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by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

Scots Inn, Springfield, Ohio

received from Fred Allen Jr.

1 90 minute audio cassette

CATALOG #:  74.0804

transcribed by Jackie Bowers

proofread by Cathy Fenti, Michael Rothstein, and Gerry Rothstein

proofread and approved by the International Public Relations Committee:  1996


1.  …indicates that Dr. Kinley ended a word or a sentence without verbally completing it.

2. Audience comments are included only if more than one person responded or if Dr. Kinley was speaking directly to a specific person.

3. Unless emphasized by Dr. Kinley, pause words have been left out of the transcript for the sake of ease in readability and comprehension (ah, uh, see, you see, you see what I mean, isn’t that right, understand, you understand, do you understand).

4. ___ indicates an inaudible word or syllable.

5. WORDS IN CAPITAL LETTERS are comments of the transcriber.




Moderator: …pleasure to present to you for our next speaker. For our next speaker we’ll call on the Founder and Dean emeritus of this school, who is also the author of God, the Archetype Original Pattern of the Universe and Elohim the Archetype Original Pattern of the Universe, Dr. Henry C. Kinley.

Dr. Kinley: Thank you ever so much. I’m always happy and glad to be here and to testify of the things which Yahweh has revealed unto me. Now I had the second chapter of Habakkuk read, and I want to repeat it and then I want to get into the first chapter and tell you what the situation and condition is. These things, they may seem strange to you but nevertheless they are true. Would you mind reading?

Reader: I will stand upon my watch…

Dr. Kinley: Now, I had gotten put out of church, the church of God, here in Springfield, Ohio. Now if I had gotten put out for something that I was guilty of doing, I wouldn’t take no pleasure in telling you about it. But nevertheless I was put out. Now then that brought in my mind a question, how must I go about telling the people and what must I say to ‘em that they might believe and understand that the thing they’re accusing me of is not true. Now Dr Harris told you yesterday about the many things that happened in the Church of God, the church that I belonged to. I had charge of the divine healing services and many people were healed including the pastor. And not only that somebody might say, ‘well now you’re just standing there talking, well I don’t know nothing about that.’  Well why don’t you try going to the hospital and find out something about it. They had some records over there, down in Dayton and other places. They can tell you more about it, but even if you did that, some people wouldn’t believe. That’s the reason why I always, when ever anybody comes to me with anything, the first thing I tell you to do, go see the Doctor, the medical doctor, but anyhow, that grieved me and I had something to happen to me.

My son died and I thought the possibilities were, that the reason why my son died was because I was kinda hard headed. They had said that I ought not to be preaching, or trying to preach as it’s taught. And I just thought Yahweh took my son to correct me. Now I couldn’t see through two works of grace. I couldn’t then and I can’t now. To me as Dr. Harris explained grace is not a work. I couldn’t see through the first work, not to say anything about the second work, and I’ll tell you more about that a little later on.

But now I was, I mean I cried I mean I really shed tears, I was hurting, because  the pastor and many, many people had been healed of all kinds of disease, infections of every kind and sort and as he told you I had signed the ministers license and what not. But I know that was something to hurt somebody about. And now holiness was supposed to be a, a sacred life and you’re supposed to be a good man, but I didn’t realize what was going on. Yahweh was just simply putting me out of church and I couldn’t find no way to tell nobody that I was innocent in a way that they’d believe. I couldn’t find no way. And when my son died then I ask Yahweh to show me whether or not that it was so that I was supposed to be preaching. Now I never thought about that until years later. He told you how I commanded the stars to fall as He had told me. Well now look here folks, the reason why I’m bringing these things up to you I wanna show you the reality of things. Now if I had laid my hands on all of those people and many of ‘em had been healed of all kinds of diseases and I had prayed many times, all kinds of afflictions were healed, now wouldn’t you think, if you’d just stop to think, that it was kinda stupid for me to think that Yahweh took my son, just to spite me on it. Now that was really stupid. But I went along with that thing in me for many years before I got around to even seeing how stupid that was. But finally by and by I woke up. And I said well now that’s, that’s, that’s almost unbelievable to think that a person after going through all of that and then still yet I couldn’t do anything. Well we only had one chart made and that was this chart here. It’s not this one, we have the real one in L. A. But this is the replica of it.

Well I tried to teach from this chart the vision that Yahweh had shown to me. And people said, ‘well now look here, that looks like scrambled eggs to me.’ To me I just thought, after it was all explained to me and Yahweh had showed it to me, looked like anybody ought to understand that. As stupid as I was I thought if I could see it and understand, well it looked like to me that they ought to have understood it. So then now here’s Habakkuk. He’s a prophet he’s writing here. Now he said, I will stand upon my watch and see what He will say to me when I am reproved. Read.

Reader: and Yahweh answered me

Dr. Kinley: and Yahweh answered me

Reader: and said,

Dr. Kinley: and said,

Reader: write the vision,

Dr. Kinley: said, write the vision

Reader: and make it plain upon tables

Dr. Kinley: and make it plain upon tables

Reader: that everyone may read it

Dr. Kinley: that everyone may read it, that what?

Reader: fluently.

Dr. Kinley: fluently. Now if you read that out of a King James version of the Bible it said it reads, ‘run’. Read and cut right on out. Fluently. Read it fluently. Alright. Read on, for the vision is yet for an appointed time. Now listen here folks, we talk about Moses having had a vision. Now this is after Moses has had a vision, but Habakkuk is having one. And He’s telling Habakkuk to write it and to make it plain upon tables of stone or upon tables. And that makes me think about how Yahweh wrote with His finger upon the tables of stone back there in the mountain, so that everybody can read it and then run. Now it said the vision is for, yet for many days. Read on.

Reader: but at the end it shall speak,

Dr. Kinley: but at the end it shall speak

Reader: and not lie

Dr. Kinley: And now it won’t be no lie. Now the vision is gonna speak and won’t be telling lies. Now if I have drawn out what Yahweh showed me in a vision, and I put it down just like He showed to me. And folks look at it and they say, ‘I don’t understand that stuff. Where did you get all them old crazy names at. My Bible don’t say nothing about no Yahweh, who is He any how?’ That’s the way people talk. They don’t realize, but right while I’m right on that I wanna tell you something about that. Yahweh has been in the Masoretic text of the Bible all the time it has never been lost. But when they translated it, they have Yahweh on one side of the page and there’s english on the other side, then they have Lord. I wanted to let you know that these names that we have up here have remained in the book. They’ve never been out of the true Hebrew text. Now, how about that? Did you know that? Well that’s the way it is. Alright. That’s the way it is. Now, repeat.

