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25) APRIL 13, 1975:


by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

Sunday morning,  April 13, 1975

Los Angeles, California

CATALOG #:  75.0413

recorder unknown

received from Kenneth Haverly on reel to reel recording

transferred to 1 90 minute cassette by Robert Fenti

transcribed by Mary Colucci

proofread by Geraldine Rothstein and Mary Gross

approved by International Public Relations Committee – March 1995


1.  … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2.  Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (see, you see, see that now, you see what I’m talking about, you understand, you follow, isn’t that right?) 

3.  ___ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

4.  WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber

5.  Student Body comments are only included if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley directly spoke to an individual.


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Dr. Kinley:  As I have already stated many times, I’m always happy and glad to stand up and testify to that which Yahweh has revealed to me which I have tried to impart to you.  Now I am fully aware of the fact that some are not going to believe it.  And I already know that.  The world is lost and they’re not going to accept the truth, but there are going to be some that are drawn out, the gleaning of the field or the world and they will be saved, everybody is not going to be lost.  And now you are not going anywhere predicated on your concepts and imaginations and hallucinations, desires, and ambitions and anxieties (I felt I used enough words.)  You’re gonna have to go by the purpose of Yahweh.  Now the reason why I got up here this, this afternoon is (oh no, this morning rather) is because, now it’s important.  You are down to the place as Dr. King just told you that, that you have to make some provision to get that money in to go to Washington, DC and you have to have it in by the 18th.  Now Yahshua the Messiah is going to be revealed from Heaven.  We’re not setting no date on it, but we do hope He’s revealed to you as of now on this date.  Now, it’s important for you to get that, all those arrangements made you’ve been told about and so forth and so on.  Now we know everybody is not gonna do that too.  We’re not down here because we think that there’s something for us to learn, I’m not trying to learn nothing.  Now that might.., I know that sounds bad, say, `well, you’re the biggest fool I ever seen.’  No.  The reason why I told you I’m not trying to learn nothing is because Yahweh has revealed His purpose to me from start to finish.  I’ve already learned it, and that’s what I have been trying to impart to you, that’s what these charts is all about.  Now it comes to me that there’s a great bit of controversy because I said that I was Yahweh in a body.  Now somebody comes along and says, `well, I don’t believe that.’  Well, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t expect you, everybody to believe that.  I’d be the biggest fool that, that there, there was on earth if I, you know, if I, if I believed everybody was gonna believe that.  I wouldn’t have even believed it myself if, if Yahweh hadn’t revealed it to me.  Now look folks, that’s what you are too.  I don’t have no preeminence over you when it comes to that. Now you might not have known that heretofore but that is what you are.  This is not your body.  This is Yahweh’s body.  Where did it come from?  It come from…  Read Acts 17:31.  I want you to know where you come from.  And you can make up your mind as where you’re gonna to go to, if you’re gonna obey the truth.  Now I’ve been worked up about the thing ever since it come to me.  So that’s what I’ve been trying my best to teach.  Alright, read.

Reader:  Acts 17:28

Dr. Kinley:  Acts 17:28 instead of 31

Reader:  For in him

Dr. Kinley:  For in Yahweh.  Now listen folks, you can’t do nothing with that.  For in Yahweh.  For in Him.  Listen.

Reader:  we live,

Dr. Kinley:  We live.  Now, you understand that?  It’s in Yahweh, not outside of Him, but in Yahweh we live.  Read.

Reader:  and move,

Dr. Kinley:  And you move.  You have locomotion.  You move.  Read.

Reader:  And have our being;

Dr. Kinley:  And everybody has their being.  Don’t make no make no difference what it is.  I know these stupid and ignorant preachers out there haven’t told you nothing about it, I’m, I’m aware of that, all of them.  Read on.

Reader:  as some of your own poets have said,

Dr. Kinley:  As some of your own poets or philosophers have said

Reader:  for we are also his offspring.

Dr. Kinley:  Now listen folks, where did you come from?

Student Body:  Yahweh, Yahweh

Dr. Kinley:  We are also His offspring, that’s where we come from, that’s where we go to.  Now that means you too; don’t make no difference what color you are, what nationality you belong to.  Now I know somebody ain’t going to, ain’t going to buy it, yet and still they read it out of the Bible.  You wouldn’t have all these denominations and sects and cults out there if everybody was gonna accept their Bible.  And when I get through with it there still is gonna be somebody that don’t believe it.  I’m aware of that too, but it’s my indispensable duty to tell you, so you don’t have no more excuses now on.  For we are the offspring.  Everybody had their offspring from Yahweh.  Is that right?  Is that what you just read?  Now I wanna find out who and what Yahweh is, so we will know what that is.  2 Corinthians 3rd chapter and 17th verse.

Reader:  Now Yahweh is spirit.

Dr. Kinley:  Now do you understand that?  Everything in this universe in its totality had it’s source of derivative from a spirit.  Everything, doesn’t make any difference what it is:  the sun, the moon, the grass, the stars, the animals and everything, gets its derivative from that.  Nothing.  The universe itself, or the universe, let me put it this way now, both incorporeal (that means spiritual) and corporeal (that means physical) had its source of derivative from Yahweh.  There is no place else for it to come from.  Now I’m trying to make this plain so you don’t have no more excuse for running out of here and saying that you don’t believe that I’m Yahweh incarnated in a body and you are too.  Now there’s nothing else that can be in it, besides just one other thing.  And then you know what that is?  That’s the devil.  Now you’re gonna have to be one or the other; you make up your mind, you decide.  Making that clear.  Now, look here, I didn’t say God or the Lord, and I didn’t say Jesus Christ, cause all that’s erroneous, that’s not what it is.  Now look, the high priest that officiated in this tabernacle back here under Moses, he had a mitre on his head or, or what, what, what we might think of as a crown.  And it had a bow and it ties in a knot back here.  And around on the, the head of, of that mitre was a word `Holiness unto Yahweh.’  Now in Revelations there, you have it stated, I want it read, that Yahweh was written in your forehead.  I mean yours too.  Wrote it in mine.

Student Body:  14th chapter of Revelation

Dr. Kinley:  What’s that?  14th chapter of Revelation.

Reader:  1st verse

Dr. Kinley:  Verse one.  Read.

