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by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

Los Angeles, California

received from Fred Allen Jr.

2 90 minute audio cassettes

CATTLOG #:  74.1115

Transcribed by Dr. Sandra Giragosian

proofread by Cathy Fenti, Michael Rothstein, and Geraldine Rothstein

proofread and approved by the International Public Relations Committee:  1996


1.  …indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley, pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, uh, see, you see, you see what I mean, isn’t that right, understand, you understand, do you understand).

4. ___ indicates an inaudible word or syllable.

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber.


Dr. Kinley: Thank you ever so much. I’m always happy and glad to testify to the things that Yahweh has revealed to me. They are not, they are really discerned by the Holy Spirit. That you have no confirmation, possibility of finding to be certain. Now, it’s kinda bad for us to stand up and tell people about things like that because they are, they become offended by it. They don’t like it. I understand all that, I know all that, but nevertheless that’s my job. Nothing new about it either. They were offended at the real thing, that is Yahshua the Messiah, and they always were putting Him on the carpet about something, not realizing that that was Yahweh Himself incarnated in a physical body. They just didn’t know. And, as you’ve just read there, have heard read in the book there of 2nd Corinthians1 Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, the things that Yahweh has prepared for them that love Him, but He has revealed ‘em unto us, the apostles, by His Spirit.


1 I Corinthians 2:9

Now here comes along a honky. He hasn’t have no vision, no revelation, and no nothing. Get the point? Now, he knows all about it. Now, that’s sad, but nevertheless there’s nothing new about it.

Now, one of the reasons why I got up here is, was on this account, I just might as well say it. I was sitting there in the house just a day ago, and a Jehovah’s Witness knocked on the door, the back door. And Mary, she went to the door ____ ‘No, thank you very much for the time.’ And she turned around and went on back into the house and they went round and round the house, always, and knocked on the front door. Dr. Durham was there. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____. Mary had met him at the back door. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) And he’s over there, hearing what I’m saying. Now listen, I wanna tell you just how, how that was. Now, I told them that Jehovah was not the correct name, and he said he knew, it’s Yahweh. Now, he told me that what he was doing was obeying Christ, that is to say, he was going from one door to the other and carrying out the, what he was, they were supposed to do. That’s not in line with the purpose, that you could go from one person’s house to the other one. Now, that’s, that’s all out of harmony with even common sense. Never intended it to be like that.

Now look here, if we just say this just, just to show you now the, the difference. If that was what they was supposed to do, you tell me, explain to me, why Yahweh had them to build the Tabernacle and this Temple. Now, He’s just really not that big a fool. Yahweh is not. Now, then, this Temple only sit on Mt. Moriah, and the Tabernacle was builded down here in the wilderness. They carried the stuff they made it out of, out of Egypt and brought it up here and put it on Mt. Zion.

And, when the proper time come, they dismantled it and moved it into the Temple, dismantled the Tabernacle and moved it into the Temple. And that was where they went to hear the words of Yahweh. And in that Temple, they had the Court of the Gentiles, and the Court of the Women, and of the Men. And there’s where the High Priest, in the Temple and also in the Tabernacle, offered up sacrifices.

Now, we have an order of service here. And you know what it is. That is to say, sing a song, read the Bible. Well now, that’s a, a custom. That’s a form of righteousness. It was even prepared for you way back into that temple back there. Now, I brought that up, so I could show you this. Now, they get somehow, they get all stiffened up and say, ‘Well, now, you folks here you go through as much of a form or course of procedure as we do out in the other churches.’ But they have a form of righteousness but they, they deny the power. Now, we have the form, but we don’t deny the power.

Now, let me show you what I mean. Now, 8:00 we come Wednesdays and Fridays, we meet here, we have an understanding about that; 11:00 on Sunday morning, 11 ’til 1; and from 8 to 10, on Wednesdays and Fridays. Everybody understands that.

Now, look, this High Priest had to offer up sacrifices on that altar here in the Tabernacle, and also in the Temple, when the Temple was builded. Now listen to what I’m gonna say. It was a daily sacrifice, every day. Now you, when you come here, why then, we got to offer some kind of a sacrifice. We’re exposed to all kinds of persecution for telling you those things. Not only that, now listen, it goes again at 9:00 o’clock in the morning, that high priest was due to be in there in that Temple, or in that Tabernacle, at 9:00 o’clock in the morning, every day, on this and all days, and that was called the Hour of Prayer.

Now, some of ‘em think, ‘Well, now, you go through the form of having somebody to pray, and so forth and so on,’ up here. I just wanna let you know that the routine that’s set up, it’s old. And while these people, them people, they didn’t have the Holy Spirit back there. So, when the High Priest burned incense here, the incense took the place of the Holy Spirit. And that was called the Hour of Prayer. So, then, the incense and them praying on the outside of this Tabernacle, every day now, that was the Hour of Prayer. It was time for prayer, time for intercession to be made, time to burn that incense. Now, we know what we’re doing down here.

Now, somebody said this, ‘Well, now, look. Every time we come down there, you go through the same old routine. Why don’t you get on something new? All them repetitions and all.’ Now, say listen, don’t the sun rise in the east and set in the west every day? Are you tired of that routine? Don’t your… the circulatory system work the same way through your body, everyday? Don’t you eat some food every day, that is, if you have something to eat.

Now, what I am talking about is repetition! That’s the way you learn some sense. That’s the very thing that the other fellow can’t do out there. He can’t repeat the same thing over and over through the dispensations and ages, line upon line, and precept upon precept. And that’s the way, why everything functions as it does, in order, if, if you don’t learn it one time, in one place, possibilities are you’ll learn it somewhere else.

For example, now at this Passover supper, at this Passover supper here, that was at night when they ate that supper. They had their shoes buckled on, staffs in their hands, and ready to depart. That’s the way they went to come up from there Yahweh told them. Now, to what was on the menu… just here, I’m just going to try and show you how the Devil’s fooled you. Wasn’t no wine on that menu. Now, I didn’t say they didn’t have wine at some of the feasts. They did, ____. But there wasn’t no wine. They didn’t have no wine and no grape juice, and nothing like that, no Welch’s Grape Juice back there at that Feast of the Passover. Look at the 12th chapter of Exodus and find out what the menu was. Now, look here folks, if you’re not gonna go by the Bible, you just might as well quit, and quit now. All right.

Dr. Harris: Your lamb…

Dr. Kinley: But where you reading at?

Dr. Harris: Fifth verse and then jump down to the 8th verse. Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year:

Dr. Kinley: Now, your lamb shall be without blemish, and a male for the first year. Read.

Dr. Harris: ye shall take it out from the sheep, or from the goats:

Dr. Kinley: Now, you shall take it out from the sheep, or from the goats. All right. Read on.

Dr. Harris: 8th verse

Dr. Kinley: 8th verse

Dr. Harris: And they shall eat the flesh in the night, roast with fire,

Dr. Kinley: And they shall eat the flesh in the daytime,

Student Body: No!

Dr. Kinley: at the morning service,

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: at the mass!

Student Body: No, no.

Dr. Kinley: All right.

Dr. Harris: roast with fire,

Dr. Kinley: roast… now, now roasted with fire, not sodden with water. All right, read on.

Dr. Harris: and unleavened bread;

Dr. Kinley: unleavened bread… Now, that’s lamb and unleavened bread.

Dr. Harris: and with bitter herbs they shall eat

Dr. Kinley: and with bitter herbs… Is that right?

Dr. Harris: That’s right. They shall eat it.

Dr. Kinley: And they shall eat it. Now, is there anything else on that menu?

Dr. Harris: That’s all. Lamb, bitter herbs, unleavened bread.

Dr. Kinley: That’s it?

Dr. Harris: That’s all, lamb, bitter herbs…

Dr. Kinley: Now, that’s what the scriptures say. Now, don’t go running out here and tell somebody I said that. Now, look in the 26th chapter of Matthew, and the 26th verse.