Reader: for the vision is yet for an appointed time

Dr. Kinley: for the vision is yet for an appointed time

Reader: but at the end

Dr. Kinley: but at the end, now hold, hold it now. Now when you, when you’re reading the Bible a lotta times people are reading but they don’t realize nothing, but it says at the end it would speak. Now we talk about the dispensations and ages and the end of one and the opening of another. Now there’s seven ages, seven dispensations of time, there’s seven days in a week, there’s seven weeks in a cycle of weeks, there’s seven months in a cycle of months, there’s seven years in a cycle of years, there’s seven millenniums in a cycle of millenniums, which means seven thousand years, and there’s seven ages in the cycle of ages. You heard me. And listen to what I’m say about that now. The things that’s valid in one age is not valid in another. I wanted to give you an idea about that, that each and every age doesn’t do anything else but just repeat analogically and symbolically what was in the previous age, so that there is no justifiable excuse for colossal ignorance and stupidity. Billy Graham, I believe, says, ‘no body can prove the existence of God, you don’t have to worry with that.’ He did it His own self. And he did up in such a way until no body don’t have no excuse. But now watch I mean read,

Reader: an the end it shall, for the vision

Dr. Kinley: Now look, at the end of the age, that’s the age when Yahshua the Messiah was born, it’s after the flood now, and after the giving of the law and it is down at the birth of Yahshua the Messiah. Then He’s gonna come in according to the vision, and He’s gonna speak, He’s gonna speak of the vision. Now then, that makes me have to go back now and tell you what the folks is gonna think of the vision, so you can see that. Now that’ll take you back in the first chapter. Then you’ll quit wondering why it is the things are as they are. Alright read,

Reader: an the end it shall, for the vision

Dr. Kinley: Now look, at the end of the age, that’s the age when Yahshua the Messiah was born, it’s after the flood now, and after the giving of the law and it is down at the birth of Yahshua the Messiah. Then He’s gonna come in according to the vision, and He’s gonna speak, He’s gonna speak of the vision. Now then, that makes me have to go back now and tell you what the folks is gonna think of the vision, so you can see that. Now that’ll take you back in the first chapter. Then you’ll quit wondering why it is the things are as they are. Alright read,

Reader: The doom which Habakkuk,

Dr. Kinley: the fifth verse,

Reader: Behold ye among the nations

Dr. Kinley: Now it said, look, behold I looked ye among the nations,

Reader: regard and wonder marvelously

Dr. Kinley: regard and wonder marvelously

Reader: for I will work a work in your day,

Dr. Kinley: for I will work a work, not you. That’s the reason why I said, ‘I don’t believe in you working.’ I don’t believe in you working. If you just believe the work He done, that’ll take care of your situation. He says, oh, I’ll, I’ll work a work in your day, down at the end of that age, or just before He was crucified. And He said I’ll work a work that you won’t believe,

Reader: though it were told to you,

Dr. Kinley: though it were told to you. Now here it was, Yahshua the Messiah come along working that work. Now did the Jews believe Him?

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: They didn’t believe Him. Now the scripture had foretold that they wasn’t gonna believe Him, and He was declaring it unto them and saying He come forth from the Father and He going, went back to the Father. Now listen here, the Sanhedrin Council, that’s the seventy elders, the smart boys, Nicodemus that went to see Him by night. And they said to Him, said, ‘Master, we know.’ Who you talking about? ‘Talking about the Sanhedrin Council.’ Said, ‘We know.’ Know what? ‘We know you’re a teacher come from God or come from Yahweh. We know that, all seventy of us.’ Well, how do you know it? ‘For nobody can do the works which you’re doing, except Yahweh be’ in the sky.

Student Body: No, No (LAUGHS)

Dr. Kinley: See that now. Now that was at the end of that age. They knew they couldn’t count on nobody heal the sick and raise the dead. They knew that, except Yahweh be with Him. Now here we come down to the close of this age. Now I wrote the vision. I made it plain.

Student Body: That’s right, uh-huh.

Dr. Kinley: And ain’t never been nobody in 43 years in this school that’s been able to refute or to dispute it. Then Yahweh didn’t leave me alone with that. Now they have medical authorities and proofs sitting under the sound of my voice. You know good and well I can’t heal nobody. I never told anybody that I could heal anybody. If that be the case, then you know if somebody’s healed you know that that’s got to be Yahweh.

Student Body: That’s right. (CLAPS)

Dr. Kinley: I just want you to see through what I’m talking about. I don’t have to try to defend my ministry. I knew it to begin with. You ain’t gonna believe me. Why should I think that they was gonna go and believe you if they didn’t believe Him, and the prophet said so. You see the point? Now look here, I’m, let’s get after it again. There in Habakkuk where you was reading,

Reader: Behold ye among the nations,

Dr. Kinley: Behold ye. Now you look. Now this is a vision here among nations. Alright read.

Reader: regard and wonder marvelously

Dr. Kinley: regard and wonder marvelously

Reader: for I will work a work in your days

Dr. Kinley: I will work a work in your days

Reader: which you will not believe

Dr. Kinley: which you will not believe

Reader: thou it be told

Dr. Kinley: Now He’s working a work. Now He’s doing something there. Over in the second chapter He said, ‘write the vision and make it plain.’ Now then He wrote the vision, He made it plain, then He done the work. Folks still yet don’t believe it. Now look folks we got ‘em sitting right up here and everywhere around. I tell you it’s something else, when you look the thing straight in the face. It’s not an easy thing to believe. Come here Richard.1 Yes, you I’m talking about.

Now when I come into Springfield there’s a man riding a motorcycle. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Rammed into a, a truck or something out there. Just, just really tore him all to pieces and they took him to the hospital.

Man: They can’t hear you back there.

