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by Dr. Henry C. Kinley

Los Angeles, California

audio cassette recording received from Lee Warren (#l)

1 90 minute audio cassette tape

Catalog#: 59 LS


originally transcribed by Beverly Allen

originally proofread by Mary Gross


first proofreading: Laurie Steinberg

second proofreading: Michael Rothstein

third proofreading: Gerry Rothstein

fourth proofreading: International Public Relations Committee

approved by the International Public Relations Committee: 1997


1. … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, see, you see, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right.)

4. ____ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber


Dr. Kinley:  Thank you Dr. Harris, Dr. Gross.  I want to say that I did enjoy Dr. Anderson’s discussion, discourse there this morning, which he presented faithfully.  It was many things that he said, if we make notes of them in our mind and follow them out, we’ll find ____ ____ ____.  I was glad that Dr. Anderson, I count him as one of us, that he is really with us.  Now I want to tell you why.  Is is because he is a man that has experience, worked in all of the various different phases of science.  He’s not an idiot by means when it comes to knowing all of the things that modern science has delved in today that are secrets with the government, not exposed to everybody, such as Nuclear Research, and we’re happy to have someone with us that has worked in that field, the scientist up to date with the rest of the world.  Then when it comes to philosophy, he is a master in that and in the meantime he’s qualified as, as far as my knowledge extends as anyone in LA, and so far as to expand it, I would say that having the opportunity to work in those various different fields and be a educator himself so therefore I would say that he is an authority and for that reason I say to you to dwell on those things that he says to you from time to time.

Now we have in the paper for our subject this morning the Law of the Spirit versus Science of Mind.  Now, there’s a whole lot of debate in these last days and I want you to do a little reading in the Bible.  I want you to look at and observe closely, take it home, study it over, and that is Matthew the 24th chapter and the 15th verse.  All of these things that I will say to you this morning I’m going to try to pin point them so that you don’t get off on any ramifications.  When you have found it read it.

Reader:  When you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation

Dr. Kinley:  When you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, read.

Reader:  spoken of by Daniel the Prophet

Dr. Kinley:  spoken of by Daniel the Prophet

Reader:  stand in the Holy Place.

Dr. Kinley: stand in the Holy Place.  These are Jesus’ words, read.

Reader:  Whosoever readeth, let him understand.

Dr. Kinley:  Who so readeth, let him understand.  When you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the Holy Place, who so readeth let him understand.  Now, everybody has a Bible we’ve read that many times.  Some of us sufficiently could repeat it, but now when we begin to analyze and to look and see what Christ really was talking about, read on down to the 24th verse, 24:24 just read that verse, 24:24.

Reader:  For there shall arise false Christ

Dr. Kinley:  Now here’s the reason why, that when you see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, now here’s why you should stand in the Holy Place, and here’s why you should understand what you read.  This is the reason why.  Alright read.

Reader:  For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets

Dr. Kinley:  For there shall arise false christs.  Dr. Anderson told you about anti christs (anti-christs?).  For there shall arise false christs and false prophets.  Then what are they going to do?

Reader:  And shall show great signs and wonders

Dr. Kinley:  And shall show great signs and wonders, great signs and wonders, and then what?

Reader:  Insomuch that if it were possible

Dr. Kinley:  Insomuch that if it were possible

Reader:  They shall deceive the very elect

Dr. Kinley:  They would deceive the very elect.  Now I don’t have to go into no whole lot of polytechnical exegetical analyses to let you know what’s going on in the world.  You know as well as I do about the many that have come out in these last days and showed many signs and wonders.

Now that brings me up to say this:  the leading chronologists in the world today, the very best of them, they have said that B.C. 4004, that means four thousand and four years before the birth of Christ, Adam was in the garden of Eden, the first man on the face of the earth, a physical man.  And now we’re living now, everybody knows, in 1959 A.D., anno Domini and when you put those two things together, then you have 5 9 6 3, that’s A.M.  That’s in the year of the world, that means taken before and after, it’s 5963 years.  Now this four years that we have on here, I want you to look at it, 2nd Peter 3rd chapter and 8th verse, and then I’m going to go into the details of it, but I want you to look.  The 3rd chapter of 2nd Peter and the 8th verse.

Reader:  But beloved be not ignorant

Dr. Kinley:  That’s right.

Reader:  of this one thing

Dr. Kinley:  But beloved be not ignorant, of this one thing.  Now, if you don’t know nothing else don’t be ignorant of this one thing.  This is the Apostle Peter talking to the Jews, his epistle was to the Jews, and he’s telling them, beloved be not ignorant of this one thing, this is one thing he don’t want you to be ignorant about, and that is this, what?

Reader:  That one day is with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day.

Dr. Kinley:  Now beloved be not ignorant of this one thing that one day with the Lord, didn’t say the man, but said one day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day.  Now then that brings me to this conclusion.  Now if a thousand years is as one day, with the Lord, Peter doesn’t want me to be ignorant of it.  And now as I told you, 4004 years, that 1959 added together makes 5963.  Now if one day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day.  Now we understand from Genesis, and you might read there, the 20th chapter of Exodus, I want you to see that, where Peter, where Moses said remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy, for in six days, that’s the point I want you to see, is the 6 days God created the heavens and earth, in 6 days.  Now He created it in 6 days, 6 days, and one day with the Lord was as a thousand years, and He created it in 6 days, then that would be 6000 years.  Is that right?  Counting one day for a year.  Now He worked 6 days in creating the heavens and earth.  Now here is the little picture here on the chart.  The children of Israel went out of Egypt, they put the blood on each side of the lintel of the door at the passover and up over the top of the door.  And now it was dark down in Egypt when that blood was put on that door.  This is the beginning of that migration or that trek from Egypt to Canaan Land, and that complete cycle to the building of the temple was 490 years or 70 weeks.  Now then here after they had went through there, God called, spoke from Mt.  Sinai and give them this law that you are reading about, told them I am the Lord thy God, there’s no mistake about who I am, I want you to know that I am the Lord thy God that brought thee out of the land of Egypt and out of the house of bondage, thou shalt not have no other gods before me.  And so now, after He had spoke the law, then He called Moses, Nadab and Abihu and 70 of the Elders up into Mt.  Sinai and He manifested Himself to them in a vision.  I am talking about the 24th Chapter of Exodus and from the 9th to the 15th verse, now you can look it up, it’s there in your Bible.  I’ll put it down here so that you can see, Exodus, whether I’m telling you the truth.  Exodus 24th Chapter and read from the 24th chapter and read from the 9th through about the 15th or 16th verse, you’ll find what I’m talking about, so you can copy it, so you won’t forget.

