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by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

Los Angeles, California

audio cassette recording received from Lamar Greer (#42D)

1 90 minute audio cassette


Catalog #:  74.0622


transcribed by Marilyn Kimmie

first proofreading:  by Daniel Szuba

second proofreading:  Michael Rothstein

third proofreading:  Gerry Rothstein


fourth proofreading:  International Public Relations Committee

approved by the International Public Relations Committee:  1997



1. … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, see, you see, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right.)

4. ____ indicates an inaudible word or syllable.

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber.

Dr. Kinley:  The things that Yahweh has shown to me, tried to impart them to you.

Now this meeting tonight is a little bit different.  We wanna talk about the purpose of Yahweh and how it’s carried out down through the dispensations and aged.  And we have granted you an opportunity to ask questions.  Now it’s not my fault that you don’t ask ‘em.  And I’m gonna make this good and clear.  We’ll cut this out if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity.  Now I’ve asked, different ones that I’ve asked to now stop and said, ‘do you understand, do you understand this, do you understand that, do you understand the other?’  If so why.., if not, then hold up your hand.  Let us know something about it.  Nobody said anything.  Then when they go out from here, they say, ‘well, that man, I didn’t understand a thing he said.’  Now that’s not beneficial.  Now the older people in the class have listened, have done me this kinda of a thing.  They would.., I would say something and they would go downstairs and say and tell the other fella what I meant by what I said.  Now if I don’t have sense enough to say what I mean and mean what I say, I haven’t got no business up here.  That’s all there is to that.  Again I wanna say this:  I’m not mad with anybody.  I am pleased about your situation and condition.

Did you hear what was said there in the 23rd chapter of Matthew.  Now that is what you might call an ecclesiastical, diplomatic cussing out.  Now if I say anything like, somebody’s hot with me.  And that’s all you got out here.  That’s all you’ve got.   Robbing you of your soul and your money.  And then some of the so called big shots of other churches that come here and heard us explain different things in the Book such as the Lord’s Supper and then they turn around and say, ‘well, Jesus said as often as you do this, you show forth my death and suffering til I come.’  Which what they mean by that is he’s telling ‘em to continue to do that, and yet and still you call it the Last Supper.  Now I have a warning for you.  Now that warning is this:  now that’s not going to help you.  It won’t help a bit for you to go arguing with this purpose of Yahweh.  It’s His purpose, it’s His plan, His devil and everything else.  And He’s got him under full control, and there isn’t anything happening outside of His purpose.  That’s all that matters.  Many false teachers, nothing new about it at all.  They always have been all down through dispensations and ages.  Now the results of that are the denominations and sects and cults that you have out there.  You can’t deny that they are there.  And there’s nothing new about that.

Now this is a great big mystery.  And you need not expect to come down here and sit down here for two hours or hardly that long and understand all of the basic and fundamental principles of the purpose of Yahweh.  Now that just is a matter of impossibility.  Now I don’t care how smart you are or how much education you got.  And I want it understood that I am on your side.  I am not against anybody in this building, and all of this is for your benefit, not mine.

Now so far as me and my individual part is concerned, I’ve seen a vision and a revelation.  I talked with Yahweh and the angels.  Somebody said, ‘now don’t you know I don’t believe that.’  I come here any how.  Then somebody said, ‘well prove it.’  There’s the proof all around here.  This school is forty three years old.  And we’ve got ‘em out of any denomination you wanna talk about.  Don’t make no difference what it is.  One said, ‘well you ain’t got nobody out of Jehovah’s Witnesses.’  Yes, we have.  They say, ‘well they didn’t understand the teaching of Jehovah’s Witnesses.’  No, they said they just didn’t.., the Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t know what they’re talking about.  And we’ve got ‘em right here.  You name it.  We’ve got ‘em out of the Roman Catholic church, any church you can think of.  Got ‘em out of the black Muslims and the Klu Klux Klan and everything else.  I’m telling you just like it is.  And we’ve got some men here in this school just as smart and wise as anybody in the world, believe it or not.  And we’ve got ‘em out of almost every vocation you can think of in this world.  And this school is the only place that you can go and actually find out anything at all about the truth.  And you might, you might say, ‘that’s what you think.’  But no, that’s the.., it’s the truth.

Now let me tell you a little something about it.  Now, what is taught in this school is predicated upon the vision and revelation that Yahweh showed me in 1931.  Now I don’t say that I’m a prophet.  I don’t say that.  But ever since 1931 every major event that has happened in the world of any consequences, I told you in advance about it before it happened.  And told you if it don’t come to pass just like I said it, by my watch on my arm in the day I said it would be there, don’t.., forget about the school, don’t come back here no more cause it won’t be.., ain’t nobody done no better than that.  And you don’t know nobody on earth that’s done any better than that.  People have been healed of all kinds of disease and we got medical authorities to prove it to you.  Their testimony is there.  So you can’t do no better than that.

And I wanna say this.  Now I can’t heal nobody.  And if I could, I’d heal my own self.  So you must know then that it must be Yahweh, not me.  Now this body I have and the one you got is Yahweh’s and He can do with it what He pleases.  How about that?  Now what you’re doing is just kidding and fooling your ownself, when you refuse; and then some of ‘em have been here and said, ‘you know one thing, I could have told him something.’  I’ve been challenged before and we’ve had plenty preachers right up here, Jehovah’s Witnesses and every other kind of thing you can think of:  Roman Catholics, Protestants and out of any church you wanna mention stand right in the pulpit.  There ain’t never been nobody up here in 43 years.  Now how about that?  I went to the sixth grade of elementary school.  I didn’t go to school so’s to speak.  I didn’t get to college.  I did not attain a formal education.  I talked to ‘em that had PHD degrees, doctors and psychologists and just any…  You name it, I taught ‘em.  Now how about that?  Ain’t a one of ‘em got by with nothing. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS)

Now here’s what I’m trying to tell you.  Now that proves conclusively that Yahweh has given me a vision and I’m trying to show it to you, make you understand it.  And it’s all for your benefit.  There’s no sense in you being deceived.  And I realize that I can’t tell you everything in no, in no, in no hour and a half or two hours.  I can’t do that, and you can’t learn it in that time.  And you have to come back.  And one of the first things you think is this:  you get all hot because I have told you something contrary to what you thought and believed and was taught.  Now if I can’t tell you something better than what you been taught, there ain’t no sense in you coming down here.  This is a school.  Then if I tell you something contrary to what you been taught, and then give you an opportunity to contest it, and you don’t take advantage of it, now whose fault is that?  Am I getting it over to you?  Am I getting it over?  Now you can’t go down to the library and get no books, there not down there that can explain the divine authenticity, the unerring accuracy and the infallibility of Yahweh and His eternal purpose through the dispensations and ages.  You can’t do that.  How about that?  You can’t study up on it.