Dr. Harris: And as they were eating,

Dr. Kinley: Now, as, and as they were eating,

Dr. Harris: Yahshua…

Dr. Kinley: Now, wait a minute! Now, notice it didn’t say what they was eating there. All right, as they were eating…

Dr. Harris: Yahshua took bread,

Dr. Kinley: Now, He took bread. Now, it mentioned the bread there. All right, and

what else?

Dr. Harris: and blessed it,

Dr. Kinley: and blessed it,

Dr. Harris: and broke it,

Dr. Kinley: and broke it,

Dr. Harris: and gave it to the disciples, and said,

Dr. Kinley: and gave it to the disciples, and said,

Dr. Harris: Take, eat; this is my body.

Dr. Kinley: Take, eat; listen, not that is my body. He didn’t say that. See how it wasn’t, how we get all messed up. He said… Repeat that again, Doc.

Dr. Harris: Take, eat; this is my body.

Dr. Kinley: This is my body, not that is my body!! Now, it don’t say what they were eating. Now as they were eating… Eating what? Now, if you knew what was on the menu, you wouldn’t have all that problem. As they were eating lamb, He took bread! Now, so we had lamb and bread on that menu. And then, He gave them the cup, also. And what was in that? Unleavened, uh… bitter herbs. Now, that’s what some… And, what did He say about that, read that, Doc.

Dr. Harris: and he took the cup,

Dr. Kinley: And he took the cup,

Dr. Harris: and gave thanks,

Dr. Kinley: and gave thanks,

Dr. Harris: and gave it to them,

Dr. Kinley: and gave it to them,

Dr. Harris: saying,

Dr. Kinley: saying,

Dr. Harris: Drink ye all of it;

Dr. Kinley: Drink ye all of it;

Dr. Harris: For this is my blood of the new testament,

Dr. Kinley: For this is my blood, not that is my blood! He didn’t say that. Now, here comes the Devil. The Devil, in Protestantism, he claims that that is just a type and a shadow, of… or consubstantiation. Consubstantiation, that’s Protestant, means a type and a shadow. Then, the Roman Catholics they say, ‘no, no types and no shadows.’ They say that it is transubstantiation. That means that it is the actual body and blood of Yahshua the Messiah. Now, it wasn’t that to begin with. But now, this is what makes it that. When the priest prays over it, it changes it from grape juice to the blood of Yahshua the Messiah or Jesus Christ. And then, when he prays over the bread, then that makes it the actual body. That’s the body and the blood, the actual body and blood. Now, what he’s done is sit up there and call himself creating Christ by some words.

Now, Doc, just, just one, two more thoughts on that same thing. In the 12th chapter of Exodus, I wanna know where they ate it at.

Dr. Harris: Their own houses.

Dr. Kinley: I want it read out of the book. Then, while he’s doing this and that, somebody get the 11th chapter of 1st Corinthians, the 20th verse.

Dr. Harris: Seventh verse. And they shall take of the blood, and strike it on the two side posts and on the upper door post of the houses, wherein they shall eat it.

Dr. Kinley: Now, that’s, that’s in their own house. Now, that’s where they ate it. Now listen at what I’m saying. Never, at no time in the history of that Passover, did they eat it up in the congregation of the assembly. They never did that. Now, I had him to read where they ate it at there, in their house. That is necessary.

All right. And they took the… Now, here’s another one, right in the same thing, Now, they took the blood of that lamb, and what did they do with it, Dr. Gross, uh… Dr. Harris?

Dr. Harris: They struck it on the lintel and the two side posts,

Dr. Kinley: They struck it on the lintel, and on and on the side posts,

Dr. Harris: of their door.

Dr. Kinley: of their door. And up on the lintel of the door, they struck it. Now here’s Jehovah’s Witnesses. They said He was crucified on a stave.  Now, when… as Dr. Durham will tell you, no sooner than I told that man the truth about it, and he already said it to me. He said, ‘Well, I didn’t come up here to argue with you.’ He said there, ‘I come up here to tell you something about the truth of Yahweh or God or Jehovah.’ He said that. I asked him what they say about, I said ‘well, if you come here to tell me something about the truth. Then don’t talk to me about Jehovah, tell me about Yahweh, if you know Yahweh’s the real name.’ He said, Yahweh or ‘Jehovah was the English translation of Yahweh!’

Now look, folks, there isn’t any body sitting in this building right now, that can’t go out of here, that’s right out of here, and go and get a book, and any book that you pick up a dictionary, or an encyclopedia, or anything, Bible dictionary, will tell you that that’s not so. Now, for somebody to be walking around, going to people’s houses, knocking on doors, telling them that they come to tell you the truth, and then commence to telling you about Jehovah and Jesus. And then, when I didn’t wanna listen to what he was saying, and tried to tell him something about it, I told him, ‘yeah I’ll read ____ ____.’ ‘No, our literature…’ way back there in 1961, they didn’t, he went to talking about the tetragrammaton. They got the tetragrammaton from us. They didn’t know nothing about it, wasn’t in none of their books before then. It’s in our first volume, that’s where they got it from. They never said a thing about it before then! Now, he’s sitting up there trying to tell me about the tetragrammaton, about Jehovah and the tetragrammaton. And then he went on to say this, that the tetragrammaton is Greek, and that was a Greek translation. And he further stated that you had to put the YHWH, the YHVH and so forth and so on, in the tetragrammaton, so he said. He says, now, where you get into problems there, you don’t have a, e, i, o, u. That is correct; those are the vowels. He said, ‘you don’t know where to put the vowels at, in the YHWH.’ Now, that was a Jehovah’s Witness. Is that what he said, Dr. Durham? Well, he may not have known, but we do.

Folks, let me tell you something. We’ve labored hard to tell you the truth. And we have went to no lengths to tell you the truth about everything we talk about up here. Now, the vowels… J, well, let’s put it this way, folks. There’s no J in the Hebrew language at all. There never was. There isn’t any in there yet. And every time, we don’t have no meetings down here, without, we don’t tell you about it. There’s no, there wasn’t any J in any language, English, nor nothing else, Greek nor none of it, nothing else. Hebrew: no J. No J in the English.

Now, they want to superimpose all that junk on you. And, if you don’t wanna listen to it, well, he’s got it, they got an appointment down the street. Whatever you do, if you wanna keep Jehovah’s Witnesses setting in front of you, you set there and keep your mouth shut, and be gullible enough to swallow down anything, don’t contest him, cause if you do, he’s got an appointment! (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now, I told you all, when we wrote that first edition of the book, and put it out there, they would, they would, different ones would start to coming out with the name Yahweh, Yahveh. Didn’t I tell you that?

Student Body: Yes.

Dr. Kinley: Billy Graham. They, they’ve shown what the true names are. And they had nerve enough to say in their books, that Yahweh was the correct name. Then they turn around and use Jehovah. That man, didn’t he, didn’t he tell me… He said, ‘Jehovah, ah… Yahweh was the correct Hebrew translation.’ Is that what he said? He said that Jehovah was the English translation. Now, that’s not so!! How could it be, if there wasn’t no J in any language? How could that be the English translation of it? And if there wasn’t any J in any language, it can’t be… that can’t be Jehovah, and it surely can’t be Jesus. Now, he want to sit on down there and tell me about Jesus. And I told him, that, that wasn’t His name. I said His name was Yahshua. He said he knew it.

Well, what the Hell you set up, standing around trying to tell me about this, that, and the other for, and then tell me you come up here to talk to me about the truth! (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Some of them think I’m rude, and mean, and hateful. Just like I used the term here the other night about the old bastard. Then some of them got offended there ’bout it. Didn’t even know what it, a bastard was. Now, I didn’t say that. And they didn’t know what a bastard was. And they went on to talk about their capabilities, because they was a 33rd degree Mason. For your information, I have talked to 33rd degree Masons. And these charts have been hung right up in the Masonic halls. Am I lying, Dr. Allen? Stand up. He ain’t here? Well, that He knows. He’s been right up there, right with me, and I talked in the Masonic Hall, in Lockland, Ohio. Is that right, Dr. Allen? And your father is a Mason, is that right?

