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by Dr. Henry C. Kinley

Los Angeles, California

recorded by Dr. Carl F Gross on reel to reel recorder

transferred to 2 90 minute audio cassettes by Geraldine Rothstein

CATALOG #: 67.06 AM

Transcribed by Sandra Giragosian

Proofread by Cathy Fenti, Gerry Rothstein, and Michael Rothstein

Proofread and approved by the International Public Relations Committee – 1996


1.  … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, uh, see, you see, you see what I mean, isn’t that right, understand, you understand, do you understand).

4. ___ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber.


MODERATOR: The Founder and Dean of the school, Dr. Henry C. Kinley.

Dr. Kinley: Thank you. I’m indeed happy and glad to be with you, and talk about things that I think is absolutely necessary for you to know. And it is my indispensable duty to make it my business to see to it that you do, so that you don’t have no excuse. Now, I’m not here to make somebody believe something. I’m not here to argue about it. Just tell you what the real purpose and plan calls for, and to warn and caution you, so that you can, if you so choose, to save your soul.

First, I’d like to say this. The majority of you don’t actually realize how bad the situation and condition is in the world in which you live in at this present time. You’re unconscious of it. With the many millions of people that call themselves Christians, if you were to take and a count of ‘em, you couldn’t see how that the world could be in as bad a condition as it really is, if you take their word for it.

Now, for example, there is around six hundred million Roman Catholics. Now, they’re supposed to be people that are righteous. Then you got four and a half million, four hundred and a half million, Moslems. Now, they rank next in number to the Roman Catholics, for your information. And they are the people that we are, that Dr. Gross has been talking with you about, scattered all through here. And then comes the Christians, like the, or let me call it the Protestants. Now, when we say Protestants, we talk about all the rest of the Methodists, the Baptists, the Presbyterians, the Camelites, the Dunkards, and the Mennonites, and all that kind of thing. That’s what we’re talking about.

Now, then, it don’t look like that the world could be in as bad a shape as it is, and as I’m just about to paint it to you to let you know. It don’t look like it could be in that bad a shape. But now, let me say this to you. Now, Dr. Gross got up here and he said that… Well, I’d better show you. I wanna show you as I go along. He went on and he told you that this was Joshua, correctly speaking was Yahshua. Did you notice he said that?

Student Body: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Real sure?

Student Body: Uh, huh.

Dr. Kinley: Now, somebody would want to raise a dispute and an argument about that, because He, at 110 He died and He was buried in a plot that was selected for Ephraim. Then if He was buried there at 110, then how in the world could He be born of the Virgin Mary and walk around on the face of the earth 33 years, and be crucified and replanted. And then somebody will come along and say, ‘Well you don’t have no Bible for that, that that was Him back there.’ You see the point. Yes, you do. Now, I wanna show it to you in your Bible.

The 10th chapter of 1st Corinthians, and then I’m going to hasten on. And another thing I’m going to do tonight, we’re gonna get beyond this. We’re gonna get beyond that dispensation, the present one that we’re living in. We wanna know what’s after this. All right, read. That Rock that followed… right down there you have it there in the 10th chapter about the 4th or 5th verse, I believe.

Reader: And did all drink the same spiritual drink:1

Dr. Kinley: Now, says there, it’s talking about the children of Israel through here, incidentally where you see on these charts, this picture through here, this is the same thing, this is the same thing. Where you see this up here on this chart, this is the same thing, this is the same thing. This is, this, this right here is the same thing as this right here. This right here is the same thing as that. Now, when you get through with it, it’s the same thing all the way through. Now, that’ll keep you from making a mistake. Get the point? Now, one is an, an analogy of the other.


1 I Corinthians 10:3

Now, say for instance, now, this, this Ark here that Noah built, is three-fold. And it rained 40 days and 40 nights. Now, if this Tabernacle is three-fold, you can see that the Ark has got to be, too. Now, you don’t have to waste your time, reading around in the Bible, chapters and verses, and all that kinda thing, trying to find out how many stories there was in the, in the, in Noah’s Ark. You’re just wasting your time. Much reading and much study is a weariness of the flesh.2 And let me tell you this, you never will be able to understand it that way, now or after a while. All you’ll get is more and more confused. That’s what’s the matter with the world today. I will prove that before I sit down. Just more and more confused. That’s how all of these doctrines has manistrated all over the earth plane. That’s how it happened.

Now, the 10th chapter of 1st Corinthians I believe, Paul, beginning at the 1st verse, he said, ‘Moreover, brethren, I would not that you should be ignorant.’ We don’t want you to be ignorant. Now, somebody said, ‘Well, he’s talking to the Grecians, or the Corinthians.’ No, that’s wrong, too. ‘Well, aren’t Corinthians Grecians?’ Yes, they are. Now then, then we’re confused right there. Get the point? And it hasn’t dawned on the other fellow out there, that’s how all these problems comes up.

Now, Paul is writing an epistle here to those that he left in Corinth that were Jews, to instruct the Gentiles. So, therefore, he says, ‘Moreover, brethren, I would not that you should be ignorant, how all of our fathers…’ And they were Jews or Israelites. Now, you can see by that that he’s writing an epistle to somebody up there that knew something about what he was talking about.

Now, if you turn over in the 7th chapter… I don’t want you to do that. If you turn over in the 7th chapter of the same epistle, he says, ‘I speak to them that know the Law.’ The Gentiles did not know the Law. Why didn’t he know it? Because it wasn’t given to him. What business has he got, it’s to the Jews first. I’m talking about the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Jew first. And then he was supposed to go and preach to the Gentiles. And the Gentiles was the rest of the world. Well, now, why would you write them an epistle, and tell them something about something they don’t know nothing about it. Get the point? Romans… Yes. You got the epistle to the Romans. He says, ‘The Romans, they are Gentiles.’ Yes, they are. But he wasn’t writing to the Romans. He was writing to them brethren that were up in Rome, that had previously been up to Jerusalem.

No, Pete wasn’t there, and never was in Rome. It’s contrary even to the purpose for him to be in Rome. For what? Well, somebody said, ‘Well, didn’t they tell him to go in all the world and preach the gospel to every creature?’ Yes, sure. He did. Now, the Roman Catholics would have you believe that Peter first set up the Holy Sea at Jerusalem, and he was there until 41. And then he moved it from Jerusalem to Antioch in Syria. And he set up the Holy Sea there for a while. And then, from there, in 41 he went to Rome. Now, that’s a lie. I mean it’s a lie according to the Bible. Yes, and I can prove it by the Bible that he never been there. That’s the only way to prove it.


2 Ecclesiastes 12:12

You can’t go get me no story book and fairy tale and prove something to me. That’s the reason why the Roman Catholics earnestly and dogmatically contend, the Italian part of the group, that the church is ruled by scripture and tradition. And if you wipe out the tradition, you ain’t got nothing in the Bible to support it with. You got to keep the tradition in there, because the other part of it isn’t in there. There’s nothing in that Bible that says that Peter ever was in Rome. Nobody can prove it and it’s just tradition that they say that he was in Rome. But they don’t point to one verse in even the almanac, to say nothing about the Bible, to say that he was there.

Now, this is what I want you to see, before I move from where we are. Moreover brethren…3 Now, he’s talking to those.., Corinth is in Greece, not too far from Athens. And the Grecians were the greatest imaginative philosophers that the world has ever known. And they were steeped in the Greek Cyclops of mythology. You know what mythology is, don’t you? You know what a myth is. And they had every kind of a conceivable idea and notion about the creation, and about a god of some kind, and all kinds of images and idols, and, incidentally, Rome did, too. And they spent their time trying to think up something. Some new doctrine. Some new philosophy, as it was in Mars Hill.