I told you in this school things that you’ve looked right at it and didn’t know what they was.  Looking at ‘em all your life.  One of ‘em is you looking at yourself. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) That’s right.  And we have ‘em in here that studied physiology and anatomy, medical doctor.  Now we don’t, we don’t try to tell nobody how smart we are.  I told you I was the champion of the idiots and was abreast with intellectuals.  How about that?  Do you mind me being a champion of the idiots.  That, that oughta make you smarter than me.  Now what, now what are you kicking about?  And if I tell you about those that are condemned and are going to the Lake for the false teaching and things that they do and then you get mad cause I’m trying to wrestle with you to help you save your soul.  And then you get mad about that.

Now I’m forty three years old in this and fifteen years before I was assistant pastor in the Church of God.  Now you can’t tell me nothing about your doctrine.  For example, we’ve had Baptist up here in this pulpit.  For the most part, the most of you have heard me say this.  You show me in any chapter, the chapter and verse in the Bible, anywhere in it, it doesn’t make me no difference.  You’ve got the Kings James version of the Bible, it’s got Lord, God and Jesus Christ in it.  You got the Holy Name Bible, got Yahweh, the Son and Yahshua.  The father, the Word or Son, the Holy Spirit.  Jehovah, that’s not it.  Adonay, that’s not it.  Allah, that’s not it.  Just disregard the purpose of Yahweh.

Now I want you to show me in this Bible, read it to me in this Bible, where Yahweh or any of these names that I have called or any deity that you know anything about that’s mentioned in the Bible ever said anything in the history of world about a Gentile getting baptized.  I want it read.  I’m talking about in physical water.  How does it happens you can go out there in them other churches and they can read it out of there and you can’t read it up here.  Well now since you can’t read that, maybe I’ll give you one, a easier one, it’s all in the same category.  You show me where He ever said anything in the history of the world about a Gentile eating the Lord’s Supper or the passover supper.  Show me.  Read it to me, I never read it.  Show me.  I’ll give you another one.  Anything in there, where any of them that I’ve mentioned ever said anything about Gentiles washing feet.  Then I’ll tell you that these hypocrites out here that, now you, ain’t no need of saying nothing to me, ‘say you ought not to be running around calling people hypocrites.  If you was humble and like you oughta be, you wouldn’t be cursing out everybody and calling them hypocrites.’  Why don’t you jump on Yahshua the Messiah whom you say you believe.

Now I’m gonna tell you the facts in the case.  It is Yahweh’s responsibility to send you somebody that knows something about the purpose, to tell you the truth and explain to you.  That’s His responsibility to do that.  And when he sends somebody, you just read it there, where when He did send ‘em, what they did to Him, put them to death.  What’s the difference?  What?  How does it happen?  Well, I’ll tell you this.  Now you pay attention to what I’m saying.  Now this is how it happens.  One, is a heavenly or a spiritual.  The other one is a natural or a carnal or a physical.  You understand what I’m talking about?  Now that warfare is spiritual.  That’s where all the warfare is.  It isn’t anywhere else but right there.  Now I wanna give you something else.  And I might have to have some help.  You won’t have to be bothered with me no more for a while after tonight.  Now ain’t that nice.  Somebody said, ‘I sure am glad of that.’ (DR.  KINLEY AND STUDENT BODY LAUGH)

Well now look, here’s another one of your problems.  Don’t know the difference between one dispensation and the other, and one age and the other.  Don’t know where to start, one age starts and the other one ends.  They just don’t realize, they don’t understand.  Now somebody is gonna have to get a chair or that one over there.  Doctor Harris, can I enlist you or draft you, you’re the dean.  And Doctor Allen, you, you might have to, have to help me out some too on what I’m trying to do here tonight.

Now what I’m trying to do, I trying to show you how all these errors and mistakes are made.  Now, first of all, now here is the chart ____ ____ ____, with the dispensations and ages on it.  Now on top of all that, now I got the man over here by the board.  To draw on the board and show you, try and tell you something about the dispensations and ages.  I’ve got the man over here to do that and here it is up here on the chart.  And here’s the whole thing, the creation on down and every animate and so called inanimate object in the universe.  Godhead and all.  Trying to show you, trying to tell you.  Now if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity, Yahweh is gonna hold you responsible for that.

Now, Doctor Harris would you mind drawing?  Don’t do nothing else but repeating what’s over there.  Now he can’t put nothing up there on this board other than what’s on that chart over there.  But I’m gonna point it out to you and show you something.  Now I just got through talking about water baptism.  I just got through talking about Lord’s Supper or passover supper.  Did I?  I just got through talking about foot washing.  Did I?  And I said that the Lord, God, Yahweh, Elohim, or Yahshua or Jesus Christ, Adonay, or Jehovah, nor none of them ever said a thing about a Gentile ever getting into any of this mess.  And I’ve asked you to read it out of your Bible.  Now look, Yahshua the Messiah said, I had it read, ‘Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites, how can you escape the damnation of hell?’  That man read that out of the Bible.  We wanna show ‘em what they have done.  And that’s the same thing that you got out there in the world.

And you won’t take heed when somebody comes along and tell you these things.  Well I’m just gonna tell you what the results is gonna be, you’re just gonna be lost.  Somebody said, ‘well I’m just gonna go on and see what the end is gonna be.’  It’s the Lake.  That’s where, that’s what it is.  ‘Now let’s come on and give me your hand and let’s start to heaven tonight.’  All that ignorance.  Say brother, what’s in heaven?  ‘I don’t know, the Angels, I guess.’  Well, how would you prove that there was some angels there?  ‘I don’t know, we’re going on to see what the end’s gonna be.’  Well now it you can’t tell nothing about the Godhead, as you call it, and you can’t tell nothing about the creation, the things that He created and He went to all the trouble to make everything as it is in order to point to Himself, and then you don’t know nothing about him nor yourself nor nothing else.  Then you got somebody come along and tell you a big bunch of lies about it.  And then you follow that.  Yes, you’ll be destroyed indeed.  I didn’t just say that.  Listen folks, Yahweh is real.  It is not a myth.  It is not interpretation.  And all I can say is just this, in the first chapter of first Corinthians, the Apostle Paul made this statement.  That it is reported to him in the household of Chloe talking about the Corinthians.  That there are divisions among you.  And he said that I partly believe it.  Is that right?  Was Yahshua the Messiah, or as you call it Christ, divided?  Wherefore one of you say, I am of Apollos?  And another says I’m of Pet… Cephas or Peter?  And another says, ‘no I’m not of that, I’m of Yahshua the Messiah.’  Well listen, was Peter crucified for you or was Paul crucified for you?  Was Moses or Isaiah or Jer.., who else was crucified for you?  That’s who you follow.

I’ve been wrestling with this thing for nearly 6000 years.  You can’t do nothing with it without a revelation.  Somebody says, ‘well I don’t believe in revelations and visions.’  Now what you just said is, you don’t believe in Yahweh, but you didn’t know that was what you were saying.