And, for your information, I’ve been in a Masonic order, too. Course, I only went to the 3rd degree. I’ve been an Oddfellow too. Still one. I don’t mean one of those things they carry around. (STUDENT BODY AND DR. KINLEY LAUGH) They wanna call me an oddball. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) But, now, let’s go on with this. But, now, what we try to do is to show… Now, you, you read it there that they ate that in their own houses. Is that right?

Dr. Harris: Right.

Dr. Kinley: All right. Now, if they ate it in… That’s in Exodus, the 12th chapter of Exodus. Is that right?

Dr. Harris: Right.

Dr. Kinley: Alright. now, get in 1st Corinth, get the, 1st Corinthians, 11 and 20.

Dr. Harris: When ye come together therefore into one place,

Dr. Kinley: Now look here. Here’s an ordinance. You must not do this. The Gentiles they never did do it, not in the history of the world. Now, what that really does, that catches all the churches! And the Jews are not supposed to be doing it that way now! Now, there’s no need for nobody arguing with me. I’ve been caught up to Heaven itself, and shown these things. Hasn’t been nobody able to whip me. You can’t do that. You getting offended at my words, because I used the, the word bastard. And then somebody calls the 33rd… say, listen, do you know that Dr. Gill G. Robinson in Springfield, Ohio, actually belongs to this school. We have his picture attend, attending the ’67 Convention, and he’s a 33rd degree Mason. And he helped me with the Constitution. Dr. Farley, your uncle, I know at least he was a 32nd degree Mason, might have been 33 for all I know.

Dr. Farley: 33.

Dr. Kinley: Was he 33?

Dr. Farley: Yes sir.

Dr. Kinley: 33rd degree Mason. We have more than, look here, you wanna know something, it was the Masons that kinda helped me along with the work. So, you don’t need to think ’cause you’re a Mason you got anywhere. I taught the Masons. I taught them all about Solomon’s Temple and about other things, and they say they’re gonna find out from now on, around the corner. That’s right. They don’t know, they don’t know, they don’t know what they oughta know about it. That’s right. I don’t give away no secrets. Don’t worry. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) I promised not to do that. Oblig.., oath of obligation, so I promised not to do that, so I ain’t gonna give away no secrets at all, other than what I’ve already told you. And I taught ‘em and we got some of them right in this, in this class in school. So don’t, don’t, don’t come up with that kinda stuff, cause it won’t work. This is the only place where you can go to learn things like this. I am the man that Yahweh caught up to the third heaven and showed things impossible for a man to utter. And almost every day, somebody around the country calls me and thanks me. Somebody from Ohio called just before I came to school to thank me about their body being healed and so forth and so on.

Doctor back there right now red hot with me. I told you all about this doctor was, was gonna operate on Jerry Kinley’s baby. And finally called me and asked me about it, and held the doctor up, and had the doctor talk with me on the phone. And so, I told the doctor, ‘Yes, I asked him to tell you about taking the baby up by the heels and shaking it that way.’ They had a…

Dr. Harris: French fry.

Dr. Kinley: French fry lodged in his throat there. So he said, ‘That’s olden times, Doctor. We don’t do it that way no more. We have a better way of doing it.’ Now, by them calling me doctor, he thought that I was a medical doctor. So I explained to him, I said, ‘I’m not a medical doctor.’ I said, ‘I’m called metaphysician.’ (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) ‘I’m a doctor of metaphysics, not a doctor of medicine.’ So then, he said, ‘We don’t do it that way.’ I said, ‘Listen, any kind of way you want to do it, just go right on and do it.’ I said, ‘All I’m interested in is saving the baby.’ He said, ‘Well, that’s all we’re interested in, too.’ So, he said, ‘Then I’ll proceed as we do.’ Said, ‘Do you want me to give you your grandson back?’ He’ll wanna hear it from my mouth. Said, ‘I told you go on ahead and operate, whatever course of procedure you know, just go right ahead.’ He said, ‘All right. Here’s your grandson.’ I said, ‘Listen now, ‘I told him that you can tell Jerry that I said for him to go ahead on and do anything at all ____ ____ ____ ____. Then, when he got back the baby done throwed up the whole thing. Then a few days from that, here come a letter said they had been charged $650 for operating. Then, he called me on the telephone and those that was in his house that same night told me the baby done throwed it all up. The night before last he called me and told me that they had gotten a bill ____ ____ ___ they wrote me a letter about it. And the nurse and the orderly said that they didn’t perform any operation on the baby, and yet and still he got a bill for $650 for it.

Now folks, this whole thing, this religious structure is a mess. Now, you thought, now it’s all right for us to talk about these lying preachers. And some people get offended with you because you called their pastor a liar. He is a liar. And then they don’t want you to say anything about the doctors, quack doctors, medical doctors. No, I’m not talking about Dr. Harris. ____ or anybody else, I didn’t say Dr. Harris is a quack, either. Listen, because Dr. Harris did all he knew to do for his uncle. Just like they was, they was going to do with the baby back there. And his uncle was in far worse shape than the baby was. Of course, both of them could have died. And Yahweh brought his uncle out. Am I lying, Dr. Harris?

Dr. Harris: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: Folks, this is what I got up here for. I got up here to tell you that down here in this school we’re not down here, just to get somebody, just to be going through routines or operations or anything like that. We’re not down here for that purpose. And, if you’ve come down here for that, I’m sorry. And listen here, if there’s any of you sitting out there at any time know anything more about it than what we do down here… Now I’m telling you. And I, I have the authority of the other officials of the school. You have, you have the floor. If you know more about it than we do, you can have the pulpit. And all we’re gonna ask you to do is just, just to remain. After you speak your piece, give, give us a break. Now, we’ve permitted you to ask questions. Now, if you don’t have any, that’s your fault, not, not ours. And if we’re gonna tell you anything at all, it ought to be the truth. All right. Now, we were talking about where you ate that at. It was in the house. Is that right?

Dr. Harris: Right.

Dr. Kinley: All right. Proceed.

Dr. Harris: When ye come together therefore into one place,2

Dr. Kinley: Now, when you come together therefore into one place… Now, it doesn’t make any difference whether you be jews or Gentiles. The gent.., the Jews never did, at no time… They ate that lamb and unleavened bread, and bitter herbs in their own homes. Is that almost right, David?

Dr. David Rosen: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: They never did do it in the congregation of the assembly. And they don’t even do it today. The orthodox Judaism. Do they?

Dr. Rosen: No, they do it in their houses.

Dr. Kinley: They do it in their own homes. Now, some idiot will wanna come out here and jump all over us. And they’ll say, ‘Well look, Paul’s setting in order.’ That’s what they say, because they were doing it up there in Greece. Now it hadn’t ever been given to no Gentiles at all. If you read Exo.., Exodus down there. Then some idiot has this nerve, nerve to say this, ‘Well, listen, that was not under the Law, and neither was water baptisms. The Law wasn’t given until they got to Mount Sinai. So, eating this was not under the Law. And water baptism was not under the Law.’ But, I’ll have you to know, if you read there doc… Maybe you’d better go back and read that, back there in Exodus, before you go ahead. I wanna show you something. It says there that ‘this do,’ listen now, ‘throughout your generations. This is an ordinance forever.’ Is that what it says?

Student Body: Yes. Yes sir.

Dr. Kinley: Read it, Doc. What verse it is.

Dr. Harris: Exodus 12:14.

Dr. Kinley: Exodus 12:14.

Dr. Harris: And this day shall be unto you for a memorial;

Dr. Kinley: This day shall be unto you for a memorial;

Dr. Harris: and ye shall keep it a feast to Yahweh throughout your generations;

Dr. Kinley: That’s right.

Dr. Harris: ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever.


2 I Corinthians 11:20

Dr. Kinley: That’s a fact. Forever. That means a continuation. Now, let me show you what I’m talking about. When Yahshua the Messiah was nailed to the cross, right here, now He was the 63rd generation. That was the end of the generations. Somebody said, ‘Now, you blundering idiot, you don’t know what you’re talking about.’ But look. Go over here. You explain to me about these 63 cranial nerves. That’s all you got. You got ‘em right here in your own body.

Dr. Harris: Right.

Dr. Kinley: Is that almost right, Dr. Harris?