Dr. Kinley: And they took him to the hospital, this man here. And they thought he was dead. They say dead on arrival or something like that, I don’t know much about it. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) And I hear people always talking about, ‘Lord I’ve got the cancer.’ What you worrying about that for? If you believe that He was the resurrection and the life, raised Lazarus from the dead after.., he’s dead 4 days, then reached down back after His resurrection and got all His, all the way back from Adam, then you stand up here talking, ‘I believe God but a you know I don’t think there is any cure for this.’ Yes, there is a cure for everything. Man has been afflicted by Yahweh, and Yahweh can cure everything or anything he’s got. You understand. I didn’t reckon what’s the matter with you. I wanna tell you this too, you might think about him, my doctor says, ‘I’m alright.’ There’s something the matter with everybody in here. Well what’s the matter with you? You got a physical body, fella!! (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS AND CLAPS) That has to be changed. Don’t take Him a long ways to do that either. Don’t take no 6 days for Yahweh to ____ a man. Said in a moment in a twinkling of an eye, we shall all be changed. But nevertheless this young man was there. I go ahead on say anything about it. I’ve said many times that we’ll go right down in the Vatican and preach the gospel. We don’t care where we go, we’re gonna preach the real genuine gospel. Already know that the devil is gonna kill some of us, for, for preaching the gospel and some folks are afraid to preach to the gospel.

Well now look, that man was in the Mercy Hospital here. The nurses says that’s gonna be a Roman Catholic. Now we’ve been down in the Vatican, we preached the gospel down there in the Vatican, didn’t modify it, or nothing. And Pontiff,  which we call Cardinal Gremillion; when he saw these names up here, you read in the scriptures that Yahweh said, as I live, saith Yahweh, to me every knew shall bow, every tongue shall confess Yahweh or Yahshua to the satisfaction and glory of Yahweh.2 Now you’re gonna have to do that anyhow. Somebody say, ‘well I’m not, I still believe in Jesus.’ Well, you’re gonna have to confess Yahweh and Yahshua to the satisfaction of Yahweh and then go to the Lake. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS AND TALKS) If I thought you was able to understand that I’d modify that some. Well should I modify it so you can understand it? You’re already in the Lake. (STUDENT BODY CLAPS) The reason why I said that, I wanna show it to you, Yahweh is a consuming fire. Now it says it’s in Him we live, move and have our being.3 And this cloud up here on the top of the mountain telling him up there, there’s a devouring fire in the sight the children of Israel. And Peter says the, the earth and the works therein shalt be burnt up.4 Jehovah Witness says that’s a mistake, it didn’t mean this earth and all. Well which ever one of it was that He created, that’s the one he meant. Just like ____ and hear them talk about a vital force upon you, and Yahweh is not in any man but it’s a vital force upon you. And Yahweh said in the 34th chapter of, 36th chapter I believe it is of Ezekiel and the 24th and 25th verse. He says He would wash you, and make you clean. He said He would put His law in your inward parts, course Yahweh didn’t know what He was talking about. Jeremiah confirmed it by saying He’s gonna write it in, within you. Now listen folks, that is what the New Covenant is: it’s Yahweh putting His law in your inward parts. Now listen here, let me tell you this, what I’m trying to do, is trying to point out some important things to you, something that will help you. Now listen, you with your little carnal mind, you don’t have sense enough to read and understand these divine things that’s been revealed by Yahweh. You don’t, you get, and your carnal mind that you got it can’t do that. Now my books tells me like this, but the teacher, somebody will say, ‘well Dr. Henry C. Kinley he’s the founder and dean emeritus of the school, he’s the teacher.’  I beg your pardon. The Holy Spirit is the teacher. Now don’t you see if the Holy Spirit is not in any man, then you ain’t got no teacher. What’s the matter with you? I’ll tell you… But to get back on this thing here. Roman Catholics. The pope, he’s got plentitude of power to put you in heaven. Yahshua the Messiah say, ‘no man goeth, I’m the way the truth and the life. No man goeth to the Father but by me.’ They call that wrong. But He gave the Pope5 the keys. And whosoever, the Bible doesn’t say that, says whatsoever would be bound on earth would be bound in heaven. And He wasn’t just talking to Peter alone either. So now he’s gonna put somebody in heaven and all like that. And when Yahshua the Messiah said, ‘no man goeth unto the Father but by me.’ What’d He say that for? Was because didn’t no man came out from the Father but by him. Can’t nobody go back but by the Pope!


1 Richard Davis was in a motorcycle accident in June, 1974.

2 Isaiah 45:23, Romans 14:11, and Philippians 2:10, 11

3 Acts 17:28

4 II Peter 3:10

Student Body: No. no.

Dr. Kinley: We’re just unreasonably stupid and unbelievably. Well, we went in the hospital to see this young man. Well one of the first things that they said to us, Dr. Gill and Dr. Bob Buffington, the one who wrote the scripture or read the scripture. Said, ‘Well you.’ Downstairs said, ‘You can’t go up there.’ Said, ‘He’s unconscious, he’s in a coma.’ Said, ‘Unless you belong to the clergy, you just can’t go up there.’ I haven’t said nothing. I let, I let Dr. Gill and them have, have their say about it.____ ‘we do belong to the clergy.’ Said, ‘Okay then you go right upstairs.’ And on the elevator as we got on the elevator there was a priest there. He was a tall, high priest. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) That boy was dressed up. Dr. Gill, a little runt. Here I am standing up there ____ ____. Dr. Bob, he done pretty well. When he got off of the elevator, said, ‘Well where is this emergency room?’ The priest said, ‘Right down there, right straight in front of you there.’

Dr. Gill: intensive care unit

Dr. Kinley: Intensive care. So we went in. I didn’t say anything. They asked about where he was. Nurse said, ‘that’s him right over there.’ Said, ‘But he can’t talk to you, can’t say a thing to you.’ Said, ‘He’s in a coma.’ Said, ‘You can go up there and see him if you want to.’ Went over there, Dr. Gill and myself stood there. Now I can’t explain this to you in a way that you can understand it. Went right on down on the inside of that man, no audible words was spoke within that man. Man opened his eyes. He identified us. Now that’s in Springfield.

Now what did you bring that up for? Now I want to tell you reason why I brought it up. I brought it up because you’re down to the close of this age and I want you to know and be assured of the fact, that Yahweh, the teaching that goes on in this school, will raise a man from the dead physically so and it will also raise you from the dead spiritually so. I want you to know that. (STUDENT BODY CLAPS) Then he woke up and he identified us. The nurse she popped her eyes, she looked at him. Said, ‘Well I, I, do you know these men?’ He said, ‘Yes I know ‘em.’ Said, ‘That’s Dr. Gill and that’s Dr. Buffington and that’s Dr. Kinley.’ ‘Yeah, you know where you live?’ ‘Yeah,’ started naming address and so forth and so on. She says, ‘well I can’t let these men stay here.’ He said, ‘I don’t want them to leave, I feel much better.’ We got ready to go. But anyhow, my thought to you, thank you Dr., a. Now but before you leave, just a second. Now this man was supposed to be in a cast. What all was supposed to be broken about you?