So then, after they had saw Him in the form of a man, lots of people I’ve read, and some were here this morning talked about anthropomorphism.  Anthropomorphism means this, that it represents the deity or god in human form.  And they say, ‘well, we don’t have that because we don’t believe that God is a man sitting up in the sky.’  Neither do I.  But now He showed Himself to Moses in the form, incorporeal, not physical, incorporeal form and then when Moses had seen Him create Adam in this vision, then he knew that God had made man in His own likeness and in His own image.  He was a man himself and he could see the man Adam that God had made by looking at himself, even though this be 2000 years from that time, and that’s how Moses was able to write the Genesis, was because he is telling you in the first chapter of Genesis and what he is seeing in the vision.  Definitely and positively he was not co-eternal with God, neither was he there at the time that the universe and it’s totality was created.  Anybody, a child in the first grade could, understand, you’ve told him these basic and fundamental principles of how God created everything and then say that 2000 years after God created everything then come along Moses and when Moses is writing about what God created then you began to wonder how that Moses could know what God created when he was born 2000 years after Adam was created.  And how could he write about what God did on the first day.  The truth about it is Moses, being up in this cloud, listen carefully, and weigh it carefully, Moses being up in this cloud, in the top of Mt.  Sinai and seeing it in a vision, this entrance into the cloud was symbolical of entering into eternity and God is showing him by a vision and he sees God go through the process of creating the heavens and the earth.  He was not there.  Now then, that’s how he was able to write the story and tell you in the beginning.  ‘In the beginning of the creation?’  I beg your pardon.  No, in the beginning of the vision, not in the beginning of the creation as you read your Bible.  It says in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and God said let there be light and there was light.  Now what he is talking about is the beginning of the vision, not the beginning of creation, and that was not the beginning of the creation.  If you read Revelations 3 and 14 it would tell you that what the real true beginning of the creation was, and that was this:  God taking on this physical form and you will find that in the 3rd chapter of Revelations and the 14th verse, otherwise Moses with his mind, he couldn’t perceive nothing abstract or something that wasn’t there.  And so God took on this incorporeal form.  This great anthropomorphic form that He’s in Himself.  And then he saw..,  He transformed Himself into this Tabernacle, and then afterwards into the, every animate and inanimate object that makes up your universe.

Now then, to connect up the thought of what I’m trying to tell you is this.  Now he’s up there in that mountain 40 days all total.  40 long days and nights and he was away from the children of Israel.  Joshua and the other elders, they came back, and Aaron too and they got with the rest of them and God had kept Moses up there 40 days altogether.  Now I just want to show you how that you can tell, what I’m after now is this 4000, that’s what I’m after, to give you the reality of the flow of chronological calculations so that you can tell something about how to figure.  Now if one day as she read here in 2nd Peter 3:8 and Psalms, that’s where it come from, 90th chapter, 90th division of Psalms and the fourth verse, David said that one day was with the Lord was as yesterday when it was past or a thousand years is as yesterday when it is past.  So now that’s where Peter ____ ____ ____ ____.  Now you watch the count down, watch the count down.  Now if one day with the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day then here is one day Moses describes in Genesis what took place the 2nd day, the 3rd day, the 4th day, the 5th day, the 6th day and also He rested on the 7th day.  And each one of those days with the Lord was just like a thousand years.

Now if Moses is in this mountain and he sees God each day create, one of those days was just like a thousand years.  The cardinal point now, the cardinal point, on the fourth day, on this fourth day.  Now you look at this, one day with the Lord is as a thousand years.  On this fourth day the sun, Moses said, God put in the sky, sun, moon, and stars.  For what purpose?  To rule the day and to rule the night to bring about the seasons of the year.  And in Genesis the 8th Chapter and the 22nd verse, said day and night, summer and winter, seed time and harvest shall not cease as long as the earth remains.  Go back and catch the cardinal point now.  Here’s one, two, three, four, and each one of those solar days that Moses was in the mountain seeing that vision was equivalent to 1000 years.  And if the sun is put here in the sky to change, and the moon, to change the seasons, you just correspond that to the Son of God coming in the close of the fourth day, or the four thousandth year or the fourth millennium of time, He was due to be here.  And as the sun, moon and stars changed the seasons, the Son of God come and changed from the season of the dispensation of the law to the season of Grace.

Now what I’m trying to get you to see is:  now here’s how we have set up this chronology.  Now there’s an error in it and I want to show it to you so that you can see.  Peter did not say beloved be not ignorant of this one thing that one day with the Lord is as a thousand and one year, multiplied by four which would make 4004, it’s not true, so then you’ll have to take this 4 off, just have to take it right off of there.  Now that’s better, that’s 4 days.  So then that will change this down here to 59, in the year of the world.  Now to line up and to show you what I’m trying to get over to you that’s so serious.  Jesus said, going back to our first thought, when you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel, stand in the Holy Place, who so readeth let him understand.  And we skipped on down, we wanted to show you there, here’s the reason why.  Many shall go, or false prophets and anti christs (anti-christs?) and so forth and so on shall arise and if it were possible they would deceive the very elect.  Now I want you to see that God worked 6 days over here in Exodus the 20th Chapter in creating, how we’re timing.  God worked 6 days and one day was equivalent to a thousand years.  Then as he put the B.C. 4004 and the 1959, which all of us recognize, together then we have a total of 5959 years as of now.  Then if God worked 6 days then you have 6000 years, and if you would subtract this and then you would have 41 years. (DR.  KINLEY WRITES ON THE BLACKBOARD.) That’s what you would have left to work with to total of the 6000 years.  Which means this, if there is any such thing as the abomination of desolation, if there is any such thing as anti christ, if there is any such thing as false prophets, if there’s any necessity of you looking, it ought to be now!  That’s the thing I’m trying to show you.  Is because the world is swept over with all kinds of religious theories and philosophies and doctrines and so forth and so on.  So now since you don’t have but 41 years more, 41 more to get to 6000 and then you will have worked your equivalent to God working in the creation and Him resting.  So now Jesus said this, now if nobody’s going to work overtime, because he said there that if those days were not shortened, there wouldn’t be any flesh saved.  So you can see how bad it is here right now at this particular time.  Everything you can think of in the world religiously, is in the world today, anti christ and all.  Now whether it’s important or not to look round and investigate.  Here we have them coming in “Life Magazine.”  I brought this book to show you some of the major religions, the greatest in the world.  They went down to show the many different religions.  Buddhism, Mohammedanism, Christianity as we know it to be, and all of the miscellaneous doctrines and philosophies, Methodist, and Baptist, and Presbyterians, and Camelites (Carmelites?), and Dunkards, and so forth and so on.  Now the same thing was prevalent, Buddhism was about 600 years before the coming of Christ.  Zoroaster was even before that and Zoroaster was a great philosopher.  Plato, Aristotle, and those other philosophers, many of them were before the coming of Christ, basically upon which some of these religions have been established.  They’re all in the world today.  Now these philosophies have been shaved down to fit the trend of the time to such a point where it’s as deceptive as it can be.  Satan is subtle, you cannot master him by yourself.  It takes, as Peter said, your adversary, the devil, walking about to and fro in the earth seeking whom he may devour.  You are no competition for him at all.

