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21) MAY 5 or 12,1968: MYSTERY OF INIQUITY:




by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley


Los Angeles, California


audio cassette recording received from Lamar Greer (#54B)

1 90 minute audio cassette


Catalog #: 68.0512


transcribed by Kevin Barnes

first proofreading:  Michael Rothstein

second proofreading: Gerry Rothstein


third proofreading, International Public Relations Committee

approved by the International Public Relations Committee: 1997



1. … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, see, you see, you see what I mean, you follow, is that right.)

4. indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber

Previous Speaker:  Dr. Robert Harris.

Moderator:  Doctor Henry C. Kinley, Dr. Kinley.

Dr. Kinley:  Thanks.  I know all of you enjoyed the…

Student Body:  Oh yeah.  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  I sure did, if you didn’t, you just didn’t have the right thing in you.  Now you’ll have to admit to yourself, whether that’s right any how.  You have been fed tonight, ____ Springfield has been fed.  It’s hard to pull out of you, but never the less (nevertheless?), it’s true.  You know as I set there and listen at him talk, preach the gospel, I thought many things and I think I wanna tell you of a few of the things that I thought about.  See what you think about it.  Now we wrote a book and in that book we just come right out…  Has anybody got one of the books here?

Student:  Billy Carrol

Dr. Kinley:  Billy Carrol has got one.  I want you to know what I’m talking about.  I don’t want you to be in the dark.  Take the book and you can find one of them things.  Now this is what I thought about as I set there in my seat and thought.  We wrote that book.  Now nobody wants to print it.  The man that did print it, I’m talking about Garette.  He lost his wife, divorced; sixteen year old daughter; he had a filling station; he had apartments, a motel.  He was doing pretty good.  Now he lost the whole thing, and then got, not only run out of town, but run out of the country.  He did that.  And during the process of making that book, he said to me, said, ‘well Dr. Kinley,’ says, ‘I’ll tell you something.’  He said now, ‘it’s against the rule or it’s against the law first for me to publish anything like this.’  And then next to that he said, ‘they’ll wanna kill me for doing it.  And then they’ll wanna get you for writing it and make publishment.’  Now as many as you might think about it, we have had people that come here and set in this audience and get up and go out of this audience and write threatening statements back.  In this audience.

Now I’m gonna tell you what’s wrong with the book.  Why they do not wanna publish it. They don’t wanna have nothing what so ever to do with it, and that’s the reason why I had to quit writing.  We sent it to…  What’s the name of that?

Student:  Vantage Press.

Dr. Kinley:  Vantage Press.  You see it advertised all the time in the papers.  Dr. Gross sent it to the…

Dr. Gross:  McGraw Hill.

Dr. Kinley: McGraw and Hill, biggest publishing company in the world.  And when we first wrote the book we sent it to England and of course they was gonna do something with it until they got into the pages and found out what was in it.  And then they cabled us back and said, ‘look.’  Said, ‘we’re sorry we cannot publish your book and it’s being returned to you by mail.’  And further stated that if we print this book, all of our people that work for us will go out on strike.  Don’t we have the paper at home?

Student:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  We can bring the letter out here and show ‘em to you.  Well now here’s what’s wrong.  Now whenever I get ready to talk, say something about the devil, I just point him out and say that’s him.  Now they don’t like that.  For example, in the book, in the book.  I’m not gonna go into no heated preaching here today.  I just wanna show you, just, just how, how objectionable the things are of John Paul, some of the statements.

Now what we did, what we did, we asked permission, written permission.  And it is published there in the first part of that book that they did give us permission to use the photographs, the actual photograph of the Vatican.  And Pope John the 23rd that is his picture, that is Pope Pius the 12th picture.  No fooling.  And that book is documented.  I don’t just go and stick my chin out.  I just did what they say.  Now they wanna kill me for what they said, and for what the Bible said.  I don’t stick my chin out Clive.  If you read that book and you looked at it, you’ll find what they said.  And I got permission.  And I just put it in there like they said it, cause if I didn’t and they’d get me for misrepresentation.  That’s lying on ‘em.  Get the point?  And if I didn’t put in there the quote that was in the Bible, they’d have me again.  Right?

Now it’s against the law, sociology, for me to put Pope John’s picture in that book and say what I said about him, that the scriptures says about him; for me to wise you all up.  Now where I’m having my troubles at, is just on account of telling you, I don’t tell you nothing else only what God said and what the other fella out there said.  Now you wanna jump all over me about that.  I say, I said it’s unfair.  Don’t you say so Bishop?

Bishop Short:  Yes, it is.

