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by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

received from Burbank Mitchell

1 90 minute audio cassette

Catalog #: 71.0704

transcribed by Steve LaPorte

first proofreading:  Michael Rothstein

second proofreading:  Geraldine Rothstein


third proofreading:  International Public Relations Committee

approved by the International Public Relations Committee:  1997



1. … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, see, you see, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right.)

4. ____ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber

Dr. Kinley:  Now what I wanted to do was, I wanted to show you when you read the 19th chapter of Exodus how Moses went up in that mount and told.., Yahweh told him to tell the Children of Israel to clean up and gather up around the mountain against the third day and He would speak to ‘em.  Now you remember that.  Don’t forget it.  Now we wanna move.  Where do we go to next?  How do we prove it?  And what have you learned thus far?  Well, I’ll tell you something, one thing you should have learned, you should have learned that Genesis was not the first document.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Right?  You got that Freddy?  And you got it in there that, that, that he took the book and the people and the blood.  Is that correct?  So then Genesis, the word Genesis means origin or beginning.  Now have you got that straight?  You read it out of the Bible.  Read it again Dr. Harris.  So, we wanna, wanna make sure it’s in there.

Dr. Harris:  Exodus 24:  three and four.  And Moses wrote all the words of Yahweh.  And rose up early in the morning.  And later on it said in the seventh verse, and he took the book of the covenant and read in the audience of the people

Dr. Kinley:  Um hum, and what?

Dr. Harris:  And they said, all that Yahweh hath said will we do and be obedient.

Dr. Kinley:  Now, now that is not, the book of Genesis.  That is in the Exodus, isn’t it?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now look, there can be no book of Genesis before the Exodus.

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  That’s a matter of absolute impossibility.  Because they had come out of Egypt, went through the Red Sea and come to the mountain and Yahweh spoke those words.  Exodus means a departing or going out, that’s coming out of here first.  The book of Exodus was before the Genesis.  And the commandments that was written both in the mountain by the finger of Elohim and by Moses down at the bottom of the mountain writing it down on the piece of paper, that’s the first writing.  And that was before the Genesis.  Now this is what we have been trying our best to tell you down here in school.  For somebody to just get up and go talk about God and Jehovah and Lord and Yahweh, Elohim and Yahshua and you can’t find a thing back there.  Read John 4:24.

Reader:  For Elohim is a spirit

Dr. Kinley:  For Elohim is a spirit

Reader:  And they that worship Him

Dr. Kinley:  And they…  And they.., now if you’re gonna worship the one we’re talking about, you got, you’re gonna have to worship Him in Spirit and in truth.  Now you’re gonna have to do it that way.  Alright read.

Reader:  for them

Dr. Kinley:  Now look you ain’t gonna do it through no foot washing, and no water baptisms, eating no Lord suppers.  You’re gonna have to worship Him in spirit and then it’s got to be true spirit too.  Now look nobody ever saw a spirit or Yahweh in His totality, so when you get up here and say Yahweh this and Elohim that and all them kinda things or God this and God that and God the other and so forth and so on back there.  You have to locate Him.

Student Body:  Alright.

Dr. Kinley:  ____ ____, that’s what we’re talking about down here in the school.  Now He was incarnated in a physical body walking around down there in Egypt.  You don’t believe that?  And I want you to know this too.  Now a lotta times people talk about astroprojection.  You know what that means?  That you know how to project your inner self out somewhere in the world where it can be seen.  All of you do it,

Student Body:  Right,

Dr. Kinley:  but you don’t know you’re doing it. (STUDENT BODY LAUGH) That’s right.  Don’t you set up here and think about something somewhere else.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  And quite often and quite frequently if there’s much concentration and meditation upon it, that person somewhere else can feel that.

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  That’s right.  And it can become an image.  Now I don’t, I don’t go along with astroprojection, that is in the terms of which they’re speaking of it.  Now here’s what I’m trying to tell you, this is what I’m trying to say, this is what I mean, if God was or if Elohim or Yahweh was down here in Egypt or if He had anything to do with this whole purpose and plan, He’s got to show up down there in a physical body.  Ain’t no.., no, no, no don’t, no don’t get that way, don’t come through the loins of no woman.  And I wanna let you know Moses was not the first man that He showed up to.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  You don’t believe that?  Alright, the third chapter of Exodus and He said, I am the.., He told Moses, I am the Elohim of your father, and of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Isn’t that right?