And so now our subject is this, I tried to show you what was in the world, I hope you understand it.  Better than 600 different religious philosophies are saying nothing about the heathen, and they’ve come down now and they’re so academically dressed up.  All kinds.  Here is one they sent with my name on, “The Challenge of One”.  I just got that book.  You have all kinds of insignias and so forth and so on.  This is a new one.  I could go in there and drag you out many.  Here is another to show you, Dispensational Truth by Clarence Larkin.  It has many charts and a lot of graphics showing ____ ____ created it, different charts showing their concepts of religious philosophies.  See here, all through here.  Here’s another one.  Seven Day Adventists.  Now, you are confronted with this, this new thing, the most modern now is Science of Mind. (DR.  KINLEY WRITES ON THE BLACKBOARD.) It’s thousands of people going to hear, and it’s very progressive.  I would say that it is called modern, divine philosophical psychology, in fact that’s exactly what it is.  Now, the truth about it.  Is the way it’s being presented.  Is that right?  Is it a science of mind, catch the point?

Now we have the Law of the Spirit (DR.  KINLEY WRITES ON THE BLACKBOARD) that’s what you have, versus Science of mind, versus Science of mind.  Now versus means this, it means there is a great difference between Science of Mind and the Law of the Spirit.  What is the difference?  Now, yes I’ve been ____, look I’ve studied for better than forty years of my life and there is no philosophy out that I haven’t checked very, very closely.  And I don’t like bringing no accusation against anything that I don’t have the ability to explain but my job is to teach.  And in the year 1931 God gave me a revelation and a vision and I have attempted from that time until this present time to show you.  Now there’s no man, so far as our knowledge extends, going into these 27 years, there has been no man on the face of the earth, and we’ve encountered them with Ph.D. degrees, Master of Science, and Doctor of Divinity and everything else, all through the various different states.  And if you tried to tell them that this was not a revelation, they would tell you to your face you’re mistaken and you’re prejudice.  Now I didn’t say of any particular religious denomination, I said all that I have ever encountered and we’ve encountered them from all kinds of different religions.  But those that are leaders and experts in the field of theology and science, they will tell you without me designating any particular denomination, they’ll tell you, anybody will tell you that it is true, that is a vision and revelation, they’ve been mistaken about.  Now there must be some reason for them regardless of their religious affiliation and association, there must be some reason for that, and that’s what I’m trying to get over to you now.

Now, in these last days as we have already stated, it has become so deceptive until it would deceive the very elect, if it were possible.  Now what’s going to keep it from deceiving the very elect?  I say this to you, that Science of mind, ____ clear up, Science of Mind is alright in its place, but that’s not the answer, that is not the answer, Science of Mind.

Now let me tell you some of the reasons why and let me see if I can illustrate it to you so that you can see.  Now I realize that they get up and they speak of Christ.  I realize that they speak of God in Science of Mind.  I realize that many nice things are said.  Last Sunday we were at the Franklin Life Insurance building, I believe it was over here on ____ Street, Dr. Gross and I.  And it was, I’ll say around 3,000 people there and the man spoke very nice.  The thing that he said, I don’t like to criticize nobody, but I tell you my job is trying to help you to see the truth between these slick things, so that you don’t falter and make no mistakes.

The man made this statement, he said there was a man, that in his home, he had two children and a nice wife and he was a habitual, he cursed habitually, and his wife, she didn’t want him to curse around those children, teach those children no profanity, and so she resented it and he tried to stop, and he didn’t do any good.  So she persuaded him to go to Church and that’s one of the places where he went, and so the psychologist told him this, said, ‘now do you really want to stop?’  He said, ‘Yes, I’ve tried but I really want to stop.’  ‘And you’ve never had no success?’  ‘No.’ He said, ‘well I’ll tell you what you do.  Every time you curse, you give your wife five dollars.’  And this is what he said, he stopped.  Now let’s say the man was a millionaire, a multi-millionaire.  By giving his wife five dollars it wouldn’t amount to anything, he’d kept cursing right on, give her five dollars and went right on.

Just like that case a man told me about in Columbus, Ohio.  There was a man, he was a very wealthy man.  He went in court and for some reason, I’ve forgot what he did say his reason for being there was.  But any how the judge fined him twenty-five dollars for his offense.  And he said, ‘well,’ to the judge that he didn’t give one of those things.  He cursed.  And the judge called him, said, ‘now look, you’re in court, and these people that are setting here.’  He says, ‘now I’ll have to fine you twenty-­five dollars.’  Now he’s fined twenty-five dollars in the first place.  ‘I’ll have to fine you twenty-five more dollars for using profane language in court, for that’s contempt of court, and don’t you ever do that anymore.’  And so he said, ‘oh I’ll pay you the twenty-five dollars,’ but he still didn’t care.  Told the judge what he.., he used that same statement.  And so he said, ‘twenty-five more,’ that’s what the judge told him.  Now that’s seventy-five dollars.  And so he just run his hand in his pocket and paid the other twenty five dollars and said, ‘I still don’t care.’  I ain’t using the words he used.  And as long as they would stay there and fool with him that way he kept telling the judge he just didn’t care, he’d pay him the twenty-five dollars.  And so they had to go on and let the man on out of there.  So I’m saying to you, there should be a better remedy than just using such, employing such things that show a man would stop his habits.

Now the first thing is this.  You did not get your habits, you didn’t get them from God.  For example, a lot of times we speak about overcoming some kind of habit such as smoking or chewing or drinking or something like that in Science of Mind and the application of it.  You want to stop those things.  They’ve got all kinds of remedies for it, and say, ‘well, it’s a sin.’  Morally and socially we ought to behave ourselves, you ought to do this and that.  Now when you go back to the roots of it, to show you the difference, back in the Garden of Eden back here, there wasn’t any chewing tobacco back there.  There wasn’t any smoking cigars.  They didn’t have no whiskey back there for a man to get intoxicated.  They never had any of the things that we strive so hard to overcome to be good Christians, never had any of that.  There wasn’t no whole lot of women back there to run around with.  I just want to make it real clear and simple, that’s the easiest way to do it.