As Paul passed up through Mars Hill, he said, ‘I beheld… I looked right at your devotions. I see the way you carry on, and the way that you act.’ And then, listen, they had, just like we have today, they had an inscription. Do you know what an inscription is? Had a sign up here. They had signs all over the place, Mars Hill. This kinda pagan idea, and that kinda pagan god, and that kinda pagan god, and they, they was afraid they had missed out on one. And so then, they put an inscription up there said, ‘to the unknown’. That’s right. Now, this is what they was doing. And listen, I want you to know that the folks are still doing the same thing. They haven’t changed. You got the same God and the same Devil. There they was with all kinds of marks, throwing salt over their shoulders, spitting, black cats, and all that kind of stuff, and just out there clowning and carrying on. Now the Roman Catholic Church, that, that’s all they do. Said, ‘I beheld your devotions, as I passed by.’ Said, ‘I perceive that in all things you’re too superstitious.’ Now, we wanna swap off some of this superstition and ignorance, and get something real.

So now, here we go. Down here it said, now Paul said, ‘Now, that Rock….’ Suppose you read it.4 Moreover brethren, I would not that you should be ignorant, how all of our fathers… Read.

Mary Gross: were under the cloud,


3 I Corinthians 10:1

4 I Corinthians 10:1

Dr. Kinley: were under the cloud… Now, you look up here at me. I drew these charts to look at and to teach from, and to expound and to explain your Bible in simplicity and in relevance. And for your information, nobody on earth has ever been able to dispute ‘em. And they’ve been in the colleges, among the smart boys, as smart as you make them. And they’ve all… I mean Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jews and everything else been up against it. And they must take their hat off to it. If Gabriel or Michael dropped down this way, you must take your hat off.

Student Body: All right. Okay. That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: Yes, ma’am, yes sir, that’s the way that is. Get it? Somebody says, ‘Oh, well…’ Now, look, we’ve, listen, we’ve had all kinds of preachers and teachers here. Is that right?

Student Body: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: This school didn’t hatch up here the other day. It’s 35 years old. And it’s known all around the world. And nobody in the world can argue with it. They have no success with this one. Now, that’s right. Didn’t we send LBJ a letter yesterday, and a clipping out of the newspaper?

Dr. Gross: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: Didn’t you send it, Dr.,,? Didn’t you send it, Dr. Gross?

Dr. Gross: Sure did.

Dr. Kinley: That the International Council of Churches had to stoop and bow. There goes your Baptists. There goes your Methodists. There goes your Presbyterians. They admitted it, and we took the clipping out of the newspaper and sent it to Lyndon Baynes Johnson. Yesterday, by registered letter, so that you have to sign for it to get it. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) That’s right. And we told him that we sent him a book. We told him that we sent John F. Kennedy, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a book. Is that right? And then we sent the receipt… a copy, a photostatic copy, from John F. Kennedy’s secretary acknowledging that he received it.

Dr. Gross: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: And I said that John F. Kennedy, in Hollywood, would be nominated, and elected, and assassinated. I sent the information to him.

Dr. Gross: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: Now, he can’t argue with it. He knows, ain’t no need to start no argument about it. Now, you know that man trembling in his boots. Did you know that some people are saying that LBJ shot John F. Kennedy? Now, if I knew way back there that he was gonna be nominated, elected, and assassinated, (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) you almost know that I know who shot him. Now, that won’t do him much good. Trembling in his boots. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) And I told you the history of the world, right straight down the line. And I haven’t missed nothing. Now I, now, this is what I would say about you, and I mean you, and everybody else. When you come face to face with the facts, or the truth, that you nor nobody else can deny, I say you are foolish if you don’t accept it.

Student Body: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: That’s right. And if you don’t feel like accepting it now, you’re gonna have buy it after a while. So, it’s just as cheap now as it’ll be after a while. It won’t be no sale on it. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) That’s right. All right, moreover brethren, I would not that you should be ignorant, how all of our fathers were under the cloud,

Mary Gross: and all passed through the sea;

Dr. Kinley: and all passed through the sea;

Mary Gross: And were all immersed unto Moses

Dr. Kinley: And were all immersed

Mary Gross: unto Moses

Dr. Kinley: unto Moses

Mary Gross: in the cloud

Dr. Kinley: in the cloud

Mary Gross: and in the sea;

Dr. Kinley: and in the sea;

Mary Gross: And did all eat the same spiritual food;

Dr. Kinley: And did all eat the same spiritual food;

Mary Gross: And did all drink the same spiritual drink:

Dr. Kinley: And did all drink the same spiritual drink:

Mary Gross: for they drank of that spiritual Rock

Dr. Kinley: for they drank of that spiritual Rock

Mary Gross: that went with them:

Dr. Kinley: Uh, uh, followed.

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: He straightened it up, didn’t he?

Dr. Gross: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Did you notice that before, Doc? Now, in your King James Version, it’s got followed. I told you that was an error. Now, all you have to do to find out is to just go on back over there in the Old Testament to do that. There’s so many interpolations and errors in your Bible, until you’d be surprised to know how many there were. I don’t think it’s too bad a job, even at that. We’ll straighten ‘em out.

Now, look here, here’s the cloud. Now, you can see this. You wouldn’t have no trouble whatsoever looking at this. Now, here’s the cloud. They are following the cloud. Now, you’ve got there, look there, you got it there the cloud went with them. That’s correct. Now, in your King James Version, you got the cloud following them. Now, when the Messiah come along, when Messiah come along, He didn’t say ‘I wanna follow you.’ He said, ‘Follow me.’ Now, you got the same cloud right back over in that, voice came through that cloud. I mean it’s in your Bibles. Don’t start nothing with me. Right in your Bible. The cloud overshadowed Him when He was baptized there in the River Jordan. Is that right?

Student Body: Right.

Dr. Kinley: The voice came. Is that right? And the voice from that cloud, said, ‘This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.’5 Now, when we straighten up these things, why then, you are supposed to look at it, cause all this, these patterns, it’s got to fit perfect. It’s just got to fit. So if, if the cloud’s gonna overshadow here, and He’s gonna go straightway into the wilderness, don’t you see, don’t you see the cloud’s got to be the same here as it is there, cause what He’s doing is fulfilling this that’s back there. You get the point? That’s why we don’t make mistakes.

Somebody, ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about. You ought to hear my preacher preach. He done graduated at Princeton, Harvard, or some…’ Look, we took them all down. That’s right. Nobody gets by with nothing. Why? Because this is what they need that they haven’t got. They need a pattern to go by. Now, we told you that this pattern was a God-given thing. I’m trying to talk so you can understand. It’s not something that we hatched up, like they did the Vatican down there. You oughta see that botched up mess they got down there, and that 108 acres. That right? Every once in a while they’re botching up something else to it, adding on something. And it’s not built according to the pattern. Nothing like it. Well, it can’t be right. God didn’t authorize no building in no Vatican in Rome. What do you think He tore it down up here in Jerusalem for. The Messiah said, the 23rd chapter. There’s not one stone left upon top of another that shall not be

 thrown down.6 What’re you throwing it down for? Gonna move it to Rome?


5 Matthew 3:17

6 Matthew 24:2

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: We, we ought, we, we need just a, just a remote touch of common sense, just horse sense would do better than that. We just let the Devil come along and tell us anything.

