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by Dr. Henry C. Kinley

Please note that the audio cassette tape received had the year as 1962.  The proofreaders have changed the date to 1966 because of two items Dr. Kinley mentions several times in the session:  1) It is 1932 years into this age, and 2) he has been teaching for 35 years.

recorded by Dr. Carl F. Gross on reel to reel recorder

cassette recording received from Lee Warren (#44)

2 90 minute audio cassettes

Catalog#: 66 VH


originally transcribed pages 1 – 16 and 26 – 32 by BJaie Gordon in June, 1986


additional transcribing pages 16 – 26 done by Cathy Fenti and Sharon Tinker

first proofreading: Cathy Fenti

second proofreading: Mary Hayes

third proofreading: Michael Rothstein

fourth proofreading: Gerry Rothstein

fifth proofreading: International Public Relations

approved by the International Public Relations Committee: 1997


1. … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, see, you see, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right.)

4. ____ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber


Announcer:  I’d like to present at this time, the Founder and Dean of the School, Dr. Henry C. Kinley.

Dr. Kinley:  Thank you ever so much.  I’m indeed happy and glad to be here again, and to talk with you about the things that are pertaining to God and His Purpose and the Kingdom of God, the reality of it.  I’ve been thinking for quite some time about it, the origins of this work, what it means, how to understand something about it, because it is the result of a revelation.  I have did everything that is within my power to do, to try to make men and women conscious of the ever presence of God, a living God, up-to-date God, not an antique, or not a passive ____.  I want you to realize that God is alive.  And it is not me that I want you to see, to know something about, to understand something about.  Not that at all.  But I am anxious to convey to your mind the things that God has shown to me in the year 1931.  By constant mentioning of it, there may be some become somewhat antagonistical to some, and then they’ll get the wrong conception or the wrong idea about it, and think that I mean to pose as some great one myself.  I want you to know that it…, that is a false perception.  That is not true.  I have never, at any time, tried to impart the idea that I, myself, amounted to anything, just another one of the brethren, trying to convey to you the things that God has given to me to show to you.  And I have tried my best to tell you that I, too, have come up through the experiences that everybody sitting under the sound of my voice have had:  belonged to this church and that church, and the other organizations, and so forth and so on.  I, too, have been taught and lived as you have lived.  But in the year 1931, God, I’ll try to talk to you so you can understand me, gave me a Divine Revelation and a Vision.  I did not understand the vision when I saw it.  I’ve never tried to make anybody think that I did.  I just didn’t understand it.  But that same day, the meaning of that vision was revealed to me.  And I have told you many times that that revolutionized and it did away with my proud conception of God and His Purpose.  It moved me out of the category of skepticism.  It made me begin to wonder.

Well, I didn’t think that I was the worst fellow, I never have thought that.  Why, I didn’t see where I was any better than anybody else.  I never thought that as…, I’ll tell you like the Apostle Paul said.  He said, this is a true saying, and worthy of acceptation, that Yahshua the Messiah came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am the chief.  That’s what he thought about himself, he was the chief sinner.  I believe he was almost justified in making that statement, too.  For the simple reason why:  because he did lead the persecutors of the apostles when they were out to preach that the resurrection from the dead.  And he held the raiment of them that slew Stephen, and also, he told the.., Timothy, that at that time, he said he was a blasphemer and an injurious person because he persecuted the Assembly of God, you call it the church of God.  But he said, I received mercy, because I did it ignorantly, and through unbelief.  He did not realize and he did not know at that time, that so far as the Purpose of God, in its declaration from the beginning, that he was to be an apostle.  And all the things that he did contrary was a preparation.  That meant that he didn’t have anything at all to boast of on the part of Paul.  He told Felix, Festus and Agrippa, said now, all of the Jews know how that I persecuted the Church for a witness.  Then he went on to tell them about the God of his fathers according to the things that was stipulated in the Scriptures that had to come to pass.  And he said that he didn’t have anything to cover up or to hide, one way or the other, because everything that he had said that caused him to be in trouble after he saw the Vision, was nothing more than what Moses and the Prophets said would come.  So, I look at it like the, the Apostle did.  He said that when, but when it pleased God, but when it pleased God, who separated him from his mother’s womb, to put him in the ministry.  Now God put him in there.  Why then he was not hesitant.  He was obedient to the heavenly vision.  And he counted himself happy.  So he told Felix, Festus and Agrippa; that’s king, priest and governor, that he was happy that he was permitted to speak for himself, touching all things whereof the Jews of late had accused him about…, that I want to…  Now the reason..,  the thing that makes me so happy about it is this:  that old Agrippa, that’s the king, is because I know that you are an expert in the law of the Jews and customs.  And so, for that reason, I’m real happy to speak for my…, that I’m permitted or given the opportunity to speak for myself.

Now, I have laid that kind of a foundation to say to you that that was in the beginning of the Present Age and Present Dispensation where the apostles come along and preached after the Messiah had been crucified, resurrected and ascended and poured out the Holy Spirit.  Now we are coming down to the close of this Age, when everything that has transpired through the Dispensations and Ages…  Listen.  It repeats itself, over, and over, and over, and over, and over.  There is not a thing in the past, not a thing, but what isn’t in the present, and in the future, not a thing.  That’s the reason why Messiah said, I Am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.  And His Purpose works with unerring accuracy, with infallibility, through the Dispensations and Ages.

After being Assistant Pastor of the Church of God, I told you many times about it.  And having been put out, you just might as well call the thing straight and get it over with.  Silenced.  I thought it was a pretty bad thing.  The thought that was within me was surely there ought to be, surely there ought to be some way whereby that we could understand the Purpose of God.  Listen.  And if God has appointed a day wherein He shall judge the world in righteousness by that Man whom He hath ordained, surely then there should be some way that we that call ourselves in Christiandoom ought to be able to see eye to eye or face to face.  I thought, surely there should be some way.  And it was in my heart to write a book, and go back to the brethren and try to convince them of my honesty and integrity.  So, I got busy and started to write that book.  And I went upstairs in the attic, in my home at that time, and I started to write.  Well, I guess I must have worked on it three or four weeks, maybe longer, or maybe not so long, I don’t remember.  But anyhow, the thought come to me is, many men, far smarter than I am, have written many, many books.  I knew of Matthew Henry, commentators Pendelton, Burroughs, and just a lot of commentators, and a lot of smart theologians that had written books.  So me writing a book won’t have any more influence on Christiandoom out there than what the books that they have written.  So that won’t do.  I quit.

I took my little dog and went on upon the, the creek, and I sit down up there for nearly two years in that melancholy state.  Backwards and forwards I lived the days, alone and by myself, nobody but me and my dog.  And I looked at nature in its simplicity and in its reality.  And I wondered to myself, surely, there ought to be some way that Christ is going to judge the world in righteousness.  There ought to be some way to convince mankind.  If it can’t be done now, and it’s a matter of utter impossibility to convince mankind and for us to become reconciled, those of us who would accept, then I could see no future, potential possibility of it.

And I remember being in my dining room and rocking in the rocking chair, and I was looking at the wall.  I just newly had my house papered, and I was looking at how beautiful the wallpaper was before I had planned to make my departure.  Now, if you’d listen at what I’m telling you, it is important.  And then I had one of the greatest, stupendous visions, I believe, that has ever been given to any man.  It was not out of harmony with nothing that had been revealed here before.  It was not out of harmony that was revealed to Moses and the Prophets and the Apostles.

I told you after I had the Vision, I didn’t understand it.  And then I went into another state of, I might just say took out of the world, and there was explained to me, or in other words, the, the meaning of the vision that I had was revealed to me.  Now, the thing I’m trying to tell you about is this, I didn’t think that I was so bad myself, or any worse than anybody else, and so God had to go to all that trouble just on my account to get me saved.  And I thought then, evidently it must be for someone else as much so as it is for me.  So then I said, ‘well, I’ll go out and tell somebody about it.’  No.  It silenced me.  I couldn’t go and tell nobody nothing, because I realized that the thing that I would tell them they would not believe nohow.  I didn’t believe it before I had the Vision and the Revelation.  So now, I’m just up against it.  So then, there isn’t but one thing that it taught me to do, just one thing, and that was this: was to draw out these charts and try to convey to somebody’s mind, the Divine, listen, the divine authenticity, the unerring accuracy, the infallibility of God and His Purpose as was revealed to Moses and the prophets, that the Messiah did come in the world at the appointed time.  He lived, He fulfilled the Law and the Prophecy to the very jot and tittle, or to the letter.  And then, after He fulfilled it, then all of the carnality, or all of the literal, all of the physical, all of the natural, was moved out.  The Purpose was this: that we might worship God in Spirit and in Truth, that God did seek man to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

Now God had made a statement like this…  Now you listen, cause everything I’m saying to you now is vitally important to your salvation.  He had said He would bring to nought the wisdom of the wise.  You remember, we had scribes, sari, Sadducees, and about six different factions of ‘em back there.  Now, He said He would bring to nought, destroy the wisdom of the wise and bring to nought the understanding of the prudent.  Now, just reading that makes no difference.  People just read that in a passive sense, in a passive way.  He said that He come to fulfill.  Matthew 5:17.  Think not that I come to destroy the law, or the prophets, but I come to fulfill, and verily, I tell you, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass until it is all fulfilled.  Now, here is the destruction of the wisdom of the wise and to bring to nought the understanding of the prudent.  Here is where Paul got in trouble.  This is how he became a blasphemer and an injurious person, because he was sensed of keeping the Law.  And he said as touching the Law when he was persecuting, he was blameless.

That Sanhedrin Council.., though those soldiers that were, that were at the tomb, when He was buried in Joseph’s new tomb, hewn out in the rocks, those soldiers were there at that tomb went up to the Sanhedrin Council, now you listen at me, and told them that He had risen from the dead as He said.  Now, they went and made that report to all seventy of ‘em.  Now what they did was bribe the soldiers.  Don’t let this get out into the community, and they gave ‘em money.  Now if it does get out, then our last error will be worse than the first.  Now, the first error they made was to crucify the Son of God.  And they said there of.., that that deceiver saith that He would raise from the dead on the third day.  Now you go and seal up the sepulcher and make it as sure as you can.  They asked that committee.  So then they sealed up the sepulcher to make it safe, and put a guard down at it, those soldiers out there I’m talking about.  And when, to make a long story short and try to hold the continuity of thought, the Angel of the Lord descended and rolled the stone away and set upon it…  Now, that’s gospel according to Matthew, Mark and Luke.  Right?  And they went up there and told the Sanhedrin Council that.

Now, so then, the Apostle Paul, who was, who was afterwards called an apostle, he was there studying at the feet of Gamaliel, and just like a lot of people was aspiring to be a somebody, wanted to be someone.  So then they, the Sanhedrin Council, gave him credentials and sent him out to persecute those Apostles.  Now it was their job to go.  And anyone that disobeyed the Law, why then it was their job to go and see to ‘em being put to death according to the, to the Law.  But now, them hypocrites sat there, they wouldn’t go themselves, and they sent Paul out to do that.  And give him letters of authority to do it, to do their job, and they sat back in seclusion.  You get it now?  So then he, with these letters of authority, he went out to persecute them that was preaching the resurrection from the dead.  And Yahshua the Messiah appeared to him on the highway going to Damascus and asked him…, called him by name, Saul…


He wanted to go back and jump on them, that Sanhedrin Council that sent him out there like that.  He wanted to go back and jump on ‘em, but He said ‘No, don’t do that, you go on down to Damascus where you started and there’ll be somebody down there to tell you what to do.’  So he went on down, Straight street in Damascus, and he met the proper authorities down there in the house of Judas.  And they told him, the Lord promised to have somebody that told him what they informed him to do.  Now listen.  Instead of him going back to Jerusalem there, he went to Arabia, sent him to Arabia.  Now I haven’t heard very much of explanations of why he went into Arabia from the ministry, and why he couldn’t go back to Jerusalem.