Reader:  And I looked,

Dr. Kinley:  And I, John said that I looked

Reader:  and lo, a Lamb stood on the Mount Sion,

Dr. Kinley:  And lo, a Lamb stood on Mount Sion

Reader:  and with him a 144000,

Dr. Kinley:  And with Him a 144000

Reader:  having his name

Dr. Kinley:  having His name

Reader:  and his father’s name

Dr. Kinley:  and His, Yahshua the Messiah, and His Father’s name

Reader:  written in their foreheads.

Dr. Kinley:  See that, written in their foreheads.  Read on Doc.  We wanna see about you.

Reader:  And I heard a voice from heaven

Dr. Kinley:  Um hum.

Reader:  as a voice of many waters, and as a voice of a great thunder:

Dr. Kinley:  Um hum.

Reader:  And I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps:

Dr. Kinley:  Um hum.  Um hum.  Now my point is:  now that 144000.  Now a lot of people, they just reading the Bible, they don’t know where the 144000 come from.  They don’t know nothing about it.  Now let me work some more.  John looked again. 

Reader:  7:9.  Revelation 7:9

Dr. Kinley:  Now Revelation 7:9.  Wait, wait just a minute, go back and read what you just read cause we have to hook it up.

Reader:  And I looked, and lo, a Lamb stood

Dr. Kinley:  And I looked and lo a Lamb

Reader:  stood on Mount Sion,

Dr. Kinley:  Stood on Mount Sion

Reader:  and with him a 144000,

Dr. Kinley:  a 144000

Reader:  having his name

Dr. Kinley: Having his name, the Lamb’s name, Yahshua.  Let me go over here and point this out cause you’re gonna need this.  So you’ll quit denying this.  See this Y, you see this Y in Yahshua.  This is a path.  They had it written in their foreheads.  144000.  Now Jehovah’s Witnesses say this:  that this 144000 is of the earth class that’s going to heaven.  Now that’s stupid.  They don’t know how the 144000 come from.  They don’t know nothing about it.  Now the 144000 was born down here in the wilderness, I didn’t say Egypt, I said born down here in the wilderness.  The rest of them they had passed out with the exception of Caleb, Eleazar, and Phinehas.  Somebody says, `well, why didn’t you put Joshua in there.’  Well he wasn’t born down here.  That’s the reason why I didn’t put him in, but he was with them.  He’s, he’s the Lamb that was out there.  That, that, he’s the lamb that was out there.  You see what I mean?  Had their Father.  That’s when the one you call Joshua back there in the Book, that was out there with them.  And look, he come right all the way, clear on through here, crossed on over.  Moses didn’t make it.  Aaron didn’t make it.  Well now, why do you have 3 that did make it:  Caleb, Phinehas and Eleazar.  That’s 3.  Is that right?  Can’t you read, don’t you see what this is all about?  There’s a Most Holy Place, a Holy Place, and a Outer Court.  That’s 1, 2, 3.  That’s just simple as the nose on your face.  Is that right?  All right.  Now, listen now.  Now these 3 out there on Mount Sion, Joshua at the expiration of the 40 years, I’m talking about the 144000 which these ignorant folks say, the 144000 of the earth class that’s gonna go to heaven.  Now look here, let me tell you this:  in direct disputation to that, Yahweh lied to Abraham then when He said that He would multiply his seed as the sands of the sea and as the stars of heaven.  You see what I’m talking about?  How about that?  Do you see that now?  And a lotta folks all balled up on that too.  Now if Yahweh’s gonna multiply his seed as the sands of the sea and as the stars of heaven, then there’s only gonna be 144 of the earth class that’s going to heaven.  Then there’s something else I want to tell you about that too:  them satanic angels, course after the revelation I’m talking about now, that was cast down drew, his tail drew the 3rd part of the stars from heaven.  That’s right, isn’t it?  Is that right?  If he drew the 3rd part of the stars from heaven, how many is the 3rd part of the stars from heaven?  That’s an innumerable company, them satanic spirits incarnated in physical bodies, which I’m trying to tell you, you either got to be one of them or else you’re gonna have to have Yahweh.  You understand?  And whether you be one of them or not, you still got that name in your forehead, which I’m going to prove before I sit down.  And I intend to soon get out of the way and let Dr. Harris has.., he’s got something to say about it too.  But that 144000, Joshua took `em and carried them on cross the River Jordan and.., repeat Dr. Harris, standing out there on Mount Sion.

Reader:  And I looked, and lo, a Lamb stood on the Mount Sion

Dr. Kinley:  Now this wasn’t called Mount Sion then.  There wasn’t no Mount Sion until after they were cast away captive down into Babylon and brought back, then comes up Mount Sion.  S I O N was not Z I O N, was back there.  S I O N was back there.  And not only that, what’s the name of this place that, this place back there?  Shechem.  And Joshua called all the elders together at Shechem before he died or passed out at the age 110.  I know what I’m talking about, I don’t have to go around ask nobody no information.  And listen, I’m not lying either when I tell you Yahweh revealed to me His purpose and plan, whether you believe it or not.  And I am the man down in the end of this age.

Student Body:  Alright.

Dr. Kinley:  No, sir.  You can’t do nothing with it.  And look I can boast in Yahweh, not in old Henry C.  I don’t care nothing about Henry C.  The flesh don’t profit nothing.  You see what I mean?  Don’t mean a thing.  Somebody says, `well, I don’t wanna hear Henry C. preach.’  I don’t either.  That’s my name folks if some of you new people didn’t know my name.  My name is Henry C. Kinley.  I don’t wanna hear Henry C, and I don’t wanna hear Bob Harris preach either, and I don’t wanna hear you preach either.

Student Body:  Alright.

Dr. Kinley:  We got enough of you.  We got enough of old Henry C.  We wanna hear now what the spirit saith to the assembly.  Ain’t that right?  He that has an ear let him hear.  Alright.  Now you, starting to find out that that 144000 was gathered out there at Shechem, Joshua carried them across there, and at the age of 110 he gathered them together and he told them (listen folks, say folks, I know why these big theologians read a Bible and can’t find that in there) and Joshua told them he said, he was the one that brought them up out of the land of Egypt, not Moses.  Is that right? 

