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by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

Los Angeles, California

recorded by Dr. Carl F. Gross

1 90 minute audio cassette


transcribed by Jackie Bowers

proofread by Cathy Fenti, Michael Rothstein, and Gerry Rothstein

proofread and approved by the International Public Relations Committee:  1996


1.  …indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, uh, see, you see, you see what I mean, isn’t that right, understand, you understand, do you understand.)

4. ___ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber


Moderator: Our first speaker will be our founder and Dean, Dr. Henry C. Kinley.

Dr. Kinley: Thank you ever so much. I am happy and glad and delighted to see so many present, in this day of trials and tribulations and troubles and misunderstandings, miscomprehensions, politically, ecclesiastically, and also economically and universally. I think I covered the waterfront.

Now, I’d like to say, first of all that I have been talking to you and telling you that I had a special sermon that I wanted to get into with you and to enlighten you on some of the things that are, are not very frequently said anything about in an understandable way, throughout Christendom and also in the world of today. Things you ought to know something about that would cause you to have more respect for Yahweh. Not look at Him as a providential or a, well for the sake of the new people, let me use this word, interchangeable God and Yahweh. Now, God is a title, that is not a name. Now, Lord, that derives from Baal, its creation is the derivative of it. Now, now, you that haven’t made any study of these things, naturally when someone comes along and says something like that to you, your first thought and consideration is, well that fella is telling us something that is not in our Bible. No, it’s not in there that way and the reason why it’s not in there that way is because it’s been mistranslated. Originally in Hebrew, it was in there. It has been taken out. Now, if you make some research you would find that it has been taken out and consequently it’s not very much known.

Now, listen to what I’m going to say and it is important. Now the name of the Father is Yahweh. Now, that’s the true name. Now, He said that was His name. Now we have told you that the Mormons and other denominations have went on to tell you, even the Jews, that others have written books such as Enoch, the seventh from Adam, written the book of Enoch. And you people that are desirous of ecclesiastical knowledge and information, when you go to a bookstore and a book of Enoch is paraded out there, it’s supposed to be written by Enoch the seventh from Adam. Well, you buy that book and you read in there and you think you have discovered something that is not generally known and you took that away and then you praised it. You go back again and you look and you find a sixth and seventh books of Moses and you buy those. And you read those and you do, tuck that away. You go back again and you’re researching and you find the Talmud, that’s a Jewish commentary and interpretation of the scriptures, and so also is the Mishnah. They’re, their ideas, just like you would write a commentary on each verse of the Bible, that’s their context of it or you got that and you tuck that away. You go back and you get the Kaballah. Now some of these things I’m saying, I know is not familiar to some of you but I’m just telling you about books that you can go and buy on the market. And which educators seek around and try to find out something to stay ahead of the game, and to be recognized as a leader and as a wise and a smart man.

Now you got the Kaballah. Now, the Kaballah is a, is a book that is written and it expresses a concept of, and goes back and calls this name Yahweh, stands it out. And then, now you think, ‘well, I’ve got that together, now we’ll still continue to our research and we’ll go back and get the Holy Koran and then we get into that and that was supposed to be written by Elijah Mohammad.’ Well it was not it was written by Baccus. Mohammad was born in 6, about 632 A.D. Now he goes back in the scriptures, Genesis and what not, he goes back to the scriptures and they comment on that. Now instead of calling Him, I have to get right down on this. Instead of calling Him by the name of Yahweh they call Him Allah. Now Allah to them is what Yahweh is to the Jews. Then we have got friction by those people. Now, look right up here. This same day, right this day, all up and down Egypt and Arabia and Palestine, the same identical people are in confusion. The Jews and the Arabs and Nassar says there is no way to settle it, with the possible exceptions of a blood bath. They cannot be as he says it reconciled. This is what it brings us to now to say to you that Abraham, now we don’t, we can’t go in to all this detail because it’s too long and drawn out thing, so I have to take short cuts and try to get the point over to you.

Now, Abraham was the father of Isaac and Ishmael. Isaac by Sarah and Ishmael by the bond woman. Now, that is the father of the, Isaac and then comes Jacob. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. From Jacob comes these 12 sons that makes up the 12 tribes of Israel that was brought down into Egypt in bondage and all of you know that story. Now, in as much so, as Abraham had a son by his wife Sarah when she was old, about 90 years old. Now Yahweh said in Isaac shall thy seed be called, not Ishmael, but in Isaac.

Now listen to what I’m going to say. And it was through Isaac who was a type of Yahshua the Messiah that all of the families of the earth would be blessed. Now get this straight. That means that Ishmael, by the bond woman, Abraham was as much his father as he was Isaac’s father. Just as much his father. And there was 12 princes of that ____. 12. Now you got 12 sons of Jacob. You got 12 from Ishmael, sons of Ishmael. 12 and 12 make 24. And now, they are scattered up and down this row here as of now, from Egypt, Arabia and all into Palestine.

Now, we have always told you this, now you pay attention to what I’m saying and foll…, try to follow me as close as you can. Now we’ve always told you to, maybe somebody better read it. To the law and to the testimony. Now folks this don’t make no difference, none what so ever, who’s saying otherwise. This is the way it is. This is what you have to do, so saith Yahweh. Read Isaiah 8:20,

Reader: to the law and to the testimony

Dr. Kinley: to the law and to the testimony

Reader: if they speak not according to this word

Dr. Kinley: Now it don’t make no difference whether they are Jew, Arabs, Roman Catholics, Protestants, did you understand? It don’t make no difference, if they don’t speak according to this word, it’s because there is no light in ‘em.