Moreover brethren, I don’t want you to be ignorant. I want you to know how all of our fathers was in the, baptized in the cloud and in the sea. And they did all drink of that spiritual Rock that followed them, isn’t that right? And that Rock was Peter.

Student Body: No. No.

Dr. Kinley: Read.

Mary Gross: And that Rock was the Messiah.

Dr. Kinley: That Rock was… Now, you see how He’s at back there? Now, when we try to tell you that He was along back there, somebody say, ‘Well, I didn’t, I didn’t hear it that way. You’re the only one who said that.’ No, uh uh, that is in the book. See, somebody jumped up here and said, ‘Well, Doc Gross is wrong about that.’ Get the point?

Now, you must remember that there’s a negative and a positive there, too. Well now, look, in the cycles of time… I told you I wanna carry you on past here. I want to put another one down here. We’ll let this one kind of rest here, for a little bit. We got this made. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now what we wanna know is what’s gonna happen after this. Get the point? Now, in here this, this one… What’s it, what’s this? This is an end here, too. This is an end here. This is an end here. This is an end here. That’s an end there. And then, listen here, this is being ended here, and put another down and another end. That’s the ages yet to come. Now, we explain that in your Bible. And I want you to know now. Now, you can be the judge, because it’s your soul. I wonder if I could say this this way. The old folks used to say that every tub has to sit on its own bottom. Now, if all of these tubs have to sit on their own bottom now, then there can’t be nobody’s tub sitting on somebody else’s bottom at the judgement. Do you understand what I am talking about?

Student Body: Yes. Sure. Right.

Dr. Kinley: If there’s nothing nobody can do for you now, there won’t be nothing nobody can do for you after a while. And you’d be surprised at how hard a job it is to find anything at all right in any of these churches. Somebody would say ‘Now look, I know that’s right. I know that’s right. I’m just sure of that. That’s right.’ Read something out of the Bible, too.

Now let me tell you about these people who come up here, these, these Arabs and all right now. I hear some of them around here talking about the Black Muslims. And I just might as well straighten you out on this mess. These Black Muslims in, in, in the United States of America is separated from them across the waters. And there is a lot of white people that belong to the Muslims. You heard me. I don’t have no problem proving it.

Now, I wanna tell you about them across the waters. Do you know what they believe? They believe that the Messiah was crucified, and is buried, and has not resurrected from the dead as yet. Did you know that? Now, somebody want to start an argument with me. ‘Oh, no. That ain’t the way. That ain’t the way. That ain’t the way I hear it.’ Well now look, I put the doctrine in the book on you. They say, ‘When He does raise from the dead…’ They teach, too, in India and a lot of places, temporary suspended animation.


Dr. Kinley: We’re done fooling around with all this jive here and stuff, and all them different kinda thing, and all these doctrine and all. You’ll find out that 450 million of them, and a lot of things that they teach, we don’t believe: idolatry, ignorance, and superstition. Somebody said, ‘Kid you ever read the Koran?’ Yes, we read the Koran. Indeed.

‘Do you know the Honorable Elijah Mohammed?’ When was he born? Did him up… Somebody says, ‘Well, he’s in Chicago.’ I beg your pardon. Says, ‘Well, you don’t understand he’s the reincarnation.’ Say, Doc, you know anything about reincarnation. I don’t believe it. Get it now? One said he was born 570 A.D.. Another one, record said he was born 627 A.D.. If he’s born 627 A.D., he wasn’t back there. Now it was his affirmation that he was God’s prophet, and that he received a revelation from God. And he taught he was an angel sent from God to preach and to teach and his name was Mohammed. And he died around 632; 570, we’ll take that for his birth, and he died around 632. When you talk to me, you have to tell me something.

Now, here’s why I don’t believe in that. And he couldn’t be in Chicago. The reason why they’re saying that… They are saying that he is a reincarnation of the Elijah Mohammed back there. The Honorable… Elijah Mo….

Now, reincarnation, when you look at that… What is reincarnation? The actual definition of reincarnation means that the spirit that come out of this body, departed out of it, now if it’s gonna be reincarnated, it’ll have to come back in this body. But that’s not the way they teach reincarnation. They mean that he come out of this body and it’s in that one over there. Well now listen. Let me show you this. If that was Mohammed over there, way down the line in 570, who’s he the reincarnation of? Get me straightened out. You gotta do better than that with me. You don’t give me that hogwash. That’s too far down the line. If he wasn’t God incarnated, or Christ incarnated, what you talking about, you being a reincarnation of him.

Four hundred fifty million of ‘em… The population of the earth is approximately 300, 3 billion, 600 million of ‘em Roman Catholics and 450 million of ‘em Mohammedans. Now, you don’t have too much to choose from. Of course, the figures is not right. Then, here we got our other factions of religious denominations, and cults, and sects, and creeds; and all of them got something. Some of them got some of this and some of that and then some of the other and some of the other, and just so confused and mixed and messed up until they don’t know what it’s all about. That’s right. Depending on the priest to mediate and talk to God for you; you go and confess to him, got him mediating, and then here he got Mary between him and God. Light travels 186,000,000 miles… How long, Fred?

Dr. Allen Jr.: A second.

Dr. Kinley: A second. Now, it take longer than that to transmit a prayer through all them souls. We ain’t got time to wait on all that. Can’t take no chance on that. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now, this is immortality. (DR. KINLEY IS DRAWING ON THE BOARD.) That’s an I… It don’t look much like it… that’s immortality. Now that’s… This is the end of this age, this spiritual age; this is immortality here. Now, I want you to understand what I’m talking about. Now, with the Spirit in you now, right now, with the Spirit in you now, you have life in you now.

Now, there’s a man come in talk about mind, science of mind. Mind, it, it won’t do. The mind’s too weak, cause you can change your mind before you get out that door down there. Some of you went downtown, thought you wanted something or other, and you actually went down there and bought it. And fore you got home with it, you was wondering whether you could take it back. Now, if you don’t understand what I’m talking about, then, you ask Sears and them, around in these stores around here on, how it is at Christmas. Everybody rushing in trying to buy something, trying… Then, right after Christmas, here, there they come right back. Whole stacks full down there, take that stuff back. And some of ‘em even got signs up ‘No exchanges.’ Mind. You change your mind about it. That won’t do. Now, God or the Spirit, it’s not changeable. He declared the end from the beginning, hasn’t changed it yet. Get the point? Hasn’t changed a thing about it. And it operates the same way all the time, through all the dispensations and ages. But mind, it fluctuates. It’s subject to changes, but Spirit is not. Now, when you get the Spirit in this present age…


Now, look, the thing I’m trying to point out to you now is this. Now, it’s not gonna do you no good to try to prop up and hold up something because of my grandmother, and my father, and my uncle, and my nephew, and all of my family they belong to this stuff, and I been in it so long until… That’s not going to help it none. This is your soul. You’re, up to you. Now, we’re right down here now where, if we don’t have the Spirit, I’d like to change that, if the Spirit don’t have you… (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Too many of us have got the Holy Ghost. That’s what’s wrong with us. Everybody’s got the Holy Ghost. Now, if you look in your… Said, ‘What did you say that for?’ If you looked in your Bible, you’ll find that when Philip went down and preached down in Samaria, the whole city down there… Now, you know that don’t even make sense. The city down there… It meant the folks down there, in the city of Samaria. They received it, gladly received his message. And quite a few of ‘em was healed too, wasn’t they.

Student Body: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: Don’t it say that? But none of them never got the Holy Ghost, cause the book said He hadn’t, He hadn’t, not fell upon them. That is to say, the Holy Ghost never got them, not until Peter and John went down.

