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by Henry Clifford Kinley


Los Angeles, California


recorded by Dr. Carl F. Gross on reel recorder

transferred to 1 90 minute cassette by Geraldine Rothstein

transcribed by Geraldine Rothstein

proofread by Mary Gross

approved by the International Public Relations Committee – April 1995


1.  … indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2.  Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3.  Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, uh, see, you see, you see what I mean, isn’t that right, understand, you understand, do you understand.)

4.  ___ indicates an inaudible word or syllable

5.  WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber


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Dr. Kinley:  … But I tell you folks, what I’m trying to tell you is, it’s possible for you to know something about God.  It’s possible.  I had a conversation last night, I never even unjointed my mouth, never even ___ about the.., Dr. Gross had been down here with that chart, that man on it, got him laying down and the man’s all out of proportion, that man over on this chart here, this one is for that matter too.  This is supposed to represent the godhead, that’s all out of proportion.  This one over here, supposed to represent the kings of the world, it’s out of proportion, it’s supposed to be going by a pattern.  Say Jimmy, you wanna know something.  We talked about, we talked about the Outer Court, the Holy Place, and the Most Holy Place.  Right?  We talk about the tabernacle and how it’s constructed.  Is that right?  And you can look at it here, I didn’t do this.  Outer Court, Holy Place, and Most Holy Place.  Now that’s in a lump sum, but look if I come down in any place in your body, I don’t care where it is, even your toes, your fingers, your ___, anywhere, anywhere in your body, I find that 3 fold.  You can see it here.  There’s one joint, here’s another one, that’s in your finger.  Well now here’s a toe if you find it, but this is what I’ll have you to know then:  that all of it put together, all of it all put together makes just one man, just one man.  Now we been teaching from these charts for.., this one over here that’s about 35 years, 34 years old, that one right over, that’s a bed sheet.  That’s even a miracle it lasted that long.  Is that right? 

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  And all of the teaching that I heard since we have been in Los Angeles, California, we came in here August, 1958, I have never heard nobody looking right straight at the chart, I haven’t heard nobody and I haven’t did it myself, say nothing about what I’m fixing to show you tonight on this chart, it’s been there, it’s been there for 35 years.  Godhead, unity of the spirit, that’s been right up there.  We haven’t put nothing on it for 35 years, unity of the spirit.  Now, when we talk about the unity of the spirit, we talking about all this, all of it drawn up here, it makes just one unity.  Now I want you to read in Bible, Deuteronomy 6:4.  Now I have to read in 2 Bibles, show you the King James Version which all of.., the most of us have got, then show you the true name version.  Alright, read.

Reader:  Hear O Israel

Dr. Kinley:  Hear O.., this is the first commandment, you remember they asked Him about that, the Messiah.  Now be, just try to be quiet, I’ll let you go in a minute or 2, you know I quit to preach, when I do quit.  But I’m trying to break a great mystery to you.  I’m trying to tell you something that you haven’t been told.  They asked him, said, `master, which is the greatest commandment?’  They thought He was going to start there and say, `I am the Lord thy God that brought ye…’  O no, no, He didn’t start there, He said, `Hear, O Israel.’  Alright, read.

Reader:  the Lord our God is one Lord.

Dr. Kinley:  The Lord our God is one Lord.  Now the jews by the millions have died the death of an outcast dog because they believed that God is one.  They have the monotheistic concept of God.  One God.  They do not believe in the trinitarian concept of God, such as God the Father over here, and God, the little boy, Jehovah’s Witness say down on earth Jesus is God’s chief representative on the earth plane.  That’s what they say.  And the Holy Ghost, they don’t know about it.  They ___ ___.  Hear O Israel, the Lord thy God is one Lord.  Right?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now that’s where you have it in your King James Version, and it’s also that way in the Douay Version.  It shouldn’t be.  Now here’s the way it should be.  Alright.

Reader:  Hear, O Israel

Dr. Kinley:  Hear, O Israel,

Reader:  Yahweh our Elohim

Dr. Kinley:  Yahweh our Elohim

Reader:  is Yahweh a unity.

