clipping in the paper too, he was reading a book.  The next thing you know, Krushev was excused. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS)

We sent one to Ben Gurion in Israel.  We got a reply that said he’d received it.  And the next thing you know in the newspaper, you could have read it if you wanted to, Ben Gurion jumped down.  Wonder what’s the matter?  Do you see what I mean?

And yet and still the people all around telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about, I don’t understand what I’m talking about.  I told you that there would be earthquakes.

I told you in 1961, even drew it on the board ____ you have in the school, and told you about the function and operation of the sun, moon, and stars.  And I told you February 4, 1962, and those planets would be in conjunction.  Now what I mean by conjunction, they would be lined up.  Let me see if I can point out a little better what I’m talking about, so you can see.  The vessels in this sanctuary.  See how they’re lined up here. Now the planets was in conjunction, was lined up.  February 4, 1962.  The sun and the earth was to control the seasons, the years.  That’s the first time that they been lined up that way since man known anything about light and history.  And that was February 4, 1962, and I told you about it in ’61.  And I told you from that time on down until the present, and I had to tell you in depth, the weather conditions would change.

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now if you have been on earth, I don’t care where you were, it don’t make no difference, they were, they have been changed.  Now you wanna argue about that?  Now we’re confronting you with a reality, I’m talking ____ ____. I told you that the undulation of the waters and the controlling of the waves and all, the sea and the waves would be rolling.

Now listen, and I told you there would be earthquakes in divers places.  There would be an earthquake in Alaska, 27th of March.  I showed it in the Book and told you what’s going on all around the world.

For 35 years, I did do that.  And yet somebody looks at me and they say, ‘well, that idiot don’t know what he’s talking about.’  Now how can you say that?  You know I can’t go up there and tamper with the sun, moon, and stars.  Seismologists set instruments in the mountains and tell you that.., when the earth vibrates.  I knew that the earthquake was gonna be and I went and laid down in my bed, they tried to get me up.  Um um.  ‘Shut the door and get out, I don’t wanna talk to you.’  Earthquake happened, frightened everybody around there.  Mansions ____ ____, head over heels and out the door.  Now I am I lying?  Cracked the walls and stuff.  Now I told you about when it was gonna be and everything.

Now here’s why I’m telling you what I’m telling you.  I want you to know why I’m telling:  is because I am going by a definite God given plan.  I know what the purpose of God is from start to finish, backwards and forwards.  I know what’s supposed to happen, when it’s supposed to happen, how it’s supposed to happen and all of that.  And listen, to you, if you wasn’t so bright, I can show you, show you so you can understand.

Now, just to show you, there’s a man ____ ____ ____ again.  You heard what he said.  Now that same doctor, he discovered that eternal life was not carried around in a pill box.  And he’s done some of the same things I have done.  Done the same identical thing.  That’s why that doctor is here.  And now I want you to know he’s not the only doctor, but because he discovered these things, he has written to the American Medical Association and he went on through the physical body, the physical anatomy and the physiology of it, and pointed out and showed ‘em why thus and so forth and so on.  They won’t even answer his letters.  The mountain.  You know why?  Because some great big notorious Henry Gray, or some big shot doctor, Mayo clinic or some place, they didn’t discover it.  Now he went to Mahara Medical College, graduated and practiced medicine for ten years.  And then come in this school where this idiot don’t know nothing, this stupe that everybody says is wrong.  And in this school he learned something about the origin and the secrets of life and how man was constructed in his psychic forces and in his physical body in correlation to God that created that man.  Now they can’t argue with it, they can’t dispute with it.  Doesn’t make any difference whether it’s women or men, they can’t argue.  Everybody, women and men, got 33 vertebraes down his spinal column.  You count ____ ____.  Stand them up, see how many you got down there.  12 ribs on each side.  Don’t make no difference whether he’s Roman Catholic or Protestant. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Get the point?  You got ‘em.  It don’t make a difference whether male or female, you get ‘em.  And that man was made in the likeness and image of God.