Dr. Kinley:  That’s just unfair.  Now God gave the dimensions in the Bible for the tabernacle.  I didn’t do it.  What do you wanna jump on me about that for?  He said it was a pattern.  If you don’t believe me, you read Exodus 25:40 and Hebrews 8:5.  Now along comes somebody else with their arguing and concept, and they’ll say this.  The universal mind, that’s one.  The subconscious mind, that’s two.  The conscious mind, that’s three.  Said, ‘first…’  Listen, how do you know the difference between the universal mind and the subconscious mind?  How do you know?  Give me some idea about the change over and what’s taking place.  Get the point?  How’m I supposed to know which one’s in operation? (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now do you see what I mean?  And I suppose didn’t wanna talk to him because I asked him the question.  I’d tell him what God said.  They don’t know that He said it.  And then they come along and said, ‘who said that?’ (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now that’s what’s going on in this school, they don’t want you to tell on them.  They go out there and build these great monumental structures and they’ve got these religious forms.  And Paul said, having a form of godliness, but denying the power.  They’ve all got a ritualistic course of procedure.  And they’re saying that, and saying this, and they’re saying the other thing.  And Messiah said they would say… He said they’d say this.  He said they’d say, ‘Lo here,’ another one say, ‘Lo there.’  One would say it’s in the valley.  Another one say it’s in the desert.  One said it’s in Rome.  Now what must I do about it?  He said believe it not, don’t you believe that.  Get the point?  The Baptist they say, ‘well, we’re right over here, go over here.’ The Church of Christ say, ‘look over here, go over here, we’re right.’  And all them different kinda things.  Then when you call ‘em to prove it, can’t do it.

You got one of them pictures.  Dr. Gross this why you can’t get this book published.

Dr. Gross:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now if you don’t know…  We have to send the book up to the publishers, and so they can look it over before they decide whether they wanna publish it or not.  Now if you just went ahead on and got yourself some chalk or something or other and just drawed yourself some kind of a diagram in here, then almost anybody could come along and say, ‘well, that’s a lie.’  But when you come and taken actual photographs like this, (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) you’re finished.  Don’t nobody want nothing to do with it.  They just don’t want a thing to do with it.  See this?  This is the actual photograph of Pope Pius the 12th.  Now things that they have said we put in this book.  But now you’re not supposed to pass ‘em out.

Did you ever hear of the Spanish Inquisition, how they burned up all of the books.  Roman Catholics gathered ‘em up and burned up all the books that said anything about them, that was contrary against them.  They burned ‘em up.  Now when some Protestant comes along and says something against the Roman Catholic Church, if he doesn’t have some way of proving it, then it’s just his opinion of something, why they don’t pay no attention to him.  And the most of ‘em are even afraid to say anything about it.  Why?  Because he gets bumped off.  And they’ve killed up just millions upon top of millions.  And now why is it you can’t see that that’s the devil, when the scripture said the devil is a m…  Maybe you better read it.  Maybe you didn’t know it was in there.  Maybe that’s why you didn’t take exception to it.  Now, here’s what they said they done.  They said they killed in defense of the church.  It’s John 8:44.

Reader:  Ye are of your Father the devil…

Dr. Kinley:  Now ye are of your Father.  Read, I’m in a hurry.

Reader:  the adversary

Dr. Kinley:  the adversary

Reader:  and the lust of your Father

Dr. Kinley:  Now the lust of your father you will do

Reader:  he was a murderer

Dr.  Kinley:  he was a murderer

Reader:  from the beginning

Dr. Kinley:  from the beginning

Reader:  and abode not in the truth

Dr. Kinley:  and abode not in the truth

Reader:  because there is not truth in him

Dr.  Kinley:  because there’s no truth in him

Reader:  when he speaketh a lie

Dr. Kinley:  when he speaketh a lie

Reader:  he speaketh of his own

Dr. Kinley:  he speaketh of his own

Reader:  for he is a liar

Dr. Kinley:  for he is a liar

Reader:  and the Father of it

Dr. Kinley:  and the father of it.  Now you see He was a murderer from the beginning?  Do you ever hear about Cain slaying Abel?  Why did he do that for?  Jealousy.  Dr. Harris talked about the devil getting cast out of heaven.  Why’d he get cast out for?  You get the point?  Look at second Thessalonians, the second chapter and just start reading with the first verse.  Now you can see what the trouble is.

Reader:  Now we beseech you brethren

Dr. Kinley:  Now we, Paul said, now, everybody standing around talking about the coming of the Messiah, He’s gonna jump out of the clouds some day and all that kinda thing.  He’s coming back.  Now wait a minute.  And, and, and said one time when I went to Springfield, they had a guest speaker there.  Oh, he was so…  Oh, mercy. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) His gestures, his facial expressions, they were just so.  Boy, were so graceful, his poise and all that kinda thing.  He said that Jesus went away to prepare a mansion for us and He would be back and personally escort us to those mansions in the sky that He has prepared for us.  And he was just so proper. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) That’s right.  And the ____ etiquette and one of the…  Didn’t even say anything, it’s impossible for a man to be that stupid. (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) Yes, indeed.  Well he said that’s what Jesus said.  He said He’s going to prepare a place for us and if I go I’ll come again and receive you unto myself that where I am, there you will be also.  And he was just.., he wanted to make sure that he got into his apartment, an escort.  Now brothers let me tell you something.  Now these things that.., really, if you’ll look into I ‘em while we’re laughing about that.  Now the Papacy has said so many things, said so many things, that, that are more stupider than that.  And how people with any degree of intelligence can believe it, just to tell you the truth, they just don’t believe.  And it’s hard to think that a man could set up and tell a, a lie like that.  Now look…  And let me show you this:  how in the world could the Roman Catholics call Jesus the Mother of God?

