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Dr. Henry C. Kinley

Los Angeles, California


original recording by Dr. Carl F. Gross on reel to reel recorder

transferred to 2 90 minute cassette tapes by Geraldine Rothstein


This transcription is an corrected version of this class done by Geraldine Rothstein.  It had been previously transcribed by someone who is unknown to me but was not an accurate rendition of the class.  In no way do I want to insult the original transcriber but rather want only to give an accurate rendition of the class and I remain grateful for the work of the original transcriber.

Proofread by Mary Gross

Approved by International Public Relations Committee – January 1995


1.  … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2.  Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3.  Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, get the point, see, you see, you know, ain’t that right, you understand, understand, you see that now, you understand what I mean, do you understand, you see what I’m talking about, you get the point.)

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Dr. Kinley:  I’m talking to you about the great Mystery of God and the Mystery of Iniquity, His eternal purpose through the dispensation and ages, which I believe is time for us to wake up and learn and know something for sure, not speculating or fooling around with it and each day draws us closer and closer to what we might describe as the revelation of Messiah from heaven.  Now anybody that can count can see that if we discuss the purpose of God, the .., when I say that I’m talking about the creation of the angelic host, the creation of the physical creation and the dispensations and ages.  Of course a lot of people don’t even know nothing about that.  When you talk about dispensations and ages, they don’t know nothing about ’em, where they’re opening and closing or nothing. Preachers, teachers, deacons and what not all over the world, all messed up.  The fact of the matter is they don’t know the difference between the dispensation of the law and the dispensation of grace and what applies and what don’t apply and when and so forth and so on, but it’s time for us to get down to business and learn.  Now since none of us don’t have no heaven to go to and we’ve got to go whether we want to or not according to the purpose of God and that can’t be altered or changed.  Now that’s just the way that it is.  And I’d like to tell you this too:  everything is going along according to His purpose on time and schedule.  Nothing has failed thus far and I’d like to talk with the people about it. 

     A lot of times words are expressed up here in the pulpit and people sometimes flinch.  Now last Wednesday night when I closed, at the close of it, I said .., I spoke about hell.  And, I said why don’t.., I, I’m talking, was talking about the false teachers and them that have proven to be wrong.  Now, why don’t they go.., and I expressed it like this:  why in the hell don’t they go and sit down.  Now, a lot of people would think that I meant to use that in a, a curse or something like that or in a tone of anger but I meant it just like I said it.  Now then that of itself drives me into explaining to you possibly for the first time in recent years what hell is, where it is and so forth and so on.  Then you can see logic through my expressions and you won’t take it that I meant to be using any profanity in the, in the pulpit. 

     Now, when I got home and started up the steps at the house Brother Mitchell said to me, `you know that that brought to my mind what David had said,’ and that was the exact thing that I had in mind when I used the expression and here’s what, here’s what he said, David said, Yea though I walk through the valley and the shadow of death I will have, I will fear no evil for thy rod and thy staff do comfort me.  Now I’d say this:  the thought went to him and he understood what I was talking about but since the average person knows nothing about it, what hell is or where it is or nothing about it, why then they don’t realize when you use the expression.  Now we can use another word:  sheol, Hades, Gehenna.  Now all of ’em mean one and the same, but if I used one of those words (sheol) then a lot of people won’t know the difference. 

     Now here not too long ago there was in Ebony Magazine, since a lot of the preachers that used to when I was coming along and when I was growing up and possibly some of you remember too, the people, the preachers used .., a lot preached a lot of hell, fire, and brimstone to scare the people in church and they would become frightened at that and join church because they didn’t want to be lost and burn through eternity and fire and brimstone.  And so a lot of ’em went and joined church to escape the impending calamity.  Now you remember those things, but now Ebony Magazine had it this way:  `What happened to hell?’  They don’t preach that no more.  What happened to it?  Preachers don’t teach that no more.  And they had a great big write up, I have the magazine at home.  I try to reserve all such things as that. 

     Now I want you to see my reason for bringing these things up.  Now when the Messiah died, when He died, He was taken down off the cross and laid in Joseph’s new tomb.  David had said this:  thou wilt not suffer thy Holy One to see corruption, neither wilt thou leave my soul in hell.  Now what do you want me to do, skip over it because of that word.  Now we talked too about baptism, water baptism of John.  It was a figure of a burial.  Now they were buried by water baptism in Joseph’s, in the River Jordan.  Let me see if I can’t get up on it.  First let me, let me get at it like this.  Now they were baptized here in the Red Sea, buried by baptism in the Red Sea.  Now that burial by baptism in the Red Sea, now can I just stop right there.  Now you wouldn’t see no connection between what I’m gonna say now unless I explained it first.  What you would be wondering about, `what’s that got to do with what you’re talking about.’  Now suppose I said about Jonah and the fish.  Jonah said out of the belly of hell I cried unto the Lord.  Now you’re buried with Him by baptism, and that burial by baptism is just like being buried in Joseph’s new tomb.  So Joseph’s new tomb where the Messiah was buried.  Now listen, Jonah said out of the belly of hell I cried unto the Lord.  Now He went to Joseph’s new tomb, just like Jonah was in the fish.  Now Jonah being in the belly of the fish was just like Him being in the heart of the earth here.  Now listen, and said He preached deliverance to the captives in distress, that is to say death come upon Adam, and Adam died and went to the grave.  Now if you take your Bible, the King James Version of it, get Revelation 20:12 and read the verse there and then read the margin of the translator.

Reader:  And I saw the dead,

Dr. Kinley:  and I saw the dead

Reader:  small and great,

Dr. Kinley:  small and great

Reader:  stand before God;

Dr. Kinley:  stand before God

Reader:  and the books were opened: 

Dr. Kinley:  um hum

Reader:  and another book was opened,

Dr. Kinley:  um hum

Reader:  which is the book of life: 

Dr. Kinley:  um hum

Reader:  and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books,

Dr. Kinley:  um hum

Reader:  according to their works. 

Dr. Kinley:  um hum

Reader:  And the sea gave up the dead which were in it;

Dr. Kinley:  um hum

Reader:  and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: 

Dr. Kinley:  um hum

Reader:  and they were judged every man according to their works.

Dr. Kinley:  um hum.  Now death and hell delivered up the dead that were in them.  Now look at the margin of the translator.