Dr. Kinley:  Is Yahweh a unity.  Now can you see why I went down here and put these darts and all and the same thing that showed up here in the master over all or in this picture and tried to tell you about the proportion of it.  Well then listen, this unity, this unity, it joints in the toe, 3 1/2 down here, it’s all over you, even in the cells and everywhere.  All of it put together is Yahweh, it is a unity.  Until we all, so says the Apostle Paul, come into the unity of the spirit.  That’s what’s up there.  Now we use it different by saying Godhead.  Yahweh, listen, John 4:24 you have in your book, God is spirit, God is a spirit.  Is that right?

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now listen, Yahweh is God, He is spirit, you can’t see spirit, it’s invisible, incomprehensible, inscrutable.  It’s the limits and the bounds, the source and the substance.  Finally it is the all in all.  So now man is made in the likeness and image of God.  Now God has to do something about that, He’s inscrutable, you can’t see, can’t taste, can’t smell, can’t hear, nothing, not a thing.  Now He has to do something about that.  That’s Yahweh, that’s pure spirit.  There ain’t no need of you trying to investigate it because it’s incomprehensible, anything you can’t conceive in  your mind, you can’t investigate cause you don’t know nothing about it.  You don’t know the thing exists how are you gonna examine it?  That’s why Paul said, the spirit, in the 2nd chapter of 1st Corinthians, said, for the natural man, no eyes have not see, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for them that love him which God has revealed them unto us by His spirit, for the spirit searcheth all things, yea the deep things of God, the hidden things of God.  God is spirit and He’s revealed it all or it searches all things. 

     You’re running around asking, `reverend, what about so and so and so, where’d Cain get his wife?’  `I don’t know you’re meddling in God’s business, ___ where he got his wife, I ain’t concerned about where he got her from.’  You’re asking him something he don’t know nothing about.  And he’s just over there telling you he don’t know nothing, he’s sure that he don’t.  `You don’t ask me nothing like that, where Cain got his wife.’  Said, `listen, listen boy, where’d Adam get his wife?’  Get the point?  You say that Jerusalem above is the mother of us all, where did God get his wife?  You asking me, I got the spirit that searcheth all things, yeah the deep things of God, searches every animate and inanimate object.

     In short, (can I go ahead and say?) that which is within me is the Creator of everything and know all about it.  You don’t stump me with your silly questions.  For the most part, the most of us haven’t even got intelligence enough to even ask a decent question.  This is smart:  `what church do you belong to?’  As if though Jesus Christ was whore master.  That’s supposed to be intelligence.  Paul said foolish and unlearned questions avoid for they stir up strife.  You asking me about what church do I belong to.  `You’re a baptist and I’m a methodist,’ and you got your gloves on.  `You believe in throwing water over somebody’s head and I believe in punching him in it.’  Got a lotta strife going, both of `ems wrong and neither one of `ems can get straightened out. 

     We don’t know that the carnal ordinance has been nailed to the cross.  God had said, and then Paul quotes, said, `it’s written,’ told the Corinthians, the Corinthians are Grecian people and the Grecians were the greatest philosophers the world has ever known and they spent all of their time trying to hatch up some imaginable thing, trying to conjure up something, tell some fantastic tale of ideology.  Therefore steeped in the Greek Cyclops of mythology, just wasting their time having scriptures all over the place, Stoics and the Epicureans and what not, in the scriptures.  He said now the unknown God, they didn’t think they could tell him about that ___ ___ ___ ___.  ___ now Paul passed along with the Holy Ghost in him or the God that they don’t know nothing in him.  `God, that,’ said.., `that’s the one I want to talk to you about, you don’t know nothing about.’  Said, `I beheld your devotions as I passed by, and look it here, superstitions, your devotion, as I passed by.’  Somebody said, `well, listen doc,’ said, `you come on over to our church and see how we preach and try to understand.’  I don’t need to go with your church, I done beheld your devotions as I passed by.  Grecians up there talking about magic, throwing salt over the shoulders, walking 9 steps backwards and.., black cat crossed his path and spit on the ground, swallowed 9 times and all that kinda jive.  The Grecians.., now Paul.., they was doing all them kinda things, as Paul passed by, he looked at `em performing and all their idol gods and the kind of sacrifices and things that they was offering up, here and there and over yonder and around.  He seen, he beheld and he looked at `em, now as I pass down through Christendom I see some idiot standing out here don’t know a heck about living water, trying to baptize somebody in a.., into a spiritual body ___ somebody into Jesus Christ.  Said, `well, we’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, we’re this, we’re that.’ 

