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19) 1966 – 1968:



by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley


audio recording received from Lamar Greer (# 07 A)


2 90 minute audio cassette


Catalog#: 66-68 I


transcribed by Tom Gardner

first proofreading:  Mike Rothstein

second proofreading:  Gerry Rothstein


third proofreading:  International Public Relations Committee

approved by the International Public Relations Committee: 1997



1. … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, see, you see, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right.)

4. ____ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber

Previous Speaker:  Billy Carrol

Dr. Kinley:  I know all of you enjoyed Dr. Carrol and he did preach the things that pertaineth to eternal life.  And I wanna say that he was not learning, he’s already learned, found out about it, it.

While he was talking, I thought to myself that one of the reasons why that a lotta people don’t wanna stick around or hang around in the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research is because they soon find out, they find out real soon about it too, that these people are not guessing down here.  They found out that these people that get up here and speak they know what they’re talking about, they’re capable of proving it and anyone that don’t know, now then it don’t take long for them to learn.  And that’s just cold water on the thing, so they’re not coming back.  I’m speaking of more exclusively of the ministers, they’re not gonna stick around.  The Devil just can’t stick around when you show him up, he’s just not gonna stay there, because it’s just to uncomfortable for him, but as long as some of ‘em can come around and think that you don’t know, they feel pretty.

And as I said before, I want everybody to realize one thing in particular, that this is not a Bible reading, scripture quoting contest, that’s not what this is.  Now we believe in going by the scriptures, we don’t go by anything else other than the scriptures.  Get the point?  But we don’t want to misapply, misconstrue as we had here, I believe it was last Sunday night… And you’ve heard me say many times, now I been classified as a bibliomaniac, a walking Bible. I told you many, many, many, many times that you could just open your Bible and start to reading and without looking, I’d tell you chapter and verse where you was reading at.  And then here one day, God revealed to me I didn’t know nothing.  It just made a monkey out of me.  Get the point?  Now I had to come clean with you about that.  Well now if it was true in my case, now you know good and well I’m not gonna buy it on yours.  You see through what I’m talking about, don’t you?  So it’s all this scripture quoting and all them different kinda things, try to show some body how good a memory you got and how much you know about it, that don’t mean nothing, don’t mean a thing.

I tell you one, I’ll tell you one thing, Solomon said it too.  He said much study is the weariness of the flesh.  You can read a thing and read it and read it and get so you can recite and repeat it and quote it and all them different kinda thing any where.  It becomes registered and ____ ____ course there is no such thing as a subconscious mind, but for the sake of explanation why we just use the term.  It becomes registered in the subconscious mind.  Now you think you know something.

Now this is what happened to me, after having all of that in my mind.  I went back after I seen the vision and looked at the same verses.  Now you know they didn’t change.  It wasn’t the verses that changed.  And I found out I read them things wrong, and quoting it too.  I told you I could quote, quote, quote.  And everybody that take, takes a Bible, they get around to the place where they get familiar with the thing and all like that but that don’t spell they can preach it.  A lotta people, you heard ‘em say, ‘there’s my uncle or there’s my daddy, there’s my grandfather, and there’s my brother, why he knows a whole lot about the scriptures.’ Maybe they mean by that that he studied the Bible and he, he read it quite frequently and he become familiar with its contents but that doesn’t spell he knows anything about it.  No indeed, no that goes for verse one in the Bible, as Dr. Carrol showed you, verse one.  Wrong from start to finish.  And if you start out wrong you can’t hope to end up right.  For the most part the preachers don’t know how to, they don’t even know how to study a Bible to realize and know anything about it.

Then another thing, the Apostle Paul said this, all scriptures, now not some, is given by the inspiration of God.  Now anybody could get up here and read this Book and read that in the Book, I don’t care whether it’s Protestant or Catholic or just anybody, be an Atheist if you want to, Communist, anything you wanna make it, he’s got to read that the way it’s written in the Book.  Get the point?  He’ll say all scriptures given by.., but that don’t spell that he knows what all scriptures is.  That don’t spell that he knows what Paul is talking about.  And anything else you read in the Bible is that way.

Now what we have did in this school, since it is a research, now we bought up Bibles.  We’ve got the Vulgate,4 now that’s.., or the Douay Version.5 Now that’s Roman Catholic.  Now they insist and dogmatically contend that this Vulgate is the closest to the original manuscript that there is written, translated.  I think you’ll find it by Jerome, just one man.  Now when King James translated the Bible, Tyndale was the translator there, but he had a whole force of men to correct, to check behind Tyndale, and wrote this King James version.6 Now anybody that knows anything at all about a Bible and ever studied theology to a great extent, knows that the King James version of the Bible is better than the Vulgate.  Get the point?

But I have them to read all of these various different types of Bibles and every time the scripture lesson as you call it, is read here in class… Now the one that reads it, he said, ‘now this is not the King James version.’  He’ll tell you that it is not.  Now look, that don’t mean that you’re just supposed to not have no Bible and pay attention to this one.  You bring your King James version.  Get, if you don’t have one, get one.  Bring your Roman Catholic Bible, anything you can pick up.  Bring it on down and look at it and read it.  Every time he reads, you open your Book.  Don’t you think because he says that this is not the King James version that you don’t, that you’re not supposed to read.  Don’t think that.  You get the point?  So you get, if you don’t have a Bible, get you one of some kind.  And this is a, this is a research.  Now then, I’ll research it, just like we talked about last night at the meeting last night.

Now, in this school, we’re not trying to agree with anybody.  That’s not our objective.  And then we don’t care what our ancestors or progenitors believed, We’re not, we’re not guided and directed by that.  And this institution is independent.  It is not backed up by Roman Catholics, it is not backed up by the Protestants.  And people have came along and said this, said, ‘well I think…’


  4 Jerome was requested by Pope Damasus I in 382 to revise the Latin version of the Bible.  He translated both the so called Old and New Testaments into Latin, His translation was completed in 404.  It became known as the Vulgate version and became the only version known in the West.  The Council of Trent in 1546 authorized it as the official Bible of the Roman Catholic Church.  It remains such today.

  5 This version of the Bible, made specifically for priests, was based mainly on the Vulgate.  The Old Testament was completed in 1609 and the so called New Testament was completed in 1582.  It was prepared by Gregory Martin under the direction William (later Cardinal) Allen of the English college at Douai,

  6 The Hampton Court Conference in 1604 proposed a new translation of the Bible in English. 54 translators were invited to undertake the work at Oxford, Cambridge, and Westminster.  The manuscript was bought by the king’s printer.  This Bible appeared in 1611 and was dedicated to King James I of England.

Told Dr. Gross this once when we were over in Hollywood.  Said, ‘don’t you have nothing to so with that fella,’ talking about me.  Took him back in the back and whispered in his ear.  Doc Gross is trying to show him the charts and the teaching.  And took him back there, said, ‘look,’ said, ‘don’t you have nothing to do with that fella,’ said, ‘I’ve already lost five or six jobs on the account of him, and he’s a communist,’ talking about me being a communist.  Now Dr. Gross at that time, been around me some where around 30 years or some like that.  Now if he couldn’t find out whether or not I’m a communist in 30 years or not… Now she just blowed in, now that’s the first time she’d ever been in there and that was her judgement on it.  Well, now she’s not by herself, somebody else comes in thinks we’re communist.