Reader: right

Dr. Kinley: Now I want you to catch the thoughts, right there you cannot go back and take a man that is born in 632 A.D. and write a Koran. Now, now look what I’m talking about. 632 A.D. that means after the Messiah, after Christ, anno Domini. Now, way back here when the law was given by Moses, 1490. Now somebody said BC so I just put it here this way. There’s no such thing as BC. Now, you can’t take,

Reader: 1490

Dr. Kinley: 1490. Now some of you might have to get with me there and help me on this board because I don’t wanna take up this, I don’t wanna take up the time foolin‘ with this board, but I am determined to show you what I’m talking about. 1490. Now that’s when the Moses, Moses wrote the.., that’s when Moses wrote the, the law. Now here’s where it was written at. It was written here in the wilderness of Sinai and it was written by divine inspiration. Now, then, here comes the Messiah here and let’s say, now some people got this in their books, B.C. 4 and 5 as the year of His birth. Well, now let’s get it, let’s say A.D. 1. Now, His birth was the fulfillment of Deuteronomy 18: (would you mind?) 15 and Isaiah 9:6.

Now, this is what I’m doing, want you to see what I’m doing. I’m going to the law and I’m going to the prophets. That’s what you said. They say if they don’t talk like this it’s because there’s no light in them.

Now listen, Yahshua the Messiah come along and this is what He said. Matthew 3:14 and 15 and 5:17. Luke 24:44. Now, I’m gonna tell you what I’m talking about so you’re able to follow. Just writing these things up here on the board don’t mean a thing unless you explain them. Now, what I’m talking about now is Elijah Mohammed coming along writing the Koran and yet He was, was born 632 A.D. Got you running around with your mouth all stuck out, just like the Jews is running around with the Talmud and Mishnah and their mouth all stuck out. You get it now? Arguing about, they’re something. Now, here’s what Messiah said. Now listen. Now He comes in, He’s born and He comes in and fulfills, fulfills. Now, here’s what they’ve got. They’ve got i n s t i t u t e. They’ve got institute. Now look folks, that just exactly backwards. Elijah messed with the Koran after He done fulfilled every jot and every tittle there is in the law and the prophets and got you running around here with your lip all stuck out. Just like the Mishnah and Talmud that they challenge Christ or Yahshua the Messiah with. Tried to change them all up, listen now, not recognizing and totally unaware and unconscious of the fact that that was Yahweh walking around in a body. That’s what it was. What you did, you challenged the Creator. Let that soak in and you be more careful about what you are doing.

Now, that was the Koran and the Mishnah and the Talmud. Say Freddie, put some of these words up there, Dr. Harris or somebody. Dr. Harris, put Talmud and Mishnah so these people can go home and drag out their libraries and look at some of these books and things.

Now, what we’re trying to do this year 1970. Now, this is what we’re trying to do and I don’t think, that you are, now this is me. I do not think that you are justified in becoming angry or provoked with me for telling you the truth. And now Satan, your adversary, that deceived Eve back in the garden, now you come all the way down through the ages and is manifested in such personalities that I am now telling you about. I don’t think you ought to get angry at me for it. Do you understand what I’m talking about? Then if you do get angry at me about it, you’re still gonna have to face and you’re gonna have to acknowledge, and your knee is gonna have to bow and confess. You’re not gonna get away with a thing. You got the Mishnah and Talmud, and rub any of that stuff off there if you want to, just rub any of it off there.

Now what they’re doing, what Christendoom, now this is what they’re doing. I say they’re wrong and when I say Christendoom, Dr. Harris, for me define that. I am talking about the Roman Catholics and I am talking about the Protestants. I said they’re all wrong. You ought not to say that unless you can prove it. Why did you say they were wrong? Because they call Yahshua the Messiah a liar that’s why I said they was wrong. How do they call Him a liar? This is how they call Him a liar. And you better read, now I’m saying, talking about Roman Catholics and Protestants or Christendoom. Matthew 3: 14 and 15,

Reader: But John forbade Him saying,

Dr. Kinley: but John forbade Him saying. Now listen, now this is what somebody usually do. Now, let me, let me tell you what your troubles are. You are mentally deranged, you are silly, you are foolish, you are feeble minded, to become offended at the truth; in other, other words put it so you can understand it a little better, you just don’t have a sound mind or good sense. I couldn’t talk no plainer than that to save my life nor yours. You’re just down right ignorant, you are stupid, you’re a fool. Somebody says, ‘Oh yeah must have said, Jesus said.’ Didn’t say no such a thing, said whosoever call his brother a fool and a liar is in danger of hell fire. He was talking about them Jews back there, wasn’t talking about us. Read, now this is why I say they’re wrong, all of Christendoom, read,

Reader: I have need to be baptized of Thee

Dr. Kinley: then John went to Him. Now read on, I’m in a hurry. This time has got to go by and by fast, read fast,

Reader: and comest thou to me?

Dr. Kinley: and John cometh to Him

Reader: and Yahshua answered and said unto Him

Dr. Kinley: Yahshua answered and said unto Him

Reader: permit it to be so now

Dr. Kinley: And John said unto Him. Yahshua said to John, permit it to be so, or you have it in your King James version, suffereth to be so now. Well why?

Reader: for thus it becometh us

Dr. Kinley: for thus it becometh us,

Reader: to fulfill all righteousness

Dr. Kinley: to fulfill all righteousness. Now hold it folks, now you see what He said, fulfill. It becometh us to fulfill. The word fulfill,

Man: complete

Dr. Kinley: all righteousness

Man: Bring to an end

Dr. Kinley: Bring to an end. Close it out. You cannot fulfill something that has not previously been instituted. Now that’s why I raised all the sand, I raised about Mohammed and the Koran, cause He had been there and fulfilled.

And listen, Elijah that Malachi said would come had come. This is, this is Elijah that Yahshua the Messiah is talking about whom you know as John the Baptist. Now, you want some proof on that? If you do, hold up your hands, don’t be ashamed. I see 2 hands. Any more? Right. 17th chapter of Matthew. Now these are the reasons why I’m not gonna buy it. Now while you’re into that 17th chapter of Matthew, I want you to take Malachi 4:4.

Reader: but I say unto you

Dr. Kinley: But I say unto you

Reader: that Elijah is come already

Dr. Kinley: But I say, no, read Malachi 4:4, then read this.

