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12) JULY 15, 1967:  67 CONVENTION:


Saturday, July 15, 1967:  10 AM –

Salvation Army Hall,  117 West High Street, Springfield, Ohio

CATALOG #:  67.0715A

recorded on reel recorder by Burbank Mitchell

transferred to 1 90 minute cassette by Geraldine Rothstein

transcribed by Geraldine Rothstein

proofread by Mary Gross

approved by International Public Relations Committee – April 1995


1.  … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2.  Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3.  Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, uh, see, you see, you see what I mean, isn’t that right, understand, you understand, do you understand.)

4.  ___ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5.  WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber


1 – 4 ….. Roll call of ministers and National Board of Executives

4 – 9 ….. election of Chief Executive Staff and (Inter)National Board of Executives as permanent positions

9 – 18      ….. Dr. Kinley

18 – 22…..      State Reports:  Fred Allen Sr. (California), Dewey McCoy and Fred Allen Jr. (Arkansas), Edward Mixon (Michigan), Fred Allen Jr. (Alabama), Oliver Gill (Ohio.)

22, 23……      Dr. Kinley


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Dr. Carl F. Gross:  … Convention of Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research shall be called to order and begin this business meeting with a prayer by Dr. Freddie Allen Jr.

Fred Allen Jr.:  All merciful Father Yahweh, we thank thee, dear heavenly Father, for bringing us from all parts of this great country whereby we may come to understand and know thee in these meeting, ___ ___ are to proceed after this one.  And to all that endeavor that thou might go in, that thou may be within us, that we might move and strive unto the end ___ ___ wherein God has ___ us to go.  All these things we had come to bring, one with thee, that we might know thee.  All these things we ask in the name of thy son, Yahshua.  Amen.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  First of all we will call the roll of the ministers that have license, of which Mary Gross has a list; and those that she fails to have, we will add to the list, and call this roll, Mary please call the roll. 

Mary Gross:  Dr. Gross, I don’t know if this is out of order, but will the ministers call their names off.  I do not have the list. So I can check it off and write it down.  Would that be out of order?

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  No.

Mary Gross:  If you’ll start the first row please and just work along.


Joseph Hysee, ___, Billy Carroll, Edward Mixon, Robert Harris, Wallace Hall, LaSalle Williams, Floyd Macon, Fred Allen Sr., Annabelle Allen, Nathaniel Patton, Robert Kenerly, Burbank Mitchell, Fred Allen Jr., Luther Daniels Jr., James Yates, Dennis Droulard, Frank Robinson, Clifford Kinley, Roger Jackson, Nathan Higgins, ___, Larry Heath, Richard Davis, Dewey McCoy, Donny Embry, Roland McCoy, Alfonso Maclin, ___ ___, Wilbur Carr, Oliver Gill, ___ ___, Glenn Kinley, Richard Carr, Ben Kenerly, Dr. Frank Gross.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Now, is there any minister that you know of that is not registered, that is not here or registered?

Fred Allen Jr.:  Dr. Jones.

Oliver Gill:  Dewey’s not here.  Walter Miller, Columbus.


Dr. Carl F. Gross:  If that’s all you can think of at this time, now at this time, we will, our purpose here this morning to elect a new national board of executives.  The, so at the present time, we will call the roll of the present national Board of the Executives.  I’ll call it.  Dr. Henry C. Kinley, founder and dean.

Dr. Kinley:  present

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Carl F. Gross, present.  Dr. Robert Harris, vice president.

Dr. Harris:  present

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Fred Allen Junior, treasurer

Fred Allen Jr:  present

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Mrs. Mary Gross, secretary

Mary Gross:  present

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Dennis Droulard, superintendent

Dennis Droulard:  present

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Mixon, board of trustee

Edward Mixon:  present

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Willie Jones, absent.  Dr. Dewey McCoy

Dewey McCoy:  present

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Benjamin Kenerly

Bejamin Kenerly:  present

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Burbank Mitchell

Burbank Mitchell:  present

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. LaSalle Williams

LaSalle Williams:  present

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. William Carroll

William Carroll:  present

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Roland McCoy

Roland McCoy:  present

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Roger Jackson

Roger Jackson:  present

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Clifford Kinley

Clifford Kinley:  present

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Bishop David W. Short, absent.  These are the present executives of the national board. I’d like to emphasize this one thing that, this, these members of the National Board viewed, not only a national board, but it would be a International Board of Executives, because we intend to circulate this work internationally.  Also we wish to say that the members to be elected or reelect here are to be reelected as permanent officers, not to be changed.  And we want that stated, so that this will be the final election; otherwise, members will be appointed or reinstated or reappointed of those to replace the ___ of this convention.  So at this time we will, as you understand the founder and dean is a permanent office at the present time, also the president is a permanent office.  The constitution, I believe it’ll be good to read the articles of order concerning the chief executive staff first, before we go into the election of the officers.  So at this time we’ll have Dr. Harris to read this.

Dr. Harris:  Articles of Regulations, Article 1, Section 3.  Nomination of chief executives.  Nomination of chief executives who shall consist of the founder (founder is a permanent office and is excluded from nomination and election,) president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, superintendent and the 11 members of the Board of Trustees shall be by ballot and a majority of all votes cast by the general assembly shall be necessary to nominate for a office.  The nomination of chief executives shall be held on the 15th day of July every second year at the annual meeting convening that year.  The election of chief executives shall be held on the 16th day of July every second year at the annual meeting convening that year and a two thirds majority of all votes cast by the general assembly shall be necessary to elect.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  At this time we’ll have the roll call of the chief executives.

Mary Gross:  Dr. Henry C. Kinley

Dr. Kinley:  present

Mary Gross:  Dr. Carl F. Cross

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  present

Mary Gross:  Dr. Robert Harris

Dr. Harris:  present

Mary Gross:  Dr. Fred T. Allen Jr.

Fred Allen Jr.:  present

Mary Gross:  Dr. Dennis Droulard

Dennis Droulard:  present

Mary Gross:  Mary Gross.  Dr. Edward Mixon.

Edward Mixon:  present

Mary Gross:  Dr. Dewey McCoy

Dewey McCoy:  present

Mary Gross:  Dr. Willie Jones.  Mr. Ben Kenerly.