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  When you’re reading for goodness sake, wake up.  Now if He wasn’t walking around in a body.., Yahweh has the power to just take on a body.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  And He did it ten years after Moses left Egypt and walked around there in the person of Joshua, as it is said in your Book.  Now that’s locating and that’s finding Him back there.  Then He ain’t off and out in thin air and He can’t tell nobody nothing.  Yahweh was manifested in that body.  Somebody said, ‘you know one thing I don’t believe that.’  Believe it or not He’s manifested in you.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  You can figure that out.  Now how about that?  Now if that’s not so, if that’s not so, then He didn’t make a man.

Student Body:  Alright.

Dr. Kinley:  He couldn’t, He couldn’t make no man…

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  if that’s not so, it’d be a matter of absolute impossibility for Him to make a man.  How can He make a man and animate him and have a man walking around, and He can’t do it Himself.  Well who done it?  That’s Him, that’s Adam walking, that was the Son of God walking around back there in the Garden of Eden…  What’s the matter with you?  You don’t believe that?  Look at the first chapter of Luke and the last verse.

Reader:  Which was the son of Adam, which was the son of Elohim.

Dr. Kinley:  Now you see that?  That is a son of Elohim.  Now who was his mother and his father?  And then you read on a little further it say.., you talk about Melchizedek not having no parents.  You see how stupid people are?  And you put up something here and they have to knock it down over there, and they don’t even realize they’ve done it.  That was Yahweh walking around in that boy back there, Adam I’m talking about.  You heard me and I wanna let you know this:  Adam was not in the transgression.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  And I wanna let you know this too:  Adam was not deceived, he was not duped.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  And if Adam had been fooled then, then the second Adam would have been fooled.

Student Body:  Right. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS)

Dr. Kinley:  He wasn’t deceived, he knew what the woman would do.., what Yahweh said.  He just voluntarily laid down his life for his bride, and that’s why Yahshua laid His down.  Now do you see?  Do you understand what I’m talking about?  I tell you.

Now they’re all… Jehovah’s Witnesses are all hemmed up on about these written records being handed down.  Now look here, let me ask you this.  Now who’s gonna hand down something about the creation five days before Adam was created.

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  You need to know things from Adam down.  Now who’s gonna tell you about these other ones.

Student Body:  Right.  It makes sense.

Dr. Kinley:  Now you tell me, who’s gonna tell you about ‘em.  That oughta tell you something.  Wouldn’t you think?  If Adam was the first man and he was created on the sixth day, how in the world is he gonna tell you what happened about the five days before he was created?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  He can’t write nothing about it and hand it to nobody.  That’s right.  Are you all following me?  Do you all understand?  And I’m showing you how damn dumb Jehovah’s Witnesses are and the Roman Catholics.  Stupid.  You all pardon my English.  Now the reason why I said that is because the word damn means to destroy and they destroy.  It also means condemn.  They destroy, they blot out of your minds the righteousness of Yahweh and it can not be revealed to you as long as you believe that stupidity.

Student Body:  Right.  Okay.

Dr. Kinley:  I’ll tell you something else about that organization.  They got setting out here on the streets around, first one place and another, Kingdom Halls.  I’m just showing you how…


the first man was., you ain’t even got sense enough to see it, even after looking right at him and rush on.  Talking about Kingdom Hall here and joining and they’re still talking about He’s coming back and set up the Kingdom on this Earth.  What the hell is the matter with you?  They got Kingdom Halls.  You got folks going down to Kingdom Hall and they’re talking about Him coming and setting up the Kingdom.  Well what’s this?  What do you mean by this?  ____ ____ ____, yet set up His Kingdom, and yet and still they got Kingdom Hall down there.  I have to rush on.  Are you all up with me so far?  If you’re not up with me now, then you let me know.  Anybody offended?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  Are you sore with me?

Student Body:  No sir.

Dr. Kinley:  If you are I don’t care. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) I’m gonna tell you anyhow.  You can get hot and go on home and then from home to Hell if you want to.  I’m gonna tell you.  My job is telling it like it is.  That’s right.  ____ I’m not ____ preaching, that’s my kinda teaching.  If you don’t like what I’m telling you up here and what I’m showing you and trying to reveal to you, why it’s okay with me.  You can just go on and wipe the sweat off.., look, you, you got some burning to do yet.  If you don’t like what I say here now, we got a place for all them folks.