But now everybody, everybody around got the Holy Ghost now. And all of us is gibbering and jabbering and ideas and opinions and different churches and all like that, and talking just like a fool and don’t even have sense enough to know that. Somebody say, ‘Well, look here. What church do you belong to?’ Paul said, foolish and unlearned questions avoid, because they do stir up strife, or gender strife.7 Now he thinks that’s a real smart question. ‘What church do you belong to?’

Now, the church, or the congregation of, the church… Paul wouldn’t even know what you’re talking about when you say church. The true, divine, etymological meaning of the word church, is congregation or assembly. Well now, what congregation or assembly, or what church do you… There isn’t but one. Well what is that? That’s the Messiah’s body. That’s what the congregation is. That’s what the church is. It’s the body of the Messiah. Now, you heard me. Now, how many bodies did He have.

Student Body: One.

Dr. Kinley: How many Christs are there?

Student Body: One.

Dr. Kinley: Do you see what I’m talking about? Now, that sounds real smart on there. Then here, some stupe comes along and says, ‘Well, look, I belong to the Roman…’ He wants to put emphasis on it. The word Roman, it means a geographical location. It’s a city in Italy. Is that right?

Student Body: Right.

Dr. Kinley: Well, you just got through saying that… about Jerusalem. Well, how did it get Rome in it? How did it get in there? Then, I just got through telling you what they say. They say that Peter first set up the Holy Sea at Jerusalem, moved it to Antioch. It was there a while, and from there to Rome. Now, anybody believes that needs a psychiatrist to examine your head. And even if Pete never went to Rome, he couldn’t do that. It just don’t make sense.


7 2 Timothy 2:23

Well, somebody said, ‘Well, you don’t understand.’ I’m afraid I do. I’m afraid that’s what my trouble is. You know better than that. What do you let someone come along and tell you something like that for? Peter moving the church around.

Now, let me show you just some more stupidity on that thing, and that they’re doing all the time. Now you heard what I just said, didn’t you. Now then here, they say that Peter died and he was buried in Rome. And now, showing that Christ put the church on Peter, and Peter’s dead and buried, and now they set the Vatican up on him, so they say. Do you see how stupid people are? Do you, do you see that? Proving that the church was built on Peter. Well, what was happening when he was walking around? You got to kill him and get him in the ground before you can build something on him. Well, what was happening when he was walking around?

Now, the scriptures can’t be broken. The 23rd chapter of Matthew the 1st verse says, the scribes and the Pharisees, they wanted to sit in Moses’s seat. Is that right?

Student Body: Right.

Dr. Kinley: You know what the scribes and the Pharisees are. Them’s the big shots of the Sanhedrin Council, the smart boys. They wanted to get promoted on up, so higher up than, Moses’s seat was the highest, because Moses, God gave the Law through Moses. So, they wanted to sit up in his seat. Now, the scriptures can’t be broken. So, the Sanhedrin Council comes on through that way, the scribes and the Pharisees. Now, if the scriptures can’t be broke, then you can see why it is that they think that Pete was, is closest to Christ, and when Christ is cut off, Peter is His successor, and they are successors of the Apostle. That is, they want to set in Pete’s seat. How stupid can you get.

And then here’s the Devil, too. The book said so, in Jude. There was the Devil out there arguing about where the body of Moses was buried. Told him up there in the mount. And the Devil’s arguing with Michael, too, the archangel, about the body of Moses, and where it was buried. And said God buried him up there. Devil, he’s around arguing about it. He done got throwed out of heaven, now here he is, down here, arguing with the man that throwed him out, Michael. Arguing with, just, just throwed him and all his host out of heaven, and now here he is down here arguing with him. That’s the 12th chapter of Revelations. See how stupid we are? (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) About where the body of Moses was buried.8 Just like they doing it. Now, the scriptures can’t be broken. Here they are now, scratching around under the Vatican. Say, ‘Pete’s under here somewhere.’ You’ve made a great big announcement in the paper. ‘We expecting to soon find him.’ Well, they ain’t found him yet. Now, that’s just cold downright…


8 Jude 9

Let me show you what I’m talking about. If this is so that this is three-fold here; this is so that this is is three-fold here. And if that’s so, then this has got to be. Then the whole thing is that way. The Godhead, you, and everything else. Atoms and everything. Then you got negations. This is just as profound and just as perfect in negations or opposites, as right is right. And it’s just got to be.

Now, the Devil can deceive you with all that junk. And all they’re looking for is self-aggrandizement and promotion. Comes along and says to the little Jew boy, says, ‘Say, what ch.., what church you belong to? ‘Well,’ say, ‘that’s a problem.’ He says, ‘Well, what are you?’ He says, ‘I’m a Protestant.’ Says, ‘Why are you a Protestant.’ ‘Well, you go in, a Layman. Might get to be a deacon. You just might get to be a preacher. Promote you on up.’ Says, ‘Well, what church you belong to?’ Said, ‘I belong to the Roman Catholic.’ ‘What, what, what, why don’t you belong to some of these other Roman Catholic?’ ‘Yes.’ Says, ‘Well, you can start in a Layman. You can go from the Layman, to the Deacon. You can go from the Deacon to the Priest. You can go from a Priest to a Bishop. And you can go from a Bishop to an Archbishop. And then you can go on up to a Cardinal. And, if you’re real smart, you just stand a chance of getting promoted on up to the Pope.’ The little Jew boy says, ‘Oh, that’s why you’re a Protestant and a Roman Catholic.’ ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘that’s right.’ Said, ‘You can’t never tell, you might make it up there. You should join the Roman Catholic Church. Why, that’s a potential possibility. That’s why I’m a Catholic.’ He says, ‘Don’t you think you ought to come over here?’ ‘Listen,’ says, ‘I, I don’t want none of that. We had one and He made it.’ (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) He was the real Messiah. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____. That’s the reason why I belong to… Yes, He was the real God of heaven and earth. He really made it. Yes, indeed. (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) So, I think I’m kind of like that little Jew boy. I think I’ll stick around in here. You got it made.

Now, let me get down of here real quick and wind this thing up. Now, read with the Spirit. Now, this is the cost of the Spirit. Now, you have to take all of that junk to the dump. Have to take all that imagination, all that old superstition, all that old tradition. And listen, don’t nobody know anymore about it than you. You know what I mean by that? Now, you stand around and argue about your church and what you believe, that don’t make you have the Holy Spirit.

And not, let me tell you this. God is not gonna stoop to nobody’s level. He’s not gonna do that. Do you know what I mean by that? I mean by this, I mean, this is what I mean by that. Now, if you got something that’s out of harmony with this purpose and this plan, and God has declared the end from the beginning, you’ll never make it. Now, God ain’t gonna stoop down to your level at all. And if you ever do get the Holy Spirit, you’re certainly going to have to put that down. Now, you can argue all you want to, but listen, don’t let Him come catch you with it.

And here’s something else I want you to see now. How a whole lot of deception is in the world. And the reason why you can’t talk to me, you stand out there looking up in the sky for Christ. Said, went all through the country, they said, ‘Jesus is coming.’ No, He’s not. That’s the carnal mind. No, indeed. Somebody said, ‘Well, you can’t tell. Tomorrow might be judgement day. He might jump out of them clouds up there.’ And you stand around looking around. I’m telling you now, that’s not going to happen.

Now, if you’d turn to the 4th chapter of the 1st epistle of John and read that. He said now, Beloved, believe not every, every spirit. Now you listen at me, Ray. Said, ‘Beloved, believe not every spirit.’ Listen. Every spirit that testifies that Jesus Christ is come, or Yahshua, the Messiah is come, that one’s of Yahweh. Is that what you got in your Book?