Now it’d be real stupid if you went through every cell, every fiber, every tissue, every sinew, every bone in your body and analyzed it, and then you get up in front of the people and say that we don’t know what we’re talking about.  Now it would be much better if you’d go on out the door and keep your mouth shut, then people wouldn’t know how big a fool you was.  You see the point.

Now here’s a man, he was associated with the Roman Catholic Church too, he and his wife’s…  Now that man is a laboratory technician, works down there with Doctor Robert Harris.  Would you mind Brother Ronald Griggs standing up?  This is his beloved wife.  Sister Griggs, would mind standing up?  Thank you.  Now these people are searching, investigating and everything.  They don’t take anything for granted.  They go in there and they work with it day and night.  Einstein, Genau and Bach or Princeton, Harvard, and Washington.  You know who Albert Einstein is, don’t you?  They say, when they was confronted with this, nothing they could do with it.


Dr. Kinley:  They threw this book out of the library, they didn’t want it in there at all.  This book, they don’t want it in there.

Now we had company here this afternoon and I told you, I took the Roman Catholic Bible, took the Roman Catholic Bible, who ever‘s got that other one over there, there it is, and I read it, they say that this is the Bible or the Vulgate, translated by Jerome.  And it is as near right as any of the rest of ‘em.

Now this is Jehovah’s Witnesses’s New World translation.  And I say they’re wrong.  I say the Roman Catholics is wrong and every time we try to tell somebody that’s knocking on somebody’s door about Jehovah’s Witness, they say, ‘no, you haven’t got none of our people in your school.’ Now would you mind standing up?  This is Doctor Dennis Droulard.  There’s some more of ‘em, If there’s any more of ‘em in here, stand up.  There he is.  And here’s this, this is your Bible:  The New World translation.

Now here is their translation and here is another that is closest, God fearing translation, that is closest so they say.  This is Roman Catholic too, the celebrated Old Testament.  Now if I take these books and turn these pages in here and let you see when they were copyrighted.  Would you mind?  Now this is some preaching I’m doing now.  This is some preaching and anybody in town can understand.  Now listen you come to running and hooping and hollering and stomping and spitting and sweating and quoting verses and chapters in the Bible.  I can do that as well as anybody in town.  There ain’t nobody in Springfield ____ ____.  And there is nobody in town or out of town for that matter knows any more about what’s in any of these Bibles than I do.  Take your choice.

I have said I challenge the world and I took down Roman Catholic boys, you see this one, but I’m talking about the big shot in the Roman Catholic Church, O’Brien, Bishop.  And not only that he is supposed to be Dean of ____ of Roman Catholic dogma and ____.  And whipped him sore until tears run down that man’s cheeks.  He went on back in the lavatory, went on back there, come on out of there and come up here in front of these people and he wouldn’t do it, he wouldn’t come up from in the back seat back there.

Student:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  And listen for 35 years I have met preacher after preacher.  I have all the churches that you can say anything about.  You have seen it.  I demonstrated it.  I don’t take no advantage of anybody, give ‘em an opportunity to defend themselves.  Now listen at me real good and close.  Yahshua the Messiah said, I come in My Father’s name, I come to do the works and the will of My Father.  He said, now if I do not do it, don’t you believe Me.  And I say the same thing to you, if I do not do the works, don’t you believe.  That ought to be fair.  That oughta be fair.

There’s ____ ____ ____, just come from Cleveland.  Did you now?  And didn’t your lady that you work for, tell you that she, you could go to Cleveland, and see that woman, the doctors turned her out of hospital and said she can’t get well.  Am I lying?  And I told you what to tell her, didn’t I?

Student:  That very day.

Dr. Kinley:  Because ____ ____ ____.  Now she’s supposed to be dead.  If you talk to her today, she’s died since you talked to her.

Student:  Talked to her this morning.

