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14) * JULY, 1967: THE BOOK OF JASHER *

(also known as: BEEN EVERYWHERE)


by Dr. Henry C. Kinley Springfield, Ohio


audio cassette recording received from Lee Warren (#47)

1 90 minute audio cassette


Catalog#: 67.07 BJ


transcriber:  Laura Baxter

first proofreading: Alysia Bradford


final proofreading: International Public Relations Committee

approved – 1995


Please note that this transcript was finished and approved in 1995.  The only changes made to that transcript are those listed below:

1.  … Indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2.  Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3.  Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, see, you see, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right.)

4.   ____ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5.  WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber


Moderator:  The next speaker tonight will be the founder and dean of this school, Dr. Henry C. Kinley, the author of this book:  God, the Archetype (Original) Pattern of the Universe.  Dr. Henry C. Kinley.

Dr. Kinley: Thank you ever so much.  First of all, I’d like to say I am indeed happy and glad to be here with you and to talk with you about the things that pertain to the purpose and the kingdom of Yahweh.

I thought as Dr. Gil, and also, as other.., and I think my memory serves me right when during the conference, it doesn’t make any difference about who the speaker’s committee is, none at all.  It just don’t make no difference; all of it is the same thing.  That’s right.  And I can sit there and listen to anybody who’s telling the truth.  It just don’t make no difference.  It’s Yahweh through all.  And there is no big shots and little shots, no big I’s and little you and all that kind of stuff.  Ain’t but one big, big shot in it; and that’s Yahweh.  So it don’t make no difference, when I look out at the world and see what goes on and so forth and so on.

Now you have a riot in Detroit.  Is that right?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now if you have a riot in Detroit and Lima, is between here and Detroit, now you are talking about a riot in Detroit, and you got to go right through one in Lima to get to Detroit.  Now, then, somebody said, ‘well look,’ some of the folks in that condition, too, called up and said, ‘I don’t think it would be safe for you to come now.’ Didn’t they, Christine?

Christine:  Yeah.  They did.

Dr. Kinley:  Well, alright.  Let’s come clean with it.  I don’t want nothing unless it’s really cleanWell listen.  We don’t care nothing about that.  Everywhere I go there is a riot. (DR.  KINLEY LAUGHS) There’s a riot and a revival.  Now that is what is happening.

Now you say the Negro, and they are raising sand/ they want their right.  And they are underprivileged people and all that kind of thing; burning down houses and raising sand up there.  Well say, listen.  Now you listen at me.  We do have some Negro representatives in Congress.  Now if you don’t know about it, why find out about it.  But now, they call themselves over yonder fighting for this country.  Negroes parading in every city; they just got to have our rights.  And how here is the Indians; you tell me about one Indian in Congress.  This was his country, so as to speak.  Leif Ericson come over here.  Christopher Columbus and also Amerigo Vespucci.  Now we talk about the national debt, 328 billion dollars and everybody is singing the blues.  And now Congress, and Kennedy, they say so, too, the Congress owes the Indians, according to negotiated contracts, more than 328 billion dollars; and he ain’t got a dime.

Now if you want to run your mouth off about it, he hasn’t got no place in Congress.  We say the white folks brought us over here.  Well, the Indians was already over here.  How stupid you can be?  Yes indeed.  Well, somebody’ll say, ‘well where did he come from?’

They said, ‘I don’t know.  I think he come around through the straits and come up through Alaska and into this country.’ He don’t know where I come from.  Now you see, see how it works?  We just as stupid as we can be and think we are justified.  We don’t see him, the Indian, running around and carrying on and first one thing and another.  Now I told some of you that go from here, from time to time, going to California along the road, you will find them Indians out there trying to sell beads and first one thing and another.  Living in a shack, you can see right straight through it. You see now?

Well now, look.  We have had to cheat.  Now it’s bad if, to stand in this school and in Los Angeles, California, and speak to the audience that Colonel Apolry has stood here and spoke; and we had our pictures taken with him, and he’s fighting for the Indians.

Someone:  Brigadier General

Dr. Kinley:  Brigadier General

Someone:  Herbert C. Hogan.

Dr. Kinley:  Herbert C. Hogan.  Keep me straight.  Dr. Gross had his picture, and we

all had our pictures taken together.  Are you seeing what I am talking about?

Now everybody has an opportunity and a privilege to stand here and preach to you the gospel without distinction of race.  We put it so you sing that song every time you get up here.  Sing it.  The aims and the objectives are a perfect example of the intentions of the school.  Why not try to read them once in a while?  Yes indeed.  They are there to understand.  Now you go out here and look at nature.  Look at the flowers.   Look at the beauty in the color and all of it that’s blended in there.  Go out there and look at it.  Go out and look up at the stars.  Just look at nature itself.  It typifies and it shows and David said, ‘everything in his temple praise the Lord.’  Isn’t it wonderful.  Yes indeed, it really is wonderful.

But I tell you we just can’t stand one another.  And as you heard me say many times speaking parabolically, figuratively or allegorically. Now look, ‘if I can’t be the bell cow, I just will not gallop in the gang. (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) ‘Whatever you do, let me be the big dog.’  (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) Then, you get along all right with me, then.  Do you get the significance out of that?  ____ ____ ____ That’s that carnal mind.