And that brings me to my text.  I very seldom, I very seldom have a text.  I just usually preach the Bible.  But this morning I have a text.  My text will be found in the 14th chapter of Revelation, and the second verse.  Now when you have found it, please read.

Reader: And I heard a Voice from Heaven as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder:  and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps:

Dr. Kinley:  I heard a Voice from Heaven.  That is my text.  Now what I mean by that is this.  This is John saying that, that he heard a Voice from Heaven.  Now he didn’t say he heard a voice from the Vatican.  He didn’t say he heard a voice of the General Council.  He told you unmistakably where he had heard the Voice:  I heard a Voice from Heaven as a sound of many waters.

Now what I’m telling you is this:  just as John and Moses heard that Voice from Heaven, I’m trying to tell you that I, too, heard that Voice from Heaven.  And I have been under the impression for 35 years that I heard that Voice from Heaven, not because I was such a bad, or such a good man, one way or the other cause I was searching.

I didn’t realize that that was what I was being prepared for through my 15 years that I was Assistant Pastor, the Gospel that I would preach.  I didn’t know all those experiences led up to the same thing, but that morning when I heard that Voice from Heaven…  You remember I told you that I had been in a quandary.  I had a quandary.  Why and how?  Since there was so many sects and cults and denominations and creeds in the world, since we’re all saved, God has appointed a day wherein He shall judge the world in righteousness by that man whom He hath ordained.  I couldn’t see no possibility of universal reconciliation, because each and everyone wants to hold to their particular religious concepts, as did the Pharisees and Sadducees in the days when the Messiah was here.  So, in the hearing of that Voice from Heaven, every time I read Revelations, every time I read about Moses, it is as vivid in my heart and mind today as it was then.

And as I said before, I knew that it wouldn’t do any good to go out here in the world and try to tell them, but it was that I had a message, had received a message to give to them.  So then that made me proceed to draw out these charts.  Now, I told you the other night, that these charts here that are drawn out, we have had them in universities, we’ve had them before smart men and they are many years old.  This one here, being.., that one over there being the first one that I tried to teach from, that’s the first one I made.  You recall, it’s the Pattern and Plan of Salvation.  And nobody, from nowhere, up until this time, up until this very day, has ever been able to refute it and to dispute it.  Yes, we’ve had people to come in school that never understood, and they would say, ‘well, I don’t think this…’  Well, they didn’t.  They didn’t know what they was looking at.  They didn’t understand it.  And those that did make some kind of a study of it, all that they could do was fall in line with it, because I just put down here just what I saw.  It’s to the very best of my ability, and I know the art is not up to date.  I know the art is not up to date.

Now listen at me folks, this is serious.  Along with that come the knowledge, that Vision and Revelation, come the knowledge of prophecy.  I have told you every major historical event that’s happened in the world to date.  You are my witnesses.  People have been healed of all kinds of disease all across this country, verified and confirmed by medical authorities.

I told you, to kind of specify a little, a few things, to enumerate a few things, I told you about Roosevelt’s last run for President of the United States of America, that he would be nominated, elected, and he would not be in the White House one year from that day.  All you have to do is consult history about it.  I told you way back before ’35 about the Second World War, and wrote the President of the United States of America about it.  I told him when the Nations would go to war and what would happen, and so forth and so on, and when it would terminate.  And it happened just like I said.

There is a man setting in the audience that worked with me in the same place, just one man, that when the announcement come from the White House that they…  This is in Wright Aeronautical Plant, in Lockland, Ohio.  They said that there would be an announcement from the White House.  Said, ‘all employees sit down, do nothing, and wait for that broadcast to come in the shop.’  Shut all the machinery down.  And one of the brethren, setting in the audience, setting in the congregation right now, walked in my office. I had a office there, too.  He walked in my office and he said to me, ‘Well, is this it?  Is this the day?’ I said, ‘No, there will be no announcement that the war is terminated as of today, as you have previously heard that there would be.’  Said, ‘it wouldn’t happen, not today,’ because that’s not the date that was shown to me in the vision back in 1931.  That man is sitting in… Would you mind standing up, that man?  Would you mind standing up?  That’s right.  Thank you.

I made another announcement in that same plant, and I got arrested by the FBI.  I been in plenty a troubles about this Voice that I heard from Heaven, been in plenty trouble.  I did have a method of taking away the heat.  And I said this, that there would be a governmental investigation in Wright Aeronautical Plant within 30 days and the top executives and officials of that plant would lose their jobs, but the F.B.I. got me and put me on the carpet.  And they told me that I had to repudiate or withdraw my statement, because if I didn’t, I’d had made myself subject to discharge, immediate discharge.  I had on a suit of overalls, and at the time my job was to mop the floor, wipe up oil.  I had a mop cart just like anybody else.  So then they carried me up there and they asked me, did I make that statement?  I said, ‘Yes, I did.  I certainly did.’ But I didn’t know who the FBI was.  When I heard my name called on the public address system, I never, I ignored it because it wasn’t nobody but officials called on that thing.  Then, when I heard my name called I, I wondered to myself.  I didn’t know that there was another Henry C. Kinley in there, and I.., but I just ignored it.  Well, I was supposed to go to the telephone and answer the call.  I wouldn’t go.  So George Stingline and the, the, the guard there at the plant, come and got me.

And while I’m on George Stingline, I want to tell you about him.  George Stingline afterwards become the Secretary of this School.  I said, there would be a… Harry S. Truman walked through Wright Aeronautical Plant within 30 days and top officials there did lose their jobs just like I said.

Now here I go back on the carpet again.  For what?  They didn’t tell me.  They said, ‘they want to see you up in the Personnel Department.’  And so, I went up in the Personnel Department, the guard right along with me, with my same overalls on.  But I had told that man when I was up there before, when I speak, I have spoken.  And I just ripped my overalls down.  That made myself subject to being discharged.  I am as of now fired because I refuse to take back what I said, cause when I speak, I have spoken.  That’s the way it is.  That’s just what I told him.  So he said, ‘No.’  Sent me on back to work, but told me, he cautioned me to keep my mouth shut, just like they did there with Paul.  Told me to keep my mouth shut.  Well, I wouldn’t promise ‘em.  I told ‘em just like Peter and them said, ‘you be the judge, whether it’s right in the sight of God.’  And so they sent me on back, and I went back to mopping.

And when the officials lost their jobs, back on the carpet I went again.  And they say, ‘as of now, you are fired.  Fired off of that job of mopping the floors.  You don’t mop no more floors here.  Your office is in the South Shop basement, already arranged for you.  Take the overalls off and the guards will direct you and carry you to your position.’  ‘I don’t want no job of, of..,’ not like that.  I said, ‘I want to mop the floors.’  They said, ‘I’m sorry, you can’t mop the floors.  Take him out.’  And so ____ let me out.  Dr. Allen knows I’m telling the truth about that, because he was a constant visitor.  I had charge of distribution of supplies and what not all over that plant.  It was the biggest airplane plant there was in the world at that time.  But I didn’t feel like worrying with that, then coming out of there and worrying with the insurance in the daytime ’cause I worked day and night and tried to teach the School on top of it.

Now the reason why I’m mentioning these things to you is to call your attention back in these things.  I’m trying to tell you that whatever God says, reveals, whether you believe it or not, or whether you ever heard it before or not, it’s so anyhow.  And I wanna let you know too, that it did not come from gazing in no crystal ball.  And ever since then I have told you of every major thing in the world.  I told you about John F. Kennedy would get in the presidential category again.  You was setting there, you that are setting there under the sound of my voice know whether I did or no, and know whether I’m lying, because you heard it.  I told you that John F. Kennedy would be nominated, elected and assassinated.  Now he was not elected by the right count of votes; it’s a trick.  I knew that.  But I knew that they would smooth that one over and Nixon wouldn’t, couldn’t, contest it.  But the, you, you know, you, most of you that set under the sound of my voice know whether it’s so or not, whether it, whether he, whether he was assassinated or not, you know it.  I didn’t ask you what church you come from.  I said, you know that he was.  I told you about the Alaskan earthquake.  I told you about…, on the tenth of April, about that submarine being on the bottom of the ocean.  Right?  And I told you, before I left here in the eleventh of May to go to Ohio, I told you there would be earthquakes everywhere.  Didn’t I tell you that?  Well, I don’t want you to think at anything, I don’t want you to think, I don’t want you to get the idea that that is me, and I think that I’m so great or anything of the kind.  I don’t want you to get that idea, because that is not it.  I just want to say and tell you that the things that is written in this Book, they are true.  Yes.  There is interpolations and mistranslations there, mistakes and errors; in other words, for those of you that can’t under.., but generally and overall, this Book is right, which you call the Bible.  And don’t forget I told you that God is an up to date God, He is ever present.

You know of the hypothesis of recent ____ that God is dead.  Now the reason why those things are said is because the present day ministry that is preaching to people, and preaching their education and theirself and their understanding and comprehension of it.  And there is no heart to heart feeling of the ever presence of God involved in the assembly and in the ministry.  Now, too, it’s profited them according to the way it should be.  Now do you understand?  That is it.

Now I want to tell you this.  Now this will almost be offensive.  I told you many times that His name is not Jesus, as is said in your Bible: Jesus Christ.  His Name is Yahshua the Messiah.  I showed you why.  I showed you what God’s name was, that you’d called God.  I showed you what His name was, Yah-weh or Yahweh.  Yah is the most important.  And I told you about Him.  Well, now those are things that I seen, in that…,

(THE FOLLOWING TWO SENTENCES WERE PROBABLY LOST IN TAPE DUPLICATION SINCE THEY ARE AT THE END OF A SIDE OF THE ORIGINAL TRANSCRIPT BUT NOT ON THE TAPE.) I’ve seen and I’ve heard that.  Now let me get on down after my text and work with this a little bit.


Now, in the first chapter of Revelation, I want you to read the introduction back there.  Now whoever reads, read fast, because I wanna get through here.

Reader:  The revelation of Jesus Christ

Dr. Kinley:  The revelation of Jesus Christ.  Read.

Reader:  The revelation of Yahshua the Messiah

Dr. Kinley:  Read on.

Reader:  which Yahweh gave unto Him

Dr. Kinley:  Huh-uh.  Which Yahweh…  Listen folks.  That is the God of this universe’s name.  He’s ____ to be known or called by any other name, so say the Scriptures.  Now, I don’t have time to go into that.  Alright.  And Yahshua, I told… Now listen.  Let me see if I can show it to you.  Freddie, do something.  Put it on the board.  Put, I showed you the other night.  It’s almost necessary in these last days to put these things up there.  Put Yahshua and Yahweh on the board and show the relationship one with the other.  And in the meantime.  Listen folks.  Now look up here at me and listen to me.  Don’t pay no attention to Freddie because I got to get this over.  Now Yahshua the Messiah said in the fifth chapter of St. John, I have come in my Father’s name.  Now everybody in here, when you’re born in the family, don’t you take your father’s name?  Answer me.