Now, let me show you how that happens. Let me show you how that happens. I want the 10th chapter, the 15th chapter of 1st Corinthians. I wanna show you how that happens, how you can get fooled, and bear in mind what I told you about the Roman Catholics.

They’re saying, too, that He never resurrected from the dead. In the doctrine and the philosophy that they teach, they do say in words that He resurrected, they say that. I’m not accusing of them not saying it. But they say it in words, then in deed they deny it. That’s what I’m arguing about. Just like the Messiah said, ‘Whatsoever the scribes and Pharisees say, that do.’ Said, ‘But don’t do after their works, cause they say, but they don’t do.’

Now, look, let me show you why I said that. Look up here at me. Everything that Dr. Gross stood there and told you about, water baptisms, sacrifices, Ten Commandments, Lord’s Suppers, and ceremonies and circumcisions, Christ died to move ‘em out of the way. And everybody this side of the Cross, that practice ‘em, don’t have God. He’s denying that He resurrected from the dead. The book says that He triumphed over them, and was victorious over them. He nailed them to the cross. He put a, made an open demonstration out of them.9 And if you’re out here doing them, you’re denying that He resurrected from the dead. You’re just saying it in words, and in deed you’re denying it. Every one of these people around here talking about eating this grape juice and, and these crackers, saying that Christ said for them to do that is a liar. It’s not in the Book. It’s not there. And you’re gonna have to stop it.

Somebody said, ‘Well, I been doing it too long.’ You listen, eternity in Hell is longer than that. Get you a couple of years on that one. Them people that do them things are blind. They deny the, that that’s what He died for. He said He wasn’t gonna.., that’s what the Old Covenant was. The New Covenant is the Spirit in you. Now, what we’re talking about, His Spirit being in you, every Spirit that testifies. Listen, for the first man Adam was… Look over here. Look over here. Fifteenth chapter of 1st Corinthians: The first man Adam was of the earth, earthly. Paul said… it’s written in 1st Corinthians 15, I think it’s around the 45th verse. The first man Adam was of the earth, earthly. You say that God made the body out of the dust of the earth. And Paul said the first man Adam, was of the earth, earthly. It’s written therein, but the second man, Adam, was what?

Student Body: A quickening spirit.


9 Colossians 2:14, 15

Dr. Kinley: Read it out of the Bible. Read it.

Mary Gross: And so it is written,10

Dr. Kinley: It is written,

Mary Gross: The first man Adam was made a living soul;

Dr. Kinley: The first Adam was made a living soul;

Mary Gross: the last Adam was made a life-giving spirit.

Dr. Kinley: The last Adam was made a life-giving spirit. Listen. He’s a quickening spirit. You stand around here looking up in the sky. He’s a quickening spirit in your heart, that’s the New Covenant. Now, you can’t sit around and you know good and well you don’t have the Spirit in you. I don’t care how long you been in this church, that church, or the other church. As far as I’m concerned. You know whether you’ve got the Spirit in you or not. He’s made a quickening Spirit. That’s the reason why don’t nobody know nothing. They’re around here fooling with the natural things. They can’t see spiritual things. Don’t understand spiritual things. Eating crackers and drinking grape juice, and all them things that was done under the Law. He hasn’t got no Holy Spirit. Devil deceived him.

Now, in conclusion, it is written that the second man Adam was made a quickening spirit. Now, that’s the difference between one, one’s natural and the other’s spiritual. One’s the Lord from Heaven, the other’s from the earth. One is earthly and the other one is heavenly or spiritual. Now, if you have that Spirit in you, that’s what we’re talking about. Jesus said here, said to Martha and Mary,11 ‘He that believeth in me…’ Now, listen at me. Now listen at me, Wallace. ‘He that believeth in Me, though he were dead…’ From the fall of Adam. In Adam all died. ‘…though he were dead, yet shall he live.’ Let me repeat it again. He that believeth in Me, though he were dead…. Not four days as was in Lazarus’s case, but 4000 years, yet shall he live. I am the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. Right?

Student Body: Right.

Dr. Kinley: And he that liveth and believeth in Me shall never die. Do you believe this? Now, I’m telling you that Spirit in you. It even follows the contours of your physical body. This body is already dead, but the inner man is a quickening spirit, resurrected and never gonna die. And I’m not talking about this physical body, either.


10 I Corinthians 15:45

11 John 11:25

Some of them run around talking about this physical body. Father Divine, I went to New York in ’35 and saw and talked with him. And they were talking about ‘never die’. I said, ‘No, Doc, it’s not that way. It’s in a man. It’s a spirit. That’s, that’s the man in the man, that ain’t gonna never die.’ But this outer man, all of us, that’s the difference between a mortal, that’s the difference between a mortal body. And listen, this is a mortal body with a spirit in it under this dispensation. And then this mortal must take off this mortal and put on immortality. We have that dwelling within this one now, eternal life, not going to get it when He jumps out of the sky, because He’s not going to do that. He’s supposed to be in you now.

And now listen, don’t you sit up here and eat no crackers and grape juice, and drag somebody around and try to convince Me you’ve got something in you. Every spirit that testifies that He is come, you cut that stuff out, because you’re practicing the things was done under the Law. Now look, don’t you see the Roman Catholic Church there? Don’t you see the Moslems? Don’t you see the Methodists and the Baptists? Can you see that? I’m asking you now, can you see it?

Student Body: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Can you see that?

Student Body: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Now, you don’t even need good sense to see that. Now watch my point. Now, here you come down through this, since the death, burial, and resurrection, and the outpouring, you come down through this one, right down here now. Right down against it again. Where, as this change was made here, this change, this is what’s painted here. Now, now look, listen. It’s never gonna be nothing else but this, never gonna be in this repetition. It’ll never get away from this, and even in the ages yet to come, Williams, because this pattern is Him Himself, and He is eternal. Can’t do away with it ____ ____ ____ ____. And listen class, with the stuff we use, we just can’t lose. We just can’t lose.

Now look, so I can show you. I, I just got through telling you, now, it’s never gonna be nothing else but a repeat. That’s all it’s gonna ever be. That’s all it ever has been. That’s all it ever will be. Now then, here’s, Dr. Gross was telling you about this. Now here comes Pharaoh, Rameses that king was named. They called all the kings pharaohs. Now, here it come up here. You can see it anywhere on, on these charts. He come up here from Egypt, put the blood over the lintels of the door. Here’s Christ, the blood on the, on the lintels of the door. It’s dark here, turned dark on the face of the earth from the sixth to the ninth hour. Go right on back here in the Flood, you got the same thing. It’s dark. The sun obscured in the sky when it’s raining. It rained 40 days and 40 nights. Then you don’t have to question how long they was in here. You understand, one day is for forty years in prophetic time. You don’t have, there ain’t but one door through here, and there can’t be but just one. He said He was the door, and there just can’t be but one of Him. And listen, Pete ain’t sitting up there ruling him, either. And they twisted up your Bible even down to, to make this thing work their way.

Did you know that?