Now you read the paper.  Didn’t you read the paper?  Now you got Pope Paul, oh, he’s going out of the Vatican.  He’s going to Jerusalem.  He’s going to retrace the footsteps of Christ.  Nobody never thought anything about Judas being right along with the Messiah.  (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS)  Oh, of course, he doesn’t have that sign.  Now here we go again.  But you take out and we go to Bombay, India.  Oh, he’s showing us how.  And then the next thing you know, here he comes to the United Nations:  to the United States of America.  Now listen. 50 representatives from different countries are at the Vatican.  Even after you say a thing sometimes people don’t understand.  Listen.  50 people representing 50 countries was at the

Vatican when Pope Paul come from the Vatican over here to the UN; and that’s them same people, representatives from them countries over here.  What you got to come over here for?  You had them right there.  But, oh, he’s so wonderful. And when he gets over here, he says, ‘ peace, peace.’  ‘There must not be more war.’  Long speech.  then he goes back, and he says, ‘look.  Don’t you dodge the draft because of your religion.’  ‘You go on over there and fight cause Christ said,  ‘this gospel shall be preached in all the world.’  That junk and stuff they are preaching must be preached in all the world.  So you are fighting that Roman Catholicism shall be predominant.  Did you get that?

Student Body: Yeah.

Dr. Kinley:  Now then, here they are standing up here saying, ‘peace, peace, He’s going to Jerusalem, I’ll repeat myself and show you what I’m talking about.  He’s going to Jerusalem.  He’s going to Bombay, India.  He’s going here to the United States to speak to the converts there.  He’s going to Fatima and all like that.  I wonder why he don’t go to Vietnam?  (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS)  Now you can figure that one out.

Student Body:  They’re fighting over there.

Dr. Kinley:  Yes indeed.  Now he has got all the carnal ordinances and everything natural, and they are fighting with natural guns and ammunition in defense.  And they are looking for ____, and he’s staying at home saying, ‘peace, peace.’  Telling you now to go to war.  Oh, I am turning you out against the Roman Catholic Church.  And he runs all over the world and ain’t saying nothing about going to Vietnam.

Now listen, you want to bet?  I don’t bet.  I bet you he don’t go to Vietnam.  How is that?  How am I doing?  Am I doing all right?  Yes indeed.  Now you see how sly and slick and slimy we are?

Now with this truth we’re talking about, we don’t care nothing about no riots in Detroit.  I was there right after the other riot that they had up there.2  We had a riot down there in Los Angeles.  And listen, somebody is saying, ‘well Mickey, He’s going to Detroit.’  He knew the riot was going on.  He said, ‘I am going.’  Right straight on in he went, but he’s leaving the conference, the convention or conference, going to Detroit.  Someone said, ‘I expect you better stay over, until the thing is over.’  Alright.  Where is Jones?  He’s leaving going to Birmingham, Alabama; and there’s a riot in Birmingham.  Everybody’s leaving, there’s a riot everywhere.  Ain’t got no fear.  And people just don’t catch on to the jest of this thing.  They say, ‘go in all the world and preach the gospel to every creeping thing.’

They say, ‘look, we don’t believe in white people and negroes mixing.’  Where are you getting your philosophy from?  They say, ‘back here, the Bible says so.  Back here there was no mixing.’ Getting it right out of there, the Bible.

Well look here.  Let me tell you something.  These Jews that come out of here and went into Canaan’s Land, they couldn’t even marry, they had to stay within their own tribe: one out of the tribe of Jude couldn’t marry one in the tribe of Levi.  They are all Jews.  See the point?  Now they got that, with their stupidity, and call themselves going by the Bible.  they are rearing and charging around.  Well, why was it they couldn’t do it.  Now the reason behind it they don’t know.  Just said, ‘the Bible said so.’  It was to keep the inheritance within their tribe.  That land was divided up properly.  Yahshua and Israel when they went into Mount Zion, they divided that land up properly.  Now I want you to know this too:  now there was some Gentiles in there, you just call them Arabs or Ishmaelites or Jebusites or Tishbites.  There were some of them in there too; and this is typical of heaven.  Now they couldn’t run all of them out.  They had to leave some in there.  Eight nations, they had to leave them in there.  Why eight?  When Noah crossed over here, how many in there?


2 In 1843 fighting between blacks and whites led to a riot in Detroit.

Student Body:  Eight.