Now, what took place back here?  That man just simply, Adam just simply disobeyed God.  God told him not to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and he did eat and therefore he transgressed the commandment of God.  But now here we’ve come all the way down here and through our deception, and we as ministers, we don’t know what to say when we get up to speak, unless we bank our subject on some moral or something like that.  Just like the moral law and the people all over the world is being deceived by it.  You just quit drinking and quit chewing and quit smoking and so forth and so on and then you’re alright and we’ll tell you how to overcome it.  Now that hasn’t got anything to do with it.

Now, let’s get down to this.  The Science of Mind, that’s what is saying that Jesus will help you overcome all of your bad habits.  And then say something nice like that.  They’ll say this, ‘our bodies are torn, the mind is tricked,’ maybe we have some ailment or some sickness or something like that.  We say, ‘well, if you look to the Lord and you lean on him, why then he’ll heal your body and he’ll heal your mind,’ divine healing.  And we hold that up, scientific thinking.  Now look, it makes no difference if you’re an atheist, agnostic or an infidel, God heals your mind right on, while you’re cursing and carrying on, God heals you just the same.  You don’t believe it, cut your hand.  Many of us have been scarred.  Many of us have been bent over in pain because some malpractice operation in our physical body, and we’ve overcome it.  God made a man, and He tells the law of the spirit, it functions, it operates like that to heal his body.  There is no such thing as a divine healer on earth.  Jesus said Himself, not my statement, it’s His.  He said, ‘I can of My own self do nothing, My father which is in Me He doeth the works.’  He didn’t try to make a reputation for Himself based on being a great divine healer on radio or T.V. and all like-a-that.  And then thousands of people going there expecting to be healed.  He did not do it that way.  But because of the fact that many people were healed, healed of all kinds of sickness, every kind that there was that God had afflicted the man with, Jesus healed.  But He did not say, He did not say that He did it of His own self.  He said, ‘I can of My own self do nothing, My father in Me, He doeth the works.’  Now I want you to see why I made that statement.  I want you to see why I made that statement.  Now the Law of the Spirit, now, my spelling ____.  Now the Law of the Spirit, I want to show you why, I want you to turn now to John 4 and 24 in your Bibles.  And read it when you find it.

Reader:  God is a spirit

Dr. Kinley:  God is a spirit

Reader:  and they that worship him

Dr. Kinley:  and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.  God, now I want you to hear.  Now I’ll try to stay down where I.., before I rave up here and get to talking so fast that you can’t understand me.  But I want to stay down and I want to make it real simple.  Tuesday night and Thursday night, we’ll still have this same subject.  So I want to make it as simple as I possibly can today.

Now the best authorities that’s ever been in this world, there hasn’t no other authority been here any more efficient in determining who God was than Jesus Christ.  Do you agree?

Student Body:  Uh, huh.

Dr. Kinley:  I say He is the master lexicographer, the master lexicon.  I say that there isn’t no man on the face of the earth knows anything more about who God is than Jesus Christ.  Will you buy that?

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now that’s who God is.  God is spirit.  Well somebody say, ‘well I know that, Spirit and mind is one and the same thing.’  Uh, uh.  I know Webster can say that, but let me show you something.  Malachi 3:6.  We want to dig now because if you don’t, we’ll be deceived.  Read.

Reader:  For I am the Lord

Dr. Kinley:  For I am the Lord

Reader:  I change not

Dr. KinLey:  I don’t change!

Reader:  Therefore you sons of Jacob are not consumed.

Dr. Kinley:  Therefore you sons of Jacob

Reader:  Are not consumed

Dr. Kinley:  Are not consumed.  That’s the reason why you aren’t consumed is because I am the Lord.  I have purposed all the way down, I intended to populate the earth.  Adam transgressed, he sinned, and Israel sinned.  I am the Lord thy God for that reason why I have a purpose all the way down through the dispensations and ages and that’s why you’re not consumed.  That’s why you’re not all wiped off, you forgot I don’t change.  Now, what’s the difference, prove it by you.  Mind:  subject to change.  Today you think one thing tomorrow you think something else.  Now say I’m lying.  Mind is finite, it is limited.  Get it?  You change from.., it’s better to change sometime.  Ain’t that right?  Change for what?  For better or for worse.  Mind that’s.., God being spirit doesn’t never change, no changes in it at all.  That’s the reason why I can’t say Science of Mind.  Why?  Because the mind, it’s changeable,


God never changes, he’s spirit.  Alright we might say this now, so also is.., let’s call it the devil, he’s spirit too.  If you want to say God is spirit, then we’ll just say devil.  Now if you take the D in devil and then e v i l, digressing.  Now let’s see what about him.  He ain’t never gonna change either.  Preach all you want to, never gonna be changed.  Jude 6, I believe, read it.  There’s two great forces and neither one of them changes at all.

Reader:  and the angels which kept not their first estate

Dr. Kinley:  Now the angels…  An angel is a ministering spirit.  Which kept not their first estate.  Alright read.

Reader:  But left their own habitation

Dr. Kinley:  But left their own habitation

Reader:  He has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness

Dr. Kinley:  He has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness, read.

Reader:  Unto the judgement of the great day

Dr. Kinley:  He has reserved the reservation, permanent reservation.  No change.  Way back there from the fall of Adam down in the.., that’s Lucifer, Isaiah 14:12 and Ezekiel 28:14.  He’s a devil.  Jesus said he sinned right from the beginning, right from the fall, all the way down through all these here, no change:  so reservations was made for him.  Where’s the reservation?  In the lake.  No changes.  The Son of Perdition that Paul was talking about in second Thessalonians, said that day shall not come except there come a falling away first and that man of sin, the Son of Perdition, be revealed.  Then he went on to talk about it, that the Lord would consume him with the brightness of His coming.  Why?  Because he’s not gonna change, not gonna change, you can’t convert him.  So Satan and God, neither one never changes.  You get it now?  Preaching till their heads fall off.  No difference.  God doesn’t change His purpose.  His word is gone out of His mouth and it shall not return unto Him void.  Now let’s show you.  Now I want you to.., watch closely.  The Law of the…