Ben Kenerly:  present

Mary Gross:  Dr. Burbank Mitchell

Burbank Mitchell:  present

Mary Gross:  Dr. LaSalle Williams

LaSalle Williams:  present

Mary Gross:  Dr. William Carroll

William Carroll:  present

Mary Gross:  Dr. Roland McCoy

Roland McCoy:  present

Mary Gross:  Dr. Roger Jackson

Roger Jackson:  present

Mary Gross:  Dr. Clifford Kinley

Clifford Kinley:  present

Mary Gross:  Bishop Short, absent

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Now as it will, as already understood the dean, founder and dean is a permanent office as stated in the constitution.  This constitution will have to be modified or revised to take care of the amendments.  Now the.., since I stated before these all will be permanent offices, so then, I’ll hold the list and those that are called will state whether they accept the nomination as permanent or not.  Already or.., whether they will be.., accept the nomination again as permanent, the officials.  The first is Carl F. Gross, president, which I accept the office as president as permanent.

Dr. Kinley:  Yes.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  At this time we’ll have a vote of the executive staff whether that is acceptable by raising of the hand, that we would waive the ballot of and use the raising of the hand for.., of elections.  So at this time…  It is being accepted that the president be.., remain as president.  Next is Dr. Robert Harris, vice president.

Dr. Harris:  I accept.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Robert Harris has accepted that he will accept the office of vice president as permanent.  So we’ll have at this time a raising of the hands….  It has been accepted that Dr. Robert Harris will be vice president.  Next is Dr. Fred Allen Jr. as treasurer.

Fred Allen Jr.:  I accept.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Fred Allen Jr. has accepted.  He will be treasurer.  At this time by the raising of the hand…  It has been affirmed that he is to be the treasurer.  Mrs. Mary Gross as secretary.

Mary Gross:  I accept.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  She has accepted as being the secretary.  So by the raising of the hand…  It has been affirmed that Mary Gross will be secretary.  Dr. Dennis Droulard, superintendent.

Dennis Droulard:  I accept.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Dennis Droulard has accepted to be the superintendent on the national board.  So it will be affirmed by the raising of the hands…  It is affirmed.  Dr. Dennis Droulard has been affirmatively stated as the superintendent.

     Now we go to the Board of Executives, or Trustees.  We have one out of each branch represented on the Trustee Board, which are:  Dr. Mixon, Dr. Willie Jones, Dr. Dewey McCoy, Dr. Benjamin Kenerly, and the rest of these are from California.  At the present time, or it’s a.., the situation’s, as is stated, the headquarters has been located in Cincinnati.  We have come here to Springfield, Ohio, because it was more centrally located for that reason, we are here in Ohio, but the headquarters is still in California.  And for that reason we wish to.., we have a position here to replace.  It should be from the state of California, because any emergency meetings to come up, they would be present at that place (be impossible to call somebody 2300 miles or something like that to be at a meeting.)  So because of this, we will, if we need to replace any of these, we will replace them with a.., one from California.

     So then, we’ll begin with Dr. Edward Mixon as representative from Michigan.

Edward Mixon:  I’ll accept.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Mixon has accepted the nomination.  And we’ll.., we have at this time a raising of the hands…  It has been accepted and affirmed that Dr. Mixon will be one of the trustees.  Dr. Willie Jones is not present at this time, but I’m sure that he will accept the nomination.  And we’ll ask a raising of the hands to affirm that he be accepted…  Willie Jones has been accepted as election of.., on the Board of Trustees.  Dr. Dewey McCoy.

Dewey McCoy:  I accept.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Dewey McCoy has accepted as representative from Arkansas.  We’ll have it affirmed by the raising of the hands…  It has been affirmed and elected that Dewey McCoy will be on the Board of Trustees for Arkansas.  Dr. Benjamin Kinerly. 

Benjamin Kenerly:  I accept.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Benjamin Kenerly has accepted the nomination for the state of Ohio.  All affirmed that he will be reappointed by the raising of the hand…  It has been app.., accepted and nominated that.., elected that Benjamin Kinerly be on the Board of Trustees.  Dr. Burbank Mitchell.

Burbank Mitchell:  I will accept.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Burbank Mitchell has accepted the nomination and will be affirmed by the raising of the hands…  It has been accepted and affirmed that Dr. Burbank Mitchell be nominated on the Board of Trustees.  Dr. LaSalle Williams.

LaSalle Williams:  I accept.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. LaSalle Williams has accepted the nomination and it will be affirmed by the raising of the hand…  It has been.., the nomination has been accepted and he has been elected by the raising of the hand to be on the Board of Trustees.  Dr. William Carroll.

William Carroll:  I accept.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. William Carroll has accepted the nomination and by the raising of the hand will be affirmed…  It has been affirmed that Dr. William Carroll be on the Board of Trustees.  Dr. Roland McCoy.

Roland McCoy:  I accept.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Roland McCoy has accepted as a nomination and will it be affirmed by the raising of the hand…  It has been accepted and affirmed that he be elected on the Board of Trustees.  Dr. Roger Jackson.

Roger Jackson:  I accept.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Roger Jackson has accepted the nomination and will it be affirmed by the raising of the hand that he…  It has been affirmed and accepted that Roger Jackson be nominated and elected on the Board of Trustees.  Dr. Clifford Kinley.

Clifford Kinley:  I accept.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Clifford Kinley has been nominated and accepted as permanent office of the Board of Trustees of the Institute.  Will it be affirmed by a raising of the hands…  It has been affirmed by the raising of the hand that Clifford Kinley has accepted the nomination and reelected on the Board of Trustees.  Next is Bishop David William Short, which is not present with us at the present time.  There has been some difficulty concerning his office in the school.  And I, as president, really believe that he should be replaced with a, another member.  So at this time, I would like to have some, a nomination of someone that you would see fit to reelect in the place of Dr. Bishop David William Short…  And as I said before, it should be from the State of California.

Burbank Mitchell:  Mister President, I’d nominate Dr. Leonard Wills for that position from California.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Leonard Wills?  Any other nomination?

Fred Allen Jr.:  I’d nominate Ray Robinson.  Ray Robinson ___ ___.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  We have Dr. Leonard Wills and Dr. Ray Robinson nominated.  Any other?