Richard Davis: I don’t want to say a lot, but I was supposed to have, they said in the hospital, you have a broken jaw, a broken nose, a broken pelvic bone. Now with a broken pelvic bone, they also said, one of the nurses told me, you shouldn’t even begin or be able to begin to hobble around or attempt to walk for two months. I was home in just 2 weeks, just a day or two over 2 weeks and I was walking all over the place before I came home. (STUDENT BODY CLAPS)

Dr. Kinley: Now listen, that man is supposed to be in a cast. Did you have a cast on?

Richard Davis: No

Dr. Kinley: And he never had no cast on. Now who would you say done that?

Student Body: Yahweh

Dr. Kinley: Now, I done, I already done told you I can’t do it. You can just blame it on whoever you want to. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) There was another fella setting up here.6 He ain’t said nothing about the teaching. He said, ‘Now listen here Dr. Kinley.’ He said, ‘I spoke to you about this before. I having trouble, some trouble down here in my esophagus.’ That’s the part where you swallow your food down. And he had to drink water or something or other or some kind of drink to wash his food down. Been in the hospital about 3 times and went to the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Harris told you about these things. And he said, ‘Now I told you, I spoke to you about this before.’ I said, ‘Do you remember what I told you before?’ He said, ‘yes I do.’ I said, ‘That still stands.’ I told him about, what’d I tell you about?

Larry Heath: Said you’d take care of the matter.


5 The following phrase is repeated on the recording since 2 recordings were put together because one of the recordings was clearer but the unclear tape had more of the lecture on it: ‘Pope he got plentitude of power to put you in heaven. Yahshua the Messiah says no man goth, I’m the way the truth and the life. No man goth to the Father but by me. They call that wrong.’

6 Larry Heath

Dr. Kinley: That’s right. Try and swallow. Been swallowing all along ever since. Now how about that? What happened then?

Student Body: Yahweh

Dr. Kinley: Folks, all I’m trying to tell you about is this: we’re not here to preach malice and hate and strife and all those various difference kinds of things; ignorance and superstitions, and traditions and all that kinda thing and customs. We’re not trying to establish no church. The reason why we’re not trying to build no church cause Yahshua the Messiah said that He’d do that. So I just let Him go ahead on and do it. Then we tell the people that this is a school. A school is a place where you go to learn something that you didn’t know. So if you come here you oughta be expecting to learn something that you didn’t know. Let’s get back for a few minutes on this vision and about how it was done and what was going on..

We want to show you now that the folk that’s out here in the world they just don’t believe. Now we come around and tell you how it is. You got a Bible, you can read at least. Well now, when it comes to believing what you’re reading, now that’s the problem. You let somebody come up and tell you what you read, you don’t have the right interpretation. You don’t have to interpret it. It’s already interpreted. Now go back in this vision.

Reader: Habakkuk 1:5: Behold ye among the nations

Dr. Kinley:  Behold ye among the nations

Reader: regard and wonder marvelously

Dr. Kinley: regard and wonder marvelously

Reader: for I will work a work in your day

Dr. Kinley: for I will work a work in your day

Reader: which you will not believe

Dr. Kinley: which you will not believe

Reader: though it be told you

Dr. Kinley: though it be told you. Yes.

Reader: Habakkuk 2:2,

Dr. Kinley: Habakkuk 2:2

Reader: and Yahweh answered me and said,

Dr. Kinley: And now he stood upon his watch to see what He was gonna say. Now I told you that I cried, shed tears too, and I had charge of that divine healing service. Many people, many people right in the city of Springfield have been healed. And I could tell you about this. You’re reading the Bible aren’t you? Would you mind standing up here? Look these folks in the face. Now we just got through talking about that man there. But now we have a case worse than that over there in a hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.7 You were in there with me then. Is that right?

Richard Carr: That’s right

Dr. Kinley: And that man he couldn’t be moved from Lexington, Kentucky in an automobile crash and hadn’t regained consciousness. And his people come and said, ‘Well look if you can do anything for him, we’re gonna join your school.’ Now, I don’t go on nothing like that. There were people that tried to massage the Messiah. Said, ‘Good master.’ Now don’t be putting that massage on me. Why do you call me good, there ain’t none good but Yahweh. But nevertheless, I said, ‘I’ll go over and see him.’ But he was in Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky. Said, ‘Well what must we do about it?’ I said, ‘Move him from Lexington, Kentucky to the Community Hospital over here.’ So they moved him from Lexington, Kentucky to the Community Hospital. And when he got over here he was still yet unconscious. This man, your president in Springfield of the State of Ohio, was right with me when I went in. Nurses said he couldn’t say a thing, he didn’t know nothing, hadn’t gained no consciousness or nothing.

Richard Carr: The man as soon as a Doc walked into the room, I’ll just repeat this a little more. The brain damage was so extensive, something like a broken neck, that he, there was no movement, he couldn’t even blink his eyes, paralyzed. There were tubes in his nose, in his mouth, and in his throat, I guess. Couldn’t even breathe; in other words, the man was just a living vegetable you might say. And when Doc walked into the room he just scooted right on up in that hospital bed, and he just, you know how the phlegm is in a person when they can’t breathe good, ____ is almost gone, pure phlegm ____ and so forth, I left after that.

Dr. Kinley: I told him to get out. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now Dr. Babe Hodoh, then I’ll go ahead on. You had some relatives in the hospital down there.

Dr. Hodoh: Yes Sir.

Dr. Kinley: They took an overdose of dope. They pronounced him dead.

Dr. Hodoh: Right

Dr. Kinley: Priest prayed the last rites of the church and stuck it on his bed.

Dr. Hodoh: Right


7 Richard Carr went with Dr. Kinley.

Dr. Kinley: Somebody, I’m not gonna blame it on Babe Hodoh ____, somebody stole that thing there that was on his bed where the priest prayed with the last rites. Somebody stole it and we have a copy of it I didn’t say who stole it. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS AND CLAPS) Now the reason why I’m telling you about these things, folks this gospel we are talking about is the genuine thing.