Dr. Harris: Spinal nerves.

Dr. Kinley: Spinal nerves, run down your spinal column: sixty-three, 60… And you, and you take the third chapter of Luke and just count one generation after the other, and see if you don’t get 63.

Now, you still keep the ordinances, the Jews. Now listen, the Gentiles do too. He was grafted in among them, the Jews. The 2nd chapter of Romans, and the last two verses, say he that is a Jew outwardly is not one inwardly, and neither is that outwardly in the flesh. Do you understand about that? He said, but he is a Jew that is one inwardly or spiritually. We’re all Jews.

Now, the word Jew is incorrect, too. Now, they, now I’ll show you that, since I’m talking about it. Now, we just got through saying there wasn’t no J in the Hebrew language, so it can’t be Jew. Ain’t no such name as Joseph. Ain’t no such name as Jesus. There ain’t no such name as Jerusalem. There ain’t no such thing as Jordan River. See how you can just go along and just blunder and stumble over something and fall headlong and ain’t got sense enough to know it. Jew is Yehudah.

Dr. Rosen: That’s right!

Dr. Kinley: Is that right, David?

Dr. Rosen: That’s right.

Dr. Kinley: And listen here folks, he speaks the hebrew language, too. And you, you don’t know hebrew, you don’t know a thing about what you’re talking about. Born in Israel! Tel Aviv. Is that almost right? Dr. Gross here’s a German Jew, or the German Jesus. Let me go ahead on. But what I’m after folks is telling you, letting you know this, down here, we know the truth. This is not something I made up. If I did, I wouldn’t have proof for the things that I say. I just wouldn’t have proof. All right. Now, read.

Dr. Harris: When ye come together therefore into one place,

Dr. Kinley: Now, when you come together therefore into one place… Now, you see here. Freddy, you have a, the meeting that you hold on Tuesday nights. Is that right?

Dr. Allen Jr.: Right.

Dr. Kinley: Dr. Dennis has one he holds on ____ night. And some others here have different ones that they hold. But now that, but now here, you’re in one place. Now you’re, read it, Doc.


Dr. Harris: When ye come together therefore into one place, this is not to eat the Lord’s supper.

Dr. Kinley: And I don’t care how you want it. And it doesn’t make any difference whether you’re a Jew or a Gentile. This is not to eat that.

Now, let me get you the word supper. Night. And here you are Sunday morning. You don’t know the difference between breakfast, dinner, and supper. And that was supposed to be, the lamb was supposed to be drawn out of the flock on the 10th and kept up to the 14th of Abib or at night, got to be in the evening, and then he was supposed to be slain. And his blood to be put over the lintels of the door. Now listen, I said lintels of the door! Now, if this is… and on these side posts of the door, don’t you think you would see that that was a form of a cross. Can’t you see that? Now, look, Adam back here was hung on a tree. That’s where you got, that’s where the hang up was, was on the tree. Now, you know as well as I do, a tree has got some branches and some limbs on it. Now, you do know that, don’t you? Now here somebody comes around saying, ‘Well, the Romans hadn’t yet invented the cross when Jesus was crucified.’ Like Yahweh is setting around waiting on them to invent it. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now, that’s stupid!! You follow now? Yahshua the Messiah, talking about the grape juice, said, ‘I’m the true vine.’ Does that look like a grapevine? Fifteenth chapter of John, said, ‘I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.’ All they know anything about is, are grapevines. Now, you’ve got too many things now by the grapevine. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Be the grapevine or by the vine. All right, the 11th chapter says when you come together into one place, this is not to eat the Lord’s supper. Now, why not?

Dr. Harris: For in eating every one taketh before other

Dr. Kinley: For in eating every one taketh before other

Dr. Harris: his own supper:

Dr. Kinley: his own supper:

Dr. Harris: and one is hungry,

Dr. Kinley: and one is hungry,

Dr. Harris: and another is drunken.

Dr. Kinley: and another is drunken. Now, wait just a minute. Now, in Springfield they tried this. We raised so much sand there about it, that’s where the school was first started, in the 2nd Baptist Church. Said, ‘yes, he’s right about that.’ But now, the way we gonna do it like this, to keep one from being hungry, and the other from being drunk. Now, here you serve it, you pass it around to everybody. ‘Now, you hold it!’ And again they’ll come around with some bread, ‘now you hold it. Now you hold it’ (get the point) ‘until the countdown. Now, all of you got it? Every… all got it. All right, when I say three… One, two, three, go!’ (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now, they did that in Springfield, Ohio, trying to straighten this thing up.

But now, I’ll show you what the difference would be there. If they ate it in their own homes, that family there. Then there’s another family out here who be eating it, they ate it at night. So, maybe these are out there, and the other house out there, they wouldn’t be eating it all at the same time. But they would, those that were in that family, they would sit down and eat the supper together. And all the Jews, I’m talking about all the Jews all around over Palestine, they would eat it, in their own homes. Now, that’s where it come from. Now, they don’t do it that way no more.

Now, Paul, he’s straightening it up. Now, why is he straightening it up? What’s his reason for writing this thing here to ‘em?

And it was urgently necessary… They don’t realize that Paul wrote this epistle to them because of, necessary for them to stop that mess! That’s why he wrote these things! And he said to ‘em, now you get this thing straightened out right away quick! And the rest will I set in order when I get up there! But you get that, you get this stopped! Now here’s how it is, here’s how they it got started: them old carnal-minded orthodox Jews, in the synagogue now. They was teaching the people to continue to eat the Feast of the Passover as they did it in the past under the Law, the Dispensation of the Law. They were teaching ‘em to be circumcised and keep the Law of Moses. And not only just in Corinth. They did it also in Galatia. And they did it all around, everywhere. But he’s writing this epistle to ‘em because this is the thing that’s urgently needed to be corrected. Alright. Now, when you come together into one place, this is not to eat the Lord’s supper. Now don’t forget now, we told you this was an ordinance forever throughout all your generations. And the generations ended at the 63rd, and then this after that, that was it. Alright, now then, if you read it the other way around it. Now we’re gonna tell you about that too. All right. Finish reading where you’re talking about there.

Dr. Harris: What? have ye no houses

Dr. Kinley: Now, you know that you can eat. Now wait, just a minute. Now, here’s the reason why I brought that up, Roger. Now, anybody that’s a Bible scholar could see. He don’t need no brains. Don’t you see down there where the ordinance was set up, or established at, they ate it in their own houses. Now, here’s Paul chastising the Corinthians, Jews, telling them when you come together into, into the synagogue, this is not say to partake of the Lord’s supper as they call it. Not them… they called it Yahshua’s supper. This is not to do that. Cause they never did do that back there. Now, he said, don’t you have a house to eat in like they did down in Egypt? Now, can’t you see the folly and the foolishness of them out here in the Baptist, and the Church of Christ, and the Church of This, That, and the Other. Don’t you see the foolishness over there in the Roman Catholic. Can’t you see the foolishness of it? And they’re not going by the scriptures. All right, read.

Dr. Harris: or despise ye

Dr. Kinley: or do you despise

Dr. Harris: the assembly of Yahweh,

Dr. Kinley: Do you despise the things to the assembly of Yahweh, this is assembly of Yahweh here now in one place… All right. Read on.

Dr. Harris: and shame them that have not?

Dr. Kinley: and shame them that don’t have no house to eat in or to drink in, ____ ____ All right. Read on.

Dr. Harris: What shall I say to you?

Dr. Kinley: Now, listen. Paul is saying, what shall I say to you. All right. Read.

Dr. Harris: Shall I praise you in this?

Dr. Kinley: Shall I… Now, look, folks. The apostle said that he didn’t praise them in that. Well, what do you expect me to do? You expect me to get up and praise you for some of your ignorance. No, we ain’t going along with it. We’re gonna tell you it’s wrong, it’s the devil got you out there doing it. It’s just wrong. That’s all there is to it. And I’m not gonna praise you in it. I’m not gonna endorse it. Now, what they say about this, they say Paul was straightening them out. Yes, he was straightening them out, right away too. Don’t you have houses to eat in? All right. Read on.

