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(also called: CREATION)


by Dr. Henry C. Kinley


Sunday, October 3, 1965

Burbank Mitchell speaks into the microphone at the beginning of the recording

the date he was recording this lecture.


Los Angeles, California


recorded by Burbank Mitchell on reel recorder

transferred to 2 90 minute cassettes by Geraldine Rothstein


CATALOG #:  65.1003


transcribed by Sandy McCann

proofread by Geraldine Rothstein and Mary Gross


approved by the International Public Relations Committee – April, 1995



1.  … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2.  Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (see, you see, see that now, you see what I’m talking about, you understand, you follow, isn’t that right?) 

3.  ___ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

4.  WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber

5.  Student Body comments are only included if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley directly spoke to an individual.



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Moderator:  Then at this time, the founder and dean of the school, Dr. Henry C. Kinley.  Dr. Kinley.


Dr. Kinley:  Thank you ever so much.  Now, I, like Robert, Dr. Robert Harris, I don’t intend to be up here too long.  But since I had the vision and the  revelation and it is my story to pass on to you, I think I should tell you something about it, in confirmation to what he just said.  Now first of all it’s like this.  As he told you, now I have been in attendance.., I’m 70 years old here the other day, the 30th of September and all my life I studied just like anybody else.  He told you that I formally was assistant pastor in the Church of God for around 15 years.  He told you that, just like the other fellow out here, I had formed opinions and concepts just like anybody else, and imaginations just like anybody else.  And I had my concepts and opinions about things just like everybody else.  Now I wanna say this:  I don’t have nothing to brag about, nothing to boast about any more so than anybody else.  And I want you to know while you’re looking at me, you’re looking at one fellow in the world that has been just as wrong as anybody else too.  Get the point?  Now, I don’t have to stop and try prove to you how wrong I was, you already know.  You know that by yourself.  Now a carnal mind just doesn’t penetrate the spiritual realm.  And now since it don’t.., why then of course it’s not expedient to think it does.  Now in all of my concepts and all of my teaching and all of my investigation.., and I’d like for you to know this from a little ole babe, my mother used to carry me to Sunday School, and I’d hold on to mother’s hand, she’d say, `well, son, you’re going to Sunday School.’  And they had different little cards and all, and they had Junior Sunday School lessons.  I used to wonder to myself, `well, when is Jesus coming?’  And everybody was talking about Jesus coming and I hoped to meet Him in, in Sunday School someday and get acquainted with Him, cause everybody used to talk about Jesus.  Now I’m just showing you the, a child mind and I grew up that way, wanting to know something about God, it was just wrapped up in my bones and I wanted to know.  So then, that’s how I come to be religious in the Methodist Church first, then went from the Methodist to the Holiness Church.  Now they said that they was teaching the very, most strictest religion there was on earth, as sanctification and holiness.  Now, that’s what they said and that’s what I believed and I had that confidence in me.  And then they were reading chapters and verses out of the Bible.  Now they’re good Bible students, then trying to commit to memory, just fine.  And I went along with it and got pretty well up in it, just like you would in the present day religious denominations, sects, cults and creeds.  I’ve been.., we’ve been through all of that.  Get the point?  Now there’s nothing for us to learn about that.  Get the point? 


            But now what we wanna know now, what, what we are seeking to know now is not so much of what you’re teaching out there of somebody’s concepts.  What we wanna know now, we wanna know about God and the universe in its totality.  We want the real thing now.  Now you hear of them shooting up in the sky, rockets up in the sky, making an investigation, invasion of space and so forth and so on.  Now Russia is doing that same thing, (get the point) which is an open


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confession and an admission that they don’t know.  You get the point?  And we doing the same thing over here in the so called religious and Christian country, which is the same thing, they don’t know.  What’s your objection in trying to find out something for true and reality about it.  We don’t have to go way up there above the sun, moon, and stars to find out about God.  He’s as much down here as He is up there.  And if it won’t work down here, it won’t work up there.  We have to have a workable solution to the problem down here as well as up yonder.  You understand what I’m talking about? 


            Somebody says, `well, you don’t understand cause I’m an atheist.’  Now what he just said unconsciously is he’s mentally deranged.  Now that’s what he said.  You see the point?  Well, we agree with you.  Then another thing he means by that is this:  he disagrees with the philosophy taught by Christendom and when I say Christendom I have to narrow it down to Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. 


            Now the Roman Catholics, they claim to be the successors of the apostles.  And they uphold and repetition the truth.  And let me tell you something that Dr. Harris told you so far as investigation is concerned I’m talking about what Roman Catholicism teaches.  Now we know here.  Now I can’t find nothing, not a thing that they teach that is right.  Nothing.  Now that sounds kinda like somebody want to throw off something on you, don’t it?  It’s not so.  We don’t wanna throw off nothing.  Uh, uh.  I can’t find nothing in Protestantism, that’s teaching it right.  Then that, that automatically then would make me according to their convictions of it, that would make me one of the outstanding atheists, but I don’t believe no parts of it.  Get the point?  Now the real truth about it is there is a God.  Now God is the only atheist that exists cause He don’t believe there’s no other gods outside of Him, Himself.  Get the point?  Now the devil, that’s the worst fellow that we could talk about.  We can’t talk about nothing any worse than the devil.  Is that right?


Student Body:  Right.


Dr. Kinley:  Now the devil himself believes in God and he’s fearing and trembling.  Now there’s no way for you to be any worse than he is.  We won’t allow no body to get the advantage of us here.  Get the point?  Yes indeed. He knows ___.  Open your Book to the 8th chapter of Saint John and the 44th verse.


Reader:  Ye are of your father the devil


Dr. Kinley:  Now this is Jesus talking to the jews or to the Hebrews.  Now to tell you the truth about it that wasn’t Jesus.  See what investigation does for you.  Now this Bible has been interpolated.  If definitely and positively is not Jesus Christ. 


            Well, somebody say, `well, I believe, I..’  No, I’m not talking about what you believed all your life, we’re talking about the truth about it now (get the point?) that


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you’ll find out when you come down here.  See what investigation does.  See how it show you up.  That, that oughta be something for you to learn today if you don’t, if you don’t never get no further, you oughta learn learn something about that.  Well somebody says, `well, now, don’t you know I don’t believe that.’  Well, why don’t you go on and do some investigating?  What are you gonna do, just go on stupid all your life?  Somebody said, `well, my mother and my father, they died in the thing and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.’  Well I don’t know about that.  A lot of people died with the wrong conception in the thing.  Get the point? 