People walk up to you say, ‘what church you belong to?’  Casing it.  Now they think that’s a intelligent question.  Paul said unlearned questions avoid.  Why?  Because they gender strife, stir up a lotta strife.  So now, when they ask you that question, to them it’s intelligent, to me it’s genuinely stupid.  Now here’s why.  If you knew what the church was, then you would understand that there’s only one church for anybody to belong to.  So then that makes you ask me a fool question, then what you got there then, when I say, ‘well look,’ if I belonged to the Church of God or the Church of Christ or the Church of Yahweh, or just anything I say, then here you come for a fight.  Get the point?  Think that you’re, that you’re wrong.  Get the point?

Now let me see if I can get down to some things that’s pretty deep with you that I studied today, looked into, Clarence Larkin, into his interpretation.  I didn’t bring the book with me tonight, ____ Bible.  I didn’t bring it.  But Clarence Larkin in looking up this man of sin, the Son of Perdition.  Now he said that he did not think that that could be the Pope.  He said since the 15th century, a lotta of people thought that the man of sin was the Pope of Rome, and it’s not him individually and personally, why then they thought that the Roman Catholic body was the, papal or the papal system was the man of sin that it was spoken of in the Bible, in Revelations, and also in Isaiah, and everywhere he’s spoken of.  But he didn’t think so.  Now he went on to say why.  And he made the contrast and admitted the contrast.

I just should have brought them books.  I should keep ‘em around here all the time to convince you and show you how men think.  That’s why we got these other Bibles.  Now he tried to make a contrast.  He said now this man of sin over in Revelations it says was from the bottomless pit.  Now the contrast with Messiah or Christ, he’s from above.  Get that?  Then he just kept contrast going like that, oh I guess some six or seven contrasts as why he didn’t think the man of sin that he came from the bottomless pit that John said he was.

Now here’s what he overlooked.  I’m just showing you how short sighted people are.  He overlooked the fact that the spirit or the man of sin had been cast out of heaven, and shut up in bottomless pit.  And where he read about it was, he come from the bottom, out of the bottomless pit.  Well he missed all this back here.  And Messiah said, I beheld Satan fall from heaven.  Then he went on to say, Messiah said this, when He was here and Judas was along with Him, He said that… Now that’s what He’s doing is fulfilling the scriptures.  And He said this, He said, none is lost.

Well let me put it this way first.  He said that the first, that I have chosen twelve of you, and one of you is a devil.  But he didn’t say which one of ‘em until he got down to the close that night.  And He said, one of you shall betray me.  Then they asked Him the question, ‘Lord, is it I?  Is it me?’  And, and at, at the supper.  And now the scriptures had said, he that soppeth in the dish with Me has lifted his heel.  Now He’s fulfilling what is in the scriptures.  Now no.., the average person wouldn’t think that the way that they were setting at that last supper, was exposed even before.., many, many, many, years ago, and was stipulated in the scriptures, that’s that setting just as it was.  Now, now Judas has to be sitting close enough to Him to sop in the dish with Him.  Then John, he had to be setting close enough to Him to lean over on His breast.  Now that’s Judas on one side and John on the other.  Then Pete, he asked the question, ‘Lord, is it, is it I?’  And pass it all around.  Well now, all such things, polytechnical things as that, that is jots and tittles in the scriptures, the average theologian, he doesn’t think about it.  Now what he’s got in his mind is to try and learn the chapters and verses.  And so far as the dispensation, put it on the board, Freddy, so far as dispensations and ages, he doesn’t know anything about it.

Now I said this, so now I’m picking up the continuity of thought now.  He said this, don’t think that I come to destroy but I come to fulfill.  Now I come to fulfill, and verily, verily, I say unto you one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass until it is all fulfilled.  Now in this school, in this school as far as I have any knowledge of it is concerned and I have a pretty good knowledge of it too.  As Bishop Short said one time, he wasn’t sleeping when he knew what was around out in the world.  Now when it comes to knowing how, what Messiah was doing when He was in the world and what you call reading in your New Testament.  They don’t know what He’s doing.  The big shots, the leaders of Christendoom.  The Pope, he don’t know what he’s doing.  Now you know why he don’t know what he’s doing?  Is because it’s hid from him, he is supposed to be a deceiver.

Just like Messiah said, now I choose 12 of you and one of you’s a devil.  Now listen, when He got down there, He said now, in fulfilling the scriptures… Now listen at, listen at these being technical, cause they are hard to express.  He said one of you shall betray Me as the Lord and Messiah.  And so He told them about the scriptures.  Now that was written in the scriptures back there.  Now listen, He said, none is lost but the son of perdition.  Well, why is the son of perdition lost?  Now listen closely.  That the scriptures might be fulfilled.

Now the scriptures were written before He was born in the world.  And He came in the world, and He had to fulfill what’s in the scriptures.  The Pharisees and the Scribes, they would walk up to Him, and ask Him, by what authority do you do this and so forth and so on?  And then He would say to ‘em, search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life and they are they, the scriptures testify of Me. Now He’s fulfilling the scriptures.  And everything He did, birth on, everything He did was fulfillment the scriptures.  Even His conception was a fulfillment of what was written in the scriptures.  Now if they had known and understood the scriptures, then they could have looked in the Bible or they could have looked in the scriptures.  And when I say looked in the scriptures, I don’t mean Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and the Pauline epistles.  They were not written.  And they could see there the reason why He was doing what He was doing was because He was fulfilling the scriptures.  Now out there in Christendoom, they haven’t got that learned yet.  And that’s how they get.., always quoting the Bible.  And when you get through with it, these people, in this school will pick you up on that.  They’ll pick you up on that.

Then another thing as Paul told Timothy.  Now look, you study.  Study what?  The scriptures?  No. To show yourself approved, a workman unto God that don’t need to be ashamed.  Now if you’re not capable and qualified of reading the scriptures and applying them in the, in the proper dispensation then you got something to be ashamed of.  It says study to show yourself approved, a workman unto God.  Now that’s what you’re studying for, not to just get up and quote the Bible around and all that, as it’s done at Embassy Auditorium, but study to show yourself approved.  Study to learn the scriptures?  No. What’s the difference?  Now he said to Timothy, same person, said, now you’ve known the scriptures from your youth on up.  He studied at his mother, his grandma Lois… His father was a Greek and his mother was a Jew.  They taught him all the way up.  Now he knew the scriptures.  He knew what that said, but where to place it at or what dispensation it was, how to apply it.  Now that’s the thing Paul is telling him to study to show himself approved.  Get it?

Now look, you take your Bible.  Now look up here at me.  You take your Bible and you go over here and you’ll just find Christendoom just full of this.  Now let us see what the Blessed Word of God says about it.  They say, ‘well, I’m not following Kinley, I’m following the, I’m following the Blessed Word of God.’  Now to him anything that he thinks about what he’s reading in the Bible is right to him, as Solomon said every way of a man is right in his own eyes.  That’s why you get all your different sects and cults and creeds.  Get the point?  Now then he says, ‘well now, look here,’ said, ‘I’m, I’m, look, I’m, I’m going by the New Testament.’  It never dawned on him that they don’t even know what the New Testament is.  It never dawned on them that this is not the Word of God.  Now in the school we’re trying to teach you the difference so you’ll come to a realization of it.