Dr. Kinley:  It’s just as easy as failing off a log.  Nothing hard about it.  Eight nations.  Gentiles.  Now look.  Abraham, you can see it here on this picture over here.  Right here.  Abraham and Melchizedek returning, Abraham returning from the slaughter of kings met Melchizedek.  Now Melchizedek had no pedigrees and genealogies.  Now Melchizedek is a king and a priest, all within himself; he is king and priest.  Now the priesthood of the Messiah is after the order of Melchizedek.  Now Abraham meets him, Melchizedek, and Melchizedek blesses him, Abraham, while Ishmael and Isaac are still in his loins, neither one of them had been born.  Now you see that now?  He’s blessing them.  Now Ishmael was 15 years older than was Isaac.  So it’s a usurpation or substitution until Isaac is born.  Now Ishmael was by Hagar; Isaac was by Sarah.  Now, you listen at me.  But I have you know that Abraham was spoken of as his father.  He was just as much Ishmael’s father as he was Isaac’s.  Now what are you talking about now?  I am trying to tell you the Apostle Paul was made a minister of the Gentiles.  The arabs, they had a right there, and the Israelites they have a right there as of now.

Now all of the angels that was in heaven, not all of them was cast out.  There was some left there if you are reading.  So then, if this be a type, you can’t cast out all them Gentiles.  They are there.  Now then, Isaac being by Sarah and in Isaac shall thy seed by called, instead of by Hagar, Ishmael was by Hagar.  Now it is through Isaac that the blessing comes upon the Gentiles.  The younger.  Do you see what, now can you see that/ This mystery of God is something else, and the devil just simply does not understand.  He don’t understand it.

Now, as Dr. Gil, said, ‘His word is gonna keep right on going.’  He can’t save ____ ____ ____.

Now Paul is made a minster of the Gentiles.  the Apostle Paul.  The Gentiles were the uncircumcised.   Uncircumcised.  The Jew was the circumcised.  Now circumcision nor uncircumcision don’t mean a thing.   Why did you say that?  People always keep me on the carpet.  Why?   Because the promise was made before there was any circumcision at all.  In other words, God promised Abraham before he was circumcised.  So the circumcision or the uncircumcision don’t mean nothing.  ‘Well, yes, it means something,’ somebody says.  Yeah, sure it dow.  Yes, Circumcision in the heart but not in the flesh.  Listen, when Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac, did you hear what I said?  I said Abraham, who is the father of Ishmael, who is the father of Isaac, they were all circumcised the same day.  But the promise was before which shows now outer circumcision in the flesh it don’t mean nothing.  So it’s a circumcision made without hands.  And circumcision of the heart and not of the flesh.  Everything has got to go, well, let me speak of it this way.

Now we have riots and tribulations and what not, say look.  Can’t you read your Bible.  In the 24th chapter of Matthew, it said, ‘kingdom against kingdom, nation against nation.’  It almost says that.  Well, what do you expect.  Mother against the daughter.  Father against the sons and about.  Now if it didn’t happen, then the Bible wouldn’t be true.  Do you understand the issue of what I am talking about.  And it’s just like Dr. Gil said, ‘the people, they don’t understand.’  And they are arguing around this and arguing around about that and arguing around about the other.

Now look.  I told you all that I was going to Rome.  Going to Mecca.  Going over in Jerusalem and around, I mean in bodily presence.  Going to England.  I know them folks.  I know them in person.  We have already been to them somewhat.  Our work.  but here is what I want to tell you.  I don not have to go to Rome in bodily presence.  I do not have to go to Arch Bishop Ramsey of Canterbury; I don’t have to go there in bodily presence. I don’t have to go none of the places that I mentioned.  I don’t have to go.  I didn’t have to go to tell you when Pope John would come out.  I didn’t go in there and shoot him with no gun.  Did I?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:. (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) I didn’t have to go over there to get rid of Pope Pius XII.  I didn’t have to go over there to find out about Pope Paul the VI.  I didn’t have to go.  Somebody said, ‘well, you was scared.  You know he’s a great man.’  Well now, just to let you know, so you can get it over in this school, that I don’t have no fear, and there is no place that I can go bodily presence but what I am now already there in spirit, even to hell.

Now I have sought to prove these things to you in the congregation of the assembly as you said.  Nobody can take no credit for teaching me.  You just can’t do that.  I came in the world with this.  And they haven’t make up no solution to change this black face.  I am within the vail, and if a whole lot of people, I am speaking figuratively, if a whole lot of people thought that, that this was God embodied in a body, a black body, they would quit tonight.  (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS)  You know they would.  No indeed.  They wouldn’t do that; they wouldn’t serve him.

Now I said that to say this:  Yahweh is in all of you.  He’s in all of you, and to him goes the honor and the glory and the praises.  And as he said, ‘as I live, to me every knew shall bow, and every tongue shall confess to the glory of Yahweh.’  He didn’t say what races, but said all of them.

Now for a few minutes I want to show you a thing or two.  and then we want, now you be quick, because we got a long something coming out, and we want the people to catch it.

Now I want to tell you about some of the things, I didn’t bring the big commentary.  And when we used to conduct school here before, we had all of the big shots’ commentaries, all the encyclopedias, and just all, just volumes of copies of stuff.  And anytime anything was said, we stopped class and would go back there and get the book, see whether it agreed with the book and to let you know.

Now, listen closely, don’t forget this.  There’s been some errors made, and misunderstanding.  But we don’t want to abuse nobody about it.  Because the only thing about it, you just have to go as far as your understanding will let you go.  And you learn a little at a time.  And don’t get discouraged, because the whole thing ain’t busted and blown on you at one time.  Just remember that he was six days showing this vision to Moses.  And don’t get discouraged and disgruntled cause you didn’t learn it all at the conference or so/ don’t get discouraged about that.  God is infinite.  Yahweh is infinite; and you will be learning in ages yet to come.