     Alright now, what’s the purpose of God.  `Well we read over here..,’ quoting down.  Read over here in the first chapter of Ephesians, that the purpose of God to gather all that there is in heaven and all that there is in earth into a Messiah or into Jesus Christ, I’ll put it so you can understand it.  Isn’t that right?  You searching that’s what the purpose of God was, gather all that there is in heaven and all that there is in earth. 

     And here’s the Jehovah’s Witness standing out there and saying 144000 of the earth class is going to heaven, reading over there in Revelation, the rest of `em’s the earth class.  He don’t know no more about.., what he’s talking about than a blue jackass, I’ve never see one.  Now the 144000 he’s talking about they’re not on Mt. Zion that was born in the wilderness and then went to Mt. Zion under the leadership of Joshua, those of them that were born in there, was over 300,000 that come from down here in Egypt and they all died in, in Egypt, except Caleb and Joshua and Eleazar.  And Eleazar didn’t have no inheritance wasn’t but 2 of `em that had an inheritance.  144000 of these.  John looking out there seeing and he’s bringing it on over from under the law and he sees there when the Messiah raised from the dead (Matthew 23rd and 52) He’s fulfilling the law and the prophets.  And when He’s raised from the dead, many of the saints which slept in the dust of the earth rose and went on into Jerusalem.  Now you’re standing around talking about physical natural carnal ordinances, I can’t tell you nothing because your carnal mind, stupid and you think you’re smart cause you can quote a few chapters and a few verses.  And you read the Bible for the first tabernacle stood only in meats and drinks and diverse washings and carnal ordinances until the.., imposed on them until the time of the reformation.  Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ let us go on into perfection not laying again the foundation from dead works.  Read on Dr. Harris.

Reader:  faith toward God

Dr. Kinley:  uh huh

Reader:  and the doctrines of baptism

Dr. Kinley:  Yes.  What’d he, wait a minute.

Reader:  doctrines of baptism

Dr. Kinley:  Doctrine…

Reader:  doctrines of baptisms

Dr. Kinley:  Oh I see.  I’m very particular.  They’re calling that the baptisms, plural.  That means I don’t care how you do it Joe, anyway you wanna do it.  Baptisms, leaving the principles of the doctrine of the Christ.  Get up.., and the Messiah come along and went to John the Baptist to be baptized and you say that Paul said.., this is what you said he said, you’re reading now.  Oh I tell you it’s terrible.  You’re reading now and you’re such a crack theologian you seen it demonstrated up here many time when these preachers come here.  You read therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ let us go on to perfection not laying again the foundation or repentance from dead works and of the doctrine of baptisms.  Plural.  What are you.., well then if that’s the case come on up out of there, get out of there.

Student Body:  That’s right.

Dr. Kinley:  Somebody said, `well, you didn’t hear what I said.’  I don’t care what you said, get out of there.  You’ve left there.  All of this happened under the dispensation of the law, when John was baptizing.  You say that the church is the body of Christ, are you stupid enough to tell me that John didn’t baptize all the body of Christ, you think they cut a leg off, a arm or something other and baptized part of it?  He was physical and this is all physical, all this is carnal.  And He wasn’t instituting nothing, He’s fulfilling.  And the reason why John, and when He walked to John, He said to John, that’s in your Bible, everybody’s Bibles, suffer it to be so now because it behooves us.  Us who?  Me and you to fulfill, not institute but fulfill.  Well, what, what part of your Book, don’t you see Israel was baptized in the Red Sea back here.  Israel’s baptized in the Red Sea and He’s gonna fulfill it.  I said Israel too, doc, you keep them gentiles out of there.  You don’t baptize them in there you drown `em.  Get the point?  Pharaoh, gentiles, pursuing `em, they were drowned in the Red Sea.  Now if He’s gonna fulfill John, and He’s gonna fulfill, John can’t baptize nothing but jews.  Why?  Because nothing but jews was…  And every time.., wasn’t no carnal ordinances given to gentiles, it’s right here ___ promise.  And every time you get a gentile and start to the water with him, you and him, neither one of `em don’t know what it’s all about.  And don’t you go up there lying on God and say you got the Holy Ghost.  ___ ___ ___, but I’m sure you got wet if you baptized all of you.  We know what it’s all about.  Now look, look, let me show you this.  Before they could come out of here, any of `em, every last one of `em had to be circumcised, before they got to the Red Sea and was baptized.  Do you understand that Roger?  Even Ethan’s son and Moses’s sons, 2 sons, that was not even born down in Egypt, they had to be circumcised, and they was counted in the tribe of Levi, as levites.  You remember he married an Ethiopian woman.  Is that..