            Now down here in what we have taught you is this, well, let me, let me tell you about this first.  Now let me tell you about Justus Christus.  Now if you know anything about history at all, if you know anything about it, you know then that that’s something from India and it’s still going on over in India.  I.., even in the book, I don’t know whether we’ve got one here or not, in the book I showed you where, and there’s been a lot of research done on.., and you won’t find one jew in the world that believes in Jesus Christ.  He’d rather die the death of an outcast dog.  The churches have been trying to choke it down their throat and the churches them selves know.  Don’t bother to investigate the tetragrammaton in the church of ___, they don’t believe it.  They know better, that it’s not His name.  The scriptures don’t teach that that’s His name.  Now here’s the problem, we wrote this book, be nice if you’d got into it and try to learn something.  Real nice.  Now here’s the greek.  Here’s a whole article wrote up on it, 4 or 5 pages in here.  Here’s the research that’s been done on it.  Now right over here is Justus Chirstus, an idol, translated down into your language Jesus Christ.  It’s a Hindu sun god from India.  That’s the interpolation in your Bible, but people, they don’t stop to look up nothing, they don’t, they just go right on with their dogmatic creeds and what not. The papacy itself knows better than that.  What did they say about it?  ___ ___ ___, he’s robbing the world.  Do you see?  Now the correct name, you have it in your Bibles, you have it back over in the old Book too.  You see the point?  David spoke of it a lot.  Look at the 1st chapter of Matthew, 7th chapter of Isaiah and the 14th verse.  I’m gonna hurry on now too.  But while I try to speak that I want you to try to keep up with me.  And that’s the reason why I try my best to tell you, this school concerns everybody.  And we don’t have no little circumscribed doctrine that’s taught by somebody.  14th verse.


Reader:  Therefore the Lord himself shall, shall give you


Dr. Kinley:  Therefore the true God Himself


Reader:  shall give you a sign


Dr. Kinley:  Shall give you a sign.  That’ll almost draw you up into something else there, from 2 ways.  First the Torah, which is the law, and the prophets.  And we said to the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word, it’s because there is no light in them.  Right.


Student Body:  Right.


Dr. Kinley:  Now when we go to that, we say that Moses wrote the Torah or the Pentateuch.  We say that Moses, suppose somebody don’t wanna believe that, then what do you do?  What do you do?  Now the Torah or the Pentateuch was the first and original writings of Moses.  Now we don’t have that other long chart here to show you but on that long chart we have there a man standing up in conjunction and relation to this:  head – Babylon, Media, Grecia, Persia, and Rome.  Right?


Student Body:  Right.


Dr. Kinley:  We talk about the Babylonian captivity.  The Babylonians were over throwed by the Medes and Persians, the Medes and Persians overthrown by the Grecians.  Now I want you to see what I’m talking about.  Now down in Alexander, Egypt, they made a new translation of the Bible or the Torah or the Pentateuch.  What’d they do that for?  Because as it come down from Babylon, Media, Persia, Grecia, and Rome and then the, the jews or the hebrews, they were in captivity and dispersed in Mesopotamia, Media, and Assyria.  10 tribes of them.  The other 2 tribes which is actually called one tribe and that’s the tribe of Judah and also the tribe of Levi.  They were in Babylon, and they were raised up out there, just like you are around in the United States.  You learned to speak the English language.  And so they learned to speak the Greek language.  And therefore the translation from the hebrew to the greek was made, in Alexandria, Egypt.  Now what you have in your Bibles, I mean from Genesis on, is a translation, it’s greek terminology.  Now there was no other translation made between that time and the time that the Messiah was born.  So a lot of the expression that you have there is, is Greek translated over into the Greek from the hebrew.  Now when we wanna really know something about it, we go on down investigating hebrew, Greek, Latin, everything you can think of.  And what he just read there and the reason why I called your attention to it is this.  Now it says over there, being translated, said the Lord Himself shall give you a sign.  Is that right?.  Well now, that wasn’t the way Isaiah said it.  Yahweh, that’s the father’s name.  That’s the way it was in the original Pentateuch.  That’s the way it was in the Torah.  Yahweh Himself shall give you a sign.  God is a title.  Yahweh is a name.  Just as president, is a title that he’s the president, his name is Lyndon B. Johnson.   Alright.  Shall give, when, when it’s translated it says the Lord shall be, shall give you a sing.  Is that right?  Read.


Reader:  Behold a virgin shall conceive


Dr. Kinley:  Behold a virgin shall conceive


Reader:  and bear a son


Dr. Kinley:  and shall bear a son


Reader:  and shall call his name Immanuel


Dr. Kinley:  And shall call his name Immanuel.  Huh?  What’d you say?


Man:  Said, shall call his name Immanuel.


Dr. Kinley:  Now, don’t you see, I didn’t say that.  Now what I’m doing now is investigating the divine authenticity, the accuracy, and the infallibility of the scriptures to find out whether this is so or not.  Paul’s contention was this:  said, `all scriptures.’ told Timothy, `all the scriptures is given by the inspiration of God.  What for?  For correction, for instruction.  Well, what’s all that for?  So that the man that is of Yahweh or of God might be perfect, not a idiot, not a skeptic, unto all good works.  For him to know something about the good works, he’s got to know something about the bad too.  You’d get acquainted with God as He really is, why you’ve got to have some acquaintance with the devil too.  You got to sort that thing out.  This is the objectives of the school.  Now we’re not gullible down here. 


            A virgin shall conceive and bring forth a son and thou shalt call his name Immanuel.  Now when you go through here and look at the names like Isaiah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Obadiah.  Those names signify something.  The name itself.  Moses – drawn out.  You get it?  Vowels and symbols in the hebrew language, it means something.  Get it?  Now you read Isaiah 7:14, didn’t you.  A virgin shall conceive and bring forth a son and thou shall call his name Immanuel.  Well now listen here, when you read that with me, now I’d investigate that.  Right there.  I’d want to know whether that was genuine or not.  How am I gonna investigate that?  By the scriptures.  Why should a virgin conceive and bring forth a son?  What for?  What’s it all about?  You see the point?  There ain’t nobody say, `yuk, yuk, and yuk, yuk, and yuk, yuk and we believe this and we believe that.’  It’s not that way down here. 


            Now we told you that all scriptures come by inspiration of God.  Now then we want to know what the inspiration of God is.  See the point?  And Moses was supposed to have written the Pentateuch or Torah, and I don’t think he’s any better a liar than anybody else.  He ___ over took somewhere, ain’t that right?  If he makes any mistakes, if it didn’t come from God, it’d be found out about.  Ain’t that right?  Investigate it.  Then, Isaiah he’s, they say he’s a prophet.  They say Malachi, they say Jeremiah and we even got down to the place where you call `em major and minor.  Now there’s no such thing as no major and minor prophets.  It was God, God’s the only prophet and it was God speaking through one of these men, God said what He wanted to say, whether it was much or little.  And that’s the way it is.  You get the point? 