Reader:  the grave

Dr. Kinley:  the grave.  The grave in which the persons were buried under, grave here.  Now He went to, to hell and preached deliverance to the captives in the, who was captives in distress, all of them from Adam on down that had went to the grave.  This baptism here, this baptism here, this baptism here, and this planting here and what’s going on now is the same thing.  Now if we, if we get down to business explaining that.  Now, while this shows going back to the heart of the earth or the dust of the earth from whence he came or going to the grave, it would be going to hell or sheol if you want to say it real nice.  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___.  Listen, I have to get close to you now.  Now the man living in this physical body as we sometimes said in a rush, hell is, Isaiah’s speaking:  hell is moved from beneath to meet thee at thy coming.  Well, now if you don’t understand something about it you won’t, you won’t know.  Now look, this, the grave, the hole in the ground – that’s hell.  Now that’s one explanation.  Now it’s moved from beneath to meet thee at thy coming.  Now listen close, don’t mistake me.  Now when the Messiah went in the grave and come out of the grave you will find here that many of the Patriarchs (you have in your Bible saints – Matthew 27:52) that slept in the dust of the earth rose and went on into Jerusalem.  Now from Adam on down, then the patriarchs, they, they were in distress, that is to say nobody could raise himself from the dead, in other words he was in the bondage of death just like Israel was in the bondage unto Pharaoh. 

     So now this baptism in the Red Sea and coming out of here was symbolical of the resurrection over here.  That’s what it shows.  Now that was a burial.  Now when they get to talking about baptism, people, they got different modes of baptizing.  Some say, well, put a collar around your neck and sprinkle – that’s a sufficient mode.  Now some of the, you take the Catholics, they’re saying, John out there in the riv ..,  Jesus out there in the River Jordan and pour some water on his head, dip up some and pour some water – that’s a sufficient mode of baptism.  Now what He is doing He is fulfilling all of this that is back here, that’s what He said when He went to John:  suffer it to be so now for it behooves us to fulfill all righteousness.  So now He’ll never get it fulfilled until He goes, as this man did in the sweat of his face, he, he eat bread until he, he went to the ground.  Then he’s got to go to the, to the grave or to the ground before He can deliver and all of these were held


Dr. Kinley:  again


Dr. Kinley:  rod and thy staff, they do comfort you.  Now Moses lifted up his rod over the sea – and it opened, that water stood up.  When the, the children of Israel after staying here 40 years, why they went through the River Jordan too and the waters stood up there as a heap and they went on in.  Now here’s Paul writing, 1 Corinthians 15:29.  Now be, be fast I want to try to get somewhere fast.

Reader:  Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead,

Dr. Kinley:  Now. else what shall they do that are, read quick, read Dr. Harris.

Reader:  which are baptized for the dead

Dr. Kinley:  um hum

Reader:  if the dead rise not at all? 

Dr. Kinley:  um hum

Reader:  Why are they then baptized for the dead?

Dr. Kinley:  Why are they then baptized for the dead?  If the dead rise not and if there be no resurrection?  See the argument.  Now how am I going to preach the gospel, how am I going to explain anything without bringing hell in?  There’s no way in the world for me to do it.  Now I give you one definition of it:  that’s the grave and I showed you by the margin of the translators.  Then I said Isaiah said hell is moved from beneath to meet thee at thy coming.  Now then I’ll have to explain that.  Then I’m gonna give you another definition of it. 

     Now this physical body that you are in, this physical body that you’re are walking around here in.  Now when you are really right, got the spirit of God in you (listen now) the body is dead because of sin.  That’s what Paul meant when he said in the 3rd chapter of Colossians for ye are dead and your life is hid with Christ in God.  Now your inner man is alive and this body, mortal body has to be changed from a mortal to an immortal.  Now that goes with everybody.  Now listen, listen, Paul up before Felix, Festus and Agrippa, I think you’ll find that in the 26th chapter of the Acts of the Apostles.  And Paul, he counted himself happy that he was permitted to speak for himself touching all things whereof the Jews accused him.  Now he was preaching that Yahshua was the true Messiah and that He died, and that, He was buried, and was resurrected to the, Felix, Festus, and Agrippa (king, priest, and, and governor.)  Now listen, as Paul spoke, he went back in the scriptures and brought up the scriptures to king, and also to the governor and also to the high priest.  And the high priest knowing that Paul had been brought up at the foot of Gamaliel, he said, said what?  Said much learning makes you mad or you’re beside yourself.  And he said I’m not mad oh noble Felix but speak forth the words of eternal life.  Now listen, listen and then Paul when he appeared to be revolting against God’s high priest or disputing with him about the scriptures, then he commanded him to be smacked in the mouth.  Now what I’m after, I’m showing you another definition of hell.  And then Paul said to him, the high priest, that did not see and understand the resurrection of the Messiah and the outpouring of the Holy Ghost and his inner man was dead even from the fall of Adam, which the blood of Yahshua Messiah did not atone for while He was on the cross, that is he hadn’t accepted the atonement yet, and therefore, his inner man was dead.  And so Paul said God shall smite thee (listen) thou whited wall – meaning this:  that that body that he had there was a grave.  It was white washed sep…  Now I have to get after that and I have to carry that on down. 

     Now up there in the, in the garden, paradise, now I’m talking about paradise.  Paradise is an old Persian word, means a beautiful garden or enclosure.  And when the Jews had always white washed sepulchers.  You know what a sepulcher is:  it’s the same thing as a grave is.  And they, and they planted flowers all in the cemetery.  You got an idea something like decoration day.  It beautifies but in that grave and in that cemetery or in that paradise (which is an old persian word for the cemetery out there) when the thief was on the cross why then He said thou shall this day be with me in paradise.  Now somebody’s got it that he was going to heaven.  No, no, no, no, no sir.  They took Him down off of Joseph’, off of the cross and put Him in the, in the tomb.  Now if He wasn’t gonna be in heaven that day neither were they or the thief and now some of the preachers out there preaching say He stopped dying on the cross to save a man.  That’s stupid and ignorant.  It don’t even make no kinda sense.  And after His resurrection, He told Mary not to touch Him because He hadn’t yet ascended.  All these imaginations and carnal minds that the people have got. Now that causes (listen) that causes a burning hell up in the hat – condemnation.  The inner man is dead within this outer man.  He was dead under the law, and if he hadn’t got salvation he’s dead under the dispensation of grace.  Twice dead and pulled up by the roots.  That’s what, that’s what Jude was talking about.  Do you understand what I mean? 

     Now let me connect what I just was saying.  Now since the cemetery or that paradise was full of dead men’s bones or it was full of .., dead people was buried in it, in other words now it’s moved from down there to up here, and his mouth is an open sepulcher and his inner man is dead.  And that’s why the high priest said smack Paul in the mouth.  The Messiah said, said of them, those high priests, them that was back there under the dispensation of the law, he said their mouth was an open sepulcher and they were full of dead men’s bones.  They wouldn’t go into the kingdom of God themself and neither would they suffer them to go. ___ ___ So his mouth was just an open sepulcher and inwardly was full of dead men’s bones.  So that’s why Paul said to the high priest, one of them, said God shall smite thee you whited walled, because he was nothing but the grave, that was full of dead men’s bones. – his inner man was dead. 