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Yeah, that’s right.  And he had 2 sons born to him out there in the wilderness by Zipporah his wife.  Jethro…


Dr. Kinley:  ___ ___ and here what’s the matter with circumcision?  You haven’t been circumcised that’s just as physical as the water.  Where do you want us to get that?  You’re trying to learn the thing from an academic point of view ___.  Now you done skip circumcision, now you wanna punch me up in this water, and you say baptize him in the water.  You skip circumcision, that ain’t all you skip.  You said, `now here’s water.’  You done skipped circumcision, now you got water up here.  Said, `now see..,’ here he is, `see, see, see,’ you heard the debate, didn’t you? 

Student Body:  Right.

Dr. Kinley:  Now look out here on the cross (point it out there Roger) out there on the cross.  I just want to point it out here so you can see it.  This is in a heart, this is in a heart, this is in a heart.  See this heart here, see this heart.  Well when that soldier pierced Him in the side, forthwith ran there out blood and water.  I’d have you to know this, He was circumsized 8 days after He was born and He was crucified out there on Golgotha, not a bone of Him was broken.  And when the soldiers pierced him in the side, I would have you to know there’s not just the cool water you talking about down there, don’t you try to tell me that.  Now don’t think I’m that stupid.  Now that puddle of water, here’s the water.  Well now, where’s the blood?  You tell me.  `See, see, see, here’s water, the Ethiopian eunuch, see, here’s water.’  Well alright, I, I’ll buy that.  Now where’s the blood?  Didn’t Jesus come by blood, and not by blood, blood and water.  When I go by the pattern I got blood, water, and spirit.  I got all the way, clear all the way down.  Don’t make no difference, stop any where you want to, pattern says ___ blood, the water here.  And then the spirit you see there.  You see, you see through what I’m talking about?  Now listen, don’t you come up here with your stupidity to me cause I’ll do you just like I been doing the rest of you preachers as I’ve told you I’ve had so many just, I don’t know how many preachers I have had.  I try to be a diplomat, I try to be real nice, you remember how I done, don’t you, Bish.  You remember that?  ___ ___ ___ .  I tried to be real nice.  And the rest of you, you know how how nice I was and I tried to be a diplomat.  Well now look, I’m gonna lead you right down the right way.  I’m watching you all the time and then just as soon as your foot gets out of line, I see it, I don’t wanna cuss you out about it, but I saw it.  And then maybe the next meeting, or the next meeting after that, it won’t be long before I’ll tell you about it.  That’s the way, that’s the way I operate.  I know the president here don’t mind, he.., I preached around, he was with me around 15 years, I had him preach the resurrection one time, 15 years, I said, `well, I got to straighten that out.’  Didn’t we doc, you remember?

Dr. Gross:  Oh yes.

Dr. Kinley:  Well now, that’s, that was 15 years.  And here this week, this week,


Dr. Kinley:  I mean this week I was down at his house and he was drawing the map and he talked to me first one thing and another, said to me, `I never saw that before,’ this week.  And listen, this man is as smart a man as you wanna go out and see.  They don’t make `em any smarter, wise, and thinks so deep until.., it’s hard for him to express himself.  Yes indeed. 