Dr. Carl F. Gross:  The nomination has been closed.  At this time we ask you.., a raising of the hand of those who would accept Dr. Leonard Wills as a replacement…  I believe the majority has denied election of Dr. Leonard Wills to be nominated and elected as replacement for Dr. David William Short as trustee of the State of California on the Board of Trustees.

Man:  Do we have a second?  Do we have the time for one more?

Man:  Snellbaker.

Fred Allen Jr.:  We want to change that to Snellbaker.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Dr. Leonard…

Man:  Snellbaker.

Dr. Carl F. Gross:  Snellbaker.  I believe this brings to a close the election of the National Executive Staff, of the Executive Staff of Board of Trustees.  So the next on the agenda would be…  We will at this time turn the meeting over to Dr. Henry C. Kinley, founder and dean of the Institute.

Dr. Kinley:  First, I’d like to (everybody present and concerned) to know the primary constitutional objectives of the Institution and its’ operation, and therefore, I would suggest that somebody read the first of the constitution itself.  The preamble, I’m talking about.  Please read.

Dennis Droulard:  We, the people of the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research, in order to form a more perfect unified ontology establish righteousness, insure genuine scientific research and religious tranquility, provide for the common defense of the truth, promote the general welfare, and secure the liberty and blessings of Almighty God to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research Incorporated.

Dr. Kinley:  Thank you.  Now you perceive what it is all about.  That has been approved, adopted, and in operation now for approximately 35 years.  Now that’s what the institution is all about, and that’s why it was established as such.  Now I want to make it clear, crystal clear, that we modified and revised this course of procedure of having an election every 2 years of officers or whenever the constitution provides for.  Now that means this: that the people in these official capacities were appointed and elected to serve in that capacity for 2 years; and at this time, all offices, with the exclusion of the president and the founder and dean, were to be declared vacant as of this date; and then that meant we would have to nominate and reelect.  But as Dr. Gross has already stated, this time in placing the personnel back in office, they are there to remain permanently.  There will be no election of officers.  They are there permanently.  The only thing that can be done to get you out of office now is:  you must send in a resignation.  That’s the only way that you can get out of office, beside one other thing, and that is, you must die.  There will be no replacement, unless some eventuality which is death or you must send in your resignation and resign.  In that case, then, what we will do, we’ll appoint somebody, that is my official duty, Dr. Har.., ah Dr. Gross’s official duty to appoint somebody, and that appointment, and also Dr. Harris.  We want to stipulate in the constitution that the president, founder and dean, and vice president have the authority to appoint, and that is official.  I want that crystal clear.

     Now, let me say this.  And I think it is my duty.  Now we have stated in the preamble of the constitution what our constitutional objectives were.  We have one other thing to consider and that is this:  that is the charter, that we have to appeal to the state for the privilege to function, under the jurisdiction of the law of that particular state, and we would have the protection of the law there.  Now then, also in filing with the federal government for tax exemption and privileges there to carry on as any other religious organization, why then, we have to obtain that right.  We wish to, as stated in your constitution, we want to abide by, respect, and obey the constitution, the law of this country, United States of America, and also the states; listen.., as long as it does not conflict with the divine law.

Student Body:  Okay.  Alright.  (LAUGHS)

Dr. Kinley:  Now we have to obey and we want these that we have put in office, we have tried to put them in office, that is your objective, somebody that will honor, respect and obey, knows how and qualified at this present time, to control and to conduct the activities of this institution according to the civil laws, constitutional laws, and by all means, over and above, the spiritual law that controls this universe.  Now is that clear.

     Now I do not think, by choice, that there is anybody here would like to be excluded from the privileges, the adoptions, and the covenants and all that has been stipulated by Yahweh Himself.  I don’t think there’s anybody here that would like to be excluded from that, regardless or irrespective of any other law.  I think that that is our indispensable duty, and by selection or choice, I don’t think there’s anybody here that would say, ‘well look, I don’t want to be saved, I want to be lost.’  Now, for that reason (I want you to understand what I’m talking about,) now, for that reason, we have put you in there and placed you in there permanently:  to fight on to the finish.  You understand?  That’s why we don’t want any more elections to that effect, because everybody has elected to continue to fight for the redemption of mankind.  So I don’t really look forward for anybody to put in any resignation.  You have the privilege, but I don’t look for it.  I hope I never see one.  Hope and trust, because I don’t think there’s anybody that’s decided now that they want to be lost.

     Now look, there’s another thing I want to put before you, (and I want it understood, crystal clearly, no misunderstandings about it) this is the truth.  And our objective and purpose for the establishment of the institution is to propagate it not only in Springfield, or in states in which we’re incorporated, or in the United States, wherein we do at this time abide, but we want it to go around the world.  And that’s what your job is:  is to help us to publish, and to propagate, to defend, to uphold, and to endorse all over the world, because we claim, we say, that this is it.  Now is that clearly understood?  I think and believe, that everybody ought to do their uttermost, make all kinds of sacrifices necessary, even to the loss of your life, to defend this truth.  I want you to be fully conscious of that.

     This is not a play thing.  And the weapons of our warfare, they are not carnal.  This is not a military establishment.  We don’t want to, don’t choose to, and don’t care to fight with military weapons in nobody’s army:  not to defend nobody’s country, (you understand me clear?)  but we will fight to defend the truth that we are teaching in this institution, fight anybody anywhere in the world or on earth, or if it be, a creature just drop down from heaven, we will fight.  We do challenge the world; and when I say that, I’m not talking about with the exceptions or exclusions of anybody.  We will fight, and I mean fight it on to the death.  As the apostle Paul said, ‘brethren, I beseech you, by the mercies of God, that you present your body a living sacrifice, acceptable unto God,’ which is not out of reason, ‘which is your reasonable service.’  You have enlisted, by choice, in the real genuine, divinely endorsed Salvation Army.

Student Body:  (LAUGHS)

Dr. Kinley:  The chief of it has never lost a battle, and He never will, and we don’t expect to loose, with what we use.  Now I want those things clearly understood.

     Not only ___ I wish and hope, and trust that you will be faithful, without alibis and excuses, in performances of your duty, fully conscious and remembering that your obligation is not to me, is not to Carl F. Gross, to Dr. Harris, or to Sister Mary Gross, but it is to Yahweh Himself, and we want to act like it and be faithful, undergo, if necessary, persecutions and all types of affliction.  We want to behave and conduct ourselves in such a way that we can be listened to and respected by the general public.  I’m sorry, but I have to make our position clear:  crystal clear, understood?  And we want each and every minister that is propagating the doctrine, preaching the gospel, universally so, we want them to be in harmony with one another.  We don’t want to bind nobody’s conscience.  We want them to feel free to speak; speak by the permission of the Holy Spirit; speak the truth, tell the truth just like it is.