Now Doctor Harris has put down on that board over there…  I want you to turn to the 12th chapter of Exodus.  Now do you remember, I told you, I told you about the Passover.  I told you there wasn’t no Gentiles even invited.  I said you can’t take your Bible and prove it, it’s not in there.  I defy any man on earth to try to prove it by the Bible that He ever told a Gentile to eat a Lord’s Supper.  He wasn’t even invited to the party.  Now what I’m talking about is your preachers out there in these churches telling you that Jesus said…  I know what it says in the Bible, in the 26th chapter of Matthew.  I know what’s there too.  I know every passage that is in the Bible.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t stand up here for somebody to get up and make a fool out of me up here.  And that’s what I think you oughta do, if you can do it.  If I stick my chin out, you oughta knock my block off if you know how.  How’s that?  I got it way out there.  And you are a coward if you don’t take a crack at it, if you know I’m wrong.  And I give you the opportunity to tell me I’m wrong.  You see what I mean.

Now right here, this is from.., let’s put it this way, Adam, the creation of Adam on the sixth day.  Now this is what we’re taught.  From there down to the flood is 1656 years.  Now I wouldn’t tell you that not by any means, cause I know it’s not.  But I try my best to give you something where you can pick up and find out where to stand on it.  That’s down to the flood.  Now this is an age this, is an age.  Now from the flood…  And that’s 1656 years according Hastings and his wife.  Now those are the leading chronologists.  There’s some more in the world calculating the physical chronology.  If you look in your Bible, if you have a good King James version, look in your Bible.  Here’s one laying right here, good one.  Anybody can use it if you want to.  And look at the first chapter of Genesis and look up at the top of the page, and see what they say:  Asher, Usher and Hastings say.  Now they were in agreement.  And they were off.  And ____ too, but they did the best they could.

Now at the top of the page there, or somewhere there, they have the chronology, 4004.  Genesis 1:1.  4004 before Christ.  Now what we’re trying to show you now.  This is what we’re trying to show you.  We’re trying to show you 6000 years of history.  Now listen at what I’m saying.  Each one of these days here; this is a vision.  Do you see the sun rising and setting here?  See the sun up there rising and setting.  Now watch what I’m gonna say to you.  Now, right there on that chart right there.  Just one ____, just one ____.  Right here in this spot, right here.  There’s where Moses ____ ____.  Now that’s after the flood.  Now he’s got that right here.  Now catch this one.  Catch this one.  Then you can.., it’ll start you on the your way to learning.  Now it’s after the flood, 857 years after the flood ____ Moses.  Now Freddy are you listening?

Fred Allen, Jr.:  Yes I am.

Dr. Kinley:  You sure?

Fred Allen, Jr.:  Uh huh.

Dr. Kinley:  Now here comes along, after a world has been drowned out or an age is closed out, and here comes Yahweh and pick a man, almost a 1000 years deep in the second age, and carried him on back.  It’s got to be a vision to show him how He created the heaven and earth.  And it is said that He created it in six days.  Twentieth chapter of Exodus says it, remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy for in six days Yahweh created, Yahweh Elohim, created the heavens and the earth.  It is that right?  Now ain’t that the way it reads?  Now here are the six days.  It’s not like what they been telling you.  And unless Yahweh reveals it, then you are not gonna ever know.  These six days in here.  Moses up in Mount Sinai in Arabia.  Now that’s the geographical location.  After the flood 857 years after.  Now are you listening.  Yahweh carries him on up there in the mountain and the man was up there by himself.  Wasn’t anybody else up there but Moses.  Up there alone and by himself.  Now Freddy this is what I’m trying to say to you.  Yahweh picked just a man, just one man to take him on up here in the mountain.  Knocked him on out and carried him on back to the beginning of the creation and showed him day by day in logical sequence just what he done there ____.  Couldn’t nobody else write it but Moses.  Why not?  Because nobody else didn’t see it.

Now you know what some of ‘em tell you about that?  They say it was handed down from one generation to the other.  Did you ever hear tell of a family reunion?  And in that family reunion, they can’t go back too far, they don’t know nothing much about their family tree.  They don’t know a thing about grandpa or great grandpa.  Now here you come up here stupid enough to tell me that they could hand it down from one generation to the other.  That’s stupid.  You can’t remember nothing.  Couldn’t nobody else write that but Moses.

Now I want you to know this too.  Enoch was the seventh from Adam according to Moses.  And he couldn’t write nothing about no creation.  Adam couldn’t write nothing about no creation.  You say he’s the first man, he couldn’t write nothing about no creation.  Why not?  Why can’t he write nothing about it?  Because the man couldn’t, he was a part of the creation; he couldn’t tell you what happened five days before he was created.  Does that make sense to you people?  Who knows what’s been before him?

And then again, after he came, I’m going back.., I’m gonna tell.., I’ll move, and when I move, I will be moving.  I’m talking about the pattern.  But I’m trying my best to get you to see that all of this great doctrine of so called ministers out here in the world, I’m trying to get you to see they don’t know nothing about it.  And I’m trying to show you if you follow it, it will help you.  Now, those that have been in this school for quite some time like Doctor Gross, Doctor Harris, been around about 17 years, and others:  Sister Harris and different ones, Sister Farley ____ ____ ____.  They understand what I’m talking about.  Now here you been monkeying around out there in the ____ areas and different people and churches that don’t know what they’re talking about.  And this is some of the things that they told you about, just what we’re talking about, about the creation.

This is what they said.  They said that the first chapter of Genesis was the Mosaic account of the creation.  And they said that the second chapter and on, was the Babylonian’s account of the creation.  Now you’re look in education, look in educational books and these various different churches.  Not that’s the reason why I say, ain’t no need to go down to the library.

Now you want me to show you a pile up in that, right quick.  Alright, get the 1st chapter of Genesis, and the 26th and 27th verse ____ ____.  Now I’m just talking about the first chapter and the second chapter and showing you what they said is not so.  And I’m gonna show you why it’s not so.  I haven’t forgotten I remember about the pass…  Now when I say passover, look, it means more than one thing.  Here’s a passover.  Read.  Read the Book.

Dr. Kinley:  And Elohim said, let us make man in our image after our likeness.  Let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.  So Elohim created man in his image.  In the image of Elohim created he him.  Male and female created he him.

Dr. Kinley:  Now that’s what Moses wrote.  So that’s it.  Now did you notice it didn’t say a thing there about what He created him out of.  It just told you He created.  Didn’t tell you a thing about what He created him out of.  Now Moses had to go in the second chapter and put in what He created him out of.  Yahshua was back there with him.  He was Yahweh incarnated in a physical body.  ____ ____ ____ ____ ____.  Read it.

Dr. Harris:  Genesis 2:4.  And Yahweh Elohim formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul.

Dr. Kinley:  Now that’s the second chapter.  Now if Moses had wrote the first and the Babylonians account of it was in the second, the Babylonians told you what He made him out of and Moses missed it.  Well, what’s so important about it.  And why did He go and make him go back and put it in; Moses, I’m talking about.  Because when the man sinned.  Now told.., He said that.., He took him out of the dust of the earth and He said then to dust thou shalt return; so He had to have where he come from for you to know where he’s going back to.  So that’s all important.  Ain’t that what they say out to the cemetery, Doctor Hobbs1? (DR.  KINLEY LAUGHS) Alright, I’ll tell you.  Now see you have to know something here.