     And that burning, Paul looked at it again and said this, he said, do good unto them that despitefully use you and by so doing you heap coals of fire upon his head.  It’s a figurative expression to show that the man with his condemned conscience is just like a burning flame and if you do good to them kinda people and by so doing you’re heaping coals of fire upon his head.  Now you know good and well that nobody’s gonna stand still and let you put some coals of fire in his hat, in his hair.  That don’t even make sense.  Now you see the twofold definition of it. 

     So now it moved from down there to meet you at your coming.  So this body you got here is an earthly body.  It come from the grave or the, from the earth and it goes back to the earth from whence it came.  Now I’m talking about the physical body.  Now it goes back to where it come from.  Now listen, that will make me have to reach way on back now and get matter and spirit.  Well now if the earth in which the man is buried from which God taken him from and made the man in the first place.  It draws a great big question mark:  `Well where did the earth from whence God took the man come from?’  Did you ever think about that?  Now the people, preachers that run around preaching to the people, and this is what they’re saying, they’re saying that the resurrection, you go back and dig up that body, that body the tombstones would be knocked over and you’ve, that same body which you put in there would be .., that’s what they call the resurrection.  Now, that’s not so, that’s not so.  Paul said there the 15th chapter of 1 Corinthians:  thou shalt not pass by as we have born the image of the earthly, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.  Right?

Audience:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now listen, now that, that brings up the earth itself.  Now you tell me what the sense would be and make some sense out of it and tell me, make sure you make some sense out of it though:  you plant a man in the earth from which he was taken, now you’re gonna go back there and dig him up and it looks like that’s him again.  Now look, God has smitten man with death and all kinds of diseases.  Now if I thought or you thought that God was gonna go get down in the cemetery and bring up that same body that you got now with all of its pains and aches, and arthritis, and rheumatism and some of you have broken bones and first one thing and then another and bring us back to life as we are now.  You’d quit tonight.  Don’t tell me you wouldn’t quit.  I’ve been having trouble ever since I been around here in this body I got here. 

     Now listen, then I, here’s what I want to tell you:  now the earth itself in which the man was buried, it has to undergo a change just like the man that’s buried, in other words the earth or matter comes from spirit.  It underwent a change and it came on down to what we know now as matter as you know it to be.  Then, from that mass, coring mass, and organic and inorganic coring mass God made the beast of the field and fowl and everything (now listen) that’s organic, and He organized a body and took that from the dust of the earth.  Now look, now everything you got didn’t come that way.  It was just your body that come from there, but we look at a some body and we think the whole thing come from there.  It did not.  The Bible does not teach that.  Said, God after He made the man He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and he became a living soul, so it took the breath of life and animation to make that an animated creature; in other words, he was a dead soul until such time as God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.  Now we got the ground and we got the man going in the ground, and we got the man coming out of the ground and we got the man going back to the ground, and then we got the ground disintegrated and going back to the, its original state.  Now what would be the sense and going digging that thing up you got there, the body, when you’re gonna disintegrate and dissolve the earth.  Now that’s what the devil calls the resurrection. 

     Now it says death and hell over there in the 20th chapter of Revelation shall deliver up the dead that are in them.  And I saw the dead, small and great stand before God.  Now John is out on the Isle of Patmos, he’s seeing a vision.  Now there’s nothing happening right there in what he’s talking about what hasn’t already happened – it’s going on right now. 

     Listen, told John on the Isle of Patmos, what you see and hear write in a book and send it to the 7 churches which are in Asia, and He was telling him of things which would be hereafter.  Now listen, you don’t think that’s in the book that way I will read, but here’s the thing I wanna show you:  there can’t be nothing hereafter that wasn’t before.  Why?  Because that’s the thing I been trying my best to teach you all the time.  Let me go over here on this chart and show you.  Now there isn’t anything else but just a constant, just a constant, just a constant, nothing else, it’s just a constant repetition.  All the way from pure spirit, incorporealization, shape and form, angelic host, everything, nothing else but just a repetition (listen) and it works in cycles, nothing but just .., in other words let me show you this:  now John, He told John on the Isle of Patmos that He was the beginning and the end.  Now if He’s the beginning and the ending, then everything that starts at the beginning is just functioning with infallibility and unerring accuracy all the way down and then the end is just like the beginning, just can’t be otherwise.  So what He’s gonna show him hereafter won’t be anything different from what it was in the beginning, because it isn’t anything else but a constant function.  Now look, this, this looks like it’s way out in left field now.  Read again Dr. Harris.  The 20th, Revelation..

Reader:  And I saw the dead, small and great stand before God

Dr. Kinley:  Where are you reading

Reader:  20:12

Dr. Kinley:  Now he’s reading in the 20th chapter of Revelation and he’s reading the 12 verse.  Now John said, He told him now write in the book for he seen and heard, don’t put nothing else in there other than what you see and hear.  Alright and now he said, I saw the dead, small and great stand before God and the books were opened.  Is that right?

Audience:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  And the dead were judged out of the books and the sea, the sea gave up the dead that were in it.  Is that right?

Audience:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Well now look, take it from here.  John is on the Isle of Patmos looking on down and clear on down and he sees, he see ’em baptized or buried, symbolizing the grave here, in the sea like John said I saw the sea gave up the dead that were in it.  Listen, careful, now these that were baptized in the Red Sea, they went on into the wilderness of Sinai.  I have to cut it up short, I have to keep up close to you Dr. Williams and he said I saw the dead, small and great, the sea gave up the dead, death and hell delivered up the dead that were in it.  Now read.

Reader:  And the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books,

Dr. Kinley:  And the dead were judged out of those things which are written in the books,

Reader:  according to their works. 

Dr. Kinley:  according to their works.

Reader:  And the sea gave up the dead which were in it;

Dr. Kinley:  Alright, go right on.

Reader:  and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: 

Dr. Kinley:  um hum

Reader:  and they were judged every man according to their works. 

Dr. Kinley:  And judged every man according to his works.  Read on.

Reader:  And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. 

Page 9

Dr. Kinley:  And death and hell was cast into the lake of fire.

Reader:  This is the second death.

Dr. Kinley:  This is the second death.  Now look up here, look up here.  Now every last one of ’em that come out of the baptizing here and this baptism symbolizing a death and a burial.  And this paschal lamb being offered up here which was a figure of this man being offered up here and He’s buried in Joseph’s new tomb, and when He resurrected from the dead, then here was the many of the saints which slept in the dust of the earth, as they went through here they came into the wilderness the sea gave up the dead.  There’s one thing I want you to know:  all of ’em that come up out of here, they were gathered up around Mt. Sinai and God Himself spoke from Mt. Sinai, the sea gave up these and they were gathered up around the Mount and I saw the dead small and great stand before God and the books were opened. 