            Now, let me show you what I’m talking about.  Now this virgin conceived and is bringing forth a son.  Now what I have to do then, I have to go clear on back to investigate and find out about this virgin conceiving and bringing forth a son.  And why does Yahweh decide to do it this way, that is if He done it.  Now Moses, he said too over there in Deuteronomy, a prophet shall the Lord thy God raise up unto thee, like unto me.  Him shall you hear.  Now I wouldn’t pay no attention to that, if Isaiah hadn’t said what he said.   Now I wouldn’t pay no attention to what Isaiah said unless Moses said something about it, because all of it is supposed to be coming direct from Yahweh, the God of this universe; in other words the law and the prophecy; one must confirm the other.  They are the 2 witnesses.  If one don’t confirm the other, there’s something wrong. 


            Now Moses said this, `in the beginning God created the heaven and earth.’  Now you can go right down here to the library, got a great big one, this is a great big city.  Go to New York and go in the library, go anywhere you want to, go in the library, go to Jerusalem if you want to.  It don’t make no difference where you go.  And you won’t find none of the books, scientifically nor otherwise, that’s been able to prove the origin of the universe.  Now here you’re right up in my face, and you begin to tell me about prehistoric stuff.  You tell me you’re a scientist and you talking to me about prehistoric.  Then you think it’s smart to go down into the reptilian age and talk to me about the dinosaurs and the big mastodons that roamed the face of the earth in those days.  Prehistoric, meaning this:  before anyone kept a record of anything.  Then you run out there and you dive down in the core of the earth and you tell me you’re a geologist.  And you tell me about the different masses of formation of dirt on rocks.  And then you count how long it takes that mass of dirt to crystalize and to.., the rings in all them rocks and you tell me just about how many years it takes, that’s geological research.  Then you go out there and you cut down some of the trees and you say the rings around in the trees (we know what it’s all about too) determine the age of the tree.  You say you’re a scientist.  Now you say this is prehistoric, before, before the jews was or before any records were kept, ___ or the egyptian king, he kept records even before the jews wrote.  You go on back now and you try to trace it on back in your brilliant ideas.  Get the point?  You think that sounds smart, you think you’re outstanding. 


            Well look here, Genesis, Moses is supposed to be writing (are you listening?), he’s writing about the one that created the universe.  He’s writing about what was created; in other words, he’s writing the history, that covers the dinosaurs and everything else.  Then they think prehistoric.  He’s talking about the Creator and the creation.  And he’s writing the history of it.  Now it said all the scripture, come by the inspiration of God, so says the apostle.  Isn’t that right?  Then Moses is up here seeing a vision up here in the Mount, seeing a vision, mind’s transformed and elevated out into the eternal realm, while that cloud covered the mount 6 solar days, that’s from one rising of the sun and setting to the other.  And God, Yahweh, is giving him a vision, way past Adam.  And what he’s doing is just writing down what he saw in the vision.  And he said, `in the beginning.’  In the beginning of the creation.  No, no.  In the beginning of the vision.  Get the point?  What happened first in the beginning of the vision, not the beginning of creation.  Do you see now?  Now that jumped up right quick.  Now if you want to tell me that God is the Creator of everything, animate and inanimate, every object and everything there is in the universe.  Now here you run up in my face and you wanna tell me that Moses was right there looking at it, then Moses would be coeternal with God.  You see the point?  So we have to learn this, all these all these things out done here.  So it’s Moses now, way after the creation had taken place.  Yahweh, the Creator, calling him up into the top of Mount Sinai while the cloud covered the mountain 6 solar days. 


            And I’ll have you to know that God did not create the universe in those 6 days.  Somebody say, `well, I just wanna, how do you you read, doesn’t the 20th chapter of Exodus say remember the sabbath day for in 6 days God created the heaven and the earth?  What’s the matter with you man?’  Say, `you don’t read me the Bible.’  No, God did not create the universe in those 6 days.  I can show you that.  Now let me show you that.  If God created the universe in 6 days (listen), the day would have to be there first for God to create something in the day.  Now the sun was supposed to rule the day and the moon the night, according to the record.  Is that right? 


Student Body:  Right. 


Dr. Kinley:  Well, if the sun is supposed to rule the day, then you’d have to have a sun out there to give some light to call it a day for Him to create something in.  Now you tell me that God created the heaven and earth in 6 days.  Well, who created the day for Him to create what’s in the day?  Now, you get on over that stupidity when you come down here.  You see the point?  And Roger, we didn’t say you wasn’t a good, well read Bible student.  No, sir.  Bible says the flood had done took place and Moses was way down from the flood.  Then some of the advanced theologians, they say that Adam couldn’t write the history of the creation of the heaven and earth.  Well, why?  Why couldn’t Adam write it?  Well, he didn’t know what took place 5 days before he was created himself.  Could he?  Answer me.


Student Body:  No.


Dr. Kinley:  Well, if he’s disqualified on that, if he can’t write it because he don’t know what took place 5 days before he was created then how is Moses gonna write it?  2513 years from the Garden of Eden, now how is Moses gonna write, you disqualified Adam.  And you say he was created on the 6th day, he couldn’t tell you anything about it.  So what God did on the 6th day He made the man down there, you won’t let him to write about what’s back there because you say he wasn’t created.  See how you get up against it?  Now these things they can’t answer out there in Christendom.  Then if Moses c.., then if Adam couldn’t write it because he didn’t know what took place 5 days before he was created then how do you think Moses way down here could write the history of the creation of heaven and earth?  `What you talking about, man.’  I’m talking about, behold a virgin shall conceive and bring forth a son and thou shalt call his name Immanuel.  That’s what I’m talking about. 


            Now Moses up in this mountain, up in Mount Sinai.  The cloud that brought Israel out of Egypt drifted over the top of Mount Sinai and God spoke the commandments, Yahweh spoke the commandments from Mount Sinai.  Then afterwards He called Moses, Nadab, Abihu and 70 elders up into the, up into the, up into the mountain.  Now listen, now there’s always somebody standing out there, talking about the.., `you know, I don’t believe in ghosts.’  I guess not, because you don’t know nothing about a ghost for the most part.  Then, when He called him up there, then he saw this pure spirit which is inconceivable, incomprehensible, inscrutable.  There He’s taking on incorporeal, now that means not physical.  And there’s nothing in this shape and form, that isn’t in this, this ___, draw the lines of demarkation in that.  And there isn’t anything in this that isn’t in that.  And Israel saw this ghost, that’s what the Holy Ghost is, not ghost like, that is the ghost in shape and form.  Now that’s Yahweh, that’s Yahshua, that’s Elohim in shape and form.  Now first, he had to see that, had to see that before he seen anything, 70 elders had to see that shape and that form up there before they saw anything else.  See the point now?  That’s number 1, the first.  Now look, you don’t just to up and say that, you don’t go around and just say that, you have to have some proof.  Moses said there, that in that vision that he saw and the 70 elders saw it too.  They come back down.  Moses and Yahshua stayed in the mount and Moses entered into the midst of the cloud, and there he saw during the time that that cloud hung over that Mountain, those are the 6 solar days that Moses saw in a vision.