Dr. Harris: Shall I praise you in this?

Dr. Kinley: Shall I praise you in this?

Dr. Harris: I praise you not.

Dr. Kinley: I praise you not.

Dr. Harris: For I have received of Yahweh

Dr. Kinley: For… Now, listen, just a minute, folks. Just hold tight. He says, I have received of Yahweh, that’s what he said he got his from, and incidentally that’s what I got mine from! Received of Yahweh what?

Dr. Harris: that which also I delivered unto you.

Dr. Kinley: that which also I delivered unto you! I got mine the same place Paul got his, right straight from Yahweh! Now, we just can’t praise you in it. Now, somebody wants to go and say, ‘Well, I’m a Baptist; and I’m a Methodist; I’m a Roman Catholic; I’m a…’whatever he, whatever he is. It don’t make no difference. Yahweh don’t approve of it! That’s the way it is. And look folks, you, you never had it in the first place. Go back Dr. Gross, uh Dr. Harris go over there in Exodus and find out who He gave it to.

Dr. Harris: gave it to the Israelites.

Dr. Kinley: Now, I, now the reason why I’m trying to tell you is, is because some of you setting up here right now, are just as deceived as you can be about it and don’t realize that we’re reading it out of the Bible. All right. Read on.

Dr. Harris: Exodus 12:3. Speak ye unto all the congregation of Israel,

Dr. Kinley: Now, just a minute. Now, you, you heard that! That’s the congregation of Israel.

Dr. Kinley: They’re all these things are right in the Bible. You’ll find that carnal ordinances were given to the Hebrews only! Wasn’t given to no Gentile at all. If that be the case then the Roman Catholics and all of Protestantism and all of orthodox Judaism is definitely wrong! Well, then, you can run until your head falls off, but you’re wrong.

And here, and here’s another reason why I got up here tonight, too. I want, wanna tell you about it. These things that we tell you, and you gonna go ahead on and do your way about it, you’re going to lose your soul! I wanna make that clear to you. You either obey or you will lose your soul. Now, this is not my doctrine, in this sense. Now that, now that, now that, that looks bad, don’t it. Now look. I’ve, I been trying to get on down; I, I asked for a few more minutes. But I think this is necessary. This is all important. Now, the first age: 1656. The next one: 23 now they claim 81, now that’s counting 4004, take the four off and you’ve got 77. There ain’t no such thing as uneven numbers, 77, ain’t no such thing as a, as a… Well, there ain’t no such thing as before Yahshua either. Everything you’ve ever learned out there is a lie!! 2377. Now, where are you here?

Student Body: 1941.

 Dr. Kinley: 1941 (WRITING ON BOARD, 12, 14, 17 WHILE ADDING UNDER HIS BREATH.) Now, is what is called B. C., now this, this comes down to the Flood. And this is the Flood down to the crucifixion. And this is A. D., Anno domini, which means year of our Lord. That’s down to where you are now. So now, this is 5 9 7 4.3 Now, if we take 6 days, and then you take 5 9 7 4, then what have we got?

Student Body: 26.4

Dr. Kinley: 26. Now, if you look in the 26th chapter, uh, 24th chapter of Matthew, Yahshua said… Now, now, pay attention to what I’m saying now. Said unless this age here, where we are now, be shortened, there wouldn’t be no flesh saved. Read it, Dr. Harris.

Dr. Harris: 22nd verse.

Dr. Kinley: 22nd verse.

Dr. Harris: And except those days should be shortened,

Dr. Kinley: And except those days… Now, He’s talking about the days of the great tribulation.

Dr. Harris: there should no flesh be saved;

Dr. Kinley: there should be no flesh saved;

Dr. Harris: but for the elect’s sake

Dr. Kinley: but for the elect’s sake

Dr. Harris: those days shall be shortened.

Dr. Kinley: those days shall be shortened. Now look folks, let’s look the thing square in the face right down here. Get the 1st, uh 4th chapter of 1st Timothy and read that.

Dr. Harris: Now the Spirit speaketh expressly,

Dr. Kinley: Now, wait just a minute. He didn’t say He’s, He didn’t say I’m speaking, or Peter is speaking, or anybody is speaking. He said the Spirit speaks. The Spirit speaketh expressly… Read.


3 1656 Adam to Flood

   2377 Flood to Pentecost

   1941 Pentecost to current year of this class.


4  6000 years

   -5974 years from Adam to current year


Dr. Harris: that in the latter times

Dr. Kinley: that in the latter times

Dr. Harris: some shall depart from the faith,

Dr. Kinley: some shall depart from the faith… How’s that happening?

Dr. Harris: giving heed to seducing spirits,

Dr. Kinley: giving heed to seducing spirits,

Dr. Harris: and doctrines of devils.

Dr. Kinley: and doctrines of demons. Now, here you got the Roman Catholic Church out there and them demons there ____ ____ the Church of Christ on Peter, got the Baptist church, the Methodist church, the Presbyterian church, and all the churches, ____ ____ ____ carnal minded, these things just never pertaining to them at all in the history of the world. And we just got through telling you about no, no Lord’s supper, never was given to the G.., and never was done, not even among the Jews and that’s who He give it to. It wasn’t done like they do in the churches today. What else could that be but a seducing spirit.

And can’t you see that you are within 26 years of… Now, the next one thousand years would be the Sabbath, the next day would be, the next thousand years would be. This one day one was with Yahweh a thousand years, and a thousand years is as one day. Now, He worked six days or six thousand years to create the heavens and the earth. And then He rested. Now, don’t you see you are not gonna work overtime.

Then, if that be the case… Now, pay attention to what I am saying! Can’t you see that almost everything you can think of is, is wrong out here! You may not be able to find the culprit, but it’s obvious. And then, listen here! This cannot go on 26 more years. It has to be shortened, has to be cut down! And if it wasn’t, with the situation is at it is, there wouldn’t be anybody saved, wouldn’t be any flesh saved. Now, what I’ve tried my best to do is to point out to you how critical the thing is, to wake you up. Them demoniac spirits cast out of heaven incarnated in physical bodies starting all these churches around here and lying to you like dogs. And they are bastards. Well, what is a bastard? It is a illegitimate child. Is that what, is that what the dictionary calls it? Or one born out of wedlock. Is that right? All of us are born. Just as Yahshua said to Nicodemus, that which is born of the flesh is of the flesh.5 That which is born of the Spirit is spirit. He said, Marvel not that I said unto you that you must be born again. And incidentally, while we’re on that, there isn’t anybody hasn’t been born without a father but what they’re talking about is born out of wedlock, like some woman has a child by a man that she is not married to. That’s called a illegitimate child or a bastard. Now, when you get over here in one of the churches, you’re a bastard, cause you was born out of wedlock, and practicing things you have got no business practicing. Come out of her, that’s what that is. And somebody says, ‘well look you called the pope an old bastard here the other day, now, here you’re calling me a bastard.’ (DR. KINLEY BREAKS INTO LOUD LAUGHTER, ALONG WITH STUDENT BODY.) That’s what it amounts to! If you haven’t been born of Yahweh or Yahshua, then you’re a bastard!! Illegitimate birth. ____ ____ ____ Now, somebody said, ‘Well, that’s what you said.’ No, I didn’t. Read it.


5 John 3:6

Reader: For whom Yahweh loveth He chasteneth.

Dr. Kinley: Where you reading there?

Reader: Hebrews 12:6.

Dr. Kinley: Alright, read. Now, he’s talking to the Hebrews or to the Jews there. All right, read.

Reader: For whom Yahweh loves He chasteneth,

Dr. Kinley: Now, whom Yahweh loves He chastens. Now look here, folks, if Yahweh sent me, my job and my duty, indispensable duty is to chastise you. And you read over there in the 2nd chapter of 1st Corinthians, you, you don’t judge me. Start reading that, Dr. Harris. That’s the reason why I say I don’t want no back talk! Ain’t no need for you to try go run and get Jehovah’s Witness, or a priest, or somebody, or some preacher somewhere and try to counsel me. You can’t do that. They been trying that for 43 years.Ain’t that right, Doc? You ever see one whip me?