Student Body:  Yes.


Dr. Kinley:  And if His Father’s Name was Yahweh, His Son’s name would have to be something similar to it, for Him to come in the family.  And Jesus Christ is no parts of it.  So it’s not true.  And there isn’t a Jew in the world today that knows anything at all about it, to whom the adoption and the covenants and all was given, and they’ll die the death of an outcast dog before they’ll accept Jesus Christ, because it is not so, no person in it.  Now you can swell up if you want to, but that’s the truth.  Get to?  Now I don’t wanna argue about it either.  I just told you about it.  I’m not here this morning to argue with nobody about anything, I’m here to tell you about I heard a Voice from Heaven, and I’m here to show you what I heard in that Voice from Heaven.  And it carried me on back, carried, that Vision carried me clear on back into the Godhead itself, as you call it, made me see, listen folks, understand and know God as He really is and as He actually exists.  That is the thing I have been trying my best to get over to you in this School.  I told you repeatedly this School never would have an existence had it not been for just that.  The truth is offensive.  It’s offensive to the world.  They are not going to accept it.  They didn’t accept the Truth when Yahshua the Messiah, who is the Truth itself.  You know yourself that the Sanhedrin Council would not accept it.  So it’s no new thing.  Now here we have, here, repeat what you just read there in the first chapter of Revelation.

Reader:  The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him

Dr. Kinley:  The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto Him.  Read.

Reader:  to show unto His servants

Dr. Kinley:  Now, not just to tell them about it, but to show unto His servants.  Read, please.

Reader:  things which must shortly come to pass

Dr. Kinley:  things which must shortly come to pass.  Now I wanna put some pressure on there.  I told you to begin with, there is nothing, not a thing that is to come to pass but what hasn’t already come to pass.  Somebody would jump up and say, ‘listen, you’re wrong about that.’  I beg your pardon.  I am not wrong about it.  ‘Well, why did you say that?’  Because if it’s a creation, a new creation to come to pass, yet to come to pass, don’t you realize to begin with, when God created this present universe, it was new at that time.  And the way He created that is the same way He’ll create a new one.  That will come to pass, that’s in the hereafter.  So then, since it was in the hereafter, it was already in the beginning.  Now when He was here you only had two thousand years, and I don’t wanna argue with no idiot about that either.  I don’t want to argue about that, just two thousand years.

And now, it’s the Purpose and Plan that’s got to repeat itself over and over, over and over.  Now, let me get into the core of this.  Now John is telling you here, the revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave, got ____ to show unto His servants things which would shortly come to pass.  And he went on further and said this.  Listen, I’ll have to cut some of these things up short, cause I want somebody else to, to have something to say too, the things which would shortly come to pass.  Now what is happening is this:  is that Purpose is just working over and over, repeating down through the Dispensations and Ages.  Listen carefully, listen carefully now.  Now here with John was one that was out there on the Isle of Patmos.  He was out there to hear and to see in, in a Vision.  That’s what the man’s purpose was, was there, was to confirm what Moses and them had said about the creation, and about the history, and about the things that had already been in the past.  Now he was…  Listen, here’s what I mean by that.  Messiah had told the disciples, His apostles, He said, ‘now some of you,’ said, ‘the Devil will put into prison, and some of you he will put to death.’  But said, ‘now, be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of Life.’  And so now, when He’s telling each one of ‘em what’s all that’s going to befall them before He ascended, then there was one man there, he wanted to know, since He didn’t say anything about him, and that was John.  He, He never told us about what was gonna happen to John.  ‘Now what’s going to happen to him?’  And so He said to him, said, ‘what if I will that he tarry, till I come.  What is that to thee?’  But now his life…  The thing I’m trying to tell you is this:  his life is preserved through all that murderous state, through all that imprisonment, and through all of the trials and tribulations.  God brought him out of it every time, so that he could be prepared to be on the Isle of Patmos to receive the Vision, to confirm what Moses and the Prophets had seen, and that Yahshua the Messiah had fulfilled everything that Moses and the Prophets had said.  Now he had to be a witness to it, John out there.  That’s why he was out there on the Isle.

And I’ve tried repeatedly to show you this, that when Moses, when he went up into the mountain…  Freddie, get busy and get that thing out of the way there, somehow or another.  Do something.  I’m up against it.  When Moses went up here into the mountain and he saw that great heavenly anthropomorphic Being, as we oft express it, or in here in Exodus 24:9 and 10.  Brother, it’s in the book.  It’s in the Book that Moses was called in the midst of the cloud, and there he saw in the midst of the cloud, he saw that figure.  Up in the mountain, the cloud covered the mountain and Moses saw it up there.  And now Moses, what he saw in that cloud up there of how he was to write it in a book, and the book was to be dedicated and sprinkled with blood.  It was a covenant.  Now then here he saw Him as a great heavenly anthropomorphic Being.  Now listen close at me, because you don’t hear this kinda preaching and teaching often.  Now what Moses seen as pertaining to the creation, or I’m talking about the physical universe now, he said that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and the earth was void, and the…  I’m just making a long story short and trying to tell you how you, so you can see it.  The first chapter of Genesis, he’s writing what he saw in the Vision, down in ____.  Moses didn’t know anything more about what God did on the first day, second day.  And the fact of the matter, God never done nothing on no day no how.  God created the, the universe in the realm of eternity, He didn’t create it in no days or nothing like that.  Because God had to have a day in order to create a day within a day.  That was in the realm of eternity.  This universe hasn’t, didn’t come in existence in no days.  Nothing like that.  While as God inhabited eternity, and when Moses entered into the midst of that cloud, and there he heard, just like John heard on the Isle of Patmos.  John said, I heard a Voice from Heaven.  Here’s Moses back here, hearing the Voice from Heaven.  He said, I heard.  And he said, and the Voice said, ‘Let there be light.’  And there was light.  Moses is hearing something, too.  And he went on down into the second day and he heard the Voice again.  Said, ‘Let the waters from beneath the earth be divided from the waters from above.’  Moses is hearing and he’s seeing, just like John out on the Isle of Patmos.  He’s hearing and he’s seeing.  And if what Moses wrote down was the truth, then it’s got to be confirmed by John on the Isle of Patmos.  John said this out there on the Isle of Patmos, said:  ‘and the earth was surrounded by water.’  So said Moses in the beginning of his Vision.  It doesn’t mean in the beginning of the creation but it’s the beginning of the vision.  No, that’s not the beginning of creation, the creation of the heavens and the earth, that’s not the beginning of creation.  But well then, if that’s not the beginning of creation, then what is the beginning of creation?  I want you to see what the actual beginning of creation was, when God or Yahweh, who is Spirit and compre… incomprehensible.  You can’t see Him.  You can’t hear Him.  You can’t taste, you can’t smell, nothing.  Therefore, if you can’t perceive that He’s there, you can’t give no description of it at all.  But He Himself had to take on shape and form, and that is Elohim, that you got, have down up there.  And that’s this up here, this shape and form, which come from Pure Spirit.  And He takes on that shape and form and He had to take on that shape and form before He begins to create anything.  And Moses is now, is seeing Him there.  He sees Him first there in this shape and form.  Let’s see how that figures out, Roger.  Then if that’s true, that Moses saw Him first, and he sees the earth surrounded by water there, I’m talking about Moses now.  Then for John to verify and to confirm, he can’t see nothing different.  And when Moses said, the waters, the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and the earth was inundated or surrounded by waters.  That’s what Moses saw in the beginning of his vision of the creation of the physical heavens and earth.

And now we test the, the validity of the story.  And now here is John, he’s got to be in the selfsame condition.  John is on the Isle of Patmos.  And an island certainly is that which is surrounded by water, as Moses said in the beginning that it, the earth was surrounded by water.  And he heard Him speak, heard that Voice from Heaven.  And John is out here on the Isle of Patmos, as I told you, to verify and to confirm, so he got to be on an island surrounded by water.  I just got through telling you that Moses saw Him in a vision, there, as a, as a Man.  And there the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.  Now John here is saying in repetition to that, said he heard a Voice behind him, and so he said he turned to see the Voice that spoke with him that he heard from Heaven.  He turned to see that, He saw the selfsame thing that Moses said he’d seen when he was up in the mountain.  And he is out there on the Isle of Patmos.  And now, here it goes on down to confirm everything that was done.  And as we go on down and we see that what Moses has written and what John has written in the Book, they’re the things that, as we told you, that shall be hereafter.  We’re showing you how it was nothing else but just a constant repetition, over and over and over.  And when John turned around there and Moses said he saw the Tabernacle, said he saw the Sanctuary up there, and he was told to make that.  And now here John describes Him.  Said He had…  This is the Sanctorum of Sanctorums, just like this is the Transfiguration up here.  And now, John is on the Isle of Patmos, said, ‘His eyes were as flames of fire,’ and, ‘His feet as burnished brass.’  And when you look, applied to the Outer, Outer Court here, you see them vessels:  a brazen altar and a brazen lav…, brazen.  That’s down at the feet there.  And what Moses is seeing, when he was told to make that Tabernacle, or make that.., because it is a pattern or a figure of heavenly things.  And so Moses made it just like it was.  So then, this is Him transfigured.  So then His feet has got to be as the feet of burnished brass.  And then, when John looked at Him and saw Him walk in the midst of the Seven Golden Candlesticks.  Somebody says, ‘well, listen Doc, I want you to come on up out of the Old Testament.  I want you to read to me over here in the New Testament.’  Well, I beg your pardon.  You just don’t understand what the New Testament is.  You don’t understand no parts of it, because this is as far over as you get now.  And John said that he saw Him walking in the midst of the Seven Golden Candlesticks and He had the Seven Stars in His right hand.

And He said, ‘now John, what you see, you write in a book and send it to the seven churches which is in Asia.’  Here comes the Devil now, and here he comes and says that John and he was not elected the second pope after the death of Peter, but it was Linus and so forth and so on.  And you don’t see where that God told him to send his manuscript out to the Vatican to have it imprimatured by anybody there.  He said, ‘send it to the Seven Churches which is in Asia.’  That’s what the Voice of Heaven, from Heaven said, ‘send it to…’  And that’s where John sent it, was to the Seven Churches in Asia.  Now sometimes I wonder why that He said send it to the Seven Churches which is in Asia.  And now then, for that reason we had that map drawn out down yonder, so that you could see where that the Seven Assemblies or the Seven Churches in Asia, and just before He ascended, He told them, He said, ‘When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the Holy Place, whosoever readeth, let him understand,’ Understand what the Holy Place is.  And now when you begin to check it out by the pattern:  got the Outer Court, it’s the Holy Place here, and then you pass on through the vail and you go into the Most Holy Place.  And this is synonymous and symbolical to the Throne of God where John is hearing the Voice from, from Heaven.  And now he’s standing in the, John’s in the Holy Place here.