            Now that almost, that drags me up to a place where I have to show you something else.  He saw Him create in that vision during them 6 days that that cloud hung over the top of the mountain.  He saw in that vision, and he said, `in the beginning.’  In the beginning of what?  The creation?  No.  In the beginning of the vision.  In the beginning of the vision he said Yahweh created the heaven and the earth.  Now are you listening?  Said Yahweh or God created the heavens and the earth.  Are you listening?  And the earth was without shape and form, it’s without shape and form.  I said Yahweh created the heavens and the earth and the earth was without shape and form.  Darkness was upon the face of the deep and the spirit of God moved upon the waters.  God said, `let there be light’ and there was light.  The evening and the morning was the first day.  That’s what Moses saw, the first day, then he was.., in that cloud, saw the vision, a rerun of the creation.  And the earth was without form, darkness was upon the face of the deep.  God divided the light from the darkness.  What did He do that for?  Say, `well, He’s creating by Himself and He is the archetype pattern.’  Like this tabernacle here which transformed and transfigured into this.  If this is 3 fold, and so also is this.  For in him.., I told you ___ all the fullness of the Godhead bodily, down here too. Moses said then, they saw him, they saw him up there.  They saw this trans.., they saw this, this tabernacle.  And God said, `make sure Moses that you make all things according to the pattern shown to you in the mountain.’  Why for?  Because it is the figure of heavenly things.  Hebrews 9th chapter.  Now if you move that thing out of order then you got the whole scheme of things all messed up.  Now, that tabernacle was 3 fold.  It had a.., so you can see, I don’t, don’t care if someone gets up there and put out with me.  It had a, a Most Holy Place in the tabernacle, it had a Holy Place in the tabernacle and it had a Court Around About.  Now that’s what he saw in the vision.  Now this is supposed to be a figure or tabernacle, or a figure of everything in existence, everything God did.  So then that’s, it had to be divisions of Most Holy Place divided from the Holy Place.  And Yahweh is the archetype pattern.  You hearing me now?  Then every animate and inanimate object in the universe got to fit the pattern.  So therefore atoms got to fit the pattern, an atom over in Russia, don’t make no difference where it is, who cares. 




Dr. Kinley:  That’s all you can find in an atom is a proton, a neutron, that’s a neutralizer.  It’s got to be the Father, the Word.  Now here comes the neutralizer, the Word was made flesh, just transformed and come on down – neutralized.  Yahweh, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost, and these three are one.  One what?  One godhead, just like the proton, neutron, and electron is one atom.  Just like God told Noah to build an ark.  How many ___ ___ make it of, a lower deck, a middle deck and a upper deck.  What are you making it like that for?  Cause it’s a figure of the Godhead.  You see that now?  `What are you talking about?’  I’m talking about this name.  I’m talking about this virgin conceiving and bringing forth a son and thou shall call his name Immanuel.  Now that’s what I was talking about, doc.  You see what I mean?  Now are you following, are you able to follow the continuity of thought?  Now I’m trying to investigate whether it was so or not.  Now that’s what I’m doing.  Now Moses said that God divided the light from the darkness.  Well don’t you see all I have to do is look at the tabernacle and see the structure of it and then run it all the way through, then I can see then why God divided the light from the darkness cause the Most Holy Place is divided from that.  And then I can see each day why he divided this and that and the other, each day because He’s creating by Himself and He is the archetype pattern.  You see that now?  Here comes Paul again, 1st chapter of Romans, 20th verse.  Listen.  For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world, clearly seen, no mistake, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and godhead.  You see that now?  The invisible thing you can’t see with your eye, the invisible things of Him, see `em real clear, no need of stumbling and blundering around.  I don’t care nothing about the translation, the mistranslations or interpolations.  And that that God made out there, there isn’t any mistranslations in it.  Heaven shows forth…  The Messiah said to Nicodemus, one of the scholarly, educated boys of the Sanhedrin Council, a scribe, said, `if I tell you of earthly things and you don’t understand them, don’t have no way to tell you about the heavenly things or spiritual things.’  He was talking to him about being born again.  Nicodemus didn’t understand a physical birth, he had no basic understanding for a spiritual birth. 


            So a virgin shall conceive and bring forth.., and he wouldn’t know nothing about it, he can’t understand that.  Not only that, in this vision, Moses said, (now listen, are you listening?), said in his vision, he said, `in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form.’  I told you that He took on shape and form before He begin to creating and before that it was without shape and form.  Spiritual has no describable way to describe and draw it in line with.., or mark of delineation between the spirit and matter.  That’s the reason why the so called smart folks of today, there always got to be somebody with.., you know outstanding.  We call ourselves modern, philosophical psychologist of the new psychological religion and we’re talking about the universal mind and it’s connected or joined with the subconscious mind and beneath that, then we have the conscious mind, and one is joined and related to the other.  Well say, look here, where is the separation or where are you.., how are you gonna get the lines that tell me the difference between the universal mind and the subconscious mind.  Now if you can’t tell me, then just forget it, just shut up.  How you gonna draw a line of distinction between light and darkness?  Well, it’s just blended, there isn’t anybody that knows ___ ___ about that ___.  When that High Priest walked once a year into the Most Holy Place, just once a year, and he ___ that vail just as his foot passed over that vail, you can take a stop watch and you, you couldn’t feel it.  It’s just done that quick, he couldn’t tell you hisself.  Do you see what I’m talking about?  Alright, now you said the earth was without form.  Now you remember God is the Father, mother earth, she’s without any shape and without any form ___ ___.  Mother earth, no descriptive shape nor form.  Moses says it appears that way first in the vision.  Is that right?


Student Body:  Right. 


Dr. Kinley:  And then it begin to take on shape and form:  seed of vegetation and animals, life.  Is that right?


Student Body:  Right.