Reader: Remember ye the law of Moses my servant which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel with the statutes and judgements. Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet

Dr. Kinley: Now listen as it’s read. Read it so every, maybe you better get up, some of them is a little hard hearing. Turn around, then read, read it out loud. Where are you reading?

Reader: Malachi 4 and 5.

Dr. Kinley: Now that’s. that’s the prophecy, right? All right, Deuteronomy 18:15. I said to the law and to the prophecy. Now here goes the law and here we come to the prophecy.

Reader: Yahweh thy Elohim will raise up of thee a prophet from the midst of thee of thy brethren like unto Me. Unto Him shall you hearken.

Dr. Kinley: All right read on. That’s enough of that. Read, yours, Malachi

Reader: Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet

Dr. Kinley: Behold I will, I will send you Elijah the prophet. I think it’s about 400 years before the birth of Yahshua the Messiah and here is Malachi prophesying that Yahweh is going to send Elijah the prophet. Now, here’s something else I want you to know about Elijah the prophet and John the Baptist. I want you to know that so far as Elijah is concerned, just nothing to him. It is nothing to Isaiah, nothing to Jeremiah, nothing to Moses, nothing to no thing. No flesh got no right to boast in His sight. It is the Holy Spirit in them. That’s what was in Elijah. And that is the same Holy Spirit that is in John the Baptist. Has that, you got it now? Read it again,

Reader: Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of Yahweh. And he shall turn the heart of the father to the children

Dr. Kinley: Hold that one right there. I’m getting warm, I wanna take my coat off. I wanna get, I wanna get you straightened out. I will send you Elijah. Now listen folks, Elijah ascended into the ethereal heaven in the eyes of Israel in the chariot of fire, that is to say he didn’t see death, he was translated. Never saw death. Now Yahweh is talking about sending him back. Now, when Yahshua the Messiah set down and talked to Nicodemus, Nicodemus, said He hadn’t seen anything of him up there in the heavens of heavens or the habitation of God. You want to read that do you? No man, that’s John the 3rd chapter, ‘said no man ascended into heaven save the son of man which came down from heaven, which is in heaven’. Now can you imagine a man settin‘ right down there talking to another man, Nicodemus to be more exact, and He is in heaven settin‘ right there talking to him. That’s how we get all messed up and that’s the reason why somebody said, ‘well He didn’t go away,’ and then somebody say, ‘He laid aside His royal robes and left the pearly gates of heaven and He come down here to walk around on the earth plane.’ Never left. Not so. Hasn’t been no where at all but right in the same place all the time. But we’re trying to talk so that you can perceive these great deep esoteric secrets, but, which Christendoom don’t know nothing about. That was Nicodemus, maybe you better read that,

Reader: And no man has ascended up to heaven, but He that came down from heaven, even the son of man which is in heaven.

Dr. Kinley: Now, He’s in heaven right there sitting there talking with Nicodemus. Now doc here’s why I brought that up. You remember you was reading about Elijah, that he would come and we showed you how he was translated without seeing death. Then here comes John the Baptist he was Elijah that was to come. And you remember I told you that Israel saw him in a vision and he threw his mantle back on Elijah. Now here’s why, here’s why I got into that. John the Baptist was the Elijah that was to come and his head was cut off. Now just a minute, though, but he had to appear here in that cloud. This proves that he was the Elijah that the prophet was talking about coming and he’s right back there in that cloud in the heaven the top of that mountain, the mount of transfiguration. Read it there in the 17th chapter of Matthew.

Reader: But I say unto you that Elijah is come already

Dr. Kinley: I say to you Elijah has come already

Reader: and they knew him not

Dr. Kinley: And they didn’t know him

Reader: but have done unto him whatsoever they desire

Dr. Kinley: But have done unto him whatsoever there is

Reader: likewise

Dr. Kinley: Likewise

Reader: shall also the son of man suffer of them

Dr. Kinley: Shall the son of man suffer of them

Reader: then the disciples understood

Dr. Kinley: Then the disciples understood. Are you a disciple?

Reader: that he

Dr. Kinley: Now wait a minute, now he’s talking about Peter, James and John them that followed, talking about they understood, cause they was the ones up there in the mount of transfiguration. Now then, they understood what?

Reader: that He spoke unto them of John the Baptist

Dr. Kinley: Now do you see who Elijah was? Now you cut that junk out. Telling me he come down here in 632 A.D. Now when he comes, what is he supposed to do? Turn the hearts of the fathers to the children. Where does it say that Freddie, where, where is it?

Reader: This is the 6th verse of the 4th chapter of Malachi

Dr. Kinley: That’s right

Reader: and he shall turn the hearts of the father to the children, and the hearts of the children to their father. Lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Dr. Kinley: That’s right. Now when he come, here’s the father, the hearts of the children to the father. He comes and baptized, he was not baptized anybody and didn’t have no gentiles, I want this, not a one. So you gentiles stay out of water. You got no business in it. You were grafted in after the show was over. To be exact, seven years after. That’s Cornelius was the first gentile in there, the Jew first, and then the gentile.

Now you see that don’t you? For them that held up their hands want to know about the Elijah, hold your hands back up, the ones that held up their hands. Now is it clear to you that, that John the Baptist was Elijah, the prophet was talking about coming? Talk loud enough so we can hear, we want everybody to hear.

Man: I’m beginning I’m understanding it a little bit better but the reason I raised my hand was because I wanted to get some idea why ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____. You know I couldn’t relate to what it was about. Now I’m getting some understanding, all about it.

Dr. Kinley: Now do you see, do you see to the satisfaction… That’s the reason why we’re calling these chapters and verses

Man: Yes, that’s, you know, that’s what I want.

Dr. Kinley:  17th chapter of Matthew you’ll find out that John the Baptist was Elijah, that was Malachi prophesied to come. Now he was translated without seeing death. Now, here comes, here He comes back this time in, now let’s get this straight. John the Baptist, if Elijah was translated, Elijah had the Holy Spirit. And it was the Holy Spirit that translated him therefore John the Baptist had to be born with the Holy Spirit

Student Body: That’s right, that’s all right.