… master mind, supersonic mind, and we could go on and name 172 different names that modern philosophical psychologists have come out with now.  And they’ll say go from the conscious mind, anything that you become conscious of.  Let’s say I want a new home, I haven’t got the money to buy it with.  And if I want it bad enough, then it changes from the conscious mind into the subconscious mind, it’s a store house of thoughts; in other words, it’s impressed upon the great subconscious mind and the subconscious mind will bring into actual manifestation or realization, and I will leave no stone unturned until I find.., or until it’s brought into materialization.  I know how psych.., modern psychology is taught, don’t you think I don’t.  And God, that great Master Mind, Master Mind that made the universe.  No such thing.  It’s within His power and it keeps struggling and struggling hard enough, leave no stone unturned.  It you’ve got a job that’s inadequate in its pay, so that you can go buy the type of home that you have in your mind, then you change the job.  If you want to be a singer or some kind of a professional character and you see that you’re not qualified, provisions can be made by going to an academy and taking sufficient training in order to master that particular vocation and then you can go on in life and be somebody as it is said.  Psychology.  All of it is brought about by the great subconscious mind, the desires to come conscious of and stored into the subconscious mind.  And the great master mind having all, and possessing all will give it unto you.  You understand.  You go from one to the other.

Now let me tell you, that’s not the way it is.  But the Law of the Spirit of Life which is in Christ Jesus has made me free.  Read.  From the law of sin and death.  Now that’s what it must be.  It must be the Law of the Spirit of Life which is in Christ Jesus has made me free from the Law of Sin and Death.  Now just to stand here and say it or read it in the Bible, doesn’t make me fully conscious of what I’m talking about.  And I could get up and say to you by just repeating it right down and let you know that I can, put your finger on it and I’ll quote it right down.  There is therefore now no condemnation, right today, to them that are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.  For the Law of the Spirit of Life which is in Christ Jesus has made me free from the Law of sin and death.  I’ve been quoting those things and I would say that to you and call myself teaching you Science of Mind.  I didn’t learn how to quote the thing verbatim, verbatim I should say.  I didn’t do that.  I’ve been called a walking Bible, but that don’t help my case.

Now let me show you what Paul is looking at when he made the statement as you have heard me say all of this past week.  Unless you go by a definite pattern, then you’re subject to be deceived.  Hence, I go back to my original topic and that is this:  when you therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the Holy Place, who so readeth let him understand.  Now if you don’t know what Jesus is talking about, you’ll accept almost any reasonable philosophy and in that, these false prophets, you’ll be deceived.  When you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the Holy Place.  He said it himself, who so readeth, let him understand.  Understand what?  What the abomination of desolation is that’s spoken of by Daniel the prophet.  Understand what the Holy Place is, so you’ll know where to stand.  So those are the things that are most vitally important.

Now let me show you.  Now you see this tabernacle, that tabernacle is symbolical to your body.  Paul used this statement again, Know ye not that your body is the tabernacle or the temple of the Holy Spirit, of which spirit we are.  Did he say that?  Now if you don’t think it’s in there I’ll read it.  I certainly will read it.  Alright again, another statement, If after the earthly house of this tabernacle be dissolved, we have another building, not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.  Is that in there?

Now, for me to know something about.., I’m talking about me, this man you see.  That tabernacle, this body is the tabernacle in which the inner self lives.  I can put my hand on my physical body, certainly isn’t on my mind.  There’s a difference between matter and spirit.  What is the difference?  Matter is spirit materialized.  Everything come from spirit, comes from God because God is spirit.  Why matter?  God manifesting Himself in the physical realm.  Where is matter going to?  Back to the source from whence it came.  Where is God?  Everywhere.  What’s the Source?  God’s the source.  What’s the substance?  God is the substance.  What is spirit?  When you get down to digging down there like that, then you’d get somewhere.  Spirit is the source and the substance from which every animate and inanimate thing in the universe originated.  One man, I’ve got books in there, said it was ether.  I wish all the ____, somebody had ether God.  Then I would ask this, ‘well, where did ether come from?’  Just like Darwinism said that man.., evolution rises from one state to the other until he reached the plane of a perfect man, as he is now.  I say where did the monkey come from?  And the Egyptians here, they thought that the universe come from an egg.  Somebody say, ‘well, that sure is a simple and ignorant philosophy and doctrine.’ When you put it against some of ours, it’s no worse than some of ours.  For the simple reason why, let me show you that it isn’t, let me show you that it isn’t.  Now here is the egg, that they call…  They said everything come from this egg, the universe.  If you reason it out it’s far better than a lot of ignorance we got today and yet everybody is branded as stupid.

Alright, God is the source and substance, the limits and the bounds.  God is spirit, everything come from spirit.  Now let’s say this limit and the bound is the egg shell, of which the secretion that’s in the egg, and a little chicken comes up from that egg.  And then God took on incorporeal form, just comparing one thing with the other.  God took on the incorporeal form.  Go back into the masculine and feminine generative organs.  And the secretion, that man is generated from, or human beings is generated from in the masculine and feminine generative organs, it’s the substance.  And then it takes on the form, shape and nine months it’s born.  What’s the difference?  Then here Christ took on, Jesus took on physical form and come down in the world.  Now then this is God took on incorporeal form, and we’ll just call this now, for the sake of comparison, the cloud.  Moses went up in the cloud there, he was in eternity or symbolizing into this secretion and that secretion come into form, incorporeal first and then physical.  Now what difference is it?  Do you see through what I’m talking about?  I just wanted to bring you down so you could see why we throw off to one side something that the person thought way back yonder years ago and then you jump right down in the same stupidity and colossal ignorance of today and we think we are aggressive.

Now let’s get back into this subject.  Now you watch, I don’t wanna leave here.  This substance is one.  This incorporeal or spirit form is two, and this physical form is three:  that’s one, two, three.  God a universal substance, one.  The incorporeal that Moses, He had to take on that form so.., and anything you can’t conceive in the mind you can’t understand nothing about it, can you?  So then He took on this incorporeal form and showed Himself to Moses in a vision, that’s not physical, and then He came on down and manifested in the flesh.  And Paul made this statement:  without controversy, without any debate or any discussion, great is the Mystery of God.  God was manifested in the flesh, seen of angels, believed on in the world and received up into glory.

