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by Henry Clifford Kinley

Los Angeles, California

Recorder by Dr. Carl F. Gross on reel-to-reel recorder

Transferred to 2 60 minute audio cassettes by Gerry Rothstein

CATALOG #: 68.03 C

transcribed by Cathy Fenti

proofread by Michael Rothstein and Geraldine Rothstein

proofread and approved by the International Public Relations Committee:  1996


1.  …indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, see, you see, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right.)

4. ___ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber.



Dr. Kinley: I just wanted to say that I am first to the floor there and I think it’s my duty to.., if I would not have gotten up first. I planned to have someone else to get up here and say something to you but as I sat there and it comes to me like this. Now there are millions of people around that just don’t understand what it is really all about. And they don’t think that there’s any possibility of coming to a profound knowledge of Yahweh and the truth; in other words, they don’t think there’s any way that we can be reconciled among ourselves. And they think that one of the ways, only one of the ways that, that such a thing can be done is to read the Bible and learn how to quote what was in the Bible. Now that, that, that won’t happen. What that will do, will just further confuse. If you don’t know how to go into it and to get some understanding about it. Now that’s one of the things that we intend to do in this school. And it is possible for everybody to, to come to some understanding. It’s possible. But now here’s one of the things you must take, you must take what Yahweh has given. Now that’s a must. You must take what He has given. Now there is no possibility of it otherwise. Now when I get through making this little preliminary speech, I’m gonna get down from up here, and I’m gonna let some of the brethren preach to you; teach.

Now this school is a school of teaching. And I want, wanna make mention of this too while I’m up here because I’ve been intending to do that: now we have given license to many of the men, and we don’t have but a few women that.., about three I think or something like that, that has a license to teach. But, and, and we wanna give ‘em something, but we do want them to be qualified and, listen at me now, now you can get sore with me about this if you want to, live a life, moral life, that is commended with your credentials. Now, now that’s needed.

Now here’s another thing I wanted to mention while I’m up here. Now this year is presidential election year. Now everybody knows that everywhere. Now there’s gonna be riots. They’ve been working with that, in getting that thing already, as soon as the weather permits. And there’s going to be riots and mobs in the schools, I mean the colleges and out in the streets and everything; and burning of homes and just all kinds of tumults and uprisings. Now just like you, like the war in Vietnam. Now, nobody knows nothing about what to do to settle the war in Vietnam. Now I just, when I say nobody knows, this is what I mean: I mean those in authority, they don’t have no solution to it. Now, it’s embarrassing to pull the troops out of Vietnam and not win the war. And every, everybody that’s running for office, they don’t know what to say about it. Humphery said tonight that if Nixon knew anything… He’s a, that’s a democrat and a republican. If Nixon knew anything about what to do to stop the war in Vietnam, why don’t he tell us this year and not wait until next year. And Congress is up. Lyndon B. Johnson’s back, now about the war, and about not consulting them about these men that they’re going to send over there. Now they’re.., it’s Robert F. Kennedy and his father, and, and the boy that’s dead now.

Student Body: Spellman

Dr. Kinley: Spellman. They’re the instigation of it. But my point is, now they don’t know what to do. They don’t know how to stop it.

Now what we don’t wanna do, we wanna know something about the truth about things and we don’t wanna go around faking, making all like we know something when we really don’t. We wanna put the genuine thing down here. As I said, now I don’t wanna take up a lot of time up here, but I wanna point these things out to you. And now, there is nobody in this place but what can’t learn something about the truth. It’s possible. Now that goes for everybody. It doesn’t make no difference how young you are. But you will have to take this, nothing else won’t do. If you.., it won’t do. Now, if the world knew that, then we wouldn’t be in the shape and the condition that we are in tonight. Now I had Dr. Jimmy Yates, when he got up here to read the 9th chapter of Hebrews to you. Now you must remember that this epistle to the Hebrews, they are Jews, they are Israelites to whom both covenants, the Old and the New, was made. Now the Old Covenant was with the Jew given from Mount Sinai. But now, before then, there was a, a Abrahamic promise. Now this covenant that he makes with the Jew here, didn’t disannul or blot out the promise. Now he makes a New Covenant, not this one. Now listen at me close. Now this one, this Old one stood only in meats and drinks and diverse washings and carnal ordinances. Now for the most part, the ministry out here actually doesn’t know what a carnal ordinance is.

Student Body: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: When you say carnal, they just think about a carnal mind. Well a carnal mind and a carnal ordinance goes together. Now carnal just simply means literal, physical, natural, not spiritual. Now you can get a dictionary, anybody can get a dictionary and look that up. Now listen at me close. Now all of it had to be fulfilled, couldn’t be removed until it was fulfilled. Just could not be removed, had to continue on until it was fulfilled. Now Yahshua the Messiah fulfilled it, and dedicated it with His own blood, not the blood of bulls and goats and heifers, but His own blood. And He entered into the Holiest of all, or into heaven itself, as we just read, now to appear in the presence of God for us. Now if you noticed it, the reading of the Hebrews there… Now look at it, look, look, look right at it now, the 9th chapter, we had him to read it, so that, so that you can… Now it says, suppose you start to read.

Reader:  Then Verily the first covenant

Dr. Kinley: Now it says, then verily or truly. Now listen, now this is the first covenant with Israel. That is not the first covenant that God made. There was covenants: Edenic or Adamic, Noahic. Then comes the promise: Melchizedek and Abrahamic. Then comes this first Covenant with his seed. And then the New Covenant with His seed. Now while we’re trying to figure out some way or some routine operation to set up some kind of a service, a ritualistic performance, some kind of a guide. Repeat.

Reader: Then verily the first covenant had also ordinances of service

Dr. Kinley: Now verily the first covenant had ordinances of service

Reader: and a worldly sanctuary

Dr. Kinley: and a worldly sanctuary. Now she’s reading that out of the Holy Name Bible. Now read it out of the King James Version.

Reader: Then verily the first covenant had also ordinances

Dr. Kinley: Now the first covenant had ordinances. You know what an ordinance is? Ordinance is a law. Alright, read.

Reader: ordinances of divine service

Dr. Kinley: of divine service

Reader: and a worldly sanctuary.

Dr. Kinley: and a worldly sanctuary. Now look, to carry out that service, I mean, I’m talking about the course of procedure. And it wasn’t just once or twice a week. It was a daily ministration, it was a everyday thing. And it always started like this, among the Hebrews. And it had what?

Reader: for in the first compartment of the tabernacle

Dr. Kinley: for in the first compartment of the tabernacle

Reader: were the candlestick

Dr. Kinley: was a candlestick

Reader: the table

Dr. Kinley: a table

Reader: and the shewbread

Dr. Kinley: and the shewbread

Reader: which is called the Holy Place

Dr. Kinley: which is called the Holy Place.

Reader: and beyond the

Dr. Kinley: Wait a minute. Now the Messiah said this, in Matthew 24:15, said now, when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the Holy Place. Now for the most part, Christiandoom don’t even know where that is. They don’t know where to stand, cause they don’t know anything about the Holy Place. And it is not the Holy Place made with hands.

Student Body: Alright. Okay.