Dr. Kinley: Had to come right back and take that body off and appear up here and he was the last of the prophets. Do you see that? Do you see that now? Well, you have.., I have.., is it soaking? Is it soaking? Well now, you thought maybe I was done with that, I’m just getting started but I thought I should lead you up to all this.

Now we told you this. Now, I want you to follow what I’m telling you. Now we told you to the law and to the testimony, you read that in the book, didn’t you? The law was given by Moses, by.., it really it wasn’t given, wasn’t given by Moses, was really given by Yahweh. Now then, watch, be careful now, be careful, and the prophets, they prophesied, Jeremiah and all the rest of them, prophesied under the law. So you go to the law and to the testimony. Now look folks, this is Yahweh giving the law, this is Yahweh giving the testimony. It is not Moses, it is not Elijah, it is not Isaiah, it is not Jeremiah, it is not Ezekiel. I am not talking about that. So there wouldn’t be any way for me to be talking about, Mohammed and John and them. No way for me to be talking about them. Now we don’t care anything at all about the flesh. It’s the spirit with us and we recognize that Yahweh is all in all. Now are you all up with me? Is there any questions about anything I’ve said thus far? Have I said anything you didn’t understand?

Now, we said Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible. Moses wrote them. Now, you’ll see pretty soon where I’m getting at and since I mentioned about the Talmud, the Mishnah, the Koran and you want to say the, the book of Abraham and you can go down and get the book of Enoch and you can go and get the 6th and 7th book… Every bit of it is a lie, it’s not so. Here’s the reason why it’s not so. Now Abraham, pick this up Doc sometime, try and help me with this explanation. If you got anything to say about it, just tap your foot. I’ll shut up. Well I want to, I want to train him. Now, now Abraham is the father of the jewish race and he’s also the father of the Arab. Now, do you understand that? Now you got Abraham, Jew and Arabs. Now then you got Isaac and Jacob, Isaac and Jacob. Now, this is what I’m gonna tell you.

I just got through saying that the Mormons are a liar when they said Joseph Smith, an angel led him to the place where tablets was discovered here in the United States, that was written by Abraham. And they have the book of Abraham, I say they are a liar and Abraham never wrote nothing, never wrote a thing. It was Moses that wrote about Abraham. It was Moses that wrote about Enoch. Enoch never wrote nothing. Abraham nev.., Abraham.., Moses was the first man that Yahweh ever did tell in this world, what even His true name was. Now, get this straight. Now if Abraham had wrote anything as the Mormons say that he did, then they instead of using the word Yahweh, they would have been writing about El Shaddai, because Abraham did not know that His name was Yahweh. Isaac didn’t know that His name was Yahweh. Jacob did not know that His name was Yahweh and I don’t mean Allah either. And Moses was the first man that He ever, that He ever told what His name was. And you find that in the 3rd chapter of Exodus where He told, listen, Yahweh said His self now He said just like He calling Yahshua the Messiah a liar when He said he was insta.. fulfilling they say He’s instituting. He said His name was Yahweh and they saynaw it ain’t‘. You got an adversary in this thing and an enemy. Alright.

He told Moses what His name was. He told Moses that Abraham didn’t know His name. Enoch didn’t know His name, clear on back… you want to read that? Try reading it.

Reader: 6th chapter of Exodus, third verse

Dr. Kinley: 6th chapter of Exodus. Everybody look at it in your Bible and that’ll stop the argument.

Reader: 3rd verse. And I appeared unto Abraham,

Dr. Kinley: And I appeared unto Abraham

Reader: unto Isaac

Dr. Kinley: Unto Isaac

Reader: and unto Jacob

Dr. Kinley: And to Jacob

Reader: as El Shaddai

Dr. Kinley: As El Shaddai

Reader: but by my name Yahweh

Dr. Kinley: But by my name

Reader: Yahweh

Dr. Kinley: Yahweh

Reader: was I not known to them

Dr. Kinley: Now He said they didn’t know Him. Then how then Abraham or any of them write about something or somebody they don’t know nothing about? I say therefore Joseph Smith is a liar.

Now by my name. His name, now we’re talking about His name. Now, when He talked to Moses at the burning bush here in the wilderness. Well let’s go back further. When He talked to Adam back here, maybe better try reading that. I think it’s Genesis 9:5, Doc get you a chair and set down here and rest yourself. It’s ____, I’m after names, and I’m after writings, and I told you the other night that this, look up here now.


Now the Roman Catholics have got this kinda thing. When they christen a child they give him a baptismal name, that’s not a parental name. Now the Mohammedans they got a calling Usome, Malcolm X and so forth and so on and they say that you got your name from your slave holder. I wanna know if that’s right or not.

Student Body: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: And that’s not your real name. You have your slave holder’s name, and your name is not Roger Jackson, your name is not Robert Harris and so then we’ll give you a name. The Roman Catholics and them and George Baker done the same thing. Who, if you know anything about it, that’s the Father Divine in New York City. He gave them names, angelic names. And when you go into those movements then you become unidentified with society by the name that your parents named you. That’s why you got Malcom X, Ussah Y, and Riblah Ziblah or something like that, or Mary Dove or Love or something like… They wipe out them names that your people gave them. Now, what I wanna tell you is this. Now since Yahweh has a name. Now He named this first man. He created a name and Miss Eve too, she was right in him. What’s it say there.

Reader: This is the book of the generations

Dr. Kinley: Now this is the book of the generations

Reader: of Adam

Dr. Kinley: Of Adam.

Reader: in the day that Elohim created man

Dr. Kinley: In the day that Elohim created man.

Reader: in the likeness of Elohim made He him.

Dr. Kinley: That’s right, read on.

Reader: male and female

Dr. Kinley: That’s right.

Reader: created He them.

Dr. Kinley: uh-huh

Reader: and blessed them

Dr. Kinley: uh huh.

Reader: and called their name Adam

Dr. Kinley: Now just a, here’s what I want you to see as you go along. And He called,

Reader: their name Adam

Dr. Kinley: Their name; in other words, Elohim called their name, what?