Now when you get it all figured out according to the geographical maps of the Earth.  There goes Freddie again.  And then Peter, he went on to Babylon.  The Papacy says, the Devil said he didn’t go to, to Babylon, they say he went to Rome.  But there’s a stone that was cut loose from the mountain.  It rolled on down through Babylon, down through Media, Persia, Grecia, and on down into Rome.  And when the Messiah was telling Peter about when he was young he girded himself and he went where he wanted to, but when he was old, that he would be girded by someone else and took someplace where he didn’t want to go.  And there, if you look up the history of it, you’ll find that Peter was in Mary Mark’s house, the mother of John Mark.  And I don’t have time to go into all of the story.  But it had been predetermined or back in the prophecies here that Peter was to go to Babylon.  And so Mark girded Peter, and he took him on into the head of that thing.  And that head is a, is a, is a boss of this head here, took him on into the head, or took him on into Babylon, and Peter died there too.  And now here’s that Apostle Paul, I told you about him, he went on to Rome.  And John, he went to the Isle of Patmos.  Now if you look where the geographical location of the Isle of Patmos is, you’ll find it in the chest cavity.  And that’s where John was at.  And he said, ‘I was in the Spirit, on the Lord’s Day,’ and he heard that Voice from Heaven saying, ‘Write.’  He was in the Spirit and heard that Voice saying, what you see to write it in a book and send it to the Seven Churches which is in Asia.  Now that was in confirmation, as I’ve already told you, of what Moses had wrote, and what Moses had seen.  And now his life was preserved that he be on the Isle of Patmos, and to clear it up so that Genesis, Revelation and all of that would come together, and it would be a confirmation that this whole entire Revelation, from Genesis to Revelation, or from cosmogony to eschatology, that means the origins, the beginnings and the ending, and there wouldn’t be no foolishness in its operations and its functions.

And now when I saw and I understood, in the vision that I received, then it was contrary to what I had in my mind.  So then I had to go on back, and I had to show you that I saw the selfsame vision that Moses saw.  I saw the selfsame Vision that John saw on the Isle of Patmos, and I come to impart it to you, in the closing of this Dispensation and in the closing of this Age.  And it’s up to you whether you wanna believe or not.  And the things that I say to you, I know good and well that theologians are not going to believe me any more so than the Sanhedrin Council believed in the Messiah and the apostles in those days.  But nevertheless, it is true.

And so now, I want you to see here how this chart was made, so that you can see that what Moses seen about building the Sanctuary, which he’s seeing about the figure here.  And I want to bring it on down through the Ages so that you can see.  Now we talked about Moses seeing and hearing that Voice from Heaven.  It’s got to be confirmed.  Moses, back there hearing, listen close because it’s hard to utter.  That’s the reason why Paul said, ‘I knew a man, above fourteen years ago, that was exalted up into the third heaven, and heard things impossible for a man to utter.’  If the Holy Spirit don’t utter it through me, I can’t utter it to save my life.  Your education is insufficient and inadequate.  And then, neither can you understand it unless you kinda give some attention to it.  You can’t fool with the baby and think about the biscuits, or something you left on the stove.  You’re not gonna do too well even after you have listened close and tried to understand.  You’re not gonna do too well at that.  But I want you to see, and I want you to understand, and I want you to understand the vision that was given to me to confirm what Moses and all of the Prophets and John on the Isle of Patmos, and I want you to see how it fits together with unerring accuracy.  And I have said repeatedly, time and time again, if what God had seen or showed me in a vision, if it didn’t confirm what the rest of ‘em said, it wasn’t no good.  But if it confirmed it, you can’t deny it and the same thing will judge you in the last day.

And I’m trying to give you an opportunity to accept, and I’m telling you all the time that out yonder into Christiandoom, they’re not gonna allow you to preach and to teach like this at all.  Because the.., first of all, they don’t know themselves what they’re talking about.  So now here, if God told Moses to make all things according to the pattern which was shown him in the Mount…  And so now, Moses, when he come down out of the Mount, he made everything according to that pattern which was shown him in the Mount.  And that pattern was a, was a, was the Tabernacle or the Sanctuary.  It had a Most Holy Place, it had a Holy Place and an Outer Court.  Now it was three-fold: one, two, three.  In fact it was a pattern, and listen, it was a pattern and figure of everything that there is in existence.  It don’t make no difference what it is.  God and the Creation.  That’s the Pattern of it.  And if you don’t understand that, you don’t know what it’s all about.  It don’t make no difference where you come from, and it don’t make no difference about your credentials and it don’t make no difference about your education, you don’t know what it’s all about.  You just don’t know.  That’s all it is to it.  And now I’ve said that, and when I speak, I have spoken.  So we can go into it.  Now God told Moses to make, he heard that Voice, ‘now, you make it like I told you.’  Heard that Voice from Heaven.  You make it like I told you.  No sooner than Moses had descended the mountain, he saw ‘em down there worshipping the Golden Calf.

And Moses threw down the Tables of Stone and, and broke the Tables of Stone.  Somebody says, ‘he broke the Law.’  I beg your pardon, he broke the Tables of Stone.  And you’ll have to check your Bible:  said he broke the Tables of Stone, it didn’t say that he broke the Law.  Then, let me go on about this.  And then Moses begin to tell them, making a long story short, how the Tabernacle that he had seen in the Mount had been.., was supposed to be constructed, and how it was supposed to build, be built.  And there’s Abiram, Dathan and Korah down there at the foot of the mountain, and they thought they knew so much about architecture and how to build, do construction work, more than Moses.  God had showed Moses.  They begin to tell Moses that the things he was talking about was wrong.  ‘Don’t build it like this.’  And Moses didn’t have time to fool with ‘em.  Said, ‘Just drew a line.’  Said, ‘now, whoever’s on the Lord’s side,’ said, ‘you get over on this side.  And whoever’s on Abiram, Dathan and Korah’s side, get over on the other side.’  And when they stepped over on the other side, the earth just opened up and swallowed ‘em up.  And Moses went on and builded the Tabernacle just like God had showed him and told him in the vision.

And so now, what we’re talking about now, everything in existence, from the atom, from everything.  Paul said, ‘the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.’  Nobody’s got no excuses for not knowing something about God as He really is.  God is three-fold; that is to say, He’s Yahweh, Elohim, and Yahshua.  Yes, we have it up on the board here.  And as He said now, He come in His Father’s name.  I wanna touch this.  And His Father’s name was Yahweh.  And when He took on shape and form, that’s what you see here in the vision, then that’s Elohim.  That’s Yahweh in shape and form, in shape and form.  And then Moses looked at Him, and he saw Him in shape and form that appeared in the mountain, and he said that God.., you have in your Bibles, but it isn’t true, he said, ‘Elohim made the Man in His own likeness and in His own image.’  So if He’s gonna make him in His likeness, in His own image, then here, if His name was Yahweh when He come in His Father’s name, then don’t you see Yah here, and it’s got to be Yah-shua.  This is, this is, this is who you call Jesus.  But He can’t be called Jesus because Yah is His Father’s name, and He come in His Father’s name, and His Father’s name, and Jesus Christ is no parts of it.  I’m just giving it to you straight.  You can have it if you want it.  You can turn it down if you, if you don’t want it.  It’s all right with me.  And then he said that Man, he heard, Moses said he heard God say, ‘Let us make man in our own likeness and in our own image.’  So if the Godhead is three-fold: the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit and these three are one, and if Man is made in His own likeness and in His own image, which Moses said that he was, then you got to be in the likeness and image of God.  That is to say, you got to be pneuma, psyche and soma, or soul, body and spirit just like He was.  Then when you go on back into atomic research, and on down into geology, and on down into paleontology, and anything, any kind of science you wanna talk about…  And then you will find there in the, you will find that a carbon and a silicon and a magnesium atom, it is a proton and a neutron and electron.  Every speck of matter is shaped and formed as it is to reflect the Godhead in nature.  That’s why the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made.  Moses made the Tabernacle.  It was three-fold.  Noah made the Ark and it was three stories.  And then, so now, Noah had heard that Voice from Heaven, too.  Said, Noah heard the Voice from Heaven, said, ‘Make me an ark.  The end, the end of all flesh has come before me.’  That Voice come to him straight from Heaven.  And then, He told him just how to make it.  And so Noah built that Ark three stories high.  ____ ____ ____ ____, I don’t have time to hang around, now I’ve got to hasten on.  Noah built this ark.  And he built it just like the Voice from Heaven told him to build it, and that was three stories.  God done made the man like that.  And every operation and every function, each and everyday of that creation…  I think I oughta go back here and touch it.  Every day, when you read down through Genesis, the first.., you’ll find that God divided the waters.  What’d He do that for?  Somebody said, ‘well, you’re meddling in God’s business.’  I beg you pardon.  I’m not meddling in God’s business, because the Most Holy Place and the Holy Place and the Outer Court is divided.  Those three factions and those three are parts or constructed parts, is in that Tabernacle.  And that’s why they have to be in an atom.  That’s why they have to be in the man.  That’s why they have to be in Noah’s Ark.  That’s why they have to be in the Tabernacle that Moses made.  That’s why they got to be in the Temple.  You don’t have no excuse at all.  God’s eliminated and abolished every excuse that you could have.  And let me say this, in the beginning of that migration when Moses brought the Children of Israel…  In the beginning.  Now listen at me close here, because you never heard this before.  In the beginning, when you put the blood on each side of the lintels of the door at the Passover down in Egypt, it was dark down there when they put that on there.  And Moses heard that Voice, and He told him there, that Voice from Heaven, and He told him about this Passover.  And It told him to do it here; He had told him to do it:  to put the blood on each side of the lintels of the door and up over the posts.  And Moses prepared that Passover according to that Voice that he heard from Heaven.  And that’s before Israel left there.  And it was dark down in Egypt.