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Not that’s in the Book.  People, they overlook Joshua.  Alright.  Now, that’s 144000 of these that were born down in the wilderness.  Look folks, what I wanna tell you about that:  all of them jews, not a one of `em gentiles.  Now is all the so called Jehovah Witnesses, are they all jews?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Follow?  144000.  Now look.  It was 12 tribes down there.  Let me say, let me tell, let me go back and tell you about this:  there were 603,550.  I know my numbers even down, I got the count, I know the numbers.  603,550 of `em coming out of Egypt, not counting the women and the children.  That this 144000 was born in the wilderness of that 603,550.  Yahweh’s multiplied.  Jews, no gentiles.  That don’t sound like the earth class, does it?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  I mean just all earth class as the Jehovahs Witnesses put it to you that’s going to heaven.  Now that 603,550, ___ ___ ___ they were born down here in the wilderness.  And now, my, my thoughts here is this:  it is this 144000 that derived from the 603,550 that was born here in the wilderness.  You follow?  So now since that 603,550 was born, now look, listen, there was 12 tribes, that that 603,550 made up 12 tribes.  That ___ ___ their source or derivative was from.., not Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel.  ___ David Rosen you speak Hebrew.  What, what’s the right name for Jacob?

David Rosen:  Yacov.

Dr. Kinley:  Yacov.  Yacov, not Jacob.  So, he’s, he’s the one that said, that just told you there was J in hebrew language.  There ain’t none in there now, never has be.  And listen, these names up there across the board while we’re on that, is.., they have always remained in the Messoretic text.  They have never been out.  Almost right David?

David Rosen:  Absolutely right.

Dr. Kinley:  This ignorance you got in this King James Version and this Vulgate, it’s not so.  Yahweh’s the name of the heavenly Father.  Now look, now I have to hasten on cause I wanna get down and get out of the way.  From this attendance, took this 603550 sons of Jacob.  Jacob’s name was changed from.., I said Jacob’s name, I know I’m aware of it but I told you it was Yacov.  Now then, they, they were the 12 sons of Jacob.  And Yahweh changed Jacob’s name to Israel.

Now listen, get this name straight.  Yahweh changed his name from Jacob to Israel.  That’s Is-Real.  Did you get that?

Student Body:  Yes. 

Dr. Kinley:  That’s Is-real.  And of these descendants of Is-real multiplied 12 tribes.  12 X 12 is how much?

Student Body:  144

Dr. Kinley:  144.  And He multiplies them a hundred fold.  Now how much is that 12 X 12, hundred fold?  That’s 144000 that you got in your Book there, got it right in your hand.  How about that?  See that now?  Now the way they’re talking about it, carnal mind and ignorant.  They got, they’re, they’re saying there’s only 144000 of the folks is going to heaven.  Jehovah Witnesses.  Now go on over there.  We wanna get.., something else about this, where you reading? 

Reader:  Revelation 7:4 and 9

Dr. Kinley:  Um hum.

Reader:  And I heard the number of them which were

Dr. Kinley:  Now hold it.  Hold it.  There’s so many important things as we go along.  Now, I told you there was 603,550 that come up out here and Yahweh multiplied them a hundred fold.  And now you got 144000 (is that right?) with their Father’s name and with the name of the Son.  Is that right?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  in their foreheads.  You follow me now?  They had it there every last one of them.  Now, here we got something else.  Listen.  That’s a numeral.  603,550.  But now when you got over here, John said.., these were numbered here, when you got over here, John said that, that no man knew the number here that went across.., no, no man didn’t know it cause you don’t have no number there.  So you, you can quit talking about 144000 because you don’t have no number here.  But John said, `I heard a number called,’ it was 144000, he didn’t know how many of them that was that went across either.  He didn’t know how many of them that was born in the wilderness that went across there either.  You follow?  They wasn’t supposed to be numbered without the skekiel of the sanctuary.  See that now?  Now they’re the ones that Joshua’s gonna number in here without the shekiel of the sanctuary.  David got in trouble about that.  That’s in your Bible.  But Joshua numbered `em ___ that’s the reason but don’t nobody know the number.  And they were able bodied men, to go over across the River Jordan and fight and drive the Jebusites, the Hittites, the Moabites, and, and the what not or in other words, the gentiles, out and possess the land.  They were able bodied men.  Now listen, everybody that knows anything about this doctrine is an able bodied man.  We’re able to fight.  We didn’t have to be drafted, we enlisted.  How about that?  Alright.  Now read on, Doc.  We’re trying to find out, now he looked again and he saw something else there.  Read.

Reader:  After this I beheld,

Dr. Kinley:  And after this I beheld

Reader:  And, lo, a great multitude

Dr. Kinley:  And lo a great multitude.  Now here comes in the gentiles.  You see what I mean?  Alright.

Reader:  which no man could number,

Dr. Kinley:  Now your adding machine is inadequate.  How about that?  Which no man could number.  Well, the gentiles grafted right on in to the family.  As Yahshua the Messiah said in the 15th chapter of John, said, `I’m the true vine, every branch in me that bears fruit the Father purges, every branch that don’t bear fruit He takes it away.’  Isn’t that right?  And then the jews broken off and the gentiles were grafted in.  How are they grafted in?  By the works of the law?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  or eating Lord Suppers or water baptisms.  No.  Grafted in by faith and made partakers of the root.  And Yahweh’s able to, ___ graft the gentiles or the jews back in, they’re the ones that didn’t believe, if they continued not in unbelief.  You’ll find that 8th chapter of Romans.  Oh boy.  I tell you Yahweh showed me.  And I told you what He showed me.  Now look here, let me tell you this.  Lot of people believed in Jesus who’s correct name is Yahshua.  Now when He come along preaching and teaching, healing the sick and raising the dead, (you understand me now?) they didn’t believe in Him.  Now why should I be a big enough fool to think that a idiot’s gonna believe in me.  You see what I mean?  And He said, `believe in me, now if you don’t wanna believe in me cause I said I was the son of Yahweh,’ that’s what he said, `then believe on me for my very works sake.’  Well, what did He do in His work?  He healed the sick, He raised the dead, walked on.., He did everything.  Is that right?  Now we got `em sitting right out there, right in this audience

Student Body:  Right, right.

