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SUBJECT: Discourse on Moses Chart, Elementary Chart, A Body Chart


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TYPE: START 9-28-1993, FINISHED 10-5-1993





VOICE: Kinley production, sequence 1,take.


DR.KINLEY: Now I believe at this point it is necessary for me to repeat some of the things that I have said before.


VOICE: Kinley production, take 2 sequence 1.


DR.KINLEY: Now I believe at this time it is necessary for me to repeat and recapitulate some of the things we have already called your attention to that you might grasp the continuity of thought. The children of Israel having accumulated down in Egypt’s land, they, after the ten plagues was poured out, by then God instituted the passover. And we told you that Moses slaid the pascal lamb, and put the blood on each side of the lintels of the door and up over the post.  It was dark down in Egypt at that time. And so then, that pointed to Christ, one hand on this side pointed to the blood put on that side of the door, the other hand, on this side pointed to the blood on this side of the door. The crown of thorns on his head pointed to the blood over the door posts. The basin which the blood was caught in, which was put over the door, points to the nails in his feet. And now, this darkness here, that was in Egypt, must go all the way back and reflect itself through the flood of Noah where it was dark there, and in B.C.1491 years before Christ was when the vision of Moses took place, relative to the Creation, which you see, this picture and this picture, are the same types and shadows here. And it reflects all the way across the bottom of the chart so you can see that how all of the land of Egypt, except Goshen, was dark. Now, after the children had ate the Passover, they passed out of Egypt, through the Red Sea, the divided waters of the Red Sea, and the cloud was leading them. And the cloud denoted the presence of God. And they were baptized in the cloud and in the Sea. And they passed into the wilderness of Sinai. This is three days journey to the Red Sea. And then they were given three days to clean up. This three days before they passed through the Red Sea, and the three days they had to clean up and present themselves or congregate themselves around Mount Sinai constituted six days which you will see how it works in the Creation:1,2,3,4,5,6, the six days of the Creation. So now after they had gathered around Mount Sinai, God spoke from Mount Sinai, giving them the ten commandments. Of which we are all familiar with saying I am the Lord, they God, that brought thee out of the land of Egypt. We want you to notice that this spoken word, being materialized, as John said “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was made flesh, or it was materialized in the womb of the Virgin Mary, and born, and that person which we know to be Jesus. So now, what we want you to realize now, is that the cloud, that brought them up out of the land of Egypt, covered the top of the mountain, and God called Moses, Nadab, and Abihu, and seventy of the elders up into the mountain, and there they saw, in a vision, this Word, having, in its incorporeal form, which they saw as a man.  And so, the reason for calling Moses, Nadab, and Abihu up in the mountain, we want to show this real, so you can catch the continuity of thought before we move further. Christ is fulfilling the Law and the Prophecy. And so therefore he has to call Peter, James, and John up into a mountain and transfigure before them. Showing the transfiguration and the fulfillment of this before those who are to be ministers. Now while Moses was in the mountain the total amount of days that he was in the mountain was forty days. Now if you subtract the seven days of the, the six days of Creation, the the Sabbath day, which is the seventh day, from the time that Moses was up in the mountain it will leave, the seventh subtracted, will leave thirty three days, which shows the span of the life of Christ on Earth. Now, we we want you to notice that while Moses was up in the mountain,  as is expressed in Exodus 25:40, God instructed Moses there to make all things according to the Pattern of the Tabernacle shown him while he was in the mount. So this figure of the great anthromorphic being and the Tabernacle, are one and the same, that is the transformation or the transmutation, so that Moses could see in the vision, and understand how to build, and to construct the Tabernacle after he came down out of the mountain. Next, we see this repetition of this man here, which showed that matter is spirit materialized. This incorporeal man, which you see here, is transmuted into what we see and know as the Creation. So now we see the heaven and earth, covered, we see the earth covered with water, and the spirit moving upon the face of the waters and God said “Let there be Light”. And there was light. And here is the picture, shows the light. And this light here is correlated with the light between the wings of the cheribums in the Most Holy Place. And you can see from this, as this picture is all lined up across here, at the top, with the Most Holy Place, so the top part of this picture, from here up, is lined up with the Most Holy Place. Where you see the distinction between the colors here, it shows the Holy Place, in the sanctuary. Where you see, beneath there, it shows the Court Around About, as we have already explained. Now we want you to realize that this vision was seen in this cloud which represented eternity. So therefore, the Creation did not take place in the realm of time. It took place in the realm of eternity. Therefore, no scientist, or no philosopher, has ever been able to designate no particular time for the beginning of Creation because it was not created in the realm of time. Another thing we want you to notice is that this having taken place, this vision having taken place in B.C.1491, the Sun, Moon, and Stars, or the Creation itself, has already been created. So this is a repetition of the Creation shown to Moses while he was in the mount. And so now, we want you to notice that Moses in the vision is looking here seeing what took place on each day and as it is stated in Genesis: the evening and the morning was the first day. We want to explain, not the evening, and the night, and the next morning, but the evening and the morning, or right where night would be, to us, that is the first day. And so forth and so on down the six days of the Creation. So now, you understand right where the night would be, as we see it as of today, that is where the day would be.


And so therefore, we want you to realize that this night, being shown here in the vision, is not the real night as we know it to be night. It is what he saw in the vision. Now, we want you to notice that Moses is looking from Alpha, and he is going on down showing the six days of Creation. Now if Moses writes in the first chapter of Genesis, as we have already said “In the beginning,” which means in the beginning of the vision, “God created Heaven and Earth, and the Earth was without form, and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and God said “Let there be light”, and the evening and the morning  was the first Day. nd the next day, the second day, so forth and so on down through the six days. Then Genesis and Revelations must tied in together. So if Moses saw the Tabernacle before he saw the Creation then what John sees on the Isle of Patmos and the first chapter of Genesis must be tied in together. So notice closely, if Moses gives a record of what happens the first, the second, the third, and the fourth, the fifth, and sixth, and say that God rested of the seventh day from all of his works, which you saw in the second chapter of Genesis, then we see the reason why it was that Christ preserved the life of the Apostle John until A.D. 96. And he had to be on and island surrounded by water in the beginning of his vision, and it had to be on the sabbath day or on seventh day because Moses had told what had took place during the six days and God had rested. And from that time on he had not created anything (inaudible “seventh day”) and therefor that reason he said that he was on the isle of Patmos on the seventh day. And since Moses is facing this way coming through one to seven, John heard a voice behind him, and therefore he had to turn so he would turn to face the old, the Alpha, and Moses therefore, is looking from Alpha to Omega, and John is looking from Omega back to Alpha. Now to verify and to confirm that the Tabernacle was first then when John turned and heard the voice of Jesus as many waters then he saw him walking in the midst of the golden candle sticks or in this part of the sanctuary. Having the seven stars in His right hand. And so you can see, when you understand Revelations, as it really is, it only reveals and confirms what the Law and the Prophets have said. And so therefore we can see why it was that he had to be there on the sabbath day. Now I would like to mention, so that we can correlate this, and this, and this picture there. In other words, we want to draw a cross right up this way and across this way, so that you can see that one thing confirms the other in the Law and in the Prophecy. So now if you turn your books to the 11th Chapter of Revelations and the 8th verse, you will find that Christ was that pascal Lamb, that was slain down in Egypt, and Sodom, spiritually speaking, and not out on Golgotha outside of the walls of Jerusalem as we have understood it to be. Nevertheless, it is outside of the walls in the natural Jerusalem, but it was a figure of what had taken place in Sodom and Egypt. And so now we can see the cloud going this way, leading the children of Israel, so if the cloud led the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt, through into the Wilderness, and led them around in the Wilderness, you can see why it is that these clouds must be formed and when Christ transfigured the cloud overshadowed Peter, James, and John in the mount as it did, Nadab, Aaron, Nadab and Abihu up in the mountain there. So now you can see how these pictures all tie in together. This whole entire migration to the dedication of Solomon’s Temple is 490 years. And so in the 490 years that ended that migration and the completion of that cycle of 490 years which is seventy weeks in prophetic time, one day for a each year. Now notice again that this is the earthly sanctuary, that is the creation or the physical heavens and earth is the earthly or the great and more perfect tabernacle that’s called attention, in the Hebrews.