Well we’re warm.  Now we’re talking about this pattern.  Now we got over in here in this age.  This is the flood, the Noahic flood.  Now you have it right there on the dispensations and ages.  Now there’s seven dispensations and seven ages.  Seven days in the week, and there’s seven months in the monthly cycle.  And there’s seven weeks in the cycle of weeks.  And there’s seven millenniums, which means thousands, in the cycle of millenniums.  And there’s seven ages in the cycle of ages.  Seven is complete.  Now you have to know all of that.  You have to understand all of it.


 1 Elba Hobbs was a mortician.

Now, I’m gonna tell you something that the world don’t see at all.  Now when He made this man, Adam, He put him in the garden of Eden.  You have a picture of it here.  Now suppose somebody called on you to prove that.  Then this is what you would do, let me turn around, turn it over here in Genesis where He put him in the Garden of Eden.  Now you thought that that’s gonna prove something.  And as far as you know, you all got your chest all stuck out and ____ ____.

Now we tell you this:  to the law, that carries you on back to Genesis, to the testimony, that carries from Joshua on to Malachi.  Now you pay attention to what you read.  Alright, now when you start over here at this passover memorial, see how I got the passover.  He’s down in Egypt.  Now that was the only passover.  That was the original passover.  ‘Oh, you’re wrong, you’re wrong.’ They ate it as a memorial every year.  And that’s what Yahshua the Messiah is doing.  He’s keeping it as a memorial in fulfillment of the prophets that you have that in the 26th chapter of Matthew.  Freddy, are you listening?  You say you are.

Fred Allen, Jr.:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  And I want you to know that that was under the law.  Talking about Matthew 26:26, that’s under the law.  Now, I’m wanna tell you this too.  He only ate three passovers with ‘em, His disciples; but that passover was ate every year after, even when He was born and went up to Jerusalem where His family was.  They went up there for the feast of the passover, I don’t mean up in the temple.  They ate the passover every year; for 15 hundred years that they ate that passover.  And now He has eaten with His disciples.  Why is that?  Cause He’s fulfilling this one back there.  He’s keeping the memorial.  You see that now?

And look Freddy, after He ate the passover…  Now I trying to help you and show you how you been deceived and fooled all your life, because you don’t know the difference between these dispensations and ages.  You don’t know who ____ ____, ­the passover supper and all like that and water baptism and carnal or.., you don’t know ____ ____.  And these people out here, these satanic spirits, now you listen to what I’m saying, that devil was cast out of heaven and he came right down here in the Garden of Eden and he deceived Eve by telling her.  Yahweh told ‘em not to partake of the tree or not to touch it.  And He told him the day you touch it, you shall surely die.  Are you listening?  Are all of you listening?  The devil said, you won’t surely die.  Now the same devil is standing up in the pulpit, a demonic spirit incarnated in a physical body, telling you that Jesus said as often as we eat and we drink, we show forth His death and suffering till He come.


Dr. Kinley:  Said, ‘I’m reading out of the New Testament.’  And you don’t know the difference between one age and the other.  You didn’t know it was under the law, and there wasn’t any Gentiles eating the Lord’s Supper, not a one.  I mean from the first one on down, from this one back here, clear on down.  And there wasn’t anybody at the first one, ____ the last one.  And that devil is telling you that Jesus said, as often as you eat…  That just isn’t so.  And then when I come along and tell you things about Jesus said, you get all hot, all puffed up and said, ‘Jesus said you ought to eat to show forth His death and suffering til He come.’  Now do you know what you’re saying, Freddy?  You are saying that He’s still laying out there in the sod.  That’s what you are saying.  And you know what the apostle said about that in the 15th chapter of first Corinthians.  Read where He washed His disciples feet.  They haven’t even found out about that.  They don’t know why he done it, I mean the Christians, Freddy.  Yes, it’s a washing of regeneration of course, but they don’t know.  If they know what that was all about, then they would have known what the passover was all about.  They would have known what water baptism was all about.  They would have known what the feast was all about.  And all the rest of the carnal ordinances.  And for your information, the disciples didn’t know.  Now how about that?  Now you watch what he said.  And you’ll find out whether they knew it or not?  Alright, read.

Dr. Harris:  Start at fourth verse of the 13th chapter of John.

Dr. Kinley:  13th chapter of John.

Dr. Harris:  He riseth from supper,

Dr. Kinley:  Now He got up from the supper,

Dr. Harris:  And laid aside his garments,

Dr. Kinley:  He laid aside his garments,

Dr. Harris:  And took a towel,

Dr. Kinley:  And he took a towel,

Dr. Harris:  And girded himself,

Dr. Kinley:  And girded himself,

Dr. Harris:  After that

Dr. Kinley:  After that

Dr. Harris:  He poured water into a basin

Dr. Kinley:  He poured water into a basin

Dr. Harris:  And began to wash the disciples feet

Dr. Kinley:  And began to wash the disciples feet

Dr. Harris:  And to wipe them with a towel

Dr. Kinley:  And to wipe them with a towel

Dr. Harris:  Wherewith he was girded

Dr. Kinley:  Wherewith he was girded.

Dr. Harris:  Then cometh he to Simon Peter

Dr. Kinley:  Then cometh he to Simon Peter.  We’re gonna find out whether Pete knows what it’s all about, and the rest of ‘em.  Then you can translate this if you want to on over to reverend. (DR.  KINLEY LAUGHS) And He began to wash his feet.  Rose up from that supper.  Now look folks, when you eat the so called Lord’s Supper in your church, does your pastor rise up from supper, gird himself about with a towel and begin to wash the disciple’s feet?

Now Freddy, I got something else I wanna cook in there too.  I’m gonna show you what I’m talking about.  You remember I said about this devil being down here in the Garden of Eden.  And if you said anything to them about it, proving that this was so back here, I told you he wouldn’t know how to do it other than to go back there and read in Genesis about it, that’s what I said.  But now He rose up and He washed.., begin to wash His disciples’ feet.  And what happened?  What’d He say there?

Dr. Harris:  Peter saith unto him

Dr. Kinley:  Peter said, your so called pope.  Peter said.  Read.

Dr. Harris:  Rabbi, dost thou wash my feet?

Dr. Kinley:  Rabbi, dost thou wash my feet.

Dr. Harris:  Yahshua answered and said unto him

Dr. Kinley:  Now, Yahshua answered and he said unto him

Dr. Harris:  What I do, thou knowest not now.

Dr. Kinley:  Now I told you they didn’t know what he was doing.  You heard me, you’re not blind.  Them’s His disciples.  Now it looks kinda stupid for Him to gird Hisself about with a towel and put some water in a basin and get down and wash the disciples feet and then He tells ‘em they don’t know what He’s doing.  There’s something there.  Peter said, you’ll never wash my feet.  And then what did He tell him, doc?