Reader: Adam.

Dr. Kinley: Adam. Adam didn’t name himself. Elohim named him. Now I’ll give you

a little job. You go try, you go trace up Adam in the Hebrew and find out how it is spelled and how it is called in Hebrew. Then you’ll learn yourself something and you’ll find out it fits right with this. And that woman was right in that man. He called their name, their name, Adam. Now listen, listen closely, follow here, follow here. Now Moses wouldn’t know a thing about that if he had not been up in this mountain and he’s looking right at Yahweh makes a man. Looking right at Him making the man in a vision. Now he followed Him on down the generations of mankind. And he’s hearing their names called: Cain and Abel, Seth and so forth and so on down the generations, on down to himself. Now did you follow me there? Not only that, now get Exodus 32:32. Now, you oughta be, you oughta try to be quick.

Reader: And Moses returned unto Yahweh

Dr. Kinley: And Moses returned unto Yahweh

Reader: and said

Dr. Kinley: And said

Reader: oh this people have

Dr. Kinley: Here’s what’s happening, here’s what he’s talking about, now we done told you about it. How he was called up in the mountain, now we just can’t read this whole Bible any time we come down here. And Moses called up, and the 24 elders, and they was told to stay on the ledge of the mountain and they did not do it. They went back down out of the mountain and builded the golden calf, which was the, the beast. Now, look up here, get Revelations 13: 18 right now,

Reader: Here is wisdom

Dr. Kinley: Here is wisdom

Reader: let him that hath understanding

Dr. Kinley: Let him that hath understanding

Reader: count the number of the beast

Dr. Kinley: Count the number of the beast

Reader: for it is the number of a man

Dr. Kinley: For it is the number of A man

Reader: and his number is six hundred….

Dr. Kinley: And his number is six hundred threescore and six. 666, is that right? Now, it’s the number of a man. Now listen, this is what we’re saying. Here is wisdom, let him that has understanding count the number of the beast. Now, I’m talking about a beast. Can’t you see that the children of Israel put that gold in there and it turned out a golden calf, in other words it’s a beast!

Now I might take a short cut. The number of a beast and his number is 666, right? Hold that right there, take Genesis 3 and 1,

Reader: Now the serpent was more subtle

Dr. Kinley: Now the serpent was more subtle

Reader: than any beast of the field

Dr. Kinley: Than any beast of the field. Now I want, I’m talking about a beast now. Any beast of the field. A beast, a beast. They took them earrings and put them in and out come a beast and his number is six hundred three score and six. Now look up here at me. Now the High Priest in Israel, I wanna get it where everybody can see as best I can right here. I believe you can see it plainer right here. You see this miter, now you’ll find it in the 22nd, 28th chapter of Exodus. A miter. That means, a, a miter means a hood that he wore on his head. Now look now, and it had in it ‘Holiness Unto Yahweh’. And it’s called a bonnet, and a miter and it’s tied with a, with a bow in the back of it. And that High Priest would go in and out that sanctuary every day in the year and on the 10th day of October, which is the day of Atonement, he went into the Most Holy Place. Now look folks, he had on the Urim and Thummin. You know what that is? That’s the beast plate of judgement. And you know what the ephod is? That that come right over that breast plate, and it had 12 precious stones in it including diamonds, and beryl and what not, representing them 12 tribes of Israel. And them stones come down and buckled around in here with that bonnet on. Now the papacy is trying their best to copy. Now we’re showing you how this beast come out, we’re showing you that the beast of the field and Yahweh created ‘em. The serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field. We’re showing you a beast. 1st chapter of Roman says they worshipped beast, men and graven images. And when He spoke from the Mount, said thou shall not make unto me. Get that now?

Now when they place the crown on the head of the Pope, just like this priest, as this ‘Holiness Unto Yahweh’ on this miter. That’s what’s in there, ‘Holiness Unto Yahweh’. Now this is what’s in his. In the first ring it’s got ‘Vicar’, in the second ring it’s got ‘Filii‘, and in the third ring it’s got ‘Dei’. Translated and turning up in roman numbers it’s six hundred and sixty-six. That’s what is in that crown. That’s the number of the beast. And the Roman Catholics and Protestants too make up that beast man, and everything else on the earth plane, they make up that beast man.

Now listen, listen at this, oh me. John said in the first epistle of John, said ‘beloved,’ listen at me now, listen at the quotation, ‘beloved, what manner of love is this that the Father, Yahweh, has bestowed upon us, that we should be called the’ vicar.

Student Body: No

Dr. Kinley: of God. We’re not Vicars, but the Pope says he’s the Vicar of Christ. In other word, we’re not called Vicars of Christ. That translated, what does that mean Doc?

Dr. Harris: Representative

Dr. Kinley: Representative. We’re representatives, that’s what they are. Translated ‘Vicar Filii Dei’, now listen at what I am saying. Vicar of the Son of God. Vicar of the Son of God. What manner of love is this that the Father has bestowed upon us that we might become the Vicar of the

Student Body: No, no

Dr. Kinley:  We are the son of God, not Vicar of it, but we are His Son. Revelations 14: 1,2…

Reader: and I looked…

Dr. Kinley: Revelations 22:2. Want to find out how that works on this, on this crown up here. Read,

Reader: And I looked…

Dr. Kinley: And I looked

Reader: and lo a lamb stood on the Mount Zion

Dr. Kinley: That’s right.

Reader: and with Him an hundred forty and four thousand

Dr. Kinley: um hum.

Reader: having His name and His Father’s name

Dr. Kinley: Having His name, Yahshua the Messiah, and His, His Father’s name, Yahweh. What?

Reader: written in their foreheads

Dr. Kinley: Written in their foreheads. Do you see what I’m talking, do you see what I’m telling you? That’s, that’s the name. Ephesians 3 and 2. Stick it out with me for a few minutes if you can folks. This will help you from now on around the corner and it’ll get you off of skid row too. The devil done put the skids on you, it’ll sweep you up, right back home where you belong. Read,

Reader: If ye have heard of the ministry

Dr. Kinley: If you have heard of the ministry

Reader: of the grace of Yahweh

Dr. Kinley: Of the grace of Yahweh.