Now, now this is Moses’ first trip in the mount and he got that message to tell the Children of Israel to wash their clothes.  That’s one trip.

Now look listen.  Now if, maybe you’d better read that.  John 3:14.  Matthew 3:14, pardon me, and Matthew the…

Student:  Matthew 5:17.

Dr. Kinley:  No.  You better read it if you…  No, you got to have a mountain here.  You can’t, can’t ____.  You have to have.., probably the fifth chapter and you got to have a mountain here.

Now look up here folks.  Now look, now all of this multitude of people that come up out of Egypt, and gathered up around this mountain and Moses went up here and Yahweh told him to go tell ‘em to wash up and clean up their clothes and all and gather up around that mountain.  If so much as a beast touch that mountain, it would be put to death by a man.  He told ‘em to kinda stay off around it, cause they can’t get near it, but they do.  And when Yahweh spoke, they trembled.  And just like Dr. Harris.., I heard him when he said it this morning.  You setting up here all tightened up.  We get right down in there behind you, you wanna play warm, you’re just shook up.  You wanna play like you’re all hot, you’re just all shook up.  Alright.  Now just there’s, fifth chapter.

Dr. Harris:  And seeing the multitudes He went up into a mountain and when He was set

Dr. Kinley:  Hold it.  Check the third chapter of Matthew and the 14th verse.

Dr. Harris:  But John forbade Him saying I have need to be baptized of thee and comest thou to me

Dr. Kinley:  And comest thou to me

Dr. Harris:  And Yahshua answering and said unto him

Dr. Kinley:  And Yahshua answering and said unto him

Dr. Harris:  Suffer it to be so now

Dr. Kinley:  Suffer it to be so now

Dr. Harris:  For thus it becometh us

Dr. Kinley:  For thus it becometh us

Dr. Harris:  To fulfill all righteousness

Dr. Kinley:  Now I want you get this fulfill straight, Now here’s how I want you to get it straight.  Now if you don’t get this fulfill straight, there’s no hope.  Because this is where it’s being instituted to the Children of Israel.  Now if you can’t see this being instituted here then Yahshua coming in to fulfill it, you’ll never get nothing straight.  Now 1Oth chapter of first Corinthians.  I want you to know now.  Look, look up here.  You been reading the Bible all your life.  You’ve been going to church all your life.  Ain’t nobody ever told you right to your face that Yahshua the Messiah had penetrated the loins of a woman, was walking around back there in a physical body ____ ____.  Ain’t nobody ____, ain’t none of your preachers know

____ about that.  Now here’s why I said that.  ____ Because He’ll have to do it that way in order to come through the loins of a woman and fulfill it.  Now the reason why He went to John at the age of thirty, He’s walking around down here in, in Egypt, pay attention, pay attention.  Thirty years, that’s Joshua which you have in your Book and He looked right at ‘em, and He heard their cry.  Read it.  The third chapter of Exodus.

Dr. Harris:  Third chapter, seventh verse.  And Yahweh said I have surely seen the affliction of….

Dr. Kinley:  Now look, He seen it.  He’s seen the afflictions, while He was walking around down there looking right at it, I mean in a physical body.  Now if it had not been that way then, then He couldn’t have been walking around here in the physical in the fulfillment of it.  Why I dare you to say that He’s coming in fulfilling and then He’s walking around here in a physical body and He wasn’t down here in Egypt in a physical body walking around there looking at their afflictions.  Don’t you say that. (CHUCKLES) Do you follow me now, Freddy?

Fred Allen, Jr.:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  Didn’t He say He saw it.  Said He heard their cries, looked at it and then told Moses He was the Elohim of his old man Amram and of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob.  And said, I saw ‘em and looked at it.  Do you see.., now we’re getting down to brass tacks with you.  You have to find Yahweh.  You have to know Him and find Him.  You’ve got to prove it.  So when He went to John, He had to have been walking around back here.  I’m cutting it up short, I realize the time…  If He hadn’t been walking around down here in the person of Joshua.  Joshua was the Elohim or Yahweh incarnated in a body.  Now some idiot will say, ‘now I don’t believe that.’  Well, that’s what you are.  Dr. Dennis and them told you all that this morning.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Ain’t, ain’t that right?  Oh yes them boys preached this morning.