Now watch this one.  Watch it close so you can see, cause I’ll be on over in Revelation 11:8.  Get it for me somebody, because John has got to see the selfsame thing.  I want you to see that how John is confirming that which was written, and Messiah, when He was walking around in the flesh, He was fulfilling what Moses and the Prophets had said.  And John, he’s out there on the Isle of Patmos, and all, the whole thing is just tying right in together.  And it’s the thing that the ministry don’t understand today anymore so then they did out here before.  And it is the way that God has prepared to judge the world in righteousness, by that Man whom He hath ordained.  That is to say, the Man whom He ordained fulfilled every jot and every tittle of it, and passed it out of the way.  And He made a fool out of the, the wise and the smart boys that was dealing in them things in matter.  And when they moved them Carnal Ordinances.., the world out here, the Papacy and the Protestant Churches too, is going on dib dabbling in the things that was under the Old Covenant, such as water baptism, foot washing.  Yes sir, I’m telling you about it.  That’s all there is to it, cause I heard a Voice from Heaven.  And that’s it.  Say, getting out up here John, John is out on the Isle of Patmos, and I want you to see how he confirms this what’s down here.  And let me just tell you the story about it here first before I move on, so you can see some reality in the story and you can realize that it is not a fantastic tale of ideology.  He put that blood on each side of the lintels of the door and that Lamb was slain down there, it was a figure.  As John said, that Lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world.  In the Purpose of God even before He made the man, He made the preparation for his restoration, because it’s no surprise to God that the man fell.  And because He prepared the sacrifice to offer for his restoration and his redemption even before He, He made the world.  And His professing it down here, all at, in, in, in Egypt.  Now listen, while I try to get into this chronologically and every other kind of way.  This Passover down here, told him to draw a Lamb of the first year, draw him out.  In the, or the first.., this shall be the beginning of the months.  He told him to draw him out on the tenth of the month.  Well, why would we tell you to draw him out on the tenth?  Did you ever stop and think of, that the flood was one year and ten days?  Did you ever stop to think that after He tarried on earth forty days, and ascended into Heaven, it was ten days before the Holy Spirit was poured out?  Did you ever stop to think about that?  Told him to draw him out on the 1Oth, and then, then to offer him up on the 14th.  Did you ever stop to say that this here is a seven here, that it’s operating.  And this is the second time?  So the, this is the first time, and that’s seven.  And seven and seven used to make 14.  So then, take him on out of there and offer him up on the 14th.  Because He..,  first He was the lamb slain.  That’s the first seven before the foundation of the world, and this down here is a reflection of it, to offer Him up on the 14th.  And so now, it was dark down in Egypt when Moses put the blood on each side of the lintels of the door.  And therefore, after putting that blood on each side of the lintels of the door.., somebody get up and point out something around here, because I can’t hold it all by myself.  I’m telling you what God showed me in the vision, and I’m telling you I have never gotten over it yet.  And I see the insufficiency and the inadequacy in all of the present day ministry here.  And I know that they don’t know what they’re talking about.  And they don’t understand the vision and the revelation.  If they did, then people could have something and they wouldn’t be staggering around, falling around, and getting your foot off of the rock, up today and down tomorrow.  And so now, when He put that blood unto the lintels of the door, look, it was dark down in Egypt, and this is called the Passover.  Now if you look right over to the Passover, Christ our sacrifice, He’s…, Christ our Passover, He’s sacrificed for us.  So when He hung, hung out there on Golgotha according to your gospel, Matthew, Mark and Luke, when He hangs out there, it’s got to turn dark over the face of the earth from the sixth to the ninth hour.  And to end, the sin that Adam died, that He’s here to redeem it.  Or the second Adam, when He died there, then He was slain, died out there on the cross.  And let me tell you, as it was black down in Egypt, it’s got to turn black if it’s gonna be fulfilled.  It’s got to turn dark over the face of the earth, from the sixth to the ninth hour.  And there they took Him down off the cross, Joseph and Nicodemus, and laid Him in Joseph’s own new tomb hewn out in the earth, a rock of the earth, and rolled a stone up to the door.  Now if you’ll go right on back in the creation then you’ll find on the third day, that the waters surrounded the earth.  And Mother Earth, she’s inundated and she’s buried in there.  And the spirit moved on the face of the waters and impregnated Mother Earth with the seed of vegetation.  And when the waters was rolled off of her…  As what?  The waters down yonder, as was the stone rolled away from Joseph’s new tomb on the third day.  And as the seed of vegetation penetrated the soil on the third day, the seed of Abraham penetrated, how that seed come up on out of that grave on the third day.  And so now you can see the relationship of one thing to the other. 

And now here’s John, his life is preserved and he’s out on the Isle of Patmos to find out whether that is authentic or not, or whether it’s a divine revelation from God or not.  We told you that was Moses and them down there in Egypt.  And they told ‘em to slay that lamb and how to use his blood.  And when that Passover, when that angel passed over, listen at me now, He said from the first born of him that set on the throne of Pharaoh’s son and everybody where the blood was not.  Then He would kill both man and beast.  Now let’s see what John has to say about it, because he’s out here on the Isle of Patmos and he’s looking back at, at it.  And he’s told that what he’s seen, write in a book and send it to the seven churches in Asia.  Now, let’s see how he collaborates with it.  Rev. 11:8.  ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

Reader:  And their dead bodies shall lie in the streets

Dr. Kinley:  And their dead bodies shall lie in the streets

Reader:  of the great city

Dr. Kinley:  of the great city

Reader:  which spiritually

Dr. Kinley:  which spiritually.  I told you that man was in the spirit, he was in the realm of eternity.  He’s looking back and he’s seeing what is happened here.  And he said, their dead body shall lie in the streets of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt.  Read.  Read.

Reader:  which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt

Dr. Kinley:  Yeah

Reader:  where also our Lord was crucified

Dr. Kinley:  where also our Lord was crucified.  So the offering up of that pascal lamb was signifying the offering of the Lamb of God out there upon Golgotha.  And John is out there on the Isle of Patmos.  And he said, spiritually where also our Lord was crucified, in Sodom and in Egypt.  Now, there we have a confirmation of that.  And John’s just writing down what he heard and what he saw.  And now let’s move on a little further.  And now, we talked about.  We talked about Moses seeing the heavens and earth come into existence.  I, I want you to see in there, about him hearing that Voice and those.., now listen close, cause you’ll get lost, cause it’s hard for me to utter.  Now I want you to take 10:4 now, back up to Revelation 10:4.  Now if Moses sees the cloud covered this mountain six solar days…  And I told you that God didn’t create nothing in the realm of time.  He created it in eternity.  And that is 1490 years after they come out of Egypt.  The cloud, where the earth and heavens and everything was already created, it’s just nothing else but a re-run.  And He’s showing it to Moses in a vision out here.  And so in the beginning of the vision, he saw that the heavens and the earth were surrounded by water.  And so he hears that Voice from Heaven saying “Let there be light,” and the light is divided.  And he’s seeing on the second day, and on the third day, and on the fourth day, the fish…  Everything’s divided up.  Look at Genesis, and you can see whether it is talked about.  And no theologian that I’ve ever come in contact with, no commentators that I’ve ever come in contact with, was able to tell me why that God divided the light from the darkness and why He divided the waters from above from the waters beneath, and why God divided the fish in the sea from the birds in the heavens, and why God divided the sexes.  Ain’t never been able to tell me nothing about it, because they don’t know nothing about the pattern, and they don’t know that He is, Himself, the Archetype Pattern, and He is functioning.  And as I said before, He’s the same God, He’s a up to date God, and He’s continued to function just that way, then…, in, in unerring accuracy.  And there’s nothing that has been in the past but what isn’t in the future.  And there’s nothing in the future but what isn’t in the, in the past, because God inhabits eternity and He is eternal.  And He doesn’t go by days and months and what not.  It’s the man and the prophesies that He’s fulfilling for that time.  Now here, as with Moses, here he says ‘let there be light, and let,’ that Voice from Heaven, and he hears that Voice from Heaven talking about each one of these seven days.  Did you get that?  Now here’s John on the Isle of Patmos, Revelations 10:4.  And let’s see what he’s got to say about it.  Alright, read.  Revelations 10:4.  We’ve got to get the confirmation of these things.  Somebody find, find it quick and read it quick.

Reader:  And when the seven thunders

Dr. Kinley:  And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices.  Each one of these days, He saw Him thundering His Voice off from Mt. Sinai and said, ‘let this be, let that be,’ and he said the next day He thundered His Voice on down.  And John was out here to see and hear that repetition of it.  And he heard the seven thunders utter their voices.  And then what happened?

Reader:  I was about to write

Dr. Kinley:  And John said, since you told me what you’ve seen, write it in a book and send it to the seven churches which is in Asia.  And John said when he heard the seven thunders utter their voices, he said, ‘I was about to write.’  And then something happened.  What happened?

Reader:  And I heard His voice

Dr. Kinley:  And I heard a voice, I heard the Voice.  Alright, read on.

Reader:  Saying unto me

Dr. Kinley:  Saying unto me

Reader:  seal up those things which

Dr. Kinley:  seal up those things

Reader:  which the seven thunders uttered

Dr. Kinley:  which the seven thunders uttered

Reader:  and write them not

Dr. Kinley:  and write them not.  Why don’t you want me to write when you told me to write?  Because Moses has already written them.  It’s not necessary…


Dr. Kinley:  When Dr. Harris was up here talking about ____ ____, and the time was at hand.  You remember I told you there wasn’t but 2000 years from that time, or in other words, He was born, the Messiah was born, on the 4000th year.  And you didn’t have but two more thousand years to get down to…. (TAPE CUTS OUT.) 2000 years and the close.  So, the time is at hand and nearly 1932 years of that is gone and here you set right face to face with God in eternity.  And my aim is to wake you up.  And I want you to see that the reality of God is living today as it was then.  And I want you to know that it’s just as vivid in me as it was in Moses and in, in the prophets, and all of those patriarchs.  Yes, Abraham after the flood.  Now we told you about Noah hearing that Voice from Heaven.  Now here comes Abraham.  He heard it, that Voice from Heaven.  Abraham, I’m talking about.  He said, ‘Get on out from among your kin folk.  Get on out of the land of Ur and go into a land that I’ll show you.’  And Abraham moved on out.  By faith Abraham, when he heard that Voice from Heaven, got his flocks and his herds.  Said walk thou up before him and be thou perfect.  So he went on to promise Abraham a son, Isaac.  To cut it up short, He promised Abraham a son by his wife Sarah.  Abraham, an old man, well stricken in age, and his seed of fertility was dead within his body.  And Sarah, she’s barren from birth.  But nevertheless, that Voice from Heaven had prom…, promised him a son.  And Abraham believed in God and it was promised unto him.  And he didn’t stagger at the promise at all.  So then Isaac, who came through the loins of Abraham, was typical of Yahshua the Messiah.

Now that’s a dispen…, that’s another dispensation.  Now we move on down to the next episode.  We move on down here to the Tower of Babel.  Let’s see if we can see what that’s all about.  Now God, when he showed Noah the rainbow there in the sky, He confirmed that covenant.  And told him, that Voice from Heaven said he wouldn’t drown the world by water any more, that Voice from Heaven.  That’s why we show promise and He showed the rainbow out there, out there.  He put His bow in the sky, which was seven prismatic colors in it, and told him that He wasn’t gonna drown any no more by water.  And so now Noah believed and offered up a sacrifice.  But his posterity and Nimrod and them said they ain’t gonna take no chance on it.  They went to work to build up the Tower of Babel.  That God said He wasn’t gonna do it.  But listen here, if you can’t take no chance on that, just like the people, don’t wanna take no chance on nothing that God says.  Now then gonna do it yourself and do it their way.  And so then, they went to work to build that tower and then, here comes that Voice from Heaven, ‘Let us go down and confuse their tongues.’  That Voice, straight down there and then their tongues was confused.

I don’t have time to stop there either.  But while I am there, I’ll just touch that.  And you would just step over here at Pentecost.  Now at Pentecost, the same God that spoke from Heaven and re-unconfused their tongues, and they said ‘How hear we every man speak in our own tongue wherein we were born?’  That self same God, when that Voice that they was hearing from Heaven.

And by and by, they’re hearing, it comes on down, and hearing this Voice from Heaven, comes on down and speaks to Mary and to Elizabeth and told ‘em what she was gonna have, a son.  And then she was overshadowed by the Holy Ghost.  And here, Gabriel goes in and tells Mary that she was going to be, have a son and by the Holy Ghost, and she was greatly favored.  And Mary, she went, or Marian she went to Elizabeth and told her about it.  But John had got the message about Elizabeth’s pregnancy and the birth of John, for that Voice is coming from Heaven.  That Voice had told Isaiah that he would send John.