Student Body: Right.

Dr. Kinley: And it’s Yahweh in me, my and your Father, not only in me but in you too. Now then, there’s a few more things I wanna say here about writing the vision and making it plain. I wanna tell you why I brought these things up. Every time we turn around, this is what we find, this is what we’ve been up against. People are reading the Bible, they go back and get this Old Covenant and insist on us preaching and teaching the Old Covenant or carnal ordinances, such as water baptism, Lord suppers as they call ‘em, foot washing, and other things. And they’re saying that we’re wrong. Now they’re trying to teach us something about it, but now here’s the point, here, here’s my cardinal point, listen: if I or Yahweh through me can do these things that I just got through telling you about, why is it that none of them can do it? You answer that one. I baptized a lotta folks before I had the vision and revelation. There ain’t nothing to that. That ain’t gonna help none of ‘em. Why is it since they all come along and say, ‘you all are wrong,’ but they can’t do nothing to prove nothing. Yahshua the Messiah when He come along, He proved to the Sanhedrin Council, the doctors and them, and they had to admit, just like you have to admit it. So you just might as well get busy with it now. Somebody said, ‘well listen, you don’t understand, I believe in the honorable Elijah Mohammed, I belong to the black muslims.’ I got some news for you. You wanna hear about it. 1st chapter of 1st Corinthians, Paul said,


Dr. Kinley: there’s contentions and divisions among you and I partly believe it. Why Paul, why did you say I’m of Apollos, another ones says, ‘I’m of Cephas,’ that’s Peter and another one says, ‘no, I’m of Messiah.’ Now, he said is the Messiah

Reader: divided,

Dr. Kinley: is divided?

Reader: Was Saul crucified for you.

Dr. Kinley: Hold it just a minute. Let me ask you a question. Was honorable Elijah Mohammed, was he crucified for you.

Student Body: No, no sir.

Dr. Kinley: Was Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, was any of them crucified for you?

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: Was Peter crucified for you?

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: That oughta be enough of that, oughten it. Somebody says, ‘well, look, Jesus was a black man.’ How do you follow, how do you figure that one? The Song of Solomon the 5th chapter or the 1st chapter and the 5th verse, said, ‘I am,’ Solomon was black. And of course the descendants that comes on down to Jesus, He’s a black man. Walking around boasting about your color. Well, listen folks, Dr. Miller told you yesterday ain’t no black folks going to heaven, or no white folks either, no Indians, no Chinese, none of that. Say, ‘Well I don’t know about that.’ Said, ‘Jesus was there.’ Let me tell you something, you ever remember reading about the transfiguration and how even His garments out shone the sun, the light of the sun. Now they call a negro, trying to throw off on you, they call him ‘shine.’ Now I got a question to ask you. Did you ever see a Negro shine like He shines? Ever seen white folks shine like that? Ever seen a black Muslim shine like that? Folks I’ll tell you, now there’s no sense in you being a nut and fool all your life. You just might as well wake up. No indeed, ain’t none of that going to heaven. Listen here, first chapter or 15th chapter of first Corinthians says this, Paul says this, ‘I say brethren that flesh and blood does not inherit the kingdom of heaven.’ Now that was Paul who said that. Pope Pius the 12th said in May of 1950 he put Mary in heaven whole soul, body and spirit. Now I told you what Paul said, and I told you what Yahshua, or the Pope Paul said. Now you want to know what I say? I say Pope Pius the 12th told a damn lie; (STUDENT BODY CLAPS AND LAUGHS) not Henry C. (STUDENT BODY CONTINUES LAUGHING) That’s what he was, is a destructive liar, and he’s the father of it, the devil incarnated in that pope. Got no power to put no body in heaven. Let’s go on down here for a minute or two and get this pattern, get this plan, get this purpose and show you how it is. All right finish reading there.

Reader: Habakkuk?

Dr. Kinley: Habakkuk. Write the vision and make it plain. Now the reason why I brought this up folks, I was trying to find some way to tell the people that had put me out and Yahweh told me to do this. I didn’t do this on my own. He, He told me to do this, showed me how to fix it. Now I know it’s not a real master piece of art, I realize that, there is errors, but it will answer the purpose. Alright.

Reader: For the vision is yet, write the vision and make it plain upon tables

Dr. Kinley: un-hun

Reader: that he may run that readeth it,

Dr. Kinley: um hum

Reader: for the vision is yet for an appointed time

Dr. Kinley: um hum

Reader: but at the end it shall speak

Dr. Kinley: and at the end it shall speak

Reader: and not lie

Dr. Kinley: and it won’t, ain’t no lie about it

Reader: though it tarry

Dr. Kinley: though it tarry

Reader: wait for it

Dr. Kinley: wait for it

Reader: because it will surely come, it will not tarry

Dr. Kinley: it will surely come, and it will not tarry. Now that’s enough of that. Now look folks, lotta people have said this, ‘I would like very much to see the vision as Dr. Kinley seen it and if Yahweh could show him a vision, then He oughta show me one.’ That’s what they say. Well look folks, help yourself! How about that? He ain’t got a thing else to show you but this. Now if you wanna see what He showed me, and if He can show it to you like He did to me then there it is. Follow? Now Isaiah 28:9 and 10. Read it real quick.

Reader: Isaiah 28:9 and 10

Dr. Kinley: Isaiah 28:9 and 10

Reader: Whom shall He teach knowledge

Dr. Kinley: Now listen here, whom shall Yahweh teach knowledge. Now some of us are too smart, we know it all and if you wanna know anything all you have to do is ask us. So now He says whom shall he teach knowledge

Reader: and whom shall He make to understand doctrine

Dr. Kinley: Now whom shall he make to understand doctrine. Now listen we’ve had a hard time with that, you had a hard time with Roman Catholics, and Jehovahs Witnesses, and Baptist and Methodists, and Presbyterians and Unitarians understand doctrine. Now listen, somebody says this, ‘Well this stuff you all got drawn up here? That’s your gospel.’ Yahshua the Messiah said, ‘my doctrine is not my own but Him that sent me.’ And also in the 6th chapter of Hebrews, says, ‘therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Yahshua the Messiah let us go on unto perfection not laying again the foundation for repentance of dead works, of laying on of hands.’ Now get this one straight now. ‘Of baptisms,’ that’s plural. I don’t care how you baptize, I don’t care what you say, we, we’re leaving that. Then there’s always somebody saying, ‘well look, I’m reading out of the New Testament. Jesus was baptized and if he was baptized, good enough for Him, it’s good enough for me!’ All right, listen here folks, He was crucified too. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) How about that? Good enough for you? Or would you rather be crucified for yourself. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) He was also circumcised for you. Now I’m just trying to show you. Now all of these carnal ordinances that the Roman Catholics, I’m gonna make it plain as that’s what they said do, write the vision and make it plain, so that anyone that can see it, can read and run. Write the vision and make it plain. So the Roman Catholics, the Protestants, the Orthodox Jews, and the what have you, can start to run. Now are you listening?