Dr. Kinley: But the Holy Place made with hands, you just read it down there further, is a figure for the time then present, not now, but then present, in which was a golden candlestick and the table of shewbread. Now, here’s what we do. Nobody got no business arguing with this. We don’t care nothing about what church you come from, or even if you are an angel from heaven. Now listen at what I’m saying. Heaven itself is pictured by this, this pattern. It said it was the figure of heavenly things. Now listen, if we got the figure of the heavenly and we got it down here on earth, then we got the guide. You get it now? Now the reason why I’m saying these things is: I want you to know. I want you to be saved. I want you to see that it isn’t just coming down here every, every Wednesday and Friday and Sunday. It’s not that. What we wanna do is give you a profound knowledge; an unshakable, an irrefutable, a profound knowledge that even an angel from heaven, which this earthly is a figure of the heavenly, if it’s a figure of the heavenly, don’t you see it doesn’t make any difference about an angel coming from heaven, say anything other than that, then there’s nothing else for him to do, but be wrong. Is that clear to you? Now I felt it my duty to get up here and tell you these things. Now, what we have done, read it again, which is, the one where you, where you just left off, the candle, golden candlestick, had gold candle…

Reader: for in the first compartment of the tabernacle

Dr. Kinley: Now the first compartment. Now this is this: the first compartment he’s not talking about the Outer Court. Now you see this, the tabernacle around here. And this brazen laver, that’s this brazen laver there, and under this is the altar here and this is the laver here. And then you go in the door, that’s it in here. And in here you’ve got the golden candlestick and the table of shewbread. Now listen, I don’t care where you come from, you can’t fix that. Now that golden candlestick, now that, that, now watch the figure, watch, watch what it’s pointing to.

Now those of you that get up here, that can’t remember chapters and verses, that, that, that can’t remember what chapter and what verse it is over there. Then we wrote it all around here. If you forget, all you have to do is just walk up here and look at it. Just walk up here and look at it. Walk up here and look at it, you can read it right down there. Get the point? Anything you want about it, all you have to do is just read about it. That’ll tell you what this is all about, tell you what this is all about, tell you what this is all about here.

Now them vessels had to be placed in there. You can’t change this over here and this over here. You can’t move it no kinda way. Now let me show you what moving it about, would amount it to. Now, you’d have to move your heart and your lungs in yourself. Now that’s what happens if you move ‘em. And everybody’s got one of them things. You get it? Everybody’s got one. Now then, Messiah said, looking at the golden candlestick that illuminates the sanctuary in here. All you have to do is look, look over here, it says, try this. It looks like to me.., I let me, let me put my glasses on. Now I’m not trying to remember that. Now here’s John 5:35 and 8 and 12. Read it.

Reader: He was a burning and shining light

Dr. Kinley: He was a burning and shining light. Read 8th chapter and the 12th verse.

Reader: Then spake Yahshua again unto them

Dr. Kinley: Then spake Yahshua again unto them

Reader: saying

Dr. Kinley: saying

Reader: I am the light of the world

Dr. Kinley: Now you take.., ain’t no fix, no repair work on it at all. It don’t make no difference who’s in the pulpit. You get that now? No, no, no repair work. Somebody might come along and say, ‘Well I, I disagree with you.’ No, you’re not disagreeing with me, you’re disagreeing with the Book. And you can argue with that all you want to. Get the point? Now let me show you something else. Now, now let me show you something about this. Now this is this altar of shewbread. Now all we’ve done is taken these vessels, chapter and verse. That’s all we’ve done, that’s all. Get it now? Down here. 6, 7, 6. Now I want you to look at the 8th chapter and the 5th verse of Hebrews.

Reader: who serve unto the example

Dr. Kinley: Now this, this, this serves as an example

Reader: and a shadow of heavenly things.

Dr. Kinley: As, as an example and a shadow of heavenly things. Read.

Reader: as Moses was admonished

Dr. Kinley: as Moses was admonished

Reader: of Elohim

Dr. Kinley: of Elohim. You got God in your Book. In other words, Moses was admonished, after he’d seen up here, seen the vision of this tabernacle up here. And God took him all, Elohim took him all, showed him about all the vessels and the dimensions and everything. Then when he come down here, he was admonished. Admonished of what?

Reader: when he was about to make the tabernacle.

Dr. Kinley: Now when he was about to make it. Now that was Korah, Abiram and Dathan, they were down there. They’re supposed to be good builders. They knew all about construction work. I’m trying to tell you in such a way, you know what I’m about that. Now they, they, they was gonna find a better way to make this more substantial. Now Moses down seen it up here. Done revealed it to him up here in the mountain and he’s seen it. Now he comes down here to, to make it, and he’s got some carpenters and what not down there, knows all about construction work and how to make it better than what God showed Moses. Abiram, Dathan, and Korah. Now Moses didn’t argue with them, didn’t fool with them, said he just drew a line. Said, ‘Now all them’s on the Lord’s side, you get over here, and all them’s on their side, get over there.’ And they separated and divided. And the earth did opened up. God did open up the earth and swallowed ‘em on up. And Moses went on. And God admonished him; He told him, said, ‘For see saith He…’

Reader: that thou make all things

Dr. Kinley: Now, you make all things

Reader: according to the pattern

Dr. Kinley: according to the pattern

Reader: showed to thee in the mount

Dr. Kinley: showed to thee in the mount. Well, why? Because it’s a figure of heavenly things. You have heard preachers say, ‘Well, I don’t know what’s in heaven, but come on, let’s start on our way tonight.’ Now all they had to do is look at the pattern. That’s right, he don’t know nothing about it, because this is a figure of heavenly things. Yes I know this is a poor drawing all around here, but the angels belong all around the veils here o n the interior, across here and across this vail here and the cheribims of glory that you read about there in Hebrews of which we cannot now speak particularly. Now when Moses was about to ma.., build it, God says to him, now you make all things according to the pattern that He’d showed him in the mount. Now that’s what we are going by in this school. Now reverend so in so can’t tell us no more about it than God.

Now let me show you the vital importance of it. If you were to take even the smallest, listen, ultramicroscopic particle of matter, which is the atom, and examine it, then you would find that it had a proton, neutron, and electron. Place it up beside you and that’s what this is, this is you here. Then you got a Most Holy Place, chest cavity, a cranial cavity, chest cavity and the abdominal cavity. Everybody’s got one of them things. You are pneuma, psyche, and soma; soul, body, and spirit. Now there’s just no need to arguing about it. Male and female has got one of them, is just what I just said. And your sex don’t make no difference cause there’s neither male nor female, bond nor free, but we’re all one in this dispensation. Now that’s what we’re trying to teach you down here. Now listen close at what I’m saying. Now Yahweh Himself, Yahweh Elohim is the archetype, that means original, pattern of the universe. Moses built this tabernacle that He showed him down here, but this tabernacle of the universe, Yahweh Himself builded and not the man. Now I can look at that and see how He showed Moses, how, how, how, how, why it was, that it’s a Most Holy Place, Holy Place, and a Outer Court. Most Holy Place. Every.., these 6 days, I can see that. And that’s the scheme that runs through all of nature. Listen, even the migratory, we call this, we’re calling this tabernacle the pattern. Now it’s taken from Him, Himself. Now this pure spirit here is inconceivable and incomprehensible and without any shape or any form. Then He took on shape and form. The shape and form. Now look, now Moses looking right at Him, he said, ‘Man here is made in the likeness and image of God or Elohim.’ Then Elohim transforms or transfigures into this tabernacle; in other words, this tabernacle is Him transfigured. This is the Temple. (DR. KINLEY TAPS THE CHART.) Now look. First pure spirit, then incorporealization, then He come down here and walked around in the flesh: that was Him manifested in the flesh. Don’t believe me, look it for, at the, look at your Book. 1st Timothy, I believe it is 3:16. Read it out of the King James Version Bible. I don’t care which one you read it out of.


Reader: Without controversy

Dr. Kinley: Now listen. There’s just not, now that’s without controversy. Controversy means a debate or an argument. Now just without any argument out of anybody from anywhere. Without controversy, without argument out of anybody from anywhere. And there’s nobody that’ll argue with you about it but the devil. Don’t tell me he won’t argue with you. He argued with the Messiah. Now look what he done. Now it says without controversy.