     Now there is some things that the world out here does not understand.  They confuse and mix up:  true spiritualism with materialism.  Now this is what I mean; I’ll make myself clear.  Some are talking about your habits and your menu:  what it should be, what you should eat and what you should not eat, what you should drink and what you should not drink, in order to be a Christian.  Well, I’m here to tell you, and I do want it crystal clear that we are not trying to set up no menu.  What somebody eats is strictly their business and what they drink is strictly their business.  Listen.., I’m aware of this one fact and I want you to be aware of it:  that every man qualified to preach the gospel should know, that is if he has the Holy Spirit, when he has ate enough of anything; he ought to know; and when he has drank enough of anything.  Now if he can’t decide that and can’t determine that by the Holy Spirit in him, he’ll never make it.  Do you understand what I’m talking about?

Student Body:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  Now the Messiah did not die for lust, passions, and appetites, and what not; he was not crucified for that.  And by you not participating or indulging in any of the so called vices, such as, smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking intoxicating beverages and so forth and so on, I want to make it clear, he did not die for that; and when you have taken of or abstained from, that is no sign, not in this organization, that you are what they call a Christian.  We are not going to judge you about that.  Now the clothes you wear, whether you wear a necktie or leave it off, and such things, we’re not here to gag at gnats and swallow at camels.  Now you know what I mean by that?  I mean some people feel and think that since they have quit this, quit that, they have taken off their neckties, their stick pins, their color off of their face, and all those kind of things:  now that’s what they call saved.  I don’t.  Now I’m saying with it on or off, partake or abstain, as far as this institution is concerned.  Unless you have repented and apologized to Yahweh, not to me, or to the person whom you have offended, you’re still lost, as far as this organization is concerned.  We want that crystal clear and understood.


     And I do think that so far as this marriage is concerned:  (I think I should mention these things) to go downtown and get a piece of paper from the civil courts and all that (the marriage license) to give you the right, the matrimonial right to stand under the laws of that state, to be recognized as man and wife.  Now as far as I’m concerned, that will not do the job.  Now to us, what a marriage is:  is when you have love one for another, regardless of your color, your skin, for one another:  the male towards the female and the female towards the male.  That’s what a marriage is.  Now I’d like to correlate that, so there won’t be no misunderstanding:  that is the marriage of the Lamb.  Now, so far as the flesh is concerned in all nations, we are to begin with one flesh and one blood, and we hop and trust that we can all be of the one spirit,  united to Yahweh and to Christ as the true bride.  Now that’s what a marriage is to me.  But now I don’t want to be misunderstood there either.  As I have already stated, we do want you to abide by the civil law:  go down and get the piece of paper, the piece of paper, go through the ceremonial observations of it, so far as ___ that part of it is concerned, as much as is possible, as much as is possible.  Where it is not possible:  I do not think, I would have to wait on the court to convene for somebody to sign a piece of paper for me.

     Now, me, I want to let you know about myself.  As the position which I am occupying, and I have told you that I was sent in the world specifically for the purpose of which I am carrying out.  I consider, in the divine sense of the word, that all of you are my bride, my wife, my responsibility; and I’m married too; and I don’t seek no divorce,

Student Body:  (LAUGHS)

Dr. Kinley:  and there will be none.  I just wanna make those things clear.

     Now, what I am doing at this time is stating the primary objectives of this school.  Why it was established.  And we do want you to recognize that it is a school, not a church.  Now that brings me to the point where I have to give you the definition and make the distinction between what a school and a church is.  Now the church, which is incorrectly stated, it should be congregation and assembly, now that’s what the word church originally meant.  That’s the true divine etymological or original meaning of the word church is:  congregation or assembly.

     And that first one was back in the wilderness.  The speaker was Yahweh, who gave the law from Mount Sinai.  Now that was the first congregation and assembly Yahweh addressed and made the first covenant.  Now you understand that.  Now that’s what the church is:  now that was a.., under the dispensation of the law, that’s what it was, was in the wilderness of Sinai, in the Arabian desert, 1490 before the birth of Yahshua the Messiah.  That’s the first.

     Now the second:  as the Messiah said, ‘upon this rock I will build my church,’ or my congregation, assembly.  Now that’s the new spiritual part.  Now listen, since He said He was going to build it, I’ll just let Him have His job.  He puts in it, according to the Acts of the Apostles, such as should be saved.  Now since He’s engaged in that job of putting them in, taking them out, we want to let you know that we’re not going to worry with or about it in this organization.  We’re just going to let Him have that job.  So then you know, I am not trying to build a church.  Now that’s the church I’m talking about.  It’s not our purpose, not our aims, not our objectives to build a church.  Now if you understand now that the word congregation and assembly means:  that’s what is meant by the church.

     Now this is a congregation or assembly in the true sense of the word.  And each one that becomes a partaker of the spirit then they are in there by virtue of the fact that they are placed in there by Yahweh Himself and are members of the body in particular; and that was not by popular vote or election.

Student Body:  (LAUGHS)

Dr. Kinley:  I just want to get these things clear, so we don’t get confused, so that we will all speak the same thing and be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same spirit.

     But this institution, the difference between it and the church is this:  we’re calling this a school and it is chartered as a school under the state laws and under the federal constitution of this country, chartered by it.  No matriculation fees, no enrollment fees; and anybody, irrespective and regardless of race, color, sex, creed or what not is welcome.  So then, understand now, this is a school where you come to learn; and I don’t think anybody anywhere on earth, including the President of the United States, or the President of the UN, or the Pope of Rome, or Bishop Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury…, I don’t think any of them should turn up their noses at it and call themselves excluded, Kings and Queens.  I’m talking about in the school, not talking about salvation now, I’m talking about in the school:  place of hypocrites, liars, backbiters, skeptics, atheists, agnostics and what not.  Everybody is invited to come and attend the school that they may learn and know something of Yahweh…, everybody.

     Now, I think I have made myself clear there, thus far, so at this time I’m going to ask Dr. Harris to read the primary constitutional objectives of this institution, what our purpose is.