Now listen at this folks.  Listen at it so you can see what it’s all about.  And it’ll help with some of our arguments.  Now Moses, he had to come and bring the Children of Israel out of the land of Egypt and baptize them in the Red Sea.  And I want you to know, Roger, that all of them is Jews, and every last one of ‘em was circumcised that was baptized in the cloud and in the sea.  And they went into the wilderness.  Now listen here, John, Jesus said we’re gonna fulfil (fulfill?) it.  Then he got to, John has got to come along.  Now he can’t baptize, and he can’t baptize the Gentiles.  He ain’t baptizing nobody but the Jews, because nobody but the Jews come out of here.  And if He’s fulfill it, then he can’t baptize nobody but the Jews right here.  And we say that cloud overshadowed the Israelites and when they got up to the Red Sea…  Listen now folks, cause I’m trying to tie it together so you can see.  And there that cloud that led them, it had got up over the Red Sea and there’s mountains on both sides.  The cloud, I said the cloud.  I want you to bear in mind we’re talking about clouds all the time symbolizing eternity.  Then Moses with some mountains on each side, and the Egyptians pursuing ‘em in behind.  And Moses and them, they cried unto the Lord, said, ‘why for criest thou unto me?’  That Voice from Heaven, ‘what’s that you got in your hand?’ That rod.  And so he raised up that rod when he heard that Voice from Heaven and that waters rolled back.  And it’s that Voice from Heaven.  And they was baptized in the cloud and in the Sea.  Now you got the cloud and the sea and the Voice from Heaven.  Alright, now here comes along the fulfillment of it.  When John and Jesus out yonder, out there John was baptizing in the River Jordan and in Enon.  And when the Messiah went to him to be baptized…  Listening again?  Are you listening?  Then the cloud overshadowed, the cloud…  And this is the same John that’s writing Revelation.  The cloud overshadowed, and the Voice, John heard that Voice from Heaven saying, ‘this is My beloved Son in whom I’m well pleased,’ in that cloud.  And if Israel went on up out of the wilderness and went in there and stayed there 40 years, then that means then that this cloud that overshadowed Him, and He’s got to go straightway out there and He’s got to tarry in the wilderness of Judea 40 days and 40 nights, if He fulfills it.  Oh, it’s wonderful when you put it together.  The Bible is accurate.  It’s infallible.  It’s our stupidity and it’s our colossal ignorance.  And if you knew, only knew how to put it together, then we could convert this people.  We could prove to them that there really is a sure enough God.  And He’s not dead, and He’s alive today just the same as He was in all of these instances that we’re talking about.  And that’s what I come along for, to prove to you.  And Yahshua the Messiah said, ‘now if I don’t do the works of My Father, Him that sent Me, don’t you believe me.’  And I tell you the selfsame thing.  If I don’t do the works of Him that sent me, since I say I had a vision and the revelation, ask you to make me prove it, and then if I don’t do it, then don’t you believe me.  And then, listen up folks, listen.  I got to know what’s going on.  I got to know what’s going on through all of the dispensations and ages.  I got to put this thing together, and put it together right, so that you can see, so that you can understand, so that you can know.  When those waters come together there in the Red Sea…  Now here when Jesus was buried in Joseph’s new tomb, there was an earthquake.  A great earthquake.  And the earth trembled there when God spoke from Mt. Sinai, the earth, she trembled.  And then somebody setting up, telling things that he’s so smart and all that kinda thing.  Don’t you tell me, when God speaks through me, you tremble.  You might try to cover up and hide it, you sure cover up.  ____ ____ Billy Graham and all that ____ ____ ____.  So now here, when that stone was rolled away there at that door, there was an earthquake.  And now look, He was a redeemer.  Now look, just turn it right on back, clear on back to Adam.  Where Adam sinned, he died in ____ ____ ____.  He’s the regenerator.  So then, and we run Him all on over here.  Many of the saints that slept in the dust of the earth rose and went on into Jerusalem.  There’s another earthquake.  They got up.  They come on up out of the graves, Matthew 27:52, and they went on into Jerusalem.  The liar over here, and saying they went to Rome, but I beg your pardon.  You got to have this Mystery of Iniquity and this Mystery of God together.  Well I meant to show you the Mystery of God now.  So now, when you see that how them, the, they, they, they, too.  Somebody said, ‘well listen here.’  Said, ‘when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead after he was dead four days, they thought that was a stupendous miracle.’  And it was.  Martha and Mary, they said that they believed that they would see their brother in the last day.  Messiah said to ‘em, I am the resurrection, and the life, he that believeth on me, though he were dead, all of these back there really were dead, yet shall he live.  And he that “liveth and believeth in me shall never die.”  Do you believe this?  Here, they couldn’t understand it.  Just like the people as of today, you can be resurrected setting right there in your seat, if you’re dead.  She that liveth in pleasure is dead yet while she lives.  You can’t feel nothing in your consciousness and all them different kinda things, after all the preaching we done, you’re dead, but you can be resurrected if you believe it.  My job is presenting it to you so that you can see, cause faith comes by hearing.  You don’t have no faith in the thing lest you see how it’s put together.  You are speculating with it and you’re presumptuous about it, really whether it is so or not.  Some people think the Children of Israel coming out of Egypt was a figment of imagination, all that kinda thing.  This thing is steeped in the Cyclops of Jewish and Grecian mythology.  It’s not.  It is a living reality and it functions within you all the time.  You don’t have to say, ‘heart, beat; lungs, breathe,’ do you?  This pattern lives and it’s functioning within you all the time.  He that liveth and believeth in me shall, yet shall he live.  So now when He went in there, He is the resurrection and the life, go to raising Lazarus from the dead.  He’s dead four long days.  And four days, one day with the Lord is a thousand years and a thousand, 4,000 years from back there to up here, 4,000 years when He was born.  Remember I told you He only had two more.  So He stays up yonder in Bethany for four days.  Goes in there, back down, down there and raises Lazarus from the dead, and tells Martha and Mary that ‘I am the resurrection and the life.’  They said, ‘if you had just been here my brother would not have died.’  He said, ‘I am the resurrection and the life, he that believeth on Me, though he was already dead, yet shall he live; and he that liveth and believeth in Me, shall never die.  Don’t you believe this?’  And so they said there, I believe I’ll see..,  we know we’ll see our brother in the last day.’  So when He went on into the heart of the earth there, come out of the heart of the earth.  After His resurrection, so states Matthew, many of the saints which slept in the dust of the old earth, rose and went on into Jerusalem.  And that was old Job back yonder, one that was looking forward to the thing.  Just to give you an idea, old Job back yonder, when his wife told him, when he was smitten with sores and boils and all them different kinda things, wife said to him, said, ‘look here Job, why don’t you just go and curse God and die?’  And so Job said, ‘you talk like a fool.’  He said, ‘well, what’s if I talk like…’  And said, ‘because I know that my redeemer liveth and he shall stand in the earth at the latter day.  Yes, though skin worms defile this body of mine, yet in my flesh shall I see God for myself and not for another.’  Ezekiel done talked about them dry bones in the valley, laying those sinews upon ‘em, which is the whole house of Israel.  And here, now here comes the resurrection and the life, when He raised him from the dead.  Here come Job and all the rest of ‘em, that’s clear on back down in there.  Walked on into Jerusalem, Jerusalem beneath, and appeared to many.  It don’t make no difference whether you believe it or not.  It is so any how.  They went on in there, they went into Jerusalem.  You’re reading.  Ascend on into the heavenly Jerusalem.  Yes, so I want you to see that now.  And all of these things, if you’d tie ‘em all in, it’s nothing else but just a constant repetition of that functioning, and that working all the way down.  And it never errs, it never digresses, it never deviates, and we’re going by that pattern all the time.  God is the Archetype Pattern and He is functioning through the dispensations and ages.  Now look, this looks like a, going back over it, a back side of it any.., wanna show you.  We just got through reading about Revelations 10:4, and I’m trying to show you what John is doing out there on the Isle of Patmos.  He said he heard a Voice from Heaven.  Now if you look in the 24th chapter of Exodus, which I don’t have time to fool with right now, you’ll find that the, in the 24th chapter of Exodus around here in 10 and 16, said the cloud covered it six days.  And Moses saw that vision.  And here’s something else I want you to know while you’re in that verse and also in Genesis.  I want you to notice it, which I don’t, I don’t see nobody…, I’ve never been taught nothing like this.  Now you notice it.  You got plenty of time, plenty of time to notice it after you go home.  If you’ll notice, all through the first chapter of Genesis is just one continuous thing, that and goes in there.  And, and, and, and, all the way through.  And just one continuous thing.

Now if you notice out there on the Isle of Patmos, John didn’t say the next day I saw.  He did not say that.  He saw all of that in that vision in the realm of eternity.  But time.., he said he didn’t see no night there.  Well, if you look at Moses here.  Here, Moses don’t see no night either.  He said the evening and the morning.  He doesn’t see any night.  So he’s in the realm of eternity on this day that has no beginning, has no ending.  Therefore, he can’t distinguish between no night and no day cause right where the night is, that’s where the day is.  So John on the Isle of Patmos, he is in that same spirit and he said, ‘I saw no night there.’  So they’re both in the spirit.  And he didn’t say, the next day after this and the next day after that.  John didn’t and neither did Moses.  You get it now?  That’s why he’s putting and, and, and, all the way through that first chapter of Genesis, because when you get down into the 2nd chapter of Genesis.  And so these are the generations of the heavens and earth.  Listen, not in the six days, but in The Day, that adjective, in The Day or in the Eternal Day where God created everything.  Now listen folks, we are in the realm of eternity and we abide within it.  We’re staying in there.  I’ll be done in a minute, but I can’t, I can’t, don’t wanna stop here.

Now I told you about Him creating and hearing the sound of the Voice, hearing the sound of that Voice.  The seven thunders uttered their voices.  I told you that John was on the Isle of Patmos and Moses sees here…, so he heard the.., as a voice of many waters behind him.  He’s looking back to Alpha, and Moses is looking to, to Omega.  And John and Moses and Messiah and them have got to bring this whole entire, the whole entire Bible has got to be put together that way.  And just as it worked in the beginning, it’s got to work that way in the ending.  Now what I mean, it’s got to function by these patterns up in there.  Now look, He just got through telling you about them coming out of Egypt.  Didn’t I just get through telling you about that.  Didn’t I just get through telling you about their dead bodies lie in the streets of the great city which is called Sodom and Egypt which John is writing about there?  ____ ____ ____ Repeat that, read that for me again.  And hurry up now cause I, I wanna hurry on through.  But I’m…, the thing I’m trying to get over to you, I’m trying to let you know folks, there is a God, and that He’s working, and you don’t have no alibi, you don’t have no alibi to be fooling around here in all them different kinda thing.  Listening to hypocrite preachers, they don’t know, the majority of ‘em, ‘we don’t know what we’re talking about, we’re just reading chapters and verses and quoting.  We don’t know nothing about it.’  Alright, read.

Reader:  And their dead bodies shall lie in the streets

Dr. Kinley:  And their dead bodies shall lie in the streets

Reader:  of the great city

Dr. Kinley:  of the great city

Reader:  which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt

Dr. Kinley:  which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt

Reader:  where also our Lord was crucified

Dr. Kinley:  where also our Lord was crucified.  Read.

Reader:  And they of the people or kindreds and tongues and nations shall use their dead bodies three days

Dr. Kinley:  Now that’s three days.  Look folks.  See where that angel flew over there, it was pitch dark down in Egypt.  God killed ‘em, from the king that sit on a throne, both man and beast.  Why he didn’t see the ____ for three days.  And their dead bodies, they couldn’t see how to put them in the grave or nothing.  And that cloud stood between Israel and them.  Pharaoh couldn’t move without ‘em.  Three days their dead bodies lie in the street of the great city, which is called Sodom and Egypt.  Three days when the Messiah was crucified out there for three days.  You read about it.  Alright, read on just a little further.