Now here’s the controversy. When He’s out there in the wilderness, we got it down there more frequently on that chart there, so He’s out there in the wilderness to be tempted. The devil said to Him, ‘if you be…’ Now I wanna show you how that argument comes up too, cause I see a lot of ‘em don’t understand that. Now when He was baptized in the River Jordan and went into the wilderness, just like Israel was baptized here in Red Sea and went into the wilderness here. Now you’d do well to follow me. And I want you women and you men to be able to tell this story like it is because there is salvation in it. There is power in it. It will save anybody. It will cast the devil out. Now your seniority, I’m not talking about that. Now, when He was baptized here in the River Jordan, a voice came from heaven and said, ‘This is My beloved Son.’ Now I heard it argued around there wasn’t no place where it was said that He was the Son of God but Him saying it. Well we see He was crucified. But this voice, I tell you, it come from heaven and said, ‘This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.’ And that was confirmed too when they was up in that mountain. Mount of transfiguration. It was confirmed. That voice came from heaven and said,’This is My beloved Son.’ Now somebody, the Jews most in particular, try and run around and argue about whether He was the Son of God or not. But now, I’m talking about something here. Now He said He was the Son of God. Now when He’s baptized, went straightway into the wilderness. And then after He gets out in the wilderness… And I haven’t seen no preacher that knows what I’m talking about, what I’m fixing to say, I haven’t seen it. You’ll find this down here in about the 4th chapter of Matthew, and you’ll also find it in Luke. The devil says now, ‘if you be the Son of God.’ You heard the voice come from heaven saying that it was. Now he goes out there and asks Him, ‘Now, if you be…’ Here now Yahweh said He was. You get it now? And so now, we got this passover plot. Arguing around about it. Says, ‘But now, if you be the Son of God command these stones to be made bread.’ And I haven’t seen a preacher yet, not yet. I haven’t seen one that couldn’t read that, but I haven’t seen one that knew anything about the stones he was talking about and why the devil said that to Him. Now I’ll tell you. Now when the children of Israel went through the River Jordan under Joshua, they took 12 stones out of the river to mark the place where they crossed over Jordan. And they put ‘em up in a, as a, 12 stones marking 12 tribes; indicating 12 tribes. Now when they get across the River Jordan, Joshua told ‘em, now you prepare vittles on the third day after that they were gonna cross that river. And incidentally after Moses, they, for his death, they mourned his death 30 days. That’s the reason why I say, we know what we’re talking about down here. And then Joshua give them three days to clean up. Now that’s 30 and 3 is 33. Well now, the Messiah here, when He’s 33 years old He entered on into… Don’t you see that? He’s fulfilling. Now, as they crossed over the river, took those stones out of there and marked. And they told their, their children, told them to tell their children, if they asked about these stones, then you tell ‘em what it, what it means. And marked it, even the place that they crossed the river; 12 stones, the 12 tribes. Now listen, then the manna ceased. They received manna down here in the wilderness and they were fed that manna. It come down from heaven. And then when they crossed over that the manna ceased. Now they didn’t have the manna to eat. There’s the stones marking the place, representing the 12 tribes. Now the devil said to him, having heard, he said, now of these 12 tribes, which is 12 stones, said, ‘Command these stones to be made bread.’ Ain’t no manna, He’s out there 40 days, no manna. Question: why? He was the bread Himself. That’s what He’s saying here in John, and on this table of shewbread. ‘I am that bread which came down form heaven.’ All you have to do is look it up here in the Book. It’s just up there, just as plain as the nose on your face. You can’t miss. Down here some of us had a slang saying, ‘We just can’t loose.’ Not with this stuff we use. We’re using the scriptures. And we’ve got that thing so it… Look, it works all the way too, from start to finish, from beginning to end. And it never gets out of that category, never gets out of it at all.

Now this we call an elementary chart. I’ll be done in a minute. But I wanna show you now, why it is. Now here it’s the same thing back out here in the Garden of Eden. And if you noticed there’s a Court Without. That’s what this line and all indicates there. That indicates this court, this Outer Court here. And when that tabernacle is placed right along the side of it, then we got the whole thing. 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3. (DR. KINLEY KEEPS TAPPING THE CHART WITH EACH NUMBER. IT SOUND LIKE HE’S COUNTING THE THREE PARTS TO EACH OF THE 12 PLATES ON THE ELEMENTARY CHART) Now listen, it doesn’t make any difference. We’re all into the formation of the Godhead Itself: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3. Seven. The gate, the gate to enter in here. The gate is one, two the altar, three the laver, four the door, five the Holy Place, six the vail, seven the Most Holy Place. Can’t improve it. Every day of the creation as you have it recorded there in Genesis, the first chapter of Genesis. I don’t know of, some of you haven’t never noticed this, Moses always… Now listen at what I’m gonna say here. You see the whole chapter comes right down into the second chapter with an AND. The evening AND the morning were the first day. And AND, and AND, and AND, and AND. Now look, now here goes John on the Isle of Patmos. He didn’t say the next day, the next day, the next day, the next day. He didn’t say that. He said, ‘After this I saw.’ Well, what’s He doing out there. What’s his story. All that he’s doing, that’s the reason why they don’t understand Revelation. All he’s doing is confirming what Moses saw. That makes up the revelation. Now the Messiah He’s fulfilling. And John’s life was preserved to be on the Isle of Patmos and he’s just looking back and confirming everything. So now the Genesis… Look, give me your, give me your Bible. The whole entire Bible itself from back to back. It’s just wrapped up. There’s no excuse for nobody not understanding. No excuse at all. But you’ll find this: every time Yahweh said anything, now this is the devil’s job, he’s gonna always contest it. Always. He’s gonna get the opposite side of it, and he’s gonna question it. Now for you to be a qualified and a capable teacher and instructor and to be saved yourself, you have to be able to prove the divine authenticity, the accuracy, the unerring accuracy, the infallibility of this book which we call the Bible. Now listen. Interpolations. Now those are spurious phrases. Mistranslations, they can all be picked up and put together perfectly. Read where I told you, in Timothy.

Reader: and without controversy

Dr. Kinley: Now without controversy. Now, there’s just, there ain’t, you don’t have out one to argue with you. Now God says a thing, now here’s a argument. The devil out there arguing, ‘if you be.’ If you’re a preacher, prove it. John said, ‘What manner of love is this, the Father hath bestowed upon us,’ not only Him, ‘that we should be called the Sons of God.’ Now if you’re a son of God, prove it. Just like the devil calling on Him out there, to prove it. And don’t you think the devil ain’t gonna make you prove it. He gonna make you prove that one. He gonna make you do that, you needn’t to worry around with it and about it. It’s coming up. Ain’t no need of you running around here saying that you are this nor that or the other. Whatever you say you are, he’s gonna make you prove it.

Now, I wanna mention this too. Now it was traditional and customary for the priests back here to wear garments, a linen garment, then garments of beauty and glory. Now every thing today follows in after that pattern of wearing some kind of a, a garment of identification. The ministry. That’s why the priests wear clergy vests. They wear other ind.., to indicate their profession. Now when you go, now, now I’m trying to get after it so you’ll know. Now when you go over seas or when you join the army, they got, they have to put something on you to identify you from the civilians. The chef, the cook I’m taking about, the chef, he’s got on a cap or what not, that identifies him as the cook. The doctor, in the doctor’s office, he’s got a garment that he puts on, he wears.., that indicates that he is a doctor. The nurse, she’s got a, a garment that she wears to indicate that they are that. Now I said that to say this: I am not against nobody wearing any kind of a garment of identification, and I don’t want nobody to think that I am, because I am not. Because that’s done all over the world, something they identi… But now look, there’s no need of wrapping, say of a wolf being wrapped up in sheep’s clothing. You all, you all, you understand? That’s right. Be whatever you are. There’s a whole lot of responsibility put on you when you put on something that indicates your position or your profession. Do you get it? Do you get it now? Then whatever you are, be that. If you’re a cook, be a good one. Ain’t that right? If you’re a soldier, be one, a brave one. If you’re a doctor, be one. I just wanted to let you know them things. I have never.., now I don’t wear nothing much. Got a little star of David up here, just means I am a spiritual Jew. I’m a Jew too, and not ashamed of it. Now I don’t mean one of them hard headed boys back there. Don’t, don’t, don’t equate with that one. You know what makes a Jew? When you will hear the Gospel, not the shape of his nose, because if he rejects the Messiah, you know what, you know what the Book says about that? Then they’d be unto you as a publican and as a heathen.