Dr. Harris:  The primary constitutional objectives of the institution are as follows:

     first: to find and know Yahweh as He really is and actually exists

     second: to form a nucleus of universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color

     third: to investigate the unexplained spirit law or so called law of nature and the powers latent in man

     fourth: to encourage and promote the study of the scriptures, comparative religions, psychology, philosophy, and modern, practical and occult science

     five: to extirpate current superstition, skepticism, and ignorance

     six: to learn, know and understand the operation of Yahweh’s eternal purpose through the dispensations and ages

     seven: to discern and avoid being deceived by Lucifer, the serpent, the Devil or Satan and his demons operating the Mystery of Iniquity on earth through the dispensations of time

     number eight: to inherit eternal life, now, in the kingdom of Yahshua the Messiah, with the hope of immortal glorification in the new earth state

     Watchword is peace and the slogan speak the truth

Dr. Kinley:  Thank you Dr. Harris, vice president, for stating what our objectives are.  Now we hope and trust that you will understand conclusively what the objectives of the institution are.  I think I have tried to explain in simplicity and in reality about what the institution was established for.  I’ve made it clear.  What we intend to do is to abide by the state law, constitutional laws of this country, as long as it does not conflict with the spiritual law or commandments of Yahweh.  We’ll try to do that, just remember that.

     Now next on the agenda I think it would be my duty to tell you this.  The urgency and the necessity of your obedience to the things in which we have just stated and for you to be fully aware of the time in which you live, in the dispensations and ages.

     Now, I think you should be aware, I think you should be mindful, I think it is my duty to tell you, and I want to tell you real brief.  This day, July the 15th, corresponds in the english year to October the 15th, in which under the dispensation of the law, it was the feast of tabernacles.  We wrote to you, wrote it in our book, Solomon reserved the dedication of the temple until the feast of tabernacles; and on that day it was dedicated.  That means this:  that was 1490 years when the children of Israel come out of Egypt, it was 1490 years before the birth of the Messiah.  The foundation for that temple, Solomon’s temple, was laid in the 480th year after they came out of Egypt.  They were 7 years in the building.  That would be 487 years.  It was finished to be ___ 7 years and one half.  Now then, we come into 487 ½ years, Solomon reserved the dedication of it until the 490th year.  490th year after they come out of Egypt, Solomon dedicated the temple; and that was not 1005 years, but it was 1000 years before the birth of the Messiah.  I’m making this thing real clear.  Now the scheme and the purpose of God covered a period of 6000 years (counting one day with Him as 1000 years and 1000 as one day.)  Now He worked 6 days creating this universe; that is the way it was revealed to Moses.  And according to the very best of chronologists that we have, Asher, Ussher, Hastings, ___, we are now 1967 years.  Now I just took the 4 years off, just wiped it off; otherwise, it would be 1971.  If you take it from one side, you put it on the other, or take it completely off.  I’ll tell you more about how that error was made, later on as we go into our services.  That’s ___ I’ll show you how by chart and blackboard and what not.  But what we want you to know today is that if you add the 4000 years and then 1967 years after the birth, you will find yourself pretty well spent on the time that you have to do anything; and whatsoever you do, you will be compelled to do it in a hurry because we are going to bring this thing to a close.  If you want to believe what Yahweh said and what He promised:  that is a new heaven and a new earth, and this one will be renovated by fire; and I do mean that all the cadillacs, the penthouses, and everything which we so busily engage ourselves and use up all our time to build up, plus the fact that as Solomon said, ‘all of the labor of a man under the sun is for his belly and yet his appetite is not satisfied,’ and Paul picks it up and says this, talking about the Gentiles and those that did not know God among the Jews, he said their God was their belly.  Now we don’t want to be no belly worshippers; we don’t want to be no idolaters.  And we do look forward as Peter put it, talking about the disintegration or the dissolving of this, said, ‘nevertheless we, according to His prophecy, look for a new heaven and a new earth, according to His promise.’  We look for that.  Now since we have spent 4000 years before and 1967 years thereafter, then you don’t have much time to do anything.  And He said He was going to cut this one short; and we take Him at His word.

     So then we’re conscious of the fact that we’re not just electing somebody or putting somebody in here just to say, ‘well look, I’m a so and so and so and so of that organization.‘  You’re in here to work, and work right on down to the last minute, fully conscious of what it is all about.  Now that is the purpose of this meeting.

     I want to make this statement too.  The end was 1960.  We’re in 1960.  Pentecost about 4 o’clock in the morning, 9 o’clock in the morning, June the 6th by your calendar.  1960 was the end.  That was the day.  Now that’s past and gone.  Is that right?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  So that you don’t sleep, so that you stay wide awake, that in the close of each age (I mean before the flood, and I do mean the Messiah coming in to fulfill the law) He gave those people opportunities to accept.  That was a probationary period.  And now from 1960 down until this present time which we have used up 7 years of it, already past and gone of that probationary period.  Do you understand?  Now we’ll go into these things more deeper in the meetings to come, but we want you to be conscious that you have lived 7 years now of your probationary period.

     Now those of you that wanna know something about it; look at your 24th chapter of Matthew and the last few verses there.  Take a look at it (which we have been trying to get over to you) and read the whole chapter, and right while you’re in it, 24th chapter of Matthew, read the 21st chapter of Luke; read the 13th chapter of Mark:  now, just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about.

     Now listen folks.., listen…, now what is going on now in the Middle East and around in the world, but most primarily in the Middle East and the Far East, is nothing else, I would have you to know, that it is nothing other than just another reflection, calling your attention to what I am telling you as of now.  It is true; it is verified, and confirmed:  and what I mean by that is by your migratory pattern.  Somebody always is willing to say, ‘well, I don’t believe that stuff.’  Well the stuff’s going on over there now, and my job is to keep you from being stupid.  And if you go back and check ___ ___ ___ that reflection and all right straight through it.  And I do mean day by day, you will find it just like it is described in the Bible.  Now that’s not something to guess about.  It’s a fact.  It’s known all over the world, in the newspaper, on the television, and everything else.  Now when you don’t know, since this is the 15th, whether you don’t know whether this was going to be the day or not:  the Messiah was to come down or the earth would be renovated.