Reader:  and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves

Dr. Kinley: and He shall not suffer their…  That fellow, he just…  Is he gone?  I don’t think I’m sorry.  But shall not suffer their dead body to be put in the graves.

Reader:  And they that dwell upon the earth

Dr. Kinley:  And they that dwell upon the earth

Reader:  shall rejoice over them

Dr. Kinley:  shall rejoice over them

Reader:  and make merry

Dr. Kinley:  and make merry

Reader:  And shall send gifts one to another

Dr. Kinley:  And shall send gifts one to another.  I need, I, I, I don’t have time to go into all this.  Now then you got that part.  How John was looking down here and seeing their dead bodies?  You see how John is looking down here?  Now here we go again, in the wrap up of it.  Now the 21st chapter of Revelations shows here how they come out of here.  Then that’s all he’s done, his life was preserved here on the Isle of Patmos, he’s seeing in the vision and prophecy.  And look folks, you and I both have, look, plenty of books by many a theologian, how the Vatican and ____ all those different denominations, the sects and the occults were not able to put it together like this.  But you have to have it put together like this, cause if you don’t, you can’t have no faith in it.  Now let’s see here.  Read the 21st chapter.

Reader:  And I saw a new heaven and a new earth

Dr. Kinley:  Now John passed out, I mean the, the, the Children of Israel passed through the Red Sea, baptized in the cloud.  This is the first heaven for I saw a new heaven, John is looking at ‘em, and a new earth.  Read on.

Reader:  for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away.

Dr. Kinley:  for the first heaven and the first earth was passed away.  Come on, I’m in a hurry.

Reader:  and there was no more sea.

Dr. Kinley:  and there was no more sea.  They passed through here and they’d gone beyond the Red Sea.  There was no more sea.  Alright, now, and then what?

Reader:  And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem.

Dr. Kinley:  And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem.  Read fast, I’m in a hurry.

Reader:  coming down from God.

Dr. Kinley:  Now, John, I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.  Read.

Reader:  And I heard a great voice

Dr. Kinley:  Now here we go again.  And I heard the Voice.  Yes, I heard the Voice from Heaven, just like Moses heard the Voice back here revealed all things.  Now it says beyond the sea here, they came up out of Egypt.  They offered up the pascal lamb, they’re on this side of the sea.  The first heaven and the first earth was passed away and there was no more sea.  And I John, what do you ____ about that?  Look up here, look up here.  You notice after they got in there, they went into the region of Mt. Sinai, and that’s where they seen, after they had come through here.  And Moses went up in the mountain and God showed him there.  Now John, he’s confirming.  He said the first heaven and the first earth were passed away and there’s no more sea.  And I John.  Read.

Reader:  Behold, the tabernacle of God is

Dr. Kinley:  Behold, the tabernacle of God, here it is that God told him to build the tabernacle that He may dwell among ‘em.  That’s what He told him.  And so now it’s after they passed through the Red Sea here that they was called up there.  And they built the tabernacle according to the vision showed to him in the mountain.  And John said it here, he said, I heard a Voice from Heaven that said.  Voice, same Voice as here.  Is, Is, Isn’t that wonderful.  Yes, indeed.  And now look, let me tell you this.  That’s not the first time John heard that Voice.  When the Messiah was here walking around on the earth, when the Messiah was here walking around in the earth in order to fulfill this…

Now, now look folks, you, you.., just remember them things which you will have to.., the God was speaking from Mount Sinai.  Gave ‘em three days to clean up and He spoke from Mount Sinai before He called him up there in the mount.  Now the Messiah is gonna fulfill that.  So you’re reading over here in Matthew, now, what the, the, the so-called Christiandoom calls the Beatitudes, 5th chapter of Matthew, where He went.., the multitudes.., and He sat down up there in the mountain.  Sat there, up there in the mountain.  And His text had to be right because He’s fulfilling God speaking from the mount.  This is God incarnated in a body and He’s setting up in a mountain fulfilling, speaking to them from the top of the mountain, fulfilling that.  That’s what He’s doing.  He’s fulfilling it.  Now Christiandoom has never said a thing ____ about it.  They call it the Beatitudes.  They don’t see no parts of it.  They don’t realize it.

Now then we go on in, let’s take this up in the mountain there.  Now here we go back in the mountain.  Now you see if you’ll catch it this time.  Now I told you, after He spoke from the mountain there…  Now, the Children of Israel, they were ____ fed.  I’m talking about in Matthew now.  They were fed that Bread that come down.  And there’s where they learned of the sabbath day, rest on the sabbath day.  I’m talking about feeding ‘em manna.  Now here Jesus, He takes.., in order to fulfill that, He takes and He feeds the multitudes and then He goes and sits down in the mountain and He speaks to ‘em in the mountain.  He had to do that to fulfill what He did.

Then after that.., now, I’m in a hurry, but I’m trying to bring it all out so that you can see it now.  Now then here He goes now, six days after, Matthew 17:1, and six days after, He takes Peter, James and John up into the Mount of Transfiguration.  The world hasn’t said a thing about it.  And there He takes them up there, Peter, James and John.  At the mouth of two or three witness, let every word be established.  So He has to take Peter, James and John up in the mount and transfigured before them because here they are up in the mount and He’s transfigured before them, those that are going to officiate there in the sanctuary in the tabernacle.  So He has to take.., can’t be down on the ground, got to be up in the mountain because the seventy up in the mount here.  So He takes them up in the mount and transfigures there, and His garment was as white as the light, when it’s described to you there, and He transfigured before them, Peter, James and John in fulfillment of this.

And as they come down from the mount, then they questioned Him and they talked to Him.  Now look, look.  Told you the cloud covered the mountain back here.  Now when Peter, James, and John was up in the mountain, the cloud covered the mountain there.  That’s what you got right there in your Book.  You, you watch.  Keep your eye on the cloud.  The cloud covered the mountain.  And so now, here He is speaking to them from the cloud.  Here comes that Voice.  Remember I told you that wasn’t the first time that John heard the Voice from Heaven.  There at the transfiguration he heard the Voice from Heaven.  The Voice from Heaven said, ‘This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.’  That cloud overshadowed Him and that Voice come from Heaven.  That had to be done there in order to fulfill this.  It had to be that way.  That cloud had to overshadow Him there.  Oh, I tell you brethren, when you can see how it is put together.

Now Paul sees this.  Paul sees this.  He sees many of the saints which slept in the dust of the earth rose and went on into Jerusalem.  Them sinews.  Now you watch this one.  I’m after the cloud this time.  The 12th Chapter of Hebrews which says, therefore, seeing we are compassed or surrounded with so great a cloud of witnesses.  All of them from Adam on down who resurrected from the dead and brought life and immortality to light through the power of God to raise Him from the dead.  And God, listen, is gonna multiply the seed of Abraham as the sands of the sea and as the stars of Heaven.  So, wherefore, seeing we’re surrounded, compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin that does so easily beset us, and run with patience the race that is set before us, looking ever unto Yahshua the Messiah, who is the author and the finisher of our Faith.

No wonder Jude said, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints for there are certain men of old who are ordained into this condemnation who have gone out into the world, crept in unawares and turned the grace of our God into lasciviousness, turned them into works.  Works of righteousness.  They’re telling you to get baptized and get your feet washed and all these Carnal Ordinances that was done under the Old Covenant back here.  That’s what He said.  He hid these things from the wise and the prudent.

And now we’re offering up spiritual sacrifices.  We’re in the Kingdom of God.  It’s spiritual.  You are controlled by the Law of the Spirit in them tables of stone off of the ____ ____ ____, and that’s why He hid these things from the wise and the prudent and revealed ‘em unto babes.  And Paul puts it this way in the 8th Chapter of Romans, there is therefore now…  Listen at me.  No, I can’t help you, anyway ____ ____ ____ in Heaven or Hell or ____ real soon.

This Age is just about to close.  The first one was 1656 and this is 1932. 2381 before.  And the Messiah said in the 24th chapter of Matthew, except those days be shortened that there wouldn’t be no flesh saved.  And you’ve got to hear it.  You’ve got to hear it by faith for you to have this.  The word’s got to come by faith.  You got to see how it’s put together.  It’s got to become a reality in you.  You got to know how it works.  You got to feel the spirit working within you.  It’s got to be a reality within you.  That’s ____ ____ whatever a body says about it.  You’ve got to know it for yourself.  The big shots and the leaders of Christiandoom…  You got to know this place for yourself.  It’s got to be a fact, fact within you.  You individually and personally.  It’s you that’s got to be saved, we don’t care nothing about the multitudes and what they say out yonder.  You know that it’s hid from the wise and them prudent and revealed to the babes.

And all of this natural water baptism, foot washings and everything, all of this carnality and all of this is natural, and all of this over on this side is spiritual, and that’s what the boys can’t see.  And here calling themselves celebrating the things that was done under the Law.  And God Himself said…  God said it…  I’ll be done in a very few minutes.  God said it, I didn’t say it.  And that’s the thing I’m trying to tell you about now.  I heard that Voice from Heaven, confirming.  And it showed it to me, how it operated all the way through.  And that’s the reason why I’m game enough to get out there and talk it and tell you about it.  And how He’s hid the thing from the wise and them prudent, and revealed it unto babes.  And the Apostle Paul said in the 8th Chapter of Romans, ‘there is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus.’  How did you get in Him?  He said in 1 Corinthians 12:13, ‘by one Spirit are we all baptized into the one body, whether you be Jews or Gentiles.’  No water baptism.  And they use water baptism.  And what.., Jesus said of the.., said, ‘He that believeth on Me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living waters.’  Don’t you know the difference between living water and that that runs behind the pool?  John said, this spake He of the Spirit shown to me.  Got away from that natural and into the Spirit, and there’s where the smart boys got lost.  And so now, here we are out here, we’re preaching the, listen at me now, we’re preaching the remission of sin in His name.  Luke said the remission of sin should be preached in His Name beginning at Jerusalem.  You can wash all the skin off of it.  Drag you through the Pacific, even the Atlantic Ocean and it ain’t gonna do you no good.  Tried to offer up a bullock, turtledove, but it didn’t purify you, unto the sprinkling, or it didn’t purify the conscience with that under that Dispensation back there.