Dr. Kinley:  You can’t argue, you’re just up against it.  You’re just up against it.  Now that’s all there is to that.  There ain’t no need of running down and say, `well, I belong…’  We don’t care nothing about that, not interested.  Why I never asked you nothing about it.  Now, that’s the way the earth was.  Now He created the earth and that’s the way it appeared in the vision.  Now that’s mother earth.  Then it begin to take on shape and form.  So matter then, ___ ___, matter then was presented to Moses in this amalgamated and in this conglomerated coring mass of matter.  An amalgamation of atoms (you understand this?) without any descriptive shape or form; that’s the earth.  And then it begin to take on shape and form.  That’s the mother earth.  She’s in a virtuous state before anything, any sin was every committed upon it.  Yahweh is the Father and He’s bringing `em out of the womb and bowels of mother earth, shape and form, everything.  And the earth appeared that way.  The invisible is understood by the visible, so matter was produced in its.., without shape and form.  Then it begins to take on shape and form.  Now listen, I’m after something.  That’s mother earth.  That’s God.  Mother earth in a virtuous state bringing forth those things in shape and form and everything that was there, every animate and so called inanimate.  There is no such thing as inanimation, so every.., so called inanimate object in the universe has to reflect that Godhead in nature.  That’s why you can’t find nothing but a reflection in all nature for the invisible is understood from the visible.  And the way that was produced, God, then He had to produce a man.  Then take the woman out of the man (get the point?) because that’s the masculine and feminine attributes united into an embodiment and this is the source from where everything, which everything come from and we’re gonna make a photostatic copy of it in the earth so then you have to reach down there and form the man, not because He couldn’t go back and put up some mud and fix up a woman, just like He did the man, but you can’t do it that way.  Got to take the woman out of the man, we’ve already been over all these things.  And there’s mother earth. 


            Now where you come, you’re looking for some evidence and you and your smart self to check the validity, the divine authenticity, the accuracy, the infallibility of the scriptures and ___ there is ___, that’s where vision come from God or not.  Here you and you ___ and you know the…  Are you listening?


Student Body:  Yes.


Dr. Kinley:  Are you listening?


Student Body:  Yes.


Dr. Kinley:  Are you sure you’re listening? 


Student Body:  Yes.


Dr. Kinley:  The reason why I asked you that is because you haven’t been listening.  The world out there, they don’t know nothing about it, don’t take the scriptures to prove that thing.  So the masculine and feminine spermatic fluid that’s secreted or generated in the human body (you don’t have to try to mix up none of it either) and inserted into the womb of the female.  And it’s without any particular descriptive shape or form, just like mother earth, she was produced that way, matter.  You see what I mean?  And then Yahweh took that.., on that shape and form and that spermatic fluid is injected into the womb of the female, and then it begins to take on shape and form, a child is formed in that womb.  And if this is the way it was back there, God and the creation bringing forth matter that way, the report’s still and Isaiah’ll have to say, `a virgin shall conceive and bring forth a son and thou shall call his name Immanuel.  Do you see it now?  Moses had to say a prophet shall the Lord thy God raise up unto thee, like unto me, Him shall you hear.  One has got to confirm the other.  And thou shalt call his name Immanuel.  Remember I told you that all them names had significance.  Now I had you to read the 7th chapter of Isaiah the 14 verse, didn’t I?  Now I want you to read the 1st chapter of Matthew and the 20th and the 21st verse.  Read it quick.


Reader:  And she shall bring forth a son


Dr. Kinley:  And she shall bring forth a son.  Now Matthew’s talking about what’s over there in Isaiah.  Alright, read.


Reader:  Thou shall call his name Jesus


Page 12

Dr. Kinley:  Uh, uh.  Dead no.  Read on.


Reader:  for he shall save his people from their sins.


Dr. Kinley:  Read on.


Reader:  Now all this was done


Dr. Kinley:  Now this is about Immanuel, right there in that verse, the 21st. 


Reader:  Now all this was done that it might be fulfilled.


Dr. Kinley:  All this was done that it might be fulfilled, well now you watch.


Reader:  which was spoken of the lord by the prophets. 


Dr. Kinley:  Um hum.


Reader:  Behold a virgin shall be with child


Dr. Kinley:  Um hum.


Reader:  and shall bring forth a son


Dr. Kinley:  Um hum.


Reader:  and and they shall call his name Immanuel. 


Dr. Kinley:  See.  And they shall call his name Immanuel.  Is that what Isaiah said?  Immanuel.  Now they put Jesus in there, it don’t belong in there.  Now what’s the, what’s the meaning of the name Immanuel?  Read.


Reader:  which being interpreted


Dr. Kinley:  No, which by interpretation, just like Moses means drawn out.  Drawn out of what?  He was drawn out of the water.  He was drawn out of the loins of his parents.  And then this must be drawn out.  And His name must be Immanuel, which is interpretation what?


Reader:  God with us


Dr. Kinley:  Yahweh incarnated in that body.  God with us:  God walking around in a physical body; that’s never been understood.  You, and you look like pneuma, psyche, and soma, soul, body and spirit, and don’t that make one Drucilla; don’t make 3 Drucilla’s, does it?  Makes one Godhead, which by interpretation means God with us.  God was in this tabernacle, God.., this is the temple and not the tabernacle.  And Paul said God was in Christ, I’m trying to give it to you so you’ll know it, or God was Immanuel.  Don’t the prophets, they say, which is by interpretation, `Immanuel with us,’ not in the sky anymore so than He is down here.  Now you’re searching and looking for God as He really is and truthfully exists.  Ain’t that right?  Now man is made in the likeness and image of God.  Dr. Harris went to ___ College, got his degrees and so forth and so on, come out and practiced medicine around 10 years before he got mixed up and messed with this school.  Now he’s supposed to be smart, he’s a medical doctor, the orthopedic specialist ___ or what have you, just as qualified as all the rest of you, he come to school and learning.  So if man is made in the likeness and image of God and you don’t know nothing about yourself, what can you know about God? 


Student Body:  Right.


Dr. Kinley:  Yeah, we know that a man’s got 206 bones in his body, so say the medical profession, so forth and so on.  And somebody jumps up here and said, `well, look here, if the man was.., the woman was taken from the man she oughta be short, she oughta be short just 1 rib, 11 on one side and 12 on the other or the absenteeism of that bone.’  Now you go ask the orthopedic specialist, that’s the bone specialist, go ask him.  The rib is the only bone in the body that will grow out, but don’t you try that on your leg.  If you do, you’ll have to go to the hardware store.  That’s right.  But that’s the only one that will grow out, in all of them bones that you got in your body.  `Wonder why that?  Cause the woman she’s got to get back in the man.  So then that’s the purpose of God is to gather all that there is in heaven and all that there is in the earth, that’s Him too, Immanuel.  That’s what His purpose is.  That’s where they all come out from, that’s where they all go back to.  Colossians 1:15, 16.  Read.  Now I’m down here trying to tell you something and nobody, nobody in L A is so smart until they don’t need to come.  Read.


Reader:  who is the image of the invisible God


Dr. Kinley:  Now He is the image.  Now man is made in the likeness and image.  Now he’s in the image, the man is in the image of the invisible God.  Read.


Reader:  the first born of every creature


Dr. Kinley:  Now look, He’s the first born, let me get after that.  Let me get after that, cause if he’s just reading around, you don’t know nothing, just reading around and stumbling and blundering around over everything.  Now that.., Paul said that, wasn’t it?


Reader:  Yes


Dr. Kinley:  Let’s see if John agrees with it.  Revelation 3:14.  Revelation means revealed.  And then, let’s see if this agrees with what we just said here.  We’re investigating, we’re searching.  This is a research organization.  This is an investigation.  Revelation 3:14.