The Messiah was cut off without any successor. You know why He didn’t need no successors? What’d He need somebody to succeed Him for? He didn’t leave, did He. What’s He doing? I thought you said Pete was running it. I beg your pardon. Do you see how stupid we are. Well, I thought you said Paul was running it. Now, this is what Paul wants to know. Said who is Pete? Who is Paul? Who is Apollos? Are they not the ministers of Christ by whom you believe?12

Somebody says, ‘Well, Pete is the Rock, 16th chapter of Matthew, upon which the church is built. And John said he was the rock, too.’ Is that right? No, that ain’t right, said stone, didn’t say rock. You know the difference between and a rock and a stone. You got no better imagination than that. Substance is the same but one’s larger than the other one. Well, I’ll have you to know that Pete was not the only pebble on that beach. Messiah did say to Pete, in the 16th chapter of Matthew, and called his name too.

Now, here’s, here’s Pete talking. He says you are builded up a spiritual house.13 What’d he say that for? Don’t you see that this temple here was synonymous with His body, and it was more than one stone in this. And Paul put it this way. Said we are built upon the foundations of the apostles and prophets.14 And look, another foundation can no man lay.15

Student Body: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: Than that which was already laid. Laid where? Out there in Joseph’s new tomb, hewn out in the rock, in the heart of the earth. Another foundation can no man lay than that which is already laid. Let him that take… build it thereon, take heed how he builds. If you put water, if you put any of that Lord’s Suppers, if you put any of that natural on there. He said, you suffer loss, for the fire shall reveal what sort it is. Ain’t that what the book says?16 Don’t you put none of that natural on there. Then somebody says, ‘Well, now look, I don’t believe that.’ Well, Pete told you, since it come in in the fire. He says it goes out in the fire. Said it shall be disintegrated and dissolved, and consumed.17 Didn’t he say that?

Student Body: Right.


12 I Corinthians 3:5

13 I Peter 2:5

14 Ephesians 2:20

15 I Corinthians 3:11

16 I Corinthians 3:13

17 2 Peter 3:10,11

Dr. Kinley: Now, here you go and lay unleavened bread on it. Here you go and lay a lamb up there on it. You go and lay something natural up there on it. Stick your foot up there, foot washing, washed there. Now, if your feet need washing, better go on home and wash your own dirty feet. That’s right. That was symbolic of the washing of regeneration.

Then, the Devil get to this foot washing stunt, got the women on one side and the men on the other. What did you do that for? Said there are neither male nor female, bond nor free.18 What are you so particular about somebody washing your wife’s feet? Pope Paul and Pope John over there washing the Cardinals’ feet. Got one Negro over there, great big black bird. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) I’m not just saying that to be smart, either. I want you to see it. And he washed his feet, went, on home liked to die. That’s right. He called himself breaking down segregation. And the doctors had a hard time to get that Negro clean, get that Negro clean. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) He’s breaking down segregation. That’s the truth. Now if you don’t think I told you right, we’ll bring you the newspapers and let you read them.

All of that natural. God is spirit. We come from spirit. That’s where we’re going back to. Matter is spirit materialized. And matter shall be disintegrated and dissolved and go back to that. And none of these natural things, none of these natural things. That’s how the Devil tricked Eve out there, with them natural things. And now here the Devil got the same old story coming right back to you. Taking the Lord’s Suppers and the things was under the Dispensation of the Law, and you just falling for it, and then standing around and trying to argue with somebody about what church you belong to. And Reverend So and So preached a good sermon. He didn’t preach nothing like that out of no Bible. And the reason why I say he didn’t preach nothing like that out of no Bible is cause it’s not in there. You see why I said they can’t win no debate. How in the world you gonna win a debate in that Book? It ain’t twisted up like that. You’re wrong when you start, and you’re wrong when you get it done.

Now, just like He talked about go ye therefore in all the world, baptizing in the name.19 You went and dunked them in the water. You can’t read water in that verse. He can’t send nobody out to baptize nobody, and neither does nobody else. That’s what He died for. Now, if He had the authority to remove it, He sure don’t have the authority to make Himself out a liar and send somebody else out there to do it. Now, that’s just horse sense. You don’t need no sense to see that.

Now, what’s wrong with the world today, they’re trying to find some way to perform these things. And Paul and all the rest of them with their robes, and all, with all of his eloquence and grace, dipping in holy water, marching around, hands all up in the air. Sissy. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) That’s right. Clowning and carrying on. He ought to get in Ringling Brothers, and Barnum and Bailey. Now, this ain’t that kind of a show.


18 Galatians 3:28

19 Matthew 28:19

Now, then just soon as you open your mouth, it’s by your words that you’re justified, and it’s by your words are you condemned.20 If the Spirit is in you, then, then you’ll see spiritual things.

But the natural man, he don’t understand spiritual things, he talk like a fool to him.21 And he’s around trying to show somebody how much holier that he is than somebody else. Then you got him walking around saying, ‘Listen, I don’t chew no tobacco. I don’t smoke no cigarettes. I don’t drink no whiskey. I don’t do this, and I don’t do that, and I don’t do the other thing, and all that.’ Well, how come you.., what did you quit for? Or, did you ever do it? Now, when you got, when you got started to smoking and chewing, you was lost. And when you stopped, you was still lost. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) So, either way you go, you’re lost. Now, what you’re telling the people not to do, that’s the very thing they’re doing. Let me show you what I mean. They’re telling you to eat this stuff, just like the Devil told Eve out there. And here, down in the 2nd chapter of Colossians, Paul is telling, ‘don’t touch, don’t taste.’22 Isn’t that right.

Student Body: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: Isn’t that what he’s telling you in the Book? Says, ‘don’t handle, don’t touch, don’t taste, and if you do, you’ll perish with it.’ Ain’t that what he said? And somebody says, ‘No sir.’ You see what I’m talking about? Been there all this clowning. What are you doing that for? I wanna show you that, look, if you’re going to live a Christian life, I want to see how you live well. Look, I don’t live here. Paul says you are dead and your life is hid with Christ in God. Well, when Christ, who is our life, shall appear, we shall appear with Him in glory. Now, if you want to see me live, you get on up here where I am at. I don’t live here, I live in that heavenly state. And I don’t have to beg your indulgence. Nothing I wanna eat, nothing I wanna drink. I’ll drink anything I want to, and eat anything I want to, and, if it don’t make me sick, it won’t bother you. And it ain’t none of your business. How you like that? That’s right. But that’s what people are trying to do. Try and hide around, say, ‘Sister and Brother So and So… Don’t let them see you.’ Now, you know you ain’t got no the Holy Spirit in you. Then you get all worked up, and you go out there, and then peeking out from under to see whether you’re going to take the communion or not. If you don’t take the communion, say, ‘What’s the matter with you, boy? You been in to something.’ (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) He don’t want you to see him drink nothing and here out there he wants you to see him drink. That’s as stupid as it gets. Now, it’s time for that’s out. Now, let me finish what I…

Here they come up out of here. Now the Pharaoh didn’t succeed that time. Nasser is the king of.., just like Pharaoh. You can call him a premier if you want, but it’s the same identical thing. And, that is what they’re fighting about. The Russian army helped them to get up their armies to fight. And the Arabian king here, too. And now, the thing coming down to the end of this dispensation, it’s repeating itself right back over, because it’s repeating. It’s just repeating here, repeating there, repeating, repeating. Ain’t doing nothing else but repeating.