Dr. Kinley:  been healed of all kinds of diseases.  I mean cancer and everything else. After his, resurrected from a physical death.  And you still don’t wanna believe?  Then you can go to hell then, or the lake.  They’re here, if I’d asked them to stand up, they would stand up and testify, got hospital records and doctors to testify to that.  That’s right.  Everybody knows, I can’t, I can’t get ___, I can’t heal nobody.  Yahshua the Messiah said He couldn’t.  Then if He said He couldn’t then what would He to do, he said believe on me, the Father is in me.  Now you believe the Father is in me for my very works sake.  I’m in the Father and the Father’s in me.  Now how do you get out?  You don’t have to believe it.  But we’ve dispensed with the hidden things of dishonesty as he read in the 4th chapter of Corinthians.  We are coming on outwards and telling you, and you’ve been taught these lies all of your life.  That’s right.  Alright.  That’s that number.  Read Dr. Harris.

Reader:  And after this I beheld, and lo, a great multitude

Dr. Kinley:  a great multitude

Reader:  which no man could number,

Dr. Kinley:  which no man could number

Reader:  of all nations,

Dr. Kinley:  Aw, aw, aw.  Wait just a minute.  Where was they at?  Out there on Mount Sion.  Of all the nations, which no man could number.  Then what, doc.

Reader:  of all nations, and kindreds,

Dr. Kinley:  And kindred

Reader:  and people,

Dr. Kinley:  And people

Reader:  and tongues,

Dr. Kinley:  and tongues

Reader:  stood before the throne,

Dr. Kinley:  stood before the throne.  How about that?  Where is the throne?  Almost in heaven.  Now, do you see that now?  You follow?  Now what I’m trying to tell you is this, I’m trying to tell you that we are the offspring.  And I’m trying to tell you that we are Yahweh, Elohim and Yahshua, (you understand?) got the name on you too; which I’m gonna let Dr. Harris get into in a few minutes, get into that.  Got the name right, everybody in the building, everybody outside.  There ain’t nobody but what don’t have it.  Yeah, you’re Yahweh, even if the devil is occupying, you’re still yet Yahweh.  Do you understand?  Look folks, I know where I come from, Yahshua the Messiah said, `I proceeded.’  Read it, and find that and read it.  I proceeded and come forth from the Father.  Is that right?  Well, I just read to you that Yahweh was the Father and we are the offspring.  So we too proceed and come forth from the Father.  How about that?  And if that be the case then, in the 14th chapter of Saint John, as they call it, which is incorrect, ain’t no such thing as a saint, only in the Roman Catholic Church, that means one canonized in the Roman Catholic Church.  Say look here Mickey.  What do you think about the Lamb coming all of the way, from way above the sun, moon, and stars down in the earth plane as the popes have got it in their carnal minds to set up a Roman Catholic Church.  And you don’t have a verse even in the almanac to prove that Peter or Jesus, either one ever walked around in Rome.  Doesn’t say nothing about it in the Bible.  Now the Roman Catholic Church they gotta tear it down, they have said, Dr. Gross has the book, would you stand up.  Thank you.  This is the president.  Don’t you have a book that say they can’t prove that Peter ever was in Rome? 

Dr. Gross:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  All you have, chapter and verse

Dr. Gross:  A catholic dictionary.

Dr. Kinley:  A catholic dictionary and you have it?  It’s imprimatured?

Dr. Gross:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  Alright.  Sit down.  I just wanna let you know.  We have exposed this thing so bad and we have been right down in Rome.  I do mean right up in the Vatican.  Yes indeed.  We’ve been down in Egypt too.  And what we told the folks down in Egypt.  Sadat, we told.., the other one before Sadat.  What’s his name?  What’s his name?  You all have ___ ___ forget that.

Man:  Nassar.

Dr. Kinley:  Nassar.  Sadat asked me and Dr. Harris, if they went to war with Israel, would they win?  What did I tell you the one before Sadat’s name was?

Man:  Nassar

Dr. Kinley:  Nassar.  That’s what I told him:  nah sir.

Student Body:  (LAUGHS)

Dr. Kinley:  Didn’t I ask him, did I say that?

Student Body:  (LAUGHS)

Dr. Kinley:  He didn’t quite see that.  ___ ___ ___ ___.  Now how about that?  That Is Real too.  (LAUGHS)  Oh me.  Now you see folks we’re not playing, we ain’t trying to have no fun.  Alright.  Now you see that innumerable company.  Now Hebrews 12.  We wanna get this.., we want, we want to show you now.  Jehovah’s Witness don’t know what they’re talking about.  We don’t wanna show you that about this…  Did you find where He said he proceeded?

Man:  John 8:42

Dr. Kinley:  Huh?

Reader:  John 8:42

Dr. Kinley:  I want you to read.

Reader:  Yahshua said unto them,

Dr. Kinley:  Now, he’s talking to the Pharisees and the scribes of the Sanhedrin Council, the smart boys, the 70 of the Sanhedrin Council, the 70 elders, he’s talking to them too, Pharisees and the scribes, He said to them what?

Reader:  if Elohim were your Father,

Dr. Kinley:  Now, if Elohim were your Father

Reader:  you would love me:

Dr. Kinley:  You would love me.

Student Body:  Alright.  Alright.

Dr. Kinley:  Now wait just a minute there folks.  Wait just a minute.  If Elohim were your Father, then you would love me, that’s what He said.  He also said He was the Son of Yahweh.  That right?  I say I’m the son too and I say the Father’s in me.  Say buster there ain’t nothing you can do about that, so you just might as well go on in here today and forget that stuff.  You know where it come from too.  Alright, read on Dr. Harris.

Reader:  for I proceeded forth and came from him;

Dr. Kinley:  Yes, that’s right.  Now look, that’s what that moderator is telling you all the time, that you proceeded and come forth from the Father, meaning Elohim?  And then He come on down in the flesh.  Yahweh is pure spirit, that’s, ignore all this ___ ___ ___ ___ and just look at this cloud as pure spirit.  It’s a symbol of pure spirit.  Now this is Yahweh.  Yahweh.  I read to you in Corinthians there, that Yahweh was spirit.  Now He proceeded and come forth from the Father.  Is that right?  I told you then that He took on a shape and a form.  And He is the image of the heavenly Father.  Is that right?  I told you that.  Now, He said He proceeded and come forth from the Father.  Right?  And He come on down in the flesh, manifested in the flesh.  And He said, `the Father is in me and I am in the Father, believe on me for my very works sake.’  Now all I’m trying to do is just tell you who you are, where you come from, who I am, I know who I am and I know who you are too.  The only thing that makes a difference ___ it’s not your fault.  And it ___ ___ it’s gonna be what’s in you.  Alright read.