So we can see now, that this sanctuary is set up the same way: Court Around About, which I showed you on the other chart. It has a Holy Place. And then the vail. And then the Most Holy Place. Now if you notice the vail here is right along the line here, so you can see why it was the God divided the light from the darkness. He divided from the waters beneath from the waters above and he divided the waters into rivers and seas and so forth and so on. And you can see all along how and why that these divisions is mentioned in the first chapter of Genesis. Because he is transformed into this Tabernacle and this Tabernacle being three-fold you can see the the reason for the divisions along. Now let me say here when we use the bigger chart, which we will do afterwards you will see more plainly how that these divisions go and these vails will be marked so that you can tell them all along and I will explain that in detail as I get to it. So now let us say this repetition here and show you how this works. Peter, James, and John up into Mt. Sinai. Not Peter, James, and John. Correction. But Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu up into Mt. Sinai with the cloud overshadowing the mountain. Then you can see why it was that Peter, James, and John had to go up into a mountain to see the transfiguration. Now, and the cloud overshadowed them and the voice came from the cloud saying “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”. Now Peter, James, and John, the Father, the Word, the Holy Spirit. The Law says in the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established. So you had to have at least three in order to confirm, so Peter, James, and John, Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu there. And now Peter, James and John, if you notice closely, in the 17th chapter of Matthew, I believe you will find there that the conversation that God had with Moses, telling him about building this Tabernacle. And that is how Peter recognized the fact, having never seen Moses in the flesh and hearing the conversation recognized through the conversation being a repetition or that that was Moses. And therefore he made this statement “Let us build three Tabernacles: one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias”. And the voice  came from the cloud and said “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.” which the Tabernacle represented the one beloved son which was the only Tabernacle that God had given Man any instructions to build. So now you can see from that why it was that they recognized Moses. Now lets look at it on the other side. There must be another repetition here. So then in the Ascension, the two Ark Angels that was there, They had to stand on each side there, showing when Christ ascended, these two men that stood nearby were these two Ark Angels that stood on each side of the Ark. And the cloud had to receive Him out of their sight because the cloud brought the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt, and they being many, it took them to constitute the one body. And as Christ started to ascend, or the cloud began to lift him out of their sight, and these two angels that stood by on the ground saying “Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into the heavens this same Jesus which you see taken up in the cloud shall come again unto you in like manner.” You can see if you are familiar with the structure of the Tabernacle as I am showing you up here, when he started to ascend he was already in that heavenly state. And it wasn’t this penetration of the atmosphere, or the stratosphere, or the ionosphere that caused him to vanish out of sight. It was the spirit that done away his (inaudible visible) presence. And so therefore he has come back to us in the spirit just he went away.


And so if you will always bear in mind to always go back and look in the back, you can see that Christ, back into the Law I mean and into the Prophecy, you can see that Christ is fulfilling the Law and the Prophecy and therefore it necessitates these repetitions of the Transfiguration and of the Ascension and keeps it from being such a problem for us to understand. So (inaudible) look again and see each one of these divisions in this, they must be the division between Egypt by the Red Sea, the Wilderness by the river Jordan, and by Palestine here in the greater and more perfect tabernacle which the Lord God created. And so now you can see why it is that these repetitions are necessary. Now I would like to show you here again, that when the children of Israel came out of the land of Egypt the cloud was a pillar of fire by night and by day it was a cloud. Pharaoh, representing the Devil, followed them to the Red Sea. And they were baptized in the cloud and in the sea. (Inaudible)dark, and towards the Wilderness of Sinai it was light. So then you can move over to Joseph’s new tomb, which is symbolized by this burial here in the Red Sea, and see why it was that Christ raised from the dead as it begin to dawn towards the first day of the week showing darkness here as being divided there and the cloud showing light this way. And this would be the state in which he would resurrect in and tarry forty days here and before he ascended as the children of Israel tarried forty years in the Wilderness of Sinai before they were led by Joshua to the River Jordan, and the River Jordan parted, and they went into Palestine. These parting of the Red Sea and the and the parting of the River Jordan is a, the reason for that is because the sanctuary is dived by the vail. And the door here. And so this, this Red Sea is a door, an entrance into the Wilderness and the, by going through a vail you can see the River Jordan here is an entrance into Canaan’s land. Canaan’s land represents heaven. This is a heavenly type. Therefore, it is said that Jerusalem beneath, not Rome, but Jerusalem beneath is allegorical to Jerusalem above which is the mother of us all. Now after they had went through the Red Sea, tarried in the Wilderness forty years, and then they passed through the River Jordan, and into Canaan’s land, after they were in there, in the 480th year after they came out of Egypt they laid the foundation for the temple, Solomon’s Temple, which was the first temple that was ever builded by the divine specifications of the Almighty God. And it was seven years in the building, seven years in the building is the same as the seven days here in the creation which represented the body of Christ here, as the body of Christ here is, or Spirit, is transmuted, in its partial transmutation, not total, but partial, (inaudible) into the creation. And so the seven days here, one day for a year, the the Temple, representing the body of Christ here, must be seven years in its construction, which represented the body of Christ. So now you can see how this chart, that we are talking about here now condenses and makes it clear and easy for us to understand. Now I would like to mention again that many people looking in their Bibles at the top of the page in Genesis, the first chapter of Genesis, think that the Creation took place 4004 years before Christ, but it did not take place. Moses is just seeing the vision 4004 years before the birth of Jesus. And it would be well if we mention here to that there is no such thing as B.C., or before Christ, because Christ always was. He was, as I told you when we went through this type here on this chart, that God is Spirit and He took on form in that incorporeal form. And then later he took on, what we might mention as a physical form, but never moved out of this. So therefore, you can see all the time, that we, the universe in its totality is embodied in God. And by Moses laying the ten commandments in the Ark of Covenant, you can see that the whole entire creation is controlled by universal Spirit Law. Because God is Spirit, and Spirit is this substance. And in that substance is the attributes and the law that controls every animate and inanimate object in the Universe. Therefore, the Sun, Moon, and Stars will not bump into one another, and exchange day for a night. And it constantly works with infallibility and unerring accuracy. Therefore, day and night shall not cease as long as the Earth remains. And so we, I believe that we can see all the way through this chart fairly well and understand it as it really is.