Student:  Mary

Dr. Kinley:  I mean Mary, the Mother of God.  How could they call Mary the Mother of God?  And then they had the power over the treasure of indulgences and write it in this book, print it in this book.  It’s in here, they said a, now listen, now actually where is purgatory?  Said, it’s between heaven and hell.  Listen, they said that, I didn’t.  We got it printed right there in that book.  And how could you explain to me, if they are gonna trace it clear on back to Peter, their church, how that they could let Mary the M.., so they say the Mother of God, lay out there in the sod until 1950, before they put, Pope Pius the 12th put her in heaven whole soul and body.  Now there isn’t anybody in here stupid enough to believe that.  Now, now, if you just stop and look into it, now that’s too stupid.  And then it takes a, listen, it takes a whole lot a resistance against God for a man to even have the guts, the nerve, nobody but the devil himself wouldn’t have that kinda nerve.  And they say they have plenitude of power to promote angels or demote ‘em.  And Pope, the same Pope that put Mary in heaven whole soul and body, listen…  Romans 14:17 says the Kingdom of God is not meats and drinks.  Flesh and blood doth not enter the heavens and, and, and, and, and then the man just get up and said that he put Mary the Mother of God.., after leaving her lay in that 1970.  He put everybody else in, before he got around to Mary.  Could you, could you imagine a disgraceful lie like that?  Now couldn’t nobody else but the Devil tell a lie like that.  Now Pope, Pope Pius the 12th promoted the Archangel, Gabriel.  We got these things documented.  If I didn’t, I’d been in jail folks.  Pope Pius that said that, Pope John the 23rd demoted him.  Now you oughta come down here with your mouth all shot out, because I tell you Yahshua the Messiah is the Savior of the world, and don’t no man go unto the Father but by Him.  And these pictures in this book, we tell you where they come from.  Here he is.  Look, look.  Here somebody take this book and just…  Here you, you’ve been a Roman Catholic.  You oughta pass this around. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Take this thing back here and show ‘em how the pope is setting up here.  Show it to anybody new back there that’s never seen it before.  I’ll be done in a few minutes.

Now I’m fixing to leave town, folks.  You get a ____ of me pretty soon.  You see it?  Now look at it.  You see where they said hell was, you see where they said purgatory was, you see where they said heaven was.  Now that come out of a Catholic magazine, I didn’t print it.  And Dr. Gross took it and put the picture in there, now I got to be abused about it.  Want you to see where that Pope is setting too.  I want you to see where they said hell was.  Now give me my pointer.  Give me this pointer.

Look at Matthew 24:14.  I’ll be back to Thessalonians.  I’m gonna, I’ll tell you why the devil got cast out of heaven.  Alright.  Matthew 24:15.  Look at it.

Reader:  When ye therefore shall see the abomination

Dr. Kinley:  Now when you therefore shall see, course now if you don’t see it.  If you’re so blind you don’t see it. (DR. KINLEY LAUGHS) When you therefore shall see…

Reader:  the abomination

Dr. Kinley:  the abomination of desolation

Reader:  spoken of by Daniel the prophet

Dr. Kinley:  spoken of by Daniel the prophet

Reader:  stand in the Holy Place

Dr. Kinley:  Now look, you looked at the book.  Here he is setting, setting in the Holy Place, letting the Pope setting in heaven here.  Jesus said, stand in the Holy Place, he didn’t say set there.  And there he is setting in the Holy Place.  Let the folks in the back there, show ‘em a picture of it, in heaven.  He has plenitude of power.  And Yahshua the Messiah just said, no man goeth unto the Father but by Me.  You get it now?  And He said stand in the Holy Place.  Now you can see, just look at the pattern.  All you have to do is just look at the pattern.  I want a picture where I, I want it way up where everybody can see it.  Now here’s the golden candle stick.  Would you set on that? (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) There’s some fire on that. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) This is the Holy Place.  Then when the Messiah, that’s why He.., that’s why Messiah said stand, He didn’t say set there.  Now would you sit on the golden candlestick?

Student Body:  No

Dr. Kinley:  Would you sit down on the table of shewbread?

Student Body:  No

Dr. Kinley:  Would you sit down on the altar of incense with fire, coals of fire, and let ‘em burn you?

Student Body:  No

Dr. Kinley:  Would you, do you see anyplace there to sit down at?  Answer me.

Student Body:  No

Dr. Kinley:  Now in the Hebrews, you have this explained, where He, the Messiah’s entered on through the vail.  See this door here’s a vail.  This second vail is into the Most Holy Place.  This is the Holy Place and this is that.  Now what the most theologians do?  They coming to drawing something around…  Why don’t you go on back and get the pattern?

Student Body:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  They don’t know about it, doc.  Hey, if they don’t know…

Dr. Kinley:  Why don’t they do that?  Now they build Vatican City.  Right?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Every time you turn around somebody’s building, all botched up building a little of this over here and a little of that over there, and a little of this over there.  Yahshua the Messiah said, 16th chapter of Matthew, ‘upon this rock I’ll build My congregation or assembly or church and the very gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.’  Did He say that?  If you don’t think that’s in the Book, I will read.  I’m showing you how I get myself in all kinds of trouble and why they wanna kill me.  I quoted him.  ____ ____  got it, I didn’t say it quick enough, and look it here.  Messiah said, upon this Rock, He didn’t say upon that Rock either.  He said upon this Rock, I’ll build My church and the very gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.