Dr. Harris:  Peter saith unto him, thou shall never wash my feet.

Dr. Kinley:  Thou shall never wash my feet.

Dr. Harris:  Yahshua answered him

Dr. Kinley:  Yahshua answered him

Dr. Harris:  If I wash thee not

Dr. Kinley:  Now if I wash thee not

Dr. Harris:  Thou shall have no part with me

Dr. Kinley:  Now you won’t have no part with me.  Have you got a part with the thing in your understanding, you eat the Lord’s Supper as you thought it and did the preacher wash your feet, so that you can have a part with Him?  And what did Yahshua say, what I do now…  Read it doc.

Dr. Harris:  Yahshua answered and said unto him, what I do thou knowest not now.

Dr. Kinley:  What I do, you don’t know now.  Read on doc.

Dr. Harris:  But thou shalt know hereafter.

Dr. Kinley:  But you will know hereafter.  You don’t know now, but you shall know hereafter.  Titus 3:5.

Dr. Harris:  Not by works of righteousness.

Dr. Kinley:  You must have been setting there holding that gun. (DR.  KINLEY AND STUDENT BODY LAUGH) It’s not by works of righteousness which you have, which we have done.  Alright, read on.

Mary Gross:  But according to his mercy

Dr. Kinley:  But according to his mercy

Mary Gross:  He saved us

Dr. Kinley:  He saved us

Mary Gross:  By the washing of regeneration

Dr. Kinley:  By the washing, by the washing of regeneration

Mary Gross:  And renewing of the Holy Spirit

Dr. Kinley:  And renewing of the Holy Spirit.  Ephesians 5:22.  Now I’m talking about the washing now.  They say they don’t know anything at all about it.  Now look, Roger.  Now you look right up here at it.  And you’ll find what I’m fixing to say now is in the Bible.  It’s in the first chapter of so called Saint John, which he’s not a saint, and verse one.  In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with Yahweh, and the Word was Yahweh.  And the Word was made flesh.  And we beheld His glory, the only Begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.  Now the Word was made flesh.  Now you listening Freddy?

Fred Allen, Jr.:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  You sure?

Fred Allen, Jr.:  Uh huh.

Dr. Kinley:  Okay.  Now you see this, He was the Word or Son.  Now it’s the Word that’s washed this.  It’s the Word that washing ‘em.  It’s the Word that’s washing them.  You didn’t know that then, but it’s by the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Spirit.  Is that what you just read?  Ephesians 5:22.

Dr. Harris:  Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands

Dr. Kinley:  Wives, submit yourselves unto your husbands

Dr. Harris:  As unto the Messiah.

Dr. Kinley:  Uh, uh.  Now wait just a minute.  Now read what’s in the Book.  Now I’m not a panty waist, read what’s in the Book.  Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as unto who?

Dr. Harris:  The Messiah.

Dr. Kinley:  The Messiah.  Alright.  Now you’ll find out why he said that pretty soon.  Alright, read.

Dr. Harris:  For the husband is the head of the wife

Dr. Kinley:  For the husband is the head of the wife

Dr. Harris:  Even as the Messiah is the head of the assembly

Dr. Kinley:  That’s right.

Dr. Harris:  And he is the saviour of the body

Dr. Kinley:  That’s right,

Dr. Harris:  Therefore, as the assembly is subject unto the Messiah

Dr. Kinley:  Therefore, as the assembly is a subject, is subject unto the Messiah

Dr. Harris:  So let the wives be to their own husbands

Dr. Kinley:  So let the wives be to their own husbands.  Not somebody else’s husband, but your own. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) How about that? (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) Is that alright?

Student Body:  That’s alright.

Dr. Kinley:  You know they accused us of teaching free love and getting one another’s wives.  Say fella, I read the Bible, I can read that.  I do know that much, I read that, the Holy Book.  And I didn’t take it lightly either.  But I’m afraid you’re.., about, just about to make a mistake.  I’m afraid you just about to make a mistake.  Alright, read on doc.  I’m in a hurry.

Dr. Harris:  Husbands,

Dr. Kinley:  Husbands, now wait just a minute now, just a minute.  Now that was kinda tough to tell the women to do that.  They got all puffed up, said, ‘he ain’t no good.’ (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) ‘If he was any good, I wouldn’t mind doing some things.  He ain’t no good.’  Now here comes along the man.  And he said, husbands

Dr. Harris:  Love your wives

Dr. Kinley:   Love your wives

Dr. Harris:  Even as the Messiah also loved the assembly

Dr. Kinley:  Even as the Messiah also loved the assembly or the church.

Dr. Harris:  And gave himself

Dr. Kinley:  Whoa?  Whoa, now you know how you get along with one another, with one another.  You know all that fussing and chewing the rag and first one thing and you do, up one with the other and go to sleep, you’re all tightened up and swelled up, mouth all punched out.  And if you ain’t careful, somebody just decide to encourage a fight, don’t carry it too far.  You, you’ll get your face slapped.  Know how far to carry these things, cause if you don’t, it’s liable to backfire.  And the woman see you got the advantage of her as being the stronger vessel, she’s liable to pull the trigger on you. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Somebody say, ‘oh no she won’t do that.’  Don’t you trust the devil, boy. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) No, don’t trust in the devil.  It was once said that man looked like a fool out the garden.  Adam had to fall.  Trust Yahweh.

Student Body:  That’s right. (LAUGHS)

Dr. Kinley:  ____ ____ ____  Alright.  Read on doc.  Husbands love your wives, even as the Messiah also loved the church.

Dr. Harris:  And gave himself for it.

Dr. Kinley:  And have himself for it.

Dr. Harris:  That he might sanctify

Dr. Kinley:  That he might sanctify

Dr. Harris:  And cleanse it

Dr. Kinley:  And cleanse it.

Dr. Harris:  With the washing of the water by the word.

Dr. Kinley:  Now, I just got through telling you that He was the Word made flesh, poured the water in the basin and begin to wash His disciples’ feet.  It’s the washing of the water by the Word that He might cleanse it and that He might sanctify.  Is that what, is that what you got there?

Dr. Harris:  Yes sir.  That he might present it to himself

Dr. Kinley:  That he might present it unto himself,

Dr. Harris:  a glorious assembly.

Dr. Kinley:  a glorious wife

Dr. Harris:  Not having spot or wrinkle.

Dr. Kinley:  Don’t have no spots and no wrinkles.

Dr. Harris:  Or any such thing.

Dr. Kinley:  Or any such thing like that.

Dr. Harris:  But that it should be holy and without blemish

Dr. Kinley:  But that it should be holy, and what?

Dr. Harris:  and without blemish

Dr. Kinley:  and without any blemishes.  Alright, read on.

Dr. Harris:  So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies.

Dr. Kinley:  Said ought, it didn’t say they would, said they ought to. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Yes indeed.  So ought men to love their wives

Dr. Harris:  as their own bodies.

Dr. Kinley:  As their own bodies.