Reader: which is given me to you

Dr. Kinley: Now try to read on fast cause time is short and I’ve got to get to a point down there.

Reader: how that

Dr. Kinley:. And the point I want to get to down there is, I’ll tell you before you get to it: that the whole family in heaven and in earth is called by the same name not Adam, not Moses, not Isaiah, not Usuf, not Minnie Love or Mary Love none of that junk, not Roger Jackson, not Bob Harris, but Yahweh knows you by that name, cause he called Moses by his name, called Paul by his name, called Abraham by his name. If he hadn’t called him by his name that the parents give him, Abraham wouldn’t, wouldn’t know that He knew who He was. And to make sure that he hears, didn’t misunderstand Him, He said, MOSES. And to make sure he didn’t misunderstand, said, MOSES again.

That wasn’t no baptismal name, still ____ but I want you to know that Michael and Gabriel and Aziel and Raphel and all of the heavenly host and all of them in earth is called by the same name. That’s the reason why I said Roger Jackson is not your name. Bob Harris, that ain’t it. In Revelations, there it said, said He give Him a new name. Just isn’t anybody, but Him, ____ ____. Now, that white stone with that name in it remember I told you stones was set in there, with a name, what name, the name of Yahweh and of His son, and the whole family of the innumerable company of angels and all of us in the earth plane is known by that name.

Now one more thing before I got ____ ____. I told you a lot about it. Did you read it out of there?

Reader: of the whole family in heaven and earth is named

Dr. Kinley: The whole family in heaven and earth is named. Now I want you to know. Dr. Harris.

Dr. Harris: Yes

Dr. Kinley: That’s not the Baptists, that’s not Roman Catholic, that’s not Presbyterian but all this junk has got to be. Everything, it’s just got to be. Now you go on back, there in you read, all you putting down these verse and chapters, have you got ‘em? That the whole family in heaven and in earth is called by the name of… And they got it written in their forehead and in their hand, I mean, in the… is that right? Now listen, and the other boy he’s got his mark in the forehead, he described it, it is the beast. A man without the Holy Spirit is nothing more than a beast. That’s what the book says. And listen, and all the world, that’s Revelations 20 and about 6, I believe it is, said all the world wondered after the beast. Oh boy.

You, you, now look, now be quick, get Exodus 32:32, I told you about that a while ago but you didn’t read it. And then I want you to get Revelations 20:12 right here. All right, read,

Reader: and Moses returned unto Yahweh and


Dr. Kinley: now Moses returned unto Yahweh after the, these didn’t stay up here, look up here now. These didn’t stay up here where Moses told them. They went down and builded this golden calf. Now Yahweh, when He spoke through the Mount told them not to do that. Thou shall not make unto me any graven images in the likeness of anything that is in the heavens above or in the earth beneath, and they did that. Now the Roman Catholics got the statue of Mary and them sitting all around, all around. Say, ‘What you doing that for?’ Unifying our church ____. Man is made in the likeness and image of Yahweh. And since he’s made in the likeness and image, catch this one, point it out on the chart, Yahweh breathed in his nostrils the breath of life and he became a living soul. Now folks don’t make no mistakes now since He’s fulfilling as we told you. When He come out of the grave and to prove that He fulfilled, He breathed. Now we do that in order to fulfil that back there and then we became a live ____ ____ instead of ____ receive ye the Holy Spirit. Ezekiel prophesying to the four winds, when He said, Oh son of man can these bones live. Ezekiel saith, Yahweh thou knowest. Said son of man prophesy unto these bones and say to the winds, the four winds, blow upon these bones, and Ezekiel prophesying and the winds blowed upon. And he states, laid sinews upon them and they stood upon their feet. Now, here we go with that on the day of Pentecost that sound of that mighty rushing wind and they stood upon their feet and they began to preach, and the question was ____ ____ ____  together said these men are drunken with new wine. Pete stood up there and said, naw, you got that all wrong. Said these are not drunken as you suppose seeing it’s but the third hour of the day the saloons ain’t open yet. ____ spoken by the prophet Joel said, ‘In the last days saith Yahweh I’ll pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters, don’t leave them out, they shall prophecy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men see visions. I tell you it’s certainly wonderful to understand.

Now here comes ____ showing the fulfillment when Pilate had.., the Messiah was out there before Pilate. Pilate’s wife said she suffered many things and don’t have nothing to do with that innocent man. Said she suffered many things in the dream at night. She’s ____ ____.

She said look here, I just don’t have nothing to do with that man. And Pilate said I don’t find no fault in Him. Jews said away with Him and crucify Him, crucify Him and then Pilate said, ‘look I’m gonna wash may hands of Him, the whole thing,’

I tell you it’s wonderful. But Mrs. Pilate she was just a fool coming at Him, she had that dream, she went out there and looked out there and told her husband, don’t have nothing to do with that man. Pilate said, ‘I can’t find no fault in Him’. I’m telling you, but He said now listen here, why don’t you take up for yourself. Don’t you hear everybody making these accusations against you? Why don’t you speak up and try to defend yourself? The prophets had said, ‘He was led as a lamb to the slaughter’ and the sheep would come before his shearers, no, no and He’s fulfilling, and He can’t say nothing. I tell, I, I tell you, I mean it don’t even miss. What is He doing? Fulfilling not instituting, every jot and every tittle of the prophecy has to be fulfilled.