Now listen.  You listening at me?  It took 120 years to build the last thing ____ ____, 120 years, the same time that it took Noah to build this ark.  Now are you listening?  You sure you’re listening?  And He said, the very gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.  And you recall I told you that they had killed millions, six million Jews here in Germany.  They had a option of going into the Roman Catholic Church, confiscating their property and giving it over or else go to the gas chamber.  Yes, its history.  Listen, I can go bring the books down here.  Don’t argue with me, start no stuff at all with me.

Now they killed up all them people.  And you ask ‘em what did they do it for?  They say in defense of the church.  Messiah said, ‘upon this Rock I’ll build my Church and the very gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’  Then you explain to me then, how King Victor Hugo Emmanuel in 1870, the First Vatican Council that they had, King Victor Emmanuel sent troops in there, throwed the thing out, put it back under the Italian government, it stayed there 59 years.  Would you say that that was the very gates of Hell prevailing against it?  Mussolini in 1929 come along and put the Vatican City back.  ____ ____ ____  Say, can’t you see nothing?  Are you so stupid, that you can’t see nothing?  Call Rome the Eternal City.  Now anybody can see that they was.., that’s just not so.  Can you see the Italian army prevail against the Vatican, at the First Vatican Council, 1870?  How then could the Italian Army go in there and subdue it, take that Eternal City, so they say, and put it back under the Italian government.  Would you call that prevailing against the Church?  And they say that they’re the Church.  Do you understand what I was talking about when I showed you this picture here?  Where he’s sitting here, saying.., listen, they say purgatory is between heaven and hell.  Well now here you got the Outer Court, you see it here?  Then you got the Most.., you got the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place.  Now where is purgatory?

Now I’ll tell you what John said about it.  While the people was around on the outside of this tabernacle, you can see it better here, while they was around on the outside.  There are 12 tribes, three tribes on each side.  They were praying, the High Priest was in here burning incense, and they were praying.  And this incense represented the Holy Spirit.  Now listen folks, the Holy Spirit repre… that represented.  Now what we did here on this chart because they don’t have no sources of light here, brought it over here, took this and brought it over here, took this and brought it over here and we showed you that He was our Intercessor and He is the Apostle and high Priest of our profession.  He’s the Light of the world.  He’s that Bread that came down from Heaven.  In other words, we compared one vessel with the other.  That’s the Pattern that come from God.  Now if that’s the pattern that come from God and He set it up Himself, I didn’t do it, but when I come along and show you what they set up and how they fixed up things, then they wanna kill me for it.  Wanna put me to death for it.  Freddy, put 666 on that board, both ways, all three ways.

Then I’m gonna have you to read. I, I’ll be done in a minute.  I’ll be done in a minute cause I do wanna let you out because you all supposed to go to a fair, those that would want to go.  Now look folks.  Now why did the devil get cast out of Heaven?  Now if a man will say that he has authority to put angels into Heaven or demote angels or to put people on earth in Heaven, indul.., indulgence.  If you say that he’s occupying the seat of Peter.  You don’t see no seat of Peter in here, you have to out of here if you want to sit down, for the Messiah said, ‘stand in the Holy Place.’  Now Messiah, so states the Hebrews, said He’s entered on through the vail and sit down at the right hand of the Father.  Now this throne here, this cherubims of Glory overshadowing the Mercy Seat.  And now you see the angels and authorities and all being subject unto Him.  Now here’s what the Pope has done.  He’s exalting himself above all that is worshipped, all that is called God, so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.  Do you see now what I’m talking about?  Now what else do they do?  Look around here.  Messiah come to fulfill the carnal ordinances that was under the dispensation of the law:  such as the paschal lamb, the first tabernacle stood only in meats and drinks and divers washings.  Now look folks, look right up here at me.  430 years before the giving of the Law, He made Abraham a promise.  Abraham believed God and his con.., and, and, and his belief in God, that God would do what He said was accounted unto Abraham for righteousness.  Now when the Messiah come and fulfilled the law that stood only in meats and drinks, carnal ordinances, and then they were nailed to the cross.  And now we’re worshipping God in Spirit and Truth.  We’re not eating no Lord’s Suppers, not washing nobody’s feet, not punching nobody in the creek, not having no Pentecost, not having no Passover, not doing anything of any of that.  Well the question is, why don’t you do it?  Why don’t you do it?  Now He said it was given to the Jew only.  Said He fulfilled and moved it out of the way because it’s contrary to Him, so that you can set right on your seat right where you are and believe God that He’ll create a new heaven and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness, just like Abraham believed God.  And you don’t have to wash nobody’s feet.  That’s all the Protestants and the Catholics have got:  a form of God but denying the power…