Dr. Harris:  He that loveth his wife, loveth himself

Dr. Kinley:  He that loveth his wife, loveth himself

Dr. Harris:  For no man ever yet hateth his own flesh

Dr. Kinley:  No man ever yet hateth his own flesh

Dr. Harris:  But nourisheth it and cherisheth it

Dr. Kinley:  But nourisheth it and cherish it

Dr. Harris:  Even as Yahshua the Messiah

Dr. Kinley:  Even as Yahshua the Messiah.  Now, get the last two verses.  Now you watch this one.  Watch this one, now don’t get throwed.

Dr. Harris:  32nd verse.  This is a great mystery.

Dr. Kinley:  It ain’t no little bitty thing.  That’s why ____ in the kingdom. (DR.  KINLEY LAUGHS) This is a great big mystery.  And you expect some ignoramus to understand it.  This is a great mystery.  And you thought he was talking about some man, and yet he’s using him as a type and a shadow, but the reality of it is Yahshua the Messiah and His bride that He might present it unto Himself, but this is a great mystery.  Read, let’s see what he’s talking about.

Dr. Harris:  This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning the Messiah and the assembly.

Dr. Kinley:  Now you see that now, how about that?

Now look, now I brought that down, and listen now I was talking about the Garden of Eden and I was talking about the passover feast.  Now talking about Yahshua the Messiah come along, fulfilled that.  That’s what I was talking about.  He ate the supper and got up and gird himself about with a towel and washed the disciples’ feet.  He said what I’m doing now, you don’t know but you shall know hereafter.  And I carried you over and showed you the washing of the water by the Word that He might present it unto Himself a glorious assembly not having any spot or wrinkle.  But this a great mystery but I speak concerning Yahshua the Messiah and the Church.

Now listen, after He girded Himself about with a towel and finished up that job.  Now here he goes now.  Now you remember I’m trying to tell you know that I asked you how did you prove that they.., how would you prove that this is so back here?  That’s what I asked.  And you went fumbling around back in here in Genesis.  Now wait a minute, I’ll tell you, I’m gonna read it to you.  I’ll show you, I know what it’s all about.  Uh, uh.  Not me.  No thinking about what it’s all about.  Then I’ll show you something ____, your ignorant preacher.  Now He gird Himself about with a towel.  Then what happened?

Fred Allen, Jr.:  They sung a hymn.

Dr. Kinley:  Now that mean’s you have to come down a step at a time.  I know step at a time.  Every, every step, every breath He draw, I saw it.  What’s happening?  They sang a hymn.  What hymns?  The Battle Hymn of the Republic?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  No that wasn’t it.  They sang the Song of Victory.  Yahshua the Messiah took real good care of ‘em, has already overcome the devil.  He knew He was coming up out of that grave, out of that grave.  And he went on out, went on out from the upper chamber there where they had the passover at.  Crossed over the Brook Kedron.  Now can’t you see Yahweh fixing that thing, just like they went out of here and then crossed over to the Red sea.  Water.  And they entered into…  Come on.

Student Body:  The Garden of Gethsemane.

Dr. Kinley:  Now I’m proving to you that this was so back here.  And He’s fulfilling so He’s got to go in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Your pastor ain’t never told you nothing like that, cause he didn’t know what He was doing.  And when He went into Garden of Gethsemane, we got Him here, they call it the Agony in the Garden.  Your commentators don’t tell you a thing about why He went in the Garden of Gethsemane.  And listen, the disciples, they couldn’t go up in there, in the Most Holy Place with Him.  He told them to tarry, here, stay here til I return again unto you.  Don’t come over here where I’m at.  And He went about a stone’s cast from ‘ em.  And He knelt down and He prayed.  What He’s praying, what he’s saying?  How would they know what He was saying, when he’s back, they’re way back yonder and here He is up here?  Now you want the prayer that He prayed.  17th chapter of John.  Out there in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Come on with it, I’m in a hurry.

Fred Allen, Jr.:  These words spake Yahshua

Dr. Kinley:  These words spake Yahshua

Fred Allen, Jr.:  And lifted up his eyes to heaven

Dr. Kinley:  And lifted up his eyes to heaven

Fred Allen, Jr.:  And said Father

Dr. Kinley:  And said Father

Fred Allen, Jr.:  The hour is come

Dr. Kinley:  The hour is come

Fred Allen, Jr.:  Glorify thy Son

Dr. Kinley:  Glorify thy Son

Fred Allen, Jr.:  That thy Son may also glorify thee

Dr. Kinley:  The hour is come.  You hear Freddy, the hour is come.  What do you mean the hour is come?  The hour before they crucified Him and departed out of world.  The hour is come.  Now an hour in prophetic time with Yahweh…  Now I want you to see what I’m talking about and understand what I’m talking about, then when you come to getting your eyes opened, you’ll find out that you’ll have to come to town to 1040.2  ____  Can’t nobody come to know nothing but Him.  Down at 1040.  ‘Who does he think he is any how?’  Got his credentials.  Yeah, I know a fella had his credentials one time, he was on the way down to Damascus.  I heard about that fella.  Did you hear about it?

Student Body:  Yes.


 2 1040 South Grand, the location of the class meeting hall.

Dr. Kinley:  (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) Yes sir.  Alright Now, he’s out there praying, out there in the Garden of Gethsemane.  And they are way out from Him.  And He lifted up His eyes to heaven and He said…  Now wait a minute.  Hold everything.  Hold everything.  Now let’s go back and get your pattern.  Now here’s what I mean, go back and get the pattern.  Right here, the high priest is on the inside, burning incense at the hour of prayer.  And this is symbolical of being in this part of the Garden of Eden and in the Garden of Gethsemane.  And His hour has come.  When the hour, right hour had come, the high priest was in the sanctuary burning incense.  And what’s going on?  The rest of ‘em was on the outside around the tabernacle praying.  And the incense.., since they didn’t have the Holy Spirit, the incense took the place of the Holy Spirit.  And the public couldn’t go in there.  That’s reason why they.., ‘you stay outta here until I, til I…’  My hour is come, that hour of prayer.  The hour that He’s to be offered up.  The hour that He should depart.  And now He’s out there praying for ‘em and He said, Father.  How’d they know what He said?  They’re way off over there?  I told you I had a vision and a revelation, I’m supposed to answer, answer all these questions.  And I talked about a communication with Yahweh, not a word like you talked about as they’re communing here, smoke and ____, but He reached down and He.., and I knew what was said.  ‘Man, what are you gonna do with what I showed you?’  And that’s what I’m doing now, I’m telling you all about it.  Well now that’s what is down back in there.  That’s His prayer out there in the Garden.  ‘Father,’ what did you say?

Fred Allen, Jr.:  The hour is come

Dr. Kinley:  The hour is come

Fred Allen, Jr.:  Glorify thy Son

Dr. Kinley:  Glorify thy Son

Fred Allen, Jr.:  That thy Son also may be, may glory thee

Dr. Kinley:  That thy Son also might glorify thee.  Read on.