Dr. Carl F. Gross: No.

Dr. Kinley: They’ve all tried. What I say is so, and I got mine from heaven. I didn’t go to no seminary. I didn’t even go, I didn’t even go to elementary school all the way through. I only went to the 6th grade of elementary school. And listen, I can stand up here and talk academically so that, if you don’t really have an, a college education, you won’t even know what I’m talking about.

Dr. Gross and them, they said back there, they wanted a school second to none. And they said, ‘well, you use any words and we don’t know what they mean, why then, we’ll go and look ‘em up. We want you to write a composition.’ And I wrote a composition, about 26 pages. Then I got up and read it. Said, ‘Doc, we don’t know what you’re talking about.’ I had to take it back and break it down. I took it on back, and I worked on it some, and brought it back and read it. ‘We didn’t know what you’re was talking about. You take it out, and break it down again.’ I said, No, I have to go out to work for a living, and I have to go on the road for the insurance company, so I don’t have time. So, he took it over to Wittenburg University, that’s a Lutheran college, and gave it to the dean over there and he promised to break it down. Is that right, Doc? And he got… He didn’t get out of, hardly out of the first paragraph before he bring it back. He said, ‘Say, them long words you got in there, it take a whole dictionary ____ ____ ____ and down to the other, and them words you got there, such as cosmogony, that’s the beginning or cosmology.’ And went down over here at the end, you said eschatology, what are you talking about? (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) He didn’t know nothing about that. And all kinds of things, and long words. Anthropomorphism. ‘What do you mean?’ That means that He’s in shape and form and it appeared to be as a man, in the form of a man, but not a physical man. So then, we, we tried to say that nice, too. Said it was a great heavenly, anthropomorphic being. Oh I tell you, everything we went after, they didn’t know nothing about it. What do they know about the cell and atoms, and molecules, and all them different kinda things? And a lotta them, right now, we’ve got a book. We put the book out. I know a lot of you, for the most part, very few of you that ever read the book, even though you did buy it and pay for it. And I can’t do no boasting about it, I never read it but I know what’s in it. I wrote it. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS)

Then, there’s about 175 mistakes and errors in it, typographical and what not, and even one in time there about 45 years off. The printers made a mess out of it. They sabotaged it, that’s what they did. You’d, you would appreciate… And let me tell you this. You would appreciate coming down here, if you just only knew the real story about it. Now, just like we told you we sent our book to Billy Graham. He’s a great world-wide evangelist. We sent our book to him. ____ You think Billy Graham’s gonna use Yahweh, Elohim, and Yahshua? Did you… They know better. And you know what they call, you know what they use for this? Adonai. It would sound better if they just said, ‘well, I deny.’ You know what they use for this? Yeshu. Yes you. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now, I tell you folks, this world is in a terrible condition and in a terrible state. Nixon ain’t the only one that’s wrong with it. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) And this government you got there it’s wrong ____ ____.

Now, isn’t this really nice to have a place where you can go, and somebody can stand up and tell you the truth, and show you that you are right down to the end where you are subject to be lost at any time. Now, we even went so far as to tell you that the Roman Catholics, they believe that 1975 that Jesus will come streaming down through the sky. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that. The Church of God believes that. There are multiplied millions, over a billion people that believe that 1975 will be the end.

And with all that’s going on around the world as of now, starvation, water pollution, air pollution, erroneous doctrine, and all those kinda things. And people, you can show them the truth, they won’t change a thing. And you don’t have, you don’t have another one that’s able to tell, put it line upon line, precept upon precept. Now, I’ve asked you to do this, you smart folks, I’ve asked you to find any place in that Bible where the Lord, God, Jesus Christ, Yahweh, Elohim, and Yahshua, Allah, Jehovah, Baal, Adonai, or some other deity ever said anything in the world about the Gentiles getting baptized. I don’t care where you read in the Bible. Read it to me. Right now.

Man stood right in this pulpit, right here. Said that water baptism was to wash away your filthy sins. If that be the case, then Yahshua the Messiah died in vain. Now look folks, Hank, you can see this, you don’t need no sense. You can be an idiot and see this. If John baptizes before he dies, and baptizing in the River Jordan, too. Now mind you now, he didn’t baptize nobody but the Jews. And, if water baptism washed away their sins, as that man stood there in the pulpit and said, then don’t you see, you’re making Him to be mighty stupid to go out there and die out there for somebody’s sin.’ Then some, another idiot comes along and say this, ‘I don’t want to be baptized in no pool behind, in the church. I want to be baptized in running water.’ That’s to wash away his sin. Well then look here, this is the River Jordan. And it flows down from the Sea of Galilee. Is that right?

Student Body: Right.

Dr. Kinley: …on down into the Dead Sea. Is that right?

Student Body: Right.

Dr. Kinley: …or the Salt Sea. And he, he was baptized in running water. And the Jews there, they were baptized in running water, and it didn’t wash away their sins. Now, if you look at the book, there at the 1st chapter of Revelations, and also John says it there in the 1st epistle of John said, if we walk in the light, as He’s in the light, we have fellowship one with another6 And the water washes away all…

Student Body: No. No.

Dr. Kinley: And the blood of Yahshua the Messiah, washes away all sin. Is that right?

Student Body: Right!

Dr. Kinley: The 1st chapter of Revelations says7 He’s washed us from our sins in His blood. Now, please look here too, folks, that’s why that sacrifice was offered up there, and that pointed to that. And listen here, we’re ever so technical down here until we tell you what time of day it is, what time of the night, and what day it was. Now, this was night. If that can point to Him, then it’s got to turn dark over the face of the earth from the sixth to the ninth hour. You see that now? If He was that lamb that cru… Now, Revelations 11:8. And a lot of ‘em can’t explain a thing about Revelations

Dr. Harris: And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city,

Dr. Kinley: And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city,

Dr. Harris: which spiritually


6 7th verse

7 5th verse

Dr. Kinley: which spiritually

Dr. Harris: is called…

Dr. Kinley: Which they don’t know nothing about. It’s called what?

Dr. Harris: Sodom and Egypt.

Dr. Kinley: Now, Sodom is up here. Sodom is up here right around the Dead Sea. And Egypt’s back down in here. What ____.

Dr. Harris: …where also our Savior was crucified.

Dr. Kinley: See that. That points to the crucifixion of the Savior, down here in Egypt, the Pascal lamb being offered up. Now, folks, this, it’s not a waste of time to come down here. I’m gonna make it, I’m gonna make it my business, and this dean and these other people around here, cause we’re, we’re gonna try our best to tell you the truth about the thing. Now listen we’re not mistaken about this. Now, let me tell you this thing, too. There is no one of them out there in the world, not a one, that can just go line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little to the Law, there a little to the testimony. They can’t do that. Now look, I don’t care how stupid you are, and how ignorant you are, you can see this; if it were night there when they offered that Pascal lamb, and if that was a figure of Him, it’s got to turn dark over the face of the earth from the sixth to the ninth hour. Then you can see that this is a fulfillment of that. Now somebody said, ‘Well, I’m getting sick and tired of you all just going on with the same thing all of the time.’ Well, are you sick and tired of the sun rising in the east and setting in the west? Now, everybody in the world, three and a quarter billion, or three and a half billion people could pray for the sun to rise in the north and set in the south, it wouldn’t do any good. Says, ‘Well, we’re together on this thing.’ You gonna get that. It points to something, too. And I’ll tell you this, you didn’t, you never heard nobody in your life… If you did, you stand up when we’re through with what I’m saying. Did you ever hear anybody in your life tell you this, that when Adam was driven out of the garden, see the sun coming down, going down, they’re coming down together here. I didn’t say Eve; I said Adam. He waited until the cool of the day to drive him out of the garden. Is that right? Now, this sun in the ethereal heavens, and this son… Luke, the last verse in the 3rd chapter of Luke, states that Adam was the son of Yahweh. Is that right? Now look. Now, now pay attention to this. Try to pay attention this time, because this is what these idiots out here can’t do. Now that son is going down, being driven out into outer darkness. Now that means this: it’s got to be dark, all the way through. It’s got to be dark, all the way through. Just can’t be light, got to be dark. Now, if you look in the sanctuary, you see here, you see here, this is the outside.