     Now there’s other times that’s come up.  Feast days that come up, yet to come this year.  Understand?  That’s in the regular, routine operation of it.  You know what I mean by that:  I mean that every year it has passed, it has come up.  But now, those things prophesied.  Now Paul said this, ‘whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be prophesies they shall fail.’  Now Yahweh Himself set this up and these things happen.  But in the regular course of operation, each year they come up, and every 50 years was the year of Jubilee.  Now this is the 50th year, the year of Jubilee.

     I’ll tell you more about that, but now, this is what I want to point out.  I want you to do some calculus.  It’s going to fail to come up in the cycles, because this could be the year that the next don’t come; and instead of the next one coming up as it has been in the past, it will fail.  Do you understand?  And then the tongues have ceased, and then here’s where the tongue begins after its cessation, the hostilities in battle and as I live saith the Lord.  It doesn’t make any difference what language, whether it be hebrew, greek, latin, aramaic or what not, since it all come from Yahweh, every tongue and every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess to the satisfaction and to the glorification of Yahweh, to His satisfaction.  Do you understand?  That is compulsory; that is mandatory.  So I want you to see now that your 5900 of the 6000 has passed and gone.  And I further want you to know that you will not see another, in the cycles of time; you will not see another 50 years or a year of jubilee.  Now I hope everybody understands what I’m talking about.  That if you are to have any faith or any confidence in Yahweh Himself, which the people call god, if you’re going to exercise any faith in it at all, you believe that you will execute authority to function, which He has fulfilled right down the line.  If you have any faith, any confidence in it, you have not looked forward to a continuation.  You have not looked forward to that, because you don’t have no promise to that effect.  You understand what I’m talking about.

     And then again I want to mention this.  It’s dangerous for anybody to procrastinate and be jeopardized:  be alert, be aware, be faithful, be diligent, be punctual.  Your obligations are not to me or to somebody else, it is to Yahweh; and it is He that has placed you in the positions that you’re in.  It was not me, as a man, I say it.  Now you be conscious of that.  Wrestle right on down to expect to be saved; and if you don’t possess those qualifications according to the way I laid them down to you then you’re disqualified to begin with.

     Now if there’s any interrogations, any catechizing, or any questions about it, I’d be happy and glad to answer your questions.  If not, then I will turn the service back into the hands of your president, Dr. Carl F. Gross.  Are there any questions?  Raise your hand, don’t be afraid.  That’s what this meeting is all about.  Anything I haven’t made clear, I hope to do so; and for your benefit, I will reiterate or explain.

     Now that’s what it’s all about.  That’s what this meeting is all about.  These, from today on through these 7 days.  You find that in, what chapter is that in Leviticus?

Student Body:  23

Dr. Kinley:  23rd chapter of Leviticus.  Just take the whole chapter, don’t be too afraid, don’t be too stingy to read.  Find all of these things that is right in there:  the dates, and times, and what not, and how many days this was to be.  You will find that that is what this convention is doing, is observing the preparation for the last battle, the last fight, the last stand before the close of this age, before the fireworks.  Don’t go to sleep on it:  don’t let the devil deceive you.  You heard the vice president, Dr. Robert Harris, read to you.  Don’t go to sleep, don’t spare anything, do all you can to propagate, to preach the gospel throughout the universe, and listen.., then it won’t be you preaching, it’s the Holy Spirit speaking through you.  When that job is done, then comes the end.  You understand what I mean.  Now we have put the book out and it has gone over the world, but that’s no justification for setting down and saying, ‘well look, I’m retired now.’  Uh, uh.  We’re going to fight down to the wire.  We’re going to keep on fighting, trying to clarify.  No more apologies to Satan for nothing; we’re not trying to cooperate with him at all.  We’re going to fight him, refuse to apologize to anybody on earth, including whoever it is you think is in authority now.  Do you understand?  Now have I got the convention straight before us:  Have we got it straight before us.  Alright, so then, if there’s no questions, then I turn the meeting back in Dr. Gross’s hands, your president, Dr. Carl F. Gross.

Dr. Gross:  Thank you Dr. Kinley.  I think we’ve all understood the purpose of the convention from the founder and dean.  And as we go into these meetings and especially the spiritual meetings, we are, as Dr. Kinley has always insisted and asked for a time to summarize, (that is if he don’t take the whole meeting) to summarize the things that need to be summarized in that meeting.  So we should have a, an understanding, that as speakers, to leave a space of time for the founder and dean, because people come to the convention to hear what he has to say.  And let us be reminded, mindful of that thing and give him a space of time, at least, at least a half hour.

     We want to insist also of the promptness of the meeting.  We wish to start these meetings out on time and we don’t really have no excuse to delay and to stretch it out.  We don’t have no excuse for that.  We come here for the convention and for that purpose only and we’ve understood that the convention is in session and we should and must be here and start on time.

     Now I have here a list of, and we have just a few minutes left, of the progress report from the state branches and we would like to hear from the heads of state branches, a few words of their progress that they have accomplished in the state branches.  We would like, hear from you at this time.

Dr. Kinley:  May I speak first?  I would like for the introduction to be made properly, so that everybody won’t have no misunderstanding about it.  This is.., come back here.

Student Body:  (LAUGHS)

Dr. Kinley:  This is Dr. Fred Allen Senior, president of the State of California, who is addressing you.

Fred Allen Sr.:  Mister president, Dr. H. C. Kinley, founder and dean, friends and visitors, and fellow seekers, I want to say a few words (I don’t know how much time I have, Dr. Gross said there wasn’t much time left,) but I only want to say a few words at the most.  But I do want to say that a few months ago after we learned that Dr. Kiinley wanted to have this convention, found out there had been a chief executive board appointed, also found out that there had been a state Executive Board appointed, of which I was president and my good friend, Brother Snellbaker here, as vice president.  Since that time, we’ve gotten together.  We have built a Board of Trustees and we have appointed or elected a number of committees, among those were:  a ways and means committee, a sick committee, a hospitality committee, house committee, and legal committee.  Heading the ways and means committee, we have Brother Clyde Wilson and Dr. Annabelle Allen; for the sick committee headed by Dr. Clifford Kinley Jr. and ___ ___ as co-chairman; for the house committee, Dr. Robert Harris and Dr. William Farley; hospitality committee, we have Sister Josephine Bailey and Sister Marion Harris.  Let’s see, there was another committee.  Legal committee, headed by Dr. Fred Allen Jr. and Dr. …

Student Body:  Briggs

Fred Allen Sr.:  Briggs.  Those people headed our committees.  We also found that there was a committee already in existence, a financial committee, which at that time, was working and doing a splendid job.  We knew we had to have some extra money for the convention. 