Fred Allen, Jr.:  As thou hast given him power

Dr. Kinley:  As thou hast given him power

Fred Allen, Jr.:  over all flesh

Dr. Kinley:  over all flesh

Fred Allen,Jr.:  That he should give eternal life to as

Dr. Kinley:  That he should give eternal life

Fred Allen, Jr.:  To as many as thou hast given him

Dr. Kinley:  To as many as God hast given him

Fred Allen, Jr.:  And this is life eternal

Dr. Kinley:  Now yup.  Hold on folks, hold right on.  Have you never, you’ll never remember walking in this place unless that moderator gets up here and tells you that we want you to know Him as He really is and actually exists.  We ain’t scared.  We ain’t fooling around.  And we expect the devil to get hot.  I’ve had all of that.  I told you I been beat up, cussed out and drug around every kinda way.  And if it wasn’t true that I did have a vision and revelation, I’d look all of you right straight in the face, right straight in the eye, no sir, no not I, to tell every last one of you to, please go to hell cause I’m sick and tired of being bothered with you, but it is the Father that sustains me.  And keeps me from cursing, to try one more time.  And I realize that it is the Father in me.  And when I see you acting a fool, getting hot, I think about that, just like He said when He’s hanging out there on the cross.  ‘Come down off the cross,’ said, ‘you saved others, but yourself you can’t save.’  They were right about it too, cause that’s what He come in the world to do.  So He had to do that.  That’s what the Book said.  So He came.., He had to come.., and He didn’t go fighting.  He said, you can’t do nothing.  Pilate ____, ‘you offered up here?’  He said, you can’t do a thing about it.  Well Pilate said, ‘don’t you know I have power to release you or to crucify you?’  Why did you talk up to yourself.  The scriptures had said, He was led as a lamb to the slaughter and the sheep dumb before the shearers and opened not His mouth in His own defense.  See Him there, hanged out there on the tree.  And they’re just cussing and spitting and carrying on and acting a fool.  And talked about ____ ____ over there and ____ ____ and stuff you can’t say.  ‘We got the advantage of Him.’  In that 23rd chapter of Matthew that you read.  He cussed ‘em out up there.  And they called it just getting back at Him.  You see what He said to them Scribes and Pharisees, just like I’m telling you about your hypocrite preachers out there.  And they gonna show off on you.  And so they said, well they’ll get back at Him.  He knew how to get that devil stirred up in ‘em.  He got to be on the cross on time.  So all He’s got to do is go back up there and talk to the hypocrites, just like they beat me up.  Just like the Roman Catholic killed up millions.  Telling on them.  We got literature in our files where they threatened my life.  Am I lying, Dr. Harris?

Dr. Harris:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Am I lying?  They threatened my life.  I ain’t afraid of nobody though.  Alright now.  He prayed out there in that Garden of Gethsemane in that hour of prayer.  They prayed every ____.  The rest of ‘em, there was twelve tribes around the tabernacle.  And then the same case in the temple up here.  They could not go in, any more so than they could go in the Garden here, they had to tarry out here, cause Adam was driven out.  I didn’t say Adam and Eve either, I just said Adam.  ‘Well, why didn’t you say Eve.’  Well, the reason why I didn’t say Eve, she was in the man when he was put in there.  She was taken out of him inside the Garden.  So all that Yahweh had to do was put the man in the Garden, the woman was in him, she was right in him.  So then when he drove him out, all he had to do just drive him out and there wasn’t no way out for her ____.  Oh it’s wonderful when you understand and this Bible becomes a living reality to you and you quit fooling around here with this ignorance that you got here quoting chapters and verses and don’t know what it’s all about.

Alright, now He entered into the Garden of Gethsemane.  And then He prayed there, and that’s the 17th chapter of John, said, ‘this is eternal life, that they might know,’ that you might know Him.  Don’t we say that every time you come down here that you might know Him.  We don’t say nothing about knowing the pope and your pastor or old Henry C.  That you might know Him.  And then what else?

Fred Allen, Jr.:  And Yahshua the Messiah

Dr. Kinley:  And Yahshua the Messiah

Fred Allen, Jr.:  Whom thou has sent

Dr. Kinley:  Whom thou has sent.  And it goes on down.  But look, now He’s hanging out there on the cross.  Said, Father, forgive ‘em, they don’t know what they’re doing.  When you’re cussing and raising sand and spitting or striking at that man the way he talked about and ‘I been raised and born and this that and the other.’  My prayer is, ‘Father, just go ahead and forgive ‘em cause they don’t know what they’re doing, they’re don’t know what you’re talking about.’  That’s what I told the Black Muslims when they beat me up.  I never ____.  They asked me, would I come down.  Said, ‘why sure.’  ‘After we done beat you up?’  ‘Why sure.’  ‘You mean…’  ‘Yeah, you didn’t know what you was doing, if you had, you wouldn’t have done it.’

Alright.  Now we got Him going into the Garden of Gethsemane, proving that the Garden back here.  And He’s fulfilling so He’s got to in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Now when we say the devil is cast out of heaven and he just wind up down here in the Garden.  Now Judas was right along with Him and He knew right from the very beginning.  Now watch now, listen at what I’m saying.  The rest of ‘em, they tarried out side, here come Judas and his gang and they skirted right on past, went right on in with the torches and lights and things, right on in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Got the soldier, identified Him.  They know who He was without that, but the scriptures have to be fulfilled.

I’m showing you step at a time and no preacher neither, no preacher nor you are gonna ever come to any knowledge of the truth, and fact of the matter you ain’t gonna have the reality of Yahweh in you until you understand the reality of the existence of Yahweh.  I told you the truth about it.  You say, ‘well, I believe so and so and so and so.’  That doesn’t make it so.  I believed a whole lotta things and come to find out everything I believed was wrong when Yahweh showed me that vision.  Yes, indeed.

Now, we got Him going in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Now did you see how I proved that?  Now they pass over and went over to the river or Red Sea and went out here.  And they ate out here of the manna and so forth and so on.

Now look Freddy.  Look, look, look.  Now the 12th chapter of Exodus.  Now we’re trying to get the origin of it now.  We wanna know what’s on the menu.  We wanna know who He’s talking to and you’ll please find out.  Alright.  12th chapter of Exodus.  Get on down there about the lamb and the goat.

Dr. Harris:  Yahweh spoke unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt saying this month shall be unto to you the beginning of months

Dr. Kinley:  Now this month shall be the beginning of months.

Dr. Harris:  Shall be the first

Dr. Kinley:  Now hold it right there.  Now you got January the first.  Ever.., you don’t know that the whole thing is all messed and twisted up so bad.  That’s April or Abib.  Alright, what else doc?

Dr. Harris:  It shall be the first month of the year to you.  Speak ye unto all the congregation of Israel saying

Dr. Kinley:  Now just a minute doc.  Why don’t you try reading what’s in the Book for a change.  Repeat what you just said.

Dr. Harris:  Speak ye unto

Dr. Kinley:  Now you listen.