Reader:  And unto the angel of the church


Dr. Kinley:  And unto the angel of the church


Reader:  of the Laodiceans write;


Dr. Kinley:  Of the Laodiceans, write.  Now you write this.  What are you writing for?  For your soul.  Read.


Reader:  These things saith the Amen,


Dr. Kinley:  These things saith the Amen.


Reader:  the faithful and true witness,


Dr. Kinley:  The faithful and true witness.


Reader:  the beginning of the creation


Dr. Kinley:  Jesus say, `we speak that we do know and testify to that which we have seen.’  Now you jews, you have never seen His shape and you have never had His form.  What that is saying to jews is shut up and sit down and listen, all you scribes and Pharisees.  `I proceeded and come forth from the Father and I go back to the Father from whence I came.’  Now let me show you that.  Here He is, He takes on shape and form, ___ ___ ___ ___, that’s an incorporeal.  And Moses saw Him in the vision.  Is that right?  Then He had to come down here into the physical earth and in this physical earth He’s called Immanuel, which is by interpretation God with us. 


            Now listen, 17th chapter of John, `believe me, believe me that I am in the father.’  Here He is in the cloud, ___ the Father, in the Father, `my Father’s greater than I am,’ it didn’t take all that to constitute that line of delineation of the Godhead, `my Father is greater than I am but believe me that I’m in my Father and believe me that my Father is in me, now if you don’t want to take my word for it, if you don’t want to take it that way, peace be still.’  And the waves and the water.., and you know good and well, I don’t care how scientific you can get, you can’t hold no wave in your fist, and them boys laying out there in that boat, and that tempest and them waves just rocking and going on.  And they went to Him and said, `say, wake up here, get you an ore or something, help out here, don’t you, don’t you see, don’t you care if we perish or not, don’t it make no difference to you ,laying up there sleeping, get busy and do something like the rest of us, before we all gonna get drowned.’  And He woke up and just said, `peace be still.’  The winds and the waves obeyed, they just calmed down.  They say, `what manner of man is this.’  That’s Yahweh in Yahshua.  That’s the God that created the winds and all manifested in that body ___ ___ ___ ___.  Moses said, `the spirit of God moved upon the darkness of the face of the deep and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.’  Darkness.  And here He comes, spirit embodied in it, walking on the waters at night.  Get the point?  Then Pete looked out and he thought he saw a ghost, ___ ___ ___ ___.  That’s Yahweh. 


            Now the folks have not understood nothing about it, that’s the reason why Christendom can’t get together, is because they don’t know nothing about it, not able to prove nothing.  Well that’s what we’re for down here, I told you, I didn’t want to be up here long, but doc all the study that you’ve studied.  You got a head there she’s formed in the womb. Is that right?  You got matter here, shape and form taking place.  You got it in the masculine and feminine, you got it in the material world.  Now nobody don’t give a hoot about where you come from, that’s the way it is. 


            Now here, the head is formed first and we told you in the greatest ___ details which is the masculine and feminine attributes united into one embodiment:  knowledge and wisdom; intelligence, the crown.  That’s the 3, they’re united into one.  Up here I’m talking about here, ___.  The crown, intelligence.  Great knowledge transcribed down into the womb, the head is formed first.  Now don’t, there’s ain’t nobody asking you what college you went to, that’s the way it is.  And from that emanates the rest of the body.  Another secreatic ___, and so on, and so on down. 


            Now here they been telling you that Jesus stepped aboard a cloud and went on to prepare a place for us and He’s coming back and get us and take us off somewhere above the sun, moon, and stars.  And then you don’t see nobody sprouting no wings, do you?  Well, we just don’t understand what it’s all about.  You oughta be in heaven now, if you know what it is, if you know anything about what heaven is.  You and your carnal mind, your imagination and all that kind of thing.  Now Jesus setting down there talking to Nicodemus, said, `no man…’  `Well, I though Enoch was translated and he walked with God and God took him and he just was not, translated without seeing death.’  Well that’s in the antediluvian.  And in the postdiluvian, it’s got to be verified and confirmed, so Elijah, he ascended in a chariot of fire, and he put back his mantel on Elisha, and so he’s translated, he was carried to heaven. 


            And here comes that liar out of the papacy over here, they said, they, they just happen to get around in 19, 1948 or somewhere around in there, I don’t know the exact date.  Pope Pious, the lying bastard.  Said, `you mean to tell me you speak that way about the Holy Father?’  Said, `why you’re just as sacrilegious as you can be, now that man just standing down there, sitting down there cursing.’  Now if you’d read the 12th chapter of Hebrews which if you’re without correction in the scriptures, without chastisement in the scriptures, then you’re a bastard and not a son.  Now he refuses chastisement in the scriptures.  That’s the reason why I say he was a liar awhile ago, read John 8:44, Jesus said there, Yahshua said that in 8:44, he said the devil was a liar right from the word get go.  And I told you, you can’t find no truth at all in the Roman Catholic Church, none what so ever, there’s none there.  They’re nothing else but just a bunch of idiots and liars, satanic spirits incarnated in a physical body. 


            And then here comes the so called protestant world and they’re just as bad.  Now that makes a bad fellow out of me.  Someone say, `well, you don’t believe in them.’  I said, `no man, I don’t.’  `Well, you’re the unbeliever.’  No, I’m, I’m the one that believes.  I believe it’s just like God had purposed it to be.  They don’t.  They’re always trying to fix up a place to get their self into, get their own stock promoted.  We’re talking about his elevation to the throne.  His promotion and here the other day just to show you how sly the old bastard is, knowing what goes on down south, knows about the segregation that’s goes on down south, the discrimination because of the blacks and the whites down there.  Well maybe I better go back of that a little bit, and show you all to wake up and have at least a, just a particle of sense.  He knows that the constitution of this.., Pope Pious, Pope Paul the 6th, he knows and all the american cardinals know that the constitution of the United States government calls for religious freedom.  Is that right?


Student Body:  That’s right.


Dr. Kinley:  And now they had up there at the ecumenical council, issue of religious freedom.  They claim ___, Pope Pius the 12th said religious freedom is an anarchy, that every soul should be subject to the pope. Every soul should ___ and submit to him.  His word is final.  They been going around talking about transubstantiation.  What do you mean by transubstantiation.  I mean this:  they are going about telling people when they stand up and pray over some crackers and some grape juice that that changes into the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ.  Now you can’t lie no worse than that.  Now here comes along the protestants, they say `no, we disagree with transubstantiation, we believe in consubstantiation.’  That means it’s a type and a shadow.  Well, we don’t want no types and shadows or reflections, done with that.  Now here they come up to the Ecumenical Council and say, `well, we’re not so sure if it’s transubstantiation or not, we think it oughta be transignification.’  And you stupid, and they been telling you now for all these many years.  They’re just telling you, ___ just doubts about it all the time, you’re lying about it.  Comes up at this council and you ___ been sitting around 1000 years deceiving, openly confessing that they don’t know what it’s all about.  Right? 