Listen, for common salvation and the faith, listen boy I didn’t say work, which was once, not twice, just one time, delivered unto the sons of God. You got saints in your Book. Now it’s necces.., now he told you why. He said, ‘For there are certain men.’ Listen at what I’m saying to you. It’s important. ‘There are certain men,’ listen, ‘who are ordained of old.’ Meaning this: that them satanic spirits way back here were cast out and incarnated in physical bodies, which he sent the disciples out to cast them out before He died; and they have come all the way through the ages. Certain men who were ordained of old; in other words, Satan and his demons or his angels, they were cast out of heaven. They were ordained of old way back here. He appeared to Eve in the Garden and deceived, not Adam, they didn’t deceive Adam, deceived Eve. She’s typical of the Church. They were ordained of old, listen, unto this condemnation. Listen, said they’ve crept in unawares. Jude’s writing now to the, to them that had the Holy Spirit poured out on the Day of Pentecost on. Said now there was, this devil is crept in, coming in on down here, crept in, wasn’t noticed; unaware of it. Listen, listen to what I’m saying. They have.., you got that in the Book? Suppose you read it.

Reader: turning the grace of our El, of our Elohim

Dr. Kinley: And they have done what?

Reader: turning the grace of our Elo…

Dr. Kinley: turning the grace. You heard me, I said grace. Can’t you read? Turning the grace. Listen, Paul says for by grace are you saved through faith. Listen, that not of yourselves, it is the gift, free gift. Now the devil’s got you around here trying to work up on something. You know what I mean by work up on something? He’s got a bunch of ritualistic.., up would call hisself administering the communion, saying that Matthew 26:26, Jesus said for us to take and to eat. And he’s transubstantiating the actual body and blood, that grape juice into the actual body and blood of Yahshua the Messiah. Now if you believe that, you’re, you’re nuts, you’re just nuts. Now why did I say that that way? What’s in, what, what they’re telling you that man is up there creating Christ. I’m trying to talk so you’ll understand. Now if you believe that, you are nuts. Now that’s the Catholic view. Now the Protestant view is consubstantiation. He says, ‘No, that’s not what we’re doing.’ He says, ‘Now this is a type and a shadow.’ Well listen, we don’t want no shadow, we want the genuine thing. Get the point? Now that’s what they’re doing out there in the churches. They’re turning the grace of our Yahweh Elohim into a bunch of just down right foolishness. Listen Roger, get up. Come on out here. Can’t you see that man’s shadow. Can’t you see how his shadow’s down here on the floor. What’s the use of me running after, trying to grab your shadow. All I got to do is just get you. Now that’s what they’re doing back there fooling with them things.

Student Body: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: That’s what you just read in the ninth chapter of Hebrews. This was a type and a shadow. Isn’t that right?

Student Body: Right.

Dr. Kinley: I don’t want no shadow, I want the real thing. Now in order to get the real thing, all you have to do is just take Roger. You don’t have to worry with it down here on the floor, looking at the shadow. Here comes somebody about shadow boxing. Thank you Roger. I’m trying to give you, I’m trying to give you the genuine thing. Now listen, Yahweh is spirit. He… God is a spirit and He seeketh such to worship Him in works.

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: of righteousness.

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: Now somebody said, ‘Well listen, I’m not following Kinley.’ Mouth all stuck out. So what would you follow? I’m following Christ. Another one up there, up there they got in an argument about it. One said, ‘He’s of Paul.’ One said he’s.., let’s, let’s make that Bishop Short. Another says, ‘No, I ain’t of Bishop Short.’ I’m making a parable. Another says, ‘Well, I’m of Apollos,’ that’s Dr. Harris. And another one says, ‘No, I’m not of that either.’ Another says, ‘Well, I’m of Peter,’ that is Jimmy. And he’s got another one up there too. Now who do you think? He said, ‘I’m for Christ.’ You get the point? Now is He divided like that?

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: Now who is Paul? Who is Peter? Who is Apollos? Was any of them crucified for you? Do you, do you see what… It’s plain as the nose on your face. Now these men that’s ordained to this condemnation crept in unawares. ____ ____ Titus 3:5.

Reader: not by works of righteousness

Dr. Kinley: Now wait a minute. Now he said under the grace, which means that you didn’t merit it at all. Nobody never earned no salvation. Nobody merited it at all. Somebody says, ‘Well don’t tell me, I paid my dues.’ Yes, but you didn’t, you didn’t merit nothing. Hmmm. Somebody says, ‘Yes, I’m a candidate for baptism, it’s coming up next Sunday.’ Somebody said, ‘And I’m a candidate for baptism.’ And Billy, Billy Graham’s running around telling people, ‘Just join any church of your own choice,’ that he might get a great big audience when he comes around.


He’s got contracts with this one and that one and the other one and all the Christians toward him, and get, it gets as many suckers as they can. He says they can go to their respective and, and anyone of them that joins belongs and so they can run them in. And then they got a write up in the paper, there to go Sunday morning to the church of your choice. Now the church, that they are the congregation or assembly, that is the body of Yahshua the Messiah. Now how many messiahs are there? Now they’ve turned the grace, they were ordained to this condemnation, that’s their job. They all were. Now look, after all these carnal ordinances: circumcision, water baptism, and all this was nailed to the cross, fulfilled and nailed to the cross. Then, over here, we’re not practicing that Old Covenant. We’re in the Kingdom of God. See the point? Now, all of this back here just pointed to…, this was natural, carnal, or pointing to Him. Now when you get Him, you got the whole thing. You’re circumcised with the circumcision made without hands. He’s circumcised eight days after He was born. You got that? ____ too. You have.., somebody said, ‘Well, Jesus was baptized, and He was baptized in the water, if He, if, if, if He was baptized, I ain’t no better than He was.’ They say, ‘if He was baptized, it’s good enough for me.’ Isn’t that right? And we had one in here saying Philip joined to the chariot. Stopped the Chariot said, ‘Here’s water.’ And both Philip and the eunuch… He did too, went down in the water, and Philip baptized the eunuch and went on his way rejoicing. But before he got to that, he went down there and he preached to all of Samaria. Preached to all of Samaria, but nobody in Samaria got the Holy Ghost, not a one, until Peter and John went down there. Well if didn’t nobody in Samaria get the Holy Ghost until Peter and John went down there, why would you think that the eunuch after he was baptized out there got the Holy Ghost? Don’t see nothing where he met Peter and John, do you? It said he went on his way rejoicing. Now here’s something else you didn’t know about that. Now you’d have went back and looked about the eunuch in the law. That’s the reason why we tell you go to the Law and to the Testimony, if they don’t speak according to this word it’s because there’s no light in ‘em. Now that eunuch. Paul was one of them too. He couldn’t, they couldn’t be admitted to the congregation with them back under the dispensation of the law. Somebody said, ‘Well why?’ That’s what, that’s what you oughta ask. Why? Is because the eunuch is not fertile. He don’t have no offspring, no children, can’t multiply. Now look, what business then has he got in there telling somebody else’s kids what to do? He ain’t got none of his own. And God said he was gonna multiply ‘em, but he ain’t done nothing. Get the point? So he wasn’t admitted in there. What’s in the prophets, they wrote? 56th chapter of Isaiah. Said, they won’t have no more… There used to be the sabbaths, and at that time is gonna. Said he was gonna move that thing out of the way. And they wouldn’t say no more that he was a dry tree. And he was gonna give them a special elevated place in the congregation. And that’s how Paul got in. He had to be out there with the Gentiles. That is the reason why he was up there with the Sanhedrin Council. But now when that Holy Spirit come in. Now listen. Here he ain’t got children after the flesh. Here on this side of the cross, you got ‘em after the spirit. So then now, Paul had none at all after the flesh, but look at all them after the spirit. There he has multiplied in this dispensation, not born after the flesh, but born after the spirit. That’s the reason why he called Timothy, his given son in the faith, that’s why he called Titus his son in the faith. Oh I tell you, now that’s the difference between one dispensation and another. One is a multiplication in the flesh; the other is multiplication in the spirit. And under the dispensation of the Law, the man that was wounded in his seed, his stones; he was not fertile and therefore was not permitted in the congregation of the assembly. Now then, when Pete.., when Philip would go down, and meets this eunuch and he preaches to him there. The eunuch didn’t know nothing about he was reading, and asked him about it. And Philip told him about it, and the baptism of John, and he told him about the Holy.., pouring out of the Holy Spirit. And now here’s where he’d come in. And so the eunuch said, ‘Now, now what hinders me?’ He, he said, if you believe with all your heart. So then he stopped the chariot. He went down there and baptized him. And the eunuch went on his way rejoicing. You get the point? Here is water, physical water. Now look, we’re baptizing with water, but he that believeth on me as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. This He spake of the spirit.