Dr. Kinley:  Now do you see what I’m talking about.  And case after case…  Now I know, it’s kinda tough for me too, when I walk up and look in the looking glass, (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) and I think back over of my family and their reputation (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) and I look at the pigmentation of skin and all them different kinda things.  I don’t blame ‘em. (DR. KINLEY AND STUDENT BODY LAUGH) Well the Messiah, this is what He said.  The scriptures said He wasn’t all that nice to look at.  The scriptures said, if you don’t think it said.  But He walked up to ‘em and this is what He said:  unless you believe that I am Him, you will die in your sins.  He who?  Moses said, a prophet shall the Lord thy God raise up unto thee like unto me of your brethren, him shall you hear.  Now you have to go to the law and you have to go to the testimony, so then the testimony confirmed the prophecy, said, virgin shall conceive and bring forth a son and thou shalt call his name Jesus.

Student Body:  No.

Student:  Immanuel.

Dr. Kinley:  Immanuel.  That’s right.  Now she conceived and brought forth that Son and He walked up to the Jew, and He said, now listen unless you believe that I am He that Moses and the prophets said would come, you’ll just die in your sins.  You get it now?  Now God have said all of these things to men.  And I tell you I can’t do nothing of myself, I told you that the Messiah said He couldn’t.  Then you know if I admit that I can’t do it, you know it must have been Him.  And let me show you how stupid we can be.  People come around and say, ‘well ____ ____ ____,’ and say, ‘I don’t think I’ll make it this time.’ Say, ‘what’s the matter boy?  What’s the matter girl?’ Said, ‘I never heard nothing like this before.’  Her eyes all bucked and scared and all that kinda thing.  All excited and all.  Said, ‘blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.’  Whoop, it got me this trip.  Somebody say, ‘well now wait a minute, wait a minute, get the doctor down here.’  Doctor said.., he’d tiptoe out and tell the family, say, ‘well, ah, there ain’t nothing I can do for her.’  Said, ‘Now listen, you heard about that fellow Henry Clifford Kinley, I believe they call him.’  They didn’t ask whether I was negro or what not.  ‘Please get him down here.’ (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) I’m just telling you what’s going on.  Telling you what’s true.

Now here sits one right here.  This one.  Would you mind standing up?  I want the folks to see you.  Now she’s of Jewish descent and ____ ____.  That’s Sister Estelle Ellenberg.  Automobile run into her, and it knocked her clear on down the street.  Put her in the hospital.  First one thing then another.  There she is.

There’s Brother Jimmy Yates, I don’t know whether he’s in here or not.  If he ain’t he ought to be.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Is he back there?

Someone:  No, not yet.

Dr. Kinley:  But his wife’s here.  Would you mind getting up please?  Now she’s ____ ____ ____. He was all crippled up, unconscious, in the hospital, ____ and ____ different places and spinal column.  Bones broken, didn’t know nothing.

Mrs Yates:  Didn’t know a thing.

Dr. Kinley:  Would mind setting down? (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) That’s his wife.  Doctor said, ‘I don’t know, I can’t promise you nothing.’ Is that what he said?  Now his mother is here, his mother.  Would you, see whether his mother is around anywhere.  That’s alright, take your seat.  Would you mind standing up?

Nida Belle Cox:  I’m up.

Dr. Kinley:  I see she’s standing up.  Now I wrote this woman a letter, while he was in a state and condition like that and said that I will take care of it and bring him right on out.  Did I say that or am I lying?  ____ ____ ____ from the hospital.  Now you don’t go around cutting up like that.  I could stand here and you get the car and you set in the seat, it’s hard and just wear you out. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) ____ ____ ____ ____. Now why to the other fella.  He can’t do nothing but run around and say I’m wrong.  There’s nothing he can do.  And I tell you what’s going on all over the world, day by day.

In 1935 I told you about the Second World War and everything that was gonna take place.  And then sit down and wrote Franklin Delano Roosevelt a letter.  He’s almost your president.  I just wanna let you know that we have direct communication with the biggest shots there is on earth.  They know.  And told him that the, Japan would attack Pearl Harbor.  And sent it to the White House and asked him, now if you will, Franklin, if there is a Bureau of Scientific Investigation under the jurisdiction of the federal government, would you please turn my letter over to them with your recommendations that they make an investigation of our works.  We can tell what is going on all over the world.  And he didn’t reply to me.  He sent the letter to Smithsonian Institute.  Now we got a copy of the letter I sent him and we’ve got a copy of the reply on file.  Doctor Carl F. Gross, are those letters in your file?