But now here is what I want to tell you; now say, some of the things that you heard at the conference you never heard before in your life, and nobody on earth is capable and qualified to tell you about it but me in the family.  Now I would have brought this commentary down here and laid it down and let you read it.   That’s the way we usually do. don’t we, Harris?

Dr. Harris:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  We usually let you wee what the other, what all the big shots all over the world have said about a thing.  Right.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now then, in that there haven’t any of them said what I have told you, they just can’t understand it.  And if you think they are, you got plenty of time to look.  You don’t need to get excited and get to rushing around.

Now this Book of Jasher, a great big commentary that I had years and years ago.  I didn’t know where a lot of the books were.  My wife came and gave it to me at the conference.  And I looked in there, and I read around and I said, This is my writing.  You never had knew who the book belonged to, many years ago.  So then I just put my name in it this trip.  But now in that commentary, and we have a bunch of them in Los Angeles, and none of them never told you a thing like we are fixing to tell you about now.

Now I want you to see through what I am talking about.  There has been no sperm, there has been nobody on this earth plane, nobody, and let me add this to it and there never will be no more than what Yahweh has taught us about it.  Every last one of you, we are the offspring, 17th chapter of Acts of the Apostles, you will find it there, that we are the offspring of God.

Dr. Mitchell made a chart, and he put, you know the people like to floored him.  And he put on there, at that time it was the longest word there wan in the dictionary; philoprogenitiveness.  And they said that that man sure is mart.  Is that right?

Dr. Harris:  Yeah.

Dr. Kinley:  And my daughters came and asked me about this thing.  Well, the old man is always using a lot of words.  I am gonna fix it this time.  So they came home, and they asked me about it.  And I just broke it down, broke the word down, then took the chapters and verses in the Bible and showed it to them.

Now, that means, now pay attention, instinctive love of his offspring.  Now this is the philoprotogenitive, now the tow was not in it down at the school many years ago.  So then whatever they add to it is, they are fixing it so that it expresses everything with prefixes and suffixes.  Now just like anthropology.  That pertains to races.  Entomologically it pertains to races.  Well, now you got the flesh there, so then, they pulled it out and called it anthropsychologically to get into the mind.  Put the stretches on it.  Well now, we can keep up with all of that.  So it would take mind and body.  Isn’t that right, Dr. Harris?

Dr. Harris:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  So now, him hanging out here on the cross, here you can find this in the book.  ‘God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever.’  Breathe.  Here is man, his offspring, and he gave his Son.  That’s the philoprogenitiveness or the manifestation of the love of God.  He gave his Son for his offspring to redeem and restore them back.

Now listen.  There is deep, esoteric secrets concealed in this book.  They are hid and only revealed by the spirit, and now I come to tell you about those things.

Now I want you to look at the 19th chapter of Joshua and the 13th verse.

Reader:  And the sun stood still

Dr. Kinley:  And the sun stood still

Reader:  and the moon stayed

Dr. Kinley:  and the moon stayed

Reader:  until the people had avenged themselves

Dr. Kinley:  ’till the people had avenged themselves

Reader:  upon their enemies

Dr. Kinley:  upon their enemies.

Reader:  is not this written

Dr. Kinley:  is not this written

Reader:  in the Book of Jasher

Dr. Kinley:  in the Book of Jasher Now while you got your Bible open, look in the margin of the translators.  Now the margin of the translators is, look right between here in this space here and see what the book of the upright means.  I mean see what the book’s caption means.  It’s called the Book of the Upright.  Is that what you got there?

Someone:  I do.

Dr. Kinley:  Well, give it to me.  I want people to see what I am talking about.  Here, Dr. Gross.  Show it to them.  Just take a walk.  Come on; take a walk.  Show it to them.  Take a walk down the aisle there; and hold it out.  And show it to them, please, so they will know where to find it at. ____ this.  Tell them what is meant by the margin of the translators.

Someone:  Here is a big book here.

Dr. Kinley:  Yeah, yeah.  Here is a big one.  Now look folks.  I can’t do everything.  And that is what we are teaching these people in the school.  It’s in that book there, the Book of Jasher.

Sister Hogan, are you back there?

Sister Hogan:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  Bring her cane up here.  Now the prophets, her, and all, now that’s 2000 years to work with.  Now I an gonna tell you, I am not going to do anything with this cane; but just show you. (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) Now you can sit there, and look at it.  And I am gonna give this cane back to her; it belongs to her.  I didn’t want you to make no mistake about it.  But if I say, turn into a circle, it turns into a circle.  Somebody will say, ‘well, I didn’t see it.’  Yeah, thee (there?) is a whole lot of things you didn’t see.  I agree with you on that.  So I am telling you now, and you can be looking for it.