20 Matthew 12:37

21 I Corinthians 2:14

22 Colossians 2:21

Now, let me show you this. Now, 17 years before (just have somebody show them that Temple up there) the foundation of the Herodian Temple, 17 years before He was born, Herod begins to build that Temple, 17 years, or 16 1/2, we’ll just call it 17. Now, then, here He comes along. Here comes the Messiah along, and at 30… I’d rather put it this way. I’d rather put it forth at 6. Then, then you can see it in the Book. Sixteen, 16 1/2. I’m going to have it my way anyhow. 16 1/2… Now, that’s 46 years. Now, 16 1/2, he laid that foundation up there for that Temple. And then, Messiah, when He was 30 years old, went…23 Now, look right at the man over there, and then watch both of them, if you can, because I want to wind up what I’m talking about. But I don’t want you to… I don’t want you to miss this one. Now was 30 years old when He went to be baptized. Now, if you take the 16 1/2, it’s 46 years. Now, if you take John 2 and 19, He says, destroy this Temple, and I’ll build it again in 3 days. The Jews said, ‘our fathers was 46 years in the building of this. How sayest thou?’ 46. So now then, you don’t see 30 here. (DR. KINLEY IS FIGURING ON THE BLACKBOARD.) Now, He was in the ministry 3 years. Now, you either have to use this 3 1/2 here. It was actually 3 1 /2. So then, I got to use it one place or… 3 1/2, so that’s 46, and 3 is 49. Is that right? That 49. Now, this is the, this is His ministry here. See that 49? Now, one more, this half here, and this half here, gives you just one more. Now, don’t that make 50?24

Student Body: Right

Dr. Kinley: (DR. KINLEY CONTINUES WORKING ON THE BOARD.) You see that? Now look, you see that now. I’ll hurry. Now, 6000, 6 days of that, point ‘em out, 6… One day with the Lord is 1000 years, and 1000 years… You can see 6 days is the equivalent of 6000. Now, I’ll put a stick in it. Now, I got 120, you put that up here, I got 120, 120. Well, now, one times 50… let me work it out and show you too. There you are. Then I got 2, 2 there, that’s a hundred. Bring the zero down, it’s 120. Is that right?25

Student Body: That’s right.



    16 1/2 from foundation of Herodian temple laid to the birth of Yahshua

    30     Yahshua’s birth to beginning of His ministry (John 2:19)

    46 1/2 John 2:19 from foundation of Herod’s temple laid to beginning of

           Yahshua’s ministry


    46 1/2 John 2:19. foundation of Herodian temple laid to beginning of Yahshua’s ministry

     3 1/2 beginning of Yahshua’s ministry to Pentecost

    50     jubilee cycle completed at Pentecost

25 6000 years/50 years (jubilee cycle) = 120 jubilee cycles (50 years) in 6000 years

  (6 days)

Dr. Kinley: Noah was 120 years in building the ark. See it? You got 50 days of Pentecost. Fifty, 50 of these days of Pentecost. This is one here. 50 of them in 6000 years. Now, do you see what I’m talking about. 120. Now, I’m telling you, you’re in the 120 50th, you’re in the 120th years now. You can’t get 50 out of here, from here to A. D. 2000.26 You’ll never see it. Now, let me show you what I was talking about there. Now, this is 19… So you’ll know. Now, this is 1967. Now, this is the last 50th here. 7… There’s the 17 years or 16 1/2 before. So, this one that just passed, that was the 50th, that was the last 50. Does everybody understand what I’m talking about? That one’s the last, and you can’t get 50 from here. Now, then, watch this one. Now, here they come on out of here. There’s Hussein, there’s Pharaoh, here is Nasser overthrown… and they’re (listen here) fighting about the Suez Canal and adjacent… and the Red Sea. Is that right?

Student Body: Right.

Dr. Kinley: And here they.., should come on up here and show the Gulf of Aqaba. And listen, got the forces in there right now. If, if Pharaoh couldn’t make it, how you think Nasser’s gonna make it? When they went up through here, Moses’s men fought all the way up through there. Then, how do you expect Hussein to win? Ain’t nothing else but repeating itself. Then they go over here. Now they’re gonna annihilate Israel up here. That’s what they was gonna do. And if they just didn’t do it when Joshua and them carried on through there when Moses went there, now how you expect them to do it now? Can’t you see they can’t do that. Said, God said, if you can destroy Israel, annihilate Israel, you can sweep down the stars. Just can’t be done.


Dr. Kinley: Now, as Dr. Gross told you… Listen up at me now, and I’m through. Now then, since Abba Eban’s up here at the UN, what they’re trying to get the Jews and the Arabs to do, since the Abrahamic Promise, the Abrahamic Promise that they was give them come on up there, give them that land, give it. And it comes on down to the River Nile in Egypt. Give them that for an inheritance. Abraham had two sons: one by his wife, Sarah, and one by his bondwoman, Hagar, Isaac and Ishmael. And God promised to bless them both. One, bless the Arabs, or the Gentiles, through Isaac, which was a type of Messiah. And they dwelled in that land. Listen, when the children of Israel went in there to invaded this land… Now listen at me. They couldn’t drive them all out of there. Eight nations were left in there. If they couldn’t drive them out then, how they gonna drive ‘em out now? All of the angels that sinned in Heaven was cast out, but all of them there wasn’t, just wasn’t sinners. This is an allegory and a type of Heaven. Now, listen at me. What they’re supposed to do now is to be reconciled and to dwell in that land together at peace, through the offering up of the Messiah, reconciled both the Jews and the Gentiles. He’s not Yahweh of the Jews and just leave the Gentiles out. But now then, this is what they’re doing. When John says, in Revelations, it says, when they went through here, says, he saw the holy, first heaven and the first earth was passed away; and there was no more sea, they’re gone.27 ‘And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her hus…’ when Moses came down with that Tabernacle in his mind. Do you see that now?


26 1967 AD – 17 = 1950 AD – 2000 AD (the 120th jubilee cycle or last jubilee cycle)

27 Revelation 21:1

Student Body Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Now, they done had to fight, has been up through here, all the way through. Now, the Jews, since they captured the Jordanian side of that temple up there, they’re calling this, the situation they got over there, the New Jerusalem. Now, what are they looking for? They’re looking for Messiah to come. And you already got Him within you. They don’t understand in spiritual. And, when you see them things come to pass, your times for the Gentiles is fulfilled. Know, it’s right at the door. Now, you can sit at home on your tail if you want to, and you’ll be in Hell first thing you know. Talking about you and your church and you and your pastor. You understand what I’m talking about? When them things come to pass, when the time of the Gentiles fulfilled.28

And let, let me tell you this. The Jews had no king from the carrying away to Babylon, 606 years before the birth of Messiah, on down until 1948. And that hadn’t been 20 years ago. When they built up that tiny state of Israel, building, taking ‘em out from all the nations and all, and building it up there. Now, here’s their impression. They’re building it for the Messiah to come, as it was under Ezra and Nehemiah. Now, that has already happened. Now, they’re gonna rebuild the thing back over. Now, here’s the millennial alarmists. Now, here come the millennium. The millennial alarmists running like the Jehovah’s Witnesses and them. He gonna come down here, gonna jump out of the sky, now. And then He’s gonna sit here for a thousand years and rule with a rod. Now, the real truth about it is, He’s upon the throne of His glory now.29 The Book told you, entered on in the veil and set down at the right hand of God, the Father.30 And all nations is before Him.

And that’s what we’re trying to do now, is to crack your hard head with a rod of iron, and get it in your mind that He’s a quickening spirit, and He’s ruling you, and as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the Sons of God; not led of Peter, not led of somebody, not led of Paul, but led of the Spirit. They are the Sons of God.