     Now could I just touch one, could I just touch one of these important things.  before we go ___.  Now this law was all passed out and fulfilled so that the fullness could in the thing.  Now it’s final. ___ believed not the works of the law ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ the works of the law, those are dead works or the law has been fulfilled or passed out ___.  Now reverend is out here trying to baptize somebody up into ___ the church.  Now look, look up here folks, look right up here.  Now here, you tell me that Michael and Gabriel…  Now the reason why I say Michael and Gabriel because (point out over there someone, get over there on the other one the big one.)  Michael and Gabriel, now those were the 2 cheribims of glory that overshadowed the mercy seat.  One was a messenger and the other one’s is a warrior.  Those are angels.  Now next time you read the Bible you must remember that in the purpose of God that God is gathering all that there is in heaven and all that there is in the earth ___ they are predestined to Yahshua the Messiah and it was by His blood, by His life, David said in the Psalms, house of the Lord ___.  And that soldier ___ in there circumcised 8 days after He was born, water and that’s why you have blood come out that ___ was over there ___ of the Lord.  It was ___ all the…  You get that now?  Now listen, listen now, make sure you get this now.  Now he said the sacrifice is fulfilled of bulls, goats, and heifers, the only sacrifice to the purifying of the flesh but as pertaining to the conscience could not make even him that did the service of the tabernacle, couldn’t raise the conscience, the condemned conscience out of him.  If it couldn’t do that for him,  looking now.  Now we’re gonna gather all in heaven all that there is in earth, this is the purpose of God, to gather all that is in Him ___ ___ ___ ___.  Now He’s gonna gather all things that are.., Michael, Gabriel, ___ and all the rest of those mighty angles in heaven, gonna gather them in the Messiah, all that there is in heaven, all that there is in earth.  Now look at your stupid self.  ___.  I, I, I’ve got around to the place where I got to give `em.  Now here this mighty angel, this mighty angel, Michael, that slew, standing out yonder on Mount Moriah with his sword drawn after David had numbered Israel and the plague began.  And slew all of those people that plague begun, and David see, saw it.  Said, `you go up there in that mountain where you saw that angel.’  And up there in that mountain (he’s pointing it out up here, he’s pointing it out, Mount Moriah) ___ and Araunah, the threshing floor of Araunah, no farther up there, he looked up and he saw that mighty angel, that mighty angel, Michael, that cast Satan out of heaven, and all of his angels with that sword drawn up there, see him up there in the mountain.  And had them all running in the, in the threshold of his barn there, running and ___ David went up there and when David got, I don’t mean, Gad told David to go there.  David went up there and marked the place.  Say `look here, Araunah,’ said, `don’t Michael,’ said, `I’ll pay you for the ground, sure and I wanna mark the place, this is the house of the Lord, but God Himself with that one, just that one mighty angel done slew all of those people.’  And God had to call him and say, `that’s enough, don’t kill no more of `em.’  The plague ___ there.  Now here you are with your stupid self standing down here.  You’re gonna baptize me in this physical water, when are you gonna baptize Michael and Gabriel?  They’re all in the same body, everything there is in heaven.  You get that?  Do you see that? 

Student Body:  Yes.

Dr. Kinley:  Can I touch this one.  I have to touch it down where the folks live.  Here you know all of `em are talking about all over the world, Jehovah’s Witness, Roman Catholics, everybody talking about, in the resurrection, the first resurrection, the Messiah is gonna jump down out of the clouds and He’s gonna set His kingdom up on earth.  And He’s gonna live and reign a thous… (he’s reading Revelation now, 20th chapter.)  Now that’s pre, which means before, premillenium.  Post, after.  Burn the earth up after.  Now if you’re gonna have a pre and a post, what about the intermediate?  That part, they miss it all together.  Now they’re saying he’s gonna come down out of the sky.  And he’s gonna be setting down here on earth for a thousand years and said they lived and they reigned with Him a thousand years.  But after the thousand years was finished, the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years was finished, said, this is the first resurrection on such the 2nd death hath no power. 