Now look, Messiah said this, man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.  Now what Moses has wrote back over here that he saw in the vision, he put it down.  Now that was coming by inspiration.  Now by inspiration we mean that he saw in a vision and heard in a vision.  Then he put down what he saw in the vision.  Now that’s the words, plural.  Now the Word of God is singular, just one.  And you don’t carry Him around under your arm.  It’s not in the Book, but in you.  But that that is in the Book, as the Messiah said, search the scriptures.  Now you got the scriptures and the Word of God tangled up.  You should learn the difference between the scriptures and the Word of God.  Get the point?

Now He was the Word of God Himself.  John says, in the first chapter of Saint John, in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God.  Now listen, you can’t do no patching up and fixing these things.  Now that’s the way it is.  But every time, somebody get up and they read something or another, and they get so they can quote it, and refer to chapters and verses and they got more literature and stuff out here on this market.  And people are deceived every kind of way you can think of.  Well now here’s what I, here’s the reason why I said that to you: I want you to know and be aware of one thing in particular and that is that there is a positive and a negative, Deception is in this world and it is keen.  In order to be a devil or an imp, you have to be, you have to, you, you, you, you have to be pretty smart to detect the devil you certainly must have something in you to detect him with.  You just can’t take your ____ out there and do it, because everything that the devil employs; for example, look at him out there in the wilderness.  He didn’t go out there in the wilderness and say, ‘look here, bishop so and so, and so and so, so and so, the Pharisee and the Sadducees, they said this.  He didn’t do that.  What he went out there, what he did when he went out there said, it’s written, talking to the Messiah, said, it’s written.  He had sense enough to, to get at him with something that was written.  And you around here talking about something that some bishops said.  Now I’m not talking about Bishop Short.  And you could be talking about something he said, me too.  Well now the thing of it is it don’t make no difference who said it.  You can be deceived, you can be deceived by all of these different testimonies.  And the devil has to be slick.

Now I want you to know this, I want you to know this, God.., if you don’t believe it, I’ll read it.  I will read it.  God himself made the devil.  Now somebody say, ‘now I don’t believe that.’ Well now you tell me something that was made that without God making it.  Now get up right where you are now and prove it to me, cause I know somebody that’s been writing out there, saying that God didn’t create the devil.  ____ ____ he was an independent.  He’s an idiot.  Now I said that to say this, in that He made, He made His own opponent.  He made His own… Well what’d He make him like that for?  He made him wise.  That’s why the Messiah said, now be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.  Don’t be no fool, cause the devil is slick.  Has to be slick, has to be in order to fool the people or to deceive people.  It looks like the real thing.  It looks like it’s genuine.  Some of these pamphlets that you pick up with all this scriptures quoted on it… Now there isn’t anything wrong with the scriptures.  There isn’t a thing wrong with that.  And we don’t have no dispute with what’s in the Bible.  And that… and there is interpolations in the Bible, they’re actually wrong.  And what they usually do is this… I don’t want to get off on a tangent.  What they usually do is this, whenever one translator comes along and make, make a mistake out of it, why the rest of ‘em in translating from that copy, translate, they keep the, they keep the error running.  Now if you don’t know the purpose and plan, and you really don’t know what it’s all about and God in you hasn’t made you wise enough, you wouldn’t recognize one of them things.  You want me to show you a real slick one?

Student:  Yeah.

Dr. Kinley:  ____.  Want me to show you a real slick one?  Mark and 15th chapter of first Corinthians.  I’ll show you a real slick one.  Now in the Holy Name Bible that’s the last, the, almost excepted original names.  It was in the original and your King James.  And I wanna show you that they brought that right over in this one, because that translation that you got there with the exception of the names was taken from the King James, so it’s got to run in that.  Now, I believe Sister Mary, she knows what I’m talking about.

Mary Gross:  More over brethren

Dr. Kinley:  Now wait a minute.  Now where are you reading.  We makingem work hard.  Huh?

Mary Gross:  1 Corinthians 15

Dr. Kinley:  1 Corinthians, 15th chapter.

Mary Gross:  Moreover brethren

Dr. Kinley:  What verse are you reading?

Mary Gross:  One

Dr. Kinley:  Now what I want is way down there, where, where Paul says… What Paul said in the 15th chapter of first Corinthians where last of all he was seen of me.  He was seen of, first of the 12.  The fifth verse so it says and then last of all He was seen of me.  Now they say that he said there that He was seen of the 12.  The fifth verse.  Now Paul didn’t say that.  Now, let me show you why it can’t be that way.  Now go over in Mark and check that.

Dr. Harris  afterward.

Dr. Kinley:  Where are you reading?

Dr.  Harris:  Mark 16:14

Dr. Kinley:  Mark 16:14.  Alright.  Afterwards

Dr. Harris:  he appeared unto the eleven.

Dr. Kinley:  afterwards he appeared unto the eleven.

Dr. Harris:  and they sat at meat.

Dr. Kinley: and they sat at meat, they sat at meat, after…  Now that means, he’s talking about His resurrection, After He has resurrected from the dead, He appeared unto the eleven.  Now listen folks, you know that the Book teaches, the the record teaches that Judas went out and hung himself, and the son of perdition, he was the son of perdition that was lost, went out and hung himself before the Messiah died.  And then if he had watched, if he was dead and buried, Judas was dead and buried, then when Christ raised from the dead and appeared to them or Messiah appeared to them, it’d have to be the eleven, like Mark said.  But now over here they’re saying that Paul said after, after He appeared to the 12, last of all He appeared to me.  That would be 13.  Do you see it?  I’m asking you.  Do you see it?

Student Body:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  When one of ‘em made the mistake, they just run it on, kept it running on. Paul didn’t say 12.  Now let me show you, now let me show you to catch him.  Show you how you can catch him good.  Now after He resurrected, He was here 40 days walking around among them eleven and all during them 40 days, Judas still laying out there dead.  When He stepped aboard a cloud and ascended, Judas is still dead.  And then while He, after His ascension, the eleven, you got it right there in Acts of Apostles, the eleven, then they cast lots for to… somebody to fill Judas’ place.  You get the point?  Now what I’m saying is, after His resurrection and His tarrying on earth 40 days, He couldn’t appear to nobody but the 11 clear on until He ascended.  Couldn’t have appeared to the 12 because Judas was dead.  Now do you see it now?  Now Paul said over here that after He resurrected, so you got it.  He appeared unto the 12 and after.., last of all He was seen me.  Is that what you got in your Book?  Now that’s an error.  See how sharp you have to be about it.  Get it?

I could just go through a lotta places and point out such things as that.  Organized Christendoom, they been reading over there for centuries, ever since Tyndale and Wycliffe and them translated the Bible.  And reading over there, the translators come along make that same mistake, and go right on.  Now they choose Mathias to take the place of Judas after the ascension.  So He, He didn’t appear to the 12, It was to the 11, as Mark said.

Well, this Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John that you have here is a biography.  It is not the New Testament.  Now, they have been making that error and that mistake so long until the people are crystallized in it.  Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is a biography.  Acts of the Apostles is a history.  The epistles are instructions and corrections.  And then they are teaching the meaning of the scriptures back over there.  Now that’s what that is.  Revelation is a prophetic book.  It’s cor.., it’s correlated, now most of ‘em would say, with Daniel.  Say Daniel, Revelation’s a companion book to Daniel.  And they never even give it a thought it was Moses too.  I never seen a script in my life that says it was a companion to Moses and yet and still that’s what Mose.., that’s what John was out there on, was to verify and to confirm.  And the big thing that he wrote had reference to what, to what Moses wrote.  Isn’t that right?