Student Body:  Yes.


Dr. Kinley:  Now they get ready to come over here, they think United States is one of the greatest countries in the world, and they know that the constitution of the United States stands for religious liberty and freedom.  Nobody is supposed to be.., in the ecclesiastical bodies to nobody, nobody on earth.  And here he jumps up, the first thing he puts to the council, the Ecumenical Council down there, and they pass on the document of religious liberty.  And all the american cardinals, they went against the roman curator down there and they voted that religious liberty, religious freedom was decided that it shall be religious freedom.  That old bastard better get that thing fixed before he come over here and stands up before the 20, 40, 144 nations.[1]  You sit down there stupid as dirt and you don’t have sense enough to see it.


Student Body:  Yes, alright.


Dr. Kinley:  He knows better than that all the time, but he’s a liar right from the beginning.  And they know what’s going on down south, I’m back now to where I was, was gonna tell you and I’m backed up.  Something else maybe we better get straight.  And you know as well as I do, if you go back into history, you won’t find negroes in the Roman Catholic Church centuries ago, not the first negro.  None.  No sir.  You, you come in bringing me some.., don’t you come up here ___ jiving to me.  So they went to work and they made a bishop, made a cardinal out of a African negro.  He’s showing his humiliation, he’s showing his authority, he’s showing that he’s breaking down religious segregation by having that negro cardinal and he appeared at the Vatican.  And the Pope, he wants to show how humble his is.  The devil is as smart and tricky as he can be, ain’t that right?  And he shows hisself in the rites of washing feet.  Now the reason why Christ washed feet is because he’s fulfilling Moses took Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu to the laver there at the tabernacle and washed their feet.  And if He’s gonna fulfill, He’s got to wash the disciples feet.  That’s a carnal ordinance, it’s symbolic and nailed to the cross.  Now here he comes up saying it’s not nailed to the cross and he’s celebrating it.  He’s breaking down religious intoleration and segregation.  And he’s getting a negro cardinal over there in the rites, and he’s showing how humble he is, he’s being.., why is he gonna wash this, the negroes feet.  And went Christ one better too.  Yeah, he did one, he did one better.  There wasn’t a thing in there when they washed the disciples feet at the laver, ___ did so Moses kiss Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu’s feet.  The only kissing that got done was out there in the garden. 


Student Body:  Yes.


Dr. Kinley:  He showed hisself up back there.  So here he is over there stooping down kissing the negro’s feet, show he’s humble enough and he’s broken down, he’s breaking down segregation, he’s kissing that negro’s feet, washing em and kissing.  And God always has a reaction to everything.  Every time the devil does something he messes up.  And here that negro had to go the hospital.  He almost died.  Now that’s in the records.  It’s the truth so help him God.  He ain’t getting away with nothing like that.  Now then that’s kinda died down, and before he comes over here, now ___ known he’s due over here, `come on in.’  He told he wants to make another negro get down, down humble, and then you ___ ___ time, he’s breaking down the segregation in the south, and they got more details dispatched up there to try to protect him and keep somebody from bumping him off.  You, you know what I mean?  Everybody’s trying to protect the pope in this country.  And you just read down there in your Bible about he’d be bound as Luke.., bound for 1000 years.  And you know just as well as I do that he cut us out of there and went on to, went on to Jerusalem [2] ___ around there, he said he was trying to ___ Luke for a little seasonal performance.  That’s the ___ ___ ___, they love to sit in ___ come down, heaven and ___, you don’t think that’s in the 20th chapter of Revelation.  I can read it.  Now when you see these things come to pass you know that the end is nigh. 


            Now you sit around all hooting and hollering and yakking, yakking around about what church you belong to and all, and what we teach and how we feel and what we think, talking about what the Roman Catholics have decided and what the brotherhood has decided about and all this kinda thing, and what we stand for, and what we don’t stand for.  We don’t stand for nothing but the truth.  God was not, even nowhere from the very creation of the world; God didn’t care no more about the jews than He did the gentiles, never did.  And Peter after going to Cornelius’ house, said, `I perceive of a truth that God is no respecter of persons, he that doeth righteousness and worked out righteousness out of every nation is accepted by Him.’  He has to ___ ___ ___ cause he said, he said Abram, that Abraham’s seed and Ishmael was just as much a son of Abraham as Isaac was.  And God had told Abraham He’d make of him many nations.  Then I’d wanna know why did God tell him that?  Because all the human race come out of Adam back here, so that, that’s what, that’s what He’d have to tell Adam, I mean He’d have to, have to tell Adam that cause every offspring that would come from Adam down here, He’s got to bless them all.  So then, that’s what He’s got to tell Abraham.  This was here, everything ___ ___ in that one.  And there wasn’t none there to help him loose the whole thing, so there’s a prophet, he has to prophesy, `who is this that come from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah travelling in the greatness of his strength?  Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel, and thy garments like unto one that treadeth the winefat alone, the ___ is saying but I that speaketh in righteousness mighty to save and with my own arm brought salvation down and there is none with me to help.’  Adam didn’t have no help to ___ the thing and He don’t need no help to save.  There’s always someone out there trying to help God do something.   What we need to do is learn something, that’s what we’re after down here. 


            Somebody says, `well, you know, Jesus said that He’s gonna give the keys to, to Peter, whatsoever He bound on earth will be bound in heaven, whatsoever be bound in heaven would be bound on earth.’  Well look, He, He said that.  Now here you look like a great big old ___.  ___ ___ ___ and picking up the cross ___ ___ ___ ___.  It’s their interpretation of it.  What is the key?  What’s the keys, not just the key, the keys?  What is the keys?  It isn’t a question of whether He said it or not, it’s what’s the keys are?  ___.  Here’s what the keys are:  the law and the prophets and interpreted by the Holy Ghost.  That’s the keys, that’ll open up every time and they’ll close up every time.  He’ll open it and close it.  That’s the reason why Isaiah said, `if they speak not according to this word, is it’s because there’s no light in them.’  You ain’t got… 


            And I told you to begin with everything the Roman Catholic Church does is carnal, said it’s from the carnal ___ and everything that protestantism is carnal.  They’re always talking about the brotherhood Society, the councils ___ ___ ___ ___.  Understanding the Brotherhood Society and if you don’t act like they think you should, then they’re gonna put you out of the church.  That isn’t the way you get into it.  Now you, you’re born in your family almost.  Now in as much so as you were born in your family.  You know why the reason you were born in your family that way, then you were born into the church of the body of Christ, born in your family .  You didn’t join your family, did you?  Well, then you don’t join the church.  You get the point?  That’s the way it is.  Christ said, `upon this rock, I’ll build my church.’  No, said, `we’re gonna send reverend over yonder and build a church over there.  And then there are deacons.., there at Pentecost they were to serve tables, now the deacons is telling the preacher what to do.  We got everything all twisted up, ___ ___.  There nothing right and they’re just making a mock out of it.  Well now, down here we don’t care, we’re just gonna tell you the truth like it is.  Somebody said, `Well, I’m gonna get sore about it.’  Well, you get sore.  Say, `well, I, I’m going away from here and I ain’t coming back no more.’  That’s up to you.  We were telling the truth when you got here and we’ll still be telling the truth after you’re gone.  How’s that?  Somebody says, `well, I don’t believe it.’  There’s the pulpit, defend yourself.  I hope you’ve gotten something out of this.  Have you got something out of this?