Man sitting close to recorder microphone: Living water, living water, right.

Dr. Kinley: Now the devil, he can’t see nothing but the natural. He don’t understand nothing. Somebody could turn around and say, ‘See, see.’ No, he don’t see. How’s a blind man gonna see? Certain men crept in unawares who were ordained to this condemnation and turned the grace… Heaven was searched, the earth was searched and no man was found worthy to open the book and to loose the seals. Then John said, he wept much on the account of it. And then he looked again and he saw that lamb that is slain, even before the foundations of the earth. God always makes preparation for a restoration and redemption before something happens. Now here’s somebody doesn’t understand what it’s all about. As soon as somebody comes along and does something to them, that they don’t think oughta be done to them. They’ll, they’ve gotten used to saying like this, ‘Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.’ Meaning, if you kill my dog, I’ll kill your cat, or God’ll kill your cat. If you do something to me, then God.., ‘I’m gonna tell God on you.’ I really think He found out about it before either one of you. Say, ‘Child, I’m gonna tell on you, I’ve.’ And then some of ‘em say, ‘Well, I’m gonna get down here and pray for you.’ And, and some of them that got it, got it up to the ____ ____.., Said, ‘I want you all in.’ Want to start on their way to heaven, come on up here for today so we can pray for them. They’re done beating you in the back and screaming and slobbering and spitting all around every.., telling, ‘You got to pray for me, child.’ There ain’t nothing like that in your Bible. He didn’t tell you to pray. Now look, listen, let’s make it clean. The spirit in you makes the intercession for… But that man hasn’t got the spirit in him and you tell him to pray for you, down there beating him in the back and then got him up lying, said, ‘How do you feel now?’ Yes, that’s right. Now, we laugh at these things now. He didn’t tell nobody to pray for you. ‘But what must I do?’ Repent, not pray, repent, believe on the Lord Jesus. Then you don’t worry about it. He didn’t say believe on Henry, didn’t say believe on Pete, didn’t say believe on somebody else. Now listen, Yahweh only has.., listen at me now, I want you to know how big of fool we are and how stupid we are. We’ll let some cardinal or one of these that’s ordained to this condemnation, come along and tell us, said, ‘God sent him to preach the gospel in this latter day.’ And he gets up and all these natural things that was down under the dispensation of the law; he’s got you bowing down to… Crept in unaware. And look, reading out of the Bible too. Don’t you think he ain’t reading out of the Bible. He is reading out of the Bible. Turn over there in the 7th chapter of Matthew, He said, ‘Judge not.’ ‘Jesus said it. Jesus said.’ Said, ‘Who said it?’ Said, ‘Jesus said.’ And when he gets done telling you about what Jesus said. Now here’s what they don’t see. None of these people back here, they didn’t have the Holy Spirit. The promise that God made to Abraham, it was poured out here. Joel said, Peter got up there and said, that this is that which was spoken of by the prophet, prophesying that in the last day that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. And what did you do to mer.., merit it?

Student Body: Nothing.

Dr. Kinley: And, listen here folks this is, this is some more of the bad part of it. Now this is bad. Not one of you is a jew. You don’t have no business starting there because of things in there about keeping the Sabbath day. He ain’t said nothing to you about washing no feet, He ain’t said nothing to you about taking no Lord’s Supper. At no time. He hasn’t said anything to you about the feast of Pentecost, eating no lamb and bullock and offering up of no turtle dove, and what not. But He did say to them that done ‘em. He said, ‘Come unto Me, all ye that labor.’ It was a pretty stiff job getting some bullocks and things up in them, up in that mountain, up, up in Mount Moriah. That’s the reason why the money changers, they brought the cattle up there and the doves, and they tied it right out there and the cattle could, where it could eat. So you wouldn’t have to go leading a bull up the side of the mount. They established some money changers up there, profiteering, and they made His house a den of thieves, as merchandise. They ain’t got through with that yet. Here when He overturned this, the money changers’ tables, saying something about it. And here you are up here paying somebody to get up here and to lie to you. Said, ‘What are you going up here.’ The Lord says, ‘He give us, he that lendeth it unto the Lord, lend it to Him.’ Lending the Lord something. Now I’ll tell you, it’s, it’s… Said, ‘Paul, He went around and he took up a collection.’ They say, ‘Well, what’d he do that for?’ For the poor saints which was at Jerusalem.

Person: That’s what I said, That’s what I taught, I taught that.

Dr. Kinley: We’ve got the basket. They’re passing it around the building. ‘This one, it’s mine, have mercy.’

Person: That’s right. That’s what they do.

Dr. Kinley: Passing it around. Now we got that for this. Then you’ll, you’ll find another one coming right down behind him. Ain’t just that, the… Now, got about everything you think you can get out of you, says, Would you mind coming up here and offering this to the Lord?’ ‘Well since He won’t take it, I guess I’ll take it.’ Just the biggest fool you ever saw. Paying for it too. Sweating and getting out there, children going barefooted, no milk in the refrigerator, nothing there for his eating, and paying somebody to lie, hypocrite preacher. It’s a disgrace, a shame.

Now faith comes by hearing and that by the Word of God. You hear the real genuine gospel preached and you believe as the apostle said or the jailor said. Remember I told you about that? When they were, Paul and Silas was in prison and they put ‘em in there for preaching the gospel, for preaching in that name. And then the great earthquake occurred and the jailor, he thought everybody was gone and his life was in jeopardy. So then, now, he was starting to kill himself. And Paul said, ‘Do yourself no harm, we’re here.’ The jailor said, ‘Now what must I do to be saved?’ That’s a 64.000 dollar question. Somebody says, ‘Well, I’ll tell you what you can do, you come on up here and give me your hand.’ He didn’t mean that. That pocketbook. He didn’t mean taking ____ ____. Then you become a candidate for baptism. And then after you done all they said do, then they got the nerve… This is the truth. Bishop, you know I’m telling the truth about it. But that man is experienced in these things. Am I, am I telling the truth doc, Dr. Williams?

Dr. Williams: That’s a fact, I’ve taught in this school.