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  This is what the Smithsonian Institute said, that they had received a letter by way of the president that Franklin Delano Roosevelt asked them to make an investigation of our work, but they didn’t have no funds, they decided to make no further investigation.  Now if you would this evening, they’re telling us something:  ‘look who we are, we’re not chasing around the country fooling with no bunch of idiots, they don’t know nothing about Pearl Harbor.  We have yet the Pentagon and we know what it’s all about.’  Now I’m asking you.  Did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Yes they did it.  And now we received at Wright Aeronautical Incorporation, they said sit down.  Shut down all the machines, sit down and relax, we’re going to hear the communication on the public address system under the Truman administration from the White House about the cessation of hostilities.  Everybody in that plant shut the.., shut down all over, biggest plant there was in the world.  And here I had an office at that time in the basement of the shop down there.  And when everything was all shut down, one of the supervisors in that plant, couldn’t have known me too long, walked up into my office and he said to me, he said, ‘well, ____ ____.’  Said, ‘well, I understand that we are supposed to hear the message by the way of the White House about the war being over.  Now what about that?’  I said, ‘no it won’t be over.  You’re not going to get no message, just might as well go back to work.  There will be no communication from the White House, not today.’  Now that man is setting right here.  Now would that man get up.  Now was I lying?

Fred Allen, Sr.:  Not at all.

Dr. Kinley:  Didn’t I tell the truth about it?

Fred Allen, Sr.:  Sure did.

Dr. Kinley:  Was the war over that day.

Fred Allen, Sr.:  You said that.

Dr. Kinley:  If you think he and I both are lying, get the history book and see.  Thank you Doctor Allen.

Well now here’s what I’m saying to you folks.  Now I, I’ve had this ____ this year.  And let me tell you about this before I get it because I’ve got to see to it that you get these messages.  And it takes just such to save your soul, quoting chapters and verses and all this thing and arguing and chewing the rage around about things, they’re not gonna do no good unless you prove it.  Now I could begin in Los Angeles and I told you just exactly what was going to happen day by day about it.  Where, when, how, who’s was going to be involved.  And when I landed in Springfield Ohio, I continued to tell you what was happening.  Who was doing the job and ____ ____, day by day.  Now this, this is Tuesday night.  They don’t have school on Thursday night, I tell what’s gonna happen between time for us to come back.  And I tell you, ‘now if it don’t happen like that, like I tell you, don’t come back, and I’m a liar just like everybody else.’ And it happened just like we said.  Now we want you to know that it is possible for you to know something about it and you’re gonna have to know something about these things in order to save your soul.

Now this is 1967.  1960 was the end and now God has given you seven years.  This is 1967, and the Messiah said He would cut this off, this age, unless it was short.., 24th chapter of Matthew, yes I do, anything I can say to you, I can put my finger on it chapter and verse.  I don’t need to argue with nobody about nothing and I’m not begging anybody to believe it.  I was told, was sent to tell you the message and it’s up to you to believe or disbelieve.  And I already know, and I’m not the least bit nervous about it, I know the world is lost and they’re going to stay lost.  And this is what happened before, and this is in the scriptures, and if you don’t think it is, I’ll read:  behold you despisers, wonder and perish, I’ll work a work in your days that you shall not believe though a man declare it unto you.  And when He worked right on down and He fulfilled that thing, got down to the cross to suffer with Him and to stick with Him.  The scripture said this, the shepherd shall be sent and the flock scattered.  Pete said this, said, ‘though all the rest of ‘em go back home, I’m not gonna do it, I’m going to stick with you.’  He said, ‘now, you’ll deny me three times before the cock crows.’  ‘Oh no, not me.’  And when some of the big boys come along and the folks out there and ____ ____, ‘well, you, you’re like one of ‘em I saw with Him.’  Said, ‘aren’t you one of them.’  ‘No, I don’t know Him.’ ‘Wasn’t you one of ‘em.  Didn’t I see you with Him out there?’  ‘No, I told you, I didn’t know the man.’ Another one come by and say, ‘hey, did you know that man, saw with him.’  ‘Say listen, I done told you what are you talking about?’ (MAKES THE SOUND OF A COCK CROWING) (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Yes indeed.