VOICE: Kinley production, take 1, sequence 2


DR.KINLEY: Here I believe it would be necessary for us to call your attention to the fact: Why Moses broke the tables of stone?. so, follow me closely. After God had spoke from Mount Sinai giving the children of Israel the Law, telling them (inaudible) that they should not make unto him any graven images, in the likeness of anything that was in the heavens above, or in the earth beneath, or in the waters under the earth. Then God having called Moses up into the mountain, and Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, having saw him in the vision, Moses remained in the mountain, and God gave him tables of stone as you see indicated here. Here we see Moses descending with the tables of stone, and God had told him to put the tables of stone in the Ark of the Covenant, which was in the Most Holy Place, before it was dedicated. But Moses, as he descended the mountain, he saw that Aaron had permitted the children of Israel to build a golden calf. And Moses was angry with them because they had disobeyed God and builded this graven image. And he threw down the first tables of stone and broke them which indicated that he had to go back into the mountain and get a new table of stone, and which, to place in the Ark of the Covenant. That symbolized the fact that God intended to make a new covenant with the House of Israel, according to Jeremiah 31:31. And so the first covenant, having been broken, or the tables having been broken, symbolized that God intended to put his law in their hearts, and in their minds, and not just to tell them. And then as you see, all of the children of Israel disobeyed God for with many of them God was not well pleased. And all of them that come out of the land of Egypt, with the exceptions of Caleb and Joshua, they all died in the Wilderness. And Caleb, and Joshua, were the only two that reached Canaan’s Land that came out of Egypt. And the reason why they reached Canaan’s land was because of these two Ark angels. They had to be two that had come out of the land of Egypt to reach Canaan’s land because of the two Ark angels. But all the rest of them that, cam out of Egypt, they all died in the Wilderness. And now those that went out of the Wilderness of Sinai through the River Jordan and into Canaan’s land were all born in the Wilderness, which means this, that the children of Israel, that came out of Egypt, having been baptized in the Red Sea, and Christ being raised, from the dead, which was symbolized by Joseph’s new tomb, symbolized by the Red Sea, and Christ raised from the dead, why then he was no more as was before and therefore these people must all be born in here signifying the new birth here that is, not born of the old Egypt, or of the Old World, but it had to be, yet they were in the flesh, and not in the spirit because passing through the River Jordan into Canaan’s Land, when the Holy Spirit was poured out they were a new creature and the old creation had passed out and if any man, as the Apostle Paul said “Be a new creature.” why then old things are passed away that is to say the old creation has passed away and behold all things have become new. So the River Jordan shows here in, the vail in the sanctuary, showing the vail of the temple being rent in twain or the River Jordan divided here. And Man passing into the presence of God here or passing through the River Jordan and reaching his final destiny as a type and a shadow of the heavenly Jerusalem, as we have said, which Jerusalem beneath was allegorical to Jerusalem above. So we can see clearly why that these types and shadows all reflect, under the old Dispensation, or the Dispensation of the Law, they are fulfilled by Christ and moved out of the way , and then we come into the New Testament , or into the New Covenant.


And the New Covenant could not be established until after his death because of the fact that the first covenant had to be dedicated with the blood of bulls and goats and the like of that. Or, in other words, without the shedding of blood the first covenant couldn’t be dedicated and neither could the second covenant be established until those things that pointed to Christ had to show his death before the New Covenant could be established which was indicated by the breaking of the first tables and Moses getting the new tables, which would be symbolical of placing them in a man’s heart and in his mind. And then they would not disobey God then with the new spirit in their hearts and in their minds, as the children of Israel did down in the Wilderness of Sinai. And they all died. But with the second covenant into their hearts, dedicated by the blood of Christ then we have eternal life and therefore no more death. And so Christ, in that he died, he abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through his death and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. And so it is on this side of the cross, or since his death, that we have eternal life. But we have this treasure, or we have the Holy Spirit in this earthly vessel, and this earthly vessel represents the vail here, and the vail there, which when, the Holy Spirit, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye shall change our mortal body to an immortal. And we are already immortal in the spirit or in our consciousness, if we understand the purpose of God and have become a true recipient of the Holy Spirit while we live and move around in the world today. We are new creatures, having been born and not subject to death. As death itself, as we know it to be, I am not talking about that, I am talking about death really is an illusion. Which we will have to go into the details in order to explain all of those things to you, from its atomic structure  of the physical body on, which is a deep philosophy within itself and we cannot illustrate only by the vail hereby the River Jordan, and by the vail that divides here. Because you recall that when Christ raised from the dead, the temple, the vail of the temple was rent in twain, and that is to say, it was ripped out. And so therefore, it left, made way for us to enter back into that state which Adam had fallen from in the spirit but not in the body at this particular time, but we shall inherit that eternal life, or the spirit that is in us, it will quicken or it will change this mortal body into an immortal, or from a corruptible into an, from a corruptible into an incorruptible body, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, as the Apostle has already said in the 15th Chapter of 1st. Corinthians. I suggest that you read it closely and when you do then you will understand better as you see and understand these repetitions, and these types, and these shadows that reflect under, by natural things that reflect the spiritual. The spiritual is gone right out (fade out).




DR.KINLEY: God has a definite purpose and plan which we are going to try hard to unveil to you so that you might have a profound, this mystery that was revealed to me. Now it is necessary for me to call your attention to what God really is. God is Spirit. Spirit is the universal substance which everything emanates there from but abides within. I hope you understand what I mean by the universal substance as I go through this illustration. Realize, that nothing co-eternal, or independent can exist at any time.    Everything must emanate from that.    As I will at this time attempt to illustrate to you through a physical body. The sperm in the physical body, which this picture shows, remember,  that there is nothing outside of this circle. This embraces the Universe in its totality. And this represents that sperm. Now, I would like for you to realize that this that we have here is manifested in the physical body in the regions that I will point to in the physical body. Consider this to be the womb. And in your consideration of it being the womb, that sperm is a secretion that is generated in your physical body but in the Godhead, God is masculine and feminine united into one body. And the birth of the Universe takes place in the same way that a child is born. The head first and the remainder of the body comes on down from that. Now I would like for you to see and understand how the Godhead is explained in conjunction and connection with this.  The secretion here that is in the generative organs of the physical body, God took on shape and form, that shape and form is not physical but incorporeal. It took on the form of a man so that Moses and the prophets could see in visions. And the revelation of what they saw in the vision could be understood in Nature. It was necessary for God to take on shape and form in that shape we call Jesus Christ, better known as Christ, not Jesus because Jesus refers to the flesh which you will see still remains within that cycle. All of us, both man and woman, are male and female is Spirit materialized, hence, or therefore, the attributes forms your soul, such as Wisdom, and Intelligence, and so forth and so on, forms your soul. Those attributes are encouched or appear to be within the physical body. Your mind, which is synonymous and equivalent with spirit is God without shape and form. Therefore, you can, in bodily presence be one place and your mind be in another. And so therefore, I believe, if you understand my expressions, you can see how God being “all in all” took on shape and form, Christ. Later, took on physical form; transmutation, I have reference to, into that physical body. And those three form the concrete. And that is a picture of what you are, as you are. So now I think that we understand one another. If there is any questions about that in the future, I would be happy to answer. I know that it is not generally understood. So as we go about pointing these things out we want you to remember the Godhead: the Father, the All in All;


Christ, the Incorporeal form, that he took on before he began to create anything that was created; for this reason every animate and inanimate object, in the Universe, including the Universe in its totality had to reflect back to that invisible God of the Universe, that he might be portrayed in nature, from its atomic structure and its molecular structure on to the Sun, Moon, and Stars. Since you have that concept in mind then we would say God is three fold: the Father, one; the Word, or Christ, two; the Holy Spirit, three. That constitutes the entire Godhead as it is and as it will be revealed in chart form. For that reason the charts have to be made up in a threefold sense. We illustrate these charts in the threefold sense as I have explained to you. The lines on this chart indicate the one, the two, the three. One. Two. Three. One, the River Jordan making the division. The Wilderness of Sinai making the two. The Red Sea making the division here and Egypt making the third counterpart. In the great universal tabernacle, which God himself made, and not the man, so that it would be portrayed in Nature. Bear that in mind as we go along all the way. Everything that God instructed Man to make will reflect the Universe in its totality, in a limited sense. For example: the Ark, which was the first thing that we have on record that God instructed a man to make, it was threefold. It had the lower deck, the middle deck, and the upper deck. It only had one door in it, and one window, because there is but one God, the illumination or the window of a man’s intelligence and understanding. So that three fold has to be broken down in every thing, even in its minute detail. The Tabernacle is the next we have on record that God, by divine revelation, instructed Moses to make, as we will show you when we get to the proper chart. But at the, in the meantime, look at it like this. This is another physical structure that was made by Man. This is the Tabernacle in the Wilderness of Sinai. It is three fold. It has a Court Around About, that is one part. It has a division in this tent. The first part of it is called the Holy Place. And a vail divides between the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place. The Most Holy Place is one department. The vail dividing the Most Holy Place from the Holy Place, hence the Holy Place is part two. And the surrounding of this Outer Court is part three. So you see everything that He has told Man to make is threefold in that respect. Now I would like to refer to the next thing that God instructed Man to make. He told David, who was the King of Israel to see the Temple was builded. And He gave him the pattern for that Temple by means of making him understand the structure of his physical body, so that he would know how to impart to his son, Solomon. David, being a type of God, he could not build the sanctuary, or he could not build the Temple. His son, Solomon, had to build it. Just like God did not build the church, his son Christ, said: “Upon this Rock, his Father, I will build my church, and the very gates of hell shall not prevail against it. So the Temple, God…..END OF SIDE 1 OF AUDIO TAPE.