Dr. Harris:  all the congregation of Israel

Dr. Kinley:  Now does it say anything about Gentiles there, Bud?  (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) If it does, I wanna know something about it.  Speak ye to the congregation of Israel.  And then what, what he gonna say to them?

Dr. Harris:  Saying,

Dr. Kinley:  Saying,

Dr. Harris:  In the tenth day of this month

Dr. Kinley:  In the tenth day of April or this month

Dr. Harris:  They shall take to them

Dr. Kinley:  Or that’s Abib.  They shall take to them

Dr. Harris:  Every man

Dr. Kinley:  Every man

Dr. Harris:  A lamb according to the house of their fathers

Dr. Kinley:  A lamb according to the house

Dr. Harris:  Of their fathers

Dr. Kinley:  Of their fathers

Dr. Harris:  A lamb for an house

Dr. Kinley:  A lamb for a house

Dr. Harris:  And if the household be too little for the lamb

Dr. Kinley:  Uh huh.  Now if the household be too little to consume all of that lamb, cause he’s got to be consumed.  Then what?

Dr. Harris:  Then him and his house

Dr. Kinley:  Say doc, why don’t you try reading what’s in the Book?  Now somebody can’t read.  You said a lamb to a house.  ‘What are you talking about?  So what?’ They ate it in their own houses, at home.  Now here you come and took it up in the congregation of the assembly.  Now, just hold it right there.  11th chapter of first Corinthians and the 20th verse.  I’ll let you know I know what’s in that script. (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS)

Dr. Harris:  When you come together therefore

Dr. Kinley:  Now when you come together therefore

Dr. Harris:  Into one place

Dr. Kinley:  Into one place.  Now you see if it just can be said any plainer than this.

Dr. Harris:  This is not to eat the Lord’s supper.

Dr. Kinley:  Now is that clear enough for you?  How about that?  When you come together into one place as we are here now, this is not to eat the Lord’s supper.  Why not?

Dr. Harris:  For in eating

Dr. Kinley:  For in eating

Dr. Harris:  Everyone taketh before other

Dr. Kinley:  Everyone taketh before the other

Dr. Harris:  His own supper

Dr. Kinley:  His own supper

Dr. Harris:  And one is hungry

Dr. Kinley:  One’s hungry

Dr. Harris:  And the other is drunken

Dr. Kinley:  And the other is drunken.  Read on.

Dr. Harris:  What.

Dr. Kinley:  What.

Dr. Harris:  Have ye no houses to eat in

Dr. Kinley:  Now, now you see how plain it is?  Don’t you have a house to eat in?  Are you gonna to come out here in the assembly?  Why don’t you eat that at home?  Don’t you have no house?  Somebody said, ‘well, we’re gonna do it anyhow.’  Yahweh’s got a place for that.  Read on doc.

Dr. Harris:  Or despise you the assembly of Yahweh

Dr. Kinley:  Or despise the assembly of Yahweh

Dr. Harris:  And shame them that have not.

Dr. Kinley:  And shame them that don’t have a house.

Dr. Harris:  What shall I say to you

Dr. Kinley:  Now what shall I say to thee.  Put it on me too.  Put it on your pastor.  What shall I say to you about it.  Shall I praise you in this?  I don’t praise you in it?  Ain’t that what you got there in the Book?  Read it.

Dr. Harris:  What shall I say to you?  Shall I praise you in this?

Dr. Kinley:  Shall I praise you in this?

Dr. Harris:  I praise you not.

Dr. Kinley:  I praise you not.  Now, I wanna let you know, Roger, them Jews, every last one of ‘em, they ate it in their own houses.  And the Gentiles, they never had nothing like.., no ordinance like that.  Now that’s why I stand up here and tell you, you can’t read it out of no book.  I know what I’m talking about.  Now go on over there to the 26th chapter of Matthew and the 26th verse.  You better go on up a little above that doc.  Get the substance of it.

Dr. Harris:  17th verse.

Dr. Kinley:  17th verse.

Dr. Harris:  Now the first day of the feast of unleavened bread

Dr. Kinley:  Now the first day of the feast of unleavened bread

Dr. Harris:  The disciples came to Yahshua

Dr. Kinley:  Now hold it, now I want you to see this.  I want you to see this.  Said the disciples came to Yahshua and what did they say to Him doc?

Dr. Harris:  Where wilt thou that we prepare for thee to eat the passover?

Dr. Kinley:   I want you to know that He didn’t have to tell ‘em.  He’d been eating with them every year, and all before them when He was a little fella.  And 1500 years before He was born, they ate it.  It was characteristic that they do.  And here they had ate with Him, and now they knew what time it was supposed to be and they asked Him, ‘where would you that we go and prepare the passover?’  They already knew.  And what’d He tell ‘em?

Dr. Harris:  And he said go into the city

Dr. Kinley:  Go into the city

Dr. Harris:  And say unto him

Dr. Kinley:  And say unto him

Dr. Harris:  The Rabbi saith, the time is at hand

Dr. Kinley:  Rabbi saith, the time is at hand

Dr. Harris:  I will keep the passover

Dr. Kinley:  Now hold, now you just be careful what you’re reading doc.  Lord’s supper.  You can’t read.  A medical doctor, graduated to practice medicine or twenty years before he was.., or some where back there.  All those many years and he can’t read.  See that?  I wouldn’t wanna trust him to doctor on me like that. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now, I’m just showing you how stupid the other fella is.  And just show how stupid you are for following somebody around like that.  Now, the reason why it’s that way because this was a passover down here.  Feast of the passover.  Now, he can’t institute nothing, all he can do is fulfil that which is already instituted.  And which they had been eating for over 1500 years as a memorial.  And it wasn’t nothing new to the disciples and the Jews around cause that’s the way, that’s the way they ate it all the time.  And some of ‘em still do.  But, they don’t have no lamb, they have chicken legs.  Now David3, I ain’t trying.., (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) I ain’t trying to throw off on you, ____ ____ ____.  We get along alright.  ____ ____ ____.  They see, they know what it’s all about.  And what else doc?

Dr. Harris:  I will eat the passover at thine house

Dr. Kinley:  That’s right.

Dr. Harris:  With my disciples.

Dr. Kinley:  With my disciples.  Now you see that there wasn’t nobody there but His

disciples, and every last one of them was Jews.  Now that’s reason why I told you there wasn’t no Gentiles invited.  Do you understand that?  And now He’s under the law.  Now, He’s not under the New Testament dispensation.  And He has to fulfill all of these, right here, first before it can be passed out.  He’s got to keep it.  And now.., read on doc, I got to get out of here.

Dr. Harris:  The disciples did as Yahshua had appointed them

Dr. Kinley:  The disciples did as Yahshua had told them to do

Dr. Harris:  And they made ready the Passover

Dr. Kinley:  And they made ready the…  ‘Oh no doc, the Lord’s Supper.’  Alright.  Read on.

Dr. Harris:  Now when the evening was come

Dr. Kinley:  Now when the evening was come

Dr. Harris:  He sat down with the twelve

Dr. Kinley:  Now, he sat down with the



3 David Rosen.

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