And everybody comes along and jump on me.  Said, ‘how many folks you got in your church.’  ‘I ain’t got none cause I don’t have no church.’  And they look around and say, ‘look here,’ said, ‘well, you do have a few folks.’  ____ And all them folks he had, they’re all running out on him.  They left him there and got a ____.  And I would say this to you, as to them that acknowledged that night, you see what happened don’t you?  And if you’re going to compare this with that in the end of this age as it was with that one, we got far too many here now.  We got far too many right in this room right now.  So you don’t need to judge it by the crowds, don’t need to judge it by the crowds.

Now I know the time’s going along fast and all those different kinda things and I am not saying this just to be throwing off on somebody.  I’m here to help everybody.  If you’re wrong, I’m here to help you.  If you’re right, I’m still here and I need you to help me.  But now listen, let me tell you something.  Now Williams, I don’t care nothing about you and your so called Church of Christ.  I don’t have no compromising to make with ‘em, none of ‘em:  the Roman Catholics and no Protestants either, I don’t have ____.  Everybody looks just alike to me.  And if I didn’t tell you that it’s wrong I’d be worse than ____ and I would be a liar about Him sending me.  I’m just sorry that the situation has to be like that.  And I taught and fought ‘em all the way across this country, International Council of Churches that met in New Delhi, and we do have the clippings, they had our book and they confessed and admitted and they even had to put it in the paper ____ ____ that they was wrong.  The Roman Catholic church admitted and confessed that they was wrong.  Now that’s the way that it is.  Now there’s not need to argue about it.  It’s your soul.  You said, ‘listen,’ just like Doctor Leonard preached it to you, that’s dangerous.  And ____ down ____ and they shot me down.  That’s dangerous.  And I’m ____ get away, but I’m sacrificing my life for you and I’m telling you and your preacher and in your face and I do want you to know that 55 million Protestants and Methodists and Baptist, Roman Catholic and what have you.  Don’t take no advantage of nobody.  You set in your chairs with ‘em.  Let them set right up there, not because I don’t love the people, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t take a chance on my life like that.  And you’ve seen it, you’ve been in the ____ and we do have someone from the Baptist church.  Were you a pastor of the Baptist church?

Student:  Yes I was.

Dr. Kinley:  Get it down to some folks and let them see what kinda liar you were. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Everybody in this place was a total idiot.  Dr. Harris you were talking about that, that all these here just haven’t been confronted with the truth, all of it.  ____ ____, he’s kinda associated with there with them.  Well now look if they see these boys getting whipped and spanked and beat up and they’re setting up here, you see out of the various different churches.  Now don’t you know somebody will run and ____ like that, if something wrong with ‘em.  Something wrong with you.  Then look we don’t ____ to lying, we don’t try to change nothing around in no Bible and won’t let you do it.  Now I can’t get something out of there, that’s not in it.

And any idiot… now listen at what I’m saying, you know that of all the different sects and cults and creeds, you know as well as I do, any idiot from anywhere knows they all can’t be right.  You get the point?  And you know that there is a God and He does have a have a purpose.  Now somebody, somewhere misunderstands the purpose.

Now listen folks, listen.  Before I preach, not tonight, what you call preaching, I didn’t intend to ____, the vibration in this place you couldn’t understand, you couldn’t hear.  I want you to realize, I want to you to thoroughly understand.  I’m not out here wasting breath and all those different kinda things.  I do you want to hear what I have to say, and what the rest of these ministers that are sitting under the sound of my voice, I want you to hear what they have to say.  So we been working on this.  So that we can get down to tell you some of the things that is in your Bible so that you can understand, that, no, they didn’t tell you about.  And that’s our ____ ____ ____­ ____.  You have in the 13th chapter of Revelation and the 18th verse in all these Bibles, says, ‘here is wisdom let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred three score and six.  That’s the 13th chapter of Revelation and verse 18.  Now the Roman Catholics, we read to you this afternoon what they said about it.  Didn’t we read it?