DR.KINLEY: God imparted instructions how to build it. The instructions and all so far as in a sense that you can understand is in your Bible. The history of it is in your Bible. And so the Temple has a Court Around About, A Holy Place, and a Most Holy Place, in it. So you can see by these three things Noah’s Ark, the Tabernacle, and the Temple. That everything that God instructed Man to make, they were along that plan so that you can see and understand. Now to make a direct reference in comparison to the Universe, Man in his research to understand things, while as yet, we have not all reached that perfection of understanding, wonders why the 90 elements of matter are constructed as they are. 91 of those elements of matter, such as Carbon, Silicon, Magnesium and so forth and so on, being composed of electron, a proton, and a neutron, that is know to us as an atom. That is the ultra-microscopic particle of matter as far as Man’s imagination can penetrate, we find that same identical series of and repetitions of threefold in Nature. The third thing I would like to mention in reference to that is, as I know it to be, or as I understand it to be, is the Helium atom. It is but two fold. And the reason why it is but twofold is because there is an incorporeal creation, and then there is a visible creation. And that absent part is correlated with the invisible God that no man will ever visualize under any circumstance or condition. Those two component parts, the invisible creation, and the visible creation is embodied in the great invisible God of this stellar universe, in whom I believe the Apostle Paul made the reference in this correlation in these words: “For in Him we live, and move, and have our being.” But no man has, at any time ever seen God with his physical eye, in his reality, and as he is.


VOICE: Take 3,section 1.


DR.KINLEY:  Since I have called attention to the threefold counterparts of the Godhead I would like to exhibit and explain by this chart which we classify as the elementary chart. So follow my explanations in detail. Give me your undivided attention. The threefold composition of this chart will be understood in this respect. Egypt is number 1. The Red Sea divides Egypt from the Wilderness of Sinai, that’s number 2. The River Jordan divides Palestine, or Canaan’s Land from the Holy Place, which is part 3. Canaan’s Land is part 3. Now, this is the greater and more perfect tabernacle. So then I will have to break this threefold composition of this tabernacle down in the plates throughout this entire chart. So in the breakdown it was impossible for us to draw everything as it really is, so you will have to retain in your mind that I am breaking down these two factors (inaudible) this migration from Egypt through the Wilderness of Sinai, through Canaan’s Land, which is the final destiny. And I also have to correlate this threefold tabernacle with this threefold migration. So in that sense, everywhere I refer to on this chart, one plate is an analogy of the other. But it is all functioning within the Godhead. So in order for me to break it down so that you can see then I have to draw this tabernacle in part. The brazen altar is located here in the outer court. The brazen laver is located between the tent and the altar. The brazen laver contains water. The brazen alter shows the blood. So then we have the blood and the water. The priest always must be washed. As Moses brought Aaron, the high priest, Nadab, and Abihu, to the door of the Tabernacle and washed their flesh. And put on the linen garments. As you see the linen garment here in this picture, before they could enter into the door of this. It showed physical sanctivity before entering into this Tabernacle. Every day in the year the High Priest went into the interior of this Tabernacle. Once a year on the tenth day of October, which is called the Day of Atonement, the High Priest went in to the Most Holy Place, through that vail. And there I will explain further as we go along what his business was for why he went in there. So now what at this time I want you to see is this threefold composition all the way through this Tabernacle, which is the pattern, and any digression or deviation from that pattern is an error, in any man’s concept of philosophy, or interpretation of the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible is made up just like that. And if you follow through, then as I told you in the beginning, we are weighing the Divine authenticity, the accuracy and infallibility of the Holy Bible, excusing interpolations, which means spurious injections, and mistranslations from the original manuscript. So watch the threefold composition. Here we must have the representation all along this line with blood. All the way through. This line here is the dividing line of this chart. This is the top of this chart, along this line. This, across the top, is not related to this directly. So give your attention in these plates along here. And, remember, when I go to the bottom of this chart, that is down in here, I am pointing to the same things along the as 1,2,3. As 1,2,3; 1,2,3;1,2,3;1,2,3;1,2;1,2,3. All along. Every, any where I go on any of these charts. And I would like to say for the record, now, that the larger chart that we will illustrate later on will follow this same principle so I bear in mind that everything that we have to say while we are giving you these illustrations look for that 1,2,3 arrangement. That is what we call the pattern. This is an illustration in the physical realm of the great God of the Universe manifesting himself in Nature so that you can see how it functions and operates. Now to show relationship of just this part of it, from Egypt to the Red Sea, from the Red Sea to the River Jordan. Not this. And from the River Jordan into Palestine. Now I have to show the same thing in this next plate. So then this altar here would come back to this blood here. This blood here. The water here. The water here. Both of these are a pattern. This in here is the interior of the sanctuary, or the interior of this Tabernacle. Bear in mind I said that there was a dividing vail that hung all the way down; a curtain that divided the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place. It was impossible for us to draw this curtain all the way down and at the same time show you the contents of the Most Holy Place. So then we just shortened the illustration here to show you the dividing vail between the Holy place and the Most Holy Place. Now, these are the patterns by which we go by. In the 9th Chapter of Hebrews you will find that the Apostle Paul, as he is declared to be the author, writing to the Jews, telling and calling their attention to these figures that I am referring to, as being figures of the heavenly sanctuary. So then now notice the continuity and how they go together so that you can see. This is the Passover, the pascal lamb. Therefore the blood. This is the brazen altar which the sacrifices was slain and the blood was put on the altar of the horns of the brazen altar. They must go together. This water in the Red Sea must correlate with this water in this brazen laver.


This is the Holy Place in the sanctuary that Moses constructed. This is the Holy Place in the greater and more perfect Tabernacle. Therefore God told Moses to put off the shoes from his feet because the ground upon which he stood was Holy indicating that this was the Holy Place in the greater and more perfect tabernacle which God, himself, constructed. So now then you can see the relationship of one to the other. The children of Israel come out of the land of Egypt under a cloud. So then the cloud brought them through the Red Sea and covered the Red Sea. And in the 10th Chapter of 1st. Corinthians you will find this that they were all under the cloud, and all passed through the sea, and were all baptized in the cloud and in the sea. And so therefore the cloud, you note there indicates the presence of God, which we will learn more about this in the very near future. But now to give you a quick correlation there, that cloud was a light by day and a pillar of fire by night. So then when it was in the Wilderness of Sinai, the children of Israel, every night abode under the light of that cloud. That is to say, there was, they abode in the light 40 years while they were in the sanctuary. And to bring it over here and show the interior of the sanctuary, the high priest had to go in here every day and light that light so that there would never be no darkness in that sanctuary all the time. It must be that way. That seven branch golden candlestick must burn through the night so that there would be no darkness. This is symbolical of the physical body of Christ. This tabernacle is symbolical of the physical body of Christ. So the cloud furnishing the light here, in the greater and more perfect tabernacle, and the candlestick furnishing the light here in the sanctuary is what Christ is referring to himself is “I am the light of the world.” Through these seven branches that’s on this candlestick, through the seven dispensations, and the seven ages, He is the light of the world. Now then to pass on into the next stage of it, the shewbread that was on the golden table of shewbread. Twelve loaves of bread was on that table. With those twelve loaves, represented the twelve tribes is Israel. And the High Priest ate that bread on that table. And that indicated that the bread which  was rained down in the Wilderness of Sinai, in the greater and more perfect tabernacle, it correlates it with this bread here that the High Priest ate when He went into the sanctuary. And that was their daily bread. This was a daily function here so that you can see it in the figure constructed by the man, and the figure constructed by God. Now, at three o’clock in the afternoon, these lights, this light was lit. I’m giving it to you in our time. And then the High Priest performed these operations. Around this Tabernacle, there was three tribes on each side. The picture does not show it as it really is. The three on each side made the twelve tribes. So with the three tribes on each side and the twelve tribes there, they were praying while the High Priest went into the sanctuary and burnt incense on the golden altar of incense. The incense represented the Holy Spirit which the children of Israel did not have at that time. So when Christ come into the world he said, that, in his prayer, in the Garden of Gethsemane, he prayed the Father for them, representing that sweet smelling savor, or that spirit that was in him which was God incarnated in a physical body. And it is demonstrated here. And so the High Priest had to pray there at all times, everyday. And the incense took the place of the Holy Spirit until the dispensation wherein the Holy Spirit was to be given unto man. Then the dividing vail, see, synonymous to the dividing of the River Jordan. And entry into the Most Holy Place, where we have the wings of the cheribums overshadowing the Mercy Seat which is symbolical to the throne of God. The ten commandments was laid in the Ark of the Covenant representing the Word of God, and God himself being in unity, or the unity of the Godhead. And overshadowed with wings of the cherubim. Now you find these overshadowings in many things so when I refer in the future to overshadowing, or try to show you by my hand illustration of the rainbow that overshadowed the Noah’s ark and so forth. And how that Gabriel went in unto Mary and she was overshadowed with the Holy Ghost. Bear in mind I am showing you how these things are coordinated. Because we cant show all of these charts at the same time. So now let me give you an illustration(FADES OUT).