And Paul said, ‘how much more shall the blood of Yahshua the Messiah purge.’  That’s the sacrifice that God has given.  ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ He shed His Blood out there on old Golgotha.  He offered Himself without spot to purge your conscience from the dead works, from all of this water baptism and all this, or eating these physical suppers that was under the other covenant, and they pointed to spiritual things.  And now He’s nailed ‘em to the cross that they…  And now the Kingdom of God is back, the Kingdom back before Him, it stood only in meats and drinks, but now on this side Paul tells us the Kingdom of God is not meats and drink.  Well, if it’s not that then what is it?  It’s righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.  And Jesus said of Himself that teeth masticate in your mouth, and it passes on down the esophagus and on down into your stomach and its digested and assimilated.  And your intestinal tract passes it on through the abdominal cavity and on into your bloodstream.  That’s for this physical body.  Well, I’m not talking about that.  I’m talking about your inner self, that inner man, which is the Holy Ghost.  You’ve got to have some different bread to that.  As the Messiah told ‘em, said, ‘look here, all of your fathers, they ate that bread back yonder in the Wilderness, but they’re dead.  But the bread that I shall give, if you eat thereof, ye shall not die.  And this water that you’re talking about, if you drink it, you’ll never thirst.  We’re talking about Spiritual things.  And the Devil is standing there talking about physical things and saying that you got to do these things, and blaming it on the Messiah, that He said go and baptize somebody in physical water.  He never said nothing about it.  Said, baptize ‘em in the Name.  He didn’t say baptize them in the water.  Paul looks at the feast, which you call yourself eating the Lord’s Supper, out yonder on the first of every month, Paul said, let us keep the feast of unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.  I’m feeding you that bread which is the Word of God.  I’m baptizing you in the Name and I’m washing your feet, the washing of regeneration in the preaching of the gospel, that Yahshua the Messiah.., everything that He’s done is all done in His Name.  He’s a quickening Spirit and He’s in your heart and in my heart.  Nothing that you can do.  And it’s not by works of righteousness which we have done or will do.  As it is by His grace are you saved, or by grace are you saved through the faith that not of yourself, it’s a gift, free gift of God.  You don’t merit nothing.  Somebody said, ‘well, listen here, obedience is better than sacrifice.’  Said, ‘He said go out there and get baptized in the water.., if it was good enough for Him when John baptized Him, it’s good enough for me.’  But it says, look here, don’t put no lie like that on Him.  He didn’t say it.  Listen folks, He couldn’t come and fulfill and abolish the carnal ordinance, which is under the second, under the first covenant, then send somebody out to, to do the things that was done under the Old Covenant.  You’re a liar.  He never sent nobody to do nothing like that.  He never told nobody to, to baptize nobody.  He never told nobody to eat no Lord’s Supper.  He never told nobody to keep no Passover.  He never told nobody to wash nobody’s feet.  Somebody said, ‘well, you can’t read it.’  Can’t you see here in the 13th chapter of Saint John when Jesus is washing His disciples’ feet, and He said to them, says, ‘if I be your Lord and Master, have washed your feet, ye also ought to wash one another’s feet.’  And He got around to ol‘ Pete.  And he said to Him, Peter looked up at Him and he said, ‘you’ll never wash my feet.’  He said, ‘if I don’t wash ‘em, you won’t have no part with me.’  And that was physical water which He was washing their feet in. 

And here comes ____ ____ ____, they’re celebrating that they’re washing feet, because Jesus washed the disciples’ feet.  And the Papacy, over there, they celebrate washing feet.  But when He told him, got to Peter there, He told him, ‘if I don’t wash ‘em, you won’t have no part with me.’  He’s got to fulfill that law.  Moses brought Aaron, Nadab and Abihu to the door of the Tabernacle and he washed, and he put the linen garments on them before they could officiate in the Tabernacle.  And so now, if He’s gonna fulfill it, He’s got to wash their feet.  Else they gonna have no part, no part, no parts in that ministry.  He’s got to fulfill it.  And so now when He got around to Peter.  Listen at me, folks in here.  And there He was down there washing the disciples’ feet and Peter said, ‘you’ll never wash my feet.’  He told Peter, said, ‘you don’t know what I’m doing now.’ Yes, Peter did know that He was washing their feet.  He said, you’re never gonna wash his feet, but Peter didn’t understand the significance of it.  Listen folks.  That was the Word of God in the flesh fulfilling the Law and the Prophecy.  And it’s the Word of God that’s washing his feet.  And so, if the Word of God don’t wash you, you’ll never be clean.  And I’ve got to fulfill.  Told Peter, said, ‘look here, you don’t know what I’m doing now, but you shall know hereafter.’  And when Peter got the Holy Ghost on the Day of Pentecost and Paul and the rest of ‘em, then he turns around and says, ‘look here, husbands love your wives even as the Messiah also loved the Church, His bride, gave Himself for it, listen at me folks, that He might sanctify and cleanse it by the washing of the water by the Word.  It is the washing of regeneration and He is the Regenerator.  And it is the Word of God.  So now I’m preaching to you the Word of God.  And you are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.  I can wash you all day long down here with a basin and some water.  I can drag you up through, as I said, the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, but you can see whether they understand.  ____ ____ somebody said, ‘____ ____ ____.’  Said, ‘you can’t read?’  Can’t you see over there in the 8th Chapter of Acts of the Apostles where Philip baptized the Ethiopian eunuch?  Said he stopped the chariot.  Said both…  Said, ‘here’s water, what keeps us from being baptized?’  The eunuch said to him.  Philip said, ‘if you believe with all your heart, thou mayest.’  And they stopped and both Philip and the eunuch went down into…,  I mean physical water.  And Philip did baptize in water.  And somebody said, ‘Philip was carrying out the Great Commission.’  No sit still folks.  Philip was carrying out the Great Commission and he was going to, to fulfill that which was said there in Matthew 28:19, when He said, Go in all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, he that believeth on Me and is baptized shall be saved, and he that believeth not shall be damned.  And now, in the 28th chapter, says, baptizing in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.  And listen here, you haven’t.., nobody sitting under the sound of my voice has been baptized in no water, in the Name of Yahweh.  Nobody setting under the sound of my voice has been baptized in the Name of Elohim.  Nobody setting under the sound of my voice has been baptized in the Name of Yahshua.  They told you to go out here and get baptized in the name of Jesus, and in the name of the Father, God.  And they told you to get baptized in the Name of the Holy Ghost.  And they didn’t know what that was.  And so, let’s get on Philip and the Eunuch.  And now listen here, Messiah sent them twelve out to preach.  Now look here, I want you to notice the difference now.  Those were deacons that was chosen by them to serve tables.  The Master, before He ascended, He told the eleven there, Judas was dead.  Said, ‘you shall be witnesses unto me in Judea, and in Jerusalem and Samaria.’  Now watch now, watch the joke, watch the joker.  Said, they will be witness unto me.  Philip went down to Samaria and he preached the gospel to the whole city of Samaria, and he was full of the Holy Ghost, too.  But not a one of ‘em down in Samaria got the Holy Ghost, so say the Book.  Well, what’s the matter?  Why didn’t they get the Holy Ghost down there?  Samaria was the capital of the ten tribes.  And now, Messiah putting them twelve tribes back together again, and they are the witness, the ones that He sent to preach the Gospel.  Philip wasn’t sent.  He was persecuted and run off there because of the persecution and went down to Samaria and preached.  Nobody’s got the Holy Ghost down in Samaria.  Then, why should you assume that the Ethiopian Eunuch got the Holy Ghost when Philip baptized him?  And now.., and then not only that, Philip.., listen at me now.  Listen at me close.  Philip was on his way home.  He wasn’t on his way going in all the world to preach the Gospel.  Philip lived in Caesarea.  And Philip went on away from Gaza after he baptized the Ethiopian eunuch in the water there and he went on to Caesarea.  By and by, when time come for the Gentiles to come in down in Caesarea, God sent on up there and told Cornelius to go on up there at Joppa and get Peter.  Now, if Philip was carrying out the Great Commission and he lived right across the street there so as to speak from, from, from Cornelius and his household, and he was carrying out the Great Commission, why didn’t he go across there and baptize them?  Why did God tell him, send out yonder at Joppa, and get, get Peter.  And Peter went down there at Caesarea.  Then Peter, he spoke.  While he’s yet speaking, the Holy Ghost fell on them.  What God was doing is bringing ‘em in according to the way He made the promise to the Gentiles, according to the way that He made the promise to Abraham, that in his seed He would bless all the families of the earth.  And have you forgotten that I have told you that there wasn’t



that was baptized at John’s baptism?  So then, there can’t be nobody but Jews that had any water upon them.  And listen, in that planting, when the seed of vegetation was grown up, in the 11th Chapter of Romans, Paul said that the Gentiles, they were grafted on in.  How’s that happen?  Grafted in by faith, and not by planting, but by grafting according to the way He made the promise.  And God wasn’t mistaken by pouring out the Spirit on them, while he yet spoke there.

And now God has showed to me all these things in a vision.  And all of these things that these preachers is out there doing.  Got somebody hanging around, taking some crackers and grape juice on plates, and running somebody up in here and blaming it all on the Messiah.  He said nothing about it.  And listen, you haven’t got nothing and you’re not gonna get nothing until you straighten up.  Faith comes by hearing.  Yes, yes, I, I know that looks mean.  That looks real mean.  But that’s what it’s all about.  That’s why this School is founded.  They’re not gonna let me preach like that out yonder.  That’s what was revealed to me.  And I have carried it on down.

Alright, let me say this to you in conclusion.  I’ve carried it on down and I took it right on down.  Can’t you see, there’s the blood, there’s the water…, He rose up from the table and washed the disciples feet, poured out ____ ____.  This is where some of them think that this is Day of Pentecost.  You got the blood, the water, and the spirit, the blood, the water, and the spirit, blood, the water…  Just keep it that way, always, always, clear on down through.  Listen here.  You can’t error.  It don’t make no difference where you come from, you’re wrong too.  And let me tell you something, Williams.  We don’t make mistakes here.  And we’re not guessing about it.  And, what I have seen, I have seen, and to prove it to you, every prediction, I really, I don’t make predictions.  It’s the Holy Spirit.  And I’m just showing you how the repetitions come up in there.  And that’s how I can tell you when it’s gonna be an earthquake, or what the next thing is to happen.  And I never mi.., I never failed.  I never miss it.  And then somebody setting back there says, ‘well, I don’t believe it.’  I know all of that.  Says, ‘well now, you’ve done a good job, you just let me preach it.’  But now look, God has raised up me.  They’ve been healed of all kinds of diseases.  Even the dead have been raised from the dead.  We got medical authorities from all over this country.  And you don’t know nobody.., listen, I’ve told you I was through, you don’t know nobody, and you don’t know nobody that says they know somebody that says they knew somebody, nor do they know about what’s going on in the world for 35 years than what I have.  Nobody.  Nobody.  Went right on between life and death, ____ ____ from the other.  I told you when Cardinal Stritch would draw his last breath, standing in the pulpit.  You’re my witnesses.  Didn’t he die that instant?

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  I told you about Pope John the 23rd.  I told you when he would die a year before.9  I told you that Pope Pius the 12th would tell a lie, and what the lie was that he would say.  Didn’t I tell you before he lied?  And didn’t he tell it?

Dr. Gross:  Um hum.

Dr. Kinley:  I’ve told you what’s happening all over the world.  Children, I’m sincere about it.  I’m in earnest.  All I’m trying to do is just give you what God has given to me. If you don’t want it, it won’t make.., it’s your salvation.  But truthfully, I heard that Voice from Heaven, I heard that Voice and know who sent the prophets and all of ‘em have heard.  And I was sent in this last day, just before the pulling down of the curtain, to show you the reality of it.  And I hope and trust that you will take this for ____ ____ and have benefited (benefitted?) yourself.  There’s no need to come up here and saying, ‘well, they preach that yonder out there at our church.  ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____.  It just can’t be done.  God is a Living Reality.  It’s here now, in you, whether you’re conscious of it or not.  It’s here.  ___ ___ ___  And listen, there is but one mediator between God and Man, and that is the Quickening Spirit, and that is God Himself.  There is no go between.  I am no go between.  No popes and no priests and no cardinals, nothing like that to go between Him.  It’s a quickening Spirit.  It’s the Holy Spirit in you, that is the only hope of immortal glory.

God be with you.



9 Elohim, the Archetype Original Pattern of the Universe. Vol IV, page 61.

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