Student Body:  Yes.


Dr. Kinley:  The reason why we, the reason why we had to force these, these issues like this is because they got the idea of people, just new people in particular, just coming in, passing by, they think, `well, what, what group is that?  Have you belong to Pentecostal?  Or do you belong to the Baptist or do you belong to the Methodist or do you belong to the Presbyterian, or what are you?’  Said, Paul says, `the foolish and unlearned questions avoid because they stir up strife.’  Now you’re not even smart and wise enough to see that you asking a foolish question.  As though Jesus Christ went around and established this church and that church and the other church.  There isn’t but one church for anybody to belong to.  You’re up asking me what church do I belong to, asking me a fool question like that, and you think that’s smart.  Learn how stupid we are.  He said, `upon this rock I’ll build my church,’ and He said. `no man goeth unto the Father except by me.’  Why?  `Cause my Father is in me and I’m in my Father, no man goeth..,’ Popes, cardinals, bishops, D.D.s and, and of course that D.D. stands for something else besides dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, Doctor of Divinity. 





Dr. Kinley:  It also stands for something over there in Isaiah:  dumb dog.  `Yeah, I got a D.D. behind my name, Ph D too.’  Man down there at the church of Christ says it was a Post Hole Digger:  that’s what PhD stand for.  Well, we dug him. 


Student Body:  (LAUGHS)


Dr. Kinley:  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___  (STUDENT BODY IS LAUGHING), yes indeed.  This is a nice place to be, don’t you think?  I don’t believe you can spend anymore enjoyable a Sunday.  And there is no better place on earth to go than to come down here.  So why don’t you come on down?  It don’t make no difference how dumb you are and how smart you are.  And there isn’t anybody any better than they oughta be, so don’t get excited, you’re not gonna be ___.  Somebody said, `I don’t believe,’ said, `I don’t wanna get too, too holy, cause I might, just might pass out.’  You can pass out anyhow.  Ain’t that right?  Yes indeed, you’re gonna pass out.  Oh mercy, isn’t, isn’t this wonderful.  You ought not to have no fear of telling the truth.  There isn’t anybody that’s going to put you out of here.  We don’t have nothing to put you in, to say nothing about putting you out of something.  You don’t need to fear no excommunication.  And you don’t need to feel like `well, I’m just so wrong and so I can’t go down there.’  There isn’t anybody around here that’s been any wronger than what you, you.., everybody around here has been just as wrong as you could ever hope to be.


Student Body:  Right.


Dr. Kinley:  People are falling out and everybody’s wrong.  They even tried to psycho Jesus, tried to psycho Him, said, `good master.’  He answered, `why do you call me good for, there is none good but God.’  They employed all kinds of psychological things on Him.  And they tried to ask Him, He said, said, `well, I didn’t come to call the righteous, but I did not…’  ___ me what you said to `em, those Pharisees and Sadducees, and the Council up there.  Listen at me now, said `I didn’t come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.’  Oh, they said, `let Him alone, just don’t bother Him, see, He ain’t talking about us, go on out there and leave Him alone, He ain’t talking about us.’  ___ ___ so far ___.  Said, that’s the same thing we been trying to tell `em.  Said, `I didn’t come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.’  Now if they’d been looking back over there at the Book, they’d know the story like it really was, cause the prophet said, `there is none righteous, no not a one.’  Then they would have known that they was, that He was talking about them.  And since they missed boat in its entirety and they didn’t know it that He was talking about them.  Now here it comes time, He’s got to be on the cross, He’s got to be on the cross.  And He goes back up there ___, the same folks, unrighteous folks, He goes back up there to them.  He told His disciples, said, `now, the righteousness.., except your righteousness exceed that of the Pharisee, then ye shall no faith enter in.’  Said, `now don’t you be like them.’  Now you think about Christendom out there.  Now He’s got to be, He’s got to get on the cross and He’s got to make it, He’s got to make it on time too.  So He goes back up there.  Here He is now, now this one’ll get `em, this will get Him out there on the cross.  He says, `you generation of vipers, you hypocrites, you vipers.’  `What are talking to `em like that?’  `Just come on boys got to get on the cross.’  He’s telling them about it now, said, `how can you escape the damnation of hell.’  Said, `why you are, you won’t even let them that’s going in, go in, ___ ___ ___ ___.  And He ___ looked at, looked at Him now, but when they found out about it, found out He was talking about them.  ___ ___.  Said, `away with Him, crucify Him.’  And they didn’t know that they were working right in the hands of the prophet ___.  The prophet said the ___ ___ the truth about it.  And every jot and every tittle that was in that law and that prophecy had to be fulfilled.  Isn’t that right?  Do you see through what I’m talking about? 


            Now what we’re after down here is trying to prove the jots and the tittles, trying to prove it in and out of the Bible too, by nature and everything else and by you.  We don’t care how hard headed and how contrary you are, you belong down here anyhow.  And if you think you’re real smart, you think you’re all that enough smarter than anybody else, let’s be like Jesus was about.  `I didn’t come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.’  But you didn’t know the definition was including you, cause all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  There isn’t anybody that’s got nothing to boast about, nobody’s got nothing to brag about.  There isn’t any big I’s and little you’s in it.  And God is the God that’s running this universe in it’s totality.  You can’t obstruct it and you can’t handle it, He’s gonna carry out His purpose, just like it, just like He purposed it.  Ain’t‘ that right?


Student Body:  That’s right.


Dr. Kinley:  You see what I’m talking about?  We don’t care nothing, sitting around talking about you got the keys to this and you got the keys to that and you are this and you are that and you are the other.  No flesh boasts in His sight.  Rise and let us go hence.


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    [1]  Pope Paul VI traveled to New York City and spoke at the United Nations on October 4, 1965, the day after this lecture of Dr. Kinley.

    [2]  At the close of that session of the Ecumenical Council, December 4, 1963, Pope Paul VI announced that he was to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  January 4 – 6, 1964 he made that trip.  Never before had a pope visited Israel.