     What do you mean books was opened?  When you get that old carnal mind working, it’s, it’s, it’s terrible.  Somebody went and running out of the Bible a whole lot of things and imagine first one thing and another.  They just don’t understand.  Well now let’s see if we can get after this Book business.  Now He is the Word of God Himself.  Lot of people have talked about the Bible being the Word of God.  That’s alright with harmonizing.  Those are the words not Word of God.  The Bible is not the Word of God.  Messiah said, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God and the Lord spake all of these W O R D S unto Moses (plural).  Now if you don’t think that that’s that way I, I will read it.  I’m just trying to save time and carry you into the depths of things.

     Now He is the Word.  Now He spoke Himself down here to them and they were gathered up around – that’s the first church.  Watch, watch, now after they remained here in Israel, I mean in the wilderness all of them that come up out here, except Caleb, Joshua, and Eleazar, every last one, (there was over 600,000 that come up from there) and all but Caleb and Joshua that had any inheritance in Canaan’s Land, all of ’em died in the wilderness.  They did not go across the River Jordan.  Just those three, Caleb .., I mean that came out of down here.  They never made it at all.  No, look, to be .., the blood atoning here and to be buried here and pass through here, these that are here, no look, now no, nothing goes across here but them that were born in the wilderness.  That’s why Messiah said you just must be born, marvel not I said unto you just must be born again.  Now then here we go again. 

     Now when Joshua took ’em across, (Joshua took Moses’ place) Moses went up into Mt. Nebo and died and Joshua took them on across the River Jordan and then that water stood up as a heap.  What you’re doing here so you can see we just can’t draw these things on these charts.  Now look, look up here, now you see this water stood up, it stood up here as a heap, forming a door or an entrance, symbolizing the door and the entrance to the tabernacle and the entrance through the 2nd, through the veil. 

     Now this earth in which you are in, just like this earthly body which you are in was symbolical of the tabernacle, symbolical of the earthly body of the Messiah, which God was manifest in, symbolical of your body.  Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost.  And this body that you have now, having been purified or received atonement here by Him.  Now we were buried (the gentiles) with Him by baptism, by water baptism.  Now I didn’t say sprinkled, we were buried with Him by baptism into his death that we might be in the likeness of His resurrection.  Now if I didn’t go ahead on and read this, read something to you, you’d do like I did back yonder when I was assistant pastor.  Then I had to go back and look at the Bible and the Bible got all twisted up.  I don’t know how the printing changed overnight but anyhow it was another story when I went back and read it. 

     Paul says what shall we say then (6th chapter of Romans) what shall we say then, how shall we .., Maybe you better read it.  Now you got in the 6th chapter.  And here’s another thing.  Here’s how a whole lot of us get all messed up.  Now we say Romans 6:1 then somebody will turn over there and start to read.  And we’re down in the, down in the


down in the predicate we have never thought about what the subject is.  If somebody walked up to you and say, `What shall we say then,’ why you’d think he was nutty then wouldn’t you.  What you have to do is go on back up to the 5th chapter and get the subject there. 

     And Paul is talking about death reigned from Adam to Moses even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam’s transgression, from Adam to Moses.  Then you got, not the Adamic but, but you got a Mosaic Law, death reigned from Adam to Moses.  And that Law of Moses stood until Messiah come and fulfilled it and moved it out of the way.  Now Paul is talking here in the 15th chapter of 1 Corinthians, `why say some among you’ what was you baptized for, you Jews?  What shall we to do say then to whom was given the law.  Look got that thing all messed up too. 

     Paul never did and no apostle at no time ever did write any epistle to the Gentiles.  We’re under the impression back there that’s what he’s doing there.  He didn’t do that, none of those epistles.  `Well say, you mean to tell me that Corinthians is not Greeks?’  Yes, they’re Greeks and they are Gentiles too, but you see what happened was this:  Paul had company that followed him around just like we’ve got some ministers here.  They were Jews and when he would go to Corinth or anywhere, anyplace, he’d leave one of them up there to teach the Gentiles because the gospel was to the Jew first and then to the Gentile.  Why would he write an epistle to a Gentile.  The Gentiles, they don’t know nothing about it.  They was out there worshipping Molech and Diana and Thebes and all them, just idols.  They didn’t know nothing about Yahweh.  They didn’t know nothing about the law.  So now he’s taking somebody that was doing the law and he left ’em there.  Now he’s writing his epistle up there to them that have been left there – the Jews, to teach the Gentiles.  And he’s saying, what shall we the Jews say then, how shall we the Jews who are dead to sin live any longer therein.  Know you not, don’t you that are left there, don’t you know that as many of us, us who?  The Jews that were baptized into Jesus Christ.  At John’s baptism, the figure, baptizing into .., were baptized into His death.  What’s that for?  That we might be in the likeness of His resurrection:  that’s the 6th chapter and the 1st verse.  I’m going down to … Right?  Now read the 11th verse.

Reader:  likewise

Dr. Kinley:  Now just like that, just like it happened to us Jews, just precisely like that and you preach it to the Gentiles how it happened.  Likewise.

Reader:  reckon ye also yourselves

Dr. Kinley:  go and get baptized like we did

Audience:  No, no.

Dr. Kinley:  We were baptized into His death.  Now you’re preaching that He’s resurrected.  Now how in the world are you gonna baptize somebody in His death when he’s preaching that He resurrected from the dead.  And if He hadn’t resurrected from the dead in the 15th chapter Paul says your faith is faint and you’re still yet in your sin.


Dr. Kinley:  and the man just as dead as he can be and they’re using everything they can to deceive.  They say you can’t .., transubstantiate the bread, wine and bread and say that’s the body and blood of Christ.  And somebody thought maybe you won’t stumble and fall over that, said, `Well, I got another one.’  Say, `well that,’  You know how it was with them talking about on the Day of Pentecost when they spoke with tongues and spoke new tongues or other tongues.  dib da dib da.  Now that’s a sign that you got a Holy Ghost.  If you ain’t gonna, if you ain’t going to buy one thing we got a whole lot of other things for sale.  Yes indeed. 

     Now let’s get back to grafting in process, the Gentiles, they were grafted in.  How?  By faith.  Faith in what?  Faith or believing that God did raise Christ from the dead.  And he reckoned himself to be crucified with Christ, he reckoned himself to be buried with him and he reckoned himself to be resurrected with Him. 

     Now we haven’t forgot about them books being opened.  No indeed.  You remember that John said, talking about what he saw and heard, saw that angel flying through the midst of heaven crying with a loud voice – who is able to open the book, to loose the seals.  Nobody didn’t show up at all.  John said I wept much when they found in heaven none worthy and John said he wept much because there wasn’t no man found in heaven.  Now you, you’re trying to tell me that Enoch was translated and he went to heaven.  Pope Pious the 12th, he said he took .., dug Mary up, whole soul and body and sent her on to heaven.  They ought, they oughta, they oughta be called The Liars Club to see which one can tell the biggest lie but I’ll, I’ll skip that.  And now he said he wept much because none was found, none was worthy, heaven was searched.  Now if you search heaven and the earthly, find none worthy (look at Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob and Moses and Jacob and Michael and Gabriel and all the rest of the cheribims and seriphims and he didn’t find none.  And John said, he went on down and none was found worthy to open the Book.  Remember in Revelation you read about the Book and the books, another book.  If you don’t remember reading it, read it again.