Dr. Kinley:  … they have ____ ____.  Now here’s some idiot standing up here with a little wafer and a little bit of ____ Black with grape juice.  Then telling you he’s changing it over into the body of Christ; in other words, he’s creating Christ.  And you are that stupid.  Now you see why they wanna kill me?  Say, ‘the Holy Father’s right, he’s authorized and endorsed by God, but you ain’t.’  That’s what they say about me.  Now in the 13th chapter of Revelation, the 18th verse, you get this.  Here’s wisdom, let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast, for it’s the number of a man.  Listen, it says that’s a number of a man.  Well now if it ain’t the Pope, then you get up here and tell me who it is.  They said it belonged on Nero.  I agree with you, that was pagan Rome.  And then you read there in Revelation that pagan just passed it right on over to papal, giving him ____ his authority and his great power.  And you read the 21 st chapter of Revelation about the beast and the false prophet.  The man without the Holy Spirit is just like a natural brute beast, no different.  The man ain’t got the Holy Spirit and that’s why he’s called a brute beast.  And the mark of the beast for it’s a number of a man.  You see what I’m talking about?  They wanna chop my head off so bad.  And here you set up at home, ‘I don’t think I’ll go down there tonight.’  It don’t make you no difference how I get along down here.  I’m trying to tell you the truth to save your soul.  I’m exposed to being murdered almost anytime, even somebody liable to just jump up in the audience back there and shoot me.  You wouldn’t have no, even no witnesses in court nor nothing else.  You don’t care if I get killed and here I am, I don’t have no better sense to come walking right down here in front and say the very things I’m saying to you now, to try to save your soul.  Then you get all hot and heated up at me.

Here is wisdom, let him that has know.., understanding, count the number of the beast for it’s the number of a man.  They said it belonged on Nero Caesar.  Now if you take the numerical for it:  N stands for 50, E has no value, R has 200, 0 stands for six.  N 50, now behave yourself, C, Doc, stands for 100, A has no value, E has no value, S stands for 60, A has no value, R 200.  And you add ‘em up.  Now this is Nero Caesar, 666.  And we can bring the Catholic Bible down here and show it to you.  They did say that it belonged on Nero.  And in your Bible it says that the dragon gave the beast, this beast, initial power and great authority.  Now here Revelation 13:18, says, let him that has understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man and his number is six hundred, three score and six, or the same 666.

Now the Pope claims to be the Vicar of the Son of God.  Now that’s their own doctrine.  That’s not mine.  Vicarious Filii Dei:  that’s latin, translated it means the Vicar of the Son of God.  Now if you take it from that language:  V stands for 5.  Every kid knows that.  I stands for 100 too, I and I equals 1, C stands for 100, A has no value, R has no value, I equals one.  V stands for 5, and U, S has not value, and Vicarious and Filii:  F has no value, I equals 1, L stands for 50, I equals 1 and I equals… in Filii.  Then Dei:  D stands for 500, E has no value, I equals 1. There’s your 666.  Same here on Nero and here’s the Pope.  Now if you go on back and trace it down, cast out of heaven, come right on down to the earth.  And God put that mark on Cain.  And Cain said, his great burden was greater than he could bare.  He said anybody that seen him, would wanna put him to death.  And God said any man that kills Cain He would punish him seven times.  And now here he comes right on down, Cain slew Abel.  What’d he slay him for?  He’s jealous because the Lord accepted his sacrifice.  And now.., are you with me?  I want you to see the jealousy.  I want you to see the rage.  Now Satan in Heaven, God made him as Dr. Harris said, as he was and he was cast out of Heaven because he lifted himself up.

Now let me take this number, S A T U R N.  Saturn.  You know the planet Saturn out there in the sky.  Stars are symbolical to angels.  If you look along that vail up there you will see that there are stars are symbolical to angels.  And Saturn is surrounded with three rings.  Then if you pick up this crown here in this book. (DR. KINLEY SEEMS TO BE TAKING THE BOOK AND FLIPPING THROUGH SOME PAGES OF IT WITH SOMEONE IN THE AUDIENCE) Now they don’t want you to read this book.  You’ll see here setting in this book, you’ll see that the pope has a crown, a triple crown.  One ring, Vicarious.  The second ring, filii.  Third ring, Dei.  Vicarious Filii Dei.  Just like that planet is surrounded by those three rings.  Here you are believing all that stuff meaning this.  They tell you that they’re the true Church.  You’re just brain washed and just like this planet is circumscribed.  That planet, there’s a ring around that planet.  You’re hemmed in there.  Babylon, the Mother of Harlots, the confusion of all the earth.  Judaism, the Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.  And you get all kinds of folks, modern philosophical psychologists come in talking about the science of mind.  Yes I got the ____ ____.  Science of mind.  What do you mean science of mind?  Why don’t you go on back and get the pattern.  You don’t have no…  A carnal mind, what’s the difference between a carnal mind and a spiritual mind?  And people out there talking about how to teach you how to be successful out there in the world and how to get ahead in the world.  Brother.., back there.., I know his name too.  Ronald Griggs, brought a “Time” magazine and there’s around 66 multimillionaires and about two billionaires in the book.  They got more money than the United States of America ____ ____, and their names and all is in there.