Reader:  neither came I of myself,

Dr. Kinley:  I didn’t come of myself.

Reader:  but he that sent me.

Dr. Kinley:  That he sent me.  Now listen, you can decide, you can decide for yourself.  You know any other man in the world, I don’t care who it is.  If you know of any other man in the world at this time that has done the works, not that I done, old Henry C., but the Father, our heavenly Father has done through this physical body.  Stand up, I’d like to look.., I’d like to look you in the face.  Now I told you what was going on all over the world.  Is that right?  Told you when it was gonna happen, told you right from this pulpit, and told you if it don’t happen like I say, don’t come back no more.  Am, am I lying?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Okay.  Alright, read.  That’s all.  Then get Hebrews 12:18 and read that.  Now what we’re after now is this great multitude and we’re talking about Mount Sion.  Alright.

Reader:  For ye are not come to the mount that might be touched,

Dr. Kinley:  Now you see here’s where the mess is.  Here’s where the problems are.  See Mickey, I can touch you.  Now these jews, they come to physical Mount Sinai or Horeb in Arabia that you could put your hands on and Yahweh spoke to them from the mountain.  Is that right?  But now Paul is writing this epistle and he said, `now ye have not come to the mount that might be touched.’  You can’t touch the spirit like that.  Alright, read.

Reader:  and that burned with fire,

Dr. Kinley:  and that burned with fire

Reader:  nor unto blackness,

Dr. Kinley:  and not unto blackness or unto darkness

Reader:  and tempest,

Dr. Kinley:  and tempest

Reader:  And the sound of a trumpet,

Dr. Kinley:  and the sound of a trumpet

Reader:  and the voice of words;

Dr. Kinley:  and the voice of words

Reader:  which voice they that heard

Dr. Kinley:  When heard Yahweh speak from the mountain

Reader:  that the word

Dr. Kinley:  Hold it Mickey, you hold it, and please get this straight.  Yahweh’s speaking here from the mountain.  He’s speaking to this great multitude.  That is not the pope.  603,550 makes up a multitude.  Is that right?  What is the church?

Student Body:  congregation or assembly

Dr. Kinley:  The congregation of the assembly, that is what the church is.  And I’ll have you to know that is the first church back here.  And I want you to know who the preacher is.  Get you acquainted with Him.  No such thing ever ___ ___.  Pope means papa.  That was papa speaking from the mount, I mean our heavenly Father too, not that bird over there in the Vatican.  I’m laying it down to you straight.  Now you can take your choice, you can go on to the lake or go straight to hell if you want to but I’m giving it to you straight.  I don’t care whether you like me for it or not.  That’s that way that is.  You’re not come to the mount that might be touched or that burned with fire and that brought forth the words which were spake which they that

Dr. Kinley:  heard entreated, they’d.., they was frightened, and even old Moses brought was supposed to be the leader, there ain’t nobody else, ___ ___ ___ then he had the conversation with Yahweh at the burning bush before he went down there but now, he’s frightened, he’s scared.  Read on.

Reader:  intreated that the word should not be spoken to them any more:

Dr. Kinley:  that the words should not be spoken to them any more.

Reader:  while they could not endure

Dr. Kinley:  They, they, they, they just couldn’t, they, they couldn’t take it.  Now listen folks, if you are smart, if you are wise and you believe they couldn’t take it back there, you can’t it up here.  Alright, read.

Reader:  And if so much as a beast

Dr. Kinley:  and if so much as a beast touch the mountain

Reader:  it shall be stoned,

Dr. Kinley:  it shall be stoned

Reader:  or thrust through with a dart:

Dr. Kinley:  or thrust through with a dart

Reader:  And so terrible was the sight,

Dr. Kinley:  and so terrible was the sight

Reader:  that Moses said, I exceedingly fear

Dr. Kinley:  But Moses said, `I’m afraid too.’  See that?  Alright read on.

Reader:  But ye


Dr. Kinley:  Now here’s a but that’s a conjunction that joins together 2 complete thoughts.  Isn’t that right?  But what?

Reader:  But ye are

Dr. Kinley:  No, gonna come. 

Student Body:  No

Dr. Kinley:  144000 of the earth class gonna go.

Student Body:  No.

Reader:  ye are come

Dr. Kinley:  But ye are come

Reader:  unto Mount Sion,

Dr. Kinley:  Wait a minute ___ ___.  You gotta get some of this stuff out of this Bible.  But you are come.  Come where?

Reader:  unto Mount Sion,

Dr. Kinley:  to Mount Sion.  See that Mount Sion.  See why I had you come back over here.  And you remember that number that couldn’t be numbered.  You are come to Mount Sion.  To what?

Reader:  and unto the city of the living Elohim,

Dr. Kinley:  and you have come, those jews, and the gentiles grafted in, and you have come to the city, the eternal city, Rome.

Student Body:  No

Dr. Kinley:  Say listen.  You gonna be that damned stubborn, got all about Rome being the eternal city.  Just like I said it.  Yahshua the Messiah said he that believeth not on Him, he’ll be damned.  The eternal city.  Watch.  Well, what is the eternal city?

Reader:  and unto the city of the living Elohim,

Dr. Kinley:  and to the city of the living Elohim

Reader:  the heavenly Jerusalem,

Dr. Kinley:  No.  Now look.  Rome.

Student Body:  No, sir.

Dr. Kinley:  Wasn’t talking about this, either.

Student Body:  No, no.