Look in your physical body, here in your bladder, and your intestinal tract, and you got the rib cage that’s down in under here. This is a figure in your body; it’s a figure of heaven. It’s a earthly figure of heaven. We do know what we’re talking about. You got 12 ribs on one side and 12 on the other: that’s the 24 elders gathered around the throne. Your body is the Temple or the Tabernacle of Yahweh. Now look, pay attention. You don’t know a one of them out there. Now watch this work mathematically. You take blood, water, and the angel in the cloud, the spirit. Then you come up into the wilderness, and that’s forty. Blood, water, spirit, forty. Now here’s what they can’t do now in the dispensations and ages. Now, you go back here, it’s the blood is on their heads. Noah is preaching to the four corners of the earth, just like the four points of blood of the arteries, just like the four here, just like it’s on the sides, the lintels, and over the top of the door, and it’s dark at night. Now, here, here’s Noah’s back here preaching, and he’s building an ark, and they didn’t know, because they had never seen it rain. They’re in the dark. They’re ignorant of it. They didn’t see Noah; and Noah received his from Yahweh. And so then, he’d tell the people and then the blood is upon his, upon their heads. If he didn’t tell them, then upon his. Get the point? So then we got blood, we got the blood here, Noah revealed the flood, we got the blood and the water. Just like that pattern, the blood and the water, the blood, the water, and the spirit. The blood, the water, and the angel. Then you’ve got 40. Forty days and forty nights it rained. Forty years, one day for a year. Forty years there. Same thing here. Blood, sweat of his face, water, Adam was in the Garden 40 days and 40 nights. ‘Wait just a minute now, buster. Oooh, you’re, you’re wrong that time.’ No, I didn’t. Yahshua the Messiah, when He entered into the Garden of Gethsemane, right back to the same place, blood, water, spirit, 40. He said, told them, said, ‘now you tarry here while I go yonder and pray, one hour.’ And, if you take one hour (SOUND OF FIGURING ON BOARD), and put that into 1000, what have you got David?

David: 40.8

Dr. Kinley: Got 40 years. He’s just in there one hour. Look, they don’t even do this! You’re talking about getting line upon line, precept upon precept. They don’t even do this. They don’t even associate the Garden of Eden with the Garden of Gethsemane. They don’t even know why He told His disciples to tarry here while I go yonder and pray.

I’ll tell you something else they don’t know. Look at the 17th chapter of John. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ All right, read, start at the first verse.

Dr. Harris: These words spake Yahshua, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come;

Dr. Kinley: Now you see that. Father, the hour is come. It’s come down to that hour, that time that He should die. The Father… Now, you know where He is? Did you ever hear anybody outside of the people in this school say where He was when He said that? They don’t nothing about it!! He was in the Garden of Gethsemane when He used those words. That’s His prayer. Says, ‘Father the hour is come.’ He’s out there in the Garden of Gethsemane. They don’t even know where He’s at! You never heard preachers say nothing about where He was. They don’t know nothing about it. And not only do they know, not know nothing about it, they don’t associate the Garden of Eden with the Garden of Gethsemane. They don’t why He told His disciples to tarry out here until He would come to them again. They don’t under, they don’t know that… How many times did He go backwards and forwards to them? Huh?


8  1000 years = 1 day

   1000 years = 24 hours

   1000/24 = 40 number of years in one hour

Student Body: Three times.

Dr. Kinley: They don’t even know why He did that. They don’t know why the High Priest went into the Most Holy Place three times on the 10th day of October, the Day of Atonement. They don’t know nothing about it!!! This book is, these folks, these preachers out here in religion, they don’t know nothing about it. Don’t know a thing about it.

Now, the reason why I’m saying these things to you is on this account. I’m disturbed about it. I’m burdened down. Yahshua the Messiah was a man acquainted with grief, a man of sorrow.9 That’s what I am. I’m just sorry, and I am grieved about you being deceived! I’m on your side! I’m not down here to lie to you.

And listen, I wanna get this over to you, too. I ain’t getting paid for this. Ain’t nobody paying me to preach. Not even Yahweh paid me off yet. That’s right. But I gotta pay day coming? I’m gonna draw my wages, and they won’t be the wages of sin either. That’s death.10

But folks, look, it’s not a easy thing for a person to stand up here and tell you these things. Now, I think there’s one thing I oughta clear up while I’m standing up here. And that is about the, this 11th chapter of 1st Corinthians. When you come together there into one place, this is not to eat the Lord’s supper. For in eating every one taketh before the other his own supper: and one is hungry, and another is drunken. Then He said now, don’t you have houses to eat in. You see why he said that, well it’s because it was over there. They don’t even know what’s on the menu. And even the Jews, now David says, they eat chicken and anything.

Dr. David Rosen: That’s right!

Dr. Kinley: …Orthodox Judaism. Now, the third chapter, that’s a carnal ordinance, it’s pointing to a spiritual thing. Now, the 3rd chapter of Revelations, now here’s the thing repeating. Now you hurry yourself there. I know it’s just about time to go home.

Dr. Harris: 20th verse.

Dr. Kinley: The 3rd chapter of Revelations, the 20th verse.


9 Isaiah 53:3

10 Romans 6:23

Dr. Harris: Behold, I stand at the door and knock.

Dr. Kinley: to the ministry. I mean the real, ordained minister. Yahweh in me and in these that are teaching the truth, if He didn’t… I’m incapable. I’m disqualified,.. not capable of teaching, but it’s the Holy Spirit in the teacher. Therefore, it’s the Holy Spirit, and He taught all the way through this age.


He didn’t need a substitute Peter, Paul and nobody else and all like that, and then He run on off. No. He was right in all of ‘em, all down through history, the ages. He was in the prophets back here, Enoch on down prophesied with the Holy Spirit sent down from heaven, if you please. Now then, here He is saying, ‘behold, I stand at the door and knock.’ He uses a house: your body’s the tabernacle. And the tabernacle surely did have a door and a gate. Now, He says, ‘behold, I stand at the door and knock.’ Read.

Dr. Harris: if any man hear my voice,

Dr. Kinley: Now, what he’s talking about is the Passover. Now, He told them to keep it throughout your generations, and be an ordinance forever. All right. Read on.

Dr. Harris: and open the door,

Dr. Kinley: If any man, I stand at the door and knock, if any man hear my voice… They hear these devils! They hear reverend so and so. But if I stand at the door and knock, and any man hear my voice… That’s what you’re gonna have to do. Then you’re gonna have to do something else.

Dr. Harris: and open the door,

Dr. Kinley: Then you’re gonna have to open the door. First, you’ll have to hear the voice. If you don’t never hear the voice, you’ll never open the door. Is that right?

Student Body: Right!

Dr. Kinley: If I open the door, and then come in…

Dr. Harris: I will come in to him,

Dr. Kinley: I will come in to him,

Dr. Harris: and will sup with him,

Dr. Kinley: Now, look! And you read over there in Matthew about this supper, (is that right,) the cup, (is that right?) I wanna know, is that right!

Student Body: Right!

Dr. Kinley: Now, this… Revelations means the thing is revealed, the meaning, Now, if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, into him, and sup with him and he with me. Now, that’s what we’re doing! Third chapter of Galatians. Now, here we go again. Third chapter of Galatians, pay attention.

Dr. Harris: O foolish Galatians,

Dr. Kinley: Now, look. O foolish Galatians,

Dr. Harris: who hath bewitched you,

Dr. Kinley: Now, who, who fooled you? You, Mr. Baptist. You, Mr. Roman Catholic. You, Mr. Baptist. You, Mr. Methodist. You, Mr. Presbyterian. You, whoever you are. Who’s bewitched or fooled you. All right, read on.

Dr. Harris: that you should not obey the truth,

Dr. Kinley: that you should not obey the truth… Now, we’re telling you the truth. You’re gonna have to obey or lose your soul. All right, read.