Man: Almost.

Dr. Kinley: You sure you’re listening? Somebody’s almost listening. Now look, I’ve asked this in the congregation, I want somebody that’s real smart and real sharp in the scriptures to read, I don’t want but one verse, just one verse, that’ll do, just one. You don’t have to run a whole lot of references, show me one verse anywhere from back to back, from Genesis to Revelations, where Yahweh, Elohim or Yahshua, the Lord, God, Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Adonai or Allah, ever said anything in the history of the world about a gentile getting baptized or eating Lord’s suppers, keep the Sabbath day. Would you please be so kind as to read that. I want it read now. Listen, I’m in a hurry. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) Now all you good theologians before you got in this school here you could read it out there. Now you got it over in this school and you went blind, you can’t read. (STUDENT BODY LAUGHS) How about that? Now I’ve asked this thing and more people than in here, want one verse, just one, one. That wouldn’t be asking too much would you think? You can’t read nothing like that in your Bible. The reason why you can’t read is because it’s not in there. Now this work that Yahshua the Messiah did, that you don’t believe, I’m speaking about the, I’m using you as the world out there. Folks don’t believe it, they’ve been trying to straighten me out on water baptism since I’ve been here. Said, ‘Water baptism it was not under the law. The law was given from Mt. Sinai after the children of Israel had ate the passover down here and got baptized in, and the law was given up here.’ Well listen here folks, wasn’t anybody down here but the Jews. And this passover He said they should keep that as a memorial forever through out their generations. And it was repeated every year. And these washings and these baptisms they didn’t even know where it come from. Just don’t have no idea where it come from in the first place. Now people, this doctrine is true. Now the gentiles, I want to say this to you, the gentiles they’re standing by faith and not by the works of the law. Now look here, Yahweh, when you see Him as He really is, He’s a pretty nice fella. Now here’s why I said that. When the Jews or the Israelites, when they had these laws back here, 430 years before then He made a promise that in His seed, now I’m cutting it up short, that He’d bless all the families of the earth. Now that means both Jew and gentile. So He didn’t give the gentile no carnal ordinances at all. And they just set down, clear on down to Cornelius’s house and here the other fella, he’s just standing up the hill offering up sacrifices and so forth and so on, and when he was doing that, Yahweh say He wasn’t satisfied with it. So having done that, said, ‘Sacrifices and burnt offerings thou wouldst not, but a body has thou prepared for me. Then said I, lo I come in the volume of the book to do Thy will.’ Now listen, this is the will of Yahweh I’m talking about. 10th chapter of Hebrews, read it somebody please! ‘I come in the volume of the book.’ Now when you say volume of the book, there’s five books of the law, then you got from Joshua on over to Malachi. And you get all them together, then you got a volume of book. Now He gonna come in the volume of the book, put it all into the one book now, and it’s gonna be written,

Student Body: No.

Dr. Kinley: and it’s already written of me, to do thy will oh Yahweh. Then what?

Reader: He taketh away the first

Dr. Kinley: Now He take. Now just a minute, just a minute. Make sure you’re reading what’s in the book. We have to be corrected by these scriptures. Now here’s a medical doctor, went to school and been going to school practically all of his life, and he can’t read. He taketh away the first and here you come up with something second hand. Nobody hasn’t never said a thing to you about it. And here you come up with it when the Jew himself is done with it, them carnal ordinances. He taketh away the first. What for?

Reader: that He may establish the second

Dr. Kinley: that He may establish the second. That’s the New Covenant, right? Read on.

Reader: by the which will we are sanctified

Dr. Kinley: by the which will we are sanctified or set apart

Reader: through the offering of the body of Yahshua the Messiah

Dr. Kinley: through the offering of the body. That’s that the prepared sacrificial body, to the offering of the body of Yahshua the Messiah. Read.

Reader: once for all

Dr. Kinley: Now just wait a minute. Don’t you see how stupid it is for them to keep on running back, Roman Catholics keep on running back to confession. Well He knows good and well he ain’t doing nothing. He ain’t learning a thing, and he’s going back and lying to the priest too about it. He knows there ain’t nothing to it. You say, ‘Going to confession, going to confess.’ ‘What good is it gonna do? I say look here fella, if I did something to you what’s the sense of me going over there and telling Dr. Harris about it? Why can’t I just go over there and say, ‘Dr. Harris, I’m sorry, I mistreated you and I apologize.’ Why do you want me to go over there and telling you about it for? Now the High Priest was standing right at the altar, the altar of sacrifice, everyday. And He said if you will remember that your brother has ought against you leave your gift at the altar, then go your way and be reconciled with your brother, and come back and pick up your gift and offer it. Well then, if the Priest was standing right there when he brought it. Why do you gotta go down and tell him about it? Said, ‘I mistreated Bill Farley over yonder and here’s my sacrifice for it.’ Well he said, ‘You go back and see Bill about that, then after you have seen Bill.’ ‘Well maybe Bill don’t wanna hear.’ Said, ‘Then go get yourself a witness. “Then if he don’t wanna hear then?’ Said, ‘Then bring before the congregation or assembly.’ Now that’s Yahweh’s way of doing things. The thing just wasn’t done in a corner. Now look, read Isaiah 9 and 10, 28, Isaiah 28:9 and 10. Now I want you to pay attention this time cause we been drawing this vision out and we’re gonna make it plain. Read.