VOICE: Kinley Institute production, take 5, sequence 1.


DR.H.C.KINLEY: Blood. Water. Symbol of the spirit in you on earth. Now I want you to pay strict attention to these quick correlations. The Ark of the Covenant is a symbol of the throne of God. I mentioned to you before that the ten commandments that Moses received in the mountain was laid in the Ark of the Covenant. A ten commandment law, being in the Ark of the Covenant symbolizes your heart with the Law of the Spirit of Life incarnated in your heart. Hence, your heart is the throne of God. As you can see, all of this in this department refers to the heavenly or to the psychological and spiritual part that’s not visible. It is correlated with the Holy Place, Most Holy Place, I should say here. And Christ is a High Priest in your heart and in your mind, or God is the High Priest in your heart and in your mind. Let me drop down and show you the division. This line here, or the vail, represents the flesh. So then we have a physical body. But the spirit functions through our hearts while we live in this physical body. These symbols are referred to, are the figures on the chart, and you are the reality of the symbols. So let me illustrate again. The blood. The water. And the Holy Anointing Oil poured out on the head of the priest is symbolical of the Holy Spirit. The door is the entry into the Tabernacle. Christ said: “I am the Door. I am the Light. I am the Bread.” Christ is the intercessor. The vail is the flesh. And into this is, is in through the heart and mind. So then you can see these pictures brought right over. The Golden Candlestick. The illumination of your understanding by the Holy Spirit represented by this (inaudible), the bread illuminated in your heart, represents the Word of God, not the book, but the real true Word of God as illustrated by the book. The Golden Altar of Incense. Christ in your heart makes the intercession for you. For as the Apostle says, “We know not how to pray as we ought, but the Holy Spirit maketh intercession for us with groanings that cannot be expressed or uttered. And then we pass on out of this, as this line shows here, into the Holy Spirit which it all representing the whole thing all the way through; the whole entire sanctuary, the whole entire Tabernacle represents your physical body, on earth. Passing through the vail, as indicated by the River Jordan, by the vail, and by the line here, and by passing through there, we enter into the heavenly phase of it. So entering into the heavenly phase then this central part of it, of Canaan’s Land is Jerusalem. The earthly Jerusalem is allegorical to Jerusalem above, in the spirit, which you see indicated all along this line. Now, I want to pause here, and show you how that the Sun, Moon, and Stars, operates with our illustration. And when I say the Sun, I have references to two sons. The first Adam, which was the physical Adam which was taken from the dust of the earth, and the sun in the sky. Watch closely. We are all familiar with the story in the Garden of Eden, how that Eve (inaudible) in type by the Serpent, partaken of the forbidden fruit and gave to her husband which was contrary to the commandment of God that they should not partake of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. And when Adam had partaken of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, then his conscience became condemned, because he had transgressed. And therefore, his conscience was immediately darkened, or condemned. That must reflect itself in the sun in the sky, the planet. So then God waited until the cool of the day to drive Adam out of the Garden of Eden. Notice that the sun in the sky, is going down, so tat darkness might be upon the face of the earth. And the Son of God, was being driven out of the Garden. That is why he waited until the cool of the day so the Sun, which is known to us as a planet, and the Son, which is know to us as the man, they must operate together. So therefore, his conscience darkened. And him being driven out of the Garden in the cool of the day, it drives him out into outer darkness. You will see this reflected all along the lines at the bottom of the next chart we’re going to refer to. By him being driven out of the Garden of Eden it shows that  he was going down to degeneration. The first Son, in the flesh was being degenerated. Degenerating the whole human race. Notice the quick correlation. The Sun going down, here in the sky. And the Son, Adam, going out into outer darkness. Now then, Jesus Christ, being the Son of God, since this Adam is driven out into outer darkness, showing that he is dead, when Christ died on the cross, it had to turn dark over the face of the earth, from the sixth to the ninth hour because he is the Son of God to redeem the first Son. So it must turn dark over the face of the earth from the sixth to the ninth hour. In the evening it turned light. And again, it turned dark again, to indicate that night. So then he rested in Joseph’s new tomb, over the Sabbath Day, Saturday. And very early in the morning, if he is to be the regenerator, the the Sun, which you see in the background, the planet Sun and the Son of God is raising from the dead, bringing him back into that state, or into which he was driven into the Edenic state, or that heavenly state which he was driven out of. One (inaudible) the Redeemer and the other was the Degenerator. Now, notice vividly that they both are working together, the Son of God, in Christ, and the Sun, in the sky. So as the Sun rose, the book, the Bible says: Very early in the morning, as it begin to dawn toward the first day of the week, Christ rose from the dead. It is a split or a division between light and darkness as indicated by the elements, in both cases. Now I would like for you to retain that in mind so that you can see the correlations. Now at this time we want to move to the next chart, so I can bring you up to date on how the entry of the vision was given to me, so follow me close. God had made Abraham a promise.