Student Body:  They sure did.

Dr. Kinley:  Yes indeed.  That’s one of them convention ____. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Ain’t nobody going to offer them no credit.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Ain’t nobody on Earth done any better than they did this morning.  If you can’t get it after this morning, I’m sorry for… ____ ____ ____.  Now that’s the way that is.  Now you can get tightened up all you please but that’s the way it is.  Get sore about it if you want to, got a place for all them folks.  Alright read on.  Read on.  You, you just read Exodus, didn’t you?

Reader:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  Is, is that what He said?  Said He saw their afflictions.

Reader:  Heard their cry.

Dr. Kinley:  Heard their cry.  He was down there 10 years after Moses left.  Now Dr. Harris just went to the board and figured this all out and showed it to you.  Step by step from down in here all the way through, til He was buried up there out of Egypt.  At 110.  And then 10 years after that, they’ve been in there fifty years.  That’s the year of Jubilee, that correlates with the Day of Pentecost.  Said He would set you free.

Now with what we’re after now, we wanna go away from there.  Now we wanna get down to business.  Now I tried to take you step at a time and I wanna make sure that you understand me up to this vital point.  Now, Moses was up in that mountain.  Now we have got to the place here now seeing the multitude followed Him just like with Moses.  How many of ‘em was there Doc?  600,000?

Dr. Harris:  603,550

Dr. Kinley:  Now that’s a multitude.  Now it’s being fulfilled here.  Now they went up through this, out of Egypt and through the Red Sea, and then to the wilderness.  When He gets baptized, where is He gonna go?

Student Body:  Wilderness.  Straightway.

Dr. Kinley:  He would have to go in the wilderness.  And if He don’t go into the wilderness, He never did fulfill not ____ ____.  Then, there’s something else got to happen.  Seeing the multitudes following, He chose His disciples now and come on back.  These were the chosen people.  Alright.  Now, what you get there in the fifth chapter of Matthew verse one.

Dr. Harris:  And seeing the multitudes

Dr. Kinley:  Now, and seeing the multitude

Dr. Harris:  He went up into a mountain

Dr. Kinley:  Now look here He went up into a mountain.  Christendoom ain’t never said nothing about it.  He went up into a mountain.  What happened up there?

Dr. Harris:  And when He was set

Dr. Kinley:  Now when He was set, remember how that cloud was supposed to set, right on the top of that mountain and Elohim was in that cloud and He spoke from that cloud.  That’s what the Book says.  And when He was set.  What, what happened then?

Dr. Harris:  His disciples came unto Him

Dr. Kinley:  His disciples came unto Him.  Read.

Dr. Harris:  And He opened His mouth

Dr. Kinley:  And He opened His mouth

Dr. Harris:  And taught them saying

Dr. Kinley:  And He opened His mouth and taught them saying

Dr. Harris:  Blessed are the poor in spirit

Dr. Kinley:  Blessed are the poor in spirit

Dr. Harris:  For their’s is the Kingdom of heaven

Dr. Kinley:  You see that?  Now they’re going, they’re, they’re, they have come into here, and their final destination is up here in Palestine.  It’s just like.., you don’t need to make no ____ ____.  This is Egypt down in here.  And this is the Holy Place and this is the Most Holy Place.  Here it is here.  There it is there and here it is over here.  Just no sense whatsoever.  And He opened His mouth saying.  Now read, now I’ve gotten it.  Now you can go down there.

Dr. Harris:  21st verse.  You have heard, you have heard that it was said by them of old time

Dr. Kinley:  Um huh

Dr. Harris:  Thou shall not commit murder

Dr. Kinley:  Now whoop, whoop, whoop.  Um um.  Now ma’am, no sir.  Where did they hear that at?  20th chapter of Exodus, and Yahweh said, thou shall not commit murder, didn’t say thou shall not kill.  Thou shall not commit murder.  That’s right.  Now if He’s gonna, if Yahweh is gonna say that then back there, then He’s got to go up in the mountains, and set down up there on top of that mountain and his text has got to be the same.  And He has got to refer back, said, you’ve heard of Moses and them of old time, that thou shall not…  Right?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now catch this one.  Was Jesus or Yahshua the Messiah up in that mountain?  Does it say that He was up there?