Reader: Whom shall He teach knowledge

Dr. Kinley: Whom shall He teach knowledge

Reader: and whom shall He make to understand doctrine

Dr. Kinley: Now whom shall He make to understand doctrine. Surely He hasn’t made you Roman Catholic and the Protestants understand nothing cause they’re all divided, and the Orthodox Jew. All right read on,

Reader: them that are weaned from the milk

Dr. Kinley: Now you have to get offa that bottle. You have to get offa the bottle. (DR. KINLEY MAKES WHINING SOUNDS) ‘Da, da, da, wha, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah.’ Come on, straighten up here, fly right. Ain’t gonna get the bottle no more. How about that? Get some meat, you got some teeth, haven’t you get some teeth then. Them that are weaned from the breast. Alright.

Reader: drawn from the breast. For precept must be upon precept

Dr. Kinley: Now listen for precept, now you get this straight, precept must be upon precept,

Reader: precept upon precept

Dr. Kinley: precept upon precept

Reader: line upon line

Dr. Kinley: line upon line

Reader: line upon line

Dr. Kinley: line upon line

Reader: here a little

Dr. Kinley: over to the law

Reader: and there a little

Dr. Kinley: and to the prophets. How about that? Gotta take one to confirm the other. Line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little in the law and over in the prophecy. Are you listening now? Here comes along Yahshua the Messiah fulfilling what was written in that book. He went to the law, He went to the prophets. Does line upon line there, precept upon precept there, line upon line in the prophecy and also in the law. Now He’s fulfilling. Now here’s what the smart boys are saying, the Sanhedrin council, said, ‘By what authority are you doing these things.’ They were supposed to know the law. Now the reason why I brought that up, these people out there, all of them, they’re supposed to know and go back there to the law to get it line upon line and precept upon precept. They don’t even go back there at all. Now how can they know anything? Say, ‘I’m going over here to the new testament, beginning at Matthew.’ Say, ‘Well I’m a New Testament preacher.’ Now in the 31st chapter of Jeremiah, Yahweh said He was gonna write. Now here you trying to convince me that Matthew wrote, and Mark wrote, John wrote the New Testament. And they don’t even realize a testament is of force after not before, after men are dead, otherwise it is of no force at all. Yahshua the Messiah had to die, resurrect from the dead, ascend into heaven and pour out the Holy Spirit. You have it on the 6th day of June, A.D. 33 about 9 o’clock in the morning. Now how about that? Is that getting close enough to the time when the new age opened. Now that was what He was doing. The other folks haven’t found out about it yet but we’ve drawn it all out on these charts. Now let me show you what I’m talking about.

There’s three that bear record in the earth, there’s three that bear record in the earth: the blood, the water and the Spirit. Now look, whoever is responsible for this chart, I’ll mention it again, write Spirit up here please, get it wrote up here. You oughta have it done in a minute. You got the holy anointing oil there. You got the cloud here and the angel there. And you ought to have it here, and then got it there. Now what I’m talking about is line must be upon line, precept upon precept. Back over to the law, carry it all the way on back. Carry it back into the Godhead as it is called or the Supernal nature. He’s threefold: the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit. These three are one. Now Roman Catholics say, ‘No, that’s not so, cause the Father’s not the Son, and the Holy Ghost is not the Father.’ That’s what they say. And then in order to illustrate they draw a triangle like this. Says, ‘This line going up here that’s the Father, this one coming down over here that’s the Son, and this going across here that’s the Holy Ghost.’ Now that’s how they illustrate it. Now look, Deuteronomy 6:4. I told you what they say. Now I wanna know what Yahweh got to say about it.

Reader: 6 and 4

Dr. Kinley: Yes, Deuteronomy 6:4

Reader: Here oh Israel

Dr. Kinley: Here, listen, this is what it says. Here oh Israel

Reader: Yahweh our Elohim,

Dr. Kinley: Yahweh our Elohim

Reader: is Yahweh a unity

Dr. Kinley: is Yahweh a trinity

Student Body: No, No.

Dr. Kinley: Now I didn’t say that. Now that’s what they say about it. Almost everything they say is wrong. They can’t say nothing right. Now this line must, get it straight now, that’s the reason why we take it from the, from the Godhead. Everything comes from Spirit. That’s the reason why these days are divided up in Genesis is so that we can show you the Outer Court, the Holy Place, Most Holy Place. Take it on back into Yahweh, Yahweh’s the head. That’s the reason why the High Priest wore the miter, ‘Holiness Unto Yahweh.’ The chest region, that’s Elohim, that is Yahweh in shape and form. Elohim is not a name. Yahweh’s the name. Elohim is a title. Yahshua is a name. And here it comes down here into the Outer Court because He’s down here sacrificed, that’s the prepared body that He’s sacrificed. Then I want to get this over to you too. Yahweh was manifested in the flesh, a lotta people don’t, they don’t think that. They think God is setting upstairs somewhere above the sun, moon and stars, and Jesus is His chief representative on earth. That’s Jehovah Witness. They don’t pay no attention to what the Bible says. Now if you look at 1st Timothy 3 and 16, listen folks, say without controversy, without not no, ain’t no need of no argument about it, without controversy great is the mystery of Yahweh. Yahweh was manifested in the flesh. Are you listening? That was Yahweh, all the Creator there was, walking around in a physical body and beside Him there was no Elohim. There wasn’t no Yahweh. He was the whole show walking around in a physical body. And I’ll tell you, that’s what’s gonna have to be now in you. That’s what Yahweh, our heavenly Father, must be in you. And then what does that make you? That makes you a son. That’s why John said, ‘behold, what manner of love is this that the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the saints.

Student Body: NO

Dr. Kinley: Christians

Student Body: NO

Dr. Kinley: What are you got, you mean to tell me Jesus wasn’t a Christian?

Student Body: NO

Dr. Kinley: He wasn’t a saint?