These committees all began the work and they did a tremendous job in raising extra money that we knew we had to spend for the convention.

     One other thing I would like to mention, is that the meetings in California, made considerable progress in the past 7 or 8 years that we have existed.  We first started off in December, 1958, in Hollywood.  Since that time we’ve moved to several different places; and now at this time, our congregation is growing rapidly, seeing that we are beginning to get through to a lot of people that before we weren’t even able to touch.  We have a lot of new people even here today, people who have been in the class only a very few weeks.  They have pulled their stakes and came with us here today.

     Another thing I would like to mention is that, back in the beginning of sch.., not the beginning of school, but the beginning of my participation in the school.  I meet Dr. Kinley in the year 1944.  We were both working in a war plant at the time.  He had an office in the basement.  I had a office on the main floor and I was one of the group of maintenance. He was a clerk in a supply department.  I don’t know just how it happened to be, but I do remember shortly after that he told me about the school, within minutes I would say.  He also invited me to a class.  At that time, they were holding meetings downtown Cincinnati on Curtis Street.  I shall never forget the first meeting I went with him to class.  The class was very small then compared to what it is today, but when I went to class, I perhaps didn’t understand too well, but I liked it well enough to continue going back and within 4 or 5 or 6 years I missed 4 or 5 days.  So you know I did like it.  We stayed there for a few years.  We moved to the YMCA on 9th Street in Cincinnati.  There we had a much nicer place and we stayed there for a number of years.  And after that we began to meet from home to home.  And when we left, when he left to come to California on vacation, we were meeting at the Lockland YMCA.  And that is just about where the class there broke up, because on one Monday night, as we were meeting, someone told us that Dr. Kinley had called somebody and wanted somebody to come to California to help him establish a school.  Various ones begin to get ready to go and within 30 days, I would say, there was quite a number of people from Cincinnati, Lockland, Springfield, and other places that are all in California, so we begin in there and we’ve been working diligently and we’ve brought it up to this point.  Now for some of you I have what’s a treat, to others, you may not be interested, but I have some pictures of the first meeting place I attended when I went to class in Lockland.  Also I have 2 other pictures of the business meetings we had in years after that.  And you can look at these pictures and compare them with the group we have here today and the group we’re going to have here later in the week and that will show you just what progress has been made.  I’ll leave these here for your inspection after, after the meeting’s been dismissed.  The only thing I ask is that you won’t take them away.  Thank you.

Dr. Gross:  Thank you Dr…

Student Body:  (APPLAUDS)

Dr. Gross:  At this time we’ll ask Dr. Dewey McCoy from the State of Arkansas to give a few words.

Dewey McCoy:  Thank you Dr. Gross.  Everyone I want to say, happy to be in your presence at this time.  I have enjoyed everything thus far.  First of all I want to say that just to be in your presence means so much to me.  I’m so happy to see all of you.  We have been and are as yet in the State of Arkansas, as you know.  And listening to the progress report from President Allen, State of California, we want you to know also that as the nucleus in the beginning started small, we want you to know that there has been another small beginning:  that is in the State of Arkansas.  The school is incorporated.  We do not have, as you may well know, as many in attendance at this time as we have in some of the other classes, but we do want you to know this also, that we’re trying with all that Yahweh has given us to get it to the people.  We want you to know, as you go from place to place, that the fight that we are fighting is not a fight that will take or, that we can take or that we can use whips.  In other words, if there is any doubt or any weakness within us then this is not the place for it, because it takes a man.  It’s a man sized job.  I do not mean me, you haven’t got it either, ___ ___ ___ too, that’s the only one.  But we’re happy to be in the midst.  And I will not elaborate too much on the progress that we’re making there for many reasons, but if I may, I’m going to ask Dr. Allen to come at this time, he was just with us, and ask him to report his findings, if that is acceptable.  Thank you kindly.

Student Body:  (APPLAUDS)

Fred Allen Jr.:  I especially want to say I enjoyed my visit down in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The report I have to bring to you that Dr. McCoy has done a splendid job.  The people that were there were very receptive.  They’ve grown quite a bit since my last visit with them.  The school we had on, the class we had last Sunday, was a few there and it was very inspirational to me.  One of the ladies there gave a remark that her sister had made comments against the school in relationship to these Hollywood preachers.  They wanted to call us Hollywood stars, they’ve gone to Hollywood and gotten all prettied up and you all’ve been attracted by them.  But she said, she told her daughter, and her son in law said these Hollywood preachers have the truth and I’ll be with them cause they’re teaching me what I want to know.  The following meeting we had was on Monday and at that time there was exactly 30 people there excluding those that had traveled with me and Dr. McCoy and his family.  So there was 30 people there of just Little Rock alone.  And they were all very receptive and we gave them a very nice going away reception.  And I feel that he’s done a tremendous job there and a very, very good work ___.  Yahweh is with him.  He’s undergoing a lot of things to make them people to come to the point where they are.  It’s not a easy task in that area and I feel that we all, anyway that we can, communicate to him and be inspirational to him and uplifting to him.  That’s all I have to say at this particular time.  Thank you.

Student Body:  (APPLAUDS)

Dr. Gross:  Thank you, reverend.  At this time let’s hear a few words from Dr. Edward Mixon, the dean of the State of Michigan.