Now what we gonna show you now is Yahweh knows you individually and personally. This is the idea that some people have got, says, ‘Yahweh ain’t paying me no attention or God ain’t paying me no attention, He don’t even know that I’m around.’ I just want to let you know, this is your master. Never has been up and never will be and everybody has a role to play. Yahweh from that spermozoa that was injected into the womb and taken on shape and form and pressed the loins of the women and it’s reached maturity, walked around… Yahweh got your name up there in that book that He’s written, not, not talking about the book of the law and I’m not talking about the book of the prophets and I’m talking about the book that Yahweh’s written. I’m not talking about the book that Pope ____ himself set to write and the Vatican was not right. I’m not talking about their matriculations and enrollments in the Methodist, the Baptist and the Roman Catholics, the Presbyt…, I’m not talking about that but I’m talking about how Yahweh has their names, get this one straight now, and He wrote that down before anybody was born. Every boy that come forth He’s done put everybody’s name down that’s ever gonna be on the scene and walk on down, on down here. Everybody has a role to play and when you come and play your little part you go on off of the scene. When he comes on and he plays his little part Yahweh got you known all the way through. In fact even before He’s created heaven and earth, had it long before He created angels. And I wanna let you know that He knows the angels, knows them by their name just like He knows you by your name. You may think I’m a just nothing, Yahweh or God ain’t paying me no attention. I’m too lowly, I haven’t got nothing. None of my progenitors and ancestors said they don’t amount to anything, just a nothing in the world and I’m gonna make something out of myself and you think Yahweh or God has forgotten you. NO NO, He done had you in the book long before any man, before Adam and Eve was placed on that.., before any angel left, which left to go on out of that substance in that divine spermozoa or spirit. Everything was back there and your name that your mother and father would name you, and the name Yahweh that would name you is right there, present with Him and all He’s doing is just waiting for everybody to get on the scene, til we get on back. And with Apostle said that we are builded upon a foundation of the apostles and the prophets and Yahshua Himself being the chief cornerstone into whom all the buildings fitly framed together. Grow up into a holy tabernacle in Yahweh for habitation of Yahweh through the Spirit.

Noah, build an ark and when he finished up building, last nail was driven in it and everything and Yahweh told him to go on in, and set down there and wait seven days. Done finished, it’s all done. It’s ready now. Somebody said, I told you that old fool. There wasn’t no need of him, standing out there talking about the sky leaking rain. Said, ‘there ain’t nothing’s gonna happen, they’ve been setting out there seven days.’ All of a sudden that sky break loose and the fountains of the deep broke up. Everybody was in the ark and every nail that was supposed to be nailed, it’s finished up. And when all of us that come on the scene, and when we get finished up and fit together in that Tabernacle and that habitation of Him through the scriptures. Then Yahweh will through Yahshua will be revealed from heaven. And He ain’t gonna miss nobody, ain’t gonna miss nobody at all, and everybody that come in that building, just like everything that’s come in that ark was in there. And everything that comes in Yahshua the Messiah it shall be there.

And then I want you to know that Apostle Paul, looking back there and this is what he said in 1st Corinthians 15:28, said Yahshua was subject unto the Father, cause when He’s revealed from heaven. Now, His job, since He made everything, now and man come on out and seen Him now and come out by Him. Now he’s got to go right back by Adam. And so the whole thing is all finished up. And the last one is called into that, then Yahshua the Messiah, then and He come to the Father Himself, you lay down all rule, all authority, and all Power, and all… What’s that for? That Yahweh might be all in all as He was before. Everything has got it’s Place and everybody has got to play their little role in this thing. Yahweh got a full account of the whole thing. But you with your little carnal mind and your little limited mind let these hypocrite preachers and all, go along and trying to tell you Yahweh don’t know that this is gonna happen and then something happens He’s got to rush around and make some provisions for it. Everything is foreordained and predestinated. Everything is going according to the purpose and the purpose is being set before the foundations of the world.

Yahshua the Messiah set out there and He told you that nations should rise against nations and kingdom against kingdom, father against son, daughter against mother. Here you come playing a role when you ain’t got sense enough yet ____ look at it. I’m a Jew and you’re persecuting the gentile, gentile, gentile persecution. ____ you ____ ____ ____ ____ I’m black power, and then they come along over here, says, ‘well, I’m white supremacist.’ Done told the story before it happen and you setting up here looking at it ____. You haven’t got sense enough to ____ ____ ____ ____ read.

Reader: Oh this people have sinned a great sin

Dr. Kinley: That’s right

Reader: and have made them idols of gold, yet now if thou wilt forgive their sin and if not blot me, l pray thee out of thy book which thou has written.

Dr. Kinley: That’s right. Now wait just a minute, now Moses saw his name in the book. Now get this straight. Not the book Moses wrote, not the book Josh, Isaiah wrote, not the book the Talmud that the Jews wrote, not the Koran, but Yahweh wrote. And Moses said he saw his name in there, Moses, and he said if you won’t forgive his people that have sinned a great sin then blot me out. He saw his name, he saw the names of all the generations on down in that book which Yahweh had written. And your name was right in it. Now maybe you don’t wanna believe that. Now he said blot me out of the book which you have written. Here the Pope sets over there excommunicating. Now Moses came, now you blot me and what did he tell Moses?

Reader: and Yahweh said unto Moses

Dr. Kinley: And Yahweh said unto Moses

Reader: Whom so ever has sinned against me

Dr. Kinley: Whom so ever has sinned against me

Reader: him will I ..

Dr. Kinley: Him will I excommunicate or blot out of my book. I’m gonna blot him out. The Pope ain’t gonna do nothing. Reverend so and so ain’t gonna do nothing. A Peter ain’t gonna do nothing, and Paul ain’t gonna do nothing. Michael and Gabriel ain’t a gonna do nothing. I’m going to blot him out Myself. How about that? Now Revelations the 22

Reader: and whosoever was not found written in the book of life….

Dr. Kinley: Right, now here, here we are, we’re up to the judgement now. And I saw the dead, is that what you got there. Small and great stand before Yahweh and the books was opened, read that,

Reader: and the books were open and another book was open

Dr. Kinley: And another book was open

Reader: which is the book of life

Dr. Kinley: Yeah, now here you got the book of the prophets and then you got the book that He wrote. There’s another book open and a book of life. All right, read.

Reader: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the book,

Dr. Kinley: That’s right.