Dr. Kinley: Then after you get in there, after you get in there, after you done got baptized, you done got your feet washed, you done eating I don’t know how many Lord Suppers for six months. You’re on probation 6 months, which means this: after you done got in, they still ain’t got no confidence in you. They gonna see how you do for 6 months. Now you know that’s true. You’re on trial, on probation for 6 months. Getting you ready for a paid ministry. Now where do you find that in the Bible. Just tell us any kinda junk. Now all these kinda things is the cause of all these riots, and all this mob fighting, all these wars that are going on up here. All this tumult against the races and the nation and the secretary started in on first one thing and then another, just what I’m saying. A republican and a democrat and just anything. Somebody come along and says, ‘Well I’m a mason, I’m an oddfellow, I’m a this and I’m a that. I’m a black muslim, I’m a, I’m white supremist.’ Just, just any and everything. You’re gullible. Yes and it sounds good, Said, ‘Boy you oughta take up for your race.’ and then go right over here and tell Dr. Harris, ‘Boy you ought to take up for your race.’ And then here in your building Dr. Harris got the police all over ____ ____ ____. Do you see how stupid we are. That’s the way the devil’s got us going and all over the world. Now these things must come. They must come . Now somebody said, ‘The black people, they’re the underprivileged people.’ That sounds pretty good. Said, ‘You can’t get no jobs no where‘ More of them on the relief now anywhere else. They have segregated their houses, ____ ____ ____. They are isolated and all them different kinda things. Now then, you go and pull up by the white man. I’ll tell you. You look to the wrong fellow for salvation. Now what’s the white man gonna pull up by? Get the point? Now here we are, standing right on the brink of the thing. Yes, before He goes to pull the curtain down, just like ____ ____ ____. And I’d have you to know that the black folks were the first to rule the world, the world. The dark people, Babylonians. That was one of the seven wonders of the world up there. Black folks. Is that right Dr. Harris?

Dr. Harris: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: Is that right Brother Williams?

Brother Williams: That’s a fact doc.

Dr. Kinley: Then you know what happened to ‘em? God overthrowedem. You know what for? Idolatry. Now when he was up and out, there’s Israel taken captive against them. Here they come in, going into Babylon, taken captive. Had old Bel setting up there on the wall, had Nebo over here. Those are idol gods up there on the wall. Nebuchadnezzar, he took the sacred vessels of the sanctuary, he was… Oh he was important, that boy. Drinking wine out of the vessels of the sanctuary. And you know what happened? Then something wrote up there on the wall: ‘mene, mene, tekel, upharsin.’ Your kingdom is divided and given unto the Medes and Persians. Israel come in there. Look, somebody says, ‘Now, you haven’t seen nothing like this.’ Bel was an idol. In fact you put one over there on the wall, it’s that figure right there. Nebo’s up there too, that’s the top god. Israel come in there strutting on up down and you, you talk about the your March, Freedom March out there in the streets, and a parade. They marched on in Babylon. Bel, an idol bowed. And the world never heard tell of an idol. Idol bowed: Bel bowed down, Nebo stoopeth at the presence of the Lord. Now do you understand? But God overthrowed it for idolatry. The reason why you’re in the shape and the condition that you’re in now is because you are dependent upon the wrong person. You’re dependent upon nationalities and races and you’re depending upon a dollar instead of depending upon Yahweh to deliver you. They didn’t purchase their freedom out of bondage down here with no money, not a thing that was down in Egypt, enslaved. They didn’t purchase their freedom from Babylon with no, no price. You can’t put something into shekels and put your price. Now Christ was raised, for a man to resurrect…, you were redeemed by the blood. Now let’s just read that ____ ____. There’s no salvation in no other. There’s no salvation in, in Peter. There’s no salvation in Paul. There’s no salvation in, in, in, in Kinley. There ain’t no salvation in that man. He’s the man to be saved. He’s not the savior, but the individual to be saved. And now in conclusion, I’m sorry I took up all this time, but can I just go…

Student Body: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Will you let me?

Student Body: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Suffer it to be so. Now look, I tried to tell you. Now Moses don’t know nothing more about the creation, Bishop Short, than I do and you do. Plato1, Aristotle2, Socrates, Spencer3, Huxley, ____, nobody (I, I almost got it all) know nothing about it. Now He told him to build this tabernacle. But now listen, this tabernacle he built up. ., but the greater and more perfect tabernacle, the tabernacle of the universe, He built Himself. Never made no errors, never made no mistakes. And listen, out of all of your smart men, your scientific research. Read anybody’s scientific article in any up to date magazine you want to and all it is a proton, neutron and electron. You’ve got the Father, Yahweh; Son, Yahshua; Elohim, Holy Spirit. Now, here’s my story, here’s my story. This is what I’m trying to teach all of you here. Now if they abstain from keeping these Passovers and these ordinances which they were told to do, it would still have been wrong. You see that now? But now here’s what they didn’t see and here’s what they didn’t understand. Now in this dispensation over here on this side of the cross, we don’t eat of none of that. We don’t partake of none of the carnal ordinances; in other words we are fasting. Total abstinence from food, will not participate or indulge in any of it. A complete fast; in other words, we will not eat no Lord’s Suppers. We will not partake of any of those carnal ordinances that was on the other side of the cross. What do you mean? Do you mean that you won’t eat no lamb, that you won’t eat no beets? No. The fasting I’m talking about is you sitting down eating those things with a consciousness of obedience to the law. Here’s a man fasting; and look how fat some of these people are around here, running around seeing Dr. Harris for being.., about overweight. Just as fat as they can be. Doctor tell ‘em that, ‘You better take off some of that boy.’ Fasting. And he…


   1 427 – 347 BC., Greek philosopher. The philosophy of Plate (Plato?), especially insofar as it asserts the ideal forms as an absolute and eternal reality of which the phenomena of the world are an imperfect and transitory reflection, The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. American Heritage Publishing Co., Inc. 1970.

    2 384 – 322 BC., Greek philosopher, pupil of Plate (Plato?); tutor of Alexander the Great; author of works on logic, philosophy, natural science, ethics, politics, and poetics. His deductive method of logic, especially the theory of the syllogism and formal logic dealing with the relations between propositions in terms of their form instead of their content. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. American Heritage Publishing Co., Inc. 1970.

    3 1820 – 1903, British philosopher. The system of logical positivism developed by Herbert Spencer, setting forth the idea that evolution is the passage from the simple, indefinite, and incoherent to the complex, definite, and coherent. Also called synthetic philosophy. The American Dictionary of the English Language. American Heritage Publishing Co., Inc. 1970.