Reader:  And another book was opened which is the Book of Life

Dr. Kinley:  and the dead were judged out of those things which were written therein.  Is that what you got?  Now listen.  Now you be careful now.  We told you Roger to go to the law and go to the testimony and we told you that (are you listening?) Moses, he too is writing down what he saw and heard in the visions.  And he saw in the vision, in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  And he went on to write it down, what he saw and heard.  And he had 70 elders there, help him write down.  They heard too, when He spoke from here and give ’em the commandments.  Are you listening Rip?  So that now here you got your first five books of Moses and then you got the prophecy.  Now when Messiah come he come and fulfilled the law and the prophecy.  Now if you take the book of Genesis, the Book of Exodus, the Book of Leviticus, the Book of Numbers, the Book of Deuteronomy, you take the Book of Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah and that which is written in the Psalms.  Listen, and after He resurrected from the dead (Luke 24:44) He told them, said, thus it behoove Him to suffer and Paul said that He suffered and died and raised from the dead the 3rd day according to the law and the prophecies.  And then He opened up their understanding in the law and the prophecies after His resurrection.  That is to say, John said he saw that Lamb come out from the altar there and He prevailed to open the Book and to loose the seals.  So then He took the Book out of the hand of Him that set on the throne and the Lamb opened the Book and loosed the seals.  He was the only one that was worthy, that was found anywhere which was Messiah that come on down from pure spirit into the incorporealization and come on down here in the flesh ___ the man to fulfill what was written in the law and in the prophets:  that Adam broke the law, Eve broke the law, and there wasn’t any, not, not, not a soul was able to open the books, even the angels, they looked and they didn’t see into the mystery of God until it was revealed, so He come on down.  Now look and He fulfilled it, He takes off a seal, on down till He’s got the whole seven seals and then the Book, it was opened. 

     Now look, Paul says ye are our epistles written in our hearts read and known of all men, the 3rd chapter of the second covenant or new covenant.  Now you got to follow me close because if you don’t you won’t see what I’m talking about.  Each one of you is an epistle:  ye are our epistle.  You’re an epistle, you’re an epistle, you are an epistle, you are an epistle, you are an epistle, everybody is an epistle.  ___ ___  They are an epistle, they are read and known of all men. 

     Now when we get all of these epistles together, just like you got Genesis, Exodus, Numbers and you put ’em all in the volume, He said (listen, listen) lo, I come in the volume of the book as it is written of Me to do Thy will oh God, He taketh away the first that He might establish the second.  So now He’s coming in the volume as it is written as Moses and the Prophets, He prevailed to fulfill or to open the book and to loose the seals or to fulfill everything that’s written in the book.  Now He is the Word.  He’s the Word Himself.  So He is the, is the Word or He’s the Big Book.  Now you are an epistle, just like Genesis, Leviticus, Exodus, you are an epistle each and every one of you, and then we put all of you together, then you got a volume of the books. 

     I saw the dead, small and great, go ahead and explain that Dr. Harris.

Reader:  I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God and the books were opened.

Dr. Kinley:  Now wait a minute.  We’ll have a rift because somebody done slipped over what you just said there, said the books – plural – that means more than one.  The books was opened.  The books, not the Book, the books, epistles and when you see what’s written in there and you understand and then the Holy Spirit is given you and you become an epistle, you are our epistle written in our hearts, read and known of all men.  And you put ’em all of our epistles together then ye are builded upon the same foundation as the apostles and prophets and Jesus Christ Himself there’s the chief cornerstone in whom a building fitly framed together groweth into a holy tabernacle for a habitation of God through the spirit.  And Peter said you’re lively stones in the building and everything all up.  You see through what I’m talking about, you understand?  Now the books is opened and the dead are judged out of the things that are written in the Book.  Alright.  Read on.

Reader:  according to their works

Dr. Kinley:  according to their works

Reader:  and the sea gave up the dead

Dr. Kinley:  and the sea gave up the dead that was in it

Reader:  and death and hell

Dr. Kinley:  and death and hell

Reader:  delivered up the dead

Dr. Kinley:  delivered up the dead

Reader:  which were in them.

Dr. Kinley:  which were in them.  Death that was appointed here, man back to the ground and hell delivered up, delivered up the dead that was in them, small and great.  What are you talking about, small and great?  The high priest was the high, the highest tribune there, and the king he was a high official too, Melchizedek was king and priest.  Then from there on down, the heads of the tribes and then those that were subject or those that belonged to the kingdom of Israel, and from the highest, the least to to the greatest.  Saw the whole thing stand before God the least to the greatest. 

     Listen, listen, now when God had poured out His spirit, poured it out on all flesh, then you become a, a living epistle, poured out His spirit upon all flesh, them that would believe the gospel.  I’m not talking about something you don’t believe in.  You got to have Satan and his angels got to be around somewhere, I’m not talking about them. 

     Now then since that is true, in the New Covenant He said they shall all  know Me.  I’m talking about the, the great and the small, the least, they got that New Covenant, they shall all know Me.  If I have the Holy Ghost or if I have the Messiah or the Holy Spirit in me (listen) then you ought to be able to read and to know me, you ain’t got no business stumbling and falling around over me.  I’m no mediator and intercessor between .., I’m Him Himself and you ought to know me from the least to the greatest, from the pulpit to the door because He that’s in me, if you wanna call me great and you wanna call you least, they’ll all know me from the least to the greatest.  What’s your excuse?  We are all epistles, every last one of you but ye are my epistles. 

     Now if I’m giving you a bunch of junk and got the thing all twisted up than you know what I am.  I’m nothing else but the devil incarnate in the flesh and you’re just one of the demons following me and most of, all of us are going to the lake.  Yes sir I tell it like it is.  That’s the only way you can get help Roger.  Somebody said, `Well you know my job is defending the gospel.’  The gospel’s able to take care of itself.  You see through what I’m trying to talk about, don’t you understand?  The truth will stand you.  There’s always somebody trying to help God. 