Now I have to hurry.   So I want you to watch quickly these comparisons and then you will see.  Now all that you see up and down here on these walls, even down here with the man, Dr. Harris and all of us have been into it.  Now God is a pattern Himself, an incorporeal or a spirit pattern.  And just like you see this here, wisdom, knowledge and all of those were in that substance.  All the attributes were there.  Now listen, and look.  So now God transformed Himself into this Tabernacle so that Moses could see and He told him to make one just like that.  What’s the reason?  What’s the purpose?  That I may dwell among them, that was His purpose.  I told you that God was spirit.  He said make me a tabernacle that I may dwell among them.  Now if Moses made a physical tabernacle so that an invisible God might dwell among the Children of Israel, three tribes on each side, and He told him, cautioned him, see to it that you make all things according to the pattern that was shown thee in the mount.., Hebrews 8:5, so you won’t think I have to go back over into no book of Exodus.  Now everything in the universe it makes no difference what it is, even the ultra microscopic particles of matter such as the atom.  It is three-fold.  It is neut.., it is a electron, proton, and the neutron.  Man is pneuma, psyche and soma.  He’s soul body and spirit.  For there’s three that bare record in heaven, the Father, the word, and the Holy Spirit and these three are one.  Ain’t that in the book?  Have I left it?  I haven’t left the book at all.  So now if you look at this tabernacle it has a Court Around About, that’s one part.  It has a Holy Place and this is the interior, and it’s divided by the veil, and then into the Most Holy Place.  The Court Around About is one, the Holy Place is two and the Most Holy Place is three.  Now Jesus said, when you therefore shall see the abomination spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the Holy Place.  Now this is the Holy Place.  In the Holy Place was the golden lamp that gives light.  It had seven different branches on it representing the seven dispensations and ages.  And Jesus said, I am the light of the world, it was a figure of Him.  There was the table there with shewbread on it that the high priest went in there every day and kept this lamp trimmed and burning so that the light would never.., never be no darkness in there and in Christ there is no darkness at all.  So then, He said I am that bread which came down from heaven represented by those twelve loaves of bread that was on that table.  High Priest ate them.  And then the golden altar of incense, and in that golden altar of incense incense was burning at nine in the morning and three in the afternoon.  The children of Israel, they prayed around the outside, while the incense was burning.  They didn’t.., personally and collectively they didn’t have the Holy Spirit and the incense was a figure of the Holy Spirit.  Just come right on off of these right on over.  And Jesus said here (hear?) the things that I just told you.  I am the light of the world.  I’m the bread, and showed that bread here, not the Bible but the true bread that come down from heaven.  He.., I believe I heard Dr, Anderson say there a while ago that Christ was our only intercessor, so that’s why we put Him here down on His knees.  We’re just transcribing what is in the New Testament and everywhere else, as you call it, and just bringing these things right on over.  Then He.., after He had did all, He ascended.  This veil here divided the Most Holy Place from the Holy Place.  After He had fulfilled His work, He entered on through the veil, that is to say through the flesh, and He entered on back on into heaven itself.

Now I said.., take the ark of the covenant.  The ten commandment law was laid in the ark of the covenant.  This is what I’m trying to show you now.  The law was laid in the ark of the covenant, that is that Law of the Spirit of Life.  That ten commandment law governed all of the body of Israel, thou shalt not or thou shalt do.  It’s a law that governs.  Law!  Any man that despises Moses’ law died without mercy.  The Law of the Spirit:  Messiah.  Now go on up some where on top of a building and jump off.  See what happens.  It’s a tragedy.  What’s the matter?  You attempted to break the law.  My mind might be distorted or deranged to such an extent that I don’t have the right prospect on life.  My mind I said.  And then I go out there, but the law, it never fails.  It’s unchangeable!  It’s inviolable!  It’s immutable!  That’s the difference between the mind and the Law of the Spirit or the Law of God.  It never changes!  And anytime anybody from anywhere violates the Law of the Spirit, I mean to tell you, if you violate the law, just like he said to Adam back in the Garden of Eden, it’s death.  Now this is the pattern, Kinley did not put it in the book!  That’s what Moses done, he put the law in there, ten commandment law.  He laid it in the ark of the covenant, which means this:  that the Law of the Spirit of Life in your heart, in your mind, and in your body which is a tabernacle just like this tabernacle there, that God might dwell in you.

What I think!  Thought in negation all of my life, necessitated a birth as Dr Anderson was trying to talk about.  And you can’t just go on and say because I picked up some habit or I had some misfortune or something or another I’m gonna take some training and overcome it.  No, I am not!  I’m gonna have to do this:  if I’m regenerated, if I ever reach immortality, I’ll certainly have to have the Law of the Spirit of Life in me to guide me, only way for me to know what it is all about.  I must have that Law of the Spirit of Life.  The mind is too limited, it’s finite, it’s carnal.

Now somebody said, ‘well, wait a minute Doc.’  Said, ‘you overlooked that Paul said this:  let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.’  No I didn’t overlook it at all.  Now suppose I say that to you, what then was the mind that was in Him?  Alright you reading from many different things that He did when He was in the world by the mind that was in Him, using mind and spirit synonymous now.  Just saying for the sake of bringing out the thought that mind and spirit is one and the same, if you want to take it that way.  Now Paul said let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.

Now as I read the Book over here in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, I see that He did this, I see that He did that, and I see that He did the other.  And I might say to you, for example, going by the Pattern.  Here’s the first Adam back in the Garden of Gethsemane.  And He said think not that I come to destroy the law or the prophets but I come to fulfill.  That’s what I come for.  And verily, verily one jot or tittle of the word, it shall no pass.., or the law shall in no wise pass until it’s all fulfilled.  Is that what He said?  Now if this mind is in you that was in Him, you tell me, if you’re just gonna say that and go ahead on and read, you tell me, this great God of the stellar universe, how did it happen to be in the first place that Christ ate the passover and got up and washed the disciples feet and went on out into the Garden of Gethsemane which is right in the same place as the Garden of Eden.  The children of Israel following this same pattern with blood, water, spirit.  Blood, water, and the anointing oil of spirit.  Blood, water, and anointed with the spirit.  It’s three that bear record, blood, water, and spirit, never digresses from that pattern.  It must be that way all the way down through the dispensations and ages.  That’s why an atom is three-fold, every ultramicroscopic particle of matter.