Didn’t I tell you that Moses, standing out here by this burning bush, if somebody else was standing right beside him they wouldn’t see a thing.  You get it?  Now I am talking about this Book of JasherSo we are going to confine it to the Book Of Jasher.  Now everybody knows that there is no J in the Hebrew language.  There is no J in it.

But now, you take this cane.  The book of Jasher, if you look there you showed them what we meant in the margin of the translator, it means the Book of the Upright.  Now if you take this, you see this cane?  Now if you take it and just turn it, just like that.  Turn it upside down.  What have you got there?

Student Body:  J.

Dr. Kinley:  Is that right?

Student Body:  Yeah

Dr. Kinley:  You got a J?

Student Body: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now let’s turn it around here.  The same cane, just turn it around here.  Now, what have you got?

Student Body:  A stick.

Dr. Kinley.  Do you see it?  You got a stick.  Just turn it around this way; you got a J.  Right?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now somebody come up here, and write it on the board.  Gil, come up here and write Ayah asher Ayah.  Write it up there.  And you can see that up there just like you can se (see?) this cane, just like you can see everybody plain.  Now listen, Reverend ain’t told you nothing about this.  You know why Reverend ain’t told you nothing about this congregation?  You can guess that one; can’t you?  Now that Ayah Asher Ayah.  Come on back here.  Put the cane up there.  No just put it right up there beside that one.  Rub it out.  Put a J there.  You don’t need the top one.  J A S H E R.  Isn’t that what you got there?  Now if I turn this cane right there, that’s a J.  Now there is no J in the Hebrew language.  Now, Ayah Asher Ayah means I will be what I will to be.  And I told you that I had it; and that’s how it would go.  I have to understand both sides of it.  So when I take the same cane and turn it right over this way, and I got a stick.  I got a stick in the Ante-diluvian.  I got a stick in the Post-diluvian, and I got a stick here.  That’s that 666 of that man of sin.  No look, look right up here.  Now if I take the J off of it, I have Ayah Asher Ayah:  I will be what I will to be.  Listen.  One of the sons of Jacob was named Ham.  One of the sons of Jacob was named Asher.  Now in the Book of Jasher which is the book of the upright, now you have got it in the 10th chapter of Joshua in the 13th verse, now I want you to see it has no business there unless it is somewhere else.

Now nothing written, everything must be written in the law, and it must be complete.  Now get Aaron’s rod or this staff that Aaron had out there herding the sheep.  He had it in his hand; he brought it out of Egypt.   It was his older brother’s, and Aaron was three years older than Moses.  That’s kind of funny ain’t it, three years older than Moses.  Ever stop to take any time to get any distinction about this man’s minister.

Now listen.  They got the Book of Jasher, the book of the upright.  Now Moses did not write that.  Now Exodus 33:31, 32, 33.

Reader:  It’s Exodus 32:31.  And Moses returned unto Yahweh and said,

Dr. Kinley:  And Moses returned unto Yahweh and said,

Reader:  Oh, this people

Dr. Kinley:  Oh, this people

Reader:  have sinned a great sin

Dr. Kinley:  have sinned a great sin.  Now let’s see what we are talking about.  When Yahweh had spoke these commandments from the mountain, then they took blood, bulls, and goats, and, you got it right there in the book, and dedicated that.  And then Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu and 70 of the elders went up into the mountain, and they saw this vision of him up there in the mountain.  I don’t mean they saw the creation and all; I don’t mean that.  I meant just what I said, Gil.


Dr. Kinley:  Now if I had of meant they saw it, the creation, I would have said so.  But I didn’t say so; did I?

Student Body:  No sir.

Dr. Kinley: Now somebody’ll run here and want to say, ‘he meant.’  No.  If I had meant it, I would have said it.  Get the point?  So they saw this vision up here.  They saw Him in a vision.  Now this was Yahshua.  The I and the Y and the J.  The rod and the staff.  All these people with their head down in there and the devil don’t know nothing about it.  So now, here is what I want you to see then.  They saw the God of Israel.  The Elohim of Israel.  They described Him.  Now listen, watch.  So when Joshua was up there with them, and when Joshua, we don’t have his picture here, Joshua told Moses that I he heard a noise in the camp; and so, He told him to get down.  Now look.  If he could hear a noise in the camp, why couldn’t Moses?  All these deep things hid in that Book.  So when they come down out of the mountain and Moses threw these tables of stone down, when they had built this golden calf, he broke the tables.  Yahshua was right with him when he come down.  We didn’t draw his picture up there on it or nothing to indicate it.  We could have.  Now he was right with him, but he threw the tables down.  Now Yahweh had spoke from this mountain.  Look.  They didn’t keep the commandments for 40 days.  Now here you are out here clowning around.  That is all you are doing and missing the boat.

And carnal ordinances and all these natural things are nailed to the cross.  Now, when He gave this law from Mount Sinai, this is what that is; and they didn’t do that.  Jeremiah 31:31 says they didn’t.  God said they broke that.  Now in the literal sense, they are nailed to the cross now.  And so now on this side it says, they say it like that, it’s in the spirit.