Student Body:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  But if He was up there then, He’d have to be up there then.  And if He’s wasn’t there, if He’s not up this mountain here then He wasn’t back here.  And if it wasn’t Joshua up here with him and the Elohim speaking and Yahweh speaking out of that man ____ ____ ____.  Are you following what I’m trying to tell you?  Now there’s no place else in the world you are gonna go and learn this.  I’m the man that Yahweh sent in to tell you about it.

Student Body:  Alright.

Dr. Kinley:  And look, a sixth grade.., just like they told you.  John…  It has to be Yahweh in me.  There’s no way out of that.  And I’ll have to be in Him to understand it.  I know what’s going on.  Alright read.

Dr. Harris:  What do you..?

Dr. Kinley:  Fifth Chapter and the 17th verse I believe.

Dr. Harris:  Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets

Dr. Kinley:  or the prophets

Dr. Harris:  I am not come to destroy but to fulfill

Dr. Kinley:  Now He said He’s come to fulfill.  Now all of this has happened back here in the institution.  Now He’s got to fulfill it.  Now Christendoom is out there saying that He come to teach you how to live a Christian life, and that He come to set you an example that you should follow in His foot, His footsteps, who did no sin, neither was guile found in His mouth.  Well He was a, He was a faker then if that’s the case.

Student Body:  That’s Right.

Dr. Kinley:  That’s right.  Cause you’ll, you’ll have to admit it, whether you want to or not, that you didn’t, you didn’t follow in His footsteps.  In the first place you wasn’t worthy.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  And don’t you stand there lying about it either.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  You know good and well you never done what He done.

Student Body:  No. That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  Well if you’d followed in His footsteps and He walked down in the River Jordan and was baptized and a dove, the Spirit descended on Him in the form of a dove.  Somebody missed it, ‘you said the spirit descended on Him in the form of a dove.’  Yes that’s what it says.  Said, ‘how can that be?’  I thought this was incorporeal.  And then some idiot’s got a little enough sense to think that that’s when He got the Holy Ghost.

Student Body:  That’s right.  They teach it.

Dr. Kinley:  Isn’t, ain’t, ain’t this right?

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  And why was it in the form of a dove?  I heard that stranger trying to talk about about that one night, a very educated man.  Now first I wanna show you this one:  I will be what I will to be, so since you look back here.  On this veil, and you see the ornithologist or ornithology, the birds that fly through the firmament.  Now every time you come upon that second veil you got to have something flying through that firmament.  And a bird is one that flies through that firmament so since you come upon that veil then since He has went in there, in there then it’s got to be in there, something coming from the firmament.  And He was the man so it’s got to be a bird.

Student Body:  Right, O.K., Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now how about that?  Now you look back at it and see if it ain’t that way.  Every time you come upon that veil, you got to, you got to have some color and all that kind…  And that dove, that lamb, back with Abraham and Isaac on the mountain.  We taught you that.  Now we have to rush.  Think not that I have come to destroy the law and the prophets but I have come to fulfill.  Now that’s what is stated.  Now while you’re in that 24th Chapter of Matthew.  While you’re in that 24th chapter of Matthew.  Now here He called Aaron Nadab and Abihu and the.., in the 24th chapter of Exodus now.  Now I want you to see exactly what I’m talking about.  See how the scriptures are fulfilled and how Moses…  Now what we’re after, what we’re after, setting it down now and finding out who wrote the Genesis?  And How do you know?  Jehovah’s Witnesses say they don’t.  And that’s what I told to you this morning.  Alright read.

Dr. Harris:  Then, then went up Moses, Aaron, Nadab and Abihu.

Dr. Kinley:  Now this is after He done spoke to Moses, after He done wrote down the commandments with the finger.  And that was before the Genesis.  Then went Aaron, Nadab and Abihu up into the Mount.  Now this is the second ascension into the mountain for Moses.  Alright read,

Dr. Harris:  And they saw the Elohim of Israel

Dr. Kinley:  And they saw this in a vision.  Alright, read on.

Dr. Harris:  And there was under his feet as it were a paved work of a sapphire stone

Dr. Kinley:  Um hum.