     Now look, I wanna show you how you catch your fool self with your own argument.  You’re just too stupid to see it, running around all over every where, everybody’s talking about ___.  Over in China where the population is just done exploded so bad until this Premier Mao is, so they’re taking Chau en Lai ___ ___.  Men must be sterilized, must take the pills, must use any method of prevention of birth, population explosion.  What is the population of the earth?  Approximately 3 billion people.  Now you watch what I’m talking about, then you’ll see.  And everybody’s talking about the papacy and everybody, said, `if we don’t find some way to control it, we won’t have enough rice to feed the folks, we won’t have enough potatoes and beans to feed to folks.’  The farmers won’t have enough land to raise produce to feed the multitudes of people upon the face of the earth.  And then we’re compelled to drive the masses out of the mountains ___ starvation ___ like that, in our poverty stricken condition, they crowded out ___ on the earth.  Do something about it.  By 1980 there’ll be twice as many people produced from 3 billion people that’s on the face of the earth now and the.., won’t even have standing room on the earth plane.  And here you are so stupid and don’t realize, saying that He’s gonna come back and He’s gonna set up a.., He’s gonna come back and go down in the ground to dig up all of them dead folks.  You said the population is overcrowded with 3 billion.  Gonna dig up all them dead people, gonna dig `em up 3 billion people.  That’s the present population.  And then they’ll dig `em all up, from Adam on down ___ ___ He’s gonna set up His kingdom on earth.  That, that, that what He’s saying in the first place.  Your just too stupid, you won’t let nobody tell you nothing, you and your carnal mind, spading them people up and said that He’s gonna set down there and He’s gonna be down there ruling them for a thousand years, gonna be multiplying a thousand more years on top of this one.  And when you dug up all of them.., you squawking about the population explosion now.  Here you’re running your own argument down, not me.  It just ain’t gonna happen like that.  And here you are, `I’m gonna do all I can for the Lord,’  the Lord ___ and ___ ___.  ___ preach all that old ignorance and stupidity.  Your kid down home going bare footed, you haven’t got nothing on the table for `em to eat, hanging on to your skirt tail crying, `Momma, can’t I have a piece of bread.’  And you wanna get all smifted up and snarled up at me because I told them jackasses and hypocrite preachers off.  That’s not the way it is.  Now he’s gonna do that before the renovation of the earth.  And you say the present ratio of the earth is not big enough to hold ’em and now He’s gonna jump down out of the sky.  And look, He ain’t gonna even, just take the population ___ is on the earth.  Now you said it, I didn’t.  Now He’s gonna bring all of His mighty angels with Him on top of the population of the earth, and then they’re gonna set down there.  Rip, you know one thing you need to be arrested and put in jail.  (LAUGHS)  You see what I mean?  Now children the reason why I’m saying this to you, I’m trying to say it to you in a way that you can catch on.  And if we don’t understand nothing about this resurrection, we don’t understand nothing about ___ ___, we don’t understand nothing these spiritual things.., now you should have some way by the time you get back, I’ll get back from Ohio, you get Michael and Gabriel and all that angelic host in the water down there.  And you start telling me about the water down there and get the blood and the circumcision on in there, all of it back under the law.  And you won’t let well enough alone, you say that…

     I’m, I’m telling you that Christ fulfilled all of that and moved it out of the way cause it’s contrary to them.  And I’m telling you.., what I’m telling you as Paul said to the Romans, said there is therefore.., you got it in your Bible, yes indeed it is in yours, said, `there is therefore now no condemnation to them that walk not after the flesh’ and here you are you diving up and down there and the Lord’s suppers.  Jehovah’s Witness said, `no, we ain’t gonna eat it every month, first of every month, we gonna eat it every year, that’s the way it is back there in the old Bible.’  It is that way back there in your Bible.  They put lamb up on the 10th and they ate him on the 14th.  And they’re doing that, but they ain’t got sense enough to see that that was done under the law.  See the point?  They can’t see that is a carnal ordinance done under the law.  They can’t see that John baptized the Messiah under the law, and that which He’s doing fulfilling it and moving it out of the way.  Those carnal ordinances was contrary and they was gonna be imposed, there those natural things. 