Dr. Harris: before whose eyes Yahshua the Messiah…

Dr. Kinley: before whose eyes Yahshua the Messiah, hath been evidently set forth,

Dr. Harris: as crucified among you?

Dr. Kinley: as crucified among you jews?

Dr. Harris: This only…

Dr. Kinley: Just a minute! All you folks, you smart folks! You didn’t know so much! I’m like the apostle Paul about it. This only would I learn of you. You can keep peace, now, if you can tell me about this. This only would I learn of you. Since you done got all worked up and all wise just like these hypocrite preachers, or these lying bastards… Now, there you are offended at the truth on that. And I hope you look it up in the dictionary? This only would I learn of you. Now, this is all he wants to know!! What?

Dr. Harris: Received ye the Spirit by the works of the law,

Dr. Kinley: Now, did you receive the Spirit by somebody giving you some grape juice and crackers or by the works of the Law. When you got baptized out there in the water, you good baptist, was there a voice come from heaven and said you was His beloved Son? Did you get the Holy Spirit by going in the water? Don’t you lie, and don’t try lying to me. Did you get the Holy Spirit by having your feet washed? Now this only would I learn of you. Did you, is that the way you received the Holy Spirit? Don’t you set there and lie to me! Some people think I’m awful rough and mean to people. No sir. I’m on your side. And I labor hard to open your eyes. Now Paul said that he, he received of Yahweh what he preached.

Now, if you’re going off out there, and joined into some of them, then you’re in the Mother of Harlots. You’re a fornicator. You’re an adulterer! That’s what you are. An angel flying through the midst of heaven in the 17th, 18th chapter of Revelations, they said, ‘come out of her my people,’ when I offer you this, and say that you, you be not partakers of her sins, and receivers of her plagues!11 Then they tell you about water washing away your sins. Tell you that Jesus said you get baptized with water. And you can’t read nothing like that out of no book. Now, you’re right down to it’s, this is, this is come down to the critical point. You’re in the intensive care ward now. And some of us oughta be confined in some kind of an eleemosynary12 institute, in the psychopathic ward too. If you don’t know what that word means, eleemosynary… That means that it’s final. Oh, my goodness. Now look, folks. I tried hard to just to tell you some things that you should know. And I’m trying to point out how serious it is for you to straighten up and fly right. And I’m telling you, if you refuse to do it, you’ll lose your soul. Now, that’s all there is to it.

Now, somebody’ll think that I don’t know what I’m talking about. They think I don’t know. Well now listen, I’ve got a question on this. Can your preacher do this? Even pick up a telephone receiver and talk back to 2300 miles and tell a doctor what to do, and then he gets hot about it. Then, when he goes back to do all I told him, ‘Well, I wouldn’t do it,’ then finds out that it’s been expelled. Can your, can your, can your pastor do that?

Your uncle was just as full of cancer as he could. And they sewed, they didn’t do a thing for him, they sewed him back up and sent him back to die, sent him back to the house to die. And you said he was gonna die. Is that right?

Dr. Harris: Right.

Dr. Kinley: Can you pass along, can your pastor pass on and say, ‘Farley, live.’? Can your pastor do that? And he lived. Now we been taking them out of wheelchairs this year. They been there with broken up bones and every other kinda thing. This year. And Yahweh just been healing them going and coming this year. And they call me all through the day. I mean in this, in this, in this… A woman down in, in, in Alabama come in there. She’s from Mississippi. She come up there. She heard about me, she come up there to see me, about ____ ____. I said, ‘Look, did you talk this over with Dr. Jones?’ I said, ‘He’s the Dean down here.’ She said, ‘No, I didn’t talk to him.’ So I called Dr. Jones. So, ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Then he’s supposed to come back. ____ ____ ____. Then when she said he’d come back. ____ ____ ____ Dr. Harris ____ ____.


11 Revelations 18:4

12 A mental institution supported by charity.

All such things as that have been going on for 43 years. I’ll tell you something else your pastor can’t do. He can’t tell you what’s gonna happen all over the world. Arafat and the Palestine, overseas there, the Palestinian, the Palestinian guerrillas, Passover ____ ____ the same thing ____. He said he come bearing an olive branch in one hand and a gun in the other. Now ____ they declared against Israel, they’re the Palestinian guerrillas. Now look folks, you don’t need no sense.

Galatians 4:25 and 6, and I’ll let you go home.


Dr. Harris: Which things are an allegory:

Dr. Kinley: Now, he’s talking about the two covenants. All right, read.

Dr. Harris: for these are the two covenants;

Dr. Kinley: I’m cutting it up short.

Dr. Harris: the one from the mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is Hagar.

Dr. Kinley: Hagar. Now, you know who Hagar was? Hagar was Abraham’s… wife…

Dr. Harris: Bondwoman.

Dr. Kinley: Bondwoman. Hagar. Gentile. All right, read.

Dr. Harris: For this Hagar is mount Sinai in Arabia,

Dr. Kinley: Hagar is mount Sinai in Arabia,

Dr. Harris: and answereth to Jerusalem which now is,

Dr. Kinley: and answereth to Jerusalem which now is,

Dr. Harris: and is in bondage with her children.

Dr. Kinley: and is in bondage with her children.

Dr. Harris: But Jerusalem which is above is free,

Dr. Kinley: Now you see how you got to go up with Jerusalem which is above, in the spirit, is what?

Dr. Harris: is free,

Dr. Kinley: is free,

Dr. Harris: which is the mother of us all.

Dr. Kinley: Now listen, both Jews and Gentiles. When Joshua went into Palestine, there were eight nations left in there of the Ishmaelites. There were twelve sons of them, too. And the others were driven out. And I’ll have you to know that all of the angels in heaven weren’t cast out, so you don’t drive them all out of here, which is a figure.

Student Body: All right. Right.

Dr. Kinley: Leave some of them in there. And Joshua made a league with the Gibionites (Gibeonites?) and what not, left them 8 nations in there. Now, the Jews, that was their home; that’s the home of the other, Gentiles. So, now, Jerusalem above is the mother of both the Jews and the Arabs. But now, in thy seed, in Isaac shall thy seed be called. So he told the bondwoman and her son, didn’t drive her out of the face of the earth, just out of the house. Didn’t drive ‘em clear on out of the Holy Land, cause of those 8 nations left in there. How about that now? Now look, folks, as long as that thing stands over there now, them Jews and them Gentiles are not gonna get along together over there. And you’re gonna have a riot and ain’t nobody gonna win! How about that! ‘Cause they both belong there. They’ve been grafted in, too. He’s just only not the Elohim of the Jews only, but the whole thing. How about that? So, now, that’s where we at, where we’re gonna get into your troubles there, too.

Now, just like they called you over here. They called you a Afro-American and different things, called you a Afro-American. Well, you was born over here just like anybody else. Those of you who was born over here, now hasn’t nobody got no right to come over here and run you out. And I know that they said we’ll send all them niggers back to Africa. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Marshall Darvy come over here, and he wanted to send everybody, all ofem back there, and he wanted the pope to gather ‘em and carry them on back, and don’t nobody wanna go back to Africa. On earth ____ ____ ____ anybody else. Oh, I tell you folks, you need to come to school.

And I guess one of the most important things that I did wanna tell you tonight and that’s this. Now, we’ve said the same thing to you before. Struggle with your people, your sons, and your daughters, and your friends, and your enemies and all, and try your best to get them out here. If you notice me all the time, I don’t know whether you noticed or not. When I walk down through here, I’m looking through both sides and ____ ____ fill ‘em up, and get another one, there’s enough people here in Los Angeles county to ____ fill a little place up here. I wouldn’t say that all these up here will be saved, but just bring him on in. Now there’s some up here that ain’t right. That’s why I, that’s why I said just bring him on in. This is the place for the sinners and the hypocrites and the liars and the whatnots and the bad folks. Bring them on in, down here, let’s get rid of ____ ____ bring ‘em on in. Now, you do that, you hear? And let’s get this place filled up to such a capacity that we won’t even have seats, just seats enough.

I hope you got something out of it. STUDENT BODY APPLAUDS END OF TAPE

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