Reader:  And as it were the body of

Dr. Kinley:  Now they described Him, they saw it in a vision.  Yahweh had to talk, to manifest and to reveal Himself, or the Elohim.  Now if you look into that 16th verse there.  You’ll find that Joshua was Moses’s minister, just like Yahshua the Messiah, He didn’t come to be ministered unto but to minister.  He was your minister.  He’s a minister of the sanctuary.  Is Elohim, is Yahweh incarnated in a body walking around fulfilling this, before now Doc, before you get away from the

24th Chapter of Matthew, go back to it please.  There’s a verse there and it says something about heaven and earth passing away.  I have to have that before I can get this.

Dr. Harris:  Matthew 5:18

Dr. Kinley:  Matthew.  Would you mind reading?

Dr. Harris:  For verily I say unto you

Dr. Kinley:  For verily I say unto you

Dr. Harris:  Til Heaven and Earth pass

Dr. Kinley:  Til Heaven and Earth pass

Dr. Harris:  One jot or one tittle

Dr. Kinley:  One jot or one tittle

Dr. Harris:  Should in no wise pass from the law

Dr. Kinley:  Should in no wise pass from the law

Dr. Harris:  Til all be fulfilled

Dr. Kinley:  Til all of it be fulfilled.  Now look He’s got to say something to them about heaven and earth, setting up there in that Mountain.  Now you see it?  Because up here in this Mountain is where He’s showing him the heaven and the earth coming in and He’s got to show Moses something about ____.  Gotta say something about it.  Alright.

Now you got it down there.  Joshua was there.  And that’s the reason why He said til Heaven and Earth pass, My words, the words I’m saying, I’m the boss incarnated, the one that brought it all in.  It can’t fail.  And I brought it on in under the Law.  And if that was Him in that Mountain showing Moses that vision, He’s got to say something about ____ on the Mountain.  Do you see through what I’m talking about?  Do you all understand what I’m talking about?

Student Body:  Yes Sir.

Dr. Kinley:  Alright now go on back to the 24th Chapter of Exodus.  Alright.

Dr. Harris:  And Moses rose up

Dr. Kinley:  And Moses rose up

Dr. Harris:  And his minister Joshua

Dr. Kinley:  Now that.., Joshua is our minister.  He was their minister.  That’s what’s got to be in me.  That’s what it’s got to be in you.  Now you may say, ‘no that’s not right.’  Now what the difference is there is, we done found out about it and you haven’t; in other words we’re conscious of it but you’re just not.  Because it’s in Him that you live and you move and have your being.  Now you follow me this far?  Now go on down, Doc, the 16th verse there, I think it is.

Dr. Harris:  And the Glory of Yahweh abode upon Mount Sinai.

Dr. Kinley:  Yeah, and the Glory of Yahweh abode upon Mount Sinai.  On the board Freddy.

Dr. Harris:  And the cloud covered it six days.

Dr. Kinley:  And the cloud covered it six days.  Now we’re after the Genesis.  Now we’re after showing you, we’re after showing you that them six days that that cloud hovered over the top of the mountain, Israel camped at the foot, the sun was rising and setting, just makes its function in its orbit, but really the earth moves around the sun.  I said, but the, we just call it sun rising and setting but…  And now if you could just see the simplicity of this.  ____ ____ ____.  The sun rising and the sun setting everydayEveryday and you can’t see the resurrection.  The farmer going out there planting seed in the ground and they’re coming up and you can’t see the resurrection.  The stars there, you see ‘em on the veil, shows those angelic figures on the, in the sanctuary.  Oh I tell you.  But read on.

Dr. Harris:  And on the seventh day

Dr. Kinley:  Now the six days.  I told you.., that’s the reason why we backed up over in Matthew cause you have to say something about it, because it was up here in this mountain


Dr. Kinley:  that Moses saw the vision of the creation of heaven and earth.  Now look, now, now you, you see where he’s reading at?  Where you reading Doc?

Dr. Harris:  Exodus 24.

Dr. Kinley:  Now this is in Exodus, not Genesis, how about that,?  that the cloud covered it six days.  Oh I, I, I’m, I’m I’m so anxious and I want you to see so bad.  Now Moses seen that vision up there during them six days.  Now watch now.  Now here’s over to Genesis ties right in.  What, what’s that verse say?

Dr. Harris:  And the seventh day He called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud.

Dr. Kinley:  And the seventh day He called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud.  Seven days.  Now look and pay attention to me now.  Now you don’t have right there in Exodus, do you?  What happens in that cloud, do you?