Don’t nobody living know no more about it than me. No, you don’t know no more about it than me. And listen, that that means this. I don’t have no boasting to do, no bragging to do at all. No sir, no ma’am, I did not read up on it. And if it wasn’t that Yahweh showed me, I wouldn’t know no more about it than anybody else. So you see that leaves me without anything to boast about. Do you, Do you understand? And that’s the way it is. Now this work has been as I told you, all around the colleges; it’s all through the world as of now. It, it, it has actually gone all over the world, this work, and nobody that has been able to dispute it. Why? Because what you are doing, you are going by a pattern. When you start in your Bible Genesis 1:1 says, in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light. And the evening and the morning were the first day. Now you got a division there with light and darkness. Now suppose I ask you because I’m… and you’re, you’re in the world… Supposing I ask you, say, ‘Why did God, do it like that?’ ‘Huh? Let me tell you something boy, I ain’t gonna, I’m not trying to meddle in God’s business.’ He don’t know. And just instead of him just coming up there plain, flat and saying, ‘I don’t know.’ Won’t do that, that would ruin his reputation. And I could ask him one thousand questions and everything; for example, now the next day, the next day, what happened the next day? Divided the waters above from the waters beneath. Why? ‘Huh? I can’t, it don’t make no difference to me, all I know is, it says in God’s Holy Word that He done it.’ That’s right. We’re going on down on the third day. On the third day in the creation. Say, ‘Look here.’ Said, ‘It says down here that God divided the waters off of the, the waters off of the face of the earth and let the dry land appear and the seed of vegetation penetrated the soil. Why’d He do that?’ ‘Huh?’ He come right back, same thing. ‘It says that, don’t it? Listen, I believe what’s written in the Holy Bible.’ He don’t know one darn thing about it. Now you got a story there. Have you got his story now? Look at this one. II Corinthians of 1st, 2nd chapter of 1st Corinthians. Listen here, like the Jehovah’s Witnesses one time here not too long ago, when I asked them, ‘How?’ When some of my brothers children, now they’re Jehovah’s Witnesses and all. Said, ‘Ain’t nobody ever beer into heaven to come back and tell nobody nothing about it.’ I said, ‘Well, you never read, you’re not too well read, are you?’ Said, ‘Hard to prove, uncle Cliff and you know it, the Bible says.’ When you haven’t had any vision, you say, ‘The Bible says, eye has not seen, ear has not heard neither has it entered into the heart of man.’ We could tell you some of the names of the folks that did that, but he’s reading in the Bible and he don’t know nothing. Suppose I say to a scientist, ‘Say tell me why an atom is composed of a proton, neutron, and electron. Tell me why the hydrogen atom is only two fold. You say you believe in the Bible. You supposed to be knowing something, say you know God.’ You see the point? Now how you gonna convince somebody about something, you don’t know nothing about it your ownself. Alright. Corinthians there.

Reader: But as it is written

Dr. Kinley: But as it is written

Reader: eye hath not seen

Dr. Kinley: I’ll be down, I wanna cut it up short.

Reader: But the natural man

Dr. Kinley: but the natural man

Reader: receiveth not the things of the spirit

Dr. Kinley: He has never been born of God, he’s a natural man. Now you can stand around and tell him all you want to. Believe what he gonna tell you and this is what he gonna tell you. He don’t know the difference between a dispensation. He gonna tell you, ‘Well, Jesus said this. I’m not following Kinley, I’m following Jesus. Jesus said judge not.’ 7th chapter of 1st, 11th chapter of Matthew says Jesus said, ‘Judge not, for fear you may be judged.’ And just turn right over in the 6th chapter of 1st Corinthians and you read it, ‘Dare any of you having a matter against one another, go to the law before the unjust.’ Don’t you know that the saints shall judge the world? And are ye not worthy to judge the smallest matter.

Reader: that one down there you got in 2nd Corinth, or 1 Corinthians

Reader: But the natural man

Dr. Kinley: but the natural man

Reader: receiveth not the things

Dr. Kinley: Now, he’s not gonna receive it, when he’s standing there telling, trying, trying to tell Nick that he must be born again. He said, ‘Now, can a man enter the second time in his mother’s womb and be born again?’ He’s a natural man. Head of the Sanhedrin, counted one of the smart boys too. And He told him said, ‘Just, just have to put it this way, just marvel not, got to be, you must be born again. Now unless you are born again, you cannot see the kingdom of heaven.’ Now the kingdom of Israel back there, you remember we talked about carnal ordinances? They can’t see that. Now look, when you look at a natural birth and a spiritual birth, a natural or a carnal ordinance and a spiritual. He don’t see, He don’t see. It doesn’t have none, no effect. Alright. Read. Now watch it, watch it. I’m not just reading this to have some fun.

Reader: not the things of the spirit of Yahweh

Dr. Kinley: not the things of the spirit of Yahweh

Reader: for they are foolishness unto him

Dr. Kinley: Now you can say it’s foolishness unto him. Unless you’ve got something to give him on a plate, it’s foolishness to him. Unless you’ve got something to give him to drink, you’re foolish. Unless you’ve got some water to put him in, it’s foolishness. The natural man and a natural thing or the carnal ordinances and a carnal mind; and to be carnal minded is death ____ ____ it to the gentiles, so says the apostle. Alright read on.

Reader: neither can he know them

Dr. Kinley: Now look, you can just say, ‘Don’t you see?’ And, ‘You see Joe?’ Now you’re wasting your time. That man is blind, he can’t see. He can’t see why we are saying that. And that’s the reason why we tell ‘em in this school, there’s no sense in you going out down here down the street and getting in no argument with somebody down there and losing your job and creating a lot of enemies out there in the street. There just ain’t no sense in that. Now there’s a time and a place. In Ecclesiastes a time to be born, there’s a time to die, there’s a time to speak, and there’s a time to keep your mouth shut. There’s a time to get and a time to lose. Now, from as long as we’ve been going to this school, it’s time you learned something. With all the experience that you’ve had out here talking to these people around here, it’s time for you to learn that a natural man there, He is not going to receive the things of the spirit, cause you talk like a fool. Alright, read on.

Reader: because they are spiritually

Dr. Kinley: You have to have the spirit to discern what we’re talking about. Alright read.

Reader: because they are spiritually discerned.

Dr. Kinley: Now that’s what, that, that’s how you discern that. Now if they had the spirit it wouldn’t be no problem. But they don’t have the spirit and they ain’t got nothing to discern it with. Read.

Reader: but he that is spiritual

Dr. Kinley: Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, hold it, hold it, hold it. Now I want you to read Matthew 7:1 and put this together.

Reader: Judge not

Dr. Kinley: Judge not

Reader: that you be not judged

Dr. Kinley: that you be not judged

Reader: for with what judgement you mete

Dr. Kinley: Now look. There was no, not a one. Now look, there… Are you listening? You sure you’re listening? The high priest himself, you read there in Hebrews, the high priest, when he went in here, he had to offer first for his own errors, in no position to offer them up, sacrifice for nobody else. He had to offer his for his own errors, and then for the errors of the people. Now here we are.

Reader: but he that is spiritual

Dr. Kinley: Now, now, now you see Jesus said. Now there’s always somebody saying, ‘Jesus said.’ He did say it, but that was in the dispensation of the law. They didn’t have nothing to judge nobody with. And listen, if you don’t have the Holy Spirit now, you haven’t got nothing to judge nobody with and you don’t know what’s going on. And that’s what’s making people say they disagree. Alright read. Now get this one.

Reader: but he that is spiritual

Dr. Kinley: but he that is spiritual

Reader: judges all things

Dr. Kinley: He that is spiritual, the man that’s got the spirit judges everything. Everything you can think, everything you can do. I ain’t gonna put you in no water Jimmy. I ain’t gonna give you no crackers and grape juice. And you wash your own dirty feet. Now of course if you were disabled on something other like that, I, I might, I might try to help you out. I’m talking about salvation now. We were washed from our sins in His blood, the washing of regeneration. It’s not by works of righteousness. That’s Titus 3:5. I told you to read it a while ago. Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us. How? By the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Spirit. You running around here trying to merit salvation. And somebody is stupid enough to think that they can purchase salvation with a few bucks. Pray somebody out of purgatory. Somebody says, Well, God blesses the cheerful giver.’ I ain’t gonna give you nothing for lying to me. And the truth about it is you oughta have that took away from you, cause you ain’t nothing but a robber. That’s right. Robbing a man of his money and then robbing him of his soul on top of it. Now do you see why I got up here? Now this is the, this is the kind of preaching I done back yonder. And I just got in all kinds of trouble. They don’t allow them kind of preachers around. That’s why we got this school. This school never would have been, if they’d let us go out here in these schools, out here in these churches and preach it. And listen, I don’t want nobody to think anymore of me than what they see me to be. But he that is spiritual judges all things. Do you see it now? And listen, and another thing too. Let me say this folks, you can’t fool nobody. There’s always somebody trying to tell you just, ‘I don’t see what you’re talking about, this is the way I believe.’ Every last one of them, of Yahweh’s people, every son and daughter… In fact when Saul was asked about, ‘Is Christ divided?’ Said, ‘We’re all, He’s not divided, we’re all the ministers of Him’