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  You see how, see how bad you can be all twisted up on the thing.  Christendoom is a mess and I mean a genuine mess too.

Now let me get back to what I’m talking.  Now God made the devil like that.  He made him according to Isaiah, He made him wise enough to twist and tangle up these scriptures and to misrepresent things.  He made him wise enough to do that.  Now listen, keep me covered and I’ll get on in after my subject.  Your recall that I told you that when he approached the Messiah and He’s out there in the wilderness.  He approached Him with the scriptures, tangled the thing all up.  Said, it’s written.  The Messiah said, he’s… Well let me tell you what He said, something, something he said, said, it is written that He shall give His angels charge concerning thee and in their hand shall they bare Thee up lest at anytime Thy dash Thy foot against a stone.  Now the Messiah didn’t say that wasn’t written, but this is what He said.  He said, it’s also written.  It’s written that thou shall worship the Lord and Him only shall thou serve.

Now he, Satan is serving in the capacity in which he was generated for or created for.  He’s slick, he’s sly, evasive.  And now God made him like that, and he’s out there in the pulpit and everything and he’s preaching, saying holiness, preaching holiness, and he’s preaching this and preaching that and preaching the other.  Now He made him like that.  Now you’ll be deceived and fooled by that, if you don’t understand, if God don’t reveal it to you, you’re messed up.  And then you get all crystallized in that thing, circumscribed, that’s surrounded, and brain washed, and you just think, and you just think that you’re on your way to heaven.  And here you have a hallucination, a delusion and a imagination, and none of it’s genuine, it won’t stand the test.

Now let me say this to you too.  Now when Messiah was alone, walking around in the flesh, He said to Peter and them that, there in Capernium… Now you watch what I’m gonna say and look close at it.  He said, now who do men say that I am?  Now He asked him what the other fella said that He is.  And some of them said Jeremiah, Isaiah.  One of them John the baptist.  They knew that it had been ____ ____, what some of the other prophets had written.  Now that’s what they, they, they answered His question by telling, that’s what the other fella say.  Then the question comes up, now who do you say that I am?  And Simon Bar Jonah spoke up and said, I say that thou art Yahshua the Messiah, the Son of the living God.  And He said unto him, He say that I say that you art Pete or Cephas, which means one and the same, and upon this Rock I’ll build My church.  Now look, here’s what I want you to see in that now.  Now He said that to Peter.  Now the devil was in Peter right then.  And if you’ll read right on down, right next, if you read there, If you challenge, if you challenge, I will read.  And as they went on on their journey…  Now Peter done told Him that, I say that thou art Christ, the son of the living God.  I’m trying to put it like you have it in your King James version.  Now, He said, flesh and blood did not reveal this unto you, but My Father which is in heaven.  And upon this Rock I’ll build My church.  Now the Roman Catholic Church didn’t get the thing.  That church is built on Peter, and Peter is the rock upon which the church is built from that saying.  Now you can’t deny that He didn’t say that to Peter.  He said it to Peter.  And He also said to Peter, as Peter told Him, as He was telling him about.., the same conversation, as He was telling him about that the Son of Man is gonna be crucified and what not and so forth.  Same boy, Peter.  Now, they don’t say nothing about this, same boy Peter.  Peter said, no, there ain’t nothing like that gonna happen to you.  And He said to same man, Peter, get thee behind Me Satan.  Now you wouldn’t think that He was gonna build His church on Satan.  Get the point?  Now what it was in Peter was, was Satan.  Now listen to me close what I’m fixing to say.  It was Satan that was cast out of heaven that was in him.  Messiah knew it.  Now Satan in him was trying to tell Him what wasn’t gonna happen to Him, wherein it was written in the scriptures what had to happen.  And it couldn’t be nobody else but the devil.  But since I told you one thing about I say that thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God and upon this Rock I’ll build My church.  Then He went and put that upon Peter.  And they say, ‘well He was talking to Peter,’ so then they build it on that.  Now look how many millions of people that are deceived by it.


Dr. Kinley:  Now here’s something else He said to him, said, you’re Peter.  Now listen and I’m, I will.., now He said said it, said it to Peter, I will give you the keys of the kingdom and whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever you loose in heaven shall be loosed on earth.  Now look Buddy, He said that to Peter.  He said all I said He said to Peter but now you not realizing why He said what He said to Peter, that’s where you get in trouble at, cause the devil’ll come back and he’ll throw that up to you that he did say it to Peter.

Now look John says in the 19th or 20th chapter of John, he said that Cephas or Peter means a stone.  Right?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now listen folks, I’m trying to get you to see how deceptive and evasive, and how this thing.., Satan has got to be cast out of heaven and he’s come on down to the Garden of Eden, come on down through the garden of Eden, all the way, all the way down through the Garden of Eden and when Messiah was here He choose 12 and one of them was a devil.  He knew it.  Now then that thing had to continue, had to continue on here.  Judas, Satan was manifested in him.  One of ‘em is a devil.  Now listen at me close.  But now when Judas died, that spirit that was manifested in that body, it had to continue on through here at the end, come on down to the end of this present age.  Now when the Messiah was here at, well Freddy, show it, at end of this age here, at the end here Messiah pointed him out.  You’ve got to come down to the end here.  Now this Day that we talked to you about Wednesday night, it couldn’t come except there come a falling away first, and that same satanic spirit that has been cast out of heaven and come all the way down, it showed up at the end, at this end.  Now the reason why Messiah said what He did to them, said directly to Peter… Then they went and grabbed what He said to Peter.., and He did say it.  Don’t say He didn’t say, cause He did, it’s written.  Get the point?  But they don’t see the reason why He said it to Peter, just like giving him the keys to the kingdom.  Now the devil grabbed that on this side here and it had to continue.  That’s the reason why He said it that way.  Now we said that Peter meant, meant a stone.  Is that right?

Now look, John meant a stone is a stone too; in other words Peter’s not the only stone.  Now here’s what Pete said.  Peter said.., if you don’t think it’s there I will read it to you.  Peter said, ye are lively stones in the building, so he wasn’t the only stone there was in the building.  But He knew that Satan would grab that and come on through here with it and put it on put it on him.  Now Paul looked at it and this is what he said, said we are builded upon the foundation, listen, of the prophets and apostles, listen, and Jesus Christ Himself, I’m trying to tell it as it is in your Bible, it’s Yahshua the Messiah, Jesus Christ Himself not Peter, but Jesus Christ Himself is the chief cornerstone in which all the building fitly framed together groweth into a holy temple in the Lord for a habitation of God through the spirit.  John looks at it out here on the Isle of Patmos.  There was 12 foundation stones with the names of the apostles, all of ‘em, in it. 12 foundations, not Pete.  You get it now?  Now look back again as Doctor Carrol was talking to you about.  John 2:19.  Now try to study, people, because I’m trying to show you how the devil will trick you.  Now John 2:19 says this, destroy this temple and I will build it again in three days.  They thought that He was talking about the temple that set out, out there on mount Moriah, the Herodian temple or to the temple of the figure of Solomon, Solomon’s temple.  That’s what they thought He was talking about.  But John explains, this spake He of the temple of His body.  ‘But what are you talking about?’  I’m talking about this.  Pete could not be the only stone in that building.  And you know it, and he just couldn’t be.  And the Messiah still put some more stones in there.  You get the point?  And there were stones was hewn out there in the quarry, but satan looked at it, and come along.  And that’s why the Messiah said it to him like He did, cause that Mystery of Iniquity has to come on through here.  It’s got to come on down to the end.