Now, Dr. Gross, I want you to listen to me, one more time.  I don’t care who they aping after doing these natural things such as eating Lord’s Suppers, washing feet, and baptizing, now you hear me, and I do know what I am talking about.  I don’t have to guess.  That man don’t know what it is all about.  I bare him record that he has a zeal, but he does not know what it is all about.  Now if the blind lead the blind, and they will all fall in the ditch together.  Now we are walking after the spirit not after the literal thing.  Our bellies prove we eat naturally so as far as this physical man, but your inner man you can’t give him no pork chops.  Now that’s just making it plain, down right simple.  Now then, what she’s reading, they promised to do this.  And when they came down out of the mountain, seeing that they had built this golden calf, now he said, thou shall not make unto me any graven images or any likeness of anything, and before he could get down they’d done took golden altars off that in the tabernacle, they done took it and made the golden calf out of it.  The graven image.  Now you see that?

Now in the first chapter of Romans, it talks about giving praise to man, worshipping four footed beasts and things like that.  Is that right?

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now listen.  Moses said to them people, you have sinned a great sin.  You heard God from the mountain.  You seen and felt the earth tremble.  You were told not to do this, not to make anything like that.  You was up there in the mountain.  You saw him, Aaron, Nadab and Abihu and the 70 elders.  You don’t have no excuse for not knowing, you heard it yourself.  And he was wroth with them; and so, he waxed hot and threw down the tables of stone.  And then this is what he said to Israel, you sinned a great sin.  I am talking about that book.  That’s what I am talking about.

That book, Doc, I don’t know any easier way to tell you.  Every sperm, every bit of the mucus of sperm that has ever been in anybody’s body or everybody that ever will be here is in that book, because we all come from, we are all the offspring of God.  Everybody’s name is there.  Now do you see it now?  Everybody, the unborn and everybody else that ever will be is in that Book.  Moses could see even his own name.  Do you see what I mean in that Book.  Am I getting it over to you?  Now that’s the reason why I think ____ everybody.  I know everybody.  And no creature is hid from his sight.  I say I been everywhere, I have seen everybody, I know everybody.  Somebody said, ‘well, he’s blowing at the big gate.’ (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) ‘He’s trying to make somebody think he’s something; he don’t know me.  And who am I?’  I say, I have been to heaven, been to hell, been all everywhere.  And I don’t have to glorify this flesh.  I know everybody, and always somebody trying to hold me still while they tell me something about something they seen.  And if you monkeying with any of this stuff, you know what you got there?  You got one of these numbers.  You got one of these numbers, just right up there in your forehead.  That’s what you got, ‘Oh, no.’  That’s alright.  You got it.  Your father is the devil, and I said so.  Oh, yes.  Some of you out there just as negative as I see it.  I see it, and I’m trying to tell you about it.  Now read.

Reader, All of this people have

Dr. Kinley:  Moses said, all this people have blasphemed.  They have sinned a great sin.

Reader:  and have made them idols of gold

Dr. Kinley:  and see the golden calf there.  Read.

Reader:  yet now

Dr. Kinley:  yet now

Reader:  if thou will forgive their sins

Dr. Kinley:  Now he is talking to him now; he’s talking to God.  Yet now, if thou wilt.  Do?

Reader:  forgive their sins

Dr. Kinley:  forgive their sins

Reader:  and if not

Dr. Kinley:  and if you won’t forgive their sins

Reader:  blot me

Dr. Kinley:  blot me

Reader:  I pray thee.

Dr. Kinley:  I pray thee

Reader:  out of thy book

Dr. Kinley:  out of thy book

Reader:  which thou has written

Dr. Kinley:  which Moses wrote

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  The Book of Jasher.  Blot me, I pray thee, out of the book which thou has written.  And now, what did He say to him?

Reader:  And Yahweh said unto Moses

Dr. Kinley: And Yahweh said unto Moses

Reader:  whosoever

Dr. Kinley:  whosoever

Reader:  has sinned against me

Dr. Kinley:  has sinned against me.  That’s the fellow I am gonna blot out of this book.  Listen.  And if he blots you out, you are out.  I don’t care nothing about what Pope John said.  The papers of the saints are not in order.  You get the point?  Whosoever sinned against me, him, that’s the body that’s in, all that sperm and everything don’t make no difference as it goes into making up a man.  If they ever been here, whosoever sins against me, him, I’ll blot him out.  I will blot him out of the book of the upright or the Book of Jasher. And I will put that fix on the boy.  Ayah Asher Ayah.  Now what do you want?  Do you want the J; do you want the six?  Oh reverend told us down the street about that.  Now, do you se it now?  Well now, look.  Here it is again.  the same book.  Do you remember when the disciples, it it 9 or 9:30. (THE RESPONSE IS NOT AUDIBLE.) You remember one time when the Messiah sent them out to cast out devils, and here they come back just rejoicing.  Oh, oh.  Don’t rejoice about that, but rather because your names are written in that book.  Is that right?

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  Is that what he told them?  If you don’t think so, we will read it.  Alright now.  Do you see that?

Now over here in the 20th chapter of Revelation in the first prayer.  Look at it.  Read it.