Dr. Kinley:  Now you don’t get in the class unless you’re worth at least 150 million before they even put you in the book.  Ain’t that right, Brother Griggs?

Dr. Kinley:  Yes that’s right.

Student:  150 million.

Dr. Kinley:  Now here come along somebody teach me how to be successful in the world.  Now here’s the Messiah.  And now what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his soul.  Somebody goes out there and builds some little hut out there on a hill, cost a couple a million dollars.  He’s showing progress.  They build up Saint Peters here, just a…  Well look here, look what the devil done down here.  What was the Children of Israel in bondage to?  In bondage to Pharaoh building up his treasure houses.  Ain’t that right?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  And the same old thing comes all the way down through there.  Now somebody’s trying to teach you how to be successful in this world.  Call it any thing you wanna call it.  They’re is a ____.  What you wanna live in the world to come.  And Dr. Harris so well said, God put this Garden of Eden out there.  Gave that man something to eat.  In the world to come you won’t have to be worried about potatoes and beans and ____, anymore so than you were at the start of that.  You won’t have to be taught how to be successful in it.  Now do you understand what I’m am talking about Freddie?

Fred Allen, Jr.:  Yes

Dr. Kinley:  Now I’m fixing to up to the country.  And this kinda preaching won’t do.  This kinda book, there ain’t nobody gonna ____ it.  Everybody print ____ get yourself in trouble.  And if they catch me, that’s the reason why I tell you.

Now I’m fixing to leave the 16th, that’s next Thursday.  Now would you all mind coming down here to school?  Come on down here and learn something about what it’s all about.  The time is short.  The time is short.  Now I’ll tell you more about these things Wednesday, but I just wanted to point these things out here to you and show you how Roman Cathol.., I thought of ___ ___ ___ say, I been saying Roman Catholicism is wrong.  I just say Protestantism is wrong.  I say Judaism is wrong.  And you don’t wanna go along with it.

Now look folks, you tell me…  Now God did this as Dr. Harris said.  He put it down this way.  Now look at how…  You set up here boy.  Can you tell me how you can improve on something God did?  God made a man.  Can you tell me how you can improve on it?  Go sit down there. (DR. KINLEY SEEMED TO HAVE USED SOMEONE IN THE AUDIENCE AS AN ILLUSTRATION) (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) That’s the pattern, that’s what we go by, not the lying ____ up here calling somebody’s imagination.  I told you God gave me a vision and a revelation.  I didn’t brag and boast and say I went to school and learned it.  And if I had said that I’d a been a liar.  You know why I couldn’t learn this in school?  Cause they don’t teach it in there.  But this will bring you together children, and let me tell you this.  Believe it or not it will make you happy.

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  I mean genuine happy. (DR. KINLEY WHISPERS) Now this is what I’m talking about, happiness, it’ll make you love one another.  Love that even surpasses an understanding.  You just don’t have no words to explain how, how it can be, cause people get love and lust all mixed up.

Student Body:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  They think that a man standing around and lusting after a woman.  They call that, that’s what they call love.  And Jesus said, a man that looketh upon a woman to lust after in his heart, said, he’s an adulterer already.  He ain’t even put his hand on her, ain’t even got near her.  That’s the reason why I tell you the whole thing goes on up stairs.  This is what determines whether you, what.., who you are or not.  It’s the conscience of your heart and your mind.  Now the Holy Spirit wrote these things in there, just like it’s wrote them on the table of stone.

And that’s, now here’s one other thing I wanna let you know too.  Henry C. Kinley is not the teacher.  Moses was not the teacher.  Jeremiah was not the teacher.  Paul was not the teacher.  That stuff that Paul taught he had to put it down.  ‘Well then who is the teacher?’  It says when the Comforter comes He will ____ ____ and show it unto you.  And listen, said, and He would teach you, not the Church, not ____, but the Comforter which is Holy Ghost said He will teach you.  Now that’s who’s teacher around here.  Then when you get hot and sore about something the teacher said, remember you’re not jumping on me, you’re on the rocks.  And listen, you’re gonna see you later about it.  You won’t escape.  Nobody gonna get by with nothing.

And there ain’t nobody gonna ease in the city either, as Dr. Harris told you ____, whoremongers and adulterers.  People come around here saying, ‘I don’t mean what I said, they’re just explaining it spiritually,’ and all like that.  And they just go and get anybody they wanna get.  And they say, ‘that’s what Doc’s teaching.’  I never told none of you folks nothing like that.  Why do you wanna set up and tell a bare faced lie on me like that.  I never told you that Dennis.  No indeed.  I will tell you this.  There is nothing compulsory about you being under bondage to the devil.  Now that man you got or that woman you got is incensed by the devil, there ain’t nothing you can do up there, you can’t convert the Devil.  Paul said, the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband and.., or the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife.  And another thing about the whole situation.  We’re not serving Peter, we’re not serving Michael, we’re not serving Gabriel, we’re serving God.  So then when it’s all said and done, the service is to God and it was God through these vessels and through these bodies, and everyone of you, I don’t care where you come from and where you think you’re going to, everyone of you live, move and have your being in God.  Now it’s good to recognize that.  And we are obligated to give glory, that’s what He made us for.