He also said unto Pete, I give unto thee the keys of the kingdom.  He said that to Peter too.  And the devil grabbed that.  And now then here he set over there in the Vatican, ‘I got the keys.’  See a cross and the crown, said that, Peter said that, that Christ said to Peter that I give unto thee the keys to the kingdom and whatsoever you bind on, in heaven, will be bound on earth, will be bound in heaven and whatsoever you bind.., visa versa.  And He did say it.  And that too, Pete, ‘I’m occupying the chair of Peter,’ succession of the apostle.  Now they coming on down, showing it back here coming on down, from the Garden of Eden, all the way down through Cain, and all the way down.  Now this is what the Messiah said to His disciples, ____.  If you don’t think that’s in the Book, I’ll read.  The Scribes and the Pharisees they like to sit in Moses’ seat.  Now they thought Moses was a communicate, the mediator between God and Israel.  They want to be top dog.  Well that thing has got to come all the way through.  It is not Moses, it, it.., but that thing has got to come all the way through.  Now the Scribes and the Pharisees, before He died, wanted to sit in Moses’s seat.  And that thing is gonna be fulfilled.  Then they think that Peter is a high dog in the meat house.  I’m trying to give it to you in just common breakdown, so you can see what I’m talking about.  Then they wanna set in the highest seats that thought that Christ give the authority to, so then that means that Peter was that and they’re gonna be the successor to it, and he’s got the keys and the crown and all.  Now I told you before, I said God made him wise.  And now that’s the reason why he’s saying these things to, directly to Peter.  Now that don’t mean that the rest of ‘em didn’t have the keys.  It didn’t mean, I already told you about the rest of ‘em was stones too.  Now I showed you the temple there was more than one stone in that.  Get the point?  Pete wasn’t the boss.  Now what he’s doing is taking the place of, that’s what makes him anti-christ or anti-Messiah, is because he’s taking the place of.  Now that thing has got to be exposed and it’s got to be showed up.

Now the keys, I don’t wanna miss that one too.  Now, here He is.., though He said that to Peter, now, here He is giving ‘em all the keys, every last one of ‘em.  You remember I told you, listen, I told you right in the same conversation where he had said, I say that thou art Christ and the Son of the living God.  And as they went on, right, right, right in the same conversation, He spoke up to him, and the Messiah was him about how He’d be crucified; and the same fella, Peter, spoke up and said, none of them things gonna happen to you.  He said, get thee behind me Satan.  Now He said, now He’s talking about the keys, giving him the keys.

Now you see what it was… Now when.., I might say this, when did His Father… He said, now flesh and blood has not revealed this unto you, but My Father which is in heaven.  Now when did My Father which is in heaven reveal this unto you?  Now here’s what you must see.  Now you must see Pete wasn’t back there, as a man.  No, no Pete wasn’t back there when this thing was revealed.  Now here’s where, here’s where it happened at.  Now, Satan was cast out of heaven, 12th chapter of Revelation.  He’s cast out of heaven.  Now this devil that was cast out of heaven comes right down there in the Garden of Eden.  And I have you to be very, very particular with just even one word.  In the third chapter of Genesis, you’ll find this, that old serpent, Moses starts in with that old serpent.  Right out of a clear blue sky, you don’t read nothing, he just starts right there and says now that, that serpent was more subtle than the woman.  He didn’t tell you where he come from nor nothing.  Did he?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Now Messiah said, remember I told you, He said, I saw Satan fall as lightening from heaven.  Now this is where he was cast out, that same spirit that was in old Peter then, that’s.., when he was cast out that’s where His father revealed it to him, was back there.  Revealed it to the devil that was in him, Peter.  He said, now flesh and blood… God is spirit.  It was the spirit that revealed it, flesh and blood, it wasn’t it that revealed to the devil that was in him.  Why when he was cast out and appeared in the Garden of Eden down there.  And that’s why He said, get thee behind me Satan because He recognized what it was in him.  Get the point?  But He had to say all them things to him, cause this Mystery of Iniquity’s got to come all the way through, and that’s what you’re faced and confronted with and you’re studying about all the time.  And if you are not able to detect it…

Now let me get the keys.  He said to Peter, I’ll give unto thee the keys to the kingdom, whatsoever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatsoever you loose, shall be loosed in heaven.  Now ____ ____ ____.  Now remember, remember what I just got through telling you, when Peter took Him and begin to say, upbraid Him, and say that none of them things gonna happen, He’s telling ‘em about how He’s gonna get crucified and what not.  Well now Pete didn’t understand that or the devil in him.  And He said, no, no, no, don’t get excited about that.  Peter was getting… And then He turned around and He spake and He said, thou savorest not the things that be of God.  The scriptures was written and they had to be fulfilled.  That’s why He tells him about how the scriptures it had to be fulfilled.  Now here He is giving him the keys.  Matthew, not Matthew but Luke 24:44, giving Pete the keys, giving all the rest of ‘em the keys right along.

Dr.  Harris:  And he said unto them

Dr.  Kinley:  And he said unto them

Dr.  Harris:  these are the words

Dr. Kinley:  these are the words

Dr. Harris:  which I spake unto you

Dr. Kinley:  Now, now, follow, follow.  These are the words.  Remember I just got through telling you the words that He told ‘em about how He had to go over there and be crucified and so forth and so on.  And then Peter spoke up and said, there ain’t nothing like that gonna happen.  That was the devil in him.  He told him, get thee behind Me because thou savorest not the things God; in other words, what was written in the scriptures, cause the scriptures had said what was gonna happen to Him.  And he said truthfully, surely the Son of Man goes the way of the scriptures, everything, He just had to.., He’s fulfilling.  And so He had to die according to the scriptures.  And then resurrect from the dead according to the scriptures.  And, the.., but Peter couldn’t help that.  Now here He is, now He done resurrected from the dead now.  Now here He is with them keys, here He is with the keys.  Now there they are the eleven of  ‘em.  And there’s Pete along with them.  Now these are the words.  Remember how.


Dr. Kinley:  Ye remit on earth, shall be, shall be remitted in heaven.  And now here he is, he’s setting up here thinking that the Pope has charge and who ever sins, he remits.  And that is what he thinks.  He didn’t say Pope but that’s what He’s talking about, whosoever sins he remit, it shall be remitted.  Now here’s where you missed the boat.  The boat went just straight on by.  Now He told them, ‘now you go back to Jerusalem and you stay right there, don’t you leave, you stick around there.’  Then, then He told ‘em before then, He said now, He said, I go to prepare a place for you.  I go away and I’ll come again unto you and receive you unto myself, that where I am, there you’ll be also.  Listen, he said to ‘em also, don’t take no thought of what you shall say, don’t worry about it and He didn’t leave no written records, notes, nothing for them to go by.  He didn’t write no books.  You don’t see nothing, a pen scratch that he left.  He didn’t, He didn’t write nothing like that.  Why?  He said, now I said all things whatsoever I have said unto you, during them three and a half years that He’s fulfilling the law and the prophets.  What’s gonna happen?