     Now I got, that almost brings you back since we’re talking about the sea and everything.  Now this sea here, the Red Sea, theologians now they can’t see how that, that God could do a thing like that, is to heap them waters up, I mean to form a door, a heap just like and then send that wind right through there and make a tunnel out of it.  They can’t see that.  And the children of Israel go through but it had to go down the ___ and the wind blew all night and dried her up.  Now it’s, it’s kind of a mystery, I, I will agree with you on that.  How a man could be walking on dry ground, on dry ground, cloud above his head and all that water up there over his head and he’s baptized in the cloud and in the sea:  it is a mystery.  And you’re gonna have to have some eyes to see it and you’re gonna have to have some ears to hear it but now since they can’t do that they try to fix it up so that God, in other words they are trying to help God perform a miracle and they say now this is the sea of Reeds.  You know what reeds are.  Just like John said, `What’d you come out for to see – reeds the wind blows.  Get it?  What did, talking to the leaders out Israel that rejected his baptism too.  Then another one said, `Well, I think..’  They’re trying to make it possible that they went through that at low tide.  They can’t see how that a man can be baptized, inundated in water and in a cloud and all that water above and then he’s walking around on dry ground going through there.  That’s the reason why they’ve never understood baptism cause they can’t explain it. 

     Now look, let me show you that now in conjunction and relation to what we just talked about.  Just like we go through this chart here.  Now you can see why that the tomb was sealed up, tunnel right straight through it.  Now then, that, if this was a, if you have to make it possible for God to do this and have to help Him do it and you tell me who helped Him get this job done:  on the 3rd day up here in the creation, wasn’t nobody around then and the earth was surrounded by water, now who helped Him then?  And was that low tide?  It ain’t nothing else but a repetition repeating itself.  Now there you are. 

     You remember I told you about your body and the inner man being dead in there, the Jew; remember I showed you now where Paul is saying that to the Jews, Why were you baptized for the dead if the dead rise not again?  Why say some of you there is no resurrection from the dead?  Why stand you in jeopardy of a lie?  Now you had the, the Sadducees, they didn’t believe in a angel or a resurrection from the dead.  Now look, now that’s at Corinth and we were reading about it in the Romans, wasn’t we.  Now at Corinth, at Rome, Thessalonica and all the rest of these places that you read about in your Bible, the Jews had synagogues in those .., in, in .., scattered all around ’em, Babylon and Rome and everywhere the Jews had synagogues all, everywhere where they were dispersed, in every city.  And do you remember in the 15th chapter of Acts of Apostles when all of the apostles come together and they’re conferring, said Moses had in every city them that ___ or that they were keeping the law:  be circumcised and keep the law.  And the brethren, that was why they got together up there, all of the apostles was present (that’s the 15th chapter of Acts of Apostles.)  Now the thing I’m trying to point out to you is:  all over Christendom people are blind.  The blind leading the blind and they’ll all fall in the ditch together.  They’re all talking about keeping the law of Moses, doing the natural things that Christ died to abolish out there on the cross. 

     And the apostle say, well I’ll put it both ways:  Messiah said that God is spirit and He’s seeking such to worship Him in spirit and in truth.  You following me down now.  Paul says it this way, said, as many as are led of the spirit, they are the sons of God.  Listen, the 8th chapter of Romans, 8th chapter verse one quote:  `There is therefore now,’ in this present dispensation, `there is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ.’  There’s no hellfire burning up here, his conscience is clear.  When Adam sinned back there it was his conscience, when the Jews sinned it was their conscience, there is no, he died to relieve that condemned conscience.  And so now by putting you in or baptizing you into the body, now Paul says there is therefore now, since he died and resurrected and in this present disp…, there is no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus (listen, listen) who walk not after the flesh.  You won’t do any of them carnal ordinances like that, not the first, you won’t wash no feet, water baptism is a carnal ordinance, eating Lord Suppers or passovers – they’re carnal ordinances which he died to remove that you might walk after the spirit.  Now we are in Him who.., and being in Him you are everything – you’re complete, you’re fulfilled, everything is fulfilled.  That’s how the devil missed the thing. 

     And He’s up here carrying on, talking about transubstantiation and consubstantiation and Jesus said go ye therefore and preach the gospel to every creature, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost and lo, I am with you alway even until the end of the world.  Yes, I didn’t say they can’t quote but they don’t believe what they just read.  And nobody has done that said go ye therefore and baptize ’em in the name of the Father, he don’t even know that that’s Yahweh and the name of the Son, he don’t even know that’s Elohim, and in the name of the Holy Ghost, I mean that’s Yahshua the Messiah.  He don’t know that, you haven’t been baptized like that.  Nobody.  Well how you gonna get, `well, Reverend so and so baptized me.’  1 Corinthians 12:13 says by one spirit are you all baptized into one body, by one spirit, not water, you heard me. 

     And even them Jews that were broken off back there as Paul which we’re reading about here in the 11th chapter, they rejected even John’s baptism because they wouldn’t, they wouldn’t be baptized at that time under the dispensation of the law.  Now Paul said, that they would be grafted in, too late for them to be planted, they’d be grafted in again if they continued not in unbelief. 

     Now here we are, we’re walking, walking by faith, then by the spirit, that’s what we’re made of.  Now when you want something to feed and to nourish your physical body, you have a nice Thanksgiving, that ..,  every bit of that food was to nourish your physical body.  Now somebody’s that’s just feeding their physical body, their inner man is not getting a thing at all, it should be fed the spiritual bread which come down from heaven, unless that water of life, you’re immersed in that, if not you can be a great big, fat person, just so big and fat and overweight and all and the insurance companies don’t want you, yet lean, malnutrition, rickets, the inner man I’m talking about.  You got to be fed.  Now we have to feed it, understand these things.  God’s a quickening spirit and He’s not leaving you.  Now Israel back here that did them things back there, they failed.  If they failed why then He came along, He fulfilled ’em.  Aren’t you satisfied with the way He fulfilled them?  And all of ’em pointed to Him.  Now when you got Him you’re complete.  The law is fulfilled in one word – love. 

     Now wait a minute.  Have to tell you something about that law business.  Now, Ephesians, I, I don’t want you to leave Romans, I want to tell you something about Ephesians, are you up with me?  Are you following me pretty well?  Now what I’m doing, I’m knocking out everything natural, everything physical and I’m showing you that you have to be in the spirit.  And as many of you as are lead, Paul said, there is therefore now no condemnation. 

     Some of ’em always around say, `you ain’t been baptized by..,’  Well what, what’s, what’s the matter.  Says, `how, how the heck ain’t I been baptized right?’  `That church over there you belong .., they baptize in Jesus only.  You got to be baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost.’  And I don’t know whether you know this or not, if you study theology and study how men have tried to, not knowing and not realizing, they, they took in order to baptize somebody in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Ghost, they punch them down in the water three times:  baptize, punch him down in the water one time in the name of the Father; down again, two times, in the name of the Son; down again the 3rd time; then stuffed salt up their nose.  You ought, you oughta study around here and kinda look around and you’ll catch on that the devil don’t know what it’s all about.  Now if you’re risen from the dead, through becoming a recipient of the Holy Spirit through the preaching of the gospel what do you want, what do you wanna go back and all and lay again the foundation for repentance from dead works.  Water baptism is a dead work.  How we even dug up the grave here, didn’t we.  Yes indeed and said death and hell was cast into the lake.  Now I’ve, I’ve stood up here one Sunday and said you’re already in the lake. 