VOICE: Kinley production, take 6, sequence 1


Dr. H.C.Kinley: God made Abraham a promise that in his seed he would bless all of the families of the Earth. His seed, truthfully was Christ. But it must come down through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Jacob had twelve sons which the history is recorded in your bible. And they went down into Egypt. Joseph being the first. And there, they multiplied in Egypt. And God, after pouring out the ten plagues, and instituting the Passover brought the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt under a phenomenal cloud. And now you can see in this picture how that the blood of that pascal lamb was put on each side of the lintels of the door. The right. To the left. And over the head of the door. And the blood being taken from the basin. And that Egypt all over the land of Egypt, except Goshen was in total stygian darkness. You can see that this pascal lamb pointed to Christ. So at his death there must be darkness all over the land except he is the light of the world that is on the cross. So now, that putting the blood on each side of the lintel of the door you can see from one figure to the other why it was that the darkness prevailed there. They went three days journey out. You can see his death, burial, resurrection had to be implicated three days. Three days out of Egypt they passed through the Red Sea and was buried by baptism in the cloud, in the sea. And then they passed on out or through the Red Sea, the divided waters of the Red Sea I should say, and into the Wilderness. And now in the Wilderness they were given three days to clean up and to gather around Mount Sinai, which is indicated by this vast mountain. And that cloud that led them, they had to follow it at all times because the direction of the cloud, any way that it moved, the cloud, they had to follow the cloud, because they was being led by the cloud. So three days after God had given them time to clean up, those three days to clean up, they gathered around Mount Sinai. And God give them the ten commandments. I want you to notice here that this is the actual history of the first church, or the first congregation, or the first assembly, that the world has ever known. The speaker, God Almighty, speaking from Mount Sinai. His introduction to the children of Israel: “I am the Lord, they God, that brought the out of the land of Egypt, and out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt not have any other Gods before me. Neither shalt thou make unto you any graven images in the likeness of anything that is in the heavens above or in the earth beneath, or in the waters beneath the earth.”  And so now you can see that this is the first church. And being the first church. Not having the Holy Ghost within them, as it was after the death of Christ, so now we have the real first church. All of these were Jews, please bear that in mind, that God is dealing with the jewish race, exclusively. And so now the words that he spoke, this indicates him speaking or giving the commandments. We have three of these on one side, and seven on the other. The three representing on this side the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. The seven on this side representing the seven ages, that’s engraved in tables of stone and laid in the Ark of the Covenant, which showed that he is the true God throughout the seven ages of time. And now we would like for you to see, after that he spoke from Mount Sinai, the cloud covered the mountain. So all that you see in this picture, all of this that you see in this picture consider it to be encouched in this cloud. It is impossible for the artist to draw all of it so that so that it would indicate that, because it would be a conglomeration. Consider all that you see here in this cloud. And the cloud indicated eternity, God in eternity. Not in the realm of time. So then what I am going to speak of here consider it to be intangible that you couldn’t visualize, with your physical eye, in the realm of eternity, that must be understood through the vision that was given to Moses. And this is where God brought me in contact with himself and Moses to show me the Creation by himself, or by the Tabernacle, which is the pattern. So now you watch closely. And you will see the reason why I went through the 1,2,3, on the chart in order to show you the total of the Godhead in its operation in the creation of the Universe. So now this indicates the vision. I will have Dr. Gross to read where this vision comes in. But before he reads I want you to see that the word “Exodus” means: departure. So the children of Israel had to depart out of Egypt through the Red Sea and through the Wilderness of Sinai, and then God spoke the ten commandments and thereafter he called Moses, Aaron, who was to be the High Priest, Nadab, and Abihu, his sons, and seventy of the elders, and others not necessary to mention, up into Mount Sinai. And they visualized him as a great heavenly anthropomorphic being. So now we will stop here and put this vision in as it properly belongs relative to the Creation. And I will tell you about him being transformed into the Tabernacle after Dr. Gross reads. Read.


VOICE: Dr. Gross: “I am reading in the 24th Chapter of Exodus, and the 16th verse: And the glory of the Lord abode upon Mount Sinai. And the cloud covered it six days. And the seventh day he called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud.                                                                                                                                                         


VOICE: Dr.Kinley: Now we have had him to read that particular passage in Exodus. If you notice it said that the cloud abode upon Mount Sinai, six days. And the seventh day he called unto Moses out of the cloud. It does not say where he read what took place in the cloud. So now I am going to put in parenthesis in that book to, trying to instill it in your mind, what took place during those six solar days that Moses was in the mountain. And remember that we are in the realm of eternity, and also showing you within the realm of time. So therefore, this is what took place; and this is what Moses saw in B.C.1491 in the cloud beginning like this. In the beginning God created the heaven and earth. Many theologians think it is the beginning of Creation. That is not the beginning of Creation. It is the beginning of the vision. And so he said in the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. Spontaneous creation. And then it was reeled off according to this pattern that we will show you. In sequence, each one of those six consecutive he saw in the vision,  in the realm of Eternity. Don’t forget that. So now, he’s telling you here God created the Heaven and the Earth. And the Earth was without form. And darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said: “Let there be light.” And there was light. So then the Light was divided from the Darkness. Notice that the divisions in the Tabernacle I showed you shows you why it was. That God being transformed in the Tabernacle, and the Father, and the Word, and the Holy Spirit being one as you see this Tabernacle. Therefore he had to divide the Light from the Darkness because the divisions in the Tabernacle. As I have already showed you by the Elementary Chart. So then, that’s, that constituted the Evening and the Morning constituted the first day. The evening and the morning constituted the second day. The evening and the morning cons(blip) as you read down in Genesis. The first chapter of Genesis is a record that you can always refer to which tells you what took place in that cloud, or in eternity. And that was the vision recorded in the first chapter of Genesis. So now to correlate and to show what I am saying here did come out of the Exo.., the book of Exodus, and was placed over in the Genesis, when the book was compiled, so that Genesis would be the beginning. I am going to have him repeat the verse that he just read and then go into Genesis. Notice, that in both instances it is saying the seventh day.


VOICE: Dr.Gross: Exodus, 24th Chapter and the 16th verse reads: And the glory of the Lord abode upon Mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days. And the seventh day he called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud.


VOICE: Dr.Kinley: Now, the first chapter of Genesis, and going into the second chapter of Genesis is the vision that Moses saw. And now note that I said that it took place in the realm of Eternity. So that you can comprehend it when he read it out of your Bible. Now he is going to read and connect the seventh day in Exodus with the seventh day in Genesis. Read.


VOICE: Dr.Gross: I am now reading the second chapter of Genesis beginning with the first verse: Thus the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God ended his work that he had made. And he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. And God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because that in it he had rested from the work which he had created and made.  These are the generations of the Heavens and the Earth.  And they were created in the day that the Lord God made the Earth and the Heavens. 


VOICE: Dr.Kinley: If you notice, he said, and I want to place strict emphasis on the words “the day”, which is the day that never ends or in the eternity where Moses saw the vision. So instead of the Heavens and Earth being created in the realm of time, or in six days, it was created in eternity, or in “the day”. For that reason, Science has never been able to determine what the age of the Earth is because of the fact Matter is spirit materialized. And in its materialization, and having took place in the realm of Eternity, and continues to abide in the realm of Eternity, therefore no one can tell how old the Earth is, because it is a counterpart of God and nobody can say how old God is because he is eternal. And after all that you see and know as of now, both the known and the unknown, will continue to exist without any end. It’s constant repetition. And that’s the reason why you see these repetitions on the chart because…END SIDE 2 OF TAPE.