Reader:  And I saw the dead

Dr. Kinley:  And I saw the dead.  John is on the Isle of Patmos, and he is looking.  Read.  Just like Moses.  He said, I saw the dead.

Reader:  small and great

Dr. Kinley:  small and great.  Stretched out.

Reader:  stand before Yahweh

Dr. Kinley:  Wait a minute.  The great, the priest, and the king.  The great and the small those that sat in the audience and those that preached and what not.  I saw the dead, small and great, stand before Yahweh.

Reader:  and the books were open

Dr. Kinley:  Now here we go again.  And the books were open.  Listen.  Paul said in the third chapter of 2nd Corinthians, now listen folks.  Explaining these things is necessary.  You are our epistle.  You are our epistle written in our hearts.  Now if you take all of us epistles and put us together, just like you take Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and the books of the prophets and put them together, then you got epistles there bound into a book.  Then he said, ‘lo I come in the volume of the book, as it is written of me to do thy will O Christ.  He said He taketh away the First Covenant and had to take it away because of the New Covenant.  Now here comes the devil along with eating Lord’s Suppers, baptizing, and all and all.  He’s denying that He took it away.  Now, whosoever it is that sinneth against me.  Whosoever it was that didn’t do what He told them when they was doing that, He blotted them out.

Now whoever it is over here that’s denying that He moved it by bringing it back, him will I blot out.  You get the point?

Now it said, the books were opened.  All of the epistles.  Ye are our epistles, read and known of all men.  Every time you make a jump like that and do something, say, ‘we are gonna minister the Lord’s Supper.’ Sure enough.  It’s read and known of all men.  Now what you do and what you don’t, now we walk by faith and not by sight.  ‘What are you gonna do?’  I am not gonna do none of that.  ‘Well, what are you doing?’  I am fasting.

They got that all tangled up so fast.  Say, ‘I ain’t eating nothing today.’  And then turn right back around. You say that he said, don’t touch back here in the garden.  Now you are telling us to touch that which is done away with and that’s the thing that’s going to kill you.  Cause in this dispensation, we don’t eat none of this.  We fast.  And eat all the Lamb you can hold.  He said, ‘I thought you said you were fasting?’  We are.  We are not eating it with that concept.

The devil, his cover is too short. He can’t, you’re supposed to be away from that.          Now he’s not gonna deceive you. Now if you will look at the Roman Catholic         Church, that’s all they got. They don’t have nothing else but epistles, natural as        they can be.  Look at the Protestant Churches, they don’t have nothing else.  they just as natural as they can be.  That’s the reason why they can’t get together. The        Baptists can’t get with the Methodists and Roman Catholics.  Now you got in your         book that the Mother of Harlots.  ‘What do yo mean by Mother of Harlots.’  The           Roman Catholics.  Protestantism come right out them; she’s the Mother of them.

Now Pope Paul is running around trying to get reconciled.  Never be.  Not in this world.  Now, it said the books were opened.  I am looking right at you and when you get us all together then that makes up the one book.  It said, the books was opened.        Alright read.

Reader:  and another book was opened

Dr. Kinley:  and another book.  You’re an epistle, you’re an epistle, you’re an epistle        and you’re an epistle.  You get us all into it, then we make up that another book.           Alright read.

Reader:  which is the Book of Life

Dr. Kinley:  Now, which is the Book of Life or the Book of the Upright or the book            which He has written.  And everybody’s in it.  Alright read.  We’ll prove that.

Reader:  And the dead was judged out of

Dr. Kinley:  And the dead was judged of that which is written in the book. Alright read.

Reader:  which were written in the book according to their works

Dr. Kinley:  according to their works.  Alright read on.  I am in a hurry.

Reader:  and the sea gave up the dead which were in it

Dr. Kinley:  Huh?

Reader:  and the sea gave up the dead

Dr. Kinley:  and the sea gave up the dead, the multitudes, the kings. Gave up the dead that was in it.  Alright, read.

Reader:  and the dead and sheol delivered up the dead

Dr. Kinley:  death and hell or sheol

Reader:  which were in them

Dr. Kinley:  The dead was in them.  Somebody said, ‘well, you’ll die and go to hell.’  Yes, hell delivered up, nobody in hell.  I don’t care where you live.  Say, ‘well look, so and so died and in hell he lifted up his eyes.’  Well, yeah, she delivered up,.  Death and hell delivered the dead that were in them.  Read.

Reader:  And they were judged every man

Dr. Kinley:  and they were judged every man according to their works.  Read on.

Reader:  And death and sheol were cast into the lake of fire

Dr. Kinley:  And death and sheol were cast into the lake of fire

Reader:  this is the second death.

Dr. Kinley:  This is the second death.  Read.

Reader:  and whosoever was not found written in the Book of life.

Dr. Kinley:  Whosoever sins against me, him will I blot out of the book.  Now the Pope you read that is putting somebody, him that sins against me.  Him will I blot out of the book.  Alright, read.

Reader:  and cast into the lake of fire

Dr. Kinley:  Read a bit more.  Read

Reader: and whosoever

Dr. Kinley:  and whosoever.  Whosoever what?