Now if the mind is in me that was in Christ Jesus, if you wanna take it that way.  Now you tell me why that it was that God put the little brook Kidron there for Him to cross over?  You tell me why.  Just talking about something don’t mean anything.  You tell me why it was that the Children of Israel went out of the land of Egypt and went though the Red Sea?  Tell me why it divided?  Tell me why that they stayed in the wilderness for forty years.  Tell me why the river Jordan divided and they went on into Palestine.  Tell me why it was that God let Adam stay in the garden of Eden back there and never drove him out until the cool of the day.  Tell me why?  Cause He’s fulfilling that which was back there.  Now you just stand up and just say let this mind be in you, I don’t know nothing about what you’re talking about unless I understand the pattern and what it’s all about.  How am I going to understand that?  It’s because the Law of the Spirit in me is opening my eyes and making me see and understand why Christ did this and why he did the other in the same mind, the same consciousness of why He did this, why He did that, and why He did the other.  Why did Jesus out in the Garden of Gethsemane sweat, and great drops of blood drop, dropped off of Him.  Why?  If you wanna have the same mind in you.  Just talking about it won’t do it.  And the reason why it was is because God told Adam in the sweat of his face shall he eat bread till he returned unto the ground, for out of it was he taken and from dust thou are and to dust thou shalt return.  And Jesus fulfilling that, so when He was in the Garden of Gethsemane there out there, great drops of sweat just like blood began to pour off of Him, He was the second Adam.  Tell me why, if you wanna talk about let that mind be in you, was it your mind that told you why it was that He sweated so out there in the Garden of Eden was because.., in the Garden of Gethsemane, cause He was fulfilling that which was out there in the Garden of Eden?  And God said further, said thorns and thistles, ____ ____ thorns and thistles shall the earth bring forth.  And there Jesus is out there and there comes up the thorns and thistles, so it presses Him right on back, and He sweated clear on until He went on down to the ground.  Because out of it was he taken and from dust he come and He’s going back, fulfilling that which was back there.  And when He raised from the dead, then He had instead of a crown of thorns, it was a crown of glory.

Now if you’re talking about let that same mind be in you, then you tell me why He did this and why He did that and why He did the other, then you can talk to me about it.

Why was it when the great multitudes followed Him around up there and He preached and He healed many of them and then He took on off and went on up into the top of the mountain and He set up there in the mountain and He took His conversation and He said:  you have heard of Moses of old time, thou shalt not do thus and so forth and so on, what you call the Beatitudes.  why did He go up in the mountain?  Well, the reason why He went up in the mountain was because God had spoke from Mount Sinai, this sermon won’t due to be preached down here on the back side of the mountain, God’s incarnated in this body, and so I have to go on up in the mountain to speak to you because God spoke to you from the mountain.  What are you doing that for?  I’m fulfilling the law and the prophets.  Now you’re talking about letting that same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.  Then if you understand what I’m talking about then you know all the cause and the reason why it is.  But get up there and ____ ____ ____ ____ and let that mind be in you which in Christ Jesus.  That ain’t gonna get it.  You got to know what it’s all about and the only way for you to know what it’s all about is you have to go on back there and get that pattern and get that purpose and get that plan and bring it on down through the dispensations and ages.  And then that same mind, that same God that’s in you will cause that same mind to be in you that was in Christ Jesus.  You know why He did this, and you know why He did that and you know why He did the other.  And then unless you can approach me like that then you can’t just stop this fluctuating mind.  And these nice things you tell me to do, you tell me to concentrate on this.  Hope for this and hope for that and hope for the other and so forth and so on.  And tell me to get down here and to pray to an unknown God I don’t have no conception of.  I don’t know nothing about Him!  I don’t know whether I’m praying or just using words, just empty words.  I don’t know nothing about Him because He’s an unknown God.  I don’t know whether He heard my prayer or not.  And then when I get through with it, I’ve done failed in something else.  What’s the matter?  Say, ‘well, God hears prayers and all them different kinds of things, well by and by after a while then He’ll bring it to pass and all them different kind…  That ain’t what the trouble is.   Look here.  When you were down there, you didn’t know what it was all about cause the Holy Spirit hadn’t revealed it to you and what you were doing was praying, bless God’s everlasting Name for something out of harmony with His purpose.  And anytime the Holy Spirit pray within you, cause I don’t know how to pray as I ought but the Holy Spirit in me makes intercession for me with groanings that can’t be uttered.  And so if it’s the Holy Spirit praying then I’m gonna ask God because the Holy Spirit don’t ask God for anything contrary to His purpose and to His pattern.  And so if it’s the Holy Spirit praying you know how to live, then sometimes it doesn’t write the things that the Holy Spirit is teaching me to pray for.

Now there’s a few other thoughts I wanna show you about how that thing failed.  Now here is the apostle in the first chapter of Acts of Apostles.  There they knew that Judas had failed by transgression.  Here’s a carnal mind.  Holy Spirit hasn’t been poured out yet and they decided to hold one of them ecumenical councils.  And there they was out there praying that the Holy Ghost or God might show who would take Judas’ place who had fell by transgression.  And they put it upon Matthias.  You see it in the first chapter of Acts of Apostles.  They wasn’t praying by the Holy Ghost.  What’s the matter?  They didn’t know nothing about who was to take Judas’ place.  And so they put another man, two other men up there and they went to pulling lots, or casting lots to see which one of them it was that was gonna take the place and that lot fell on Matthias, that Holy Spirit hadn’t been poured out yet so they chose Matthias, just like Israel chose Saul.  That wasn’t God’s choice.  But nevertheless, they went on down, we’re talking about the purpose and plan of God now.  Here’s a man, ‘Bless God’s everlasting Life,’ that with the apostles, all of them walked around over the Judean hills and witnessed everything He did, Judas included.  And when Judas come out, ‘Bless God’s everlasting Life,’ talking about the promise that He made to Abraham back there, and by faith.  So after Judas has gone on out, then here come the one that done went out here and killed somebody, the Apostle Paul.  He was even putting men and women to death for serving the living God.  And if they had put him up there with Barnabas and Matthias and said now which one of these would you choose, they would be sure not to choose the Apostle Paul.  Why?  Because he was a persecutor, he was a blasphemer, and he was a murderer.  But wait, ‘Bless God’s everlasting name,’ after Jesus went on back to heaven, bless God, and sit down on the throne, waited seven years before the Gentiles was grafted in and about 3 years after He ascended, here goes the Apostle Paul on his way down to Damascus, his name was Saul at that time.  And now God’s gonna fill this place just like Judas.  Because in and around the throne there was twelve thrones and there was twelve apostles that sat upon the thrones.  And so now I’m gonna put the right man in.  It ain’t gonna be done by no voting and casting lots, or nothing of the kind.  I put him in there because Saul never seen, he’s gonna represent them that’s born of the promise, them that don’t see and them that didn’t follow Him around the Judean hills.  I have the place I’ve reserved for him, and I can’t make the choice before I ascend because God has given Me these twelve here that I had before I come in the world so I got to go on back out of the world before a decision can be made on, cause He never forgot to choose somebody to fulfill his place.  And so, ‘bless God’s everlasting Life,’ when the Holy Spirit was poured out on them on the day of Pentecost and that great persecution come up, they was all scattered abroad except the apostles.  And then, ‘Bless the Lord,’ here was this man who was to be the 12th apostle out there putting them to death and persecuting them.  In fact he was the one that caused the persecution.  And now here he goes on down to Damascus to do some of his persecuting.  And God almighty spoke to him the way going down to Damascus and said Saul!   Saul!  why persecutest thou me?  He said what are you doing that for?  He said Lord, what will you have me to do?  He said I’ll have you to take, I’m just adding these words, I’ll have you to take the place of Judas who fell by transgression.  I wish you could understand all those different kinds of things, then, then you can talk about let that mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus.  Did you see that far?  It’s the Law of the Spirit of Life.