VOICE: Dr.Kinley: on the chart because it is the function of the Godhead, in Nature and also in the invisible. So you can see. Now I tried to point out that, how the Sun the planet Sun, worked with the Son of God there. Now I want to show you on this chart, in the Creation, so that you can see how that the purpose of God in the mind, if it worked unmysterical could be seen both in the Vegetable and Animal Kingdom. When I refer to Animal Kingdom I am talking of Man, too. So now, notice, the Bible teaches in Matthew, the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. That he was crucified on Friday. (inaudible) crucified on Friday. Rested in Joseph’s new tomb on Saturday. Very early in the morning of the third day he rose from the dead. But that is three days. So now in the Creation it is manifested like this: one, the first day, the second day, the third day. Have to read in correlation with, in Genesis, with what you have in Matthew, in the Vegetable Kingdom. So now, we read in the beginning the waters covered the face of the Earth. Therefore, the tomb that Jesus was buried in had to be sealed because the waters covered the face of the Earth. The Spirit moving upon the face of the waters, here, he bowed his head in the locks of his shoulders and gave up the ghost. And then you notice, that the waters continued to move upon the face of the Earth. And God divided the waters above, that was ethereal space, from physical. Not the physical but the ethereal. Because always, in the top part of this, shows the heavenly. So this is in the atomic phase of such as hydrogen and oxygen. When you put them together, they make water. But, so these are the atomic elements. So down in this part the waters would still be on the face of the Earth. And now as the angel rolled away the stone from the tomb that he was sealed up in, that Christ was sealed up in, God divided the water on the face of the Earth forming rivers and seas and let the dry land appear. That is the Earth’s resurrection. This picture is twofold. That is it is repetitious within itself. So now then, the Vegetable Kingdom grew through and penetrated the soil, on the third day which correlates with Christ being resurrected on the third day. These vials that you see here in the Vegetable Kingdom represents the buds, not the fruition because this is before the ascension here. So then the vials show the bud, being sealed in there. And so when the bud opens out, it flowers. You have color in that and that’s why these colors mean so much here. And then it grows on into fruition. That is to say it passes on through this door forming the vail, and this door forming the bud that I was telling you about. And when that bud falls off, it grows into fruition, that is into perfection. And now, if you followed it all the way through you will find that this is a record, even before Man was created on the face of the Earth. And the third day has to show the same thing that happened in Matthew to the Son of God in the Vegetable Kingdom. And that abolishes, or eliminates any reasonable doubt that the death, burial, resurrection of Christ on the third day is nothing but the truth (inaudible). Now then, you go on down to the next day, the fourth day, the fifth day, the sixth day. And going on down to the sixth day, its three days from the third day 1,2,3. And so then, he’s got to take that man from the earth which is a figure of this great anthromophoric being. The woman must be in the man, here, because Christ was as a lamb slain before the foundations of the Earth. The beginning of this migration the lamb was slain there. It was dark down in Egypt. And so it’s got to be dark here. So if the lamb was slain before they left there in the darkness, so the lamb, before the foundations of the Earth must be slain here. Therefore he was the lamb slain then from the foundation of the Earth. Now since Adam, was, the rib was taken from his side. Then he must. The woman. The. Or in this region of the abdominal region. Why then the birth of the Universe took place in the abdominal region of the great inscrutable deity of the Universe. That is why we call this the Archetype Pattern of the Universe. Now, Man being taken from the dust of the earth, he must reflect this, this crucifixion in the side. In the beginning he must reflect it here. This slaying of the Pascal lamb. And so now Adam he must fall to sleep here, before any sin was committed and the woman Eve must be taken from his side, there. And since, you see, how the rib was taken from his side. Then is you look over into Matthew, you can see the logical reason why that Christ had to be punctured in his side, when he was on the cross. And you can see that the church is his wife. Shown by many of the saints which slept in the dust of the earth, rose, and went on in to Jerusalem as it is reflected on the chart over there. All of them put together, that are saved constitutes his bride, or his wife. Just as he…GLITCH IN FILM AUDIO.




VOICE: Dr.Kinley: entered into heaven and the Holy Spirit poured out then that began a new dispensation and a new age in which we now live.


VOICE: Kinley production, take 2, sequence 1, 02.


VOICE: Dr. Kinley: I is necessary for us to begin now to explain about the Satanic forces, or that which is often mentioned as the Devil, which means a digression or deviation by disobedience from the commandment of God. Back in the Garden of Eden, here we see pictured that Satan, representing the Serpent, and the woman, representing Eve, and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which the Serpent, here, is revealed, persuading Eve to believe a lie, saying: “The Lord God knew she would not surely die if she partaken of the fruit of that tree”. Which Eve partaken of the fruit of that tree, therefore she was in the transgression. And she gave to her husband Adam, the fruit of the tree and he ate. And that brought about their expulsion from the Garden of Eden, and on down to child bearing, and on down to death. We note there then that the woman was involved in the transgression. And when Jesus was on the face of the Earth, we notice the woman, Mary Magdalene, out of whom Christ cast the devils, before he died. And then after his death, Mary Magdalene, appeared at the tomb. And Christ appeared to her first, because he was the second Adam. And by him appearing to that woman first, whom, out of whom he had cast the devils, and out of whom, for which he had died  it meant, where he, Adam had sinned, back in the Garden of Eden, why the second Adam, Christ, he refused to partake of the Devil, when he was, anything the Devil commanded him, when he was in the Wilderness of Judea. And he obeyed God all the way through and he appeared again to the woman to show her that he had paid the penalty for Death. And so the woman appeared at the tomb, and was the first to receive the message showing that he was obedient, where Adam was disobedient. So then, now we see the woman in the Garden, with the man, and then the man driven out of the Garden of Eden, and the woman went on out with him as the sun went on down. Here it shows thorns and thistles in the Earth. And Adam, he’s toiling there by the sweat of his brow for the rest of his physical life which was 930 years. His first son that was born before he died at the end of the 930 years was Cain. So Cain was, to his first son, just like Adam was God’s first son. Cain slew his brother. And God put upon Cain a mark. And that mark showed 6 which meant that he could never enter into His rest or enter back into heaven at the death of Christ. In other words, it showed the casting out of the Satanic forces out of heaven indicated by Satan being cast down into darkness before the Crea…, during the dark chaotic state of the Earth, just as it did down in Egypt when the Pascal lamb was slain, and is prefigured by Pharaoh. So that mark on Cain must follow all the way through, or the Devil must follow all the way through because the scriptures cannot be broken. In as much so, as we showed the Son of God through Adam, we must also show the Son of perdition. Jesus said in Saint John 8:44, “The Devil sinneth from the beginning”. And so we see him sinning thereby lying to Eve. And Eve believing his lie. And that lie has run all the way through. And it affected Man’s mind so much so until he was a murderer, I mean Cain was murderer and he was marked. So the scriptures cannot be broken. So it must run all the way through, form all the way through the dispensations and ages. And therefore, Pharaoh, down in the land of Egypt, down in that darkness, which you see, should be darkness out here, and Pharaoh, in the land of Egypt, was a type of that Satanic force that’s represented by the Mark of the Beast back there. Now the Serpent prefigured and showed a beast. And so nature, or that disobedient, just like any other animal, not having been given the commandments and the like of that, his mind was carnal, and therefore he is always prefigured by the beast that you will see over in Revelations. So thence that is true we see Pharaoh, in the darkness here, pursuing the children of Israel, as they left out of the land of Egypt, before they went through the Red Sea and passed into the Wilderness of Sinai. So then since the scriptures cannot be broken, we must go all the way down through the Dispensations and Ages and find that the disobedient characters in the days that Jesus Christ was on Earth, fulfilling the Law and the Prophets. He had twelve disciples and those twelve disciples, one of them was a devil. I have reference to Judas. And Judas, he carried the bag, and he was the treasurer, and therefore, it is represented by his being adapted to earthly things and so for that reason why Judas had the marks of being adapted to this world and the worldly things and therefore he wanted to carry the bag, or the money, which you can’t purchase Love or any of the other attributes of God, or Redemption by money. And so now we see Christ with his disciples, at the last supper. We find, that as indicated here, at the Last Supper where, that Judas, Christ had said to one of them, one of you shall betray me. And after sopping in the dish why he gave a sop to Judas after they had asked the question: “Lord is it I?”. And he said: “To whom he would give the sop.” And so he sopped in the dish and gave it to Judas. And immediately the Devil entered into Judas Iscariot. And he went out and departed and hung himself. And he fell down and busted his bowels asunder. And, of course, the next day Christ, himself, was crucified. And risen from the dead. And tarried forty days. And entered into heaven. So that same spirit that was entered into Judas must, we must find it this present Dispensation and in this present Age so that we can understand and know what religion the Devil actually represents. So then by that we will be able to discern. So now, in this present Dispensation and Age, that Spirit of Iniquity. There is two great mysteries I should say: the Mystery of Iniquity and the Mystery of God. Satan represents the Mystery of Iniquity all through the dispensations and ages. And the scripture can’t be broken. And Christ represents the Mystery of God and the Mystery of Righteousness. So since Christ fulfilled the Law and the Prophecy, and moved it out of the way, why then, we must, in order to find the true Devil, or the True Person, not persons, but the one person that Judas, that spirit, same spirit that was in Judas, or the Devil that was in Judas, we must find him in order to know who he really is. So now, in the scriptures, point him out, so that we won’t be making mistakes. And we notice that, so that we can see it it the kingdoms, in the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdoms of Man. Where then the Kingdom of Israel, as was indicated back here, is on this, under the Dispensation of the Law; the Kingdom of God on this side and then the Mystery of Iniquity, and the Kingdom of the Devil since the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul said in Thessalonians, the 2nd. chapter and the second, I mean 2nd. Thessalonians, the 2nd. chapter and the first verse beginning there he said: “That day should not come except there come a falling away first and that man, THAT MAN, always notice THAT MAN, that Man of Sin, the Son of Perdition would be revealed before Christ was, be revealed on Earth. As it was in the end of the Dispensation just ended, so in the end of this present dispensation the Man of Sin or, must be revealed. And so now we want you to know, that this, that we are saying is here in everybody’s Bible, whether it be Protestant or Catholic. And we are now going to have at this time Dr. Gross to read, and state where he is reading in the Bible, the chapter which I just referred to in the script.