     Now I know that somebody said, now I knew that when I said it.  I said it just like I said that he didn’t have no authority going away from here.  `Oh that man, that man, oh that man, that man, oh that man.’  Yes I’ve made a lot of them, a lot of times.  They never seen me, my face in the flesh but when they meet me in the flesh, they say, `yes sir, I’ve heard about you.`  Everybody around town pretty near heard about me because I, I, I fight the whole place.  I challenge the world.  Roman Catholics and Protestants and what have you and everything else.  And they’ve heard about it too.  And listen they’ve come over here and want to preach,  `I’m going down there.’  Those are what we call guest speakers.  They get up here and preach.  We got one right now sore with us, with me and said I got up behind him and I laid him out to the dogs.  Well I didn’t ___ ___ ___ ___ ___.  Every, every last.., if you don’t know what it’s all about.  Now look here, this is the wrong place to come, you ought to go somewhere else but they come over here and they expect to get up here and say some nice things and try to get .., right now we’re in trouble, right now.  Bishop Short got some papers here and we just got out of the, the hot water.  Dr. Gross has got a letter:  a man want to build up this organization and said, had the nerve to say …

     Now the woman back down there in Cincinnati, said that she would, would back it up, the printing of the book.  Dr. Dennis back there said that his company would charge approximately $18,000 for 2000 Bibles, I mean 2000 books.  That’s an estimate of course.  Well, this woman back there, she knew me, and I mean she knew me too.  And when I say that I’m not talking about personal acquaintances all together.  Now Dr. Harris you talked to that woman, didn’t you?

Dr. Harris:  I did.

Dr. Kinley:  And she didn’t ask nothing about how much it cost, she didn’t care.  She said she’d pay for it, put it in the moving pictures too.  And here this individual saying I want to build up something and wanna make some money publishing the book.  How many times have I told you I don’t divine for no money.  They gonna make me divine for it anyhow and because it didn’t go in such a way the rest of them go, gotta get some money out of somebody, said I was trying to fix up some kinda way to get some money out of Miss Glasmeyer yet I told her to her face I don’t want none of your money if you can’t let me have it on my terms, I don’t want it.  We got in trouble with that once before.  We got the money from you and printed that book and the government come right around and charged us.  Now she don’t want, she don’t want it back, she don’t want it back and that was her argument – me paying it back.  And now ___ ___ said that we was trying to concoct some kind of plan, didn’t want to have nothing to do with the organization or nothing they just didn’t understand our method of operation.  Now look you can stand and tell these people all you want to that you don’t preach for money.  You understand, you don’t preach for, nobody ever paid me a cent for preaching.  You can tell them until you drop dead and they’ll still think you’re lying, just run out on me right now saying we’re trying to work some way to get .., Look, I’m trying to keep the woman from putting some money in.  I’m not going to let these wolves and thieves get up and do any kind of job and all they want is some money and the folks go to hell.  And they done made some money.  That woman knows me and I know that woman. 

     And I don’t want you or nobody else ..,  you can’t purchase the gift of God with money.  That’s the reason why I don’t get no salary cause I don’t preach them ole cheap sermons, $400-$500 a week to ride around in a cadillac.  I don’t preach them cheap sermons.  ___ ___ ___ about myself.  Yes, this school is different and nobody much out there in the world understands it.  And I’m not begging you for nothing.  Messiah said the foxes have holes and the birds have nests and the Son of Man hath not where to lay his head.  What’s matter with you?  Got nothing.  Don’t want nothing.  Don’t come shoving it off on me because I don’t want that.  Well, look, I haven’t got a thing but I’ll have you to know that my father owns the whole entire …  You heard about the prodigal son, he said he was going back up there, said his old man was rich, he owned the cows on a thousand hills and everything.  He said what shall I give in exchange for my soul.  You ain’t got nothing to pay off with.  You’re bought with a price that’s where you was paid for out there and redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ hanging out there on the cross or Yahshua the Messiah so better stated.  But men just can’t see.  They haven’t been born of God.  They don’t know no more about God than a hog does about dentistry.  That’s right. 

     It’s just about time to go home don’t you think.  People don’t know these things about it and the people think .., someone tell them a sad story.  People have come to me with their sad stories and thought they was working me out of something, sometime and tell me saying, `look here, I know you ain’t got nothing but such and such a thing happened and they didn’t have no insurance, they want to, to put ’em away.’  And look, after went to work and paid $1500 within 12 hours.  1500.  And the man that come and asked me for the money, it was his sister’s child and they wasn’t even speaking.  And he said, `well since it is my sister’s child and she’s lost her daughter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.’  He said, `we, we got to speaking to one another and since it’s her and she didn’t have no insurance on her.’  Said, `I know you ain’t got nothing.’  He come and see me.  ___ ___ ___ ___  And he had snow all over his feet and he’s about half drunk, set there on my carpet, snow and all just running all down, and telling me and called me up and said, `I know you ain’t got nothing.’  But they know when I said something that’s all, that’s all she wrote.  So I told him I would take care of him in the morning at 9:30.  9:30 in the morning I went and handed him $1500.  And listen, don’t you know that same woman, some of you know her, that same woman she has never set here under the sound of the gospel.  She belongs to one of them things like you belong to.  It’s the truth so help me, my Father.  She has never … Now if she asked them people over there to help her they would have told her, they would have told here, `I’m sorry that if you got sense enough to serve the Lord,’ and going on in the right.., You oughta have sense enough ___ ___.  Now that’s what they would have done. 

     She’s not the only .., others have come to me.  Come to me and asked me for things ___ ___  I’ve never let any of them down.  They’ve come to me for all kinds of things, if I don’t do the works of my father, then you don’t have no right to believe me.  It is the Messiah, the genuine and the true thing within me.  I don’t have to take no backwash.  And it’s a black mask I’m wearing here, that’s no drawback to me.  It’s no hinderance.  And listen, let me tell you something, I could have been a multimillionaire a long time ago, now what do you think I want with your ten cents.  I was offered that in 1935.  And Dr. Gross setting right over there seen, up there at the millionaires club.  I mean in Hollywood, and they’re trying to back me up in this school.  Am I lying about it Dr. Gross?  You were there.

Dr. Gross:  No, you’re not.