     Now them hypocrites is out there and is costing this government billions upon top of billions of dollars.  Let me say this.  Now over in Vietnam and over in.., every where, all over the earth plane, India and every where else, these people have preached and preached and preached and preached and they’ve preached Jesus Christ, they’ve preached Buddha, they’ve preached Mohammed, they have preached everything else and they’re still at one another’s throats.  No consolation, no feeling of ablution of a carnal conscience, no true happiness, no true joy.  And Paul said, if there be any consolation, if there is any consolation in Yahshua the Messiah, if there is, think on these things.  You want to know, you don’t have to bother nobody about it, if you want to know what makes you so ornery, what makes you so mean and so hateful and all this different kind of thing.  And this is one of, one of the things we try to do, we’re trying to prove to somebody that we’re right and they’re wrong.  Get yourself all set off from somebody else.  Why?  Cause no nobody care nothing about you and your so called righteousness.  Said, `I, I thank God I won’t do as them folks.’  `Say what’s the matter with you, what’s your trouble.’  Said, `well, I’m sanctified, I’m holy, I’m a goody good, I’m better.’  Now if God went along with your foolishness, remember there’s some other fools too, but there ain’t, there ain’t as many fools around in the world that as you few fools.  There’s all different kinds of fools, there’s all kinds of that, just like there’s all kinds of Libby brand of the products, you can get Green Giant.  It’s all peas, it’s all corn.  ___  Get the point?  Now I’m just trying to give it to you for, your, the Buddhist has got one brand of it, just as the Mohammedans got another brand, the Christians has got another brand and somebody else has got another brand.  Don’t you think you’re the only fool in the world ___.  Paul said, no man liveth to himself and no man dies to himself.  So you quit isolating your, you’re the holier than I.  I tell you what the folks think about you, they think you’re a fool. 

     Whenever you’ll act abnormal, they think you need psychiatric treatment.  They think you need to be confined in some ilimasoary institution in a psychopathic ward, a psychotic examination of your mental capacities and they try to probe on down in what they call the subconscious mind and find out what’s the matter with you.  One night you’re running home, a rag out there on a bush and you got excited, ever since then you have schizophrenic, you are afraid, you been crazy ___ ___ ___.  All that kinda stuff.  Old man back there picked you up a.., stove, some stove wood and the old folks has just batted you down across the head, almost knocked your brains out.  He don’t know that that’s what’s the cause of it.  He’s still yet persecuting you because of it and he don’t know that he done knocked your brains out and that’s the reason why you haven’t got good sense.  He don’t realize all these things. 

     Preachers, they go down and study in the Bible and they read, put their finger on something and read, and they think cause they can recite a few verses and a few chapters, they know what it’s all about.  And when it comes to dividing the dispensations and ages, they don’t know nothing about it.  Paul said to Timothy, his son, study to show yourself approved a workmen unto God that needeth not to be ashamed correctly or rightly dividing the word of truth.  Isn’t that right? 

     And now here they are back here doing the things that was done under the law, and then, and calling it by grace.  And they call that going.., they’re doing it all over L.A., and every where else I’ve ever been.  They don’t know how to divide.  Whatsoever the law said, it says to them that are under the law.  I hope you got something out of what I said.  I’ve said a lotta things ___ ___ ___ and you ___ ___ ___ resurrection but you carnal mind people, `the God is coming back here, the Messiah is gonna jump down through the sky, coming in the clouds of heaven, He’s gonna set up His kingdom on earth.’  And He says that all nations shall be.., when he’s talking about the great white throne of judgement and all, they don’t know nothing about it.  And all nations are gonna be gathered into one ___.  Just walking around on earth, them ___ ___, that’s called the resurrection. 

     Now here’s Mary Magdalene.  He sent `em out to cast out devils, and they went out and they cast out devils.  And so they got around to Mary Magdalene, got stuck with that one.  She had legions, legion means more than one.  What you better do, you better investigate and see how many is in you, how many.., check up on some things there.  There might be more than one devil in there, Rip.  And when the apostles went out and preached, they cast out devils so then after they were cast out they walked through dry places, seeking rest and finding none, said, `well, I better go back and see Rip.’  And then instead of him coming back by hisself to see Rip, he went and gathered up Freddie and 7 more besides hisself.  (LAUGHS)  Now look here, now, now, now Rip you got.., you got 7 on you here.  (LAUGHS)  And the latter is that that man is worse before the first.  Now I said that to say this, now that’s why they crucified Christ, because they had legions in `em.  Now when I said legion there, I’m talking about them angels, satanic spirits that was cast out of heaven incarnated in these physical bodies.  Now then look, if you can get legions, a whole lot of `em in this one to operate and function through this one.  You better be careful about that population story.  You might have a bigger job on your hands.  Rise and let us go hence. 



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