Student:  I’ll bring ‘em back to your remembrance.

Dr. Kinley:  I’ll bring ‘em back to your remembrance, so don’t worry about it, I’ll bring it back to your remembrance, all them things that He was doing three and a half years.  Now that’s something to think about.  ‘Don’t make no record, don’t take no nothing.’  And now He’s gonna bring back to their remembrance.  Now here’s the point I want to get you to see.  Now this is it.  When he said whoso sin He remits, they shall be remitted, whatever you bind in this life and all like…  Now this is what, this is what the devil didn’t see, this is what the Pope didn’t see.  He said now.., the Holy Ghost, listen at me closely, said, whom the Father, Yahweh, will send in My name.  Now you go back yonder and stay there until I come in you according to the New Testament or the New Covenant.  Then it won’t be Pete, it won’t be Paul, it will not be Jeremiah or Isaiah or the Pope.  It won’t be none of that, so you don’t worry about it.  Why?  Because it’s gonna be… the prayer too, Father, that they may be one, even as you and I are one.  So then what’s in them, it was Christ in ‘em.  I’m trying to say it so you can understand.  It was Christ in Peter, it was Christ in Paul, it was Christ in all of those men, that was loosening and binding through those men.  It was not Peter.  It was none of that.  Do you understand what I’m talking about?  And He said whoso sin he remits, they shall be remitted.  Now listen but remission, said, whoso sins you remit, they shall be remitted.  But here, don’t you run out here and holler about you got the authority and the power to do it.  Now you stay there in Jerusalem until you get some power on high and then you go out there and preach that remission of sins is ____ in My name, not yours, not Pete’s, not Paul’s, but Mine.

Student: Alright.

Dr. Kinley:  You’re a sinner yourself.  Now that makes all them things.., I don’t know whether you’re catching on to the things that I saying to you tonight or not, I hope you are.  And I’m trying to show you how perfect, how sly the devil is, playing preacher with his regalia on, his robes, and his garments of identification, and with his gestures.  The Pope, ____ while he got down and he’s sporting around with.., just as graceful and all.  He’s bowing, got the altar boys and all.  See the point?  People are deceived by that.  Brain washed and circumscribed.  They say, ‘Well look, we’re the first church.’  They done deceived; the word church means congregation or assembly.  And here it is back here in the wilderness, that was the first one.  Who’s the preacher?  Said, I’m the Lord thy God that brought thee out of the land of Egypt and out the house, He identified His ownself.  It wasn’t Moses.  Now here’s something else I wanna tell you.  Now Paul said to Timothy, Paul… Now you listen at me.  Listen at me.  I said you listen at me, and don’t you miss me here, and if you do you’re ruined.  You’ll missing the boat in it’s entirety.  And it’s just about time to go home too.  So now you listen good cause I’m trying to nail down something.  Now Paul told Timothy… You got that Dr. Harris.

Dr. Harris:  Now if I tarry long

Dr. Kinley:  Now if I tarry long

Dr. Harris:  that thou mayest know how thy always to behave thyself.

Dr. Kinley:  How, if I tarry long, but that you ought to be.., that you should know how you oughta behave yourself.

Dr. Harris:  in the house of God

Dr. Kinley:  in the house of God

Dr. Harris:  which is the church of the living God

Dr. Kinley:  which is the congregation of the living God

Dr.  Harris: the pillar and ground of the truth

Dr. Kinley:  the pillar and ground of the truth.  Now wait a minute now.  Now here’s what Paul is talking about.  Now this is the congregation back here.  This is the pillar and the ground of the truth back here.  This is where God spoke from Mount Sinai to them gathered around in the first church, but now that you might know how… Now here’s Israel on this side of the cross or the people on this side of the cross.  The word church means congregation or assembly, that’s, that’s a true definition of it.  Now that you might know Timothy since you are a bishop, how you oughta behave yourself, if I tarry long, if I don’t get to where you are or if I’m detained over here, I’m writing you, so you’ll know how to behave yourself, so when you come in the congregation of the assembly which is the church or.., which is the pillar and the ground of the truth.  That’s the reason why I’m writing to you.  I’m one of the apostles, one of them that’s ordained for that specific purpose, so I’m writing to you, so you’ll know how to behave yourself.  Alright.  Read.

Dr. Harris:  and with out controversy

Dr. Kinley:  and no arguments about it.  Just forget about the arguments.  Alright, read.  Without any controversy.

Dr. Harris:  great is the mystery of Godliness

Dr. Kinley:  great is the mystery of Godliness

Dr. Harris:  God was manifested in the flesh

Dr. Kinley:  God was manifested in the flesh.  Now look up here at me, look up here.  Now when He was walking around here on the earth, that was God manifested in a physical body.  When He was talking all them things that you, that we just talked about, when He talked to the di.., He was in a physical body talking with ‘em, conversing.  Alright read on doctor.

Dr. Harris:  justified in the spirit

Dr. Kinley:  justified in the spirit

Dr. Harris:  seen of angels

Dr. Kinley:  seen of angels

Dr. Harris:  preached unto the Gentiles

Dr. Kinley:  preached unto the Gentiles

Dr. Harris:  believed on in the world

Dr. Kinley:  believed on in the world

Dr. Harris:  received up into heaven

Dr. Kinley:  received up in, into heaven.  Now look folks, He was God manifest in the flesh.  That’s what we just said.  And I want you to read, I want you to get about Him being a mediator there.  Now he in the.., listen close at me cause if you don’t you’re gonna miss it, and if you miss it, you’re ruined, cause it is the New Covenant.  Get the point?  Now somebody come along and they say, ‘well Bishop Short, pray for me.’  That means I’m expecting you, that’s the priesthood I’m talking about, I just using him as an example.  You pray to get my parents out of purgatory.  That’s what they commonly using now, because they were supposed to be praying, then mediated it to go between.  That’s what they say the Pope is, whatsoever he binds, he’s the mediator, he’s the go between.  Now that’s the devil and his imps.  Now, I’m pointing him out to you so you can see what I’m talking about.  The mediator and the go between.  Now have you got it?

Dr. Harris:  Yes.  For there is one God

Dr. Kinley:  for there is one spirit

Dr. Harris:  and one mediator between God

Dr. Kinley:  and one spirit, one mediator

Dr. Harris:  between God and man

Dr. Kinley:  between God and man

Dr. Harris:  the man Christ Jesus

Dr. Kinley:  the man Christ Jesus.  Now here’s.., now that’s what Paul is saying.  Now, listen, there is one God, there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus.  Now he’s telling Timothy that.  Is that right?

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now I want you to see what, I want you to see what I’m talking about.  You don’t have no mediator now.  This man setting out there talking about binding and loosing and all like that, having the keys and all, the go between and all that kinda thing, occupying the chair of Peter.  You get it now?  The priest and all, they’re running their hands in their pockets, paying ‘em to say prayers.  And the Jews and them different kinda things, they’re go betweens.  Costing you so much money for them to go between you and them.