You’ve got that governor and that control and that rod of iron, and every time you would make some kind of mistake come right down on you with that rod of iron: don’t do that. Your ruler: the steps of a good man is ordered by the Lord. Every time they go to chunk some bread and wine, you say, ‘Don’t do that. Don’t touch. Don’t taste. If you do, you’ll perish.’ And if you want something to eat, don’t bring it up here in the congregation of the assembly. It never was done that way. Then, if that’s true that way, can’t you see they’re all doing it wrong according to the scriptures. Jehovah’s Witnesses, ‘But we don’t do it but once a year.’ I don’t care if it is just one time a year, that’s one time that it’s just gonna be wrong, cause it just isn’t done that way.


28 Romans 11:25

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They baptizing a whole lot of people. They had Yankee Stadium converts here not too long ago, seven years, not too long ago. And there they was, out there baptizing. And a fellow got out there, one Jehovah’s Witness, I know he’s right. Stepped off in the deep out there and he…

Student Body: drowned.

Dr. Kinley: drowned. Now, that’s the truth. Here wintertime comes. It’s cold up in the North. And what they used to do is send me to baptize, warm some water there behind the pool. If it’s all that important, why don’t you go down there and break some ice down there, and get baptized. It’s too cold. If it’s too cold to get baptized, you’re showing Hell too hot… too hot to go to Hell. Do you understand what I’m talking about? The weather gets so cold, it freeze up a cake of ice. Now, they want you to break that because Jesus said, ‘get baptized in the water.’ It don’t make good sense. People got the new moon and all every other kind, trying to do these things naturally so.

And it’s, what’s the bad part of it, your conscience is condemning you. You know you ain’t right. You’ve got it right in your conscience. And, let me say this, for the sake of the ministry. Say listen, you preachers that’s got license, don’t, do, don’t you… This is the wrong place to do any playing now. If you just don’t have it, and you just ain’t gonna do the thing right, then set down. You’ll lose your soul. If you can’t behave yourself at home and abroad, and all of them different kinda things, don’t nobody want to be worried with you no how. And I’m talking to all of you and everybody else that’s in here. Just might as well make it clear. I’m not trying to tell somebody we will revoke your license, or nothing like that. We want you to preach. We want you to be sincere. We want you to be in earnest about it. We want you to quit hypocritting around, if that’s what you been doing. That piece of paper don’t license you to hypocrite. It’s your soul. You’re needed. There ain’t but a few people around in the world that’s got the Holy Spirit. And you come on clean. And you go on down there and preach it, preach it just like it was the last time. And don’t spare nobody, because we was given an answer for this uproar that we’re having in the judgement. And it’s gonna be real soon.

No, you’re not going to just keep on going and just keep on going and say well, next week, or next month I’ll get straightened out. Don’t, don’t, don’t take no chance on that, Freddy. Let me tell you the next feast days is coming up. The 10th day of October. You don’t know you’re gonna get by like you did the 6th day of June. You don’t know that. I done told you, this period is gone. Now the people are in… This is the last, this is the last Pentecost. That’s why we had the meeting in 1967. Somebody said, ‘Well, I’m too busy. I can’t go. I’m this, I’m that… Listen you gonna be here.’ Get rid of that stuff. Get straightened out. Somebody said, ‘Listen, I’m tired. I’ve worked hard all day, and I’m losing my sleep and all.’ Listen, that junk’s got to go. Paul preached all night, and I’ve preached all night many times. Haven’t I Clifford? And you fired the furnace. They wouldn’t let me quit.

And here, you’re looking at the clock. Why don’t you stay home and look at the clock? What do you wanna come down and look at the clock and worry me to death for? I’m trying to get something over to you. You’re too busy for this, and you’re too busy for that. Say listen, you’re gonna have plenty of business to take care of, if there is any such thing as shoveling coal, you’ll have a job shoveling coal pretty soon. Of course, there is no such thing. It’s worse than that. Then somebody sitting, ‘Well, if you’re just going to get burnt up and that’s all there is to it…’ Said, ‘That won’t take long.’ Ain’t nothing but crazy. And they’re walking around.

You’d better get on away from there. You know that? Warned you to flee from the wrath of God. And listen, the wrath of God, you can’t take it. You just can’t take it. Let me show you that you can’t. There’s people all over the world… Some of these orthopedic specialists, just put out a joint, there’s something wrong with your back, and there you go. And here you go… You’d do anything to straighten it out, that nerve, and that bone… (DR. KINLEY MAKES SCREAMING NOISES FOR PAIN.) Now, if you can’t stand something like that, don’t you see, you can’t stand the wrath of God. Hurt you so bad, and all that kinda thing. And I’ve seen them in the hospitals, just, just, just, just trembling’ and shaking’ and just hollering all the time. Nervous systems tore all to pieces. I know Dr. Harris has seen it. Toothache or, and the, or whole nervous system.

Now you can set down. You can set down and relax, and kind of think, and see where you are. You, you may not get past 19.., you may not get into 1968. They’re talking about the presidential campaigns in 1968. And let me tell you this. I wouldn’t guarantee you that if you get down to 1970. 1970 and 30 would be 2000, wouldn’t it. Now that’s where He went in His ministry at 30. You might make it down to 30. I can’t promise you that. This ’67 here, you’d best straighten up and fly right, get rid of some of them excuses, some of them alibis, and quit your fooling, cause if you don’t, you’ll lose your soul. You’re right at the place now where you just about… Paul said, ‘Be not weary in well-doing, for in due season you will reap, if you faint not,31 just don’t faint. Listen, this is no place to faint now. We’ve worked down too close to it now for us to come up with some little old flimsy alibi.

Now, I wanted to tell you about that, because I want you to see what that war was that’s going on. I want you to understand it. It’s one of the repetitions. Now, when they did that, they was preparing for Messiah to come. When Nehemiah and Ezra went up there and built Jerusalem unto the Messiah, now, they was looking for Messiah to come. Now, He’s been here. Now, they’re doing the same thing, denying Him then; and now they’re looking for Him to come.


31 Galatians 6:9

But you know that you have Him in you as a quickening spirit. And you can’t go around here fooling… You ain’t fooling nobody but yourself, and you will lose your soul if you don’t straighten up and fly right. And live it every day, every hour, and every minute. I can’t tell you to do that, and you can’t do it, if you don’t have something to do it with. You can’t make it on your own. Somebody say, ‘Well, I tell you right now, I’m gonna straighten up and fly right.’ No, you ain’t. You won’t do nothing but make a mess out of it, if you don’t buckle down and get the Spirit. There ain’t nothing you can do. Say, ‘Well, I ain’t gonna drink no more whiskey. I ain’t gonna drink none.’ That ain’t gonna help none, you got to apologize, repent, straighten up, fly right.

And listen, here’s something else I want you to know. Listen at this one. Paul said forsake not to assemble yourselves together, as the manner of some is; and the much more you see the day approaching.32 Can’t you see from here where you are? You’re griping around about having a meeting on Wednesday, and Friday, and Sunday. That was a daily ministration. They preached all day, a daily thing. Every day.

Roman Catholics is an every day. The Devil, he don’t lay off no days. God don’t either. Said, ‘Well, I wouldn’t mind coming down there if you didn’t keep us down there so long.’ Well, what are you gonna do when you’re lost? Eternity… The harvest is passed, and you’re yet not saved.33

And all that Israel did was just gripe, and gripe, and gripe, and gripe. That’s what Paul told you in the 10th chapter of 1st Corinthians. Said they just murmured and complained and griped about everything. If we don’t have no meeting, they griped about that. We had two meetings a week; they griped about that. And when we didn’t have none, they griped about that. And then, when they got down here, even after said they wanted it, then they griped about being down here. Now, what are you supposed to do? Let’s go. I hope you got something.



32 Hebrews 10:25

33 Jeremiah 8:20

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