Dr. Kinley:  How about that?  Talking about the heavenly things.  Now look, here’s what I mean.  And that’s what Paul is talking about.  Paul is talking about when you become a recipient of the Holy Spirit, then you have come to the heavenly Jerusalem.  You’ve come to the mount that can’t be touched.  You’ve come to the living Elohim.  I don’t mean gonna come, I mean you’ve already come, sitting right here now.  Tonight.  Alright.  They say that during.., sometime during your life time you oughta visit Rome.  Sometime during your life time you oughta come to the heavenly city, Jerusalem above, the mother of us all.  Is that right?  Alright, read on.

Reader:  and to an innumerable number,

Dr. Kinley:  Now that’s what I’m after.  And to an innumerable company.., we are back to the company now.  Alright, read on.

Reader:  and to an innumerable company of angels,

Dr. Kinley:  Oh, oh.  Now.  What are angels?

Student Body:  Ministering spirits.

Dr. Kinley:  You’ve come to an innumerable company of angels.  Hold it buster.  Them angels that was cast down from heaven, down here, woe unto the inhabitants of the earth for the accuser of the brethren is cast down unto you, you down here walking around in the flesh.  In the spirit you have seen another realm.  So you’re caught up with the whole business.  Now you got to be the judge of which one of these things is in you.  Then somebody said, `you think, you folks down there is the only people that’s right, they’re so few, just a handful of folks.’  You think that’s awful, `you think you all is the only one with the truth.’  We got some ___ ___ ___ ___.  Some of us, some of ___ ___ more than that.  Now listen buster, don’t you go, ___ nothing and getting some parts like that.  You either have it all or else you don’t have it.  No, you’re not divided.  Alright.  To what?

Reader:  to an innumerable company of angels,

Dr. Kinley:  to an innumerable company of angels

Reader:  to

Dr. Kinley:  Wait a minute.  You’re down here with them that failed, you’re up there with them that didn’t, said them innumerable company of angels.  Read on.

Reader:  to the general assembly

Dr. Kinley:  to the general assembly

Reader:  and church

Dr. Kinley:  Hold it.  This is just a small nucleus.  John wrote to the 7 churches which is in Asia (Philadelphia, Pergamos, and Ephesus and so forth and so on.  7.)  But now this is the general assembly.  The general assembly, that means all of us put together in heaven like that.  How about that?  Alright.  Read.  Now that’s what we’ve come to.  Alright, read on.

Reader:  to the general assembly and church of the firstborn,

Dr. Kinley:  and church of the first born or assembly of the first born

Reader:  which are written in heaven,

Dr. Kinley:  Hold it.  Hold it.  Hold it, buster.  Which are written in heaven.  And now, go ahead on.

Reader:  and to Elohim

Dr. Kinley:  No, that can’t be so.  We have come to God. 

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  We have come to God.  Alright and what else?

Reader:  the judge of all,

Dr. Kinley:  the judge of all

Reader:  and to the spirits of just men made perfect,

Dr. Kinley:  Now, wait a minute.  We’re caught up with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and all the rest of them.  We’ve caught up with them.  How about that?  We’re right in there with them.  Now, how about that?  Oh boy, ain’t that nice and that ain’t all.  Read on, Mickey.

Reader:  and to Yahshua

Dr. Kinley:  Oh, oh.  Look out.  Now you see you’re right back to Him.  And to Yahshua

Reader:  the mediator

Dr. Kinley:  Hold that.  Hold it. Hold it.  Hold it.  Hold it.  No.  No.  No.  No.  ___.  Mediator means a go between.  Ain’t it?  Now the Catholics want us to believe that Mary come from heaven, every sabbath day and visits the poor souls in purgatory.  Now she was supposed to be in heaven and I don’t know how you figure this one out.  But Pope Pius the 12th said after that, that he put her in heaven whole soul, body, and spirit in May of 1950.  That is documented.

Student Body:  Right.  Yes it is.

Dr. Kinley:  And then she was coming from heaven before then, visiting the poor souls in purgatory.  And here he just put her in heaven, May 1950.  That’s one of the great miracles that he performed.  That’s right.  Now Paul said in the 15th chapter of 1 Corinthians, the ___ verse, the first verse, says flesh and blood does not inherit the kingdom of heaven.  Now you read that you’ve come to the spiritual judgement not the body, made perfect.  You follow?  Oh, brethren, this is something else.  Are you all tired of this?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Alright.  Read on.

Reader:  And some

Dr. Kinley:  Now, wait a minute.  You’ve come to Yahshua now.  Now, you already done come to Him, didn’t say the pope, didn’t say the cardinal, didn’t say your pastor.  And who is the mediator?  Yahshua…  Is that right?  And, and the mediator of the new covenant.  Is that right?  Now then look, how in the world can you tell me that the pope has power to put somebody in heaven.  And he’s not the mediator.  Get 1st, get Timothy 2:5.  I wanna show you there ain’t but one mediator.  And you’ve come to that.  Now then, ist that 1st Timothy?

Student Body:  2:5

Dr. Kinley:  2 Timothy

Student Body:  1 Timothy

Dr. Kinley:  1 Timothy 2:5.  I want it read.

Reader:  For one is Yahweh,

Dr. Kinley:  For one is Yahweh.  Yahweh’s just one.  He’s not the trinity.  He’s just one.  Alright, read.

Reader:  and one mediator,

Dr. Kinley:  And listen, just one mediator.  Now Mary will not do for a mediator.  The pope won’t do for a mediator.  Your pastor will not do for a mediator.  How about that?  Just one mediator.  Who is that?

Reader:  the mediator between

Dr. Kinley:  make sure you read the pope

Reader:  one mediator between him and man,

Dr. Kinley:  There’s one mediator between Yahweh and man

Reader:  the man Yahshua the Messiah;

Dr. Kinley:  Oh, Doc, why don’t you get yourself a Bible.  Yahshua the Messiah, not the pope.  Go back and repeat what you just read over there in Hebrews.

Reader:  And to Yahshua the mediator

Dr. Kinley:  There, there you see.  Alright.

Reader:  of the new covenant,

Dr. Kinley:  of the new covenant

Reader:  and to the blood of sprinkling,

Dr. Kinley:  and to the blood of sprinkling

Reader:  that speaketh better things than that of Abel.

Dr. Kinley:  that speaketh better things than that of Able

Reader:  See that ye refuse not him that speaketh.