Now I’m telling you, you don’t have no mediator.  Now if you say, what is Paul talking about then, if you say we don’t have no mediator now?  Now here’s what I’m telling you.  Now on this side of the cross before He died, while He was in the flesh, while He was walking around talking to men, He said, I will pray the Father and then, the 17th chapter of Saint John…  And He was the only go between while He was in the flesh, so while He’s in the flesh, He was the one that communicated with God for them.  He was the go between…  Now listen, now He was God manifested in a body.  Now when He takes the flesh off then that is God.  You don’t have no flesh going between.  That’s the New Covenant.  The New Covenant said, after those days into their hearts will I put my laws and in their minds will I write it, and they shall all know me, from the least to the greatest, from the peasant in the field, the prophet, the great, the high priest, the great, the king, the great, everybody after those days, after the death, burial, and resurrection of Him, He takes off the flesh, and He puts that in you.  Then you, from the least to the.., they’ll all know me.  Now it done moved the mediator out, just took the flesh off.  Now I want you to Romans 8:25 and I wanna show you, you remember I told you that the spirit was in there in that body.  And you read without controversy, great is the mystery of Godliness, God was manifested in the flesh, seen of angels, believed on in the world, and received up into glory.  And now here we are running around, we expect, and we are hoping and we’re depending on some hypocrite preacher or the pope or some hypocrite priest to make an intercession for us, or to pray God to get us in good favor with God.  Seeing that you don’t know what to say and they’re writing up prayer books and telling you what to say and all that kinda junk and stuff.  Now the devil, I told you he was slick.  Now we don’t have that mediator He was the mediator while He was walking around between God and man.  And His flesh, the spirit in man, the flesh was between the spirit.  Now when He takes that off, then now then you got the spirit there.  He’s sown a natural, raised a quick, a spirit, a quickening spirit.

Alright now, Romans 8:26.  Now you remember, you got the priest and them praying for him and you’re running your hand in your pocket, paying for it.  You got Bishop Short running around here praying for you.  You got HC running around here praying for you.  You got Wallace running around here praying for you.  You got Doctor Harris, you’re depending on him to pray for you.  That’s that’s not the way it is. Now read.

Dr. Harris:  But if ye hope for that which you see not

Dr. Kinley:  Now, but you hope for that which we see not

Dr. Harris:  then do we with patience wait for it

Dr. Kinley:  then do we with patience wait for it

Dr. Harris:  likewise the spirit

Dr. Kinley:  Now listen.  Now you listen at me?  Now Paul said, same man that just wrote about there’s one mediator.., it was the same man.  He’s not confused about it at all.  Said likewise.

Dr. Harris:  the spirit also

Dr. Kinley:  Now God is a spirit and He is in you since He’s taken off the flesh, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in My name. Do you get now? Alright.

Dr. Harris:  also helpeth our infirmities

Dr. Kinley:  helpeth our infirmities

Dr. Harris:  we know not what we should pray for

Dr. Kinley:  we don’t know what we should pray for

Dr. Harris:  as we ought to

Dr. Kinley:  as we ought.  Read.

Dr. Harris:  but the spirit itself

Dr. Kinley:  Now wait a minute Doc, the Pope himself, the priest itself, Messiah has sent Himself, Peter himself, he’s the top dog.  He’s binding and loosing it.  Messiah said, no man goeth unto the Father but by Me.  He said, no man don’t go to the Father but by Me, cause I’m binding and I’m loosing.  ‘I pay the priest to take care of that job.  I’ll do my washing and ironing and I’ll do my welding out yonder and first one thing and another and pay the priest, that’s what they’re getting paid for is saying prayers.’  So ____ and they’re dissatisfied with their wages, forming a union now. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) That’s right, don’t believe me, it’s on the TV.

But God is spirit, not the flesh.  Remember He just took that off.  Now Paul said the spirit itself maketh intercession, the spirit itself, not Jesus in the flesh, not Pete in the flesh, nobody, it’s the spirit that makes the intercession for Peter is the same thing that makes the intercession for Paul.  It’s the same one that makes the intercession for Pete, it’s the same one that makes it for you, from the least to the greatest.  We don’t have no flesh going between.  We don’t know nobody after the flesh, for the spirit helpeth our infirmities.

Watch this.  Listen, it’s the spirit itself that makes intercession between, not to Peter, not the Pope, not the pastor.  And they got us thinking, said, ‘well I don’t know if I ought say any thing or not, Bishop will you pray for me?’  They think he’s in close contact.  ‘Doctor Kinley, will you pray for me?’  I’m saying these things, you know how to take ‘em.  I’m showing you the way the people are.  That’s alright.  Bishop will pray for you, I will too, but it’s the same spirit that makes intercession for me that it is with you.  Did you get that one?  You run around here depending on Bishop praying for you, him unlocking heaven and somebody wants to ride in on the preachers back, ride in on Pete’s back.  You can’t do that, it’s the spirit.

Now I said through the years, I don’t believe in you praying folks because you don’t know how to pray.  It’s the spirit in you, that’s does the praying.  Well, I’ve been misunderstood on that.  And the devil goes right to that man there, ‘do you believe in prayer?’  Said he don’t believe in water baptism, he don’t believe in prayer, foot then when he gets done with it, they say that man’s worse and a anathema than I heard tell of in my life.  That’s what they say.  Said, we don’t believe in water baptism, we don’t believe in foot washing, and he don’t believe in none of them things.  He don’t believe in praying.  And they actually went and said I didn’t believe that there was a God, cause I try my best to tell you, don’t you be deceived by this veil.

We wanna look on beyond that veil and see that it is the spirit itself that maketh the intercession for us.  We get men; me and my carnal mind.  I didn’t know what to pray.., all you have to do is get the prayer book.  All you got to do is look at the Bible.  And look how much mess we got out of that, as if as though God didn’t know.  You said, now here’s what you say to God, ‘Oh Lord, God of our fathers, God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, ____ ____ would you please forgive me for my sins.’

____ ____ they teach me, said, ‘I better go and confess that to the priest.’  Got you all messed up there, running confession to the priest.  Confession.  Well look whoever you did the mis.., the thing there you go back and tell him about it, and say, ‘look, I’m real sorry, I’m sorry, I made a mistake back there, I didn’t make it intentionally, and would you please forgive me?’  I’m the man you trespassed against.  And Messiah said this, now if you come to the altar and you remember that your brother has ought against you.  He said, leave the priest that’s standing right at the altar, said, leave your gift there and go your way and be reconciled with your brother.  Ain’t that right?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  And then, He said, come back and offer your gift.  Now just in case brother wouldn’t hear it, go get Wallace and Bishop Short and come back.  Then if he wouldn’t hear Wallace and Bishop Short, He said, then bring before the whole congregation.  Then if you don’t wanna hear them, that’s what the Messiah said, then let him be unto thee as a publican and a heathen.  He didn’t say…  Now the priest was standing right there at the altar.  Now what good’s it gonna do you to confess to him?  I’m showing you how slick the devil got all them Roman Catholics and Protestants, junk all stirred up here and got these people misled and deceived.  And God has made devil wise.  That’s what I’m telling you.  That’s what I’m telling you.

And you are no con.., you’re no match for him at all.  You have to come here and see what it’s all about and understand what it’s all about, cause the devil, all he’s gonna do to you is rob you, gonna rob you of your money, rob you of your soul and when he gets through with you, you won’t have nothing left, done lost your soul, done lost your money, done lost your friends and you don’t have to hunt up no enemies.  You got plenty of them.