VOICE: Kinley production: take 3, sequence 2.


VOICE: Dr. Gross: I am now reading in the second Thessalonians, second chapter, beginning at the first verse: “Now we beseech you brethren by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, that you be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by  word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.


VOICE: Dr. Kinley: Thank you Dr. Gross. Now I would like for you to see some of the traits and characteristics of this man, so we will refer you to Daniel 7:25 and there we will have Dr. Gross to read, because that man, is indicated, as seeking to change the times and the seasons. And you will see that whoever that man is he tries to change from Saturday to Sunday, and call Sunday the Sabbath Day instead of Saturday, as it was under the Dispensations of the Law. Read.


VOICE: Dr. Gross: I am reading Daniel the seventh chapter and the twenty fifth verse: And he spake. He shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High and think to change times and laws. And they shall be given unto him, into his hand, until a time, a time, and a dividing of time.


VOICE: Dr. Kinley: Remain. Thank you Dr. Gross. Now we see that whoever that character is, has thoughts and change from Saturday, which was the original Jewish sabbath to Sunday, the first day of the week, and call it the Sabbath. Which is not true according the the Jewish sabbath. It is not a physical sabbath as the Sun rising and setting, but we enter into God’s rest, which is in the spirit. And so the day has nothing to do with it since Christ has died and risen from the dead. So there is one, but one character on the face of earth that boasts that they had power to change from Saturday to Sunday, to be the sabbath in the first, and it be universally recognized, and that is the Pope of Rome. So now we want a further confirmation of that fact, we want you to read the Revelations the thirteenth chapter and the eighteenth verse, and then we will further explain that.


VOICE: Dr. Gross: Revelations thirteenth chapter and the eighteenth verse reads  “Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the Beast, for it is the number of a man. And his number is six hundred, three score, and six.”


VOICE: Dr. Kinley: Now in repetition, in repetition of what…LONG BREAK IN CONTINUITY. THEN CONTINUES: Filii Dei on that crown. Set in, in rubies, and diamonds, so we are told.


VOICE: Kinley production, retake of sequence 3, take 4.


VOICE: Dr. Kinley: I repeat. The words that Dr. Gross just read in Revelations thirteen and eighteen which reads thus: here is wisdom, let his that has understanding count the number of the Beast and his number is six hundred and three score and six. For it is the number of a man. Now that “a man” we want you to notice, that in Thessalonians he said “the man”; Revelations said “a man”. And so that “a man” is coming all the way down from the Garden of Eden. And so the high priest, under the Dispensation of the Law wore a miter on his head that had the name, of the words written in it “Holiness unto the Lord”. The Pope of Rome wears a crown, a beehive crown, with a cross in the top of it, with the words “Vicarius Filii Dei” translated means “the Vicar of the Son of God on Earth” or as further explained in Roman Catholic doctrine, he claims to be the head of the church of God on Earth. herein now I want to say that the church of God is the spiritual body of Christ in heaven and not on Earth. So, we see now by using these Roman numbers how that we count the number of the Beast, which is six hundred, three score and six, or 666. V equals five, one equals one, C stands for one hundred, A has no value, R has no value, one equals one, the U here is the same as the V which equals five. The F has no value, one equals one, L stands for fifty, one equals one, one equals one, D stands for five hundred, E has no value, one equals one. So when we put that name that is on that crown, and add it up, we find it will add up to six hundred and sixty six. Those three words-Vicarius Filii Dei, and then add them up, one two three, five is nine, ten, eleven and five is sixteen. One to carry and the five is six. Five and one is six. And we have our six hundred and sixty six which identifies that individual by Revelations which means revealed as being the Son of Perdition. Now I wish Dr Gross to read a further conformation of this in the  Revelations sixteenth chapter and the tenth verse. And when he reads the Revelations, the sixteenth chapter and the tenth verse, you will find as that old Serpent was driven out of the Garden of Eden, or that Satanic Spirit, into outer darkness. And Pharaoh, down in Egypt, representing that same satanic power in darkness. And when Christ, the night before he was crucified pointed out Judas there. We will read in Revelations the sixteenth chapter and the tenth verse and we will find that the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the Beast and his kingdom, which is that satanic kingdom was full of darkness. Dr. Gross.


VOICE: Kinley production, take 4, sequence 3.


VOICE: Dr. Gross: I am reading the sixteenth chapter of Revelations and the tenth and eleventh verse: “And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the Beast and his kingdom was full of darkness. And they gnawed their tongues for pain. And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pain, and their sorrows and repented not of their deeds.


VOICE: Dr. Kinley: Thank you Dr. Gross.


VOICE: Cut. Kinley production, sequence 6, take 5.


VOICE: Dr. Kinley: Under the Dispensation of the Law of Moses, we must recognize that all of the carnal ordinances that was stipulated in the Law of Moses, to be observed by the children of Israel, such as offering up of sacrifices, the washing of feet, the offering up of turtle doves, and heifers, and keeping of the Sabbath Day, and all other carnal ordinances, as any one can read in the Exodus or in the books written by Moses. Christ said, concerning the Law, and also concerning the Prophecy, that he, “Think not that I am come to destroy the Law of the Prophecy, but to fulfill the Law, and to fulfill the Prophecy. So when Christ died, he took the place of all of those sacrifices and they were moved out. All of the carnal ordinances was moved out. Now Satan, or in this satanic kingdom, we notice that they continue to sacrifice of Mass, and all of the carnal ordinances which Christ died to remove, they continue, not recognizing that by the authority of Christ that they were moved out. And the thing which these sacrifices pointed to, we have, in that we have become a recipient of the Holy Spirit. And all natural, or all carnal ordinances have been abolished. But we notice that the Apostle Peter speaks of them as natural brute beasts because they have no more recognition of these being moved by Christ then the beast in the field or others,  animals of the animal creatures.        So Peter is of them here and we would like for Dr. Gross to read and your careful observance of what Peter said about those that continues to carry these carnal ordinances and dispute and deny the fact that Christ died and moved them out of the way. Dr. Gross.


VOICE: Dr. Gross: I am reading now in second Peter, second chapter, and beginning at the tenth verse: “But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government, presumptuous are they, self-willed, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities. Whereas, angels which are greater in power and might, bring not railing accusation against them before the Lord. But these as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption; and shall receive the reward of unrighteousness, as they that count it pleasure to riot in the daytime. Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves in your own deceivings, their own deceivings while they feast with you. Having their eyes full of adultery and cannot cease from sin: beguiling unstable souls: a heart they exercised with covetous practices; cursed children.


VOICE: Kinley production, sequence…GLITCH IN TAPE.


VOICE: Dr. Gross: of the sins of the flesh, by the circumcision of Christ. Buried with him by baptism. Wherein also, ye are risen with him, through the faith of the operation of God, who has raised him from the dead. And you, being dead in your sins and uncircumcision of your flesh, has he quickened together with him…GLITCH IN AUDIO…all trespasses. Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances, which was against us, that was contrary to us, and took them out of the way nailing them to the cross. And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it. Let no man therefore deceive, judge you in meats, or in drinks, or in respect of a holy day, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days, which are a shadow of the things to come, but the body is of Christ. Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he has not seen. Vainly puffed up in his fleshly mind. And not holding the head and...GLITCH IN AUDIO.  END OF TAPE.  


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