Student Body:  Right

Dr. Kinley:  We read it out of their Bible.  And they said that they thought it belonged on Nero.  I agree.  But pagan Rome or political Rome passed it over from Nero to papal Rome.  Now everybody all over the world knows that, so then if it belonged on Nero.  N E R O N.  Now if you take the numerical letter of equivalents, the way they do, this is pagan Rome.  You can see N stands for 50, R 200, O 6, N 50, C 100, come on down, S 60, A has no value, R 200, if you add it up.  Here is wisdom, let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man.  Time is up.  6 6 6.

Now here it is Saturnia comes close to saying satan there.  Saturn.  This is.., S stands for 60, T stands for 40, U stands for 6, R stands for 200.  6 6 6.  6 6 6.

This is in the stars.  Here is vicarius, vicar, filii dei, translated Vicar the Son of God.  In Roman numbers V stands for 5, 1 equals one, and C stands for 100, A and so forth and right on down.  All you have to do is count it up.  Count it up, 6 6 6.  Papal crown tiara comes up in the high priest.  First crown ring on there, vicarious, second filii, the last dei, the Son of Perdition, the beast with the same number as the man.  ____

Now listen folks, we have brought it all the way down through the ages and dispensations of time.  We’re gonna trace it on down.  We’re gonna put it on Cain and bring it right on down through there and put it down there where it belongs and because no Roman Catholic and no Protestant can deny.  They don’t want to look in the library.  They don’t want to be bothered with it.  They say I’m a bad fella and all like that.  Now I come to preach the gospel to you to help you save your soul.


Dr. Kinley:  …paid me a dime for preaching.  And I been all over this country, day and night and lost sleep.  In hail, sleet, rain and snow for 35 years.  Nobody ever has paid me a dime.  And I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t that I was conscious of the Messiah or God has sent me to preach the gospel to you.  I just c.., I wouldn’t do it.  Now you can dispute it and argue all you want to, I want to make you a promise.  Now I think that they’ve covered up the sound effects.  After they did that…  Can you hear what I say back there.?

Student Body:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  Is it all., can you hear me from up here?

Student Body:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  ____ ____.  Now this is what we gonna do.  Now tomorrow night, we’re gonna take the ____ down and we’re gonna go back in the scriptures and come on down from Genesis to Revelation.  We’re not gonna miss nothing, not gonna miss nobody, and on down to Revelation.  And we are gonna show you that that Bible can be explained so that any idiot can understand.  Now that’s a fact.  Now I’ve showed you now, we’ve got the works to prove it, we got this one to prove it, all around the world that ____ the doctor over there, the Red Sea and everything, and we told you what’s going on right over there now.  ____ in various chapters, and we’re telling you now it’s in the end of the age, it’s in the end of the world.  It’s up to you to save your soul, the people here from this on the generations.  So now you come on back tomorrow night, tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night.  And then we will continue, chapter and verse, we are gonna go all the way back, all the way back to Genesis 1:1 before this conference is over and from tonight, we’ll have to start ____ because it had to be a continuation, a step at a time, and we promise to seal you in your forehead with the Father’s name.  That’s Yahweh, it is not God, God’s a title.  Yahweh is the name.  Yahshua is the Son.  John ____ ____ ____ that the Father’s name in their foreheads, now how can we preach without seeing how ____ ____, it can’t be done, ____ ____ ____.  But we want the truth.  ____ right with this, and if you got the devil in you ____.  Don’t we don’t care nothing about title, bring your preacher, deacon and all, even an angel drop down from heaven, we’re against it.  And we’re gonna follow the pattern, we must get clean.  And I don’t believe you can do that.  Do you all?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  You think somebody can get up here and ____ God.

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Come on down, bring your friends, now there’s a break.  Bring your friends, and if you’re just gonna bring you friends, you won’t have but a few come along with you; but bring your enemies too.  Now that oughta fill this place up.  Let’s stand and go on home.  Thank you now.


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