Dr. Kinley:  Hey, look.  You think it’s me.  And I’ve been trying to tell you all the time about preaching and teaching in the name.  I’ve already told you even this morning, I don’t wanna hear Henry C Kinley and I don’t wanna hear you.  I’ve tried my best to tell you that the Holy Spirit was the teacher in this school, not ole Henry C. and not you, I don’t care how smart you are, I don’t care how many degrees you got.  We ain’t gonna buy it, that’s all there is to it.  Alright, read.

Reader:  See that you refuse not him that speaketh.

Dr. Kinley:  Now see that you refuse not him that speaketh

Reader:  For if they escaped not who refused him

Dr. Kinley:  Now if they didn’t get away with it.

Reader:  that spake on earth,

Dr. Kinley:  that spake on earth

Reader:  much more shall not we escape,

Dr. Kinley:  Um hum

Reader:  if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven:

Dr. Kinley:  Now it’s Yahweh or the Holy Spirit in this body, that’s Yahshua, that’s Yahweh in this body that’s speaking.  You can refuse me but don’t you refuse Him that speaketh from heaven.  Do you see what I’m talking about?  Alright.  And look everything I said, I’ve read it out of the Bible.  Read.

Reader:  Whose voice then shook the earth:

Dr. Kinley:  whose voice then shook the earth

Reader:  but now

Dr. Kinley:  Wait a minute.  ___ ___ ___ if you want me to read it, I’ll read it.  The removal, and while I’m on that, Yahweh is soon gonna roll up the heavens and the earth like a scroll.  Not gonna put up with your foolishness and your ignorance and your hard head much longer.  That has to be done because He said unless the days be shortened there wouldn’t be nobody saved.  Understand?  And as I told you when I got up here and what we doing now is just gleaning, the harvest is passed.  We just going around gathering up the few sprinklings left over, ___ ___ in the vision.  The harvest is over with.  It’s the last go around.  And Yahweh’s having a little patience in giving you time to repent, just straighten up and fly right.  You understand?  You better taken advantage of the opportunity.  Alright, read on.

Reader:  Whose voice then shook the earth:

Dr. Kinley:  whose voice then shook the earth

Reader:  but now he has promised,

Dr. Kinley:  But now He has promised.

Reader:  saying,

Dr. Kinley:  Saying

Reader:  Yet once more I shake not the earth only,

Dr. Kinley:  Yet once more I shake not the earth also.

Reader:  but also heaven.

Dr. Kinley:  He’s shaking heaven, the thing that can’t be removed, the things that remain, shaking both the heavens and the earth.  You understand what I’m talking about?  Well, every time, I don’t know whether you noticed it or not, I don’t know whether you did or not but I’m gonna call your attention to it.  I’m tired of your stupidity and colossal ignorance.  Every time Yahweh speaks through me like He is now there’s an earthquake somewhere.  Look out for the one coming folks.  Alright.  Read on.  Shook up the heavens too.  How about that?  Alright, read on.

Reader:  And this word, yet once more, signifies the removing of those things

Dr. Kinley:  Didn’t I tell you that?  Just like it’s was a signal.  These earthquakes and things you’re getting they’re signals.  Jehovah Witnesses is quoting Solomon back there.  They said, `one generation goes and another comes, but the earth abides forever,’ but Yahweh’s gonna remove it.  That’s right.  Forever and an age or world has an end.  And while I’m on that I think I should say this:  the world has ended more than once, but you are too stupid to realize it:  back here with Noah that was the end of the world (end of that world), Yahshua the Messiah was crucified out there (that was the end of the world, the end of the age.)  And one more thing I wanna call your attention to, but finish that.  And I’ll tell you before we get to it.

Reader:  And this word

Dr. Kinley:  Wait a minute.  I wanna tell you before you get to it.  Over in Ephesians.  Listen to me, the whole family, all that you read about in heaven and earth is called by the same name, now you can decide for yourself, the whole family in heaven and in earth is called by Roman Catholics.

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Protestants.

Student Body:  No

Dr. Kinley:  Baptists

Student Body:  No

Dr. Kinley:  Methodists

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Presbyterian and Unitarian.

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Come on now, be real.  Called by the same name because they all have in common, ___ all in Himself, all ___ on earth is called by the same name.  I’m talking about stupidity and that ignorance.  Alright, read.

Reader:  And this word yet

Dr. Kinley:  Pick that up and finish what’s in Hebrews there, then you can get into

Reader:  And this word, Yet once more, signifies the removing of those things that are shaken,

Dr. Kinley:  That’s right.

Reader:  as of things that are made,

Dr. Kinley:  That’s right.

Reader:  that those things which cannot be shaken may remain. 

Dr. Kinley:  That those things cannot be shaken.  Now look folks, I done told you this.  You can just go around and lie on me all you want to, say anything you want to about me.  I ain’t getting shook up about it, I told you that.  I’ve already told.., I know there’s a lot of folks don’t believe in what I say.  It don’t bother me.  Say look, if these folks didn’t do that, they did it in the days of Yahshua the Messiah when He was walking around here as a man in the flesh.  They did it back here.  Yes, that’s right.  And Yahweh killed off the whole business and pretty much all of them except ___ 3.  They did it back here.  Now, why shouldn’t you look for it down here.  They didn’t believe what I say.  I know all of that.  Then somebody has the nerve to go grab up some book that some stupid idiot wrote and go try to show me something about what somebody else thinks to try to convince me that I’m wrong.  You ought to be ashamed of yourself.  Now you know, you know what’s wrong there?  You know, you know why you do that?  More than one has done that now.  I don’t, I’m not, I’m not gonna question you about it.  More than one has judged me but you know what’s wrong with that?  You want me to tell you what’s wrong with that?  Feeble minded.  Said, comfort the feeble minded.  You can’t see through this mystery no how.  Why don’t you give them a little comfort.  Let everything go, just take it easy.  I ___ if I was you, I’d just take it easy.  You you don’t come to, is a full profound knowledge of this thing until you’re ready to get in here.  Alright, read, Dr. ___.  And Paul said again to the Corinthians, `why is it when you come together every one of you has a doctrine, or everyone of you has a philosophy, every one of you are a teacher, great teacher and you’re still teaching just the same,’ he’s talking about the assembly at Corinth too.  And here.., but they didn’t have nobody to speak.  You follow?  Read.