Now I wanna quote this.  I had you to turn over there to it.  Now Paul said there, while the people are looking for Him to come on down here.  He’s saying this…  Would you mind starting it off there?

Reader:  Now we beseech you brethren.

Dr. Kinley:  Now we beseech you.  Now we are begging you brethren.

Reader:  by the coming of our Savior

Dr. Kinley:  by the coming of our Savior

Reader:  Yahshua the Messiah

Dr. Kinley:  Yahshua the Messiah

Reader:  and by our gathering together unto Him

Dr. Kinley:  and by our gathering together

Reader:  That ye be not soon shaken in mind

Dr. Kinley:  That you don’t be shook up about all them ____ lies, as Dr. Harris said.  ____.  You see the point?  Alright.

Reader:  or be troubled

Dr. Kinley:  or be troubled

Reader:  neither by Spirit

Dr. Kinley:  neither by Spirit

Reader:  nor by word

Dr. Kinley:  Now if you don’t understand the word

Reader:  nor by letter

Dr. Kinley:  Now if you don’t understand the epistle to the Ephesians, you don’t understand the epistle to the Corinthians, if you don’t understand the epistle to the Galatians, don’t get shook up.  Alright, read on.

Reader:  As that the day of the Messiah is at hand.

Dr. Kinley:  For the day of the Messiah is at hand.  Now somebody said, ‘go on out there and do like you wanna did, Dr. Kinley said the world is coming to an end.’

Student:  (LAUGHS) Oh man, that’s what they said, I heard it.

Dr. Kinley:  Why now am I justified in saying what He said?

Student:  Yes you are cause I heard it.

Dr. Kinley:  Second Peter 3 and 8 said that He’s gonna burn it up.  The scientists talking about the year 2028.  ‘What the difference it’s gonna be?’  I say no.  Alright.  For that day is at hand.

Reader:  Let no man deceive you

Dr. Kinley:  Now don’t let nobody fool you.

Reader:  by any means

Dr. Kinley:  Now I don’t care what he done or how he goes about it, I ain’t ____.

Reader:  for that day shall not come

Dr. Kinley:  for that day shall not come

Reader:  except there come a falling away first

Dr. Kinley:  except there come a falling away

Reader:  and that man of sin

Dr. Kinley:  And that same old Devil that I just got through telling you about.  Vicarious Filii Dei, that same old Devil sitting over yonder in the Vatican, be revealed.  The Son of Perdition, just like Judas was revealed and you went right along with him.  He claims to be occupying the throne and the chair of Peter.  Said, ‘Peter, the Church is built upon Peter, Peter means the Rock.’  Now when you read the 21st chapter of Revelation, said that there was 12 foundations, and the names of, and the names of the Apostles was in this foundation.  And Paul said there in the 10th chapter of first Corinthians that Rock that followed them, the Israelites back there, said that was Yahshua the Messiah.  Ain’t that what he said there?  Is that what he said?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  And Dr. Harris quoted that we’re builded upon the foundation of the Apostles and the Prophets, and Yahshua the Messiah Himself, being the chief corner stone bringing all the buildings fitly framed together into a holy tabernacle in the Lord for a habitation of God through the spirit.  So you don’t let nobody come along ____ ____.  That Mystery of Iniquity has got to come all the way through.  It’s just got to come all the way through.  And now down in these days, it’s got to be revealed.  That’s what my job is, is to tell you what it really amounts to for which your mind being poisoned, you been brain washed and circumscribed, and you were saying that that’s the only right Church and that they are the only ones that have a visual head and they tell you all kinds of lies.  Protestantism out there washing feet.  Don’t wanna wash nobody’s white feet, wash some negro.  Can’t even touch…  Why don’t you wash your own feet too.  There was 12 apostles, 12 men.  So the women were men.  And so don’t you wash.., don’t you wash none of the.., I don’t want you to feel around (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Hear what I’m talking about?  But don’t you let nobody deceive you by any means for that day will not come except there come a falling away first and that man of sin be revealed.  This is a Son of Perdition, that’s what Judas was.  He was a Son of Perdition and that’s what that is over there, a Son of Perdition.  Now the Pope plans, so he says, to go and to take.., move the Vatican to Jerusalem and set up there in there.  Never happened.  The devil’s been cast out of heaven and he’s not going back in, he’s going on to the Lake, don’t you let no man fool you by any means for that day shall not come except there come a failing away first, that man of sin, the Son of Perdition be revealed.

Now I’m telling you about him.  You don’t wanna believe, go ahead to hell, it’s all right with me, my job is telling you about it.

Student Body:  Alright.

Dr. Kinley:  And Protestantism out here, all these different cults and creeds and what not.  The Messiah said there was many of ‘em gonna come in my name saying that they were Him.  Now listen, this school never would have been in the first place if the other guy out there had taught the truth.