Dr. Kinley:  So I don’t have no fear and I wouldn’t be around here lying to you for what I could get out of you.  I’m conscious of the fact and listen, it is the true .. in me, and I say to you make me prove it.  If I can’t do no better Bill, then the lying dogs and these preachers, if I can’t do no better than that you’d be better off at home in bed.  Yes in bed.  I’m not trying to build no congregation.  What I’m doing, I’m trying to tear ’em down, tear ’em down and that man saying I’m trying to build up something.  Babylon, she’s already called on.  God has called for her to come out of her my people be not partakers of her sin and don’t receive of her plagues.  And I do believe this, if I were just nothing but a plain down right hobo out here on the street.  If I went and asked someone for a dime or something and I’d rather do that then stand around here and lie to you, give me a dime, ten cents.  I believe that any of you in here would at least give me enough money to get something to eat with, if you thought I was hungry.  Wouldn’t you?  Almost anybody out there in the street will do that.  And if not that I can go to some dump, pick up enough rags and bones and sell them and get something to eat.  I don’t have to stand around here and lie to you to get food or something.  You haven’t got nothing I want.  What we all want is eternal life.  Now what’s it going to profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul. 

     You must be conscious of the fact that there is satanic spirits incarnated in these physical bodies that’s running around here doing all of these things.  Pulled up all these natural things, trying to show you, just like Pope John the 23rd, that negro from Ethiopia got a picture of him setting up there, Pope John down on his knees washing feet, kissing his big dirty foot and God just don’t love ugly and what he was, what, what they said about him in the Roman Catholic Church said, Pope John was showing he’s breaking down segregation, showing how humble he was kissing that negro’s feet.  You know what happened, God just don’t love ugly.., Negro had double pneumonia.  After that happened… Now that’s the honest to God’s truth.  If you don’t think I’m telling you right I’ll put the credentials in there, but all them natural things, all these preachers is doing around here, Roman Catholics and Protestants, they don’t know nothing about God.  All they got is a book of fiction. 

     Here, this thing here, talking about …, which I intended to get into tonight.  I hadn’t get into it, I could do it in less time than 2 or 3 minutes.  I can tell you about it.  Now here’s the Seventh Day Adventist.  I’ll tell you about this right quick.  Now the Seventh Day Adventist, they figured from BC 457, 2300 years down, include that, and they, they said that this 457 BC, this 490 years is down here in 1810 years.  Now look this is what they say, show you up here so you, so you can see it.  Now they said that Christ was just in here until 1844.  Now they first thought that He was in here, now this was their first mistake, they thought He was in, into heaven here and in 1844 that He would come back to earth, in 1844.  Figuring from 457 back under Nehemiah and Ezra when they come up from Babylon, so then they thought the 2300 years was a part of the 490 year cycle, so then they seen that Messiah was gonna come.  They thought He would be coming in 1844 and I told you they sold their properties and they did everything.  They stand out there expecting Him at any time on that, on that day to come down through the sky.  Well, when He didn’t show up that messed, that messed the thing all up, then they had to admit they’d made a mistake.  And they said then that instead of Him coming in 1844, they said, they turned around and said He was just entering into the Most Holy Place.  Now here’s where they had Him at.  They had Him .., and got the picture of it in the book (Dr. Gross has got it) in here at this altar here and they, they thought He was coming out here so they changed it so no they said He was going in.  Just change it around that made it the much worse.  Now they’re kinda keeping their chin in, now they ain’t predicting when He’s gonna come again.  Now you see what you.., I want you to see this so that you recognize when you get it in the Book.  Look, now they started in 457. 

     Now Jehovah’s Witnesses, they started 606.  They started 606.  Now here’s why they started at 606, right here, 606 BC.  Now that’s when this last tribe, the other 10 tribes they went in 721.  You got ten tribes and the last tribe went to Babylon in 606.  Now this is when .., they were Gentiles, the Jews were in captivity, not bondage but captivity, begin in 606.  And Messiah talked about when these things would be fulfilled and all like that here in the 24th chapter of Matthew, 21st chapter of Luke, and the 13th chapter of Mark, then He showed that the times of the Gentiles must be fulfilled.  So now they said that the times of the Gentiles begin in 606 when the Jews were in captivity down there.  And then they ..,, Moses told the children of Israel that when they went over into Canaan’s Land, if they didn’t keep the Law of Moses up here then He would punish them seven times.  Well you know they broke the law so then they say that since they broke the law, they were carried captive here and He’s gonna punish them 7 time.  So then they took 360 days to one year, then they multiplied it seven times and then they got 2520.  That’s 2,520.  Now then you take the 606 from 2520.  And they said that Christ come in 1914. 

     Now look what you got.  The Seventh Day Adventists figuring from here the coming of Christ and the, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, they’re figuring from 606 the coming of Christ.  The Seventh Day Adventists, they figure from here and they come out at 1844 when Jesus comes.  The others they figured 606 which is before this.  606.  They figured 25, 2520.  Jehovah’s .., the Seventh Day Adventists they put the 2300 that you see up here, the 2300 in here from 457, 2300, and that reached down to 1844.  Both of them figured from all of them, they, they’re smart people.  They know all about God and they expect you to sit down and listen at ’em and waste your time.  One saying one thing starting a prophetic interval at, at one place and having Him come in 1914 and the other one starting at BC 457 and having Him come in 1844 and it didn’t, when it failed and now they’re back, but they’re still here operating.  You can’t tell ’em, you can’t tell ’em nothing, just can’t tell ’em a thing.  And people, just thousands of them are stupid enough to sit around and listen. 

     And here, let me tell you something, here is Pope Pious the 12th stood right up in 1950 and said that he took Mary out of the grave, whole soul and body and put her into heaven in 1950.  And here is all of these famous people so dumb and ignorant.  And that was one of the great things that he did during his reign.  And another thing he did too, Pope John the 23rd (tell you this and then we’ll go home.)  Pope John the 23rd, Pope Pious he promoted .., this is, this is another thing he done Pope Pious the 12th, he put Mary in heaven whole soul and body.  Flesh and blood can not enter in, but he put her in there.  Then that wasn’t all he done.  He promoted the archangel Gabriel and made him supervisor over the telephone and all of the communications service.  He promoted him.  That’s Pope Pious the 12th that did that.  And Pope John he come along and demoted him and the reason why he demoted him and the reason why I’m telling you about it is because they expected Christ to come during Pope John’s the 23rd’s reign and He didn’t come when they thought he should come so they, they said Gabriel lied, so he demoted him. 

     I’m telling you honest to God’s truth.  They believe him all over the world, believing all these lies being told about these things by these priest, I mean these devils incarnate in physical bodies.  And the pitiful thing about it, you’re running your hands in their pockets:  `I tell you I’m going to do all I can to help the gospel.  Yes sir.  I tell you’, said, `I wanna give to God.  I wanna help.’  You see them doing it all the time.  Now it would be better to do like this:  put a mask on and a 38.  Robbers.  Come on put that, that’s all they’re doing ___ ___ ___ ___.  That’s right.


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