Student Body:  No.

Dr. Kinley:  But Moses saw the vision and he said the cloud covered it six days then he took the vision and put over in the first part of the Book.  That’s Genesis.

Now here’s another thing, interrogation or question.  When Moses was gone up in this mountain 40 days.  And they disobeyed and come back down out of the mountain.  They thought he was gone.  They didn’t know where he went to.  And when he come back down, they said, ‘where you been.  What’s been going on?’  He said, ‘well in the beginning.’  Now got up there in the Mountain and in the beginning saw that thing.  He saw them.  In the beginning, Yahweh Elohim created the heavens and the earth in them first six days up there.  And he put it over here in the first part of the book of Genesis.

There’s something else deep about that that I want you to see.  Now Him creating this physical universe, that’s a tabernacle.  That’s the greater and more perfect tabernacle.  And He was six days, and He slowed it down.  Now when we say six days, He created it in six days, now what we’re talking about is the sun that’s rising and setting, in 1490 and Moses is up in this mountain and He was up there six of these solar days while the sun was rising and setting, but the creation did not take place in those six days.  It took place in the realm of Eternity and that’s what the interior of cloud represents.  And Yahweh just slowed her down.  And then it took Moses six days to see that vision.  It took him six days to see it.  And on the seventh day He called Moses out of the cloud.  Now look.  Do this.  All of you that got a Bible do it.  Now Dr. Harris hold that there chapter and that verse that you got there, go back to Genesis and go through that.., I’m not asking you to read it all, but I just want you to read the conclusion, I think it’s in the fourth verse of your King James Version and you’ll see that that seventh day there is the same seventh day that you’re talking about here.

Dr. Harris:  Starts in the 32nd verse of the first chapter of Genesis in the Holy Name Bible.

Dr. Kinley:  Uh hum.

Dr. Harris:  Thus the heavens and the earth were completed and all their host and on the seventh day Elohim completed His work which He had made and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had made and Elohim blessed the seventh day and sanctified it.

Dr. Kinley:  That’s alright.  Now I want you to go right back and read the same verse that you just read.

Dr. Harris:  And on the seventh day He called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud

Dr. Kinley:  Now I just, I want you to see that He was talking to Moses.  He called him on the seventh day.  Now you notice who He was talking to, He was talking to Moses.  On the seventh day He called unto Moses, not the Children of Israel.  Do you get that?  Now that’ll help you to see who wrote it.  He was looking right at Him when He created everything, the greater and more perfect tabernacle, I mean this greater and more perfect tabernacle.  You follow it now?  Now, now this is the second trip, top in the mountain, that Moses had to go up into the cloud, into the midst of the cloud by himself and they had to remain down here but they did see the vision.  Now look.  Now you listen at me.  Now if this is so here or if it’s not so, then He can’t take them up here in the transfiguration.  Has to do it in order to fulfill doing it back here.  And they saw His garments.  And look somebody may say, ‘well Moses wasn’t there.’  Well here, what’s he doing over here, they appeared unto them, 17th chapter of Matthew, and Moses and Elijah were there.  The Book says so and so also was Yahshua or Jesus as you say.  Now you can.., (BELL RINGS) If Jesus wasn’t up here, He wasn’t back there and if He wasn’t back here, He wasn’t over here.  If Moses wasn’t here, he wasn’t there.  He’s got to fulfill.  Now do you see the difference?  Christendoom don’t know that.  They don’t understand it, they call the fifth chapter of Matthew the Beatitudes.  And the transfiguration they don’t know what to say about that.  They don’t even realize that it is a vision and yet and still the Book says that it was.  I mean the Book says that.  If you don’t think the book says it, I’ll read it to you out of there, that it was a vision.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now if you’re gonna follow the footsteps of Jesus, wouldn’t have been no sense of Him coming, cause you’d been hung out on the cross and all of us would have been dead, because He was made to be sin for us that we might be the righteousness in Him.  That’s right.

Student Body:  Right.  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  So if you’re gonna follow in His footsteps, you’re gonna have to on back down to Egypt and walk out of here and you gonna have to do all of this.  You’re gonna have to have a lotta mountain climbing, and cross hanging, and foot washing, Lord supper’s and all that kinda stuff.  Do you see what I’m talking about?


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