Reader:  Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved,

Dr. Kinley:  No, no, no, no.  Say you missed the boat, buster.  Did you see that man coming here the other Sunday and said he come’d here to set up the kingdom of God on earth.  And here we talking about they receiving the kingdom way back there.  Oh, my goodness.  That’s.., now that’s terrible ain’t it, but that’s to be expected though.  `I like to be a big shot, and if I can’t be the bell cow, I can’t.., I won’t gallop in the gang, this is the great me, this is the great I am, now all of you oughta follow me, get behind and follow me.’  I’d like to tell you where you were going in that case.  Dr. Hobbs, where’d you take all them folks (that’s the undertaker I’m talking about.) 

Elba Hobbs:  Paradise. 

Student Body:  (LAUGHS)

Dr. Kinley:  What is that? 

Elba Hobbs:  Cemetery.

Student Body:  (LAUGHS)

Elba Hobbs:  Graveyard. 

Dr. Kinley:  That’s right.  Now the pope’s been praying `em out of purgatory and preachers out of ___.  I’d advise you to go back and look where you buried him.  Pope John even said on his dying bed, `I am the resurrection and the life.’  That’s what he said he was and he died.

Student Body:  (LAUGHS)

Dr. Kinley:  And say the bad part of that story is this, I’m not.., it’s in the book, we got the book.  That man’s got the book right in his hand.  Right there.  And we can have it read.  I said that Pope John wouldn’t live to see June the 6th, 1963 and he died June the 3rd and he asked 550 million Roman Catholics to pray for him that he might see another pentecost, that was the 50th day or the 6th of June.  Right?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  He went on out of there, didn’t he? 

Student Body:  Yes, he did.

Dr. Kinley:  Anybody want to argue with it? 

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Now, for you to come up and telling me, `I’m a Roman Catholic.’  Say, you know what roman means.  The devil, when, when the sons of Yahweh come to present themselves according to Yahweh, the devil, he come too.  And Yahweh Elohim said, `where’d you come from?’  Remember I told you he was cast out of heaven and down to the earth.  Satan’s walking to and fro in the earth and up and down in it.  Roaming, Catholic, universal.  Walking all around, everywhere, to and fro, up and down in it.  `What are you doing?’  He’s seeking whom he may devour, so saith Peter.  Now folks I tried to give you the truth.  Now I want to.., that’s enough of that, that’s enough of that.  You finish that there.  Is that all of it?  Read the other one. 

Reader:  Wherefore receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved,

Dr. Kinley:  Um hum.

Reader:  let us have grace, whereby

Dr. Kinley:  Let us have.., no, works.

Student Body:  No, grace.

Dr. Kinley:  Grace.

Reader:  let us have grace, whereby we may serve Elohim acceptably

Dr. Kinley:  Whereby we.., now acceptable.  Now He ain’t gonna accept this covenant that he done away with.  Carnal ordinances, He ain’t gonna accept that.  Alright, accepting foot washings and water baptisms and all that jazz.  Alright, read.

Reader:  with reverence and

Dr. Kinley:  with reverence

Reader:  and holiness and fear:

Dr. Kinley:  and holiness and then you be afraid of Him too.

Reader:  For our Elohim is a consuming fire.

Dr. Kinley:  Now just a minute brother.  Hold it buster.  For our Elohim.., I tried my best to tell you what the lake was.  Our Elohim is a consuming fire.  Now then, that makes me have to go back and read another one.  Go get Exodus.  Now, now you let the other one read.  Now, same thing, same, same place.

Reader:  Exodus 24:17

Dr. Kinley:  Exodus 24:17

Reader:  And the sight of the glory of Yahweh was like devouring fire

Dr. Kinley:  or consuming or devouring, both words are synonymous, they mean the same thing in your Bible ___ ___ ___.  Right? 

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  For our Elohim is a consuming fire and this mountain back here, Mount Sinai, that the cloud covered the top of that mount.  The cloud or the pillar, or cloud by day and fire by night.  And in the eyes of the children of Israel it was a devouring fire or a consuming fire.  This is the Lake.  If Yahweh is everything that exists, He definitely has to be the Lake.  So there can’t be nothing outside of Him, so He’s a consuming fire.  Is that right?  Folks, I hope you got something out of this.  I do want Dr. Harris touch that in, in Ephesians.  Now, now this is what we’re after.  Now this is what we’re after.  Dr. Harris is going to speak quickly, I’m going, I’m going to give it to him.  Now I told you about that crown.  Now the pope he had a crown.  Vicarius, that’s Latin, written in the top ring of it.  Filii, that’s the 2nd ring.  Dei, that’s the 3rd ring.  And that translated out of latin means this:  it means vicar of the Son of God, that’s what that means.  Now if you take that and put it in Roman numerals.  Here, we have it over there on that chart, as in Vicar, V stands for 5 and I equals 1 and so forth and so on.  And then, you get 666 and that’s Revelation 13:8.  And that shows you back here what he was, marked from Yahweh, riding around, ark of the covenant, sedia gestoria.  They had to run staves, they couldn’t touch that ark, they had to run staves through it.  And here he is, got his…  Never mind, go ahead.  ___  That’s ___, that’s the throne of Yahweh and he talks about he ascended the throne at such and such a time.  And he doesn’t see why all ___ divulge in people running out the Roman Catholic Church. ___ ___ 40 million of `em in 1 year.  Alright, read Dr. Harris.

Reader:  I’ll start at the 13th verse.  Wherefore I desire that you faint not at my tribulations for you.  For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Savior.

Dr. Kinley:  Now for this cause, now for this reason, for this cause, I bow my knees unto the Father

Reader:  of our savior Yahshua the Messiah,

Dr. Kinley:  of our savior Yahshua the Messiah

Reader:  Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named

Dr. Kinley:  Now did you hear me, did you hear me?  So now you quit talking about my family.  You get in my family cause the whole family of heaven and earth is called by the same name.  We are definitely Roman Catholics. 

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  No, we’re Baptists.

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Do you see now?  Alright.  What else Dr. Harris. 

Dr. Harris:  That’s it.

Dr. Kinley:  That’s it.  That’s it!  I just said that.  Now I hope you got something out of it.




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