No problem at all for us to agree, but in Babylon, 17th and 18th chapter of Revelation, confusion. Look, and the reason why we can’t get straighten out on how to carry on ahead, you got a form of godliness, but you deny the power. Now look folks, I’m gonna try, I’m gonna put this up here one more time. Now you heard me, cause I, I, I, I’m in that body. You know I’m good about sitting up in that seat when time is up. Here you got a pattern. You got blood, water, spirit. Somebody say, ‘I don’t see no water there.’ It certainly is. God told him that he’s going to come out of there. Said in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread until you return unto the ground. Now look, all these things have to be fulfilled. Now Yahshua the Messiah out there in the Garden of Gethsemane He’s out there praying.., great drops that night before He’s crucified. ____ ____ great drops of sweat, fulfilling him out there. Got to, got to have Him having blood in the sweat of His face. And then He went on from there, on up to see Caiaphas. Held, drug backwards and forward. And then He was lashed, beat all that night, just sweating, in the sweat of his face till he was, would return to the ground, till they took Him down off that cross and laid him in Joseph’s new tomb. And then you look at it, not knowing about the purpose. Look, Adam’s driven out here… World.

Here’s the Messiah of prophesy, ‘Behold you despised, wonder, I’ll work a work. I’ll work a work in your day that you shall not believe, though a man declare it unto you.’ And it is not by any works of righteousness which we have done, but it is according to His mercy that He saved us. Yahshua the Messiah died out there on the cross, so says the Book, while they were yet sinners. And listen, He wasn’t just hanging out there on the cross, dying out there, like a lotta people think. Said, ‘He, through the eternal spirit.’ That was the eternal spirit that was in that body. It was through the eternal spirit that He offered Himself without ____ or without sin. Lo, I come in the volume of the book, listen at me Farley, as it is written; it’s back to Moses and the prophets. Listen, I don’t mean ____ ____. Listen I don’t mean ____. Here’s what happened with Him, in the volume of the Book, as it is written of Him to do thy will oh… And He, listen, watch it now. Somebody’s alway talking about a lot of lost books of the Bible. You remember that, Farley? ____ism. Said,

‘Lost Books.’ Some of them they oughta throw away,. They’re corrupt. Wanna talk about the Koran, wanna talk about the book of Jasher. But now He comes. How could he say to the Jews, how could he say it; search the scriptures if they were lost; He that believeth on me as the scriptures have said, if they was lost? I come. What’s to fulfill every jot and every tittle, except that which is lost.

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: You look at it. You believe on me as the scriptures hath said. And then some idiot comes along and says, ‘Well.’ Buddha4, Zoroaster5, Spinoza6, Socrates7. Then got the guts and nerve to come on over on this side of the cross, the scriptures done been fulfilled and all and talk about the Koran ____, which is nothing but a corruption. Listen folks, let me say this to you. All that’s gonna ever be written for our divine inspiration, has been revealed and fulfilled. And here it is right out here. John writes in Revelation that He’s got it. And there isn’t anybody gonna come along down here with any different story than what Moses and the prophets come along with. If he did, he’s a liar. And they’re coming now saying that ‘Well, God sent me in the last days to straighten the world out and to establish a universal Utopia upon the earth.’ And here he don’t know straight up. You ask him a question just like we, just asked, ‘Why did God divide the waters above from the waters beneath? Why He did it on the third day?’ Why this and why that? Look here. It’s black dark down here in Egypt. And so it’s got to be black dark. This is the beginning of the migration and now then in the earth up there, it’s got to be the beginning. Yes, it’s that way. Dark down there three days. Now we got one, that he didn’t die out there on the cross. No, God never died out there on the cross. The spirit, we told you that, it was through the eternal spirit. He bowed his head in the locks of his shoulders and gave up the spirit. The body was dead, dead as it could be. Yahweh, you just read over there ‘without controversy great is the mystery of Godliness. Yahweh, weh was manifested in the flesh, seen of angels, believed on in the world, preached unto the gentiles and received up into glory.’

And some idiot thinks they got some kind of a death, burial, Passover Plot. Said, he’d give him something to bring him in and help the subconsciousness state. Now that, if it was that way, deception, then there ain’t nothing to none of it. No, He gave up the spirit out there and the flesh was dead out there on the cross.

Yahweh is spirit. And it was the spirit, He caused that body to be. What is matter. Matter is spirit materialized, your soul, incorporealization and spiritualization of your inner man, which is Yahweh Himself. Listen, it is in Him, we live and we have, we move and we have our being. Believe it or not Billy, that’s the way it is. Said, there’s another thing too, Billy. Said we ought not to think that the Godhead is like wood, ____, gold and all. Listen, let me tell you something else. You got a great big monumental structure out there. And your chest all stuck out, talking bout the church I got down on the corner. And our regalia… And we’re all… Mr. Roman Catholic is something to look at boy. Billions upon top of billions of dollars; gold, silver, every precious thing that they could gather up in the Church. Just like old Pharaoh did down there. And now they’ve build up these great big monumental structure which costs millions of dollars. Then when you got through with it, you look over there in the 17th chapter of Acts of the Apostles. Look back over there in the Kings and see what Solomon said, when he went to dedicate the temple. One that God gave the actual divine, specifications and instructions to Solomon up there, David, and then Solomon built it, which Solomon got our there and ____ ____ ____ dedicated to God. He said, ‘Look, the heaven of heavens;’ there’s three heavens, first heaven, second heaven, third heaven. Paul said, ‘I knew a man that above 14 years ago that was exalted up to the third heaven, and heard things impossible for a man to utter.’ Now here’s Solomon’s saying, ‘the heaven of heavens cannot contain thee, to say nothing about this house that I have builded out here on Mount Moriah. Paul, looking at it and talking to the Grecian philosophers. He said, ‘Ye ought not to think that God dwells in temples made by hands.’ Oh boy, ain’t that something? Just talking about these great monumental structure that they build up here. And their church that’s down on the corner, and the choir all robed out. And all them different kinds of things. And how beautiful it is and how wonderful they can sing and play the piano and the organ and the pipe organ. And then some of the cong.., people forget about the piano and the organ. Gone on up to the pipe organ. Says, sure is heaven. Said, ‘Don’t you want to join our church?’ And we talk about some little old cabin setting over yonder, over, across the, in Jerusalem somewhere. Now that, those temples is torn down. Don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. And that God dwelleth in you, you are the temple. Oh boy, when you begin to pen…, and men who search around in these atoms and molecules and the cells and all these kinds of things that makes me up here. David looked at it and said, ‘Gee, he sure is wonderful, man is wonderfully made.’ Doctor’s got a little glimpse, run down and said, ‘Look here.’ Slip out your tongue boy and let me see what’s the matter with you here. Says, ‘Uh, uh, I’m stumped. Said, heart beating 70 times a, a minute. Says what’s happening doc. Don’t know. He don’t see that man lived 930 years, died 70 years short. 70 weeks is determined upon him. They don’t understand nothing about it. I’m sorry.


4 Title of Gautama Siddhartha, 563 – 483 BC., and the founder of Buddhism (the doctrine that suffering is inseparable from existence but that inward extinction of the self and of the senses culminates in a state of illumination beyond both suffering and existence). The American Heritage Dictionary. American Heritage Publishing Co., Inc. 1970.

 5 Persian prophet of the sixth century BC; founder of Zoroastrianism (the religious system founded in persia by Zoroaster and set forth in the Zend-Avesta, teaching the worship of Ormazd [the chief deity, the creator of the world, the source of light, and the embodiment of good] in the context of a universal struggle between the forces of light and of darkness. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. American Heritage Publishing Co., Inc. 1970.

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