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  A present distinction, even Nixon said.., when John F. Kennedy was made President.  John F. Kennedy was not the actual correct President.  Nixon won the election but he failed to demand a recount, and they said he won it by popular… The devil setting up yonder in Congress.  Every last one of them up there, except Pierre Salinger, was Roman Catholic telling LBJ what to do.  And these people got their guns on their shoulders, going on down yonder in Vietnam to fight because the Roman Catholics, because of the Roman Catholic government down here.  I’d tell LBJ to go to hell before you can open your mouth.  Don’t blame the young folks for not going there.  And all of them that come to me, I’ll sign your papers, and they can put me in jail for being a conscientious objector, according to what I’ve done here and what I’ve.., what I’ve been want.., put me in jail a long time ago.  They can put me in jail for it, it don’t make me no difference.  Yeah, you call yourself 18 years old, you can’t go to the polls and vote.  You can’t go out there and get a job unless Mama say so and Papa.  You can’t stop school unless Mama and Papa say so.  You can’t hold no job.  Now they’re gonna take you out of the cradle and send you to Vietnam with a gun on your shoulder, no sir, to die for the Roman Catholic Church.  You see why I don’t get no, ‘oh I’m sorry,’ folks, time is ____…  But this thing, these things, but they will happen and will convene, will happen on everybody ____ ____ on everybody.

Now here’s why he won’t ____.., I said, we won’t have no question, no ____ ____ ____, that day shall not come except for a falling away, and that man of sin, the Son of Perdition be revealed, who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God showing himself that he is God.  Remember ye not that when I was with you I told you these things.  Now if I’m not gonna talk about them things, ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ then you’re just might as well not have ‘em.  ____ ____ ____ ____ putting it out there, if I can’t tell the people what’s right and what’s wrong.  Ain’t no sense of you coming down here in school, if I couldn’t say what’s right and what’s wrong.  Now that’s just a lie.  God said for me to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong.  Now the Devil ­____ up and shot me down for telling you what’s right and what’s wrong.  And here you are setting at home, ‘I don’t think I’ll go tonight.’  See what happened to Martin Luther King when he stepped outside that building?  Yahshua the Messiah, He didn’t walk no more openly among the people either.  And when He got ready to go to that cross, He went right back up there in that Sanhedrin Council, said, you generation of vipers, you hypocrites, you serpents, and how are you gonna escape the damnation of hell.  Said, ‘look here boy, if we’re so smart.’  And that’s what they done.  And that’s what ____ ____.  And every Protestants and Roman Catholic, Buddhist and everybody else is after me for telling you the truth.  And you don’t respect it no more.., and you’re right down to the end of it, 1900, over 1900 years.  The first age was 1600 and here you are 300 years over that, and the Messiah said unless this age is cut short, wouldn’t be no flesh saved.  Now you running around talking about, ‘Dr. Kinley said the world is gonna come to an end.’  You better wake up and live.  Better wake up and live.  You better appreciate the opportunity while you have it.  And listen thing’s gonna happen so quick, there won’t be no fixing.  He ain’t gonna come and sit down or do somewhere for a thousand years and their people coming into the kingdom.

Now what this is here, I’ll say this they’re ____, they wouldn’t receive the truth there.  Brain washed, circumscribed, and it’s in there, you can’t change it to save your life.  You can’t do it, it don’t make no difference ____.  Somebody’s gonna step up here, ‘I take ____ ____.’  ____ ____  Now nobody that’s been practicing any carnal ordinance.  Now a carnal ordinance is water baptism, a carnal ordinance is eating Lord’s Suppers like you do in a church.  It never was done that way.  Now you have been around long enough, you know better than that.  And there was the Jew, they did that and ____ ____ ____ the congregation of assembly.  And you can’t tell me that they don’t do that in the Baptist Church.  And you can’t tell me that they don’t do that in the Methodist Church.  But it’s wrong fellow.  They turn right around and said, ‘Jesus instituted.’  Say, he don’t know what he’s talking about, said He, He was, He said He was fulfilling, they say He’s instituting.  It’s terrible children.  It’s terrible.

Now we got ‘em setting around here, they’ve been healed of all kinds of diseases and just everything, even actually been resurrected from the D E A D.  And you know I can’t resurrect nobody.  Right?  And you know your Father, your own, this is your father and that’s his wife setting right there.  That’s your Mother, ain’t that right?  And ain’t this your doctor sitting here?  And Dr. Harris, he won’t say that his father had to die and he couldn’t live, just walked through, spoke the words, ‘Farley, Live.’  That’s all.  Just walked to ‘em and spoke the word, ‘So and So, live.’ ____, got ‘em laying back there in Ohio now, said, doctors said they had to die.  And I’ll reach back before they’ll bury you, even if they died today.  Then here is Sister Harris.  Right there.  Did you leave here?  And if they tell you to come at once, they was going to die there.  Did he die?

Student:  Not yet.

Dr. Kinley:  It’s just as great in this place as it can possibly be.  Now we’ll will say this, when it comes to bread and meat…  If you don’t have no bread and meat at home, we try to see to it that you don’t get hungry, even the officials down in town know that.  When it comes to bread and meat or anything.  We’ve done that.  Now if we give you something to eat, give you a place to stay, and God has healed your sick body.  Now what more could you want, Williams?  You were laying out there in the hospital and the man said…  Is that right?

LaSalle Williams:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  Almost everybody I get around to has had something.  That’s why these people are here.

Student Body.  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  Let us go home.



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