Reader: according to their works

Dr. Kinley: According to their works. Read on I’m in a hurry.

Reader: and the sea gave up the dead..

Dr. Kinley: And the sea gave up the dead…

Reader: and death and sheol delivered up the dead

Dr. Kinley: And death and hell delivered up the dead

Reader: which was in them. And they were judged every man according to their works

Dr. Kinley: Every man according to his works

Reader: and death and sheol were cast into the lake of fire

Dr. Kinley: Death and sheol were cast into the lake of fire

Reader: this is the second death

Dr. Kinley: That’s the second death

Reader: and whosoever was not found

Dr. Kinley: Now see? You don’t have to worry about the Pope excommunicating you. You don’t have to worry about these hypocrite clergy out there. You don’t have to worry about that, just forget that. They oughta put you out. It would be a blessing if they did, we’re blessed. That’s the reason why the angel flew through the midst of heaven saying Babylon is fallen, saying come out of her my people and be not a partaker of her sins and receive of her plagues. Whosoever was not found….

Reader: and whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

Dr. Kinley: Now Yahweh blotted them out that’s why they wasn’t found in there. Whosoever He says He blotted them out and they wasn’t found in there, written in that book. You’ll find him over there in the lake. Philippians 4:3.

Reader: and I entreat thee also

Dr. Kinley: And I entreat thee also

Reader: true yokefellow

Dr. Kinley: True yokefellow

Reader: help those women….

Dr. Kinley: That’s the reason why Messiah said take my yoke upon you. We are prisoners and slaves of Yahweh. We’re not unequally yoked together with unbelievers but we’re yoked together with him that do believe. And Paul being a prisoner he was yoked together with his fellow laborers in the gospel and he’s talking to them now, read.

Reader: help those women which labored with me in the glad tidings..

Dr. Kinley: Which labored. Help those women, that’s the reason why I’m so particular about you gals. Help those women that labored with him in Yahshua. He’s admonished those that are ____ he called woman, help those women that labor in the gospel, read on.

Reader:  with Clement also

Dr. Kinley: And with Clement. Now see what you got in the Roman Catholic Church, I think I should say this. You got Peter the first Pope, Linus the second, and then you got Clement. Now you see where they got it at. They ain’t doing a thing but going back and copying these names. Linus is in there too, Linus. They go back there and say Clement. Clement don’t even know anything about it and Anacletus was one of these, all right, read,

Reader: and with other my fellow laborers

Dr. Kinley: And other my fellow workers

Reader: whose names are in the book of life

Dr. Kinley: Now you see that? Don’t worry about it folks. Yahweh does put your name down in the book of life. He had it in there right from the start, and He ain’t gonna.., whoever sinned against me, He gonna blot him out. You don’t have to worry about it being on the Roman Catholic register, or the Presbyterian register. Don’t have to worry about excommunication or put out of church. Don’t have to worry about that. You want your name in the book of the Lamb’s book of life written from the foundations of the earth.

Now just like this cloud here was without any particular descriptive shape or form so also is the spermozoa that’s injected in the womb taking form and all is born of Him. And Yahweh’s got everybody numbered.

Now listen, Yahweh’s created the earth to be inhabited. Listen, and He told Abraham that He would multiply his seed. He didn’t say if something don’t happen, as the sands of the sea. Didn’t say Pharaoh didn’t, kill up all the male children. He went on and He multiplied and he multiplied, he multiplied, now what I want to say to you, now we’re talking about a population explosion.

Now here’s something else we got, now listen closely to these things, they will help you. Now Yahweh breathed in his nostrils the breath of life and he became a living soul ____. Now you got air pollution. Air pollution ever which a way. Smog, you can’t even ____ breath. The waters just contaminated, taste of the water. Now Satan is the Prince of the air. The air is polluted, the water is contaminated. Murder rampage, violence, national confusion all over the world. Now listen folks, that by itself should tell you something that there has got to be a change on this earth plane some how or another.

And now Armstrong in Pasadena said this, said, and they’re looking for it like this. That them bodies that they lay out there in the cemeteries, when the population of the earth, approximate population of the earth at this time is 3 billion, five hundred and fifty one million, now that’s in round figures. And the, the population increase per week is one million per week. That’s the average population increase. I’m not talking about them, talking about the increase over and above the death, increase I mean.

Now look if Yahweh would go all the way back and resurrect all of those people that has come all the way down which was number as the sands of the sea and as the stars of the heaven and raise them up as a physical body. There’s something wrong there. When you talking about a population explosion, you see that there’s something wrong there.

So now it’s really us resurrected in the spirit and the resurrection is going on now. And I hope somebody has gotten something out of what I have said. Now I tried to crisscross it, in every kind of way that I can. I tried to make you know that it don’t make no difference how ____ you are, you’re important to Yahweh. You have a role and a part to play and you are matriculated or enrolled in the book of life. There’s no way to get you out of that unless He himself blot you out. The only reason He’ll blot you out of there is because you say you sinned against Him.

And all of these erroneous doctrines, now look. Yahweh has promised to reveal. That’s a promise, it’s a pending promise. He said our vile bodies will be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye. Everybody won’t be dead and gone in the cemetery when He’s revealed from heaven, but in moment… Paul says behold I show you a mystery. We shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed. Listen folks, it don’t make no difference, get this straight. It’s up, somebody would say, I think I have ____. Doctor told me I had this or doctor told me I had that and I’m so and so and so and you all shook up, Somebody said, ‘well I’m overweight,’ and them people over yonder they’re dying from malnutrition and starvation. And so’s to speak we got a loaf of bread under our arm and we’re still crying ____. We want something to reduce us and they want something to eat, and all kinds of diseases and epidemics are going on all over the world.

Well here’s what I want to tell you. It don’t make no difference whether you got cancer, tuberculosis, heart trouble, just forget about it. Yahweh’s gonna change the whole business. You’ll have a, gonna have a brand new body, eternal life, and a new body. There is a mortal body and there is a spiritual body, just as sure, if you do His will you will have that body ____.


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