Now that law…  Your body is the temple.  Now here, take this right off of here.  This is Mercy Seat that the angels, the cherubims of glory overshadowing the Mercy Seat and the law laid right in there.  Jesus said lay up for yourself treasures in heaven.  And so now the Law under the New Testament or ____ but the Law of the Spirit is written right in your heart and mind, it signified that the Law of the Spirit was written right in your heart and right in your mind.  Paul said so in the third chapter of Second Corinthians.  So it’s the Law of the Spirit of Life which is in Christ Jesus, that’s made me free from the law of sacrifices and ceremonies.  And as you walk around with that Law of the Spirit or the Law of God, cause God is spirit, in your heart and in your mind why then you don’t do the thing that’s wrong.  Why?  Because there’s control, you’re governed by the Law of the Spirit of Life.  You can go out here in some business transaction, have some kind of failure, more than likely you will have a whole lot of them because it wasn’t suppose to be ____, because the Law of the Spirit is educating you.

Now there’s one more thing I want to discuss with you and then we will be done and that’s the 15th chapter of First Corinthians and verse forty-five and I want you to see whether this is the Law or the Science of Mind or whether it is ____ we’re talking about, Christ Jesus.  Now read for me please.

Reader:  What verse?

Dr. Kinley:  45.

Reader:  And so it is written

Dr. Kinley:  And so it is written

Reader:  The first man Adam was made a living soul

Dr. Kinley:  The first man Adam was made a living soul

Reader:  And the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.

Dr. Kinley:  And the last Adam was made a quickening mind.

Reader:  Quickening spirit.

Dr. Kinley:  I just want you to see.  I want you to see and learn how to read this thing perfect.  He was made a quickening spirit.  Where the spirit of the Lord is.  Paul said now the Lord is that spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.  Now, Paul said this, with his mind he served the Lord because greater than your mind is the spirit and we live under the influence of the spirit.  And now as I have showed you all along, every time I went through this I went through it with accuracy and infallibility.  Don’t make no mistakes.  Mind.

Now you have come all the way through Pentecost down to this present ____ ____ ____ about the Science of Mind but they all claim to be preaching and teaching the same doctrine.  And Jesus said just before he ascended, said lo I am with you alway even until the end of the world.  And He said this.  Said, the glorious Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness, and we got that twisted too, and then shall the end come.  When He said in all the world it means all through the ages.  This is the last age and this Gospel of the kingdom has been preached in all the ages.  All the way down somebody has preached it long before ever anybody ever said anything about it.  And standing in this Holy Place, I should say the only thing that’s going to keep you standing in this Holy Place is that Law of the Spirit.  It is inviolable it is immutable, it is unerring.  It causes little birds to fly.  Would you say that it was mind?  No. That’s an animated object, isn’t it?  Now look here, listen.  The sun, moon, and stars, as I told you about, they all function with unerring accuracy.  The sun don’t bump into the moon and change the day to night.  Would you say it was mind?  Would you say that the moon, mind of the moon and the sun, or the mind of the stars.  Would you say that?  No. It never fails, it never fails.  God’s spirit embraces and moves everything by His spirit, every animate and inanimate object in this universe, so that the inanimate object is controlled by universal spirit law, they don’t have no mind as we understand mind to be.

The little birds, you see them can fly in formation and here we are a man and we have to have some kind of a guide, some kind of contact, communication when flying in an airplane, or navigating somewhere around.  But here’s the little birds that God put that Law in them that governs and controls their origin and destiny.  They never fail.  You see them take off, they don’t know nothing about whether it’s January, February or no…  When the season come around for them to go, and you see them flying in formation.  What is this that’s guiding them?  Mind?  No. Influence?  No.  It’s the Law of the Spirit that God has put in them, its destination is a foregone conclusion and they never fly in the wrong direction and get lost way out yonder over the Pacific ocean or out there somewhere in the sandy, sun-baked land of the Sahara Desert or somewhere up yonder around the icy waste land of Labrador.  Under that Law, they go right to the destination all the time, they never get lost.  It’s because with God’s Law, that Law that is infallible, or immutable law, it governs them.  And it’s the same way in the planets as it is in the animated life that don’t have a mind.  They don’t bump into one another and just distort and disturb everything because that Law is immutable, it’s infallible.

Job said, the law, talking about the Lord, God said to the Sea, or when he appointed to the sea it’s decreed, which is the Law, said, come this far, don’t go no further.  The sea hasn’t got no mind.  And Job got up there and he got to talking a whole lot of fool talk and all that, and God spoke to him out of the whirlwind and said, Where were you when I laid the foundation of the world?  Job gird up the loins of your mind now and declare unto me if you have understanding.  Where were you when I made the sea, or the bars and doors for the sea?  Where was you when I made a swaddling band for the clouds.  Tell me.  Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth class?  Job said, once have I spoken, yea twice I’ll put my hand over my mouth talking like a fool, I’m gonna shut up.  And that Law governs and controls everything.

It’s the Law of the Spirit of Life which was in Christ Jesus.  And to prove to you that it was in there, when the winds and the waves was blowing out there and the rest of them laying up there, they were laying up there asleep, in the ship sleeping.  They were out there cussing, and cussing and trying, ‘do you hear, and don’t you see and don’t you care if we perish?’  He just woke up and said, ‘Peace be still.’  That’s the Law of the Spirit that brought everything into existence, you can’t grab it in your hands or anything like that and everything just calm right down.  They said, ‘well, what kind of man is this?’  That’s the man with the Law of the Spirit of Life in His heart.  Thank you Dr. Gross.


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