Student Body: NO

Dr. Kinley: Well where’d the word come from. Anybody canonized in the Roman Catholic church they call ‘em a saint. And Christ, that’s where the word Christian come from. Now then you be like Christ, they call that a Christian. Well He wasn’t like that. He was what He was. He wasn’t like that, He was Himself. Oh my goodness, people I tell you, it’s terrible, time would fail us to stand up here and tell you just how stupid man really is, and then he thinks he’s smart, but line must be upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little. Now listen I did not order, I did not order this sanctuary, (try to put it where you can see it) I didn’t order this building. That’s Yahweh transfigured or transformed. Now that’s what that is. Now look, you can’t take this light and put it over there. You can’t take the table of shewbread and put it over where the light is. You can’t take the altar of incense and move it around, can’t turn it around, trying to straighten up every once in awhile, change things up. Why? Because the heart has to be in one place, you gonna leave it there too! Leave it right where Yahweh put it. Here He is on the, I don’t see Him back there like that. No. But look, a lot of ‘em trying to criticized this work. Said, ‘Well look here, this golden candlestick you got there. Said, ‘lt’s got more than seven branches to it.’ Say, ‘But, you all are going around teaching the golden candlestick or the aorta only has seven branches. If that’s what you all teach you’re wrong.’ Listen the aorta does not have but seven branches that carries oxygenated blood. That’s all this is. There’s more than that but they really don’t carry pure blood. How about that? Trying to criticize, trying to show you how smart they are, they didn’t even recognize that it’s not turned right on the chart. It ain’t turned right. It oughta be turned the other way. They didn’t even know that. Table of shewbread it ain’t, ought not to be been turned this way. It’s on the right side but it oughta be turned the other way, the long way, this way. So when the High Priest walked in here, he walked right over to the candlestick, the candles, they would be in a line like this. What’s that for? Well, if you would take, and draw this line up to this altar then from this altar down to the table like it properly should be and it comes on down and rests on the diaphragm. Now listen here, here’s what I’m saying now. Then you have a liver, but you don’t see no liver in there. The liver’s in you but you don’t see it. Yahshua the Messiah is the liver, but you don’t see Him. How about that? That’s wonderful ain’t it. That’s what you get when you get line upon line. Now listen folks, to clear this up and get on down out of the way. If you put the water where it belongs, put the blood where it belongs, put the spirit where, it belongs. Don’t make no difference where you coming from in the creation everything, put it right where it belongs. Now that’s line upon line, that’s precept upon precept, that’s here a little, that’s in the law, there a little, that’s in the prophecy. Now listen, that’s why they didn’t know what Yahshua the Messiah was doing. Said He’s here fulfilling the law. He’s fulfilling the prophecy. Now I just said to you, you can’t find nothing in no Bible where Yahweh ever said anything in the history of the world about gentiles getting baptized in water. Now listen get this one straight, just enjoy the deep mystery that’s been sealed in this. You never seen a male or female in your life and you never will see one that hasn’t been immersed or baptized in water. I said there isn’t anyone. Now here’s the water the immersion in the water in the womb. Immersed in it. Now if he isn’t immersed in it, in the womb. Now you tell me somebody that wasn’t immersed in it. We’ll have you committed. Now then, here comes along Adam, he was immersed in the bowels and womb of mother earth. Inundated in the water. Three days after Yahweh moved the waters off the face of the earth and let the dry land appear. He took that man out of there, breathed in his nostrils the breath of life. I should bring this one out too, which I’m going to do. He breathed into his nostrils the breathe of life and he became a living soul. He didn’t breath Jehovah. This is what he got when He breathed into his nostrils: Yah. Here we go again. It comes out: Weh. And he’s been going along all your life: YAH WEH, YAH. Say, ‘I don’t believe in that stuff. (DR. KINLEY BREATHES) YAH WEH. I don’t believe that the children of Israel come out of Egypt under a cloud.’ Walking around under a cloud. ‘I don’t believe, but Jesus, he was baptized. Wasn’t no…’ John wasn’t baptizing nobody, no, no, no Gentiles. But now look, here comes Jesus, He’s baptized. Well why was He baptized? He’s the second Adam. And He was with Israel when they went through that but they didn’t get wet. But look here, this first Adam did, back here, so He gonna fulfill this back there, so He’s gotta get wet. Now how about that now? He’s got to be baptized with John’s baptism. In other words what I’m trying to tell you is this, now this is the thing they haven’t caught on to yet. haven’t caught on to Yahshua the Messiah fulfilling the law and the prophets, every jot and every tittle. They haven’t caught on to that yet. They don’t know why He went up in the mountain and sit down. They don’t know why He went up in the mountain and transfigured. It’s because of this back here, the cloud set and Yahweh’s presence speaking to them from the cloud. They don’t know why that He took the disciples up here and transfigured before ‘em. They just think the cloud went up here and covered the mountain. They don’t know why He went out to the Mount of Olives and got aboard a cloud and ascended into heaven itself. They don’t know nothing about it. And great preachers, Billy Graham and all rest of ‘em are just as dumb as they can be. They don’t have no idea, no understanding about it at all. Then when you come along and try to tell ‘em something, they got something wonderful to tell you about his imagination. Just like the story and I’m done in the book. The story in the book, now this is getting up to date. They ____ Yahshua the Messiah was buried in Joseph’s new tomb, and a stone rolled up to the door. Reason why the stone is rolled up to the door because the waters covered the face of the earth back here. And three days they were moved off of the face of the earth, Israel was three days coming up. That’s line upon line, now Israel coming out of here that’s three days journey and they were baptized in the Red Sea. Now let’s keep the thing going. Now then, there, that angel after He was in there three days, that angel descended, I ain’t got time going in there telling you about that phenomenal day, haven’t got time to do that. Angel descended and moved the stone away and He resurrected from the dead on the third day. But now the soldiers went up there and told ‘em that He had actually resurrected from the dead. And then they told the soldiers, ‘Don’t tell that to nobody. So if you let, if we, if we let this get out, we made a mistake when they crucified Him, we found out He was the son of Yahweh, as He said. Now if we let this other one get out, then our worse, our second mistake or error will be worse than the first, so don’t let it get out. I, how much ____, just say anything, just like the rest of your lying preachers around here. Go out and tell ‘em this, that while His disciples slept, His angels, His disciples come and stole Him away.’ Right? Is that what they said? Is that written in your book. Now the reason why I brought that up, I wanna bring that up to date. Malachi 4:2 I believe it says, ‘the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in His wing.’ This is line upon line. This is precept upon precept. Children, now look here, carry it on back, when Adam was driven out of the garden of Eden, the sun was going down, it come down together. Ambassador College says this, that Yahshua the Messiah or Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead, Sabbath afternoon. Gill, don’t you have a book to that affect?

Gill: Not here.

Dr. Kinley: I, I, I mean do you have one?

Gil: No.

Dr. Kinley: Well, I have one at home. That’s what they say, He resurrected from the dead, Sabbath afternoon. Now the word Sabbath means rest. Now if He had resurrected Sabbath afternoon when He was laying in that tomb.


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