Edward Mixon:  President, Dr. Gross, and our founder and dean, Dr. Henry C. Kinley, and to all others.  Good morning.  I bring you greetings from Detroit, Michigan, and to say that we have set up the school in the State of Michigan, and have been there over a period of 5 months.  I would like to say that we have had very good progress.  We have been there preaching the gospel according to the way that Yahweh has delivered it unto us.  And we have come up, we have with us our president of the school, brother Beryl Brewington, and also about 6 or 7 others.  Our classes has been very good ranging from approximately 20 to 40 or 50 people per meeting.  We have upon going into Detroit, we were holding our classes within our homes, from there we rented a building with a name, The School of Divine Metaphysics.  We stayed there for approximately a month.  We had to (we were sharing the building with another lady minister) we had to leave there because the owner of the building said he had sold the property.  We left there back into the homes for approximately 2 or 3 weeks.  Then we, through our president, Brother Brewington, he met with one of the fellows in the Masonic Lodge.  And he and Brother Brewington checked it out with the heads and we rented that building for a price of $5 per week and we held meetings there for I would say approximately a month.  Then the Eastern Stars and the Masonics come together for their annual dinner.  We were holding there on Friday nights from 8 to 10 and Sundays from 11 until 1.  And the Friday night of their meeting, they told us that we couldn’t have a meeting there that night, because they had to have their annual meeting.  So therefore I called Brother Brewington and Dr. Embry and others of the class together.  And I said that we must go out and seek to find a building of our own because with giving our cause to getting people we couldn’t afford to miss out of them missing a meeting by us moving from here to there.  So by the help of Yahweh we did find a building and we have rented it and we have the name on the building and the time of the classes and what have you.  And through different ones of the class we have chairs that has been the, they went on out on their own and bought the chairs and put them in the building.  So therefore, I must say that we have been fighting every minute of the way.  And I will not say that we have had a hard time.  God, Yahweh, has been with us all the way, and I am happy of the progress.  And upon leaving California it was within my mind that if it was just one soul that come in, we’ll shout for joy.  Thank you.

Student Body:  (APPLAUDS)

Fred Allen Jr.:  Mister President.  I also have visited Alabama.  If I can, I can give you an, a progress report on them.  I was in L.., Birmingham in October last year.  And I went back this year (and Dr. Jones, he should, I do know, he might be in today or he may be in tomorrow morning early,) but Dr. Jones has done a tremendous work there.  He has raised up 3 ministers, to help assist him in his work.  They’re young yet but they are progressing.  I heard from his youngest brother this past Wednesday night and he gave a very good lecture.  And his progress is coming along.  He’s doing all that Yahveh will allow him to go.  He also has got the means of advertising through radio.  He has a brother in law which is a radio announcer, or not a radio announcer, but he is a disc jockey.  And also has gotten new, or advertising through radio.  He also has communication through the paper and both advertising he is using to best results to carry on his meetings there.  I was not able to attend one of his meetings on Sunday, but he is progressing as Yahveh gives him the means through which to progress with.  And they are all doing fine there.  That’s all I have at this particular time.  Thank you.

Student Body:  (APPLAUDS)

Edward Mixon:  Brother president.  I feel that I, my talk is not completed because I have failed to make the acknowledgements of the ministers within this State of Ohio.  They have left their job and come down to Detroit and have worked faithful also to help to get the school in Michigan on its’ feet.  And I cannot overlook these:  Dr. Nathan Higgins, Dr. Patton, Dr. Miller, and also Dr…

Student Body:  Wallace Hall

Edward Mixon:  Wallace Hall, oh, Dr. Floyd Macon has been to Detroit.  And all of them has been a great inspiration and a great help to us as being in the State of Michigan.  And again I want to thank each one of you again and it has been a pleasure.

Student Body:  (APPLAUDS)

Dr. Gross:  At this time we’ll have a few words from Ollie, Dr. Oliver Gill, dean of Springfield, Ohio.

Oliver Gill:  To the officials and members of the class.  I, too, would, through no powers of our own here in Ohio, but through Yahweh, we have in the areas that we operate in, that is Columbus and Dayton, and so forth, we have had an increase in our attendance.  And we have been in progress of also eliminating some of our legal problems that we have had here.  And we have worked closely with California to have this convention here and like to say we are glad to be your host here.  And all those that have worked on committees that helped get everything in order, I’d like to say at this time thank you and thanks to everyone.

Student Body:  (APPLAUDS)

Dr. Gross:  Dr. Harris would you like to make a…, why I want to say this in conclusion.  We, the workers that have gone out in the field really need to be commended, because it’s, it’s a work, it’s revolutionary to the world, and I recognize your job of going out there to save the world.  The teaching of the gospel is revolutionary.  It’s not easy.  And I feel for everyone that does have a job on his hands of going into the world and he needs the help of Yahweh, otherwise he couldn’t make it.  So I really from my, bottom of my heart, I wish to commend you all for your work and faithfulness.  Now this here, I believe brings to a close this business meeting…  Dr. Kinley would like to make another remark before dismissal.

Dr. Kinley:  I’d like to make this remark, stick it in the records.  I think it’s important and necessary that in the states in which we have incorporated or chartered, I think it’s my duty to say this:  that they operate in the states as we do in the national.  Understand what I mean by that?  Now whatever applies to us in the national, it applies to you in the state in which you operate.  And I want to make that clear.

     One more thing I want to make clear is this, maybe somebody don’t know how I operate as the founder and dean of this school.  Now I am not in business to run around and take care of no financial obligations and responsibilities, negotiations of this, that, and the other.  My job is teaching and preaching the gospel.  Now you have a vice president, president, and board of directors; their job is to help me preach the gospel and take care of the business; and I’m gonna let them take care of the business.  When they provide some place for us to convene and have a class or teach somebody something about God and the devil, I’m going to let them take care of it, cause that’s, that’s just, that’s not my job.  My job is propagating the gospel and tutoring them.  You understand what I’m talking about?  Now, I, that’s a full time job for me.  And then the president and vice president and the board of directors, now they have a president in the state.  And their job, that it is in the constitution for Dr. Gross and Dr. Harris, in each one of the states in which we operate, and that Board of Trustees that you have there, the deans in the states in which we operate, their job, their business is to see to it that the gospel is preached and make sure that it is the gospel.  I just thought it was my indispensable duty to make that real good and crystal clear.  And to help with the work.  And all of you there, the ministers (the ministry has a tremendous burden and responsibility on their shoulders, the ministry I say,) let’s not be unaware of what we’re doing.

     Then, in conclusion, I want to make this statement.  The world is in darkness.  Now we have the truth.  They do not have it.  And I’ve been fighting here for 35 years and I want to let you know in crystal clear terms.  Now what this school stands for, we are the champion of the world.  I want you to be conscious of it and realize they don’t have it out there; and since they don’t have it out there, it’s up to you to propagate it in the world.  Now did I make that clear?

Student Body:  Yes.

Dr. Gross:  At this time we’ll be dismissed by Dr. William Carroll.


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