Just done lost.., and what shall it gain you, what gain or what profiteth a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul?  Now do you see how it says there?  For the spirit… That’s what makes the intercession.  Paul said, Peter said pray for all that are in authority, kings and everybody else.  Pray one for another, James, that you might be healed.  But every intercession or every prayer that is made is made by the Holy Spirit and when you get down there with your head and you don’t pray according to the purpose of God…

Somebody said, ‘well, look, I’ve been ____ for the longest ____ and I believe in God, I need a job, the Lord knows I need a job, and He said, now if you ask anything in my name that I will do.’  Said, ‘well now I know I’m gonna go and see about that.  Go over there and see somebody about it.’  He said, ‘well now, look here Lord, you know I need a job, now I want you to guide and lead me to the job.  I want you to guide, I want you to take care of me Lord.’  And before you get anywhere, you done asked that thing amiss, cause you didn’t ask it according to the purpose of God.  You didn’t ask it according to the purpose of God.  James said the reason why you don’t receive nothing is because… I ain’t gonna tell you about all them so called prayers you prayed and you never got no hearing from.  It’s because you ask amiss.  But anytime a intercession is made by the true intercessor, meaning the Holy Spirit, it never fails.  Why?  Because it’s according to the purpose of God.

Now this bread business you’re talking about.  Now here’s David, he said, I have been young, now I’m old.  Said, one thing I have never seen, he said, the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.  Now while you’re running around here hiding behind something, a whole lotta dirt, presumptuous sin, you’ve got covered up in you and you’ve got the nerve, ____ now the Lord knows.  He wants you to straighten that mess up.  You’re praying amiss, and you’re really not praying, you’re just talking to yourself.  You get what I’m talking about?  You know you ain’t right like you oughta be.  You know you ain’t got no Holy Spirit in you making no intercession.  You know in your everyday life, you’re just as mean and as cross as the devil and all them different kinda things.  Now you say, ‘well, I’m gonna ask the Lord to give me something.’  No I tell you what you need to do, you need to straighten up, because you haven’t got no intercessor to ask or fight for you, you haven’t got no Holy Spirit in you to make no intercession ____ ____, that’s the reason why you’re missing up and messing the thing all up.  Well if you had, if you had that.., as David said then the righteous, they haven’t never been forsaken, their seed never been begging bread.  Why don’t you just turn it over the other way, say, ‘well look, I mean to straighten up instead of having my own righteous, the righteousness of God which is by faith.  And you won’t have to worry about these things.  Get it?  Be conscious of what you’re talking about, don’t run around just asking for something that just to be asking for something and you’re just talking to yourself.  You ain’t getting no where with that.  God sees all that Rog…  You can’t hypocrite around with Him.  You can’t hide nothing from God, all them presumptuous sins and then you go on top of all that ____ ____ ____ ____.  Bishop, you see what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Bishop Short:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  And people call that praying.  I hope you’ve gotten something out of it.  ____ you have learned something.  I tried to go into the satanic side of it this time, and show you how that the devil is deceiving the people.

Now let me say this, I wanted to go into it, but I didn’t have time.  This Vicarius Filii Dei that 666, that man of sin.  Now if you take our book, it come at every kind of way, every kind of calculation that can be thought of.  Now the Roman Catholics say that this 666 belongs on Nero.  That’s what that last book I brought down here and I had you read it.  They say it belongs on Nero.  But they’re just…  Now the 12th chapter of Revelation.  Listen now, now the seat of the beast, the dragon gave him his seat and his power and his authority was transferred right over.  Now here’s the devil up here:  bold, brazen, says the church is over the state now. 325.  Church has the preeminence over the state, meaning that Constantine united state and church.  Constantine never taught you nothing like that.  But it’s showing the power, church over, the church over the state…


Dr. Kinley:  Divided and it was passed over to the papal side and they stand around boasting and blowing about it too.  Then that ____ is passed over, right over there in Vicarius Filii Dei and that’s what they say, but now we ____ ____ ____ ____ V stands for five in Roman numerals, and Hebrew in the Aramaic tablets.  We got that in the book, and that’s what I spoke about last night.

You’re used to ____ awful hard the way  ____, the devil is out to give you and give you an awful hard way to go, deceive you and every kinda way, fool you.  You talk about magicians, the black ____. Said, ‘doc, lend me a dollar.’  Said ‘no, I don’t have no money.’  Said, ‘don’t tell me.’  Just reached right down behind his head and pulled it out.  Magician.  ‘Wanna play ____, doc.’  Reach over on the other ____, and it looks like it’s coming from there.  Sleeves all rolled up.  He’s a magician.  Saw a woman in two.  Magicians.  The devil’s one of them kinda fellas.  Do you remember Jannes and Jambres? (DR. KINLEY THROWS THE POINTER ON THE FLOOR) Throw their rods down.  Do you remember?  Well now the devil is on to all them tricks.  God gave him power to do all them tricks in the sight of the beast.  And made him wise like that.  And you are no match.

And listen, you have to make sure that you are in God and God is in you, cause it won’t work.  And if you’re deceived and fooled about it, just remember that you have a negative and a positive, both, in this world.  And they’re gonna remain here until the Day of Lord.  They’re gonna remain.  And don’t.., ain’t no need of arguing around about it, about it at all.  As these various different ones around here, they got it now in these last days.  Somebody say, ‘well, what church?’  ‘I’m preaching down on the corner such and such a thing.  I was in the church of God in Christ.’  Said, ‘we’re preaching holiness and sanctification, by the Holy Ghost.

Sounds kinda.., just like the Pope and them, they say this.  Now listen, listen good at what’s said.  Now here’s what is said.  Now is said, ‘well you want to g.., want you to give something Bishop, so that the priest can pray or the Pope can pray to get your relatives out of purgatory.’  Got dispensation on now worth $40.  You can pay it in the installment plan if you want to.  Cheap.  Now listen while I’m saying this to you, get you out of purgatory, out of the flames.  Said, ‘pray for the poor souls.’  See how humble this:  poor souls in the flames of purgatory.  Oh, my, ____ like that.  ‘Oh, I’ll squeeze a dollar, I’d pay a dollar now and a dollar after a while.  ____ ____ ____ ____ ____‘  And that’s what they tell the people, that to pray ‘em out of purgatory, out of the flames of purgatory.  Now here’s what the Book says about it, that if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship, one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s son.  I said the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son cleanses us from all sin.  Now they’re saying, roast in the flames of purgatory until every bit of the sin has been purged out of you, you are roasting, and you are paying to get them poor souls out.  And that’s my mother and she was a good woman, but said ‘now, she’s got.., if you’re not fit to pay and appear in the presence of God.  And the devil won’t let you alone while you’re walking around.  He won’t let you alone after you’re dead.  Now the de.., he gonna chase you right on down to the end.

You just might as well keep your foot steps right on, right on down to curtain day unto the end cause he’s gonna be out there deceiving and fooling the people, just as long until the Messiah comes.  That’s what the Book said, said that He would destroy him with the brightness of His coming, and with the spirit of His mouth.  So you can look for him, he’s out there.  I’m sorry I detained you and keep you setting here, but I hope you got something out of it.


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