Reader:  was not found written in the book of life

Dr. Kinley:   Whosoever is not found in the book.  Wait a minute.  whosoever sinned against Him; He blotted him out.  and whosoever was not found written in the book that He blotted out.

Reader:  was cast into the lake of fire.

Dr. Kinley:  Now do you see that?  Now you didn’t hear anything about it; now you have to take this first five books and put them together with this revelation to complete the story.  Now if I come and bring the books, the commentaries on that, there isn’t a one of them that knows anything about it.  but they can stand up and say I am wrong.  ‘I don’t see that like that.’  Do you see what I mean?

Now listen.  But this day up here, Ayah Asher Ayah.  Now in the first chapter of Revelation, I want you to read this; and then I am through.  the first chapter of Revelation about the fifth verse.

Reader:  and from Yahshua the Messiah

Dr. Kinley:  and from Yahshua the Messiah

Reader:  who is the faithful witness

Dr. Kinley:  who is the faithful witness

Reader:  and the first begotten of the dead

Dr. Kinley:  and the first begotten of the dead

Reader:  and the ruler of the kings of the earth

Dr. Kinley:  and the ruler of the kings of the earth

Reader:  unto him that loved us

Dr. Kinley:  unto him that loved us

Reader:  and washed us from our sins

Dr. Kinley:  and washed us from our sins in his own blood

Reader:  and washed us from our sins in his own blood

Dr. Kinley:  and washed us from our sins in his own blood

Reader:  And has made us kings and priests

Dr. Kinley:  And has made us kings and priests

Reader:  unto Yahweh his father

Dr. Kinley:  unto Yahweh, his father.  Listen.  He is the King of the kings.  Whole nations of priests and a king.  Everybody’s a king and everybody’s a priest.  Everybody.  And everybody is a king and a priest.  What’s the reason why I said they don’t make them no bigger than me.  Priests?  They don’t make them no bigger than me.  they don’t make them no bigger than you; you’re a king.  A royal priesthood and a whole nation of kings and priests and then He is the King of all of the kings and the High Priest of all of them.  Now do you see what I am talking about?

There’s one to each one of them tribes.  Asher.  Each one of them tribes, you’ll find 12 of them, and each one of them has a priest and a king.  A whole nation of them, and then He is the King of the kings.

So then this Asher.  Ayah Asher Ayah.  I will be what I will to be.  Whatever he wants to be.  He created everything.  He created it to be just what it is.  And it didn’t have to evolve from one thing to the other.  No siree.  He made it what He wanted it to be.  And nobody couldn’t do nothing about it then, and can’t do nothing about it now.

Have I made that real clear?

Student Body:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  I will be what I will to be. 15th chapter of 1st Corinthians, you don’t have to read it, will show you that Paul said, then he who hath put all things under his feet and he, Yahshua, must reign until all things are put under his feet.  And then when all things are put under his feet, let me put it this way:  when He resurrected from the dead, he said, all power in heaven and all that is in earth is given unto my hands.  Is that right?

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  And now Paul said he was exalted Him on up and given Him a name above every name that is named not only here, but in heaven too.  O boy.  I’ll tell you.  Ain’t that wonderful, It said, He must rule, not the pope, but He must rule.  He just must rule until He that put all things under Him till He delivers this kingdom to His Father Yahweh.  Yahweh.  And then, He will be all in all.  The Ultimate.  Did you see what I mean?

Now I want Richard Carr.  Anybody wants to go home, they can do it; but this will only take a minute.  Now I want you, Richard, to come up here.  Stand up here, and Dr. Dennis will take your picture here.  Come on, Dr. Gross.  Get right in the middle of it.

Now Sister Mary Gross, please.  Now thank you.  Now that’s what I want. (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS).  Now that’s all that.

Now what we are doing, we’re packing up.  Fixing up.  So it can be in the book.  Now, Dr. Gross, we have your picture; and Dr. Harris’ and my picture we have.  We already have them, but those, now, Richard, you will be in our album that you are the president of the State of Ohio.  That’s why we had your picture taken.  Now, but you didn’t get to come; so then, we took your picture so that when we put it in the album it will be just the same and all lined up, so that everybody will know who he is too.

Sister Marion, come up here.  We are gonna have an announcement.  Now Sister Marion you have to come back.  Now, one stand on one side and another one on the other one, I am not responsible how these pictures turn out.  I never could take a good picture.

Now did we miss anybody?  I believe you; come on.  Now, I’ll tell you what it’s all about here in the book.  Now these are, well, I’ll tell you now.  These are new ministers that have been added to the Springfield group.

Now is there any more that’s been licensed right recently Dr. Gil?

Oliver Gill:  Dr. Ray Ferguson. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS)

Dr. Kinley:  Get up from there.  ____ ____  Now get in there Gil.  Come on out Richard; get back here.

Someone:  Can you get them all on there?

Dr. Kinley:  I don’t know whether he can or not.  Now, is there anybody else wants to be in trouble?  Now we’ve got your picture as a group, in both places tonight, and everybody is going to be in it and what not.  And it will be in an album.  Now there are you; and that’s what we just read all about.  So now you got it.  So, that’s all.

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